The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN JF^OR LESS Family Can Prepare This Menu for Mother v£ Mothrr a vac'nfion from, the kitchen. Mother'* Day is the] CHIP tiny of the ypar rind'and the [ you nepers run rrlirvo hrr of hoi' [ duties and invitp her in n dinner' they've yircpnrrrt nil on their own. ! 6mce thn family may have liUIe ' cooking pxprrir nrp. the menu j should be nn the* .simple side, points ! out Rpba Stncgs, home cnwotnlst. j And horp's just such a main COUI-M centered around his bnkrti potators temptingly .stuffed with creamed chipped heef. Pj'epnrntion is rasy following? the recipe below. \Vilh the chipped beef sin .'fed potguip.s you mlpht have hot buffered prern beaas or pras, Salad mnkint- be de.lcK.ttrr! tn one member o( the family. Why not have sniffed urf'fn ppppprs? Cut poppers In half, t)vn slire a rinc from each hall, hollow, .inrt fili with coriape cheese. Top earn sfrvlii" with a Rrppn prpjier rlDK. romplMr your mnnu witli hot rolls nud (lie simplest of nrs«erls. Ice oroam .sundaes. For nn cxlra ulr-r much von mlRht have an apptniwr In the liv. InE room prpcertinR dtjiupr. nm-bp chiled tomato or pineap()lp JIIJ.-P with nss-irlrd rrackrrs. til (he meantime, onp member of HIP family nwy bfl placing the rilipprrl brer liotatnej; and at'rompanlmrntA on BMTHEVnj-E (AHK.) COURIER .VEWS THURSDAY, MAY 8, Corn Waffles And Creamed Ham Mix Well COHN' WAFPI.KS WITH cnr.AMnn HAM If you're, lookiiic for n simple! main course Jor nn 3nfnrr»,il supppr party, wafles Eire (he fnisuer. W,T[- flej make hostessing an easy job. lor you will have time lo sit clown ; antl enjoy your o«'n party ^hen you { servo them. Waffles ran be varied ! in many ways, but they are esne- clall griod when serven with creamed ham and mushrooms. Waffltj 2 c'Jps flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt IH-Hi nips milk 1 cup whole grained canned corn H' cup margarine Silt Hie flour. Measure It. Add bakini? powder, salt, and suqcir. -Sift afialn, Mrlt the m.irearJne. Measure. Separate Ihe epss and heat, the yolks. Arid milk, melted marsarfne, and well drained corn. Stir Just long enough to moisten the flour mixture. Beat the cc-g whites until they are thick nnrt stiff hut not dry. Fold Into the batter. Bake in a hot waffle Iron. Creamed Ram 7 tablespoons margarine 1 tablespoon flour 1 cup hot mtlk 1 slice ohlon . t U teaspoon salt dash while pepper J teaspoon prepared mllslnrrt 1 cup cubed baked or boiled ham Melt margarine. Add flour and cook until lightly browned. Add hot milk, onion, salt, and pepper; cook until mixture thickens, stirring constantly, continue cooking either over very low heat or in the top part of tt double boiler about 20 minutes. Remove cnlon slica. Add mustard and ham. Mix well. Add mushrooms and pirnlento IT dpslrect Serve the mixture over the waffles. , <>ramr<l Chlppptl Mci.f In niikcrl I'nialiips fl ounces chipprrt h, pf 3 wblrspoons butter or marqartnc .1 tablespoons flolii- 2 cups milk 'i teaspoon paprika i 1 tablespoon rhoppert panley i 5 baked potatoes ' Separate chipped href Into jtln-rn I Cook in melted fat. until sliehiiy I crhp. Remove 5 fniail (liprps lo hn .' placed on top of pach sprvms; o[ i creanml lirrl. nl,.,,d f|,,,ir with' tlrlppincs and remaininc chipped- beef; arftl milk (.'tadiially. ^tlirinc constantly. Cook unlil (hlikeneri- ndfl paprika and rlmppec! parsley'.: fierve in b.ikrri polatoes, pinched lo make an openfne in the top. QUAKER,, OATS I/C BFG NE'AS U li.i, ue crcsm pl e . It is M simple to nuk« .1.1 II Is f.vrillni lo rat. Ice Cream Parfait Pie Is Hew VAL-VITA SlicedV Heavy Syrup PEACHES Peanuf Crunchies PopuJar Filling For Cookie Jar The cookie Jar Is the most Popular. spot In Ihf kltehen-5o nl»avs have somplhins cooti waitlin liwide of yours. Areompanied by a class .-if milk, cookies make- -an p'vcellflil ,-if- i or -school oncrcy pick-up lo line children over until supper Pcn/wt crunchirs are a favorite for the cooklc->jox. Peanut rrnnclilcn IK flips margarine ^i cups sugar 1'4 cups brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 eggn S cups Hour 1 teaspoon soda 2 cups rolled oats I cup chopped sailed poanuis Cream margarine. Arid suaar, Rradually and continue cre»mln 2 until l, B ht and fluffy. Md ,.„„,„., and ens., one at a time, contimilns bating. Sift (OBolher flour and soda, and ndd to creamed mixture Mix until flour disappears fid,- m rolled oata and chopped peanuts Drop the batler / r n m „ teaspoon " 0 ' vp11 - m "--"'-ined cookie There is fomrthliu ne'i in die conWni! world! Ir's n rhlffon-li'.-r pie made by slirrlnc i<-r. cirarn Into hot fllsnlvi-d frill:, flavored e^ln'm, thpn tuunilK it ii:'n a l,:iV:c-(l j>ic '•riipr ranianlr? N'o;:r. j'lM sr.-nr- U'O !'OI!li (0 111? HI!!' }'."'f jt ii- TI-IIC. Hi'tli Atnirp (bought it !i|j .Shr j- dlrccior of thr- I'ilMjnrv Home Fcrv. lee Center. Jli;rstiny ujrfi jirklc, she reminds us rh:lt sprrt] of prrpar.i- llni) is part of the •iir,)ri e. "Bnkr. a [laXev pie ems', u.-inc i?lH>r, whenever coir, nnl^nt Thru ;i short lime before dinner, prepare Ihe parfalt filllne. prvir in'" 'he pi" shell and lc' il s>am| n rrfriL'.M-.itur for 20 minutes to a half hour." she says. The varif-ty of ^n^nJ•s nf ire <-rcam and fruit fla-.-orrrl ccl.itin is rovintlesv And no'.v with fresh berries and fruit rnminu alone, vo'i have even mosn rolor-, and flavo-s for these sprr'aculnr lien- parf^iit pies. rineapplp.Rfr.iivticrrv T'.irlali Pfe (Makes n-lnc-li piel Paslr.r: One cup stfVd all-pur- . po«c flour ft! you u-e fclf-rhlr? flour, omit .T.lti. >-; te.ispoon sal; S cup shortening, 2 to 3 tablespoons' cold milk. Sift flour and salt lo-jelhpr. C'lt In shorUmlna until pnrtii-lr.-, arp the size of small peas. Sprinkle mi.'!; over nuxture t tosslnc lichtly with fork until donah is moi-t enoi.'ch to holrl together. ?'orrn into a ball Roll out on floured board or p.-is'ry rloth to an 11-inch circle, nt loo;p. ly into 9-Inch pie pan. Gently pat "'i' ,iir pockel?. Pold cdce to form !'r)i;c!ini' rim: tl'Hf Prick crust •Mlh rork linko In hot oven H36 rlrsrens F.I 10 to 12 minifies. Cool. I'inei'.pple-Stran herry Killing 'in. !', cups hoi. pinosppjp juire anr! wn'cr. 1 pin! Mrawbi Try ire cream. 1 nip ilrainrd cnmierl crashed, pinc- n:"olve grl.itin ;» dm liquid in 2-nn-ii-i saucepan. Arid Ice cream bv sp™n(uK .ctirrine imcil melted. Then chill until thirkrnod, hut not .'<•! '25 In 30 minutes.. Polrf I,-. r!rnin»d pineapple. Turn imo cooled brckcfl pie slirll. Chill until tirm US to an mlnu'.esi. r.nrni«h with nrtdi- (Uiti.i! frnif. if dfiired. 