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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California • Page 9

San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California • Page 9

San Francisco, California
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gasptrK iSfsBsstmsssgmfim zszS jpjt revsatnw tt i T7 A Jt Sit i a Atws TuS1 iaiM JkcJ tjtr SBr lgJSiSSSsypyBH jr ti 5 Jfli THE SOKBAY Hffl VOL SLTIH SA2T rRANCISCO CAIi J3EO Despair Caused by Its Collapse Dnped by the Promises of De Lesseps investors In this bubbl lebtmt a a canal aero Panama isthmus 11 whos lavlap ar ewpt away a good deal of strong language heard and bitter re proachoe ere heaped npon De Lessepe who these poor victims assert buely deceived them Tbe financial world muck less affected than this people tod Uu thin most people thought It would Leading Part beukere etate tbt wealthy Investors suffered lu tbu wi extected The SoeicU del Entrepreneurs wblcb It a large creditor oi the ezpioded Faaama Company limed an attachment on tbt insii which wtra dipotlted by tbt mb icrlben to tht lait Issue of bonds bat tbt usual legal opposition to tbli im mediately applied lor So Postponement of the Debt Payment Over 100000000 Seeded I I IT WWW TO WOKU CiBLX eTVirV ComiOHTtD 13U8 arXCMJ TO TM CBB03TXCIX2 Fakir December 15 Not since the ietnoua Soatb tea babbit la England Can anything compared to tb zeitmant of tfi Panama Caoat tttco thli wk Tbt ictnct ot Urror and turmoil alt tbt wtekaltbaoClctiof tbt company could hardly bt wttsuttd outitdt Franca It waa a drama for hlatory and rain tan will ant day find a jaotlrt la It lor a plctnncf tbtmibara at oar Om Tht crlila camt tarller tban many erpacttd Not until Da ltnp reilfnatlon wi an noaacc4 did lb poplt who trattad tbtlr TlDf to blm lot Uili la him la tbt txcltiaz Loan prtcedlur hit til hat thews tba aame plook tbt lama wonderful Tltality tbsiame powtr of ex cUlnz anlbnaaiui In otbara that bat narked hit memorable carter Ht bai tnccetifally aired for 658000000 franea forewOOOOOO for 60 000000 and for OOOOOOOOO and at each demand ha bet promiied to complete the work bat tblt sew tubtcrlptloa wat more tban public faith In tbe new tnterprlti could bear and the irtnd old man of France bai cone under Hia triendt cbarze hit defeat to the op position of tbe preu to tbe lottery BCbeme and boiillily to the canal In America but even Leaaera frlendt cannot And aa electa for bit declaration lo tne throne of jiierable tpeculatora on Weaneiday nljht that the money waa ralaod and the cbtme tafr wbea he anew tut contrary The hall wat crowded with inUcrlberi excited women weeping orer their fortunia ladlea worried about their imall larlngt thopkeepen threatened with rain all walling on De Leaaepa worda He climbed a table and tald My frlenda tbe aubicrlptfon It lafe Our adrertariet are co founded ve haTe no seed tor tbe help of tht financier You bare tart jroarittTse by your own cxttUom 1hp canal made The chfert and bout of j7 which followed bli remajki to orarcama De Lei tepi that bewecL Ererytody prttent wat allowed to ahake bandt wlh him Women in team tried to klu hit carmenta Kelt day the Tltiion came to hlmwltb more oX their aavl nit and their children aarlnti Thar relied Implicitly on De Letiept word Within a few hourt they realized that they were leaning on a broken reed and that only la tbe treat of Government aid wai thert tht illzhteii chance of the completion of tha canaL The ttruajgle bttweia hope and auxlitj culminated In tcenea of the wudeit detraction When De Leutpt reilfBtd the Gorern mtnt promptly admlttti bt rrarlty of the cite and came to tbt reicat wltb a apectal act to allow the company to eua aend paymeBts for three mosthe Boa Tier In morlng for a committee when tha bill waa broucbt np In the Cham ben tald tht collapta oi tbt company would bt a goJaeudtothe enemlee of tbe republic area If tbav committee waa farorable to fThacottnUttaa to aay rttetea laaraeaa AUEKICAJiS IN PAB1S Dr Tanner ta Starry a Rich Speculator lauhter iTHE XZW YOltK VORLD CABTJE anTTCS COrTBlaHTin lsbo FECIAL TO THJE Paris December 15 UartbaU Field and family of Chicago will leave abortly for Nice where Mlea Ethel Field and Marahall Flsld Jr will winter Mr and Mr a nitUam McCormlck of Cbicazo tailed Iroua Havre to day Blancbard of Washington tquare tbe prealdtnl of many ralUoada will leaTtVtndomt to day ou a iort trip to London Hit health la lomewfcat Impaired and on tht ad rice of phyiiciant bt will withdraw temporarily from aetlTt railroading Mlaa Phoebe fiHiaaU who UUly left Calya troupt la ataylsg with her tliter lira Qlenny of DerclL Ulit Enatell baa tald adieu to tbt latattr and will he ace forth adorn loclety The new comedy produced on Thenday at tha VaudeTllle La SeenriM dea Families wai a great tuccets The American rig hta to tbt new piece to bt produced at tbe Theatre Frencalie entitled Not Femmei hare been acquired by Mlaa Adelaide More Dr Tanner the forty dayi falter bet been In Paria iome weekt Hit engagement It rumored to the daughter of a eflebrated millionaire operator oa tbt Bonne The lateit American arrl tall are Mra Collii Uantlncton Mlaa Uantlngtoa JameiOttouf Bolton George Arnold and family of ilemphli Johu Ttlfold Etoll Thonoer or Chicago Mr Edward Lyor Mr and Mil KobertManry Colonel CreTling of St IxjuIi aad Darid King Commiaaioaer for Horticulture to tbt Farli Eipoililon The Position of Minister Phelps Proposed English Tribute to His Wife Bevival of a Scandal A Lit erar Sensation Theatrical Notes THE FATHERLAND OEitUAXTS INTERESTS IN EAST AFlICA SSS35EiTS2S3i 1 tl im ti iti i i ttWna The Nation in Faror of a Vljoroui Colonial Policy Herbert BU marcki Maldea Speech COrYBISBTSP 189S NKW TOBK A1SOCtATXI PHIii Btnily Dee mbr 15 The debate In tbe Pelchitag on Dr Wlnd boriti motion relative to the tuppreiiioa of tht Eut African alive trade bai diipelled many errora which were current among thoie who beilered that Germeny would never atlr a foot nor tpend a peony directly or Indirectly to aaalat the fcaat Africa Company orer Ita etraita Though tbe tap preulon of tlavery waa oiunibly tht object of tht motion lu rial aim waa limply to elicit tbt lean of tbt nation concern las the commercial and political future oftheEaat Africa Company and to pro Tide a batla for further Government action It la an open tecret that Prinoe Bitmarek wai reluctant to embark In a ptrited colonial poUoy until tbt nation abonld bave dearly ezpreutd lu will In tbe matter Thla bai now been done In a manner to decided aa to reader the Cbaa celloxi future count clear Tbt debate xaerkaaa Important deveb nr tbe Mil Piyual MlnfiUr of Flnibee auted that the new aoelety waa prepared to conatitute ttaelf within a fortnight with a capital of 10000003 or 15000000 franca to oontluue the operatlona of the old compan Thta would precede the opoted new company the capital atock of wbichwoald te fixed according to tbt remit of the inqairiea and wbleh would complete the canal Proviiloaal director with fall poweri would continue the work pending the formation of anew company The committee alao rejected the counter echeme mentioned by Peytral for the constitution ot a sew company The committee will report to tbt Chamber that in leir opinion the Chamber bad no right tolegitlate spoa tucb altera Tbe Cabinet haa decided potto withdraw tbe bilL It haa alao reiolted not to offer a tcbitltute meaaure providing for a more prtclie lettlement of tbt canal company eCVra When tht report of tbe committee wai made tbe Chamber of Deputiee proceeded Immediately to tbe dlicnialen of It Llaa in behalf of the minority regretted that the committee had declined to hear the temporary administration of the company ao that they could arrive at a correct knowledge of tbt altuatlou Jumel rtporter for tat committee