San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on April 13, 1919 · Page 11
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 11

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 13, 1919
Page 11
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- ytti - SJTjrVW - - 7T - - v Tim j wv - JS s - if - - T TJ - it - - - - - jiu imttFQBMmSL mm nppfi m I if - f - - -flanks of First - Class Players Have Been Thinned of Late IJnevv clubs will help pitakesideblympto and Lin coln Parle Should Be Im - j 6rtant Factors ByBOBS AH v FRANCISCO hu n th nor try of ehamplont In many branches of sports notably th roped arena Uljiwlmnlnl tank th tur and th tennis courts but to - data no coif oharaplon worthy of th nan has - first en th - light of day In the widely limmr at - advertised City me the Golden data1 And with a rtalflnraMsOn from Haw - Tears day until tha setting of Deeemoor thir matt be some reaaon ror tnia allnqueacy Tha trouble Is tetrflnd V Just what It la and apply tha - Sudy viti orderto dlegnote th asafalry fld without prejudice a companion with - thai othr sports la necessary AfldWo find that opn competition wltTf ho - bars ralted - ayy vver - n - fAUiMiflAtnir tA mi TnmniBri witr tha nuaatienaM adventaaraa et birth and luxury haa baan repon xftUVfor tha success of - our - youngJ tari Ih fields afar Why than ahould hordemoorncy do for roll what it na doit for1 other sports f And bafora nWMa - etivHf - inSa too rtaaalmfatld las Jin aay that I can ate tha - silver lining that accompanies most of the clouds at - Wlf V X Mike Gibbons to Box for Soldiers At the Presidio SOLDIERS of th Presidio at In for a traat tomorrow Monday night whan Mlkt Gibbons tha St Paul middle - weight hai promlaad to appear at a allow to b ataa - ad by Joe - OConnor for th Knight of Columbus In their rooms In th old Oregon building - Oibbona will bar George Shed aa hit opponent It will b - purely an exhibition match of course but Interest - 1ng nevertheless The remainder of th card will be arranged by A1 Toung from Association Club boxers - WMmmnmwG golf emtffiiBgffl 1 0 - - - - - - - - VTvnmnvNwnmmm r iPniiflr nnnrrrnn nrninruiiiriii i 1 1 1 II Up Mill III I L M W U LU li I LL WU I v U vt uUIVIL rUlll I Lllu Qplf Challenge uLllllLLLI Til Li 11 M to TakeJ riin flhl rmn IT AtLakesideCIiib in lYinTnn I n 1 la rib i un in i S6me SUr N6t Now in Umellght rortrxrn ciuorni cnampion bean paaainsj out ot oompaimonwim reauUrfraquoney of lata - years ytrat Jthr wa Frank C Newton match talayar oar - axcellenoe who ruled torerth course of California tan years aro and retired from aotlva 00tlUon thoujh not from Intereat Jni the came Campbell - D - Wliyt wh always figured prominently In California tournaments until ine ney - Bay of Jack Netllle lest hi lira - neat - Ingforhls country four year ago i Harry K B Jjavia - wno cnwienaau California - to a bout of colt for a Kuple - of - years and rud th roost dirinr late and ltlSi ha returned to his - home Stat t Pennsylvania Or DPyradTieicsiwnajwn - a n Ifer himself In - nUlonal championships ibefora h came to the Cat - haa Iblned1 th rank otth ltrallt - lblea by nrtnr th rank of thev profrs slohala Halnrloh Schmidt who - waa eeoond only to Walter Trayl In hla ptowes Tn Bncllah competition by tarrytn Marold Hilton to the nlne - Seanth green U now located permanently 1n Oregon Robart T - Hayn Is at present In Bovth America though expected to Irtturn to his home Btate and WtF ntry who won that sensational fnatrh from Jack NV1U four year - jo on th Borllngame link where Ih fortncoming cniropioinoip Xorthern California It to be staged Thai retired temporarily from the Tof and ancient pastime kVTlU than laaye the rank of first - class players In our midst rery vi riAit - iM nranr tha bast arolfar vT produced In th Itat Is still In Compiuion Due wvmu nwt mnui make hi horn across th pond In the ar fiitnra Jack NeTllle who ha twir - tnor tltl and prored himself Jio h equally gam wlnnrand losor Hit hl natlr Stat If out ef ITraetlc Some of tWTalMt Stm Be ReUUpOn rinaant Whitney formr Pacific latebamponi CILMaudwho won mninfciT hare tnanr rears ago tin knanubraoktt In scratch DCtt Wadtor Vb Prld ef Ban tOmftUmuiBTVMm mw wh Is always 4abetd dangerouei John lAweon who carries rrerytning In his bar axoapf - a reliable putter Frank Kala WhOveould aaally earn hrwket In good company If h would take hi time as seriously as th a aferetaJd golfers Cyril Tobto bug drlTar and a bld puttr tha man artill fady and - wlllteg to strlT for uprmaey u - y n 4hr ar Trank OTCne and Xt Johnston - of Sao Jo alway