The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS )LUME 1—NO. 2;«>. THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR COUPS NEWS Published daily except Sundays In tile Interest of the personnel of (he Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Hying School of Blythevlllo, by the BJvtheville Courier News. It contains the news ot the Air Base, exan, Injured Flying For RAF, fow Fights On Production Line >ALLAS, TCX. mp)— n. L. Tem- ton, a shy, sandy-haired youne n from Wellington, Tex., no ?cr sits at the controls of his Illiigton medium-bomber as it :rs out over the English Channel rying death and destruction to s Europe. !ome other keen-eyed young pl. has thiit job now. fcmplclon Isn't flying nny long- -he'cau't. Euthe's back bi Texas, 1 fighting and he's putting nil savvy and know-how into his as an inspector on the final cmbly lines at tho Dallas plant Novth American Aviation, inc. Bellow workers know the -n- ir-old blue-eyed youth lo be par- ularly thorough in )ils inspcc- n of Texan combat trainers. Few them, though, know his record the devastating air war over rmany. lack from England with n mcd- dLscharoe from the RAP, Tomon admits he has ii great deal satisfaction knowing he has tributed to the destruction of ; Naai war machine. Je's reticent, however, when it nes to talking about more per- inl tliitigs— such as Hi raids over •rmaii indastrial and xcaport ies and a half dozen missions Occupied Fraiicc and Holland. fie .ftarlcd training as a bomber ot and In March, 19-12, left for igltmd. A month later he made his first id over Germany— the dtstnic- c bombiiiB of Rostock, the vital Itic |x>rt from which Hitler was iding supplies to his armies on e Russian front. 'atrol Planes Weapon )f Versatility WASHINGTON (UP)-L-BIg; lurti- ring patrol bombers, once among : slowest pianos that fly, are be; developed hHo a night offen- fc weapon whose worth was dras- :ally shown at Midway anil in her Pacific battles. At one time patrol fleets \verc rely operated without fighter es- rt, but now they operate inde- ndently, and are Ihe aircraft ifch have proved their versatility ost spectacularly in this war. hstanlly improved as a result of eir -operation on every ocean, ;ey have effected rescues under ost adverse conditions, and have nk dozens of submarines. - rhe;renaissance in patrol homb- opcraliou has resulted in their ;e on projects for which it was ng thought they were not fitted, nprovcmcnl In design has kept ice-with their wider utility, until W lliere is almost no land or sea «ration on which (hey can not \ used. Bombardiers are enthusiastic tout tlic case with which patrol anes glide toward Japanese sur- cc targets, often from great •ignis and with the necessary >ped for successful torpedoing. Palrol planes are multi-engincd aft weighing from 30,000 to HO » pounds. They usually are lallcr than bombers and - almost thoul exception have l\vo ' cn- ne!i of from 1,000 lo 2,000 li.p. Speed' b more important with is ship than its ability to operate high altitudes, it must also he Minutely protected, have power- derated sun turrets, armor and ilf-sealing lucl cells. • One daring rescue made in a pa- ol plane on the Greenland ice ip by LI. A. Y. Yarunak, who ew out the 13-man crciv of a ying Fortress that had crashed last rates the versatility of thiX IJiinng the next five months his bomber roared over Germany, blasted the Ruhr Valley and par- licipalwl In (he 1,000-plane raid on Cologne. Ife says he wasn't scared on his flrsl raid he was too busy, "but when i got buck to my base my hands started shaking and my knees seemed weak. Hut afler (hat I ivns never bothered." Templeton came through his bombing raids