explained that tbt committee deiired only to alanine Ibe qnettlon from the ttandpoint of the rtipontlblllly of the Government and tbe Chamber He wai ready if ao catted not aa reporter of tbe committee but limply ai a Deputy to ynroiih a complete itatemant of tbt position of the company Mertlon dwtlllsr on tht Imporusct cttht lubjtct urged tbt adoption of tbt bill Fejtril lllnliier of Flnaact mp porttd the bill In tbt lniereit of 870000 obscriben to bt Fiaima nock Jomel train aroie and objected to the bill aa cielett and expreated tbe belief that the coinpanye poaitlon would be tetter three moniha bence than now reytraLin replying to tht queition tttted that 80000000 franca bad been depoalted In tht Credit Foncitr ae guaranty tor tht payment of tbt lottery kouda Cbrlitopbele director of the Credit Fonder here interpoted to lay that tbli mm wai not now at the dtipoaalot the Panama company Thereupon tbt bill wai rejected with eulaay attempt to dlicnii lta slauiea by a rote of 262 agaluitlSS gomt new departure ta Inevitable In whatever way tht mlilloni yet needed to cooplett tht nndertaklnc aball be ralaad It la patent tblt the 60000000 already ennk ara waatad ao far aa tha enbaeribare are eoncerned Tbt laat loan aakedfor even If entirely covered wool not nearly complete the canal Modtrata eiUmalei of the tzptntt to bt met art 33000000 for two yean ln tareat on tbe bond pending tbt completion ofine canal fSOOOOOOO for reraov Iny earth buUdfnclocza and butdlng a dam to turn off the Jhaxrat river and 100000JO mora lor building tbt moat powerful wattr werkt la tht world to pomp tht water Into the Culebra paia Toil lam oaai not ineladt tbt expeaeee ot taanagemenf tad lalirln nor tht eoit ot eonitructlng harbon at Colon and Pin nn xztr tosk woitu cailx axmrrcs coftbiwtx9 1883 arxciAi to th CKBcxrcxr1 LOSD05 December 15 Tbt newi teat to tht World laal week that Pbelpi le tola horns before hii tlmt expiree hat been cabled back htrt la a form which create tbt general lmprmlon that the American Mlniiter hat been perionally unpopular linct tht Backvllle blunder Thla It tht very reverie of tbt truth and on tht Grand ctnai whirt CRBrotro las iwi beta ptioUBg anottiir portrait ot hli father Tht Biwireichet Londoa that Colontl Hughea Hallett la very tu with fever Mra Hngbti HalleUi Sunday alternoona are ont oi the feature of Amtrloan aoelety in London Churchllle friend have prevailed oa him not to touth It la reported that Fata haa purehaaaa La Chateau de tbenoaeeaux and Ja going to live there after leaving her Welin cattle Tht chauaa ti a beautiful domain on tht Loire Tht home lutlf li of Gothic arcbltcctare ntar tht bridge over tha Char river about ten leagnaa from tht Loire It wti onct tht temporary abodt of klngi poeti and blitorlans Teddy Solomon hai taken charge of tht orcbeitra at the Strand Theater and it ar ranging to product Barandi ntw cantata Tht Adveaturel of Pickwick Irvinr bn fixed on Decern bar 29th for a revival of Macbeth la aa elaborate atylt never paralleled on tht Eagllih atage Wllion Barretti tear of Atatrtca next year bai been arranged Bt will optn la Boeton oa October litb ManiBeld who beglni an tagagtDtnt at tht Globe next Seturdayhea been after another EngUah attraction for big American company Mra Bernatrd Beert ManiOeld fin alaoit decided to product Nero aooa and wanted Beer for th leading female part but tht bai accepted an offer of Cherlee Wvndham 16 slay Mrai Hernfiold In a new and reviaed Teraioa of Tom Tariora rBunatwLftaa MM 11 Tfci 1 1 I 1 11 i i as teM Rea5pni8 Tiiatif iv Sog LaCKOIiJro Jairi3f pmmmg tha handcama teitlmonlal which Ura Phtlpt will receive In a few day fronvt BetPiSiwhlch wlH bareviT at thtfit OLY THE mOTLK HURT Tfary Flnaaclera Took Little Stock Is tbt Canal Xaw Yoke December 15 A eable ipe cial to tbt Vail and Exprut from London eji Thecoilipat ot tbt Panama Canal Company bad bean pretty wen aucoanieu before lta oeinrrtoca It therefore failed to baft any great effect on either tht Parla Bonn or tht Freaen public ai thongh iome very animated gctnti In tbe Immediate vicialty of the Panama Companra offlcee were noticeable tbt greater number by far of tuoe who dlacnaaed tha BtatUr expreaaed pity rather than ceatar for De Leeaepa and coambtrattd tha mlalortuae which bad overtaken the old man They alao car voU ta tht belief taat alt fruitful brain wblah haa beta as phenomenally actlvt la tht pat will find eome way oot of Ue cimanttyxbia aeami to tht majority however rather a forlorn dependaaca ainct De Laeeeva forewarn ad for rearx hat not been able lo tarn ailja tht cataa KaUuaUr aaesi raaay cf tit anablt haj decTareoTJiafaTbrtpfo grluiTi action and compleUly diipelled tbt llluilon that Qermasyt action to recover her loit Rround and to ufily guird her Imperiled potltione on tha Ztuzlbar littoral would be confined to blockading operation on the lee Tne preliminary atep having been unanimous the Reicha tar will ob reauembllng after Chrislmaa be preaested with a bill framed in ac cordance with the vlewi of tht leaden of tbe friendly groupi which will probably enable tbe Eut Africa Company either ae at preieat organizaa or in a new form to recruit a local force of nalirei for the purpoie of recovering aad garrlaoniag the loat ground and eitabliiblng an anti ilavery blockade on land at well aa oa tea Count Herbert Blimarck apparently drawl a diiUoetion between the intended activity of a local force of tbli kind and other forcei which are lnteaded for expedition i Into the interior But it li doubtful If the Arab mlad will realize tbt difference It ie etated that the authorttiel at Kiel and Wilhelmbaven are preparing to aend to Africa at the ihorteat notice a corpi of voluateeri armed with repeaten aad rifled cannon Forelgneri will be admitted to the corpi the only condition being their ability to wltbitaud the climate Some of tbe radical papera having aa erled that Runla had lupplled tha Sondaneie with armi and munition tbe Kuttlan Embtttador baa aaanred Count Herbert Blmarck that aueh aaaertlone are totally unfounded The attitude of tht Ratilan and Ger man ere doei not Improve The Ham burg correspondent i article of Thunday on tbe itxalned relatione of the twocoun trlee may be accepted ae authentic But fortunately In eplte of lu aeml omclal character and tbe ttrong feeling It dla playa the article bai not produced much effect either on the Bourieoron the public mind although It ia eeen from the feet that aeml offlslal writer again threaten to publlih tbt Auatro Euaalan treatlee of 1S76 and 1S77 that political relatione wltb Ruaala muat be atralned Tbe AortA German Oasette referring to the article txpreiiee the hop that tbt Ruiao German ncwipapar war will not be renewed and Intimate that tf It la tbe Rue ilao Paa alavlit pre will be lelt to etew In Ita own nice while tbe TagbkUt ad Tiaei tha public not to be alarmed at tb Journallitlo war bbt to wait until tht Rtiehaanaelger publlahea the treauea Friday debate in tha Reichilag wat memorable aa tht oecailon ot Count Her bert Blimaroke maiden epeech The imtut lniereit wu thotra and more Dcpntiei were preeent tban oa any other day during the teuton count neroane tpeeeh occupied over thirty minute It waa tht event of tbt day Count Btr berfa voice enunciations geaturei and abrupt delivery vividly reminded tht aad lance ot hit father At tht beginning of tht tpeeeh hli remark though delivered In a load ton ot voice conld icarcely be followed Afterward bt bt cam calmer and fluent gaining eon flat ace ht woa tht lympaiDyot hla audience Stoma of applauee greeted hit patriotic peroration Coast Herbert cannot tzactly laid to havt tht gift ot eloquence but it It admitted on ailtldei that be acquitted htmiell veil aad handsomely Emperor William eofitinaei to work hard Be receive Oeaeral Von Walder and Von Witt