The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1933
Page 3
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W.YTHKVILLR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OFFERS 1 Europe Considers Them a Fair Exchange PAGE THBEE AH General Ideas Mav Be Expressed in 850 Common Words. EDITOR'S NOTE: "Basic English" has leaped Into prominence In this country since Commissar l.itvlnov used it in n trnns-Atkinlic telephone with his wife. It's a "language" consisting' of root words—about 850—of (he complex English tongue. It's designed ns a sort of easy medium of convcrsa- lion for all nationalities. So popular lias the study of linsic English become In Washington that Ihe Congressional Library, cannot incei demands for reference works. Just to give the "jnan-in-the-sli-ect" an idea of what tlie new lan»uage is all about, here's a story, about basic English written in basic En«- lish. BY FREDERICK C. OTIIMAN United l'rfs= Staff (,'orri-simndiMit WASHINGTON, n. C. <LU>> — The wrii.i'ig of this s'.orv is in basic English, the new language of 850 words, which has the nwroval of msnv leaders in educaiion. If It sounds clumsy in the writing, that is becrnise of the scarcllv of vords in Ihe language. Bnsic F'i'jii'h uses mnnv words to tell Ihe s<irae idea that old languages tell iti one word. Prof. C. K. Ouden of London is the inventor of the laii'iunge. He is of the belief that it will be in use soon in all countries of the earth. Mnie, Maxim Litvinov. the wo- nwin ihe Fxiviet commifar is married to, is in aonroval of the language. II. G. Wells, the BritiMi Klory teller, is in approval. Many oth«r leading men arc in approval. Thev arc in the belief that basic English will help unite the earth aii'l keen its nations out of \var. The ]nn°na<!e is simple. Ii is put together of six kinds of words: Operators, natural substances, necessary names, common things, collectives, and qualifiers. Operators nre words like come D ct. give, keep, let. make, put, and be. Natural substances are word' like, air, blood, butter, chalk, coa cot-tier, rork and cotton. Necessary names are words like act, addition, adiuslment, agrcc- m»it, amount and nnimnl. Common things are words like ( ai)Ble. arch, arm, baby, bag, ball unrt basket. Collectives are words like approval, behaviour, brass, bread, eare. Hothc and comfort. •] Qualifiers arc words like able, anpry. n-.v.ike. black, boilin'i. bright and broken. The language k to tell general ideas. II is not to tnll specific thincs mid . e o hn.s to be used to describe foods (for instance) in this way: A white root that makes the eyes water (oninn.) A green plant food with a round heart (cabbage.) A sweet red root, used ns food • (beet.) A green-yellow berry with hair on the skin f gooseberry.) A cake rolled thin and cooked two times (cracker.) The language is lacking in grace. It is easy to learn Prof. Ogden. Mme. Litvinov, Wells and •• who think the same way nr" of (lie belief thnt its lack of grace is rot so important as its ease of learning and that it is useful now to the earth. In a few years they are of tbe belief that is will bo more useful. Til- t't'rs 'aws of driver mil. 1 : do rot release their hold on an object even when detached from the rociv. and /frir.'in natives employ ihiir as .