The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1949
Page 13
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1 i WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 80, 1949 ' '* ' '•'-•<"•" I • nil. I in , i,. i i —•^•»» — ^^ — I l m ,,,t^W OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams STOP RIGHT NOW Tuew BENJAMIN FRANKUN IS THIS CAffS HERO AMP HE'S AV.LUS TRYIN TO EC UKE HIM/ FRANKLIN) USED TO TAKE NAPS WHIUE TM 1 DUMBEB GUYS VvAS WRAKIGLIN' OVER STLJFP H6'P LEARNED YEARS BEFORE VSOULCNT WORK.' rVE HEARD A LOT euys s»>y IF «x> SPUT TH'ENDOP A STICK AN'PUSH ITINTH' HOLEAtf TWIST (T IN TH' RABBITS HAIR •OCJCANPUU- HIM OUT--MAV8e i Aiw'T re»N' rr RIGHT.' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople -U6ERIO, LADS/ vlHV THOS6 IS If BUY THAT NEW AUTUMM MOR[J- 41 MeAD WITH MS? COME,COMB,8BlSUT£M X^THB IOO- P VW(? F066Y FACES—GW5 V WATT US A BlS HAPPY SMILE/ ^^/' WEREN'T VOO 6OIMS LAST TIME I SAW LOOKED UK6 TWe COVER : PAGE OF TH6 SEALE BLUgS/DlD YOU PALL KAPPY J WMERE'D You ser ALL THAT 2 PAGE THIRTEEN FliECKJ.KS ANJJ HIS KHJENCS BY MERRILL BLOHSEB Cict Hot, Hermon Wanted to Rent 4UQ-6UU ncrcs sandy loam Boll. No furnish required. Pli. 4326. 11 : 20 pk 12|13 Wanted to Buv IllSbest price paid roj CliUlKKNS- tH-ilisi Asn Htreel Omcenr & Muckel 41'* W Asa 61V ck O Germon Policemen Fired For Singing Nazi Songs BREMEN (Ar 1 )—After a drinking party, seven German policemen drove through this city singing Nazi songs. They were discharged from tile force, police headquarters reported. You Can Tell fhc Difference in -~ Good Shoe Repair KflLT€RS ?'JHLIfY SHOC SHOP 12' W. M d I M ST Protect Your Family's Health with Expert PRESCRIPTION Service WOODS DRUG Complete 1'ainl Service On the Finest Line Available Sherwin Williams • BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. ». "Hill" Pease J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South Phone 2134 PRESCRIPTIONS rresf! stoc* tJuaranlced Bcsi Prices Xjrb>^Drug Stores TIIK KTCmn MMMln Kmlt*r k»» br-rt, iiiunlrrrd • **! (he motive > rc mi r ...... rotrd with a raluablr rcirtirn trkjpb kc «*•• rryliipc lo nrll rhrnnyfc Arnold PHi-(T(-r, fcVll O'Neill rlninir.1 |b<- onnlfa wa» }irr». Hutrnr IIlnlr. K Kl nl»'w O" riff. Klin ^ <i nli. I far rnmru, rfl..- iivrrj- the tun rJrrril ninn a»d hrr ^Utn/il. ^ Slnihnni* Smith. »vanl». IVhrn iSry «•« to II«K»r*« hou^r. |H<- j (liiii 1kr r-nmro !• ll:i»nr'B vnllrt- tlon. I) •»!>*• knnwnhl lo ihi-in, Arnold Pflfftfr llmlrnm A* S«Milin n(r r^TrJtln nhr I* Krll O'.Vplll'. nferr. anr«-c<i>rnli.cil tay Noll, *n<l the- <^t\nici> >irloimrd to MfiihJi it^e-'t molhrr. I,n«<-r Amtrcjr \'nkrn - , \vlin nlflo hn,-. r<-i\»<nin for « nn line Ik* en 1*1 co, call* un XIV CTAGAR BLAIR considercrf Andrey Yakov's request to see her cainco collection. It might show how much he knew about cameos. But her finest pieces were in the bedroom nntj Stephanie was in there- She might show him the cabinet in her studio. "It you'd like to see a few minor pfcces, come along -.out to my studio." Vakov eagerly followed her outside to a shed in the rear of the yard. She unlocked a padlock on the heavj redwood door. Yakov stood outside until Hagar turned on the light. It appeared that Hagar Blair was a