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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California • Page 2

San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California • Page 2

San Francisco, California
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WtWWWyRvW tW JAST ft ffe vfflwa fSBfRjPw1 it aA One HundreidThbusand Per Jf oriaCrbW Grounds to IWitness Flights njiii tith machines rk ndf If all jeeathatv eondlttona are proplttousy the ftetlreotori I tha nieet promise that ro ptedattmptVlU mad to break i njr record today VtAth aviators admit that Cajltor Vil air la vryfln air and that It ghouM Ideal fori an altitude flight teSom 6nlrho Is brave and haa apajd r5tSPiWliewlllO carried aa a jtlfpaaaan parhapi tq Nathans Aa tolnette There are to ell kinds of ifancr thlns a dona If tna weather aroa ix goas torue itg oaaeasas aii storniaTJivwlilftoniy order the runt fWhd f1fdat and than ieatOU that 1jlthardrfU1 carried put Tha rst experiments that hay ever BtvC1enindertaken In reoetvlng wireless cwjnessa ges on an airsnip xroni a grouna a station wllr take ulaea todav If bad weather does notnravent FLatham has 1 i 7 i7J7n 5Vt flww carry a receiving appa ratua In hla Jtntolnatta manonlana and inan of tha Lnltad StataArnir signal i corps iriu endeavor to communicate wltVhlmiwhIlofhIeUnuUBIglit ilrom tha wireless station that has been erected In the rietd In addition to the wireless teat tatham haa agreed to carry tha specially prepared bomb that have been made under tha direction of Army ofll cers tn presidio and wuj drop thamjfrom an alavatlon of 700 faat on to a large target laid out on tha ground While pfajectUse aueh aa baseball and orengssfcavs been dropped from 1 aeroplanes with a view to determining th efficiency ef the machlnee aa Instruments of military detenae thla will be the Brat time ao Army officers tell ma that aeroplane bomba have been uaedj They conform In every way to I similar missiles manufactured under the supervision of the War Department with the exception that they contain black powder lnatead of high explosive and have wooden plug In the bottom lnatead of ateel caps Thla am told la to render them harm Island contribute to their value aa a spectacular feature of the meet 1EATS1NY CASES One of Most Useful Adjuncts of the Meet Does Its Work Unostentatiously Willie the Emergency Hospital haa bad no chance to make a number of spectacular dashss across the field or display lta services before the crowd the attaches of that lnatltutlon have by 06 means been Idle Teeterday the physicians were kept busy attending to ai number of persons who were Injured by the barb wire fences when the crush of the crowd threw them against the obstruction Among those treated were John Miller Morris Deputy Marshal George Ineese Malar Lopes and Mrs Morgan The laet named was treated for a sprained wrist gained while attempting to force her way through the crowd Th hospital Is well equipped and ready to take care of any number of patients within reason It Is In charge of Dr A Bell and William Mackintosh of the San Francisco Semergen cy Hospital Service Assisting them are Steward ODea and Assistant Steward Fogarty Driver Adam Back and Nurses Coburt and Welke There Is an automobile ambulance and a cti iiBrewnTflii Tiiici nur lor insianc I7A aervlce In case of a serious accident an operation can be performed right on the grounds a full hoapltal equlp iment naving oeen turnisnea is iiioi UP FROM THE INSIDE The Finding of Bones and Coal It frrj1 VJ1 4Cf tt jf1 1 1 i vi CRUISER PENNSYLVANIA READY HOP AEROPLANE EXPERIMENT Jii Vif i aj tattUsalsBBlHlsaB taatsvvt atBkslBlHBlBlBBHBlBlBlBlBlBiilBlBllBlBlalHB Xv JtlalslsBBstsaLfflRiaWBsJM JBBLMlIOalllllllllllll iTfnbsaaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavssmaasMaaa iv i Th PemiihamaShoimg the Landing Slat for Ely Alight on Vte iVarShlp From an Atrtptanei Eugene Ely Will Try Today to Fly From the Land to the Deck of the War Ship 0 a ee see eeeO JOutside Wreck of War Ship Renews the Old Question 4 WJ 1 7 mt Speelll Dispstcb te the Cbrenlcle WA8HINaT0N January I The War Department la receiving reports from those engaged In raising1 the battle ahtp Maine from Havana harbor which according to me engineers in charge suggest hat the disaster was due to an Internal explosion and not to an