unscathed, but narrowly missed death one night while on furlough when Hie concussion of a German bomb blast blew him from his bed. It was a routine flight in September, JS42, liiat onded his flying j with RAF. lie crashed, his leg was 1 injured. Before he came out of the hospital his brother, Pal Neff Tciuplc- lon, was'intercepted by Ntiv.i fighters over the Channel, had one engine shot out and was killed in the crash. The "resforhiTriuiilLy" is" in Ihe war, too—to help end it, as. iiulekly as possible. Ills sister, l,ois, is working on the production line at an aircraft factory; her husband, Lyle Scott, is in (he Marine Corps The eldest brother, John Templeton, is in a glider training school. Templeton says he doesn't know when llic war will end, but until the finish comes hu snys he Is going lo keep on hitting "the production line as hard as he hit Ihe buttle fronts. And, according'to the men turning oul the planes that he Inspects, that's plenty hard enough. | craft. Observing that a "dimple" on the ice cap-was filled with water from the ice slopes that cupped it, Lieutenant Panmak landed when the lake was less than two miles in length, barely long enough for the plane to take off nt that 4,200-foot altitude. The day after the-'rescue the lake had disappeared: 1.. > : " ' • • Laugh It Off The boys in this story nre so burned up ti )cy W on't alloiv the use of their names. But witnesses at a Flying Fortress base somewhere in England.attest to its accuracy. Seems the two are navigator and bombardier, respectively, with (he additional jobs of manning a pair of guns in the ship's nose. On the recent raid on Kiel. Germany, both ran out of ammunition at the same time. Keeping their eyes glued on the oncoming enemy fighter planes, both reached for Ihe floor and grabbed an ammunition belt. Both were firing away like mad when their guns jammed—simultaneously. Then they discovered that they had picked up opposite ends of the same ammunition belt. BERKELEY, cai. IUPJ— Joseph Stalin is n "home statesman" and world revolutions are "off the map," so far as he is concerned, according to Sir Bernard • Pares, aiilhprily on Russia, taking before the University of California. Sir Bernard stales that since Stalin has come lo power he has paid litUc attention IP 'revolutionary ideas of the Trotskyites and has devoted his entire lime to better-' Ing living conditions in Russia and making the country able lo defend itself. "ARKANSAS, sATuubAvTIiAY 22, Jeeps' Jungle Caravan UBSCRIPflQN UP . muddy Jungle ro f luic.ed U.rough tlio p a , nis in _____ for. the front with food and .mall, for Iroops who are hungry for both. Religious Bulletin Catholic Services: SUNDAY— Masses at 0:30 and D a. in. (Confessions Saturday, 4-s p. in., and prior lo masses on Sunday.) WEDNESDAYS— Masses as announced at Sunday services. >lcslanl Services: SUNDAY— General Protestant service (for all Protestant denominations) at 10 a. in. Negro service at G p. m. Evening service for cadets and others who are imabic to attend morning service, at 7:30 p. in. TUESDAY— Devotional service for Negro troops at 7 p. m. j Jewish Services: I Friday evening at 7 o'clock, cou- I ducted by Habbi Jerome Hosen. I General Announcements A chaplain is on duty each cve- niny. Soldiers are welcome to their counsel and help. The ehapel is always open for private prayers and devotions. Washed by 'Hudson's Bay 'and Ibe AUaiUic. (he sea-water coastline of Quebec Province is actually -VTO3 miles—as long as the width of the whole continent. U.S.WARPLAI ... In Tons. OncFlyinq fortress Weighs 32 Tons 1941 43,500 Tons 1942 !45,500 Tons 1943 455,500 Tons 1944 708,500 Tons , REQUEST Members 01 Negro Uiiil