competent sculptor, but not a genius, he decided, surveying her work. "Enchanting." he said. "You work much in wood, I see." Hagar rglanced suspiciously at the Russian, hut saw in his face only enthusiasm and admiration. Grudgingly, she began to think of him as not a bad fellow, after all. "Here are the cameos," she said, her voire almost cordial. Yakov did not miss her changed tone and smiled. Yakov peered In. "Very mler- estinfcpieces. I see no carnelians-" "T Tike the carnelians best and keep them in the house where I can look at them. That sardonyx, fourth from left on the fifth shelf, is very similar to the famous Tazza Farnese. You've seen It at he Metropolitan Museum, I sup- 30SC?" "Yes. I went there several t ernes a look at it. A wonderful piece, most exqiiisilc!" Ha gar's next words en me out precisely and coldly: "The Tazza i-'arncse is in Naples, and has bnon 'or the last 100 years or so. Even .he most amateurish collector of cameos would know that." Yakov mel her eyes, his fncc oland. "Perhaps 1 have it confused with something else. 1 * "It would be impossible to con- rusc the Tazzn Farnese with anything else!" She locked the cabinet with significant finality "1 don't think there's any poinl in discuss- ng cameos any further. Mr. Yakov." Idly. Yakov had picked up a slender chisel from her workbench, he was testing its razor edge gingerly against his thumb He turned to her, holding up the tool so that light glittered along its edge "Wouldn't you say. Miss Blair. that a weapon similar to this chisel could have killed our* poor friend, Martin Falter?" of Police Monroe Peters. fat hands clasped loosely, looked at Tom O'Neill and his wife Nell, who sat across the desk from him in his office. At the chief's side, nenr a corner of the desk. was Charlie Ueddy.v bright and handsome beginning lawyer, and the chief's pro tern assistant. "Tom. Bob Knox says you and Martin Falter had a big row at his place yesterday afternoon and you saw fit to make a few remarks about what ought to happen to Falter. Pretty violent ideas. Bob tells rne. Tom. looking tired and painfully sober, looked apprehensively at the chief. When he spoke his voice was hoarse. "The thing is, Chief Peters, I had one or two too many yesterday. 1 admit I don't like Falter — lidn'l like Palter—but I'm not Die only one. It everybody who didn't ike falter is suspected of murdering him. you'll have a whole irrny of possible murderers. We ad an argument, sure, I'm not denying Hint, but Falter had a-gu- nonte with lots of people." 'Sure." the chief was saying, 'we know Falter wasn't popular. Nothing personal in this, Tom. What we're trying to establish now is why you went to Martin's this morning after fighting with him yesterday." Tom's hand shook as he lighted cigaret: "I came ri^hl down ncre and reported the body, didn't 1?" Peters sighed heavily, Charlie Redtly looked severe. "Tom," said lleddy in his pleasantly modulated Voice, "how did you happen to find Iho body? Why did you go to Filter's this morning?" O'Neill stared at i grease spot on the knee of his trousers: "1— I went up to apologize. I was ashamed of the things I'd said lo him yesterday." Nell threw back her brilliant blonde bend and gave a snort ot derisive laughter. Tom