external agency In the mud and silt In Which the hull of the battle ship lies burled have been found great quantities of coal and bones of some of the crew of the ship who met their death 1 when the explosion came and tha ship sanlc 7 The engineer officers now advance the theory that the coal and bodies of the men were blown from the battleship by an explosion In one of the airtight compartments In which was stored powder or other explosives They do not think the coal could have been blown from the hull of the battle ship by an outside explosion The Spanish ttaiitiArltt have nnntnAmA nlnA uiujn vnttl the sinking or the Maine was the result of an Internal explosion With the present progress of the work the hull of tits Maine should he raised by April Controversy over the cause of her sinking mar then he settled by definite knowledge Thern some fear the hull may break tn two while being ritlsed MISSOURI WOMEN NEED NOT PROTECT HATPIN9 KANSAS PITT Mo January I Mayor Darius A Brown tonight vetoed the ordinance recently passed by the City Council making It a misdemeanor for women to wour unprotected hat plds Among the reasons ho gave for ills atlon were The law could not be enforced The ordinance too trivial for the City Council to take cognizance of I orncEs of monabchist PAPEES TN LISBON WEECKED LISBON January The popular fury aroused by the publication again the monarchist newspapers culminated today In violent manifestations The offices of three were wrecked and it was necessary tn order out troops to disperse the mobs Soldiers are now guarding the premises B0KB ATIATIOB WXEK TleltOTi ml tourists sbould ik for Itellsa arlstj Colony wises st tae botsla restaurants wiu abvt srs isiixornia a cnoicesc HE cruiser Pennsylvania anchored yesterday In man owar row In readlneaa for the attempt which will be made by Eugene Ely to fly from the land to the deck 6t the vessel A large platform extending from the after turret back over thestern of tho vessel has been constructed and will be used as a landing for the aviator who haa taken It upon himself to demonstrate the practicability of the aeroplane aa a means of communication between the land and ships at sea The platform is thirty feet wide and 130 feet long and haa an Incline of twelve feet at the stern of the vessel According to the managers of the aviation meet Ely will attempt to leave Selfrldge Field and make a landing on the Pennsylvania while the vessel la at sea Ely attracted the attention of the world a few months ago when he made a flight from the battle ship Birmingham off Hampton roads to the mainland A platform similar to the one on tha Pennsylvania was used at that time Following the event the Navy De partment became Interested and Secretary Meyer recommended to Congress that an appropriation for an aeroplane division of the Navy be made The matter Is still under discussion At the same time the Secretary expressed a destrs that some aviator attempt to land on a vessel The opportunity has arisen and the members of the citlsens committee have secured the co operation of the naval officials for the trial Ensign Roy Le Claire Stover aid to Rear AdmiralAdmiral Edward Barry has been detailed to make the arrangements for the flight and a number of naval offlcera have been appointed to observe the flight and report to Secretary Meyer Lieutenant McClasky of the United States Marine Corps went to Loe Angeles and made the preliminary arrangements with Ely and Glenn Curtlss The flight will take place some day this week the exact time to be announced later Ely has been asked repeatedly whether he thought that his experiment would prove a success and Invariably haa answered I wouldnt undertake It If I did not think I could do It On 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 Gossip Heard in and Around the Hangars THERE were of course the usual number of persons hangara filled with a raaaa of valuable Information A around the vhlch hey were anxious to Impart to any and everybody One young mlas asked her escort what was the difference between a Wright and a Curtlss machine Its Just this way said he In the Wright machine the hangar la rigid while In the Curtlss model It Is flexible There are aome minor differences but that la the main one But what le the hangar was the next question The hangar Why thats that