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I ir 4 A nr miiirA A SERVIA TREASURE FROM CAPITAL StiJI Hopes That the Powers May Find a Way to Keep Peace BELGRADE Servla November 13 Seventeen carload of coin and the archive of th National Bank war to day removed from this city to the tort at Ntah This tep wu taken became tha Oovarnment fear that Austria will male a raid on Belgrade tha capital It la rumored that tha Government alio will be removed to Nlh ROME November 23 MHovano vlctr tha Servian Minuter of Foretern Affairs left hare to day for Belgrade where he will report to King Peter on tha result of his mission to London Paris and Rome The Foreign Minister ha now eliminated from the Servian programme every claim that fa not lrr harmony with the Interests of those powers upon which Servla chiefly re Ilea namely Russia and France Both of these states are Interested In pre ventlnr the Austro Qerman advance li the Balkan peninsula Oreat Britain It la declared Is determined to prevent Germany from regaining the supremacy aha enjoyed at Constantinople before the advent to power of the young TvrrKa As for Italy In spite of the fact that she is a member of the triple alliance she Is opposed to the Idea of Austrian expansion on tha Adriatic SOFIA November SJ The press representatives called on Poprlkoff the Foreign Minister to inquire as to tne state of the negotiations at Constantinople and to offer counsel of concilia tion Poprlkoff responded to the effect that Bulgaria had done Its utmost to come to terms and found Turkey equally reasonable A asxttlement however he said was now Impending mainly by the atockholdera of the Oriental Railway who are dissatisfied with tha Bulgarian offer which Turkey has already accepted It Is hoped her that British and Russian diplomacy which haa been steadily exerted In favor of peace will find a means to surmount this difficulty It Is learned that the Turko Bulgarlan delegates have reached a common basis on the two principal questions Involved Turkey has accepted an offer of 13000000 for tha Oriental property divided a follows Forty five per cent to the Austrian stockholders and 55 per cent covering Turkeya property rights which have already been mortgaged as security for a foreign loan Bulgaria has also offered 11000000 In lieu of the capitalised value of the Rumellan tribute for which capital value had never been fixed on condition that Turkey waive further claims for tribute from North Bulgaria or participation In the Ottoman public debt Stoyanovlteh the Postmaster General left here to day for Constantinople to assist LlaptchefC In the final stage of the negotiations KAISER SCORED IN LE1PSIG Resolution in Favor of Reforms Is Adopted by the Pan German Union LEIPSIG November 33 A strong stand against Personal politics waa taken here to day In the course of an extraordinary session of the Imperial Pan Qerman Union which la composed of members of most of the political parties of the Empire President Heln rich Olass In his opening address said The personal Intervention of the Emperor has not been confined to politics It has brought about also serious International prejudices The wealthy and privileged tlatterera are promoted and the weak and cowardly are Indulged We set this forth as loyal patriots and wa declare that In spite of denials system of favoritism haa developed If the Nation declares Itself satisfied with the Imperial words as the conservative parties demand It will be a sorry service for Germany The best friends of the empire should Insist that the vellfof deception between the Emperor and the people that recently was torn asunder be not again drawn truth must occupy Its proper place No change In the Constitution Is necessary The ruler the Chancellor the Reichstag and the people need only to have confidence lit each other and make full use of their right each to control the doings of the other A notion embodying the Idea set forth by Herr Olass was carried unanimously C0E0ITA dint BENEFIT FOB BUHDIN0 Finn oeMfVMii 0 i i i LITTLE ffiLJUDLYl INJURED 8Y ZOO MONKEYS SANTA BARBARA November 23 Ten year old Qretchen Hlmmall Is In a serious condition