Also Subscribe For War Bonds On Monthly Plan Kvory' man of (he filSlh (Ncxro) Qimrlornmslcr i>|aloon has taken out one of the low cost government lift; imuivim'o policies for service men, and every man of thu IMnluon hns sulwcrlbcd for n monthly payroll deduction for (lie purchase of War llonds, iiccurdlnu lo report todny by (he cdininaiullnu otfiecr, Caiit. William R. Mease. The 015th Is lln> swond oi'Kiinl- /Btlon of llu- Illyllic'vllle Army Air Field lo rcpnri lot) per cent rc- nse to tho elloil to enciunimu Ihu soldiers lo inkn udviinlajjd uf Iho govenuni'nt lusuraiici' opiior- lunily and lo Invest In War Uonds. Tile Medli'iil Dpliirlmimt wns Ihe first organisation to coinplvlu the Job. Tins record for (lie enlhc command Is hlKh. iicoiHiHiii; to Limit, Cscur L, llfnson, who as Bpcclal Service ofllccr Is In dmuse of thu Insurance and War llonil rale.s, with noncommissioned olllcors In each squadron, detachment und unit luisliincd by their coinimmd- oil leers as bond and liisni'iuici; sales reiircn<nlutlves. 'Libs' Refuel Here While Pilots Visit- Two ll-'-M Ubciiitors, each piloted by a former (lying Instructor of the lllytlievllle Army Air Field, landed here Frltlny for re-fueling, on their way lo Ihelr hoinci base at Smyrna. Tunn. The ttvo pilots, nist I.lcuts. Clyde R. Van norm; und Duford T, Clark, look the occasion lo renew uciiuiiinlauccs wllli old friends, They wei'c liuiiHfened siome lime ago lo the Four-Engine Flying School at suiyruii, where they (ly tho big bombers .which arc seeing action In the Pacific,, in North Africa, In Europe and In Ihe Alon- lians'. the. Whiil do you mint to know? In this column u vclo-nn of years of experience In nil llic iicwi-omnils.'iloiicd officer griulc» luiswers (iiii-sllmis on Army ciislonix, pradlcp, Iradllloii mul reiiuliillons. Comment mul questions ni'u luvlU'il, Add row com- IllimlrallnllS (0 UlP I'ubll,. Up. Inllous Oiricer. Army Air Meld Dlylhcvlllc, Ark, Bond In your ' II) 1'KTKU .1. U'AIIAKSA ' (liicsllon; Arc nlvllliuw Hi buy iirtldcs of clotmiii! ut n, c ' Scribner Will Play for Noncom Dance Member* of the Noncoinmlvslon- cd Oillccrs Club of the Blylhc- vlllc Army Air Field will dunce to the intiste nl fe'ergt. Htin Scrlb- nei 1 at Ihc electric orgnn, wllh Corp. Jncklc MKchel beating oul i thu rhythms on the drums, tonight ill the club robins, located on the ground floor ot the Glencoc Hotel. The Saturday night dance Is so popular with the members that U Is now n regular fctilnre of the club. Improvised entertainment yvlll be presented during the course of the evening. Three teams representing the 3C9th Aviation Squadron and the Quartermaster Platoon compose the newly-formed softball league for the Nemo troops sla- tioncd at Ihc Blylhcvillc Army All- Field, it was announced by First Lieut. Hill Adams, director of athletics. The league has and is being supervise dby Corp. Holsteln bull calf In llic luggage compartment of his car when a blackout suddenly came on. H was the first war manifestation the Holslcln bull calf had even seen .mil 11 began bawling so lustily Hint it attracted the attention ol Deputy Sheriff Claude Evctlc. The 'lat- Icr decided there could only be been organized something sinister in a man driv- Girls Will Attend Post Barn Dance Eighty-two members of the Girls Community Service Corps, who at- Icndcd (he weekly dunce at the aim is ucing supervise dby Corp. " l s inroui I Leon L. Knnlor o( the 32<Uh Squad- '"8 1)l1 " roi>, a member of the physical I' 1 " iJiienl of his cur mid" booked '—•--•-- - • According lo tllu ' m 1)otl1 on su-splclon. USO Friday night, made FUNNY BUSINESS plans to come to the barn dance Wednesday night al 'the Post Recreation