business In front And he pointed to the forward planes of the Curtlsr machine With this hie companion was content and they proceeded to the next shed where he gave some more equally reliable Information regarding the BlerloL The bromide remark of the meet Is always made when the Blerlot or Antoinette machines leave the ground Every other person says It It la as follows Why Its Just like a big dragonfly The next one la Thats the first machine that really looks like a bird Then comes the last one I wonder what the birds think when they see that big thing up there among themT It la not generally known that Olenn Curtlas is donating his services to the meet free of charge His contract does not call for him to make a single flight but yesterday he announced his Intention of attempting several records during the meet Today he will endeavor to break his Own record for speed In his racer He believes that he can get a great burst of speed from his racing machine If weather conditions are favorable and ha will at least make the attempt It seems strange to hear aviators asking for rain but that was heard around the hangars yesterday When asked the meaning of the wish for wet weather one of them said We dont want wet weather while we are flying but an Ideal day would be a fine one following a short spell of rain If we had rain tonight for Instance the condition would be perfect tomorrow The rain would give a density to the atmosphere which would be Just the thing we need for what we term a good grip on the air Still we have no fault to find with San Franciscos climate and If the present conditions continue we shall be perfectly satisfied Aviator Eugene Ely who Is to fly from the battle ship Pennsylvania to the aviation field made a trip to Mane Island Saturday for the purpose of Inspecting the platform which Is being erected on the vessel tor his accommodation He again said that he waa satisfied he would perform the projected feat without any trouble The platform Is thirty feet wide and 110 feet long and according to Ely gives ample room for his ascent from the ship and his subsequent descent on his return trip Ensign Roy Lerlalre Stover aid to Admiral Berry Is anxious to take the trip with Ely and It is probable that some such arrangement will be made for the trip from or to the vessel Ensign Ellyson was one of the Interested observers of the doings around the hangars Ellyson has been detailed to act under the Instructions of Aviator Olenn Curtlss and will accompany the blrdtnan to San Diego after this meet where a number of experiments will be made for the Navy The Ensign will receive Instructions from Curtlss and will be fully taught in all branches of aeronautics The Antoinette monoplane developed a streak of bashfulness yesterday and a canvas curtain hid her from the gaze of the multitude Latham her owner said that this was done because the Interest of the publlo had been so arouwed by his performance of the previous day that he was besieged with questioners and would be congratulators and he had to take some means of self protection so that his mechanicians could work unobstructed Daring of Aviators Shown in Flights AFTER all the crowd wa the real show Tho mar velous flying In the face of bad wind conditions waa secondary Think of It nearly 100000 humans wild with enthusiasm In one orderly mass We were prepared for 75000 persons This vast gathering taxed every resource Which could be brought to bear Glenn Curtlas says It was the greatest audience that ever attended an aviation meet Roy Km benshue says Tou have made a new altitude record tor attendance Radley says I never saw anything Ilka It Latham comments San Francisco Is beyond question the worlds greatest show town Every aviator who went up today took hla life In his hands ttie wind was fraaky There were thrills a plenty to thoae who knew The spectacular events must await better wind conditions Monday should furnish plenty of excitement SCOTFORD President of Aviation Meet Danger lurked In every wind puff at Selfrldge Field today Tho result spelled delay for the military experiments There can be no bomb dropping or wireless experiments when aviators have t6 strain every nerve to prevent capslxlna In the cross and contrsry winds Radley and Latham had slight accidents which would have been serious had these men