ilKhamplonahlp flighters Roger D japham who has adopted - Sanvrran - wMai QrJd Karx th youngest and - SMttibaeatblllt - for honors who ha rttii th mark to data and JL - OY D Xtltk i - yt to pror in riy promla la actual otnpetltlon ut apart from th lat - fnntlond yeunritera no - new talent ha ap - Ipearsd In any of th rprnUtlTe itewnaiaMU of lata yeare The older Jclhb - ar nantly act produolnf them so in new crass win i at the pao in tnis rararo wita so rnaly anthuslastlo young athlete in tha - rank of th - Olympl Club tak - i nn the ram It should not b a far cry bafor oa of th Winged 0 boy breax into cnampionanip som - r pasy And on th Kunlelpai link bth Lincoln - Park Club which cannot th seleot elm because It li - doal iot happen to control It own oufae though where th dUtlsitlon lew tile club and the Presidio vClub l drsjwnMSm t a - pro - in lie Getting InfaesimgWiW Th California Ihtarelub Tnnl League ra which start on lt Bfth week today ha narrowed - down to a three - cornarad contest between the two local team th California - and Olymplo - ohib and th Sacramento Tennt Club Th California Club la leadlnr th learue br a wide mararln but the Olympic and Sacramantoa ar oonfident that they can pull then dowri The bl match ef the will ha played at Sacramento when th league leader and the Capital City boys clash The California Club expects to use two former National champion Clarence Griffin three time winner Of the premier doubles honor with William ht Johnaton and Willi Darl National Clay Court champion In illl At the outset they were flrored for no better than fifth place put Joe Brusschwllerv thalr energetic and resourceful captain haa had the team fighting It out with the learue leaders right from tha Jump Coast Champion Roland Roberta Sacramento lead - off man haa been the outstanding star of the league series Last Sunday he outplayed1 John Strachan of th olymplo Club on ef tha ranking players of the country and folT lowed that - Tlctoryby a win Of th doubles paired wlthVaa Chambers Th Olympic Club will meet the Oakland Tennis Club across th bay Former National Champion William Johnston will male Ws first local appearance In tournament play with the Olympic Club The balance of the line - up will lnolude Merryn Grlflln state champion Captain Bowie De - trlelc Klmerarlflln Wallace Bates and Ray Qreenberg The lowly Oaklander sucoeedea in garnering two matches from the league leaders last Sunday and expect to have the same kind of a surprise in stof lor th Olympic Club The third contest will take i place at Stanford University between the Berkeley Tennl Club and the col legians stanrora is putting its run atrnfh tfl action for thaflrsttlme alAa fha laaam started Jlmmv Davles who won tne3tat Intercollegiate title afLos Angeles last jaar has returned and will be used In the Nol or No 2 posltloii The - remainder of the Stanford tean will B selected from the following Allyh Barber Captain Arthur Cerlln Phil Neer William Hawkes Paul Kinney Sk - Turnr and Wiley Bent Vie Breeden leader of the Ualrarslty ot California tennl team 1 captaining the Berkeley outfit i Marysville Boy diesflsRemtdf BlMintheRing Ping Bodie Winner of Eating Contest w SfO 0Q O - efl1 MAKES CHAMPION OSTRICH QUIT a a6 thatf trio - oo San Francisco Boy Gets iVeii Honors By W 6 McGEEHAN Former perttag Writer a The Chraalele 1 Mr ACKSONVILLBl APtll iz The Oonteet tor th heary - welght eating championship of the - world between Peroy1 the Ostrich and - Ping drew a1 packed houa to th South Bid P a t 1 1 1 o n last night Percy the Ostrich1 quit on the eleyenth nlat - ter - and Sheriff Denahna1 th fi declared Bodie the undisputed eating cumpion or ine - woria The match wa promoted by the Jacksohrille Chamber of Commerce which has been advertising Percy a iworla ratet atr Cblonl T - L Burton who foots th fodder bill for Bodie laurheff at tHan tensions and the challenge followed xioaie wnoae real name I Francisco Platota a th challenged partyeho spaghetti to a finish The knnt net advertised as It was feared that State or Federal authorities might intervene in view ot the brutality in the terms of th match That noted Flatbush tranaharman Wllbert Robinson consented to eo ona tne ostrich Bodie was seconded by Truck Hannah a consistent - but not very solentlflo eater As th combatants struggled with the platters th chrlnar of th spectators shook - - the - pavilion There were times when It was all that th police could do to keep the crowd from tearing through the rope Into the ring Bodie Bows Gracefally A the Crowd Chees Bodl appeared o nthe platform first