San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on October 29, 1918 · Page 9
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 9

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1918
Page 9
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JS - V - WMX rra S - - wi w - sfrr gtenetatpnbws Miscellaneous and Classified Advertisements pwt - r second sefetro PAGES 9 TO JG FOUNDED 1865 N SAJTFRAN0I8COt OAL TUESDAY OCTOBER 29 1918 TV - VOL GXIII NOMOG WAR AGAJME INFLUENZA SPREAD IN CITY CONTINUES DECREASE III CASES Nil DURING DAY V Si IN THe NW CENTER OF THE RED CROSS NOW ON MISSION STREET VNEAR o iff eft - hand pxture shows an ambulance unit consisting of left to right Miss Margaret Flynn Dr M J Seymour Mrs M J Seymour anjj back - William McDwttjheJr who donatedhis car andservices Upper right - hand picture discloses left iHany L fiogart manager of the local chapter Red Cross and EL WL Gregory chairman - of the mtluenzaconunittee The lower photograph ira view of information bureau Here Miss Joyce Mrizell L H Simon Miss l - iwc cnou j w - v an rraag miss rurm AUschul and Mis Miss Delia Lovely from left to right are busy all day long Dr Hassler Warns Against Any Let - Up in Precautions Against Malady PLAGUE UNDER CONTROL Many Are Inoculated With Vaccine Banks Set New Hours for Closing - 4 tTTTERINQ a warning yesterday 1 against any let - up In the 5r J cautions v taken against Influenza Dr William C Hassler City Health Officer said that no more nw wr rnmlut In than should ho I expected Tha official total yeeteraay was i - iu new cases for the twentji - four hours The number of new cases actually Reported was more than 400 greater hut on the round thatthe total Included lane numbers of cases that should hare been reported as much as four days ago and many duplications the Health Officer ordered the subtraction made P Tha grand total of cases for this city was 15199 at 5 oclock yesterday afternoon with 7T deaths Deaths yesterday numbered 90 The high day last week when the number ef new caeea ran closa to end above 2000 for some days now begin to show In the number of serlouseases While the dally total of new cases Is dropping the Emergency Service records how that the number of pneumonia eases Is climbing Pneumonia cases handled by the Emergency Service w - - I - nt a Friday 108 on Saturday 131 Sunday and were etpected to run still higher for yesterday This Increase In serious cases following several days after the reports f new cases began to go down Is ex plained by the surgeons as due to the fact that several days usually lapse before an Influenza caae reaches the point of pneumonia 4l SmTAtfldlC SERIOUS cThe hospital situation was reported yeuterday to be serious At midnight Sunday night the San Francisco Hos - Dltal - wn completely full and all day yesterday the Emergency Service was lighting - for oeas lor the incoming cases Ww - dterhargs - of convalescent patients supplied some beds at the San Francisco Hospital additional l - H beds were secured and a new ward was opened la addition tho city took over 550 hds In the Childrens Hospital which H are to be used for women and chll - hear the Union plant of the Bethle - beta shipbuilding Corporation has been turned Into a hospital with fifty beds Under the direction of Archbishop EdwartT J Hanna a recuperating hospital with sixty beds Is being made ready at St Vincents chooL Nevertheless the great bulk of the cases are proceeding without serious Complications Up to Sunday night out it a total of 147 cases consld - ciably more than half or 84 had been discharged as - cured or had passed the four - day period without sign of complication Of the 290 Cases still remaining unreported 717 were pneumonia cases at the San Francisco Hospital DEATH RATE HEAVY Tne aeam rate is saia to nave oeen a particular Heavy in tne Italian Vquarter Although the normal death rate for natives of Italy resident In this city Is not more than twenty tach month the records of the Board Health shojv the deaths of 110 since this Infl tenia epidemic started This of coursetakes no account of persons born in mis country or Ital ian parents The arrival of 0000 doses of Leary vaccine from Boston last night In charge of Edward E Moore secretary to Mayor Andrew J Peters of Boston brought tne available quantity or vac cine In this city up to a point where it Is now said that there Is a much as the doctors or tne city can handle PHYSICIANS GET SUPPLIES The supplies have been distrlbutsd renerally to physicians and to hos pitals for free Inoculation of the public Tne cnier aepot in tne city for the administration of the vaccine Is at the Central Emergency Hospital where at least one surgeon Is on duty day and night for this purpose Y - terday there was a constant procession of men and women through the operating room where the vaccine Is administered