eh dally It la reported that the latter la engaged In explaining In minute detail tht poaaibillty ot Germany attaining a war agalnat Franc and Ruaala ilmaluntoujly A Hamburr torreipondent ttata that Profuaor Geffekana connitl havt applied to tht imperial tribunal for their client rtltaat giving tht wholt hit property aabaU The applitatlen waa refuted it being bld that tht amount of ball offered would not prevent Geffcken from taking Clght UU trial ia expected to takt viae at Leipaio In January Ia hii gait atalait ut paper which pnb lUhed txtraeu front hit fathari diary tha Eoptrot hat bttn ruled oat ot court 81r Arttor BalUven 1 her arranging for tht tranalatlea and proancuaa ot is rvoamaaot tha GoarnV William Henry Smith manager of the Aaeoelatad Pratt lrt bar tor at rettra hurg ost Thunday Amoag ttt latait arriralf ara kfra CroaltT and daathter and Ura irvT Vakaraaa asd danxatar of Kew York the firjt ladlet In tha land wUl bt ttnplt evidence ot It Tha Tory ptperg tive tried lo lire a partlun color to thit nnpracad anted mari of it era to an American lady by claiming that Lady Salisbury li at tht head of the movement Ai a matter of tact Lady Boiberry wile of tbe popalar bomt rule champion In tht House of Lorda haa aa much to do with It aa Lady Salisbury Leading men of both partlea hare alike In tht compliment It la Intended to makt tbe memorial thoroog hly Eagllih and American ladle who havt married Into the British aristocracy bave not been aaked to contribute Tbe date of the presentation has not been decided yet nor tbe choice ot a gift but there are ao many lad lee anxious to contribute that Mrr Fhelpi li lure to takt something home with her worth showing Meanwhile Minister Pbelpi li in the lime diplomatic quandary lut week aad li not sure himself to day whether tha fint weak la January will find him here or oa the way to America He must more 100a front Lowadei square aad thongh he has not secured passage home he hai cot oa tht other bead engaged rooms at tbe Buckingham Palace Hotel or anywhere elte aa he Intended Phelps finds himself la tbe eame predicament ai the Austrian Mlniiter at Washington when Keller wu sent back Tbe Foreign OOce wu asked In tht Honit lut week whether It Intended to lead a Mlniiter to Washington lo the plaoe of Sackvllle but the uorcruiSeat evaded answering the question The lame Inquiry will be put again next week and an answer will be Insisted on If Saliabury officially confirms the general belief that no Minister will be tent to Washington until tbe Republican administration comes In Phelps will not ttand long ou tbe order of hla zoing lo any event when a choice made tbe United States will get a much iaferior maa to Sackvllle So long our Government Insists on being officially considered a second class power It will not get a first class man Tht new Minister who succeeds FbelpewiU find himself at tbe tail end of the diplomatic list to say nothing Ot the Embassadora of flrst olass powers aad all other Mlniatere will uke precedence before blm including the representatives of 81am Chile Ecuador and Roumanla But even If Salisbury does appoint a inccmor to Sackvllle daring Clerelandi term fhelpi will not etay until bia inccasaor arrives Lowell did so and hlps bad to alt in hla office aa aecredldHlnlsUr aad watch Lowill ilgn official papen natil Lowill coald ret Unit to go to Windsor to ity good by to the Queen Lowell and Phelpi went down on the eame train and fire minutes after Lowell presented bis letters of recall to her Ma Jeaty Fhelpe popped Into the room and presented hi credentials The situation waa very awkward acd created mnch amusement at oourt Fholpi wat convinced that each a coanc wu not coa ilsteat with the dimity of America and baa made up bli mind la any event to leave Eaglaad bafore tbe Mlniiter appointed to lucceed blm arrives Tbli will leave tha new appointee free to assume hla duties from the moment ot hla arrival LONDON GOSSIP tarion tfoBowMDaTi4arrita WyJ ham talk ot golnr to America next IA1V and poiilDly Bears will to with him Brindoa Thomas well known in New York baring btea thert with Botica Vokei it going to be married next week to Mra Ltvlson tht handsome heiress of a rich diamond merchant Billle Barlow hugone to Llvtrpool to siogln a Chrlstmaa pantomime The City of Berlin arrived to day forty three hours overdue after a terrible voyage Two days after leaving New Tork ine had to nop eiznt hours one of her cylinders being disabled Edwin Lowe of New York George Beach and wife of Hartford and Henry Carrett are homeward bound on th Lohn Reverend Travera and wife Vendutssn Reed and I Konderbuth tailed to day on theSarvla TomXsjt the caricaturist with hla ion called on the Celtic Lord Sackvllle left for Parli to day Ht intends to ipendrhe winter abroad Ht did Dot call at tht American Legation while here Mill Jennie Chamberlain wu one of tbe attractions In th royal box at the Patti concert Tuesday Mrs Mackay Is In London again and gave a reception last night Eennlker Beaton of New York la going to America early next year to explain bit cheap ocean poaiaga project to Congreia UN THE BIVIEltA Qoestt icsa Bpectal Dispatch I Kaw Yonavs eUltothajyaffc tayr Thtntwa In Otratn Dttma tha captivity cf handipf thaHa impression taron UhaaceoianelH trlooa cxpiorsr coaceraio tlejo iBlrh144vj WrtWsfs fHli 3r lr St tKstosrcut ro A cablnr i from London kin tmbodylni I of fit 11 a ra aap ja nMw I som oa tetaaiMfitaii awes msussh 1 to tteM of vratrittertai GJtrar Em aaarJia temvirvtte ei alia aara nfenatry aad lticac ei tb iBoirtiinuytat rotxeawn ji wu about 60l jtart old an Araaaad Jet atrfetlT clartcal ttvl aad jnaay trltada for wu a pittas aat lalkerandabtwa otIrtnallty nd trUllaaej a wall education la nit eon TtrtaUon Ht bad tat two wtakaetse jbi wahttd to slrlakt all dayatiotatpodr till xpense ana waa saiaiuia uvn rowttot icJlU iuBiiHiHydlasSi Tork fivt weekt and then aiaapptareav leavtat acorotrredltori for maU amount flora wer rellglobe paopl torn Aaglo muilacav and ether nttrely iharroafaaeqaarhtaacet It tarnc ant that tha canon whale a tannin canon too wu arrested at Ox ford July 17lhlatt for obtalrrfntiboard and JodgtBfv aad arlone email anmt of money from hottLkupayt under filia pMtaaut wu ad mlrud to itOO ball for trial onlOctober 13ib Ha Jont pad all Wfl and cant to thli eonntrybat oonldnt remain away front homilonfviSow hill I ia CxTord lalL wlthoatbaU tatwfea swbleti a Uohtr TrJatatfi8bdiIHtBir la bt JUTefeJillVrart teawStntnrh wute tTaTav rut any pasiasr rrum wbatevarthatStaBliy hat beenirplnred gUalylivrwea known hroaghont Africa and irJiiargaed that if a ha really been caftnred Daman Dljaa weald have tnectiontdihlat ty taat hla ptnoa belsco famOlarTlnstead of referring to him vaguely as fwbit tban Further lbaathlvJ ft held by thoee who choose bloot at It rumor of tbe misfortune In a niost favorable light that tb newe of the capture by tb Soudenee of inch an important parson as Stanley would spread Ukt wildfire throngbout tbt Soudan Herds ot dervishes would be sent to tb assistance ei Osman DIgna in auch an Important tvant by order of tht Mahdi Thla doea not appear to bav been tbe eaee which is a pretty strong argument that nothlnc of eo much consequence as th selsur of Stanley haa taken place The largest estimate ot th number of Soudan rebelt now in tbt vicinity ol I Suakin places them at leas than 30000 which ia small compared with what would have been fathered there If anything of great noUwu going on Onthe other hand tha cans of inch a statement if not true hu been xnueh debated A motive for loch a story might easily be Our Navy in Fire Social form at Kice th yyw tork vosld pablw aritliia cbrvtiGBTca 1888 arxciAt to th CBBONICIK1 Nicz December 15 ThiocIl erentof the week among American on tl lvlera hai been tbe conaecratloB