at her home In this city this afternoon as the result of an attack by a monkey at the Potter Zoo One hand Is badly lacerated and attempts are being mad to prevent blood poisoning The child was playing near the cage Saturday Her sight Is not good She placed her hand on the monkeys cage and three of the anhnala seised It tearing and gnawing the flesh vTbe childs hand wai withdrawn With difficulty by her mother 6 IIMIHmMMI 0 MEETS DEATH IN A MINE tAVE IN Emery Chapman a Prominent Mining Man Killed at San Andreas SAN ANDREAS November 3J Emmery Chapman a prominent mining promoter of the State was caught In a cave In at the Channel mine half a mile from town yesterday afternoon Twenty live men working In relays found the body after seven hours work Life was extinct Chapman leaves relatives In Alameda where Interment will take place The Coroners jury exonerated the management ALAMEDA November 33 City Engineer and Mrs 1 Chapman left today for Kan Andreas Calaveras county to bring the body of Chapmans brother Chapman who was killed In a mine rave In yesterday to Alameda for burial Chapman waa superintendent of the Channel mine and was Inspecting a dangerous drift early In the afternoon with another man when the side walls suddenly caved The other man who ran In an opposite direction escaped while Chapman was burled beneath tons of dirt and rock He was dead before the debris could be removed Chapman was a prominent resident and miner of El Dorado county He was formerly State Senator from that county and waa well known In State politics He waa a California pioneer having come to this State In 1152 He was a Royal Arch Mason HEARST INVESTS IN OIL LANDS Heads Syndicate With Keene and Purchases a Big Tract in Mexico CITT OF MEXICO November 23 It Is declared that during the coming year a fight on a large scale will be waged In the Republic of Mexico for control of the local oil market and of the rich fields which experts declare will be opened up The chief contest ants In this struggle will be the Standard Oil Company and Pearsons Sons Limited an English corporation New companies however are con stantly acquiring Immense tracts although most of this Is being don quietly One company has acquired concession from the Federal Govern ment and from Chihuahua to explore ivuooooo acres oi tana in the eastern part of that state It Is stated that a syndicate headed by Hearst and James Keene has acquired rights to over 220000 acres In Eastern Chihuahua TELLS TrW USED IN CAMPAIGN Statement of Contributions to Taft Fight Is Made Public HIS BROTHER HEADS LIST Contributed 110000 to Aid in the Victory Carnegie Also Liberal ALBANY November 33 George Sheldon treasurer of the Republican National Committee to day CLAIMED TO HAVE GREAT BACKING Alleged Swindler Planned to Victimize Big Men in Pittsburg Shaun Bhae Will Be Siren at the Valencia Theater To Blght The Intereat felt by the residents of tha Mission In tha contemplated home of the Corona Club to ba erected In that district wa unmistakable when patrons of the benefit for tha building fund to be given to night at the Valencia Theater gathered at the box oft flee 7 oclock fa the moralng on the day thaseat sal opened The musical comedy Shaun Khue wilt presented with Arthur Cunningham in the leading role and the KrUekerbockeV Qaartet in selections petwenvth aets Theatet partlee preeededjjryjdlnner and followed byjupprs ar making of tha affair one of jui leading oclaf event In the Mission flrl seasons The follow Ing wttrrantertarftS in box Mri At merowSklBkl jK Mrs11 George rrd erlcks Mrsy James Kofphv jr Mxu Henrys Durnhairr Edward Tread wait ori urn inri iv troWHjr Mrs vuorio uvuvii napiiesK rnsian Mrs MCronanOVMayoir Taylor father cakahxb wux i BPEAKTjBIQ BESEFIX plTenNight at the SjT V1 TJctorylheaterr Jj Katiier CaranerVof 8fclFrancisVcborelT reported last night that tier was great demand fox tickets for the vaudeville ntrtalnnnt to be glvn to night at tn Victory Theater Batter street he twnFltlmor end Stelner for the DJKNEK TO VALENCIA COsUMHT rnntiofcafrtncUMUiboUd ing fund Bevef at numbers were added to tha Mir iyesterday Thesei are tbOaIo dancing act of the Allen