San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on August 18, 1908 · Page 1
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 1

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1908
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1 W ijp f1 v a ifi SB T - l I KJj k w 4 H wv T F1 V sT 7 y f - v a iil i Lv x A y wilv r sH ri - v an sJm v H HIH Mi V Vk 3b VOL XCIII SAN FRANCISCO CAL TUESDAY AUGUST 18 1908 NO 34 KILLED IN AN AUTO ACCIDENT AT SAN JOSE Isaac Upham Run Down by a Machine While - hiding Bicycle DIES AT NEAR - BY HOSPITAL Effort to Avoid - a Passing Car Is the Cause of the Collision WHILE rid In a bicycle In San Jos yesterday aftsrnoon Iiaae Upham one of the oldest merchant of San Francisco for many years a member of the publishing house of Pa jot Lpham A Co one of the builders of the Valley Railroad and president of the Hoard of Mtnmtri of the Asnew State Hospital waa truck by an automobile driven by S B Hunklna president of the Garden City flank and Trut Company of San laK and received Injuries from which he died twenty minutes later I phani who was 71 years of age was In the habit of taking his exercise on a bicycle Ills duties as president of the Hoard of Managers of the Ag - new Hospital ailed him to San Jos two days ago and during his visit In that illy he had been staying at the Hotel Vcndome Testerday afternoon he moulted his wheel and started out W u short ride about the ilty and nil going south on Third street at Ik time the accident occurred HOW THB ACCIDE1VT HAPPENED Hunklna accompanied by Fred W Hill a merchant of Han Jose was driv ing north on Third street In a small electric runabout On approaching ths Intersection of Third and St John streets Hunkins saw that a west - bound r - t John street ear was nearlng the i rowing of the two streets In order to avoid it collision with ths car ha Increased his speed and made a wide detour to the left with tha object of crossing the tracks ahead of tha car Ipham who waa coming up Third street in - the opposite direction also attempted to ride across the tracka ahead of tha ier which cut off his view of the approaching automobile As lpham drova hl whl across tit tracks In front of tha car Hunkraa aw th psrll of a coll Is Ion and attempted to bring his machine to a standstill Jjut it was too lata Upham had byelr cleared th tracks whan the autStnobll struck him and hurled him to thepavement Before tha machine ofculd be brought to a atop the fallen man had been dragged practically th entire width of th strt Hill and Hunkins leaped from the runabout picked up th unconscious man and carried him to a sanatorium kept by Dr Frank H Bangs which was only a fw doors away Dr Bangs gave th Injured man every possible attention but h died twenty minutes later without regaining consciousness According to th doctor diagnosis death resulted from concussion of the brain which produced a cerebral hemorrhage - SONS AHE tOTjriBD Isaac and Benjamin Uphanvth sons of the dead man who are conducting their fathers business In this city war notified immediately and hurried to San Jos on th first train Coroner B E Ksll of Santa Clara county summoned a Jury and an inquest waa held last evening at JJO oclock At th Inquest Hunklna who Is badly broken up over the tragedy testified that he did not see Upham on account of the street car which cut off Ma view until It wai loo lata to bring his machine to a stop Hlttp who was In the man chine with Hunkins gave similar teatl - mony The accident happened ao quickly sakt Hill - that I can hardly say Just how It occurred Wa wer driving at leisurely pace down Third street at the time We saw th car coming and turned to tha left aid of th street In order to get across th tracka ahead o It Upham who waa on th opposite aid of th tracks triad to - do th same thing that we did with the result that w struck him lost as he crossed th - tracks H wasnt ten feet ahead of us when we trst saw him and though we were not going very fast - Hunklna did not hav tlm to stop before we ran him down EFFORTS TO STOr AUTO FAIU From tha statements olt both Hilt nd Hunkins It sms that Upham waa not awar of his danger until h was struck as ho mad no effort to turn out of th path of th machine Even If he hsM seen th automobile tlowvrtl doubtful It t would hav had tlm to hav dodged the approaching runabout When en bfor thJnqueslJHunkn aatlKthat hadldnotbeltav hat h waj driving at a i speed - of mor than sU mile enhour When I first sat Upham he - said 1 madorvery effort to - stop