•:) rp. : cr.l clips for holding lorellrr t'nc lips of n cut. Police were instructed to wnrnloco Imd bom collected on Jhe an- ml uroiic-i-iy owners Hint leaves n m ,i U 'iHal of J2500 for Ihc year must be destroyed, with permission expiring December lil of (he $2,500 (he 101 Ihe nre chief, or removed. A ,u, umomii up to J 1,000 wns nllbw- . filial drive for collection of tbe ed tin- lied Cross for hospUallzatloii sired luxes for (he Insl Imlf of ,,f charily cases but only iibout year wns suR^ealed. wlih. {(•,-not paying to l;e bulled lino i be court. A report oil the lenl paid' In by the private mnimgi'iiu'iil of llu' In nnuilcliKil licspUnl wiis ri-n.iirak'd' by Muyor Sbane from Mr. Mutiiill, who Mill] he knew that .some $50;i Hint the heater be Installed the committee withdrew its objection, declaring it was only 1 a "Joke" t» Ix'gln with, The mayor said that If members of the council had initdc trips to Kansas Cily awl Ultle Hock on Uic municipal wa- • f'tuHliiiiivl From ]':i^e on'. 1 ) ngivdim. It wns rcenlled llmi en- (oiTciitnit of the ordinance wus siispi-iuleil Insl ChrlKtmns at Uic i-cqiu-M of merehiinls with Mocks liml been I'ullvcUd but would siil;- ol llrcwoiks but that scvnal ac- • mil n lull iv]x>rl later, uldniis and n Main slice! lire ic-j (I. Ci. Cuudlll ot Ihe liospltnl suHitl fi-iim llrewoite explosions, ilxiard suld this mornlnn lh:il $1,- ) or $100 of this will probably it'fd by the fln>t of the year. | lei works purchase as he had Ihey. .'Ink- nrouiid $800 to be collcclcd would have wanted u healer lu I'l'sli. Ihe car loo. ; / ''HI rendered for Installation "That's all right" said one nl.t: "I n healer In the police ear wns erninn, "but let It be used Ihe only Item amimg the monlh's for trips lo Kansas City, i-iirivnt bills objected lo by ttm j policemen nre liot enough ccmni'll's nnniice eoniinlllec. ready." After Mayor Simile had ndmlttcd Hint he Imd iwrsonitlly rcqucMcil I llcud Courier News want Ads, only Our al- Baiting soda (Mssolvcd in water ir-lrs an i-xc?i'rnt mouth wash. Since Europe ha;- bsen sending '.b beauties to Am men, we're going lo do rialu !.y tlie Continent uy . sending samples of our uulchriln'c aboard in a 'lajr" exchange. Here you ;;ce of the pretties', American girls Felix Ferry (lefu ••European Ziegfeid," has chosen for Ins Mnnle Carln FW^ From !?ft to rijlu they are: Marion nelman. ur?h!d Henson. Moiy Jane V/illlamr, uid 1'atli Patto *! about the tra Buck the unit's stenographer, j nursing, Miss Doroihy Roche; arts Mrs. Spence Williams is super- and crafts, Mis. J. Y. Jones; mat- visor of the teaching force and (rcss making, Mrs. C. E. Lynch; teachers are as follows: sewing, dressmaking, Miss Cook; general MBS Lillian Warringtcn; ccoXing. education. Miss Maude Littleton. Mrs. Lillian McKniuht; cannin^ ! Ml ' s - c - D - Perrln is in charse Mrs. Walter V/ooj; stenography \ o! "« toy shop, and typewriting. Mrs. \V. Ji Beebc- ' Jobs for Hundreds Will Be ting, Provided in This Coun-! gv tv Shortly. Mrs. Williamson; feet of skin O n tf.c human body. '^Bronchia! Troubles Need frfiomulsion Persistent roughs md c?lcls le t" rrriot-s trfvible. You c?n stop no* \viMi Orrrmulsioi. r,r rmi'lsifKxl crfO r o!.° that is p!c:i"iM' !o tifcr. Crconnilsinn n ji n«\v nifd- Ircl fliscoverr with lira-fold a,''.'on: it m-thi? 1 ; nnd finals the in- Finr-ied mr—ibr.inrei and inhibit ri-i'ni 'ro;vt]i. of ••". l-nn'.vn drugs, rr^oso'.e i"* •.Troinlzetl by liigl> prilical n'.i- 'ho'-'ile.'; :"; one of the grcate .i VirplhT; ngencios fur ]>?rstet"]t cou?'"= ni'd ixjlds and nther lorni* f.f throat troubles. Crromulsbn ••iii's'r.s. i'i aclttilion to creoio'.o. ''Mirr hcnline elemont-s whic! -•rotltp r>rd h"Cl Ibe infectrd mom Clan's nrcl step'the Irritation nn« inflammation, while the creosoii! fOf-- on to the jtomfch. Is absotb •(I into t!ie blood, and attacks (in r.'