sisters and two acts from tba Orpheum Theater those of At Haiard a vsnUUooulst and Viae Clara Belle Beckera pianist Father Caraher will auresa the audi tha plans tor rebuilding St Francts Church and wmraisctiss 5n affairs flr NEW YORK November 23 Claiming to have the backing of European capl tallsts to the extent of I20000p000 according to the story told the police I i Joseph Monteflor Meyers who has spent the last few months In Pittsburg endeavoring to Interest the capitalists of that city In various plana requiring large amounts of money was brought to this city to day and charged with the larceny of Ire bonds valued at M500 Meyers It was said claimed acquaintance with many prominent people both In this country and abroad and waa Introduced at the clubs and dined by Pittsburg financiers whom ne Interested in his various plans Some time ago Mtrers secured an option on olt properties owned by uoionei ouney of that city but falling within tha time limit to pay the purchase money negotiations cam to an end The police assert that Meytrs has a Ban Francisco record The police of this city know nothlnr of the operations of Meyers CABMEimS 0BSEBVT5O OBEAIPATBOITAL FEAST golems Hik mM ill eeloc tkla sorilii U1 eloa tk deroOoM fertf boer Sderitloa wMea ass tees srogreiMilBr la the cbsset of CsrsMl Cestestat Hrsesad Lom kera atnets slsr Husilss rrleads Jsnoel are cerdliUy lavltml te be presesl illli Cer hts et tee solyseeHfleew Tie feist ef lotin ef tae Cnt a seeelat Jstme ef the rirmollte oriir 1 ebaerveV to Tkre will be nrato tkl sfttraooa st 4 ecleek ky Iter Fresels Hsrrey ot SC Pstrkke Hemlstry Mk Pirk ur tk relics ef the Mist will be TeeerstxL The Se Itsklfil Utile ekspel everleeblRC tk bay la Uvea ever eatlrely tevtkw see ef tk leitj sail tk CsrawDt tlaters wka warakla kehlad tk sratlsg sst sever lt tkeaiselves ar kappr at tk ttwoeht thai era rem are ereead la It by frleaae to wU ippftdiu i iilit recent national committee It shows iIJ contributors many of them covering a number of lesser contribution The total amount contributed was 11658000 figures subject to amendment The names of Individual contributors are given without specifying address or locality this being the method of entering them when received but addresses have been Inserted aa far as available 1110000 Taft Cincinnati 34 T77 United League New York ttS500 Union League Philadelphia 125000 Lars Anderson Boston A Carrolson treasurer t0000 Andrew Carnegie New1 York 30000 Morgan New York Fifteen thousand dollars Alex Smith Cochran New York 31S000 Bag ley chairman Michigan 115000 William Nelson Cromwell New York 10 000 Borden New York 10 000 Whltelaw Reld New York 10000 Frank A Munsey New York 10000 Jacob Schlff New York 110000 Kred Smith Michigan 10000 lodith Agnea Corbin Washington 10000 Bohan treasurer Washington 9000 Vail and aasoclates Washington 9000 Cos chairman 7500 Mark Cox New York 7000 Kerens 8t Louis 00 William Barbour Pateron Five thousand dollars Schmtd tapp Cincinnati Klmon duggenhelm Denver Kountse Brothers New York William Clyde New York Sellgman Co New York Robert Bacon New York A Huntington Nw York George Lauder New York Mr A A Anderson New York Jamea Speyer New York Mills New York Baker New York Converae New York Smith Chairman A Huntington new York Sidney Sheppard Buffalo Hanna Washington a Plnchot Washington Shevlln Minneapolis A Busch St Louis Ferdinand Hulieberajer Kansas City 8 Dickey Kansas City Bromley Kansas City Dumalne chairman Four thousand dollars Oeorge Blu menthal Naw York Bliss New York Brady New York Wharton chairman New York 8 Bryce New York Henderson Pittsburg George A Draper Massachusetts Seth Carter chairman 3600 William Snyder Pittsburg Edmunds Pittsburg 3000 Joseph Mllbank New York Edwin Morgan New York Felix Warburg New York Mortimer Schlff New York Valle New York Bayard Cutting A Helnshelmer New York Otto Kahn New York Crane Dal ton Mass Frank Cherry New Britain Davis New York 3000 Paul Warburg New York Delamar New York Charle Schwab New York Ellhu Root New York Jlggonson Boston Bryce Boston A Smith New York Samuel Mathers New York William A Marburg Baltimore William Proctor Cooper Massachusetts