oi tie American Church and tha reception given lu connection with it at the home of the Rev Mr Cornell Admiral Greer with other officer of tha naval squadron were preient and alio prominent Americans oi New York the West and the South who are here for the season Lieutenant Sargent of tht Lin cuter of the American naval squadron left for Rome to assume tht dntlea of naval attache to the Joint embassies of Rom and Vienna a post created for him He will be succeeded flag lieutenant by Fa Wis Maxima Ontray formerly Utnlster for Franc to th United States haa returned lo hla villa at Cannea with Mm Ontray whoia an American It ii a litti early yeVJot the arrtrai otJ Americani bat ieverar arc fmrtHat Ntw Yorkers were watching th play at the table at Mont Carlo thla week Among tha latest arrlvata at Nice are th Llpplnoctt of Philadelphia Mlssee Tre of Washington and Dr Buchtel and family of Denver CONCEALED CARTRIDGES A TTo In THE ItrW TOVK TTOBUJ CSBIJC BXKTICTC corTitiarrrxD 1838 srtCJAL to Tin CHBOSICXK Losporr December 15 Gladstone ad dressed thousands ot the Democrats ot London In Whttechapel in a thick fog to day Ha wu given a big reception by tbt musts Tb grand old man leavet for Naples on Wednesday aad will be gone soma months He will be accompa nied by hla daughter Mra Drew who Is very much like bsr father She la Inter ested In all hie subjects from bom ml to Homer Tbe event of tb yesr In the literary world It Brlctt ntw book Tbt American Commonwealth Tht papers of Great Britain give colomna of comment aad quotations from it Befort hit book wu in preu Brice went to India to recuperate Brice hu long beea prominent In London life a member of Parliament Under Secretary of For elfn Affaire Protestor at Oxford and a philanthropist He wu one tbe London correspondent of a New York newspaper Tbe critics say that Brices book ir greater than De Tocqnevllltt on tht same subject Brice makes no bones of hla thorough sympathy with Democracy and closes with this tmpbatio statement America hat still along vista of year strelchln before her la which ah will enjoy conditions far mort auiplciont tban England etn count upon and that America marks th highest level natonly of material well being hot of intelligence aad happiness which th race hu ytt attained will be th Jadgment of thoie who look aot at th favored few for whoat benefit the world leemi hitherto to hart framed Its Institution oat at th whol body of the people It li probabl after all that MIn Corblns nam may be dracged Into tb London court throat tb Uorac Walpol scandal Th Pull JfaHGarcdc under thtinur ot tn fU advlied threat of libel hu taken np th case and it railing nonty to help atut Weldemaan get a ntw trial If lobael Davltt it conspicuous among tht contributors Lawyer Goerney hu discovered tht birth record of Wtidemanae child which wu still born and autrti that Wilpolti claim that tht woman lad a wicked 111 at Constantinople la fait Milt Weldemann I baok htrt for a ntw triil and will probably ttt it Splay revelation ar promised Miss Weidmanu claim that Mill Corbia wu aware ot Wal polea liaison with her when aha married aim Tbe diamond bracelet which theladtee oi Birmingham ar going to present to Ura Chamberlain la a iplendld bit ot lew lry A public reception at th City Ball haa been arranged for tht 8th of January and all tht eweii ptoplt ot th city will there to mett th American brid Tha wives of Liberal Joined with the wivaiof Unionists and Torlu In making th pres ent aad insuring a cordial greeting Aa toon Tennyaon le strong enough tojonrnty nil taint frost tha lelt of Wight to tptad tha winter at Canne In common with other dramatt oritica Clamant Scott th wU known crltt of Telegraph laid ahars tfclag of 011 berts new plar Brantlschasa Baa wu published on 8otf a authority that Gilbert wrat to th proprietor ol lb paper dmanding Bcotf a dismissal Gilbert denies it aad luecScettfstlibtl Barry Mark haa beea Very Ql bat i now oulof dauger Lady Brtasey lut raaraal wlu pnb Tlshtd by Mr Langman ta January Robert Browning ana au wut aav bn aptadlBi torn tlata la Ytnle with JC Srowalac aad 1U at hair palata Wltb Ammtinitl the Bosom of Iter Drtn JTKS XVT TOBS vroni li CABLS SltBVTCXJ cor rninrrTKO 1868 srBclAX TO thjs CHBOK SCX1C 1 Qoe as stows December 15 Waenthe Umbria arrived to day th police brought eshor Bridget Gallagher of Cleveland a widow 55 years ot age She was learcbed and th police found fifty rounds of ammunition In tbe bosom of ber dress She wu taken befor a magistrate and locked up for trial Sh wai yolng home to County Mayo leaving four married daughters in Cleveland She tint mtda tht ttstemeat that seme monki in Cleveland tent the ammunition then ihceald a atrang man on th Umbria aaked her to bring it aahore but ebe could not find th man Several Incidents of thla kind lately show that th British police are not relaxing their vigilance and get prompt notlfl cation from America of suspected people CLEviLAsnwTieceraber 15 Th woman who was srrested at Queeastown to day left Clevelaad on December 7th in company with twenty other Irish men and women who It wu said had lecured a low rat of pauage on account ot their going together None of them were well known and few ar well to da Mrs Gallagher li a widow and lu lived Bert for many years It 1 laid that lb intended to return In th eprlng Non of her acquaintance here think ah had anything to do with the land leigne BASEBALL IN 8TDJJEY Th Tea riret Gam Attract Thousand Pople Ngw Yobs December 15 John Ward eablee follows to the World from Sydney 8 The first game la th series of three to be playtd before th Bydntyitti by theAU America and Cbl eao nlnea 1 ended aucceeded la holding th interest of th spectators from tha time play wu called until the lut ball wu caught How many apactelor doth baseball entbntlutt ot oar conn try lappos earn to at play ball to day Ovtr tea thoniand by ectnal count dldat tzptct each a crowd nor did wt tzptct that tht verdiot of tb ipacutort would ao pleutng it la From hundreds of paapl who vera uked after th gam how they liked It cam th reply ar well pleased There wu quit a sprinkling of Americani in th crowd and when they lay that taey wer glad to ie a good famt of but ball it Is putting it mildly Quit a number of item made our acquaintance today All ot oar party eon tin a lntood halth EOTTKLLS CnALLKNOE ZEHE 15TERSTATEiCR found In Oiman Signal dsilre to itop tht Britiihadvsnet txonl Saakln On btariag of tht anlval ot re enforcementsenforcements ht would at any tvent certainly make an effort to delay their progress until he hlmaelt had been re en forced and notalnx would eo likely to accompliih thla th intimation that eUalfTi lift iiintheMandl nahoi and wiUbt MCnnceg pusim ii nofinrrenderea DeipiU however these reuoni for dlicredltlnf theft rerorti tht prooft art rather lorclblt and In fact tbt ntwt confidently believed in Suakin Thar ara rumen oath Btier that larjt bodies ot rebels ar advancing from Beerberr bat inch rumors are of frqnt ocenrrene and caa not rilled upon It will bt remembered that Mohammed Blrrl a tradttwho took a eupcly of provision to Emln Fuha and left Emln In th company of an Italian named Capuln Cusati with a itor of Ivory wu attacked by the Klfir of Unroyo who believed taut mtn to ehargea with ue bnai nessof earrylnt aantgotiatIona between Emln Puha and th King of Uganda Mohammd Blrri wu killed and Captain CiiaaUaant baflfto WaddelaL all their ltfzJar1t3hiJUa tWH74 it believed to ta quit probable that tut whltt man whom Osman DIgna rtporttd had bean eiptnrtd by Uahdl la Captain Cauatl The Emln Relief Committee tent runners out from Suakin four months ago to Inquire into tbe reported appearance of a white Puha In th Soudan and they have novyet returned It Is clear than Osman Dignatnewa la not so widely known Dwi of inch