-st nf the trouble. rrwmMston !•; Tarnntecel siil-' fsrtrrv in tho treatmoiil nf pv- ^l^l^•n^ coii-hi! rind colds. bronc:ii.> •??thma, bronchitis, and is excoll-.v for liiilldlnj up u,c sys u;ra after (Olds or flir. Your own driK-:t--.: .• authorized to refund your inonrv cn the spot if your co'.iph or col.l b not relieved by Creomnlsion. Ad OSCEOLA, Ark., Dec. 13.^-Tho, first of eleven \vomens employment ( projects.v^hich it is anticipated will j be Junc.tinning in Mississippi coun- i tyby'iSaturday of this week, opened i h o;cco!a this moniing. ; Established in t^e grammar school luUdlng, the' moael vocatianil and icalth education unit, together ' ivith a toy shop vhlc'n is housed in j down town buildlns, will- employ 112 women. The remaining 331 women to whom employment will be provided '• in ihe county are apportioncci to \ tlie .various" vicinities as follows':' Blythevilte, 150; Manila, 30: .Dell, 12; Armorel. 10; Leaclwille, 35; Joiner, 20; Reiser. 15; Ktowah, 14; Luxorn, 20; .Wilson, 25. Applications for detailed projects for these communities' \v2re worksd out at a meeting of tile county ad- vistory board liere. Monday and tbeir approval wa? expected to3ay: W. R. Dycss, state relief director. I riopped over here on route to Jon-! csbcro. where h; is sc';cdiilsd t". sp;a); tonight, and reviewed the j applications in nsrEon. The coun- I ty committee is composed of Mr.;. I 1. W.-EJrlngt:n of Osccola, coun- ! ty administrator. Mrs. A. C. DDT of ' Manila. Mrj. C. E. Lynch of No- j dena and Miss Cur.i I,;c (jolcman ! of Blythevilb. j The vocntior.AI school in Osceoto • will trach scwin*. coohin?, cannin», I stenography and typewriting, quill- ing, knitting, nursing, arts ant!; crafts, mattress making, dres;-1 making, and subjects of elementary! education. Classes aru op:n to tb'l public and will b2 held from 8:33 ' a.m. to 3:30 p.m. cveiy tiay except Saturday. j Mrs. J. n. Mitchell is registrar ! and disbursing ajent for the Oscj- ola unit, with Miss Uonuie Jean ! Driver her assbilanl and Miss Kec- G. G. Caudili General tnsnranre If* N. Broadway Phone 797 Give Him « Gift Certificate for a Stetson Hat We have n miniature lial Box done up in iruc Crnhi,- mas style civitainiiijr a Gift Certificate vhich ciilillcs him to conn: in al'tur Chnst- inaii niid m-iko his own sdec- liun. New Ford V-8 for 1934 •i • . • " ' Greater poiver at still lower cost through new Dual Carbnretion . . . Increased motoring comfort because of simplified Clear-vision Ventilation . .,. Easier riding through more flexible springs, deeper seat cushions and softer cushion springs . . . Distinctive new appearance ... Many other features New Mead 1 Mora Miles Per Gjiion-More Power, • Speed and Efficiency with Dual Carburettor)—Greater Oil Economy The performance and economy of the 1933 Ford V-8>ave been the talk of thousands of motorists. .Owners said: "Leave it alone, don't change it." Dealers said: "Impossible to improve it!" But we have improved it — in every direction. We started with the engine. The Ford V-8 for 1934 is more powerful, more efficient, easier to start in cold weather, yet it is the most economical Ford to operate ever built — largely ' because of the new Dual Carburetor and Dual Intake Manifold. Even in the coldest weather the V-8 engine warms up quickly and maintains an efficient operating temperature because of new thermostats in the waterlinc. Added engine refinements — get tlie details about all of them from the nearest Ford dealer.