and I tried ta throw th ma - chin over toward the icurby but w were so close upon hint that th collision Was unavoidable t tfont think that he saw us at alVTorh mad no effort to turn put to either aid H had hi head down at th time and waa riding along at a fair pace rouowlnsT th Inouest last night phams aon took tharg of th body and II will - be brought to this city for burial Arrangement for th funeral Jiave no yet been perfected Upham body was not mangled tit th accident and aside front a slight - abrasion on th lead tder was scarcely a bruls on It Isaac Upham waa born at Union Me May cr UiU ta ill h moved to Api - ptetons and later went tovNewbtirypof t Mass wnerr h attended school for pa - year supports lmeU y carry - i r I I 1C imaed rag XCl Isaac Upham Who Met His Death by Colliding With an Automobile S B Hunkins the Driver of the Machine and Sketch Showing How the Fatal Accident Occurred j j WmJi i 1 C J llWllfcJrV U VlfOlK 0 k 1 1 mt lH afj - aVu ssssBffslSbJajCiee wei I L J rlsrf AVaT BwHHi BBaB k gBf ajalaaaaaaaaai awu - V ssssssssssssssssssswS f CALlfORNlABOY KILtEDON TRAIN Son of Wealthy Palo Alto People Was Beating His Way Home OUT OF PRISON TO TAKE BRIDE Special Dlspeteb to the Okroalcle CHICAGO August 17 Andrew An derson It year old aon of wealthy parents In Palo Alto Cat was Instantly killed Saturday night when beating hi way home on top of th Los Angeles limited on to Northwestern Line near West Chicago lit Tile boy stood up just as the train rushed through viaduct and waa truck a f rightful blow on th back of the head by th Iron framework of th bridge Word has been received from the boy pareota in Palo Alto asking that th body b shipped to them Until they receive word of hi death they said they had no Idea where he - was aa he had wandered away several month ago Anderson who Is said to hav been rather wayward was heir to 200000 It Is reported TO FORECLOSE ON ONE GOULD ROAD First Step Toward Reorganization Under the Harrfman Plan Special Dlipstrb t the Chroakl XSW TORJC August IT Th first mortgage bondholder of th Wabash - Pfttsburg Terminal on of the first OouW roada to go Into th hands of receivers has taken the first Important steps toward a reorganisation ef the company by Instructing the Mercantile Trust Company trustee under th mortgage to begfn foreclosure proceedings The - Wabash Railroad owns all th stock Of the Terminal Company and th Terminal Company own a eon - trolling Interest la the stock of th Wheeling and Lake Erie whlcbA rev cently passed Into the control at E H Itarrlman Th action thus ha an Im portant relation to the recent Gould Harriman understanding The fore - 1 closure Is said to mean th tarry reorganisation of the Wheeling and Lake Erie and Wabash - Pittsburg Terminal under Harrlmen auspices JAP AH NOT A PASTY TOBEHEING SEA TREATY TOKIO JepanAugustil Th re port that Japan ha opened negotia tion for participation In the Ameri can - Russian Behrlng - aea fishing treaty la premature This country my how - ever consent to he a party1 to the agreement if overtureto that effect are made tjTJfttT eutherltle Jer jldlcul 4h alleged proposal foran allianc between America1 and China and declare that busjBOdfes rtrylng to iw dl eord between Japan and iO - r Captain Koepenick Overcome With Joy at News ot Kaisers Clemency SperUl Dtapsteli tn the ChmslcU BERLIN August IT William Votgbt th celebrated Captain Koepenick wad released yesterday from th royal prison at Tegel near Berlin where he had been confined for twenty month fr his exploit In arresting th municipal authorities of Koepenick and robbing them of eeveral thousand dol lars He still had twenty - eight month to serve but waa pardoned by the Kaiser The order for his release reached the Ministry of Justice yesttr day morning and was at onca tele phoned to the prtson Volght could not eat hi dinner for Joy He left th prison penniless having only carfare In his pockets a no payments ar mad on Sunday He recognised th conductor of the car that took him to the home of his future bride la th suburb of Rlxdorf He will soon marry and open some busl nees hls admirers having collected enough capital for him to make a start with Frau Werthelm a wealthy Jew Isti woman has settled an annuity of flOO on him e TWO WIDOWS CLAIM ESTATE Death of Vacaville Merchant Brings Out Fact HeWas a Bigamist Special Dfepitca to ta Caroslcle1 AaM hearing his name for many year and supposing herself to b his lawful wife and now hla widow Mr John Coulter ot this place has apparently