The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1937
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY,.DECEMBER 22,. PAGfi BJBV»»- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for amsccu- .lOc Uvc Insertions: Dnc time per line rwo limes per line per d»y ...08c 5'hrec times per line p«r diy ..06c )ix times per line p«r d»y ....050 t onth rate per litie TOO i'ards ot Thanks ..... .We & 75« Minimum charge 6bo Ads ordered lor three or six limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for tile nujn- tcr of times the add appeared and idjustment of bill nmde. All Classified Advertising copy (ubmlltcd by persons residing oul- lidc of tlie city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be /ttslly computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular t*sertfoi}£ takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken (or more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory __ • •_ " ! Visit Harry Bailey's New CURVE IN CAFE On Highway Cl at Holland Make one slop for B c o r, Wine, Whiskey, 'Fresh Crap- pic, Good Foods. For Sale Repairing lio.vs' leather coat ft boy:;' :>»" bicycle. Churles Bright, phone 727. 22-ck-28 Gim repairs. Ciimninteod work. E. M. Damon, 315 13, Main. \Velier piano for sale. Have .10 place to keep It and \vlll sell for $15,00. Call Mr. Thomas lit. 627. Baby Grand plnno, factory floor sample, Rather than re-ship, the factory haR asked us to sell this plnlio ill ct»l. Wrlle factory lep- resenlallvc, Box "S", care of Courier News. 20-|>k-2ll Nice turkeys. Call Koland Green at ll-pk-M. 351 or 22'2. Slightly used Hupcrlcx Oil Burner Stove. Medium slue, 545.00. Brand new Savage Aulouwtic shot sun. $34.95 lirand new Drowning Automatic shot gnu, $39.95 C. C. Adams Jr.. Stcelc", Mo. lC-pk-23 Complete 10 volume set of Standard Keforcnce Books with loose leaf binder. Cull 239 or 79S. 15-fa-fa Dining room suite. Davenport. & Chair. Mrs.'C. W. Aftllck. 3ck-tl AUTO GLASS Kxjicrt Workmanship We Deliver Blyihcvillc Paint & Wallpaper Co. Wa Cut & Iniitnll 'hone 880 ]ll s. tjccond lioslon terriers first were pro- iuccd by crossing the Hmjllsl bulldog will) the English terrier 'nil the cross-lirocdini! was done n America by Americans. COAL Delivered in Blyllicvillc for 51.15 and up. All Coal Guaranteed.— Phone 5-F-4 & 818 MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Furniture BARGAINS IN New & Used Furniture We Buy & Sell WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main 1'hbne 155 Tailors TRADE YOUR OH) SUIT IN OM A NEW ONE GEORGE K MUIR "BlylheviUc's Only Tailor" We Allow $4 to $15. On Railroad south of Main St. 193G Dodge panel delivery truck, A-l condition, $275. Phone 110. HOME MADE WINE 40c Qt, Mai) orders to If. O. Me llaltcy, m, 3, Blytheville. Streamline COAL SG.OO & up i«r TON. Washed and Picked. Kim 'J'raiitliani , Phono 47 WALLPAPER ew I93R patterns, close prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 For Rent Shoe Repdiriiig Quality Sho.e Shop ^ TodajLitljc^only.. bAjgaii) In sllbe repairlnE?taVQuailt5 )r inaferinlsi Jf workmanship. ' hubbcr Heels,. 