been less expert aa man birds but they will be ready for flyltg today The experiments will proceed Just as soon aa wind conditions will permit LIEUTENANT PAUL BECK Secretary of Meet 0 AVPS1BMP i PARIS GOSSPS 1 BOSYr Ji 1 with nothjartists Troubles of Mascagni and the From Blame forDeath hi Disappearance of Cavalierly DaringMajibIrdc Ahi roqrffoprVuchTaIr til 01 IP TFfiTIMONI AL FILED SS IP I I III ex eSI NI ij Mechanicians Are Exonerated Along what la now known Automob1 row th compUlnti from thou who arrived early In ordr to a food view of vry thtnar wr many apd frqunt Whn much tlmo panned and there wan found to bo truly nothing dolnjc iom of tha motorlBt wlihed to travel the grounds But th fitrfct rm thfl ftW prevented thli artion and thpy were prforr obliged to remain where they wre until the meet wa over Those who had neglected to bring a well filled luncheon banket along were loudest In their complaint but In many case thev were relieved by thoae who with more foreelght had provided agJnut a famine or drought Much amusement Is being quietly obtained around the hangars regarding the attempts of the Lambruth monoplane to aviate One of the French mechanicians said yesterday TIt needs but one thing to be perfect flyer What Is that he was uked To be able to leave the ground was the reply Dick Ferris waa one of the visitors at the hangars yesterday He arrived with a recipe for what he called an aviation cocktail It la mixed as follows Whiskey a dash of Italian vermouth bitters and a drop A drop of what Dick asked a friend Any old drop suits an aviator so long as It Is on a soft spot was the reply MMMMMMMMMMMMM4MMMMMMlMMMf AEROPLANE ATTACK United States Troops Do Fast Work in Turning Out for an Imaginary Enemy The 100000 spectators at Selfrldge field were given an Idea of the possi bilities of the aeroplane In the warfare of the future yesterday when the men of Major ONells battalion of the Thirtieth Infantry were called upon to repulse a simulated attack by aeroplanes on their camp while the experiments on account of the freakish air currents proved of not much value from the standpoint of aeronautics the Government troops gave a good Idea nt how they aro prepared for emergencies by their quickness in responding to the call to arms which was sounded when the air scouts appeared in the vicinity Parma lee and Brooklns of the Wright team of aviators took their machines for a long flight toward the foothills and after maneuvering In the upper currents awooped down In a long glide toward the camp of the Infantrymen with the evident Intention of dropping explosives and getting away before the soldiers had recovered ffom their surprise The troops were well prepared and within thirty seconds after the first note of the bugle sounding the alaim were In the field and firing the first volley Three companies were thrown out to protect the front and flanks of the camp hlle a fourth taking advantage of the deep swale which guarded the rear of the camp poured an imaginary raking fire across the planes of the attacking craft Blank ammunition was uaed and from the standpoint of the spectators the event was most spectacular Later in the week if the upper atmosphere is not too much disturbed by the contrary winds the experiment which It was Intended to perform yesterday will take place viz that of dropping explosive bombs on to a company of silhouettes which will flank the camp MACHINIST INJURED WHILE WATCHING AIRSHIPS FLY Stands on Bank Which Gives Way and Precipitates Him to the Bottom Severely Braised A singular accident befell Inchegby yesterday afternoon while he was watchlngi the airships He was standing with others on an embankment on Fourteenth avenue South when the embankment gave way under his feet tumbling him heels over head to the bottom He was so severely Injured that he was taken to the Bay View Emergency Hospital where he was treated by Dr a Terrll It was found that Inchegby has a laceration of the skull numerous bruises about the face and the little finger of his right hand broken The injured man Is a machinist and lives at 923 Minna street FATALLY BtRED AT PLAY FORT MADISON Iowa January 8 Bessie Payne the twelve year old daughter of the proprietor of a de partment store died today of burns ruffe red while playing Indian with other children She attempted to Junp