conseqnenc won Id nitar ally be AUottther thongh it li admitted that the iltuation ta serious a hopeful feeling still prevails that Stanley at leas ie still safe Lom05 December 15 In the Common to day Lord Randolph Charchill uked whether tht report of the capture ofJEmln Fuha and Stanley ware true aad whether th Government would negotiate with Oiman DIgna for th release of the Earopeana at Khartoum bafore the beginning of hostilities Goachen acting Government leader replied that tb information received by the Government wit so uncertain that It would be Impossible to tnipend operatlona for the relief of Saakln during the many weekt that would elapse before tb fat of th txplortrl coald be ueertalned John Morley pressed the Government to eutpend operation at buskin until Monday Ooschen replied that th request cooli not be complied with but be promised thet no Inatrnetioua would be given to hurry operation a Morley May I tak It than that tbt Government will do tha belt it can to prevent th commencement of hostilitlei wltbont tying th hand of th military authorities Ooschen I eannet tl th has da of the military authorities I ahsll not go an inch beyond th statement I have already made In Limehonse Gladstone mad a speech congratulating the Liberal onthebrlght enlnf proiptct prdtsited against th attempt to conquer th Soudan an sdvsntnr hopelea uu attempt to fight nature BauasaLa Dcmbr 15 The Belgian Consul at Saakln telegraphs to his Government that tha solitary and political author tlei thtr bUvt th itory that imiarult wu captured and bia tore dispersed bai ara in doubt about tha capture of BUnley 8oAxiiDeCmberl5 Thedate1869 It itrapd npon lheartridget that ac corrpanitd Osman DltSf ill Iter aanonae larth captar of EBla Paiha and a ant travt nc acr TtlfUVlEWSCr jCHAKLSS FCAH cia3am8 a HtThlnk th MtatnrAtjvat wytu lcjnat xniaaatoataxnay TC XentocarTowia Tratr HMMllMsr uu praaiiirtvH mcvmmmttar Kaiiwar Coin tiay iddrtiuithtCoraO krntrelal ciab this etealnr on tht inbjiet cl ii pttieat condition and Undthelte of rallrdadlnt In this country He had been uked partioulatly to txpreii hit vlewi on th Intentst Commerce act and its practical working Ht eald in part Slnct tht Internal Commerce act went into effect two yean ago there hu been what might be called a erase for railroad consolidation It wu Impossible to pool and the long haul regiilatd th short bauL Dishonest methods of rate catting and other meant to Influence tht course of trafflo resorted to or devised during th paatJffo year I do not heel tat to lay ar unprecedented In the whole bad racord of th past When uked why I do not glv Information and institute proceeding nnder tht law I may eay that wbll 1 am morally ure thee thing ar don I cannot furnlih legal proof It ii thta absence of good faith which hu broarht the railroad ijitern to lu preient condition and tbreateae to carry It till lower To attribute It to the Interstate Commeroe act is an utter raiatake If that aet were totally repealed to morrow It would produce but a temporary relief Th railroad system most heal Itself Bat In saying what I have tald I do not mean to Imply that in my Judgment th Interstate Commerce act it a harmless roach less useful plect of legislation On th contrary I am very lor that it standi it la not lta present effect and future result sre exactly tboee which Its framers never contemplated Th process of gravitation and cenaolldation ao far ae railroads ara concerned wu coin on tut enough before bat tht Interstate Com mere act has given It a new Impetus Under the operation of th acttheimailer local railroads throughout th country ar being ground out ot existence It la tb losjt bal Triits trtnft in profit Smaller independent railroad a cannot have this and ar being forced whether they like ltor not into the maws of th ftw great systems into which tht railroads of th country ar rapidly crystallising Thus th effects ot th aot art btlng felt at tb smaller dlstrtbatlng polnti which ara deprived of thtlr market for thoie who formerly bought of termi fromiarier aad distant center Contrary to every delgn of thos who framed the act lu provisions have lent new Impetus to luat thoee foro It wu intended to hold In check Tht Interstate Commeroe act acting on tht tendency of natoral forces is rapidly driving us forward toward aom grand con solidation or railroad true scheme Even this from my point ot view I cannot regard ae a thing to dreaded I am very erlhlf real consolidated corporation or even tram caa be held to far itrlottr reepontibliry than numerous smaller and eonnioung corporatlone A well devised railroad clearing hone echeme would prove la practice whether to lnteaded or not in tbe direct line of th enforcement of the Interstate Commeroe act In all it better features aad It haa many such If I war uked this evening for concrete propositions I would say Delay at leut tor a time th present too rapid tendency toward crystallisation or consolidating by repealing the features ot the Interstate Commeroe act which art precipitating events In that direction A SENSITIVE MEBCHArtT EayijlfiffoesJL prance Exploit of Two iiaraond Taueresr A Bojrns Sacramento JfUlionaire MviSitoe inzni nun 5 From Special tupatchee to lh Caaavicxexr Nw ToanvTMocBber 15 FtyTns pletoniu fically iaccnmbedto Howell rOlbornti pleadings and tha ateajaer Lav KormandUbai the arratts borleaqnerto Jlsvr to day Faytav sotie ia Chicago that tht ill and eoala not appear la EicwDlxeye Corsalt Ccmpaai of which ihu th eter Then th left th Grand Paclfie Hotel titniIHr to Hex better nirsing with a Chleago ralatlT EvldmUy shs wu nofyery and did aot seek berTeuttve baa n4 and arrivad In VvYoalruarJea i aZ iriT TMa nyiiim wtaiiiMviv notpiadngner nbu th pstnr nst hid awgr in btr itaterooD tbi pnntrol th steamerwas notawrt her presence bat a reporter was and although tht young lady declined to be Interviewed be acknowledged her identity and tald tht expected to me If Otborn soon tht Ttuel reached Havre She alio said they were going to be married om tlmt and wer going to th South ot Franc immediately to remain ai loaf they cnoie Sh persisted in ausrtlng that she would not appear on tha itag while abient Thla la th second time Mia Templeton hu ran away from th Corsair company but on th fint occulon tht rt turned after a brief abstac aad allwu forgiven Manigtr Bic laid yeiterday that no materitl Injury would molt from her tuddeu departure He tald that Mr Dixie bad teltgriphid for Franklt Kimble preiiimably to takt tht place racattd BOLD BOBBEB8 They Nearly fcuoeeed In Gettlot YalaabU Necklace NzwYobk Dectmbtr 15 A bold rob br imubtd tht window of Thorn Kirk patrlcfi Jewelry itore at 911 Broadway thla averting while tht etore wu fall of eastomers and tbt streets filled with pe deatriaua Before he could be detained a confederate aelied a 6000 neoxtao and ran Theoffloeron dntyin the store wu delayed in hi pursuit th mtn had slipped a stout stick into the handle ot th door to prevent Its opening inward After a long chue the man with the necklace wa captured Had he grabbed th next necklace 9 tb on took would har got 120000 easily DUrBD Has People Arretted for Jte pcatlar Clevelands Kara Boston December IS There a merchant named Bond in Brooklin who dls llkss the nam Cleveland so that he kept a racord of all persona uttering it within hit hearlnc and had a larg number of them In th Police Conrt thla morning charged with Idle and disorderly con duet Th culprits ranged ia age from mere cbtldren to arown men The troubl was atarted be fore election by Bond etand mg la nia doorway and calling the school children Little Democrat They sawed their political tendencies by reply lag Cleveland la elected Tht mad Bond mad and be has Urn and again applied to the police for protection against the intnlti of these rising