Altogether more than TOO doses have been given at the Central Emergency Hospital since the vaccine was first available last Friday night 0 r Others - depots where Inoculation with the vaccine may De had free of Charge are the Childrens Cllnlo at the Childrens Hospital Lane Hospital the University of California Ho - pltal the Fairmont Hospital and the Harbor Emergency Hospital Mount S ix - V v - H ft 1 fiSglaSg - gtsHsk HB sB 9 attiKL 7lZii r - JWU - iylBll ssaaaaaaassVlsaaaaaaaaasan SMHHgfgHra wP - LPHHgHPillVIHI i When You Phone TheHed Cjrpss FOR Service Forf Sick CALL PARK 8646 Exchange Connects With All Department Zlon Hospital Is Klvlnr free of chares Inoculations of Leary vaccine to all wno appiy at tne dispensary HOT Scott street near Post Superintendent iiouia c Levy announced yesterday MANY INOCULATED The vacefne Is given hypodermlcally In three doses at Intervals of twenty-tour nours me nrst or tne uo jects In this city to receive their third shot were given It Sunday night Hospital stewards and nurses who hid the third dose were atthir work as usual yesterday Some of them said they had had the slight - headache and fever that was expected to follow tne Inoculation while others said they had felt no effects at all The St FrancU Hotel received from Indianapolis last Friday a shipment of vaccine for the Inoculauen of the 100 employes of the hotel The work of vaccinating the employes began Saturday and was continued yesterday Scores of employes from the executive star down to the bell hops hare been vaccinated A warning was Issued yesterday oy Health Officer Hassler that no pre caution should be omitted by the person who has been given the Leary treatment Masks he said sliouia oe worn continuously A person who has been made Immune he said mignt still act as a carrier and communicate the disease toVrthers Particularly he added should persons who have recovered from an attack of lnfluenxa continue to wear the mask Such per sons he said are able to communi cate the disease for as mucn as i weeks afterward All who have had tha Influenxa he warned should wear their masks at home for the protection of other members of the family Because of tile epidemic all the member banks of the San Francisco Clearing - house Association put Into effect esterday an order to close at 2 P M Instead of On Saturdays the banks will close at noon as heretofore - The rule Is to remain In effect until further notice Influenza Shows Little Material Change in State SACRAMENTO October if There has been no miterlal change - generally In the Influenra epldemlo In California according to the State Board of Health - Reports received Sunday and today showed the total number of ram since the outbreak of the epidemic had reached a total of 17350 Some of the districts In tne extreme northern and southern parts of ths State showed Improved conditions but this was offse by - Increased number of cases reported from other parts pt the State it was stated at the Board of Health office Representatives of the board re - oorted that Its staffs for rendering emergency aid In various cities and towns have assisted 35 places There have behn a total of 111 cases In Sacramento to date with 58 deaths Robert Blaine and James Nolan two alleged Industrial Workers of the World under Indictment on a charge of conspiracy to Obstruct the war ac tivities of the Government died of Influenza today This made three of the 0 defendants named In the Indictment who have died WASHING AND APPEAL WEAR MASKS AND HELP NURSE SICK Increased Vigilance Will Check Influenza Which Is Now at Its Worst Chairman Britton Says Wifeof Court Clerk Dies of Influenza Mrs Mae Haves wife of Milton Hayes clerk In Superior Judge John T Kourses court died yesterday of lnfluensa Hayes Is seriously ill with the same malady Superior Judge Daniel C Delay Justice of the Peace Charles B A Crelghton Bailiff Paul Maneelt of Judge Nourses court and Bailiff Fred Schulken of Judge James M Troutta court are amonsr the other Cltv Hall I officials and employes who are 1U with lnfuerua - T - 1E Red Cross Issues a warning to the public and an appeal The warning concerns Increased vigilance at this the climax period of the Influenza epidemic which afceord - Ing to Chairman John A Britton has reached theapex of Its malignity and will begin to decline definitely withln a lew days provioea tne people wear their masks and observe all the regulations framed for their protection The Red Cross cry is for more nurses and still more nurses Up to early last evening about 2S0 appli cations had been flled - wlth Miss Bertha Klrsch the examining nurse who determines the fitness of the applicant for the service to which they aspire Graduate nurses trained nurses ex perienced nurses are lnciuoeo in tne 2S0 accepted applications which were only about half the number which the Red