over a camp fire and her Indian costume caught In the flames UNIQUE TESTIMONIALFILED Grahame White toTPressHis Protest Against Dead ManX Statue of Liberty Record NEW TORK Janaarr I Jur ot the International aria tore frhoAirere wjth Molsant at New Orleans wneri he sit to hla ieatn har sent to the press a algaedt statement their bodlnce ta an examination of his machine made on the spot Immediately after ha sib Reno Simon Rene Barrisrv Garros and Audsmars air declare that the evidence shows that Molsant bad shut of the power that every stay and control wa Intact and that nobody will ever know why hla wonderful and admired airmanship met defeat But on one thins they are eiriphiUe that Molsant mechanicians Qerspaeh and Ferlet had taken every precaution and that his death waa in no way due to any mission of theirs Albert Flltuxs statement published here that Molsants Blerlot had been too often broken and repaired and that It was overweighted with lasollne when he went up tor the Mlchelln prise they deny a an unloundad Imputation of neclecC Flleux was the mechanic who made the Parts London flight with Molsant and In a latter to a New York newspaper man received here tonight Oar roe writes for his fellow aviator supplementing the statement to the preaa in part as follows An Incrimination of carelessness causing death Is a profssslonal dishonor for tnoss boys who are known In France among the best men who ever worked on aviation fields What was printed about them made them cry when they talked to us about It They deserve nothing but pralss for the way they prepared Molsants ma ohlne ependlng whole days at a time changing every bolt and every wire of the controls The language of the formal state ment reads a little oddly to American ears but the writers were laboring with an unaccustomed language and they expressed a wish that It be not altered In ao much aa one word Colncldentally with the arrival of Garros letter the Aero Club of America made known tonight that It has given up all hope that Grahame White the British aviator will withdraw his protest against the award to Molsant of Thomas Ryans 10000 prise for the Statue of Liberty flight A hearing on the protest Is to come before the Federation Aeronautic Internationale In Paris the day after tomorrow but It had been thought that In view of Molsants unfortunate death at New Orleans the protest might be withdrawn No word of any such Intention having been received at the eleventh hour the Aero Club gave out tonight an Informal resume of its position and of the brief which It will submit to the International arbitrators In a word the club believes It was perfectly Justified In awarding the prize to Molsant at tha close of the International meet here snd It will fight to the end for his memory and estate and for the good name of American sport Briefly Orahame Whltea original protest to the Aero Club of Amertca was baaed on the fact that he was not allowed to make a second trial against Molsants better time but the protest now flled In his behalf by the Royal Aero Club of England takes another ground The Royal Aero Club holds the original requirements for Qualification provided that no entry for the Statue of Liberty flight would be received unless the applicant had previously remained In the air one hour during the meet Molsant had not for an accident cut him a few mlnutea ahort FR Wife of an Imlay Saloon Man Dies Before Identifying Suspects Special IMipifeh to th Chronlele RENO Nev January I While arrangements were being made by Sheriff Lasnb to bring before Mrs Eugene Qulllcl the two men under arrest charged with holding up her husbands saloon at Imlay and shooting him to death the woman died In the Wlnne mucca Hospital this afternoon from a gunshot wound Inflicted by the bandits A brother of Mrs Qulllcl however went to the Jail today and positively Identified both prisoners as the men who committed the robbery and double murder In addition to this Sheriff Lamb made another visit to the Blaks ley ranch on the Humboldt river where the arrests wsre made and found a large part of the stolen money hidden under the cabin Sklnney Pascal the Indian trailer who led the posse from Imlay to the camp followed tha tracks of a horse with a crooked hoof from tha hitching post In front of Qulllds saloon to the ranch where It was