become convinced othat her husband once it prominent and respected business man waa a bigamist sine his aeatnsne has rscelved from a woman In Canada what appears to be eoncluslvej proof that she Isth legal widow of Coulter and she and her children ar entitled to hi estate said to b worth more than UIoOT Mr Coulter No 3 agreed It Issafd to a division of th estate sh taking nothing buVreqatrlng half of it for I her children Mrs Coulter No 1 I said to hav first agreed t this but her ons decided t demand for her and themselves th entire estate Th matter I about to be taken Into court for settlement Coulter claimed to hav bsen divorced but this claim cannot so far b substantiated Th affair ba caused sensation here and th sympathy Is with ths Vecavlll widow and her children s FLAMES DAMAGE THE SHOPPING CENTER Fire and Water Create Havoc Amid Stores of Costly Merchandise MANY EXCITING FEATURES Women Working on Theatrical Costumes Barely Escape With Life Fire broke out last night shortly be fore S oclock among th dry goods and furnishing stores on th southeast cor ner of Post street and Van Ness ave - nuv completely demolishing the upper portion ef th frame building owned by A rrledlander and H Ooldstene fronting on Van Nasa avenue and cov erlng the entire west end ot the block between Post and Geary streets and damaging by lire and water merchan fdlse and goods valued at over tlMDOO The fire which started from some un known cause broke forth on tha Post street slds directly across th street from the Emporium department store wber thousand of dollars worth of goods of vsrlous description ar kept The flames were first noticed issuing frlrn the window of th building at 1 J 7 Pott street In which waa located a Parisian millinery store conducted by A LeFarra who had recently stocked the place with a line of valuable Im ported hats Almost as Olppert noticed th smoke pouring from the building the flame and sparks belcbed forth with a roar and In an Incredibly short time Immense tongues of fire were leaping across th street threatening the buildings tn which th Emporium Is located THRBATBXS GREAT DAMAOB Olppert rushed to the nearest fire alarm box and sent in an alarm from box 17T When he returned a most spectacular and exciting fire was In progress The biasing atructure was a two - story affair To the east waa a low building occupied by Stewarts womens outfitting supply house nut to which waa closely situated a three story building containing th valuable books of th Book Lovers and th Tabard Inns libraries Ths flax war roaring across and abovs th low building and It seemed as If the libraries wer doomed To the west of th biasing building was th north end of the Frledlander - Goldstone building on the ground floor of which was the Paragon Shirt Waist house containing a large stock of th finest grade ot womens waists and skirt Over this was situated th cos turning establishment of Madams A Jahn As the crowds gathered In front of th building and the fir apparatus began to arrive the sereama Of women could be heard above the din and roar of the fire In th upper window of th costuming establishment out ot which th smoke was pouring in great clouds appeared the forma of two women who could be but dimly seen as they waved - their arms in despair WOMK1 ARE RESCUED Thar were Mrs Nellie Jahn daughter - in - law of the proprietor of the place and Miss Till Meyer as sistant forewoman Th women had been hurrying through some work for th theatrical company playing at th Alcasar Theater As they were putting on the finishing touches to soms oens designed for last nights - performance thefwere suddenly startled by a sound Ilk an explosion and before they had time to escape a sheet of fir had leaped around from th front ot th bulldtnr next to them and had entered th room In which thyrat ths fiery tongues licking their way into me building and enveloping th women in a mass of smoke In their desperation they rushed to the windows and as they vrer about to lump to th pave - mint below the hoarse voices ot the men called to them td stand fasCTrom the darkness tn the rear score of men plunged into the room and they wr hastily carried doem the - burning stairway Int the strt Aftr the flrt alarm was turned In from box lit second alarm waa sounded frm box 111 T William Har rison after which followed two mor alarms from the sam box As th gongs were sounded In th various fire houses In the etty company after com pany responded until ther arrtvd on th Keneot th fir twelve engines three