Hall. Soldiers will wear fatigue uniforms and the girls will come as farmer girls. . Miss Marjorie Doyle, Community I Service Corps sponsor at Osccola. [Miss Eugenia Jcnikns, sponsor at Steelc. and Mr. Joe Saiwrito, Por- lagevillc, said there would be a good attendance from those cities. Tlie girls will assemble at the USO Center, and will be taken to the post and hack to the USO again by Army trucks. Among the guests Friday night were Lieul. W. J. Shlppnn. Osccola; Eevgl. John Sparks, Manila; Mrs. Lucy Miller, Osccola, and Mr. and i Mrs C. O. Hartshorn. Mr. Hartshorn is the Red Cross first aid inslriiiilor who is giving a course at Ihe Air Base. don't know who,he is, bill he come* clown every day - back platform speeches " training Department, tlic present schedule, two games arc played weekly, including a Sunday same. The athletic area for Negro troops now includes two Softball diamonds, four volley ball courts, three basketball courts and 10 horsc-slioc courts. Work on a baseball diamond is progressing rapidly and .should he completed shortly. house Is also being built in the area. A baseball team ivill be formed and practice sessions .beginning Monday, will be held daily at 5:30 |). in. Clinics have already been tentatively .scheduled with teams from Maiden and Walnut jUdgc and oilier games will be arranged while the team Is being organized. LOS ANGELES (IIP)— President Hooscvclrs trip to Mexico lo mccl Mexican President Camacho save the city council here the itch. They immediately appropriated 82,000 for thrre of their members to j;o lo Mexico Cilj 1 and do Ihc same. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Acrtas from High School Fair Cr.ipslioofcrs .failed LOS ANGELES (UP)- Any idea that only Negroes arc atlraetcd by " a]K' 'is cnlircly wrong, 'Hie po- ; took to Jail Mrs. Georgia Cooler, 24, and Mrs. Ruth Brown, 21, two curvaceous blondes on a charge of shooting craps, seining at the same time a $-13 "kitty." They pleaded guilty to having been engaged in a "Illtlc sociable game." and .Judge Taplin sentenced them lo 30 days In jail. Comiiletc Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S i) i u g SI o t e Afaln & I alu Phonis 2822 Auto Repairs Kxpcrl. Mechanics nn All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales >'li. 510 Karl stone, Shop Foreman . 307 E . Ma | n Hull in u Car Negro Troops Have Q^fll II I ' l ' OS ANOELES (Ul'l — Junics oOflmlll ijCaffUe Brovm, 18, hacl the'misfortune lo '- be driving -through Hie city will) u i»S through n blnckoul with a bawl- calf In llic bngengc aim- To Attend Meeting For Air Inspectors ' Ca))l. Edwnid D. II. Mnclilox. an nil- Inspector nl tlic lllytlievllle Army Air Field, will titlcntl nn tilr inspectors conference nl Maxwell Field, Ala,, 'headquarters of Ihc Army Air Forces Southeast Training Ccnlcr, beginning Monday and lusting two days. Cnntnln Mnddox reported for duly ul KlyUicvlllc Irist July. Ui'toie iiiliiB here lie was n s(|U:ulroj> comnndlnsj ofncer nl Ihc OoliimliiLs Army Plying- School. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Just 4 Miles To The Stale Line Service Station SAVE on Phillips Quality Gasoline A OH, Prompt, Courleous Service. Opera ltd by Mrs. II, L. Itcjnoldj. OPERATING HOURS For A-I5-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: !) A.M. to !) F.M. ALL WEEK DAYS 9 A.M. lo 12 Noon 1 P.M. to 8 P.M. rilie Norrls City, 111., lermlnnl ol e "blj; Inch" oil pl|»llnc ills- lios nn nvcrnge of nearly 1,100 "allroiul tmik cnrs a dny on a single track line, or an nvcrngc of n 15- :nr train every 52 minutes. FITTED HY Doctors J. L ami J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVII.LE SINCE 1922 BPTICflLSTUflE 209 \V. Main St. Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NEED THESE? Balttry— Swt Covers Olllllttr— Radio Fog Lights— Lock Gas Cap A complete line of relishes LOT EICH Warakw Answer! No. Civilians who are regularly employed or serving lit 11 military camp, post or.. Motion in a y purchase Hems o( (ood and ilrlnk and lolwc- co products n t lite I'osl Rx- cliiingo. They may make such liurcluiisr.i only imoti licliig properly Identified, and only for. coil- sumplioii on the Post. HcgulaUc do n o I ])cVmlt civilians lo buy nny other merchandise of nny kind, or (o buy food, drink or lobacco products to' lake with them from iho Post. • ,<Juc*tlu": Can an rnllslcil limn buy uniform eiiulpmcnt .at the I'osl Bxelmngo.V ' , Answer: Yes. Regulation trousers, shlrU), cups, boll.s, ties, socks, underwear and Insignia, Including cloth liislgula such as chevrons mill pnlch-type Insignia for shoulder und sleeve, may be sold to tn- ll.sleil men al a' I'osl Exchange. However, n Post Exclunixo Is forbidden by rctiuliillons lo sell articles of uniform- similar lo regulation nrllclivs, or as u substitute for those Issued by the supply services or'tho Army, in oilier words, an enlisted man may gel rcgiilnllon uniform enulpmcnl from the Army supply service, and a I'osl Exchange may buy such rcgiilnllon unirorm equipment mid resell H lo enlisted men. Raw Dance Planned At 'PostWednesday It's ii burn dunce. Soldiers wll wcitr fatigue uniform mid girls wll nppeur In overalls. TJie dunce wll bo nl thu Air Huso, next Wednesday evening, mid'the "burn" wll be 11)0 PO.St HMTOltlOn H H |1.. Sergl. WiiUor Terry 1ms beer nwlgncd to miike the nrrangc- mente, by Lieut. Oscar L. Benson,' Spcclnl Service officer. There will be npplc bobbing aiul other controls, with prizes. licricshnicnLs will be served. The Post linnd will piny old fashioned mu.slc under tlic direction of Warrant Officer BcrnhnnU M. Klisclicl. Tlic Girls Service Organization of llic USO will provide the clnnco MP.'s On Loofcout For Canine Namesake Of Pacific Commander General Mi\c Arthur hns been A. W. O. ii, for :a week. To keep 'the record straight, ft' x necraiiry to explain that Gen- irnl Mnc'Aillmr'iis referred to here s mil DID siime one who Is In conunnnd of our J'nctflc. Forces. Cieiici'Al MHcArthm Is nn elsHl- ,vceks-old Jjoslori Dull pup beloiig- ng lo Slnll Borgl. Frank Atcxnn- lei 1 , n Link Tnilncr Instruclor 'nl he Hlylhevllle Army Air Held. Sergeant Alwmncloi wnj, veiy fond of his don, pnillculnily since lilmcl been sent to him by friends' n Cupo Qlrnrdi'iui, Mo. (Jcncrnl UiK'Arthur Imd boon here only n yeok bill hud become tho pel of i|l .the mcii of the auih Training Group. Although liu received much iit- enlton, Clcncrnl Mnc-Ailhui hu- rarenlly -did not like Anny life. On May. 13. vi'hllo Ills inustci was it work In one of Ihc Link Tmlii- (.T buildings, he snw nn oiicn door UK! left without offlciu! aiithorl- fiUluii, No trnce of him hiiv been round Since, then, •So Clc-neral MneAithur oirklally s listed us A. W./O. L. mid nilll- tiiry pollco have' been uskcd 'to .ilck him up, Ileus Slum ''JUmlnj;' OFiOVlLLIJ. Cut (U|.|_ Vcnll)11 'lil thinks he possesses knowliu liullet.s Imbued \\llh ni c , u ,d Em- :er.spirit..FOIMI .week befoie Eiistec ilwy Inlil no e«g.s. Then on the Siitiirdny before Kiisler they Intd 0110 cng. But on Eiistci Itself they deluged him,with 10. 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HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations Prompt, efficient service a I reasonable cosi! Garrison Caps — Accessories — Inft SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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