found Erasing One of the prisoners has given his name as Urle but the other declines to rsveal hla Identity Both of them are aald to be rustlers from Wyoming SEVERE WINDSTORM NfcW TORK January The nys terlsus disappearance of Una Cavalier anJL the diagnosis of tha eaao of Pie troMaacagni war soma of the toples Parisian gossip which 0 PCen tanlnt formerly one of the Metropoli tan opera conductors and now directingdirecting the Pavlowa Mordklrf Company brought back with him on th French line steamanip eavoie ioaay No ona la Parle seems to know where Cavalterl Is 1 said CentanlnU It la reported that aha la singing InsRome under an assumed name and yet my wile Is peeltlva shesaw her Jnia drsssmaksTaishopInTarls the other day Another report has It thafaheUs on her way to America to sing In VIBJ tor Mauraluxa company which will give opera in iEngllsb Mascagnls trouble Ceritanlnl eon tlnued Is procrastination I think When ho should hava been at work on his muslo It la sell on ths gffier slds that ho waa busy building a house with the 20000 advanced bJm by his American managra Ho will never come hero now The American pubUo would hiss him oft the stage I think will go to Buenoa Avert to produce Tsobel George Tyler of Llebler Ca say that under tha Taobel contract Llebler Co were to pay Maacagnl 10000 Trance upon hla departure for America which was done It Is stated Mascagni demanded various modification of his contract and additional large sums of money to which ihe was not entitled and when he wrote statlnj that unless tha demand were compiled with he would not come to America to direct opera tho firm replied It would not accede to hla holdup methods HARVARD SAVANT SAYS IS Prof Pickering Agrees With Dr See as to Forms of Life on Planet Special Ptipatrh to tb Chronlrt CAMBRIDE Mass January Professor William Pickering of the Harvard Observatory Is Interested In tha recent statement of Dr See of the Mary Island Observatory that the higher forms of life exist on the planet Venus The Harvard savsnt has held tentatively for many years that animal life has been ln existence on Venus and that the surface of tha planet is composed principally of steaming swamps whlcn abound with reptile creatures of antediluvian periods Tho professor has certain theories on geographical proclivities on the moon also but does not care to discuss them Concerning Vernus Professor Pickering says Certainly there are many physical reasons for thinking that If any other planet besides the earth Is Inhabited It Is probably Venus It Is about the same slse tts the earth and Its density Is about the same Venus seems more capable of supporting Ufa than any other planet except the earth FAIR IS INDORSED BY JHE GROCERS CLERKS Decision Is Made to Correspond With Other States to Aid This Citys Fight Spisl Dispatch to tbt Cbroolcle SAN JOSE January I The Panama Pacific Exposition was unanimously Indorsed at the annual convention of the Retail Grocer Clerks International Protective Association comprising the territory in California an1 Nevada here today and the 200 clerks In attendance voted to correspond with locals of the organisation all over the United States In an effort to create aentlment favoring Ban Franciscos claims for tha exposition An unqualified Indorsement was given the union label and It was decided to prepare lists of merchants employing union clerks all over the United States and put them In the hands of all union labor famlllas with urgent requests thst only such houses be patronised Point Richmond was chosen as the placs for holding the next convention on the second Sunday In January 1911 San Francisco and the bay cities captured most of the offices although two San Joseans were honored by election to Important positions Tha results of the balloting rollow President Llcht San Francisco first vlcs prea dent A Kettlewell Oakland aecond vlce presldsnt Boneham San Jose secretary treasurer Solomon San Francisco recorder Hayes Oskland guide Fred Smith San Rafael Inside guardian Behind ler Oakland outside guardian a Tsl nott Oakland trustees starkey San Jose A Alvares Oakland A Blerman San Francisco Mo Cune San Francisco Milton Cohn San Francisco SAM GINS VlClOFAiiUP PBaileyRobbed 6yTtiii XeaMhe BusnessSectiqri Early in tire Evening at1 mntrtits tbCaroolcle SAN JOSE January qiri gJfi lay a memoer