— reduce oil consump. tion and further reduce operating and maintenance costs. O Clear-vision Ventilation— ^ and the Windshield Opens There's nothing to obstruct the view in the new Ford system of Clear-vision Put'It to the Test Ride in this New Ford V-8 for 1934 and tint] cut — personally — what it csn do. h h rhe one sure Kay to find nut which C3r givei you the tnujt fur your money. Ventilation. It's built-in — simplicity itself. The same handle that raises the window glass also slides it back horizontally to the ventilating position, and then the forward motion of the car draws the air out of the body. Drafts are eliminated, passenger .comfort is assured, and windshield will not fog in cold weather. Another interesting feature of the Ford system — the windshield can be opened! This, and the cowl ventilator, provide tlie additional air needed for hot-weather comfort. 9 Greater Beauty-New Radiator Shell ** and Grille—Fender* in Color A car to be proud of, the Ford V-8 for 1934 has newly designed chromium- plated radiator shell and grille, and other distinctive features. Interiors are more attractive, with new tufted upholstery, new mout4mg£"nc>v'cbve- type headlining, new instrument panel, new arm rests smd new !u rdware. Swivel- type sun visors in De Luxe-bodies prevent glare from front or side. Fenders on all De Luxe cars are in color to harmonize with body colon. New enamel finish on all bodies and fenders has greater wearing quality and more enduring luster. A Transverse Springs—Comfort with ^ Stability and Safety Ford transverse spring* provide the utmost stability and safety. Placed crosswise, they tend to prevent the body from tilting on uneven roads, and turns " can be taken safely at relatively high speeds. Free and easy action of all four wheels is permitted because the outer flexible tips of the springs are attached to the axles. Thus the most sensitive, parts of the springs receive road shocks first and absorb them before they reach the body. The advantages of the solid axle arc retained. PRICED AS LOW AS $515 i'. O. 5- Detroit, plut freight, tax and delivery. Bumpcrt and ifare tire extra. FREE SH AUCTION $750 Merchandise Auction — But You Cant Spend a Dirtiv — Rltz Theater Fridai/, December 22 Get Your Auction RJIC/CS With Each 25c se "t Them' Stoics EXPIAKATION I Hubbard Fnraitnre Co, Rirby Drug Stores National Brokerage Co. liubbarrf Hardware Co. McMuIiins Cash Grocery Ren Franklin Store s Cr "" P ° f storcs wi " auclion nlT <n "^ lUfhcU MMrr S750 of flnr i'hnnilisc inrliidinj Grwcrirs, Turkeys, l.lve 1'ljs, Gun«. Toys, Clothln*. m miles, Tollrl Afcrssories anil Olhcr Valuable Items. MO MOXKV WIU- 1JK ACC'Kl'TKl) I-'OI! ANY AUT1CI.K AUCTIONKI) OFF. Full payment must tie in/ide wild these Anollor Ccrllfirntts. A- Arrtlnn Crrtiflrat^ \vlll b" ;lven FREE'with < \\-rj 25c imrchasc al nny o! l>'csc stores from Derfmber 1, 1933 lo nfecm><r 22. 1933, tlirre- fiire ulirn jou arc Ihe hlclust bidder ynu real y j, I llir -irtide HIKE OK C'HARC.K. Vou raiy unr us n\nnv of Ihfsc Atiolittn C^erliflintc^ as yo or vonr friends ni^y have acnimnbtrd darJnjf this SIM.030 Sale. Vou may e've Ihtse Certificates (o any person you desire. This Million of ST.™ worth of mtrrliamlise nill be held al the RIT7, THEATRE. Friday. Dfcc'm&tr Mini. 193:1. in eoiirirrtion with a KBEK SHOW. 2 GRAND PRIZE AWARDS $200 Bedroom Suite -- $35 Bicycle

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