Democrats Tbe more Bond objected to tht namt the mort tbt children kept It up and soon older people were led into ssylng It The prlsonere wer all discharged by Judge Drew Some of ta children were placed on probation ii A WSAK ratUKSTBIAN 0w am Alleged Cailfaralan Fooled ArVaaeae People Hot Spmsgs Ark Dectmbtr 15 A month ago a stranger resembling a tramp arrived in Jamestown a suburb of this city and toon taccaaded Is making the rriliageri belter that had immtnit possession In Sacramento cal He far tb nam of Sykea worked lato tht confidence ot tbt belt ptoplt and thin bought ont a grocery merchant named Wilt and turned tb bailneu aver to a negro A bit banquet wu given on tht etrength of th tale and wint flowed freely at th xpas ot prominent villagers The California tre each a lealed envelop whloh tat laid wil a check for 1000 rtqatitint that tat envelope bt not opined befor a aertsin tim Ont of tht laalii howtver broke tht teal of her envelop that night and found nothing but a ailp of paper Th man wu arrested and jailed It le believed that he wu once la an iniant uylum in Illinois LEWIS TBE LIGHT1 An Old Ban Freraelseo Crank Beard From Asrala Chicago Deoember 15 A special from New York tayi Tht crank known ti Lewis the Light1 who made himself unpleasantly conspicuous about several churches a short tim ago I oa deek again A fuhlonable audience gathered in Trinity Church thli afternoon to hear Canon ot Kew when end denly tbtr appeared ta th pulpit a maa drilled la loraethlag llkt a biietall uniform On tht breast of hla Hght oolored flannel thlrt waa the well known heart embroidered la tract and rataaa axarVMaa rao fhaU a Tnll Uv Bea HAW I Mrtebett of Ktba Irish tthtetr wdao it now a aaaraat at ttaSaatataiiM threw a flrry stx pouaa wHH ftftn et into tb air ha hit ixlh throw brsakin thrreeord hyntfoot thr inch A team ofitUatt J8 HltehefiUe Irltir 1BWvaM A LmbTeht of th Staten land AihlarieClob DUtthatwautr four pouad shot aad tied with throw I thlrJtyi two tees sevsn menes ae pus prevroow record wu twnty vIcitleveBTach4a ialagland Thr Jtlvar KlafKln Henr YoaxTcmbc 15 Tha Ktttwn atockaoUita of tha Elrrtr Xtt KtniatL vvpanys AruQuaBMsyesiaroaisersa aarpot or mor tieursirproteotint tseir InteruU and lalecitnt a ecmmltte wax aomlnauont at th aext ananal daetiaa tn held ta Ban Franclaed est ut eta oi jannary tb meeting adopua resolution to tb effect that commute thrb appelated to protect th East nt atoekbolderatthat eneh aeamttiee miad represeatailon 1 tha Board of fct rtctot uatonoithuniltrOareb located ia New York aad that on at the Eastern atoeaholders elected Tte pTt1 dat ta LhU oarUfieatea caa eigatd ntra jr 1 1 di TrnIeem iJadlan JK Tivu Statmber afi AT tpectal ta thatjrtabalremSolla DTh ayt Troubl fau Bttn brewing en tht TutUt Moanuin Btrttratlonj tot lomt tintfc Tha half tzmt haTaMoomtovtrameloatln htlp iattatnlTt t4 Klovernraent rattoo there now belag ilveral hundred sw tM rrvUoa from Maaltoba Aottpaey ot OMltArrjTdIro Fert TtMBto davand will aisistArant Brenner tn driving off thos not belonging there HUMWl HWHWWW1t i- mmmm 1 i i at awtT rII jtr 4 ---Hat rifJu Arrests in PiafiMTiit JWwwtUI jj tvX fi tet KiHa 4 BpcleiDlBatchetethCBawnxs St abl3 ateeanthtrilsV rb Jimmr frrMSTt CBitd tlMBMaaAa Ie offiMrl Wra ara aa taatnA iiC4 rtaii ABlsm isannliaa fumlM Ta wjjcj hart learned that an afaaaiaad aM waakf 3uipd ba4of aaogaUr taara yara baaje1at arth oaW wnwri iwruryB viagn resrt recaaUy atStavec Col tavi aatf ja vvauvawaoaarijjiouns wpvat uoaairaauaai aTssaBnaaViaaHsBBaBBBBBBBVBHBBBBVBBBBBBHL Tssn Xotxl DtctabtT ltaarrV till morstat eoDtlntlntf tUi wits ttt itadiaj taitori on thicoan they Intend following after Jannsry 1st whin tht ntw lawProhtbltlna cnbllcatlos of the detain of exscntions by eleetrielty com In effect is great majority oi inem declare taat Xhev will ottarlv dlarsffar th abi pabllsh all tha facta In eonnctlan with eiecntiOB which come into their possession Seriens ahoetlas AfTray New OsLxiKB December 15 A special to tht ffenyvae from Grand Cotsau uytt Informatloa bu besa received of atrl oas shootlag affray a short distance from town Two mn are reported killed on woman seriously nun ana several men hart There It no further information other than that tht participant ar all whit treat to Walk for th World Championship Nxw Yosr December 15 Georg Atllmoa cabled th followint front London to Blahard fox to day Charlu Rowel hu issued a thsilenj for a tlx day to yon pleut walklnt match to Charlu Albert champion of Anuria and Gtortt Llttltwood ahampion at tht world tor tb diamond bait lately won br tht latter and tha ram ot ttQQ a tlda II also states that will eater lata a weepataku for any tnm from 100 to V500 aaeh nd th diamond belt open to all comers the rac to com on next March ta Agricultural Hall Isilngtoa or in the Aquarium in London ANTliTLAYIBY CBCBASE Anslria Taklas AeUra Iattrcit IB the Dlavemeat Vintai Dtctmbar li An anU alaTary crusade hat bta inecuaf ally oommenced tnAustrlv At th Instigation ot Cardinal Larlgerle a mutlnc on tha aabjeet haa ba held here nnder th auspleu of ea ei th moat Inflnanuaicauioilesocieuea Th Papal Nando attended the meeting which wu pruided over by Prtne Von Ward Two clerical enakera dland that Austria ahould Join with ether uona us lo anu atavery ngisnna i as Tha Death Bk1 Bixint Dcapr 13 Prlaet Alaxan dar pf Haas aad Gaa4 Dak Lod wltvUdaad Tuaiir December 15 Admiral Prine Augeat ei eaTB7vriCBaB ao acta Tlixtarj i THE WHISKY TRUST It TTHl Try and Crnth Ont It Competltoriv CrnCAOODembr 15 Th whisky trait it praparlnt for another desccat npon It compttltort aad a grand eonp le annoaaetd to tak plae on tha first day ot tha new yar Tha mora will la th thtp of a eonilderabl cut la prietf Th whliky Unit nu not had Ihlnt all It own wsy dor biz th lait itv moatlu Deiplta lit treat combintionTarioni anlooktdar oaearrtneea hav eoatpirad to mak lu pathway vary rocky to to ipttt Iti to elld litti ompatora have proved rather foraiiiablWar mint to mak a determined affart to that np that llttlt ftllowa waa hav bun aJoylhg th benefit of to much fr advartlalnt of late tald Thomat Xle Uerttary of tht Emplrt Die tilil at Company to a reoortetto dayWteaa makt whisky a grutv tal cheaper tban thou oataida th traite I the hu hn demoniutted and va ara total to ant tha nrie down to th lowest notea notsibl I thlak that will mak em nmlt squirm Btgard Int a diinatan from Clnalnaau laylnt that thert wu danger of ine trust eoUaptlag owlnt to th partial withdrawal of a larg firm in Claelaaiti Bit tald thara wu no truth la it and that trust wu on a aaUd a foundation vt A CBOOKED CAJfOIT 1 HI Carr a a Bwiadtta Tw i Coaawlaa I NtaYoiiItctnibril rnttrrtrtIa 8coUanl of BtTCaaonEobtrt Hall Bayau raeaUa nu nut to lairdty a ftw weekt ago aad nU taddia dipartar osaoaBy with a lady whom a inuodneed uhla wife ThtrtTtrtadanon rttU tortd at tat Stertai Htu en epltab Sffi St i Ji Guerrero Abandons at Hatch in edford New Yobk Decirabtr 15 Gnerrero tb pcdeitrien is in bd odor In this town and it may be long before be re galna popular esteem He wu until Thursday aeompetltor In tbe eeventy flye hoor race at the Adelpbi Biak bat he walked badly and behaved tn a manner that disgusted hit trainer and Manager Bancroft Qusrrsro retired for a rut and a meal on Wednesday eight and whs ht awokt cried baby and rtfuied to continue the race He art a It It tat rink During th morning returned to the rink resplendent in a high hat gold headed can and told watch went to th track and ommneed hi usual an tic Manager Bancroft tie a tlrd of tht wetk hearted ptdeitrlaat tport and forced him out ot th rlak Gnernroleft tova for Boitbn A flOBT IK COtJUT Hcajro and Whit Men ntf 1st a Lively Conteit NiiHTTiix Tenn December 15 A special to tha America from Jackion Teantayts Dnrlnt a trial befor Sqnir