Robert Knight Rhode Island II Washburn Boston Cochran chairman 2000 Curtis New York Squire New York Brederlck Potter New York John Jacob Astor new York Charlea Steele New York Charles Miller New York John Claflln New York David Hill Berlin Mellln Pittsburg A Mellen Pittsburg Hansen Pittsburg Laughlln Jr Pittsburg Henry Laughlln Pittsburg George Laughlln Pittsburg Jones Pittsburg Dallas Byers Pittsburg Von Meyer Washington Metcalfe Boa ton I Bryce Boston James and John Dobaon Boston 1400 Henry Llppett Rhode Island Joseph Fletcher Rhode Island A Sayles Rhode Island Nicholson Rhode Island Weeks Boston Alfred Lewlsohn New York White New York Lewis Stern New York Robins Pittsburg WU lock Pittsburg Rhea Pittsburg A II Martin Pittsburg Oeorge Oliver Pittsburg Herbert Dupuy Pittsburg 8 Glldden Cleveland Dawes Chicago Orlmas Chicago Crane Dnlton Mass Fred Crane Dalton Mas Corbin New Britain Ethan Allen New York i Battel Detroit 1100 WBRldf ley Chicago 1350 Clarence Mackay New 4 CARNEGIE ASKED TO GIVE VIEWS MEMBERS HOLD MEETING Steel King rs Invited to Appear Before Committee on Tariff Criticism of Graft Prosecution Does Not Meet With Approval WASHINOTON November 33 Aa a result of the declaration of Andrew Carnegie In an article in the forthcoming number of the Century Mag aalno that the tariff schedules on Iron and steel should be reduced the Ways and Meana Committee of the House tonight formally InvlUd Carnegie appear before thls week to teH what ho knows about the steel Industry and the possibility of rdtitlon otv the tariff on Iron and steel products No reply had been received from Carnegie by the committee whn took Bled the list of Contributions for h1 rce at oclock to night until to morrow morning but as the telegram of invitation was not set until late no reply Is expected until tomorrow Sitting In a long night session to consider the tariff schedules on tiles lme cement carbons and kindred articles the committee put in full time at work to day In the course of the night session Sheppard and Orin Perry of the Rockland Rockport Maine Lime Company were put through a grilling examination when they asked that the present duty of cents a hundred pounda on lime be maintained Oeee York Huntington San Francisco Schaawtnd Jr Cutler 1000 lsull Chicago Bryan Chicago Pam Chicago Hughltt Chicago Morton Chicago A Patten Chicago A Llttletleld Chicago Fraser Chicago Shedd Chicago Plrle Chicago Lincoln Chicago Bartlett Chicago Harris Chicago Crane Chicago Hewitt Chicago A Klescheffer Milwaukee Dlsston Philadelphia Dlsston Philadelphia Dlsston Philadelphia Hetsel Philadelphia A Brown Jr Philadelphia Dalton Cleveland Howard Eela Cleveland Murray Cleveland Boardman Cleveland McKnlght Pittsburg King Pittsburg Miller Pittsburg George Moore Pittsburg Mc Glnley Pittsburg Pltcalrn Pittsburg Patton Pittsburg William Klause Pittsburg Hartchee Pittsburg Charles Brown Pittsburg William Jones Pittsburg Laughlln Pittsburg Row Pittsburg John Bindley Pittsburg Bindley Pittsburg William McCook Pittsburg Emlle Winter Pittsburg Byers Pittsburg Eben Byers FltUburg David Oliver Plttaburg Hnry White Paris John Stoughton New berg James Ford New York Woodln New York Olivia Sage a Stattlnlu New York Seth Low New York Horace Russell New York Oscar Straus New York Emlln Roosevelt New York William Sloane New York Kennedy New York Welle New York Harry Ralfe New York Banlngen New York Henry Taft New York Heldelback Ickelhelmer Co New York Dudley New York Maxwell Brothers New York A A Forbes and partner estate of Fred Billings New Tork A Reld New York Alfred Vanderbllt New York Cornelius Vanderbllt New York Cadawalader New York Charles Francis New York Estabrook Co Henry Claw New York 8 Palmen New York Rutherford Stuyveaant IJbw York Saga New York ll Barney A Co New York Thompson New York Blair New York Levi Morton New York Wetmore Newport Coll Id ge Boston William Whitman Boston William A Paine Boston Frank Kellogg St Paul A Severance St Paul Saunders St Paul Thomas Cole Duluth Charles Glover Washington Theodora Roosevelt Washington Charle Magoon Havana Theodore Marburg Baltimore Charlea Broc ker Ansonla Conn George Tod Youngstown