trucks three ehemlcal engines a water tower and a water battery With thts Immense quantity of apparatus 1 Chief Shaughneeay went to worhv Ills first effotts were directed to - in rosv street slde and against tremendous odds he succeeded In - fighting the fire awar from the Emporium On th Van - Ness - avenu side thearlous bat talion chiefs were hammering away at th roaring flame F1GHTIJCO THB rLAMESL Through th gabled garrets ot th old buildings the flame were sweep Ing easing their way in places Into th store below Tlr and parks were pouring from a dosn different win dows and great streams of water wer being plaVed on th roof and Into th biasing Interiors In th street hun dred had gathered looking tn slisne atttri fireman a they went swiftly about their work At th outsat ot th firs th police were busy clearing th street of the carious multitude and a long rop was stretched alone as a barrier byr Lieutenant Albert Wright CHILD FALLS FROM QRA1TD STAND INTO MILL RACE BAtEM Otj August IT Whll playing In the grand stand on th ball field of Willamette University to - day thJlttlttxtn - monthold daughter r - ths - TBuah - atraaf Station heldtnar a ot rrwnkiiiw un yu - x the press of onlooker and stay amett university i torougn ana p th tld f ths massss of mit and Into the milt1 race which runs under - aeath end was drowse Csattswed Pag s C1jb U - pf i iiii in I HAINS YOUNG WIFE SAYS SHE WAS DRUGGED Beaten by Her Husband and Compelled to Sign a Confession NEW FEATURES OF CASE The Captain apd - Hia Brother Appear in Court Hand cuffed Together Sseelal Dispatch t tat Cbroalcle NITW - TOMC August IT Captain P C Halna wife ttpudlatea th written confession on which the defense of her husband and his brother Is to be hased She ta quoted a saying My huaband returned unexpectedly from the Philippines May 23th last He mad wild accusations against me Later my huaband hla brother and their father gave me drugged whisky and compelled me to sign a paper which they aay is a confession Then tbey took my three children from me and drove me out ot the bouse Bh says ah was tot only 111 but also completely terrorised when ah signed the paper aa her husband had beaten her black and blue until her whole body ached and hi brother and father had called her dreadful names A woman would hav signed any thing under those circumstances she says I waa so weak I could hardly hold my head up when they brought the paper to me I waa deathly afraid of my husband Be raged like a craxy man and would not let ms explain that no was maung a terrible mistake RELATIONS WEBUB tttlENDLT Of far more interest than th formal arraignment In a Polio Court to - day ot Captain Halna who shot and killed William T Annls advertising manager i a magasin on Saturday at the Bay sia lacnt u landing while his brother T Jenkins Halna held at bay a crowd ef yachtsmen who sought to PMvent th tragedy ws evidence wheh cam Into th hands of District Attorney Damn bearing upon th mo ttv for th snooting It waa estab nsBd that Captain Hains and Annls were on such friendly ternuthat thy went kutomebtilnr together aa recently as May tttb last Two women were in th party and th police believe th women were Mm Halas and Mrs Annls A motocycl policeman arrest ed th party for speeding on Ocean Parkway Th ess was postponed in court end Is stilt on th calendar Th party was in Annls automobile and th police held Annls In lioe ball An ni naa oniy izo and tn police were about to lock him up when Captain Halna etepped forward and handed th prisoner four IZt gold pieces thus ob talning his release BROTHER CAUSED TROUBLE 1 have also been told by friends of Captain Halns and Mr Annls that this friendship ceased after a talk Captain Halns had with his brother T Jenkins Halns said th District At torney T intend to hav T Jenkins Hatn tried aa an accessory before and during th fact as I believe he ts as guilty as his brother It was his let tr to captain nam that mad the latter hurry home from the Philippine and question hi wit regarding her alleged misconduct with Annls and It waa T Jenkins Halns who prevented any on from stopping Captain Halns from shooting Annls Another remarkable feature ef the leas Is th friendship which exists be tween Mr Annls and Mrs Claudia Halns Captain Halna wif Mrs Halna called upon MT Annls yesterday after noon it wai learned t - dav and re mained wtth her until nearly midnight Mrs AnnlsWho witnessed th shoot tng of her husband has been pros trated since th tragedy It la said she has several letter written