and bewsd gracefully to the plaudit showered on him Th ostrich wa ledin by Wllbett Robinson a few momenta later and the member of th Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce gave him a rousing recep tion BodU ecowlad defiantly at his antxgonUt whUe the ostrich sharp na nis oeax on ine canvas and Playfully poked hi - aacond In his overhanging abdomen It wa agrd that both eaters would break clean from th platters Th song rang i iwu rainutea arier Boaad 1 Bats plsttere were cleaned as tke bell rn Boon waa a trine dlacaecertel r a strlt ef epatbettl that elude hla fork bat - arSptiQ ic bii sanas na nu ui xors oot of tbe rlB Boned 9 In this period It was saea that Balls bed hla plate cleaaiwalle Percy was still - fumbling Ssperte began to sure tbat Percy had met Hi toast at last Members ef the cbsmber - et Commeree wb had watered heavily aa the eeateet kagsa te kxk fo a cBHnca to neosa RovDd S Tbe eetrleh eama baek etrosf in thle nead and swallowed kleeeeosds wetek ad thala with the tklrd platter Bat tke smile of coanrieDte remalaed apoa Bedlas fsoe Mombrra of tbe Taakea teen aheate Stay with kin Pine Mm east a aetaat glance at tbe eetrich ee he west te his career Bectad Tie eetrlek kef an te show sites ef enalshneat In - thla round Percrt eUee had begun te swell vlalbly while Bodie ahewed not s ermptora of earpulebre - Beuad B Tke ettrlck eaaM ee a Ht weary Booles toldea smile widened ead ke renued the aapkla praCered by kle aallcteeBa aeteed Benad Percy waa tlrlas vtslkly Uany womea speetaton at the rtatatdo atartec for tbe door for - bamealtarlaa reaaoaa They did hot waet te tea tha Solas Beutd t Uvea stno men bare t edie baek from tke riot They begea te fear that la a nw mere roeees rersy woeia erpioae Itoood a la tkls rand If was slala evea ra the layman that - Boole waa merely toytat with hie food who - Percy the Oetrlch waa dylnr oa bis feet Roand - Attbe start ef the rensd evea hardened rater were shooting to Wllbert Ron - Ineoa to throw nt tks saent too west row bird kNIedT tbry domtnded Net while hes oa his feet replied Bobtnso bratilcr Ping Going Strong Bat Ostrich Goes Oat Roand 10 Tke eetrleh stasterrd out of kit roraer wits aie seat aaftuuf it waa plain that he kad little farther to to Bodie rrlnsed Roand 11 The oetrlch barely waddlod from bta rorner Prrcre eres - were bloodehet aed kls aldoa were ketrlaf ae be toad kla platter lie wee a oaaiy oearra eetricn Bout waa almost flnlehed with hie plotter when Percy dropped to kit kseef Tbe timekeeper - betan to const Bodle - ferocloaaly dewaed - tbt laat morsel ana etepped beet to survey - his - rtlltn antaiDtiet At the timekeeper mattered the float ten tbe oetrlch sank bath te rise as nor Fat Men Heres Chance Off Extra Weight FAT aaea take aetleel Thla - ansa heiistret Thw7r taklas SO peaads of fat week eO th wtewt geata la tke gyaaaaalsn ef th Sua Frauacd T M C A At least that la the eatlaMte ef Ckarles O Wllkersea asal taa phyeleaL director ef th Y wh jt share ef eertet tlve exoraU WUkeraea asrare that at least tea saea lete t Ha4 ef thttr ekeslty a day auadew hi enter eUee That - aea that la alx werktasj days Mmsjad ef fat ar leet V Thaj steat are wrapped tsi Maakets takea ver the Igyaa la a series ef owtrttaa aad tkea kaek te th bestl mmm t cro Willard Posts Forfeit for Crwtr frUS 04 frefl Tex Hopes to Hold Bout in East NEW TORK April 1 J J WHlard hcavywelght champion has deposited a forfeit fund o 110009 to guarantee hi appearance In the ring against Jack Dempsey In a bout for tha championship on July 4 Promoter Tsx Rlckard made this announcement en his arrival her today from the West Rlckard - showed reoelpu of deposit from a Chlcaro bank for thl sum and - also for his own 111000 guarantee that he would stage the contest He stated that he probably would announce the alts of the fight within the nJt tm day or two wtekt at - though h has unty Way 4 under tha fight agreement to nam the seen Rlckard said - be still hoped - to held tbe match In th Kast although h announced h had three Western kite available In caee satisfactory arrangements cannot be mad - In this section Several plana for an arena to at 0000 spectators ars In course of preparation and contracts for the lumbertwlllbe cloaed soon headded Rlckard - said ithat he hadnet seep Willard while In the West hut under stood that he was wall advanced In his training 1 S - Tjr OWiINC The daOree K Tysons and Firs - man Fund teams had the paint brush working In the Fire Insurance League at th California Bowling Academy and respectively coated th Marsh a Molnnanl and Alversons Scores