Crois hoped to receive Twenty - five dollars a week Is belnc paid by the Red Crons to nurses and it is noned that today will bring forth sufficient of this sort of highly expert serylce VISITOR HELPS 183 CASES On account of the lack of adeauate number of nurses many of those en rolled are nearlng Collapse from overwork Dr Margaret Van Prag of the United States Health Service who happened to be In San Francjsco when the Influenza arrived volunteered her services to the Red Cross In this emergency She attended 1S2 cases during the twenty - four hours ending yesterday morning of which sixty - eight wire pneumonia patients Dr John Seymour of Chicago who also happened to be In the city volunteered his expert services For three days and nights ending Saturday night he took no sleep and very little food He collapsed and was taker to his apartments but was on hand yes terday and irsatne thickest of tne right again These facts are olted by the Red Cross as evidence of the strain under whlvh their forces are fighting and are referred to In the hope of stimulating the emulation of others skilled In the care and treatment of the sick ItEW R C HEADQUARTERS Yesterday saw the Red Cross bat talion fighting from Its new center In Henry Browns building on Mission street between Sixth1 and Seventh The removal frem 20 Montgomery street was effected without Ion of lime or motion and the new quarters provide ample office room for each of the various departments of the service The premises were donated by Brown who Is a Napa banker An unfortunate hitch may Interfere with the Red Cross plans of convert Ing the Red Cross headquarters In the Clvlo CenterNnto a hospital capable of caring lor 300 patients The work necessary for such a change was practically completed yesterday when Chairman J A Britton announced that he had received word from Dr J J Hogan o Mare Island that It was doubtful If he and the rest of the Mare Island unit assigned to the Red Cross hospital here could come The reason was that there had been a re crudescence of the malady In ValleJo and that they would be required there to take care of the alarmingly Increasing number of new cases If this situation Is not bettered by Wednes day when It was planned to open the hospital It will be used during the oertod of the epidemic as a convals - scsnt sanatorium MORE DELICACIES NEEDED Mrs John Metcalf In charge of Red Cross store fat 332 Stockton street which was converted last week Into a temporary relief station announces that responses to calls for dainties and nourishing - foods fer sick folk have beea answered generously but H SLACKER that more donations are urgently ked of jellies port wine and other delkacles which add much to the comfort of convalescents and suhi tract much from the period of their nvalldlsm These supplies are at the call of the nurses and doctors on the various cases and are distributed with care that those who hive most need have most service The willingness of the public to u A thMr own Protect la derriontrated says Chairman Brit - ton in ths fact that the Red Cross aone has distributed in the neighborhood of 200000 of the gauze protectors FOURTEEN SUB - STATIOKS Mrs John B Casserly at the bead Of til A WASH at - - l W A Cross spent yesterdv i ohLin tru wnrt Henrr D - It andPIctinrd VefSL th 57 HIth Depart - - - - rnanr 1 mpn a lafl r I I - Blacksmith Strikes Health Inspector Striving to Enforce Order Two men and a woman were shot yesterday at Powell and Markev will preside over the fourteen cen irai stations to be established throughout the city whence will radiate the Influence of the Red Cross doctors and nurses who are now working from the downtown head quarters as a center This scheme will be operative by tomorrow H Is believed and the locations and telephone numbers will then be published CATHOLIC LEADER BACK Rev P L Ryan director of the Affiliated Catholic charities working In co - operation with tho Red Cross was sufficiently recovered from an attack of Influenza to resume his duties yesterday at headquarters In thai Hewes building Sixth and Market streets Rev Richard Collins who represents Archbishop Hanna In this work was stricken with the malady but was able to - be out a few hours yesterday As at Red Cross headquarters so In tha - kHewes building there Is urgent need for more home workers Moreautomobiles are also required to cover the forty districts of the Affiliated Cathollo Charities humane efforts E BROUGHT HERE Representative of Boston Mayor Arrives in a p to Fight Epidemic NEEDS TO BE SUPPLIED City Complimented for Work Accomplished in War - on Influenza Gernr Edward E Moore private secretary to Mayor Andrew J Peters of Boston arrived In San Francisco last evening bringing 20000 doses of the Leary Influenza vaccine which stayed the ravages of the disease In the Eastern city Moore made a