910 MEDAL rLOU . (ml the coniinn found •Iscwliere in (nday's paper. M's wnrlli 25c on Ihe purchase of a 25 II). bag of Golri Medal Flour at LIBERTY CASH No. 2V, Can 23 Washing Powder TREND Larg« Box 19 FOR BETTER COOKING SNOWDRIFT -3£75 Crisp Cabbage Full of Flavor Vifamin Rich Food Is Inexpensive Now Crisp, vitamin-rich cabbage Is selling cheaper now. Younu and' green, full of flavor, H belongs in i your 'vel-pianned budget meals. Spa C liclti and Cabtace with i Cheese Saurc • <Servns -1) Three - quarters cup snanheMi broken In inch pieces. i<& table- i tpoons table fat. 14 table-spoons flour. 14 teaspoon salt, 1 cup milk.! ••i pound rlirese. crated, (about 1 ! cup). 2 cups shredded cabbage crumbs mixed niih melted fat ' Cook the spaghetti in llchtly salt- ta boiltne n-ator until tender. 'Drain Make a sauce of the fat, flour salt end milk. Rrmovo sauce from 'the heat and add the cheese, stlrrinc until cheese is mcllori. Place alternate layers of sp.ic.hclli and cnb- baee. in a erased bakinc riish or pan. Pour sauce over the top and sprinkle with Ihe crumb- Over Bake about 4fi ninj]ji r! , ir ,-,.-,0 (lr . t-rccs F imoderaK- oven., remnvmc cover for at. least i., nl i,,,,M, > o crumbs will brown. Take s claiKc a , t| ]V( , hildnr , JT,,?","- Thcy rl;a - v hrl !> >'"'' "'an Dinner: Glazed ftankfunn-- -.-ith «TH"'°" r h ' V '° n rtlMl ' h "' I " ll ' 1to H h rf T pn rr ' a ' - dl " pi( ' k! "- -"- rlchrd bread, bniler or fortified margarine, prune pa ,t.v. rnlfc- milk. llmnrr: Q :1 |,- s ,,,,,,; rnn r;m , r wi-h snnsheit,. ,- 0 ] c ,, lnv tthh ^,,_ ert pcamils. T1i!,., n butler or romlifd mar^Tinr. raspb^rrv cel- I)innrr: n m -.l rfurkcn «,th i,rr,,d stu'fcd h, k ed notillors itramrd k a! ,. c-lory. enricl>c,l b.ran. butter or fortified margarine. i. tilt Brr.orn-ia. cnff r e. miiv ' Dinner: I.ivcr h;ros nicifVd ,,- r nip. fried onion.,. c ,,, f . n ^^ rl .: brpad. b-nier ,, r foruiirri maicann.' Jellied o;an;e tiuit, coffee, milk. Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away .... t™ «,* f"> 10-15 minutes, h,T n - T his inch cookies. For other excellent kitchen-tented recipes, wrile the National Cotton Oouncf!. Box 7«. Memphis. Tenn Goody Evergood Says: It Hits the Spot for breaUarf. Woch CH- supper Jicod (rash daily fo- Bey if af your grocers Memphis Packing Co.. Memphis. Teon . ari>arme." an allraetlve 24- booklet, j,, („-„ colnrs OLD JUDGE COFFEE Lb 79 . -..— <—•<<*wi\».ki^u(TT1IllC. -» LIMA BEANS 2"£f25 Kuil>'-itrcssc(t fresh FflYESIS . P 5 I, POKK ROAST ,,490 STRUITJUICE 2,»SSsi -h. Hiimko l-'rt'c uilli ShiJj MI_^__ .\(>. 2 i-.-m Him. ]>la| c TOMATOES.... 2 r .,28!i I''fnrifl;i \o. 111. !'ic-[,..lnv SW. PICKLES , 2M ,2S0 iKi nil's YEAST Cake Mix Special! L' pkL-s. ,,f i? ( .|ty <-rn<-krr r ;lrlv r;ikc Mixes. 1 While ;,„,) ] j,,.^| s K()1)( | 2 fni Ihr price nf 11 Both for Only 55c 'Jt- Pays To Shop af Mays' SUPER MARKET M Tall Cans Redeem Your GOLD MEDAL COUPONS HERE! MKMMB^HOTBM For Lemonadfl LEMONS dozen Juicy Florida ORANGES 2 dozen 250 •••••••••••••••«••••• Gofden Bantam CORN each BALLARDS BISCUITS 3 cans Sliced BACON 3 Ibs. 1.00 •^••••i Larg* FRANKS pound 49c •••••••••••••••••••• U.S. Good Chuck BEEF ROAST pound CUBE STEAKS pound 890 Streak o' Lean SALT MEAT pound 250

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