SosclslBtsrstck t The ttronlole MARTSVILLB April 11 J Baker if son of Mr and Mrs Arthur Baker of Browns Valley died last plght a th result of a blow received In a boxing contest - with Frank Br - erett son of Mr and mi Lew kv - arett of this elty The boxing contest occurred be - fnra tha - Marvavllla Athletlo Club and wm the flrrt in whlolunaxer had ever engaged He was carried unconscious from the Ting and1 taken to th hem - of hi uncle and aunt Mr and Mrs William MeAdams Besides his parents he leaves a half - sister Mis Georgia Baker of Browns VVaweyf Mr - and Mr Byron Taylor v Mr and Mrs Charlei Ruef and Mr and Mr s Thomas Luce alt lot San Francisco unties and aunts sir saa jara c xanjt VMtvr ana aer and Mr William Adams unclaa and euat of Marysville Uverett wa ordered Into oastedy by Chief of Polio Chester A Smith last night to he held until the coroners inquest Chief Smith said h bllvw4 th accident was - unavoidable bat vrtt would hld until all blam for Baker death had been fixed Baker had been proneuneed fit y tsnyswiaa soioreoe entered tne nng - rtMUfiNM riNn Collins 17S lot 1M areenilM 1 lis Btoalet 1M 131 ih Iprra 1701311 12 weM173 1M SI TetaU 804704 70S I OIO B TYSONS kfala 1SI 1S tloff Ill 131 130 Whitney 127 1M 144 rildellliS 1M ll uiaeriM isi ISO Totals ILTMaONI ffonotUll 119 CorlTOO103 S 101 idrr IT t 1 PoDlrrulM r - - l raiTraeaiTv lie jwi PTlcktt148 14 Totals T 04 U MAMH MrtkT rtrlrklM 111 104 Roorback 101 IIS 1M HntchlneoBi4a 100 M KhelB 171 14 lT MewberferlM III 144 M978I Till Totals 871 Ml 70 ht Tke Ohroolcle Bowlltit Letntl TUBA B PAftlOB J OhtftUEg floMTorlllo 1ST lMlKolhiaT IS Ilia Udln14T 114 14BUIS1M 1M 1M mtadiseisg lesiMiiier 127 14T 127 Freeth Swim Star DiesinStmdiego From Influenza MrslMLevyIs BmsfwdChqmp v - i J - f Mrs Leon a Law eantalri ef the Beresford country Club won yesterday the - title ef ohamplem by defeatingdefeating - Mrs U Strtsaburcar In - the - final round In an Interesting match by a margin ox inrs ana two wrne runner - up has Improved considerably In her ram during th put eighteen months and was on of th seml - ftnaJlsts of th Northern California championship year - ago But Mrs Levy Is nJdrd to be the bett player of the peninsula club so no surprise - were - sprung Th baatjmaUh of th event was the seml - flnala between Mrs Btratsburger and Mrs R - X Boo the match going o th flrtt ettr hole for A decision Here Is th silmmaryi run kotm Mrs lees - detested ktrs Bareld U tlaek S and 7 e Mrs L traaeberttl dafeatad Hre - B H sutthelaier I end 4 1 - JAliA 1 defaatadMrt Alexis Bar - sjaa 10 asdl Mrs Lec flv LrryJ4f rated kfra i - - t HlrKimaa 1 aad 1 - - - Mm Levy dtfeaied Jlrs ItrttaWrrer - t eis Given WmfKwam WASRTNOTONAprll VJ - A verdUt for the plaintiff with damage fixed at 110000 was returned todtyiby the jucyla the suit of th Baltimore Fad - eralLeaEU Club against theAmerl - can and National Leagues and certain officers of the defunct Federal Leaaue As the suit wat brought under the Sherman anti - trust law tn damages will - be trebled - mtklng th - mmount 2400n If final lujlgment Is entered i t Frank Thayer Points xOutj Rules That0uoht to Be ifoowed BHCHAPM tlAJilt BTHAI - ER for many years a member of th Diirtr Country Club and intereetad In the establishment of that citys municipal links writes to Th Chronicle - makln - g aaveral St - least a tarn - porary relief from th eon geatlon that now obtains iron San jrrancisoo - s municipal onics tat uk coin Part - Thayer - believe Jbat the - peace ana comfort or - in players would b nnanci if large - signboard were rctednr the first tee setting forth - In poster type largo nough toattract everyone attention th accepted etlddelte of the Sam to which he would add teftaln j0lflusl r Golf Challenge AtLakesideCIiib Proves Expensive THE fint of the thaUengtt fin - A Olympic Club continuous petition tournament at Lakeside prncd txpentbe to tkt cWct jer - Cr Clears from potitton fiurrt bef 50 iuuii a defiance fa JDrii C Ti McDaniel vho iten the toentyeighth mark H tiff Clear too oxet of ballit - tttvc two - t hould allow other match comlnk up to pass them they should signal to tha players follbwlfig thera to paet and having given such a signal they should not continue their Play until those player hav passed and ar out of reach On crowded court - - tnA wBerfls thl I only common eour - sy irthtr - ls a rest ball and kny - r - ww5UlnClpMWiwsis njajJulr - b given lmnidltly There can b - no exout for holding np probably rth whoKhw - ror two aHdl4ia7Bv - v re9 iTBafVpolit - oV 1bs many vi playerson - th - muiilaltial links