record trip across the continent with the vaccine In two large packing eaaee that were - never oft the same train with htm With the serum came a letter to Health Officer William C Hassler from Profeesor Timothy Leary who discovered the treatment stating In emphatic terms that the vaccine would prevent pneumonia and do away almost entirely with the Influenza death rate Dr Hassler after discussing the vaccine with Mayor Rolph members of the Board of Health Supervisors and physicians last night said he had great faith In the message from Professor Leary which he read as follows In treatment of Influenza It Is most valuable In large doses up to two cubic centimeters In the beginning of the disease Used In this way It should abort the disease and prevent pneumonia In all but a small percentage It should do away with the death rate almost totally The prophylactlo use wilt not completely protectt The percentage of those coming down Is small and peu - monla Is prevented In great part TIMOTHY LEARY A doee of the Leary vaccine consists of three Injections one srlvan every twenty - four hours for three days ENOUGH TO SUPPLY CITY Last night Dr Hassler stated that with the ehlpment brought by the Fastern man and the cultures being obtained through the University of California and other agencies bMhad enough to supply the needs of San Francisco Professor Leary Is head of the bacteriological department of Tufts MrU - Pollete Boston When the epldemlo was at Its height there according to Moore the professor announced his discovery and results of test treatments It was Immediately adabiej by the city Tlie aeatn rate wa krnnrhi dawn to normal within a short while after its use he stated Secretary Moore last night com pllmeated San Francisco on Its fight for eradication oi in inuutm said that the wearing of masks whfch was not followed In Boston would surely prove a great benefit here CLIMATE TO PLAY PART He stated that Eastern medical men fbund that the liifluenza was no respecter of climate being just as virulent Ik the cold and rain of the East as In the balmy days that preceded the storm period But he predicted the psychMoglcal effect of California sunshine ana air wouia have a great effect In stamping out the germs Dr Hassler announced that all hospitals In San Francisco would be supplied with the vaccine today The clinics at the Institutions will give the treatments free of charge he said e 100 Mask Slackers iHeld on Charge of Disturbing Peace Oakland Soldier JnfluenzaVictim While in France Two Wounded East Bay Men - Write Cheering Letters From Hospitals i O AKLXND ChaVei sssssssssssTvJssssI BBBBSBBBHH asBBBBn sBsJjj sssssV W sgesssVssMPvi T tn CTtAXLlj w amncTT rence of J0J Twelfth street that his condition Is not serious We were In the thickest of the fighting he writes and our casualties were heavy but thosa of the boche were four to one heavier The ground was literally covered with their mv tinlfnvTM Sergeant Everett E Ford 459 Dover street reported aa severely wounded In action on August T has written to his brother Guy L Ford that he la In the hospital with a flesh wound He has a brother Walter B Ford In the aviation service i I Cal Health Board Opposes Measure State Officials Denounce Dentistry Legislation SACRAMENTO October 28 Inline with Its policy to oppose all new legislation that would alter the present legal safeguards for the public health the State Board of Health at Its last meeting unanimously adopted a reso I jj qJv iT Trt - ri - 1 - linffl war v Am mr sai a - sen ss 4 - - r Sharp Increase in Influenza Shown i At Army Camps WASHINGTON bctober 2Jr - Both Influenza and pneumonia showed a sharp increase at Army ramps during tne forty - eigntr hours ending at noon today the cause being ascribed by the Surgeon - General tonight to the ar rival of new - men at camps tn the South and Southwest Sundays total of lnfluensa Cases jumped to 246 from the low record of 102 reported Saturday and there was a further Increase today to 2931 cases Pneumonia cases Sunday were 495 against the day before Todays figure was 431 a slight decrease from Sunday Deaths however continue to decline with 193 Sunday and 14 today Camp Cody N M showed the greatest Increase of Influenza during the forty - elght - hour period with 017 new casss whllej Camp Bowie Tex had 42 and Camp - Hhelby Miss 31 Influenza on Wane San Mateo Reports SAN MATEO October JS lnfluensa eases are ion trsa decrease In San Mateo according to - Dr W4 CV McLean City Health Officer Dr ND Morrison member of the SatfMateo Board of Health who - Is recovering froul Influenza said today that almost all th - fRtalltsMn this section have been caused by victims failing to take proper precautions - mentr discharged his revolver In battle with James Wiser a blacksmith who refused to don a gause Influenza mask at the order of the health