Franklin Murphy HBHirK i rf a nuuaii qi McKlnney Connecticut Whltemore Connecticut Peck Connecticut Voorhees Cincinnati Julius Flelsehman Cincinnati Ben Worthlngton Ohio Cunningham Ohio Gampell Providence Steven Metcalf Providence Lyman Goff Providence Nedrtnghaua St Louis William Miller Collier Madrid Dowers West Virginia A Jeffery West Virginia Grundy Hardee Fred Eaton Whltln II Bent Dolphlnaon Jackson MoTrls Bachman Atkins Scores of persons gave smaller amounts The net amount received and disbursed at New York and Chicago headquarters 1 035388 37 Id addition to the above there was collected by the National Committees finance committee In the several states and turned over to the State Commit tees for use In their own State 130110 A rather lively Incident occurred last night at the meeting of the Federation of Protestant Churches which was held In tha Hamilton Squara Baptist Church on Post street near Stelner when Bufford one of the audlenc objected to tha passage of a resolution expressive of commendation of and confidence 10 Francis lienor and hi work In the graft prosecution The flrt part of tha meeting waa devoted to an addrss by William Burns who gays a general outline of the work of tha prosecution and a brief discussion of the obstacle encountered by the District Attorney office At ttie conclusion of the meeting after various matter of business had been disposed of a resolution was put to the federation that the secretary end it communication to Heney expressing the confidence of that body In hs work as a prosecutor and assuring him of the co opecatlon of the various members Before the matter oould ba put to a vote Bufford arose and requested tha privilege of the floor Prefacing his remarka by a statement that It would not be proper for the federation to go on record without much deliberation tha speaker launehed Into a lengthy criticism of tho prosecution As the tenor of his remarks became apparent to the audience Hght hub uo Arose out tne pre Hun ameer ner Bell insisted that the speaker had a right to be heard Bufford declared that he was In favor heartily of the prosecution of criminals but he maintained that some Of the methods used by the prosecution In the graft cases merited grave disapproval and that he was averse to the federation going on record as commending a prosecution which he claimed was Inclined to arrive at the ends of justice by appealing to the prejudices and passions of file public rather than to secure convictions by legal methods The resolution was carried In splta of the speakers protest Remarks were made by other speakers on subjects of Interest to the federation Dr A Bane representative of the Anti Saloon League urged upon bis listener the necessity of legislation on tha subject of tba sale of liquor and Walter Tuttle discussed what he claimed were tha needa of constitutional amendments before tha I criminal law1 could be equal to the de Qf justice JOfW Y0BXEBS TO HATE BANdUEtf AT IATBM0BT If aboat Teotr aetlvetwr toe eftB State the riUnnoot Waaeeeday evealeg the New TwkiSocUtya crtbretlo ef evaeutloa day TdU irtll be tl 3S5U BWereary of tkera tlrsiaetlt ef tke Brttlk forces treat tae soil ef tarlMeloaatsJ OeTraerIIalies was xpeeted est sere sad was to have eea present at tkls eelebrstlos bat be fkasd ke eosld sot eon Wedaesday dlaaer eoanaeociag at S0 eclock will be tba sixth anneal benqnet ef tke near aoclaty wklea sow kas several kudred SMmbsrs scattered ever Caltforala Oeseral ComnlHloorr Cbsrlea Iwelgert will make the I addresaes The presldeat ef the sedety I ttoae prlsclpsl ef Uneela Qrssuur School Watt Is seeretsry sad Colossi Mseoa Kiss Is tresssrer urn FIRDESTR0YS DRY GOODS STOCK ife 1 CillmMfiA Jfia Ihe CeAneAfMavn riuiiiuic uucG uio ovcire wiaiM Exciting Blaze Last mm Smm Nigm Snyder Brotheraihtli of the Are 1 engtnes dashing 4 Flames originating In tbe dry goo store of A Schoenfelt at 11 Flllraor treat at 130 oclock laat night badly damaaed th atara an iftraaa 4nil1iar3 adjoining building In which a restan Wl i rant conducted by located The origin Known The clanging Are aown jmimor etreet arew a nig erowdviK to the scene of the blase Th police