25c "p. Soles 50c : up. Dyes, Polishes laces. Any shoes dyed black. 35c. Free Delivery H. B. Campbell Phone 128 Batteries BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Clunc imp g ut Tom jaekoon'* A nicdcrii 3-rooui furnished a] inciU. Phone 280 20-ck-i 3 room furnished apartment. 12 DiiBiiti, hone 705-J after G P.m Mrs. Belle Wood. 15-ck- 3 room apartment; ccncnstairs. W. Kentucky, phone 683. ' " ' "-., ' J - ii-pk-1-: 3' or" 4 room furnished aparlriicnl 209 W. Kentucky, Mrs. Sisk. 2 comfortable bedrooms, privat batli. Gentlemen preferred, phot! 704-W or 161. 7-e):-tf. Washing Washfng, rough-dry & niiishcd, de livercd. 6 quills or blankets S! Maytag washer. I wash curtains fiM Wily. Boll Green behind Urown's Ice Plant. 30-pk-12-30 Radio RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 Announcement 7 room 'residence. Immediate pos session. 412 N. 9th. Phone 243. 6-ck-t Glass Harvey Stewart Dr. P. A. Robinson STEWART-U01HNSON Succeeds City Drug Store We Specialize in PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Liquors 2014 W. Main Flionc V!0 FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS "" /.KKONK ANTl-l'RKK/.K HKAIKRS ,^,,,",:;i Am Md PARTS <lri your complete win- icr aul« ii«cil(i ami CIltTS. AIO'IXIK iltl, DKHtOXTDIlK 1!!H K. Mnln Pecans Wanted Highest Market Prices Goldstein Hide $ Fur Co. Hear- Joe Isnac.5* Store FREE INSTRUCTIONS In Latest Styles Knitting "BERNAT" KNITTING YARNS BIrs. Leslie Hooper 1103 Ciilckasawba Phone 782 I Still Make GOOD HARNESS MADDUX Harness Shop ANNOUNCING! 'i'lie 0|il<niiiK 01' BLYTHEVILLE'S NEWEST ENTERPRISE A Modem Community Pork House J, C. EVANS Box 004 UljUievllU', Ark. Illsltlil Miihmfr HAMILTON TKlfSt' t'Vttti HpOllSOreil Hy titimlUuh Ucpo.slUil.i Corli. — I'NA'l'URlNl!— ' I'Yesli Comiliy Hlylo PORK SAUSAGE ALSO. llwrt fhcfsr. Itlbs, BwitDimf, Teiutcrluln, FitM, » atm nm | Shoulders (Half or Whole). Blilc I'ork ;in.i i'nrc I.iitd. «(»JAI,rlT MfiAT ANII KTKfCTI.V OOKN1 •!;!» —I'it'pHrccl Hy— An Expert (tcftmtn Ilutclicr anrt inspecic.l ni,rt ,, ;1S si'd by Fuhiirr United Slnlra IMi-fclnit HOUSB lnsiiciior. «ct a rarnftxi lurkcy for Cliri-.tmas. t,,ht,\ „„ (iur „„.„ f . irpl) . DiUVK OUT AND SAVK liKMVKKY CilAICCKS DEFS WHOLESALE PORK HOUSE d'rlilc Adcliliim—Tin; ()l,l Svltxr I'lnci 1 ) ' .Turn South <.rr I|| R l,«-n y 18 („ gmypl rosirt lictwm I.rsl Hoy Grocery ami Kohlnsoii Filling sfnttliii, then two blmtks sclilli. FARM Ui«*«i txtrs— I M»i Ill DON H. KAS8KHMAN 'j1ioi/i:ts 1AM Co. Offite P. O. BOX 470, 1'liolle 627. We th FOWLER DRUG STORE WELDING AT feraiT pRtcfca t>noMfr BKrivloJi Barksdalc Mfg. Co. We SpWisHz* In Italy & Jr'end« r Repairs C«tt* In AM Mi tM i>e Motor Sates, Iw. «*f«Uhe MMirh, DefraMcti Wanted Pecins WOLF AR1AN E. Miln Ph«t« ii* I'HONK Itl PHONE 244 L. I. RICE COAL! 1)«V KINDLING l''OU ANY KIND W HIGH GRADE COAL CA'U, K. V. THY AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co. Will Sell Or trade A $600 Equity Iti A 1937 ;(J.M.O. L«itf( W. H. I»lt(i-U'H trUtk Mi) hM.W.i*lite Oltfr ItMiisnl Call 448 USED CAIS At Bargaii PRICES Lee Motor Saks, INC. t'J Used Tracks &Cars riauji '''I'M ..... W5 IM1 l!i ton Clicv. 