officer Wlsser was one of the wounded being shot In the srm and leg Henry Appleton 3 years old 124 Belvedere street was shot In the leg by one of the four bullets fired by Miller as was a woman whoss name could not be Jearned by the police she having gone at once to her home after learninglearning - her wound was slight The police reoort that MIlLr imimi Wlsser standing at the corner wav - Ing his arms and urging a crowd to dispenss with the masks They aru the bunk he Is reported to have said Miller ed him towsrd the drug stors lnslstlnr he sureties a mask At the door of the stors the black - smun struck Miller with a ssck eon talnlng a large number of sliver dollars and then knocked him to the ground While being pummeled Miller drew his revolver and four shots rang out j Wlsser and Appleion wejre treated at the Central Emeraehc Honoiti The blacksmith was then charged witn disturbing the peaoe resisting an officer and assault The police learned he had been arrested on Sunday night and locked up at the potrero station on a charge of belnr drunk and released yesterday shortly before - tne snooting Miller was taken to the central station and a cbarne of assault with a deadly weapon filed He Is 2 years Old and has been in the city Health Department foranumber of years He Is suffering from a badly bruised eye and cuts about the head from the attack by UVUsefv He lives at 23 Ansa street Wlsser gave his address as 203 Third street Ity ask Wearing Checks Richmond Epidemic RICHMOND October 21 By the enforced wearing of masks with the aid of the police and the home guards City Health Officer C R Blake believes he has the epidemic of Influenza checked In the last twenty - four hours there has been a marked decrease In the number of case report ed and the deaths have decreased in the same manor The Health Officer said that masks Would havs to be worn for the next three - weeks The number of deaths reported for the last forty - eight hours Is eight Influenza Ordinance Adoption Thursday The Influenza mask ordinance will be finally adopted by the Board of Supervisors on Thursday afternoon At present It has only been passed to print It will he effective as - a law 40 editor of the Chico - Enterprise and arier it nas - neen advertised five davsrknown throughout tn State died HIGH - PRESSURE SHU UNDER FIRE BY BOARD October 28 Private Bennett age 2 mentioned in todays casualty list is the son of Mrs Emily F Ben nett 24T Tele - rraph avenue He died In France on August 2 after a few days Illness from Influenza and pneumonia His uncle Louis Quintans a mining man was serving in ths same unit with him 12th Company 20th Engineers l Bennett was a graduate of the Oakland High School At vtire outbreak of the war he was farming in Wahhlng ton but tame home to Oakland and enlisted at the Presidio on No vember T last Besides the mother who has been prostrated since receiving the - news of her sons death he la survived by a brother Gilbert Ben - nttv and two aunts In Spokane Mrs Channlng King Harrison and Mrs John Spokoe Private Clyde L Lawrence 8708 salt water system Is a failure and ststen avenue Piedmont reported toinotitn condition to be used in the J - - wucm 11 1 - IKIIEV DM Written to his brother Harry M Law Schmitz Resolution Demands Flushing of Sewers Other Members Favor Plan MAYOR ROLPH OBJECTS Executive Lays Public Clamor to Agitation Matter Is Left to jtis Judgment Refusal of the city authorities to use the high - pressure Ire system la flushing the sewers with salt water to - help combatlnfluenza waa discussed by the Board of Supervisors yesterday and commended by Mayor Rolph The subject was brought before the Board bj supervlsor1 Schmitz who said that thousands of citizens believe the use of salt waterMnj cleansing the sewers would be efficacious and that they fear the high - pressure system Is a failure In deference to this urgent ppbltc dertandSchmiU offered the following resolutions Whereas Aarge number of our citizens are alarmed because of their belief that our high - pressure event of a great fire and Whereas It Is of the highest importance to ease - the minds of our citizens by demonstrating beyond peradventur that our high - pressure system Is a success therefore be It Resolved That the Board of Works be and la hereby instructed and directed - to use the high - pressurepressure system for the flushing of cur streets and sewers i with aalt water at the earliest possible moment The psychological effect of flushing with salt water would be greater than the actual hyglenlo affect Supervisor Schmitz declared He said his own wife and daughter who had bean stricken with Influenza had asked htm why salt water waa not used and thousands of women were Imploring to have It turned on Whet can ba tbe oblect of turninsr a deaf ear to thelf entreatlesT he UMU CLAMOR FOR FLUSHING Supervisor Wolfe