oi - kj - d ujruer - Mirsr asiusion that iii - jfn ntrsia 111 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 tv In I I I yast ructions and amandmenta tr HATtlRTlAT artrvilwina and iundayi the thrvf Players waiting for a vacancy - on the flrtt tea would oertalnly haw tlmsftti read mark learn and Inwardly dlsesv If not to - cbntmtt to mombry - - the con - teats of the blUbafd Bdck study might alJsrv to - redTioth Hood of conversation wbldh41 - tufb th equilibrium - of any pIayr - on tth first te4 arid provoke a topped slld or puUed - hall - It ii oolteertaln - that a considerable percentage of player on the municipal llnkr do not troubl to Inform thmlv concerning - the rudimentary proprletlea - of th gmei thalr sol abject being - to Hit thebejl a hardand apprntlys ofen pt possible v - ity W iiiSLv 4 T HATER ugreeurtb llmlntla of all tingle plax male and female from the courseon Saturday jiu oiuivaya jsuia aissi Player IX he - It properly Informed and thit is on point on which h very promptly1 cuf deflnlt Information hasDo standing whaUfsrion thattlnksand nun jsiaia wawne match 1 will v - OTinlt K w naww UBVIltHU Ub - Jli he confine hUneelf to th praetlctl ground now - provided - near th ninth fairway LOST - baJ1a and th lawless hunters for - them cause most of th clat ter and annoyance on the tlnka Thayer suggests that adeOnlte rule as 10 11m say two minutee b TW forced to permltnlayer folook for a rruuHBUflini caLiK7iiDirw idt - can oarore nemar connauaii tn The foursome between tA Lrr1mni stand aside to - alW the party behind land and tha two - 3art - bora whlrh Wii to naas But tha - reeAa - nlaaif aflAuatta hrffjrtaail JiJJV tll - Volf ae ordained by the United ltUUrriKm - a Association demand probably be rrarransMl fef next Suaday Players looking for a lost ball hy are within their srtffjto drivel rnt at4 - a - on a1 th - Jtlsyers in ii - i imioiiiTt piayasineir sec - end - htavif this wr common practice and there j - wtr 1 amy lone - drivers around thar would b oon - ranxaaiis wtns amtruiauib Th tlfltietU of v rolf xpretly provldat that f - no player should Hay - rrom th tV untllf thplayrs Jivfront hav p - 1iT4 aendstrkesjand ar out ef rang Th - Utttr - ftrt ot th provulo 1 far mora iBipartant TNCONCLtJSIOfi Thdyifjmts In a A plea fdr a berlnnere - courst a oharn for which Bbb Licehth pro - f esdonal - atrLlnoaln arkr - a seal - on s advieatew Vt or thoas wh la en deavorlner tclearn ths time wtlbaut faa Initructorjjnow simply btu the H1WI vivcjK lat - cevni - ior ram ar playersandjwhobeeartisethsleoarieJ equal right - to - its occupancy - without any consideration for those ef ua who hav passed th stags of tiaVdub to agraster or ies degree atad who wniiaintnactiy teinsh - as to our Oaklaiid Is a Bad Second n Competition ori the Berkeley Oval filrliAUw Trlah Mn 4 niitli AAat section of the California Ihttrscholas - tic Federation track meet held on the Berkeley oval track yesterday Berkeley scored It points and Oakland was second With J7H Five recorde were broken yesterday Muller of Oakland Tech was th star of th meet a he brok two record the high - jump and th broad Jump The high jump - record now stands at I feet 10 - lnchea whll th broadump I j feat 7Vi lnthe Smith of Berkeley threw th javejln t feet for a new record Th half mil time was beaten by - Pierce of Berkeltj1 The new tlmetstandS at I minute 5 sc - onds Sudden of LlekfTrtad tb 10 yarda 120 noiinda In SjMlnutaa 4aec - bndaJ which I a new - raoA - rd 1 Following lth - oi6crln which the schools rinishedr v IMIM aaHt ifc wrttuh Oaklaol - tiooaUla Tlewll Oakland - Tack 23 S Sant Boea4 4 antJollH Aaaly Pl lltO - Ul Iliad 1 a Sv - nMiBt is - nkih Reeuliswer a follower leo - rard daalF ftwpeard P Oral 0 J - sMtk B Watermen - tP A Tlme aabysrde - PleTe Jfoare i B sce - fJeldtPi A Cottle JJ ew raVHA ata - u a jaj - tW Tl - imitk V TinaWar7av Titae MK - - - - I - V atiaey isv newmerert JA Tine - - il etssa 20 yards nernard P Moody I toA - watermta r A lime V2 1 - a W nd4eev - pwy Klachel TlitW it - - VwU VMIle Mereevta Moor - fS Seloaea 4 CardaB P A Tlnia eiBll M yarde ISO pooiidel aJoddea U W niocati ir aj lataoaasi iu tJ aayas PVAV nsie OtS4 Mew reeord 1 ntethU bUt intalrpUr ad roddl rtrrtri L1M pofumtniiD mil ardundifop lh sjiia fiil jrrornatlotv i - o ttk V ffrtAttttt arwBMukl - a r - i aasjhmp bsbs tvsM lla4 I - Wsn m ll - H W aaBsea - hl TheitrrfwnnstsnBnssowerr ftHkQffimitChultid ka - taaaaaaearaa - jaf astAT WATTrffi tnvll iaOlNVI kltehelV younger brofjlerof Ritchie Mitch ell Milwaukee contender for lightweight honor laat night was amrota