tn nrra ley Sons glorsmakers was held up last night two ttwra wno JJ hint wi tn railroad trac J0 Third and Fourth atraeta tout Resistance booam foolhardy i a niateiB were aimed at hla head and do quietly utrniltte4to I being searched The inwi talned a gold watch and 115 The robbery occurred about oclocK la thaavsnlng The South srni Paolfjo fight ojt way In th Second rar4 used aa a short cut by hundred of pedestrians every evening a4 Popl were passing and repassing within a few mlnutea of tha time that tha crime wag committed The police were jnotl fled and ara worltlnr on the case jy jsTlB SsWl pi ii Standard Alkaline tiirar IT Water A iBe Standard DeUthttnl JEHfc Remedy 9 ssLSrw with Lv Stomach Highly aBBif Troubles Medicinal aS nd QualiUei 3B8i Cout 1 Ownti ty id UttUi mniir Iht dlrttt cotfi or in rrtnen uevcrsmsni Established gl If ears School Supplies Tablets Pencils Erasers Composition Books Rulers Etc WHOLISALE Illustrated Catalogue to Dealers Who Cannot Call SADLER CO T83 TS4 MISSION ST BBlCBHiBBBBIlieBBBBBBBBIBEaiBBB9i UadIlb Mam Management PALACE HOTEL Entirely Rebuilt Since the Vf FAIRMONT Hd8L Th finest renideno hotel in tha world OvprlookJns the San Francisco bnv fljnd Golden 5ate The two rent hotels that have made San Krsnclscn famous anions travelers tha world over PAIACK HOTKI COMPANY One Man Killed Another Injured and Much Damage Is Dona by Gale CHICAGO January I One man waa killed and one othqr aerlously hurt and muti damage waa done to electric signs and windows here today by a windstorm which struck the city soon after noon The wind which came from the west gained In violence until at I oclock a alxty two mllegale was blowing At oclock It dropped to forty miles an hour The gale was accompanied by a drop In temperature from degrees above at oclock to It at nightfall A further drop waa predicted A large Iron sign protruding from the third floor of a building at Hal stead atreet was torn from Its fastenings It caught a smaller sign and both tell with a crash killing one man and Injuring another The wind caueed aucb a storm on the lake that boats did not venture out of port NEW COAST DEFENSE GUN SHOWS MUCH P0WEB NEW TORK January 8 A new fourteen lnch coast defense gun was tested yesterday at tha SanJy Hook proving grounds with five shots Full weight projectiles were used backed by graduated charges of powder which In view of the distance from the target S00 yards had the same effect aa service chargee No official statement of the result Was given out but It was said that shell penetrated the concrete backing ef tha target fifteen feet it miMmnimi te sT WMMm I fciw vf7 mKmmimMit HAY LEASE IBEIQATIQN WATER TO FACTOBIES WASHINGTON Jsnnary I The draft of a proposed law permitting the Secretary of the Interior to sail or lease water from Irrigation projects to commercial manufacturing planta was offered In tha House yestsrday by Representative Reeder The bill provides that such waters aa can be spared may thus be dleposfed of when no other source of water supply Is to he found 1 ASSRMBLTMAlf HELD COLLAPSES SACRAMENTO January AssemblymanAssemblyman Held of Uklah collapsed In a hotel lobby her thla evening and it vrmm fsareA fA a llnuhvi ouety iU Later In the night however ha was reported reetlng sasUr AltJI MMWWWiaMKmiftisi LOOK AHEAD There is only one last new country on this continent trre richest and beSt British Columbia is being opened up by three transcontinental and other lines of rail tjy Over 30000000 acres of rich agricultural and fruit land 50000000 of the finest timber coal and mineral lands that have tievcr been touched will be thrown open to the public for development This is the famous Fort George country Do you want a share of the profits Let us send you free a copy of the British Columbia Bulletin of Information giving Synopsis of mining land mineral and timber laws Costs you nothing Write today Natural Kesources Security Co Ltd Paid up Capital 1250000 Joint Ownera and Sole Agents Fort George Townslte 44S Bower Bnlldlmg Vaaroaver Sittriot StUi BollaltftTi WATSOH POUD S1DP1E Ml stoataromsry St Bin rrsnoiioo Csl TirWFY STPflNR A rn 2KT5rrr KAItlNIb XfiettRCHANT3 WHANGtST aJ A rew Choice Offices SINGLE OR EN SUITE TO LET IN Chronicle Building APPLY ROOM 218 CHRONICLE BUILDING MR

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