xam ia th Tenth district of thli county yesterday ever a eettlement between Tom Brown and a cotered family named HIeks Will Hlcksc roes questioned Jfiu Pannl Brown in a rttbt tbrapt maimer and aa wu told by har brother Torn to ha mor careful Th negro replied with aa oath and knock td Brown down Othtr greet and Peter Brown a brother of Tom lolatd ia a antral fight Tom Browa eat oat or two negro with Ml kali and tabbed mother of Will Hlek in tha throat Torn Brown aad hit brother wtra also badly hurt At lut accoanta th negroes were armed There much ex eltiment and danger of arthr trouble OTSB AT8UTUC th reddest of silk He looked steadily at th congregation for a few leoonda thtn aid Behold my advent yourjadg Stay in hell and bt damned Thli of course created a mild ttnia tlon Thtn followed certainly a novel proclamation which ht rtad In a load tone with treat dramatlo tfftet Proclamation I Lewis domlnatorof th world decree now a ntw election Death now rulee over alL Fool ar now slaving for death not living Death It mans last and only enemy Tbe extinc tion ot death hit only hop Yoar loni your breatn tadt by death Whewl hoop War ail In th oan Who II right Ltwli th Ug ht Having finlibed rtadiat thli rather tartllng document Ltwli dtictndtd frost the pulpit after scsitertag about tha church some copies of his proclamation and seated himself beside a well dressed woman who had accompanied him from Brooklyn wu toon ushered from the church going out without making a fuss Later la tht day ha called at tha Herald oOct and announced hi advent wu accomplished He llxewlie anouacd hlmielf to ht th Holy Ghost but uldt from thtit two break appeared to be quite reasonable It seame that hi nam la Loni Greea 4brof Brooklyn and formerly of San Franeiieo Tb woman who aecompaated him it hi wife It it aot kaownwhtiBtr ih iharu ttli peenllarnoUont DtaTKB EHTKIirHlgE Bnlldlas a Cable Car 11a ThroTtgh the City by Oaslltht DI5VZB December 15 Tn first cabl line of th Denver Tramwy Company twelr mllee of truk wer completed today To night th companyi tntlrt fore of 800 men wu unexpectedly pat to work oa another cabl system el twtlvt mite havlai it mala Una oa Lawreaee lUeet Thla move ia to bead off a cabl lln pro posed to built by th caver Cablt Company a rival ontanlxatlon Lawrant ttrtet wu Pseked to Blrht hT Tram war Cabl mea working by taelighr There treat xeltemnt la th city over th matter A Zoomotlv Wracked arrow Eseapo ef the Paaeeaaera Wxaiuxa Va December 15 Thli moramt angtat No puuiat tha BtUtlrt and Martini Ttrrr aceommoda Hon train oa tht Clt valand Loralnt and Whttlinf Bailroad nntpd th track oa a trutla ortr Uorgant Baa and plaaged to th tronad below a diataao of thirty ft In Ui deteeut th ngiB turned ovr twiea and landed with tt top duply embedded in th arth Thtrawu bat on passenger ocech attacbtd tb coop unstex wnica proxe seaviB sat lease with Ita twantv nve naaaarara aaialvon tb trek Trrt prompt action of Co actor owir in applying ta utomu air brak laved bit ooath aad putrngtrt Snvlnear 8asaal ahowaltar wa serlouslr Injured aad died tAU vtalng Tbt flrt man cpa anatun it oii Nr Yoar Dtembr 16 Th White Can raid at Jamartown tarn ant to inavt Bten ruuu i epsn The Federattoa of Labor Sr Lonu December 13 th American Federation of Labor re aleeted Samuel Gompers of Nsw York preildeot and chose Boston th plaoe of their next meeting The afternoon session was very brlet After disposing of roatln matters th Federation adjourned until the second Tnuday of next December Two Woman Badly Bnrned BiAbixo Pa Deosmbir IS In TJtper Bern townihip this ooualythU fortnoon Mra Albert Easffman and ber daughter Alma lifted a larg vessel of not teHow to pour Into ksttl whlcn contained a imall quantity ot water An explosion followed The hot tallow Sew over their faoea and they were horribly nursed rendering th condition of both critloal A Malt Iebber Convicted Cbicago December 15 Frederick Von Oberkampf and Thomai Mtex on trial for th wholesale robbery of tb street tetter coxes oi mis cuy were iouna guilty tola evening by a Jury tn the United States Conrt Sinttnct hu been defined Oberkampf is said lo nave given the Post office lnipeotor valuable laformatloa Th White Capa EocxvoBD till December 15 Alder man Belfaev who wu ordered by tha Whit Caps a ftw dtys ajo to rttrzn within forty eight hour aad leavt tht city hu heard from hie persecutors sin This morning a rnamlt bomb wu found on hi plaria Th fuse had bun ignited bat txplrn before exploilon eoala occur Knterprlsins Chleafo Ka St Lotrta December 15 Tht talt eta number of Bt Lottl itreet yaliwiyt to Chleigo etpttalUU tu eontaminated at noon to day Tht pnrehutrt art a liolmei and Hutchinson Tbt roadi told ar tht Union Citinni Cau trinat and Northern Central Tht parcbut prlc wu 3600000 A BU Blaze St Locta Deoembsr 15 A dlssstrous lira occurred to night la a baildiaf oa Pine street between Third aad Fourth occupied br uteri printing aad pabliih Ingconoerna Thaloii atirtfttlli 230 OW with ampl mraraaca A Wrestllnc Match KiLa ACttE December 15 Tom Connors threw A McMillan In a cateh aa catch can wrestlint match to nlgtt taking two straight fall with treat eu Jack Car keek challenged Connor at the clou of tht match Sale or Timber Lands BmLWATin Minn Dictmbir 15 Iuaa SUplei hu told 50000 acrei of pint lanai on snake river for over iieooOOO to Fred Wtvtrhanier for a avndleate which ia rapidly absorbing valuable timber una aero A Train Derailed Cisaxnan December 13 A handcu while rnanlng rapidly down a tteep grade thta morning wae derailed and alx menthrowndown en embeakment allot wnom were seriously nurt one iataxiy KILEAINS BLUFF Orode i and the driver i th wawofi Last night Gov ernmeBt detectiree Ml PanI for th north to arrest the man whom the oplam wu eoBtlamadv A 1IYJSir KlQUTi Cap HE FAILS TO ACCEPT 8ULLI TAMS CHAXXKNQE BIBMISQUAMS MT8TEBT Discovery af tk Bedy ef AaoUr th Hawei faually BiasnweBAW Ala December 15 Th body of Iran Haw eecoad daughter of Dick Hawse waif ooad In tht lake at Lake View thit moralnt Th water had drained until It wu oniy a foot er two deep The child wot a imall ilia half covering hr body nd a hemp cord fail ad to two heavy Sin plates wetlhint thirty pounds taehwu fastened to th bab Shtwu found Bear the epotwhera Mrs ewes body wu discovered Th fladtaattd no tzdtemtat Iht people had axpecud for a wk Hut ft would be found star whir th mother body wu diiaoyered When told body of hi other missing child had ba found Bawee had aotblng to uy ezctpt to eak In a Indifferent sort ot way where It waa tkn rfaa to answer any quesUoaa No troubl I xpcted tonight bat th guard th Jail hay besa inccaastd a nutter extra pncaaOoa BKCOBDa SBtATKW1 Confute of ilia Maakattaa AtklaU ri nab Uaw Toar Dtctabtx 15 At ttt tad taon sqnar uarasa to aigit utra took alaeatha eanltiti of lit ManhatUa Alh liatUClalv HUtytri taat en the An Ifnknawn Uakaa Sereral Prop eltlone Which Ar Berard at an Attempt ta Evade a Fight Nxw Yoai Stctmbir 15 Anolhef hltehoccurred to day is btarrangtmtute forth fight for th caDplonthlp of the world between Jax sCHraln and John Sullivan To day a gentleman who tTt hi namt Klehardoe and annoaaeed hlmielf a friend of XJlrain called on Colonel Colvln editor at tb New York Clipper aad expressed hi willingness to cover 5000 deposit thtt the Salllvaa party tad pat up Ht landtd Colvln a Urgt doeamtat aad afterward 500a Colvin stowed ibes awsy la his dukv The stranger anxiously ssked for a etpt for thmonf Colvlassld they ntvtr fef receipt foriuch dipcilu that th tact of atooii would duly fcarenlcltd in th paper Colyla added It I against aupreoedeBt to glv a re ttlpi for the tutu in a prlzrini ntat Salllvan got bob aad did not uk tor on No maa who mean bualaeu will ask for one i i Farther perinulon proving unavailing Mr Bo said coald not iurt tbe