a nraw ia nis ooux nr with Heinle Schumann o Tacoma rHito vvm itu - iv uiimaiiii The verdict dleappolntsd the crowd wniori appeared lOtnink Mitchell had earned a decision ItiTCiim MrrcmcLL wits RnPERIOR H - H Aorll W Rltrtl Mlt rfcell Hllwankee llthtweliht defretrd Mite Pauleon of Mlnneapolla by a wide merfila la thrlr fen - ronod nonteat laat nfeht S20yaraarrJoddM - LW Hrtt P A - - I iw - lJilL - AlBtO Vi40 - rjxx XTSSTS JaVellaiiBntk B1 Hayes Bt Brewt fTI - MOUta lJ Wtttnee lo fret riew tPJ - lWirjaaceaftetTielBses Sbotpot - Bewes Mt T Wftter nimruaam Iff Ar iriktraaaa am t - kA m 42 ZZZ swer - e - aaaatw IPwl W 1 IPX 1 1 - PlecsaBowtauit - V Sliver S J Da ntatmmJtm A4 4 Hlth mmo Vnlln in Wl am Ift1 Mnllaa lv W JMtttsts faet 1 loeht W tM S J third U W fonrtk a j e i i ii Dave Rothschild save hla old nal Carl - Heldt atrlmmlng at three - cushions at Wrights by defeating IhlnvffB tfl rayfhad sOtlSh tun - - rv - w - - JJt - jfi Dr Quoslg showed In good tor m - by defeating R H Wonderlrl in a very interesting gam of balk tin by a score of 14 to 111 Th doctor had a high run - of 14 arten4IO aoilts OrtBlttsl47 140 IS4 180 151 17PIOOSUU14S lot Ml Boberta - Totals BT7J4S 747 srrAitnAnn Air Pallia lit 141 144 Uenehyill 14 14 OallowarU 114 14 aieiearBito isi ist JenkJasill 144 - 170 TottiijS S 111 POIT MaDOWKLL Rait lol 14 isi Wlnblad 14 141 ISO Mabla 14S 141 20R turesajl Ul 190 1ST JDllie IjJ 184 181 U - developing good j - fotrad acrt aw 4prpTniiiag Yoangtters rOti jManidpsi Unla t Tf li th mmbrMP of this club wt iTitve several youngsters of mora than promlilng prowess In Milton Curry ttddl CTBtUn W BudT Edwards and safln wonion dots waa - wouia uo credit to tn game ana so tajirornia otrin skUl and uqutt in two Of the question of - former Icsddr creernr - innut witnont - - mn tiunin r - names UTS lis - dtsUd that two National amateur champion were Tiertnar caddiea Aad a former caddy j 1 eliglbla to amateur emptltlc - n if lhlianot aaddlad alter th ii - ytar - I mark of - lit nccordjng to th rulas MtTdown y th TJalted State OoU jAdisecUtton Uddle csnen nruaicTpai - amateur cBampldnrsAPMi - lreTtibi 16 - fw month - past thl crucial and had t be reinstated by the mothar body h Bold th dooumemr or evioence la - oaiosi Tattastlnar t hla riHty t MBtpet a arntsw ma - mVofstyWins toerSontaClofa fiV - l t M California varilty beat Stnta Clara varsity baball team ytarday afternoon J to 1 big Tom Hlakay pitching fori th Saints piS Blllson however had th batter of ts arrumot and allowed th losers but three hits Kls one big faulfwUdnesa gavs Santa Clara onerua Orlfflth walked stole eo - on4 and ord on Perattot hit CAUPORlttA lunni wBitta a oil aaornerlB moBwer Mjera 0 lAirtAOtiBA iAaaiiua Teals Totniastl AKSWT BAJ4K - hlo 138 17S ltl Bonne isa ins lm Hlioare 14S12S114 Jgajjaoo 147 Ir ISI Meaelerioo IS 1411 Total THTBT CCBS oneeew17IUll Walters 14 lit Its sronoe ito it its naia jih inn ih Mime 300 1T4 14 Ttlss7s4 771 TvUla 70S sot 741 BBrrftflTtas Bedmond147 1M 129 Aedrraoo u4 111 121 Seahanjl4f 14T - 1U Lottr 134 14 lot Boyav102 lot loo Teua709 eutii BtntKOTJdHS Daaan ion IAT las Osaitaa IT las lit iieiKB ice Cable im ayer lo M 174 13 171 44 14 TBttW V4 BM SSS OBAK BBOWM HON iBarmaa 1st led 141 Toctett - im us im Tarboufk 1M 123 137 Jeeabe Ill ISO 111 audrlj 117 lePlTI Totals 710 T04 741 BSIBX MOTOB Stepbeae IM let 1st noreell Ill IM IM laoo 13S 1ST ITS Wnlser IT 1ST 141 Draesw 137 144 147 Totals m TU 74 411 this Jockey Lefjt Estate of By CHARLES SMALL - t jt - - - - t tg i oau now naa oeen eceiyea oy uis miuuiijit - woria in me announcement of the death of George wFreeth last Tuesday at San Diego Freeth who had been on of th most active auinoruies on iwimming during th last sight yean wal ballovad te hav successfully weathered a bad attack ot Influensa contracted about three month ago aad wa ortcarad Ito again follow tip his regular voca - non as an aquatic ooacn ana ate guard whan a rslaps bringing about an acute heart trouble resulted in I death During bis active earear la swimming and water sports h was on of th few brine experts who had been awarded aevaral modal by Con - grees for distinguished work In llf sarins On on occasion at Venice In nil Freeth battling a rough sea warn ta tevtral wrooked fishing imaek and succeeded In saving nine lives lngl - handed k ft 4k 4k Kllbth Grimes of th tJnlvsrelty of Minnesota a representative of the Minneapolis A C will bs an ntrtnt In th National A A U flftyyatd dah for women t b held at Noptunt Beach on May I She It on of the futatt mermaldt th Xaat Has produced having won