by Captain Halns to bar husband threatening hi life - On ot the letters It Is said was - received by Annls the day before he was shoe Ths letter warned him It Is reported that Captain Halns would shoot him on sight - Mrs Annls says that ah doe not believe Captain Halna intended to shoot her husband but that he wanted to serve him with papers In dlvere proceeding Mrs Annls frequently entertained Mrs Halns and several tlmee Mrs Halns waa taken on automobile rides with airs Annis and her husband HANDCTJFVED lit COURT When the Halns brothers were taken to police station at Long Island City they had to wait until a lot of patty casee had been disposed of before their case was called They were locked In th prtson pen and when they wer arraigned etood on the bridge hand eunea togetner Their father was In th courtroom but he had ho chance to speak to his ions Their counsel William C Percy asked for n adjournment f a week and It was granted Then th broth ere nanacuirea to detectives wr taken through the streets toa trolley line flv blocks away followed by a big crowd Photographer took pic ture ef them and when ens of th detectives told th photographers they had taken enough plctares T - Jenkins Halns spoke us saytngi Let them take all they want civ them a chance Theyll get them any way if - TATAlL EXPLOSION OX STBAKER TRAVERSE CITT Mich August IT Mrs IsabetLabonUv ofthla - city waaknied and a score ef person were injured to - day bytb ejtptolea ot th Doner erin paseurr steamer La - laed bound front Leeland to rouehs en Carn la Matthew Jackson Stage Robber and HoM - Up Man Whose Capture Has Explained a Variety of Crimes in Two States j j j jfr Tjjr AqU BrMrVlr jfSsssssssssssssssn1 TrfBsDHUVTljBlM RIOTERS FIRE UPON SOLDIERS FROM AMBUSH Attempts to Murder Guardsmen in Springfield Streets Prove Futile SPRINGFIELD III August 17 Two prlvatsa ot Company D Fifth Infantry of Bloomlngton Earl Ashley and Ouy IJuncan were fired upon at 1141 oclock to - night from ambush They wer not hit Th attack occurred at Fifteenth and Edwards streets Th troops of th First Cv airy wer ordered to the place to make arrests if possible Shots were heard from other point in the vicinity Flv men war arrested at Eighth and Ash streets A second attack waa made on th militia from ambush from Fourteenth and Edwards streets at midnight Lieutenant Chase and two privates of Company A Fourth Infantry were fired upon the bullets kicking up the dust at their feet Company E of the First Infantry was sent to tha place and as this detachment was about to return another shot was fired th mis sile striking th scabbard of Lieuten ant Rldgeway No one was Injured and no arrests wer mad Governor Deneen to - night Issued six proclamations one for each violent death during the riot offering a reward ot 1204 for evidence which would lead to the conviction ot the guilty persons One more victim waa added to the death list of th Bprtagfleld mob tonight when O Wr Scott succumbed to a gunshot wound In the lungs received Friday night Scotts death bring the total to elx and Is the fourth charge able to the disorder in the black belt near Twelfth and Madison streets It was here that th hunted negroes made their stand firing upon the mob from window and roofs Another death 1 expected momentarily W H Bowe chief clerk ot the County Treasurers office Is slowly sinking from the effects of th bullet wounds and the beating which he received from a crowd of negroes Friday night Bowee friends have warned th authorities that hla death will be avenged Walt until th troops go Is th word that has been passed around town and recognising the strength of th undercurrent the State city and county officials are taxing every effort to turn publlcr opinion toward law and order To that end Governor Deneen has ben In conference with officials ot varloua civic bodies Including the Chamber of Commerce the Springfield Bar Asso elation and the Evangelical Ministers Association Evidence la not lacking that many citlsens who were known to have important testimony regarding the mob and it leaders have bsen de terred from offering this to th States Attorney because ot threats of violence mad against them anonymously STRICKEN ON THE TRAIN AT CHICAGO y Irish Girl Bound for Napa Is Overcome in the Middle of Journey Starlit Plptt Iff lh Clnnlcle CHICAGO August lTir - Slck and friendless In aetrang city with th ocean and thausandaof miles separating her from her home in Klllarney Ireland Miss Aanie Brennao la tying at th County Hospital