The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1941
Page 8
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f AGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 1941 Speaking Of Invasions, These Boys Put A Little Reverse English On The Idea Clinton E. Duffy Proves Revel u t i o n a r y New ' Methods Pav Dividend*- ! BY JOHN RICH NEA Service Stair Correspondent SAN QUENTIN, Calif. - -Clinton j E. Duffy, very much u'local lad in i this • communiiy. is making gooj t-.s the "bey warden" of San Queri- I'n.; the nation's largest prison. State authorities will tell you thai —anri. so will San Quontin'-s 6000 prisoners. - , .„•,/•.,. The 42-year-ok! now 'warden's Thost- :mih/.iii^ British an- not uuy Mamlm* oil the Cierirums, plans for :ho prison Lire the fruits , MT ; Actually shod in £ '•' l^v/ prtliuh.'uiry sparks of lightning v,': Cirnnun lorcc-^ strung out :ilon-> the Ftonch cousts nearest to ri'oorls no\v iricklin;.', into America. Heuvily- way,-he jitsc gave them a lift o> the fire' truck. And that's how Lester. goi, a rid on a fire truck, in spite of ai otherwise unlucky day. A British unit drilling for the grand continental invasion. This fc of life-Ions experiPiu-e, for Dutt'y AVRS born here, son of u prison guard. .His wife is daughter in id gi'fljjddHughtfr of Sun Qnejiiijj guards. Mr. and Mrs. Diifl'y both | \vf nt: to schools within the very | yh:ido\v of the prison w;Ul.s. Tli«y j fcno\v all itbout ihe prison. | So- Duffy, having theories about! croons, put them into practice. HP Jv\s eased tMmjs lor the men in his keeping, but, says hf: "Understand this — there has! been no letdown in discpiline. It,! has actually been bettered, and 1 can prove it. This prison is no .•summer resort, but we are proceeding on the theory that the oreatest value to the state is to build the character of these men, not. to destroy r .t." . ja . ordjn , type of heavily-armored motorcycle unit tne British are reported sending against the Germans in France. . sometimes- they don't tome back at all. in any CUSP, the Germans are highly annoyed. The great British ambition is to invade continent and they ure drilling invasion units, like that pictured above, in methods to be used' once the army is lanctect. itiiiifu suicide motorcycle unii; itn; making lightning into German-held territory, facing across the English Channel on trawlers dtiriny, the nMH. They land, mfikfi A quick dash, against tne Germans. .Sometimes they takt- prisoners and gel back to England. Initiates Sludv Li! tie Theatre Work Tf SWIM Duffy's system begins its work fie moment the "fish," new pits- C'~ers, aui'ive. They are told what jhey hsvc to face and the rule: they must obey. They are told by Duffy that if they have problems seriously troubling them, they can ccme to him. Then.he warns them: "You are the only ones who can serve your term. No one else can do it for you. You can shorten your term by good behavior and strict observance of the rules." The new men are put in special cells for 10 days and then special guards show them the routine of prison, and take them through the shops, the prison farm, the jute mill aud the quarry. In the meantime there is a thorough check-up on each convict's past life and en- Minis. This review as given by Mrs. Tillman was one of inspiration us the need of Christ in our lives today was portrayed.' Mrs. R. T. Ballew, Mrs."~Lem Stanford, Mrs. Ralph Douglas and Mrs. Charlie Thomas read selected IJOL'ms from the text. Mrs. George, assisted by Misri Eva George, of Luxora, sewed a refreshment plate. * -» if Mr. and Mrs. Roy Permenter, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Rozelle, and Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin Boweri have returned 'from a visit to Miami, !Pla. of influenza, but when a lire started right imder the apartment where he lived, things got to bu unbearable. In fact. Lester began to run a temperature, so great was his discomfiture. Lester's nurse tried to extinguish the lire. Failing in that attempt, she dashed back upstairs-and gave Lester a piggy-back ride out of the building. Captain Tom Davis, of the fire department, arrived soon after. He One of Warden Duffy's innovations at San Quentin, the Little Theater, in which inmates make up both cast and audience. Ride On Fire Truck Brightens