money nnUss a wu given a receipt Colvln opened th drawer of hla desk and took eat th envelope asd handed them baca to coivin tiaua taat the big document wu largely a dealal of Ballf Tana uito ut tatmpioaiaip or ta world aad madea coaauralalmot th title for Kllrala It offered or xather it maker offered to taak a match ua eauiveo tor an uue a tax of C500O eld tthla la KSOOO Uaa lata BBiuvan caauBt inienata aaa to wu not an acceptance or ul ana ib diajnond etudded old ehamnlana halt bow held by KllraiB and it wu alia provided Uat Kilraia holder ot th championship should permitted to nam thatlm and plae of tb fight which mail be lniia thru monthi Virtually it tmoanu to an Iraoriag af th points at Sullivan challenge aad tht lub snnius ei oinert mor to suirain a uxict Hereto for la all ahampioasitp natch th Urn ana place of eombat hav nu setuea oy mutual egreemtnr ana es aeeiaUythe time ot the battle fau Mea decided by th totaiat eolo Befor leavlnr vUttor aaid wat speaking by card whan he annoaaeed that Itilrala meant bnalnaaa and if Sullivan and hla friead are not dsallnt ta laolher bluff Bty caa max amngim tatl to mti Traak SttTtntos ol thla tttr and James Keenan of Boston on bha1f of Kilraia to discuss and arrangt any llttlt dlfftrtBcu ot optalea that may exilt between them te the ralatiT meriia of Sol uvaa aaa suiraia ColTia tald Ji venldat tire a tweeipt for la cu KUialB teet ih fight coald Sodate th receipt aad tialm hi meaty the atakebolder The aaaaewa mans vinnuultlona era nraraad as a trtat hfaff ea Xllraln park Saortlnav BintniBKiuio nia lax auawinztaam tobatadA A tflanatea from yitsabure ura that sttV rata tald ther to dey to reporter that be UU aned la fight SaUrvaa ia CaUforala hfitahalL who ia ea th war ta Chicago vitt Jake tiyt taat bu pal ap a tor ten Bgat itempseyta aaa rannsea aad th utter ao au to nt ot tatak Flghtlne a Smutfletr aad tartar Hash Opium 8AM Biacb Mllkl December 15u United States offietra made ablt haalef smuggled opium near her lut night after a lent tramp ia ta wood and a desperate fight with on of the gang a WDay gnt of th Union Pacific ascrst service and ihrie ditecttrei left btrt lut night npon tttrca lor th imntiled opium known to ht ttertttd in an lauatnt wildirntu of itcond growth or eosiar covering a treat district la Lincoln and Bioomfltld townialpt The Bight wu perfect and th mooa light almost ubritit day After a drivt of nearly twiaty mllei Iht party halted put their team in afarmeribirn ana frooeeaeu ea loot ay a deierted lum betrosd to peaetrate a thicket ot underbrush so dsas to be almost impais ble After walkist for two or three miles keeplat a tcont will In adrtnet ta tonnd el a horn coning at a lutf gallop wu heard The otfieert secreted themselves and when the horse cams la eight they recognized th rider Captain Harry Duraad who wt anested lut August for smuggling opium but rtltued became ol lack of etldenee 0Ocr nay iprang ent aad ordered htm to halt The only reply wu a pistol shot that pustd clot to hit face The rest af the parly came ap and tried to catch th hors by the head Dorsal meanwhile ibot into the party three Urn bBtoaaecoaal of th planting of th hers son ot th fihot took effect Hrwtnel tohtrtttnp latitreit bat th tirth ot his taddia tertwiyand htwu thrown lato the bnihsi at th wsyslde fromwhtrt ht midt hi Heap Into tha thicket Jellowed by shoU from th offl cera An effort wu made to overtake th fogitlve but it wu soon given up Th party followed back the track of the horse and Is a via the road cam to a cleared space wher an xesvation wu found By th lid of it lay 125 cue of th contraband drug This wuaccured and brought to Sand Beach this efteraoda nd than shipped to Port Huron Tits eaarara laa valnahla Ma ttate wmhUtwitBiarx and 20000 rant It th head ot a gang In thla locality who ar in th service of a Canadian syndicate There I every indication that tht smugglers kad arranged to have the atari shipped end when the ofiiein arrived were at work unearthing It A Smuttlr Captured When Called for Freltht DlllTtl Dtcimbtr 15 A Kltlion aliil Ltonard la the nam ot th man arrested la Dsnvsr charted with opium imatiUnt Tsttday lui Mirk Harding a apeclar agent of th Treunry Department reported to United Btetee Marihal KiU that he inspected Sieltoaa prueaca la tht city Hardint haa a copy ef a waybill from th 8t PaaL Mlaaaspoils and Manitoba Hallway for some freight Ihlptted at Battlatao for thta eity The eonilgnere claimed lb freight con ilited ot household toods This consi ja ment wu duected to A Melton Denver Col and weighed 850 pounds Deputy Msrihal currier proceeded to the Union Paella freight offio for the pnrpoieat making the am it when lb toods war called for On Wedneiday a tr anger with Ill fitting clothea uked for the good consigned to Nlelson and wu placed nnder arrest Melaon trunk at th Metropolitan Hotel wu laba quenlly aearohed and found to coniaia 117 packagu nf prepared opium containing savenry thre pound No com ptomlslnt docojnents wsr found on Nisi con pirion or among hii effect exoept some Cards of Chinese merchanta In Baa Francisea The prisonsr without knowlne his traak had been opened said hwu awaiUng ooussnoia goods to rtship them to aaa Itanelisa Aside from tali he wu abao lately Boa commlttalaad woald aot uy a word tvenln hli behalf KtUionlt well inpplitd with mtaiy detplte hU tramp llkt apptaraau aad had 175 in hi poekata when arrested Tb prisoner waived xmlnatIoB when arraigned before th Cemmiaiioaer and wu taken oa Friday Bight by an offlctr to St PanL Thee partlcaiara did not leak ont until dr XOKTaHlFT Oay COCBT Kw FhaicVr an JBtertillnjrCaae at Cbteaco XmcAob December 15 After the CIv cult Cot rt today decided that it bad no Jnrlsdietlon ever the County Conrt la the Ltndauer case tb scene aatloa wat transferred to Judge Prendergut courtroom ono more Attorney Newman axalaat whoat eoatempt proceeding were on encceded la extrlcaang hlmulf from th acrspa and Immediately another aensatlon developed Attorney Msyer who appetrid for tot nauanred creditor uked leave to ale InformaUen against all tht members ot the Liadaatr firm and all tht aUorseys against the preferred credltots aad their auorneye against th ShtrtS and aaalnat th reoelrtr tor eoatempt and delanc ef th aonrt la attempUag to illegally interfere with the ends of Justis ThU laforaitloa wu baud on counter proceedingi began In that court with a view te thwart thoee ia the Coaaty Court It wu atttrwardWlthdrawa tor amtaJ meat Another AiehlJi event occurred at tha aiteraoea session of th edart when Berasrd KnpMBhelmer the receiver appointed in a couaterprocetdlBg byjadi HorteB aapearM aad ea tht adric of his ooubael flatly retesel to give ap tb book aad papers of th insolvent firm which ar locked la his vtalL Judge Prtnderzut held thstu tht prop crty wu properly la custody of th a slxnu appointed by aim before conater proceed in i wer began the Sheriff had acted wluoat authority la translerrlni th book and papan to Kappeaheimtr After aitnlng for tome time with Kuppen heimer without avail Jadg Prtadirgut ordered Xuppeuhelmer committed to Jail for thru dan aalti ha looner compile with th order of Cart Attorney Mayer thea uked thai a custodian fee appointed te takeahtrt of tha yanlt containing th beoka At tali point a rtceu wu taken in the practtdlatt aniil cTentnaV spaaa Latx KupseBbelmer wu troaght befor Jadg lisrtoa ea a writ aabeu corpaiaadraleued on baa Th rualt la thsrafor aotwithtuadtag Judge Tuleyt dediioa early la tat day a direct eoasiet between tbt two mtfiitrattt aad a deadleek La the oetma hang lot op aaa halfrSrmUUoa dellar ease Udelaltaly 1 Th Rsk Trk Bsik IUUmil NaT YoaXtSeatmbtr 15 Th bank now held ao6780vO la tzcau af tht legal MVsllafft Ummtt Mgrirt fj a 15 if SJSi ji iittavA jr.

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