said The epl - drmlc Is rising and there is a public clamor for salt - water flushing It might do some gtod It might save a life Even bne life saved woald justify the experiment SuDervlsor Welch asked what eonld be the haM of turning salt water Into the streets and sewers It was a seri ous question for the Mayor to - answer g ths defeanif - amend ment No 21 the dental Initiative On - Movemoer 5 This action waa taken after an In vestlgatlon that convinced the mem j bers of the Board that the sole object of the amendment was to lower the standard of dentistry and affect the public healtii The resolution follows Whereas proposition No 21 If passed will result Jh lowering the standard of dentistry In this State thus Injuriously affecting the publlo health therefore Be It resolved That this Board recommends that the proposed measure proposition No 21 be ueicaioa e Gauze - Mask Holdups Rob Jitney Driver W S Tlckner jitney driver 33 Embarcadero reported to the police last night that he was held up robbed and beaten by three passengers wear Ing Influenza masks and that after being gagged and thrown Into the bushes on Park boulevard near ThirtyThirty - ninth avenue his assailants drove off with his automobile He said he lost 5 In cash and a gold ring besides the machine Tlckner told the police his passengers clubed him Into unconsciousness and threw him by the roadside Recovering he dragged himself Into the roadway and was Dlcksd us bv Martin Nathan 30 Rush A hundred persons had been Jir - street who took him to the Park Forested In San Francisco up to 11 lice Station oclock last night for falling to wear Supervisor Hynea said that the peo ple btfllered that the use of salt water would be beneficial and he though so - himself MeSHEEHY FAVORS Supervisor McEheehy was favorable to the use fit salt water he saldV If the sewers and pavements could stand the pressure He doubted It In answer to Supervisor Harden who requested a frank statement front Mayor Rolph as to what his objections were to using the salt Water Rolph said that the agitation for it use was started to prejudice the public against his administration He said the Red Cross the State - Board of Health and Health Officer Hassler had opposed the use of salt water Supervisor Schmitz said that he had not heard Hassler oppose It He might have said It was not better than the fresh water though he added It was Anally decided to leave tbe matter to the Mayor If the city Board of Health agrees with him and decides that the - aalt water shall not be used It waa said It will not be turned on 1 COURT DELAYS HEARINGS The regular monthly law and motion calendar of the State Supreme Court set for November 4 has been advanced to November 18 on account of the influenza IP was announce yesterday by Chief Justice F M aa gellottl t Vf and then voted on by the Supervisors Influenza masks Of this number nlnty - two were registered at the City Prison and eight at the Southern Police Sta tlon These persons as well as those previously tsken Into custody were all arrested on the technical charge of disturbing the peace Of the number arrested on the preceding days nine of those who appeared before Police Judge Morris Oppenhelm were sentenced to terms in the County Jalc while those who were brought Into the court of Judge Matthew Bradyigot oft with lines the money to go to the Red Cross Of those sent to prison bv Judge Oppenhelm Arte Basrh M Vander - heit John Collins William McCor - mlck Joseph Jennings Henry Brown and Oscar Adams must serve thirty days for appearing In publlo without masks William 3Tlser and Carl Storm were given ten - day Sentences Judge Brady gave each prisoner before him a lecture on the neglect to wear a masK and promised stern measures In his court in future cases AlberLHowatt forfeited 310 JaU James Maloney was given ten das and Howard Taylor - was fined 10 Mrs Anna McNamsr was before Judge Trtnothy Fltspatrtck for not having a mask and was found guilty She will be sentenced today Chief of Police White said that If the Judges sent to jail all arreeted tor falling to wear the masks he could not take card of them at the City Prison Most of the men arrested yesterday pleaded forgetfulness when ac costed by thb police John Raggl arrested on Columbus avenue said he did not wear a mask because he did not believe In masks or ordinances or eyen in jaus jonn aid not believe In the draft either and had no legislation card He has now no occasion to disbelieve In Jails He la In the City Prison - 0 Chico Editor Victim Of Great Epidemic CHTCO October 28 John Briscoe bera today Influenxa 4 I r III - I Between common c6rn flakes and the wonderful Post toastiis there s no difference in pricev the difference in flavor is - tremendous M L J l iffl m tf M m S X m tA s iia MkmMmmtfmmmm

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