jerked' around, his factpurple: "Shut up, you tramp!" Chief Peters pounded on his desk: "Cut out that kind of talk, O'Neill] I've tried to be .pleasant about this., but unless I get a little co-operation, we'll change tactics!" NeiJ put on a serious face. Torn once again appeared abject. The telephone gave a short, strident jangle. Reddy picked up the instrument: "Chief Peters' office, Rcd<ly speaking. Yes. What tune? Was she alone? Just a minute." He covered the mouthpiece. "Chief, it's Allen down at the cab company, he says he brought Stephanie Smith—the chick who work. 1 ! at Hagar Blair's shop—up Fuller's last night about 8 o'clock." Tom's cigarel was burning close lo his fingers but he seemed not to notice: "Sec? Whnt did 1 tell you? Lots of other people in this besides me." He wagged his white head earnestly. ''Bel you'll find plenty more, too." (To Be Continued) Each year-'thfi earth rotates on Its t vis about 366ft times. SICK? SLoinach, Liver and Gall Bladder upset, Tongue coated, Bad breath. Bad taste. You have heartburn, gaa and dizzy spells, gas in your bowls, may press upon your bladder, causing backaches. Getting up at nights, pains in your legs, arms, you feel dizzy, nervous, irritable. NU-AID Contains twenty-two herbs that help to go right to work on the cause. Miserable people soon feel different, so do not go on suffering. Get NU-AID — Sold at OWENS DliUG STORE, Blythevillc. Dell. FOR SALE CONCUKTE OU1.VER1 TILE lasl> lunirrt >nj than Icsj. othEl Inches CONCRETE SF.WEK TILE CONCHKTK SEPTIC TANKS • Be>t Cnce» *Wt Dfill A. H. WEBB HithwAj r,l a| S(»te Line Thane 71» TAXI Call Ask for rither wWle or cotnrtd ilrivtr. Eijlu tabs a I jour service. THE GRAVES COMRXNY [\EALTOrVS Real L^tatc - Morlaaoc Loan 1 -- Insurance (SCEOH - BLYTHtML.r 521 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc All Work Guarnnlced For 12 Months 531 North lOlh Chonc 6(101 ai tu CQ HI Q D STUDE BAKER Reconditioned Used Trucks • ALL ARE GUARANTEED • 10-10 SUidclmker !/ 2 -Ton Pickup—This one looks and runs like new. . .don't miss it. 1017 Stndcliaker 1'/2-Ton Truck—good tires, mo- lor, and cab. 1917 Ford Vi-Ton Pickup—good body with tarpaulin cover. . .runs and drives perfectly. 1016 Dodge 1-Ton Pickup—(ires, motor and limly are all excellent. All it needs is a driver. 10'!6 Chevrolet l'/ 2 -Tnn Truck—excellent condition and really a hargain price. FINE SELECTION OF USED CARS Ciiamblin Sales Co. Roilroad and Ash We BRUNG- OUR SUN6 SHOI5, "She's been struggling for days with hor CltrWrnas li»t— sha knows so many boys, and isn't sure wfcUh wies wMI send her presents!" PIU.SCI1.LA-S P01 The I'cai'Gmakci UY AL VERMEER IT'S YOUR TURN TO CLEAN UP NO, IT'S YOUR I^.IA TURN! LEAVE IT TO ME, HAZEL! 1 KNOW HOVJ JUST REMEMBER! IT' LESS THAN A MONTH ' CHRISTMAS". Love, (nit No SfiOO! BY A1ICHAKI. O'MALUOY snd RALPH LANK CORROSIA, MY LllHE PIGEON YOU CERTAINLY HAVE AIL THE LUCK TONIGHT .' JUST WHAT IS 6OIJIG ON HERE ? ^ AND I'll (WCYOU, ^T I tOVE VOU AWOIV W OEIOWO, IP YOUU\ MY fit. BUT ADVANCE ME A PEW I 'ADVANCING SiVVUL BILLS. YOU BROUGHT ME LUCK', MY DEAR. I JUST WON SlOO FROM MY HUSBAND BECAUSE A BRUHET, NOT A BLOIID, CAMt TM ROUGH HIE OOOR FIRST. 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