the Central A A U ehamplonthlpi f 4r th flf ty ll and Jl yard datha The Wait Can bout of thre tpeedy fair paddlrs in Mrt Francs CowclH SchrotH who will avln nnaltulmli Leila Dunk am who - won tha fifty - yard P A A aanctloned event on th - - - 4iviuii oti - wrour Burns American champion and mem - war si to as Angtltl Athlatl Club Another Invitation of lmnortano centtrt on th wllllngnsss of Jack Cody swimming coach of th Multnomah Athletlo Olub - of Portland t send down f or th meet the faateat Sirl iwlmmtr of thtPacino North west No decision has been mad yet a to whom It ihallTie but per - latent rumors predict Miss Payn th P A A champion to be tha mysterious participant Don is Wear a Truss Any Longer KlYBBw After Thirty Years Experience a Rupture Appliance Has Been Produced Jor lVlen Women and Cnildren That Does Away With truss Torture Sent on Tried to Prove It If you hav tried most vrythlng It com to ua Where others fall I where we have1 our greater ue - osss Send attached coupon today and we will send yen free our tllue - tratad book on Rupture and Its cure howinff our Appliance and giving you prices and name of many people who have tried It and were cured It Is Instant relief when all othkrs fall Remember we use n salvts no harness no - ltes We send on trial to - prove what we tay 1 true Tou are th Judg and once harlnr seen our Illustrated book and read It you will be it en - thuslattlc at cur hundreds of patient whote letters you Can aleo read Fill out free coupon below and ntall today It1 wait worts your time whether you try our Appliance or not Pennsylvania rttptkJb 011 4Wkitsai ox t ChaeerfT4 0 0 JOMorriirjb 4 0 9r6enLrt I 0 04JRokwerlb4 0 14 ernCe 14 1 11 iHntet i 1 ft 3 111 4 Orfftkltl 1 1 OBotlarrf II 10 rtrtatoe 4 O 1 O 1 Dettart I Oot JKllJh 4 0 Cktmaalif i6 V i fesftll J 1 liSStK - lt f t i Tcalall 1 IMlof Totala7 t 4 2711 Streak eat Br Rickey I by Illlaoo Ts v jiwmwr i ore JiUIOOD o Kv z Kv LUV tif nw wj suul Grt - itk tfoira bw oriffitn Urn Ums AugikRatrwrJs Matched in England L0KDOK April - ll - Aurl Ratnr I aa Amrion bontor hat en matched te meet Johnny Baahas the welterweight thamplon ot Bntlaad m a twanty - round boat at the Rational toosrUas CJab Jjma lt - fjra ur wa vrvvw - zsrBinsnrVliiWlaTBia mtee Lours vr llto i ibm h Joo7 - rauiai jvooinson Who Wit killed at Bowie Md race track more than a wk o and hurled her today left an tats understood to aaiiiroxiaiaiv tevuuov - xne neire in clude his widow formerly Mi Luey Slmcoe who left th Loulsvills High School seven week ago to become nis DTia Robinson regarded as Americas premier Joofcey was under contract ta ride for Harry Payn Whitney His Intsrment waa attended by many parson connected with thr turf th pal barfs being Jockey now training at Chbrohlll Down DtntiisotiWiiiA Twirr Markle at Billiard i Dennlson eilmlnatsd Harry Mar1 - kla Friday evenlnc ir the Pacllla Coast thre - ouhlon tournament at Eddie Oraaeys Palace The soore wa 1 t 14 j The feature was a hlaVron madby Dennlson la th slathframs He eJleJtedoff flv - Up to this tlmMarkl was lsadlng by tirpiliits Although not a national swim nearly as ranch Interest Is attached by th swimming followers to th 100 - yard dash for men whloh will be held Immediately after the titled vent doe to th field of champions entered Clarenoe Lane holder at tha elghty - yird worlds record i Stubby Kruger another Hawaiian worlds record holder Oeergt lohroth Sandy Goodman tha Olympta Club hope Hugh Malstosh WsJtsr - - Orac and Osorg Cunha represent th moat prominent to be teen In actles i i Man Thankful t Stanford Freshies Defeat California Special Dlepatob to the ChreolcleV TUaryrasua iii aaiU - - - jw n - T - I k - i Tiii - - i - i - - - - JMPW - iJWmWllyWiimnimtMiiim - jy - - - - W STANFORD TjKrVTtRSITT Afllil ll - The 8tnf od f rtthmen ball players defeated th Bis and Oold babes to a soor of I to J - ln th first of a three - gam re this afternoon - on - th4 Cardinal diamohl Rnlot and Oomes ofStanfort fetturad a douM4 play in th seventh Ronselot Of Stanford and Hutton arid McHenry f th Callfornlaain mad two - bat hit - ll - i Tbrosummavyf - MrU if Mr a B Brooks Marshall Mich Dor Sir Perhips It will Interest you to knew that I have been ruptured six years and have always bed trouble with K till I - got your Appliance Tt is very eaty to wtar fits neat and snug and Is not In the way at any time day or nla - ht In fact at time 1 did not I know I had It on it just adapted It - seit to tne - snape otine ooay tin elunsr to the spot no matter what position 1 was In It would be a veritable God - send to the