Unlucky Day LITTLE ROCK,. Ark. (UP)—Bad luck was dogging the footsteps of .six-year-old Lester Watson, but he finally wound up one day last week riding on a real honest-to- goodnesj- fire truck. It was bad enough that Lester found nurse and patient suffering from an overdose of excitement and decided they needed hospital attention. Since he was going their HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Repaj?ing, Welding Across from Red Top GUI NOW1 PAY LATERI BUDGET PLAN TMBoslovoi PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone; How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly In Place Do your false teeth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wabbling when you eat. laugh ori talk? Just sprinkle a little "FAS-' TEETH on your plates This alkaline (non-acid powder holds false teeth more firmly and more com- lortably. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH today at was laid up in bed with, an attack any drug store. Adv. 5 Phone 28 for 24 hour ARSBULAWGE SERVICE We uri>e you to inquire about our Burial Insurance. We offer yon a fine policy at a reasonable rate. COBB FUNERAL HOME innovations are still to be in operation. The men soon will eat cafeteria style, thus ensuring warm food. Instead of the monotony of ordinary prison fare, there will be some choice. In each cell there will soon be radio earphones, and from 6 to 19 in the evening the men will be Sabls to listen to selected programs, I talks by the warden and lectures bv invited sneakers. Mrs. W. E. Head gave n resume of "What Methodist Women are Doing in Regard to Health." The O f the Woman's Missionary Society. /ere made: a'Luxora Royal Am-i| lassador organization, an auxiliary i •A MOTHER PLEADS benediction prayer was said by ,virs. Thomas. Announcement was made that the next meeting will be on Jan. 28 at the home of Mrs. A. B. Rozelle, with Mrs. Elmer Hall as co- hostess, and Mrs. Martin Bierbaum m charge of program. IVLn;. "Bogau served a salad plate "infraction of rcles will take away during ^ * ociil1 Period. cafeteria and radio privileges. TKAINS MEN FOR DEFENSE JOliS Duffy is trying his best to ftl the men for jobs when they are leased. As former convicts are not taken into the armed forces of the nation, he is trying to train them to take pasts in re-armament plants. So next summer ihoro will be completed « $100.000 industrial building 'where I he men will be taught lo work us mechanics, even building tractors and airplanes. Duffy has named a parole oflicer to help the men not only in their application for a parole, but also to find the job that must £0 with So far as he has gone. Duffy sums up ihe following results of his experiments: Increase^ production of goocb by men who are in a better humor, i Decreased violation of prisoi rules. Utiplist Missionary Society Mrs. Charles Evans will again lead for the third consecutive year, the Woman's Missionary Society ol the Luxora Baptist -cnurch. As has been the custom of the Luxora Baptist Missionary Society, for the past ten or more years to hold the first meeting of the new year at the home of Mrs. C. B: Wood, the memcers met with Mrs. Wood Tuesday afternoon for .the installation service and a business meeting. Mrs. S. J. Smith, Installing of- ' social period, presented a charge to the has been perfected and will be under the leadership of the Rev. Ralph Douglas, pastor. Mrs. Ralph Douglas, associabional superintendent of Mississippi County Baptist 'Missionary Societies, announced that the first Quarterly j meeting. 1341. will be held at the j Liberty Baptist church, an all day session beginning at 10:30 o'clock; 1 Jan. 28, with the program in charge of the Luxora society. - tc Committee chairmen for the year are: Enlistment. Mrs. Allan Po^ey; Mission study and hospital supplies Mrs. John Thweatt; stewardship mid Sunbeam leader, Mrs. S;- ; 'J. . c :mith; Young People. Mrs. B. r O. Wilkim: Literature. Mrs. Grover Driver; Orphanage, Mrs. J. ".I- Mifflin; Personal Service. Mrs. Douglas. Prayers were said by Mrs, Douglas and Mrs. Terry. Cake topped with whipped cream and coffee was served during the (A True Story from the Magazine "Everybody's- '• -Health' 9 ) 4t the spring elections in a New York upstate community a new village- president was elected. One st acts of the local board