18S" W. n. make body In A-l fOLltllllou J21j 19M lulcrimtloiiai l'lctoii> 4370 I8.T1 Cliev. 155" W. B Plutldnn boily, good "''* ... . , $175 ALL, TllUCKS CiuAHANl'EEb TO !>Al38 B'l'A'lE iNSl'EOl'iON Delta Implements, Inc. •^-'.• i eo ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU COBB FUNERAL HOME Fnhcral insurance Nicely fiirnishcd bedrooms. 8tcnm heal, imiersprlng mattress, till W. Main, Phone 280. 1-ck-U > fnrnished rooms. 2 upstairs or 3 cloinislairs. 914 Ilc.'irn. 30-pk-12-3l) lionsn on Holly. Call Mrs. S. S. Slcrnberg at 084. 12-ck-lI Personal CIIII1STMAS CAKKS Orctcn> takt?n for homemade Christinas Cakes and candies. Mrs. Oeorjc Cross, 300 Lake. 13-ck-21 We Give EAGLE STAMPS PfCKARDS GROCERY IGM Chiclsasawha Vhonc 613 Pardirr immediately with caMv Write IJox "H' 1 Courier News. rifty girls to enroll now for Slate Approved Bcniily School to onen January ]sl, Coopfr Bidg.. Blyllie- vlllc. Wriic lister Usher Gipson, 515 Krcivson Ave., Joncsboro, Ark, lor full details. Room and Board and board or meals. MIG \V. Ash. Mrs. R. P. lx)wcry. 2-t-pk-'l2-C-! Want to contact 50 girls interested in increasing their incomes nnrt willing lo devote six months litne lo learninj; highly paid profession of Beauty Culture. New School lo open in Blyihcvillc Jannary 1st. Write for full details to Lester Fisher C.iiison, 51S Krcwson Ave., Joncsboro, Ark. Kirhy's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains More Quinine—More Iron The Recommended Treatment for MAI.AKIAI, fcHII,T,S aurt FKVER SWAMP FKt'KR — AGUE FEVfK Ai All Kltby. Drue StoTAt Lost Liver spotted bird ilog pup. nicntlis old. Notify Garland Mor- Ean. phone 328-W. • -JO-pk-23 ^vcnlh in size arooiis Ilic lakes of the 1 world. Lake Baikal has an area of 13.000 so,uarc miles. CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB —PUKSBNTS— VlfiCE GENOUESE and His i Orclieslra AN ALL STAk ATTUAfl'ION WEDNESDAY NIGHT DKC 22nd ALAR GREEN gjjft, THURSDAY, DEC. 23 THROUGH SUN. JAN. 2 Floor Show Christmas and New Years HOT PIT RAKBECUK—BLKCTRIC COOKED STKAKS—FftlED CHICKEN HIGHWAY 61, HOLLAND, MO., PHONE 17 WELL, GIRLS-MOBODV'CAK) sAv US WOMEN AIWT DOIM' A GOOD JOB OF RUNMIW'MOO-DIDJUH EVER SEE IT-SOCJUIET AND HKK RUDOIKR SOMKTHINK Kl^Sfe TO WORRY XlMMJl VVASH TIIHHS HOC; Oil MONK ' fc><V BUSINESS, CHIEF, WELL, I WAS WOMteRIN 1 WHV GROlteHT THft BEVERLY HILL ALONG Y.fl!JjJ IiiOt>6HT) I DON'T LIKE HER, SEE — GOTTA WELL, I DUNNO. YOU PULLED A BONER, CHIEF. KIDNAPING'S A • ifcRIOlJS OFFENSE. sas lCV, YOU YELLOW-B^KED POODLE! STOP VOUR SQUAWKIW& IF WE'RE CAUGHT, THEV HAN6 US ONLY ONCE, ID HOLD FOR HER OLO A 616 SHOT OIL fMN. WORTH£ GOLD ALREADY.' Sl'X'ONI) HANI) BABY cooks CAU'T ^rr c^-b I MUST PWOME ASK MPS. COOk ALL THE PARTICUMRS ABOUT~n-te: KIEV/., I V/OWDSR WHY SHE LEFT FOR THE COOK5 SUE MUSTA GOT wtmv's MA.VE N«XEO i UP WfTH THAT RICH MR cook I DOMT THINK HES A WAY ME Cftks SOUSJC3S AS IF ME'S HAD A LOT OF EXPERIEWCE ' J •V

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