unfortunate who Suffer from ruptur If til could procure the Brooks Rupture Appliance and wsar H Thsy would certainly never r - Sret - lt My rupture Is now all healed up and nothlnar ever did It but your Ap - ntlanca Whenever the ODoortunltv presents Itseir I win ear a good word I for your Appliance and aleo the hon orable war in wnien you ceai witn raptured people tt 1 a pleaeur to recommend a goea tning among your friends or strangtrs am - - Tours veryslncerelv JAMTSA BRtTTOH tt Spring BU Bethlehem Ps i - sr ehnwlnmBflgrSBiwnsaBBBw4t - 4k 3tSrrVIBBBHKaBaftaBBBSxemnaw 5f iiSlilm PwmmBmHsPyik jHw fc x ytJraJMfemimaBwBBrwNp sTmrTgri BSBBBBBBmmKajmw rt bfttVx SKHD4mmvB aHBr Xvibbwsbwbwbwbbmi - HBZBBwHvBBVHmTaaaaaaaaaag JjSHm javPreHaaVawBTPllr MHfHKJy tBamBBBmlsTaBBBKmwi laVBBmTBamTBamTBamTBa1mWBaamhmmHB dwam Ten Reasons Wh The Akwv la C B Breehta laveate ef the Appliance MrBreaks Caved Hlaaaelf f Raptar Over W Tear Aaw aad Paed th Appiiaaee ireea ma reraeaai uxpanewee ic KaptareeT Writ Today t the Brooks ApslUae CW Marshall Mtca SonrMfly Cured aithe ageof 81 Mr C B Brooks Marshall Mich i Lose thalra year - ago T seat to your for an afrcjlanaovrkti li aaiiji promptly r at onctTratnron and It fitted perfectly 1 hay worn the applianceappliance - not oulte ten and one - half morlthsj tlt aa eared say - raptar 1 tried the other day while the aPi pllanoo waa off to see If I could - fore anything out of the epenlnr to make a break there but t could npt though I tried hard e - r Now I think thl quit rtmarkabla I I am In my elarhtyflrat year f am aa - old vtteranntth ClvlfWa born aac raieeo in m pawn or wow Boston from wnjn piac i nilta in f - nannot - faal but thatf - owe - vou fthls tettlmony for I had never expected to b eurea However t nans t be to God I found a cur tbroogn th valuable Appliance you made for ni Tour frnd Hbiiy hill Fia ba BiarARDa Others Filled But the Appliance Saves Mr arskjui Mien Di Bir - - k - ToorAppllanee dt all - you - claim for the little boy tnd morcrferjlt curad him sound andwelll We tat him wearlt for about a year - In all although it cured him three montht after he had begun to waartc Wa had tried 4veral - other remediae and got no - relief and I than certainly reoommtnd - It t friends for w sure ly ow It t you t Tour Mspectfully WM PATTBRSfem 5 aTMLJ - - - - - - iwT - ye - - - - - f - - - i Kemember W sand our Appllanc on trial to prov what w say Is tru Ton ar to be the Judge Fill out free coupon below and mall today You Should Send for Brooks Rupture Appliance J t It Itabtoluttly th nty Appll - nce of the kind on tke market today and lnlt are embodied the principle ithat lnvantors have tought after for The AppllsncV forrelalnlnaf th ruptur cannot b thrown out of jotl - tion - - - - - - li- Being n tlr euthlon of toft rubber It cling closely to - th body yet never blisters or causes Irritation 4 - Unlike - th ordhnary so - called pads ued in other - truaseslt la not eumbf rsom or ungainly 1 It 14 small oft aniyrpllabja and positlvery cannot be detected through the tlothln - - - t - - i - i - --J-4 iThe - soft plubl bands holding the Applianoe da not siv ene the unpleasant teneatlon of wearing a har - nets i - - - - 7 Thra Is not hint - about It to gat 1 ful and when It boomt aoMad it can - be washed without lnjurlnrlt - lathlath least i si There are no - metal sprtngw In the Appliance to torture ona by aut - tlng and bruising the flesh - Va - AH of the raaterla of which the Appliances are made Is of the very best that money can buy maklnr It a durahl t an d safe - Appllanc to wear 10 Our reputation for honesty and fakr dealing I so thoroughly estab - ltshed by an experience of over thirty years of deallna - with - th public and our prlcta ars so reasonable ear terms to fair that there certainly ahould be no hesitancy in sanding tree coupon today Rupture Healed in Four Months f Jensen - RtI TJnbnnua - Ina Mr Ci a Brooks Sfarshall Mich Dear Slrr The babys rupture la altogether cured thanks to - your Appliance and w are so thankful te yait - if r oould - only hav known of it sooner hav i did He wor your aour monins mi Ysur vsry truly ANDRBTW BOOBNBSmOEB ii m rm - ic rr ceuaa - wniy nav annavn vr toner our little boy would not 1 had ta suffersetr is much as he He wore your brace a little over FRE INFORMATION jPQUjN Brooks Appliance Co v - - - ISIC Stat Bt MarhlLMleh r p - - - v i fi - P1am nd in liy wall In pJaPnwrappr yor lUuttratvd tok Bi - ful4VlnIoFm4tOTT - NsUDl srV4ep - 4 - i6a4ttW - - lF0Vfiv4eraf44r4eaty - UM irji I v -

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