kJ 1AK AlA Tjl and a number of accidents were MTv rowly averted The stock and building In which tna art goods store is located waa almost eAmnlatad tlaatvavatt fTAnalaraKIa dam Ji a ag was done to the rastanrant A yj The flames were prevented jfromfy spreading to other structurea and were I soon under control The loss is stl mated at 10000 rl BTQB0 SHOT TO DEATH 4i BY A SHEBIFF8 P0SBB JACKSON Miss November ruoojs i i xiiiPA Weedreg WHMsai Eader aed Pane W1U Andarson upected of being yrtXTiC 1 IsTbaIs 1Laa eaaivla alaalaallM raid Lsra 1 lrftaa lr titan TiaaTfn hr aw1nt1s an I esT at a3 saolted a lxteen year old whit girt at1 Pelehatchl last Friday was hot tAA 3 death laat nlcht br a SherlfTs toaaav i i near uranaon VKUSSShs avC s4dPjp rrr I Hsll aVLssBBaBBaBBSBBnBnBH TtalalafislaM slalalaM BBl BSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSajl sl fSK fj aaaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBl BBSl sW VI SLOANE OFFER AN EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE GOOD saw siedltstlaa asd prsyer Msasee ef lb TMeaete Tkeem tt bt tl Vakmele aMek eoeneaar vt kad a slsJS aaeaear ef Ik keaaSt serfenaaee tkasaa fraaelse aaeleyr Mu rille ataditenl Talesctis i sew Veln le ead Mia iieiea Liricanv mT wim Laeksre sew seaalalttsai tr tke Vahneia tempaay Teera aaxms to xeeata 7TT7 Jl mMMMM linltaWxcttii0 iiTiTuZkvll Mwr MOMnrfraviicine ie su pailltSI tea win km nereajbev Wtb sad tkvv Vex 4 i rl ill EVERY tl EOE AN SU ITE REDUCED rt fiifif jmost comprehensive ivrooia m1n MSxEiHQiyrM priotei Vtt NESS JB SUITER What Do You Really Know AliotitaPiano When consideration of the pjino question comes up ask yoirrseif seriously what do jrou really know about a piano Try and answer it to jrpur own satisfaction Convince yourself as to your own knowledge of the theories of piano construction the science of tone production the character of materials the quality of tone the mechanism of a piano action and how you may distinguish the cheap from the high class piano Characteristically all pianos are in appearance in design of caae and In finish much tha same to one who is unexperienced who has no certain knowledge of the real necessities in the construction of a good piano The presence or absence of a screw here of a boh there may make or mar the usefulness of your piano The improper placing and curvature of a sounding board indiscernible to the eye may destroy the musical value of a piano in a year or two The character of the materials and workmanship may appear to be of a high order the tone pleasing it usually is in a new piano but how are you to know of its permanence tj There is one certain way by which you may know that the piano which you may select will bear the test of time and prove as the years go by that you have made no error ht its purchase That way is to buy of a firm whose methods business policy and stability have been tested and proven I More than thirty years of intimate association with the piano industry testify as to ou solidity and our permanence The presence on our floors of the greatest and best pianos is their respective gradesVjthat the world knows proves our knowledge of piano construction and our standing with the foremost manufacturers while the fact that we have placedi in nearly fifty thousand western hornet out pianos guarantees our business methods in the past and in the future I We havi a piano here for you A piano that will prove In after years tAartuailty dnlyi is the measure bfrprfee iti any store of ours ffom Washington to Arixoriaiand Sat that price is th lowest possible and alike to all people There is fairness and honesty in every method of the Allen stbret in every transaction and a guarantee of satisfaction to all whether the piano purchased be the cheapest on burfloorr or the best inithe worlds the peerless Knabei Our easy yttehtpIaaJiatyousrTce iv ViaxasssL TSSl it I3SO S4 Van Nesa Avenue 5ari Fncfsco CaLl ptliBtcreaAe jmivrmLitza sxexasslliai I III I MM II IsH sTlsnTis HSMITs iI lliilliraTTrmiimilTTSsjTMjlilTirBsMSJnsiMssa WV tigl0 4jfr n3 5lSsAkMiA UalaaJijkfeX iiflffrraWi lMelgl.

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