with littles hop for recovery Mo Brennaa waa taken IK about two hours out f Chicago on th Grand Trunk train from New Tork Women traveling companions who sought to enter into eonveraatlonjWlth rhr no ticed ner usueseness ana succeeded only tn learning her nam andiftW erner sas started on her Journey When rscelved at the hospltaL th woman was In convulsions Asid from her through ticket to Nspe CaLther wer no papr on hr which would tend to - eiear tn mystery sunaundlnsr r jordtcamen - w RICH LOOT FOUND IDENTIFIES A ROBBER n K 7 Sack of Valuables Connects Matthew Jackson With j Two Crimes A DARING STAGE ROBBER i Police Capture Man Wanted lit Butte County and in Oregon IK the capture ef Matthew Jackson alias Carlson who was taken lot custody after a Here struggle at tb Royal House at Third and Folson streets 8atuTday night the pelle arc confident that they bar secured on5 of th most daring stag robbers and hold - up men that has operated on ther coast With the discovery of a sack of loot containing bank checks aggregating UM09 in value 100 worth of postag stamps registered letters and packet ages ten watches and numerous othet article of considerable value la thl rear of a saloon on Jackson street tastt night it became poaslbre to identify Jackson aa the highwayman who sue - j cessfully held up a stage near Tllla - i mook In Oregon early In July and toe fasten upon him the robbery of flfteeejj lumbermen who wer held up oa si lonely trail near Stirling City In ButteJ county on August 10th and successive - 1 ly relieved of their monthe wagev which bad Just been paid them by the Diamond Match Company for which they were working CAPTURE OF JACKSOX Th capture of Jackson was aceom pUshed by Detectives Maekey and Bell after their suspicions had been directed to him by th lavish manner in which he was spending money In th tenderloin The local police had been advised by jh Sheriff of Butt county to be on the lookout for the tall mis In overalls who had waylaid th fit teen lumbermen and a description had been sent to Chief Blggy Whan th detective took th trail of Jackson here they found that he was hiring automobiles and spending money In othea waya with a lavish hand Looking up this record they found that he ad tenaea oar lormerly at S Howard street end that he had been out of town at the time of the Stirling robbery with tbla Information they determined upon hla arrest which was accomplished at the Royal House SaU urday night after a desperate struggle In which the detectives overpowered their man and placed him In a csll ln the City Prison Advice from Butt county were received saying that th description given of Jackson exactly tallied with that given by the lumber men of the man who had held them up and relieved them of their months pay and th Sheriff of Butte county wired that he waa on his way to th city ta complete th Identification and tak the man back for trlaL SEARCH HIS EFFECTS On th day following his arrest whjl th detectives wer engaged In aa effort to locate Jacksons belongings they discovered a dress suit cat and an overcoat in a saloon on Steuart street which had been left ther by th prisoner In the overcoat was sv double - barreled shotgun and eight loaded shells while th suit cas con - tamed a pair of overalls which wars stained with blood Confronted with these Jsckson still denied that he had evir been in Butt County or that h knew anything about the lrllng holdups But It was wtth the discovery of th sack of loot In th Jackson - street saloon that the police first were convinced ot the magnitude ot th crime committed by th man in their custody ThV finding of the sack 1 to be credited to Detective James Maekey but how - he was led to search the Jackson street place Is not revealed In th sack wer ten watches which It is expected wilt b identified by th lumbermen a having been taken from them on the trail one mil front Stirling on th night of August loth Ther Is also a pistol which corresponds with the description of on taken from en ot th lumbermen and to complete th vldence money orders Issued by th Stirling postofflce and bank check on the Bank of Chtco This portion of the loot in th rich sack la alt thought to hav been taken by Jackson in the Stirling robbery In which there was taken 500 la money and valuable said to be equal la amount But th contents of the ack Is not CeatlasMd Fag S Celai t sssK Mr 4v m EHRMANBROSiCO1 134136 - 138 frofit St - 1 A SACTELLA ft CaTCPkj K if Aw tr l

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