of health following the cha n ge in administration was the passage of a *& scinding an ordinance which prohibited the sale of raw milk in the community. Not long after no One of the notice ol" this action was published in the. press, the village health officer received a letter from a mother in an adjacent county. Jt read, in part, as follows: "No mother ever tried lo do the best for her. children in every way for health than I had dcne ? spending 11 weeks al^a stretch beside a quiet lake, sleeping out doors and eating- -- Clinton £. Duffy, "boy warden." vironment, his abilities, health an.t character, so he can be assignei to work: best fitted for him. On the negative side. Dully has; abolished the •'spots" where unruly prisoners sometimes had to star :t for horn's as punishment and the damp underground cells where hardened cas\s were put in solitary. Tnere are still three super- solitary cells but they are only used in extreme case;;. First among the positive things he has done is installation of 361 Church Societies Meet shower baths where the meni Inlerest amon5I lhp chu ,. ch wo - v.-orking in the jute mill.? can wash \ mfin of Luxora " has bccn ccmercd off the grime when the day's task] in the inslalkuion of ncw ofn . Luxora Society—Personal following 01 ficers for 1941: Mrs. Charles Evan.s. president; Mrs. J. I. Mifflin, first vice president; Mrs. John Thweatt, second vice president; Mr.s. B. O. Wilkins, third vice president and Girls' Auxiliary Counselor; Mrt>. Grovev Drivi/:, corresponding secretary; Mrs. C, B. Wood, secretary-treasurer. ' To each officer. M>s. Smith, '^resented a different variety of potted evergreen a.s symbolic of, ntrr duties in the office held, and each, installed officer read a scrip- turc m keeping with the charge received. Mrs. Evans in announcing the Missionary Program theme for the yea.. "An Urgent Gospel; the World's Dire Need" with the de- l.uxora L'.ook Club The members of thi Luxora Book Club were entertained in the home of one of their members. Mrs. Louis Gcorgo. of Osceola, for the first meeting of the new year. , Mrs. John Thweatt presided over a business session during which the club voted to co-operate in the fight being waged upon infantile paralysis in Mississippi county. Two new members, Mrs. Martin Bierbaum and Mrs. Champ Meadows were received into the club Mrs. Rcuel Butler, program leader, introduced Mrs. Harold B. Tillman. of Osceola. as the guest reviewer for the evening's program. Mrs. Tillman used the "Life of Christ" as depicted in "Chris', and M is done There is also a birldin-S , ^ T K • i « I the earth, thv salvation among all r> uunt. Anere is aiso h Qu<iain = i cers ot tne Methodist and Baptist .. .. „ - , ,,„.., where convicts can get shaves Missionary societies, and the first "" ' ' ~ " votional theme for the year. "Some j the Finn Arts." by Cynthia Penrl j| Psalms for Today." used as the basis of her devotional remarks, the new 1941 Watchword. "That thy way may be made known upon twice a week and hair cuts twice a month, double the former allow- Society meetings for 1941. Mrs. E. R. Bogan. previously in- ance They are given clean shirts j SLalled president of thc ^^^ !or a« often as necessary and the; christiftn Scrvice for the M e Lho . uations ;-_p salms C7:2 . Interesting bits of history of the song for the year, "Jesus Saves" were given by Mrs. Douglas. The *« 'roned and " ot dlst church, a ; whose home 14 is before Blankets are frc- j mcmbers mel * tor n business and quently changed sound like program meellng> opcnccl thc meet . small things, but they help induce If 6 self-respect in the men MORE INNOVATIONS Duffy does not want ing reading the poem. "The men to. i New Year," and prayer. A business j session was held before the program leader. Mr.s. R. W. Thomas. hwToT r»^ »h • T • , -i opened the program with the song, brood when their days work is,.. 1 : ^ omn ,-v^ - -n^ *°_ done. This is often o, daneer point. J Duffy has made it compxiUory for' all illiterates tc attend school. Hej has encouraged other men to take j up studies in the prison schools and ! even in correspondence .school' courses which will fit them for! Jobs.' ' ; "He has organized teams which 1 Debate -Avith similar teams from , -d.s of this song ™ rlsc J ' written of a school A Charge to Keep." The devotional and "Mrditation" period led by Mrs. Thomas, was on the theme. "Suffering Is the Easiest i e World lo Find." tar Bran iky discussed "Health in the United States". teacher and a Sunday school ...-.cner in the Union Square Methodist church of Baltimore. Md During tne business meeting the treasurer's annual report was read and accepted. Each membe was presented a 1941 Guide Book and a Luxora W. M. S. Calendar Two announcements of intcrcs Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the , trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are j 1 to have your money back. .! ] CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis out doors. Then upon return to school to see one of the same children droon. enerey weaken, lose weight and at last find we had curried from that lovely farm in the country a terrible o-erm from the raw milk, yet we had chosen the best of two milkmen and paid the highest price and it was u A-Grade." Six Idiio weeks iossinir with fever in bed. Two long- weeks before o-oino- to bed of wondering what was wrong. Four more oi watching a temperature go from normal up each night. Twenty-three pounds loss of weight and then weeks of nursing back lo health—al! because we drank raw milk and took a chance... "Whv not have some one speak over the radio who knows, and tell and warn mothers o!' the dread disease. Tell them that their children will thrive just as well on pasteurized as raw milk, that the taste now-a-days is scarcely changed - - • "J am making this plea to save any mothers the anguish which I have gone through and had it not been for some doctor on the job who knew his business enough to send a sped- men of niy little girl's blood to Albany and had it continued "Undulanl Fever," I thum inat tbis summer would ha\ e found one little cot at the lake empty and through no carelessness in any way on a mother's part but only thiough ignorance for we had not been sufficiently warned of the danger lurking in raw milk.'' Don't Take A Chance on the Health of Your Family — EVEN DOCTOR MA YO With One of the Finest Dairy Herds in the Country INSISTS ON PASTEURIZED MILK FOR HIS CLINIC PSORIASIC California colleges and universities.; " d di^omfo" h^fpS^the S«. The men put on shows, the cos- ; sepsis of Black and White Oint- tuming, set-making and directing, went. Soothing—effective. First try as well as acting, being done by , ? oes >*. o r your money back, s^r Vital the better-educated con\ncts. * i ln «>eansing is good soap—we rec- Durinff the intermissions a' ° mmend th e Black and White Skin uunng tne intermissions, a Soap __ get it t u de le prison glee club entertains. Three 1 uco.ii.ia thousand of the 5000 prisoners are now taking part in the educational and spare-time activities. , A. prison paper appears weekly. is distributed to every cell and is avidly read. Duffy himself writes an anti-gossip column which kills a lot of false "information." But the "boy ; warden's" biggest WE MAKE CONCRETE STORM SEWER — ALL SIZES Osceola Culvert Co, Phones 253 & GO B. S. Laney Ed Wiseman Osceola, Ark. FOR SALE SHIBIEY'S BEST FIQIJH Barrel $<1M 48 Lb. Sack $1.25 24 Lb. Sack , . 65c 100 Lbs. Sugar $4.70 Red Potatoes 100 Lhs SI.10 C. Ash & Broadway WHY DO YOU TAKE A CHANCE? GRADE ".W PASTEURIZED MILK COSTS NO MORE IN BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. PASTEURIZED MILK IS NOT BOILED MILK OR ARTIFICIAL MILK It i* GOOD CLEAN RAW MILK from approved and tested herds that is heated up to the low temperature of M2 ^^ ^f at that temperature for 30 minutes to kill Typhoid. Tubercular and all other germs that might be injurious to the hcaiiti in any way affecting its food value. No ejridemir has ever been traced to properly pasteurized milk. Remember That All Dairy Products Should Be Pasteurized WITTER—MJTTERMILK—CREAM—COTTAGE CHEESE BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORRY Don't Take A Chance On The Health of Your Family m Let Us Furnish You With Pure Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk KECAUSE IT MAKES— Belter Teeth, Clearer Skin, Brighter Eyes, More Energy- -From the Cradle to the Grave! Midwest Dairy Products Company ^^ . . •-••»_ . T>i-_».- ci. vri>vfe+ PVtnnn .ire-«T_l Blytheville, Ark. Day Phcne 63; Night Phone 455-W-l

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