The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1933
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Served'by the United Press LUUK1ER THE DOMDfXST NEWSPAPER OP HORliUOT ARKANSAS AND BODTHIABT MI88ODRI VOL. XXX—NO. 2.'50 . U»lly hit"**. Blytbertlk Court*. V»ller Letter. XMtwtlUi Hfnld. HLYTHRV!L1,K, AKKANSAS, \VKDNKSIMV, DKCKMBKK Hi, I<m SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEN'.fcS L BUILD FOR LEGION POST An Important He may be drcnied In western fashion, tut Gary C-nper, Ihe film siaTr was far from the plains when this picture was taken. He's shown with his brlde-to-to. Sandra Shaw, also of the movies, as they appeared nt the "County Fair Ball" society guvc for charity at New York's Waklorl-Asloiia. It'll Be Bacr vs. Dan Cupid DF FIRE IT SEI WE 01 SHU Small Boat Rides Out Storm to Reach Monterey, California. MONTEREY. Cal., Dec. 13 <U1>). -I'cur Japanr-i; fishermen in a'j mull hoal readied shore here to-j day alter the Ahulone fishing boat Ulan exploded mid burned lust n'thl in heavy seas off the Point Pinos llglillioure. '127,569 Bales Ginned 1 in County to Dec. 1 Mississippi county ginned 127.509 bales of coUon from the 1!>33 crop prior lo December 1, the C'Qiirifr News wus udvi^ed today by C. C. Daneliower, Luxora. county representative of the census bureau. This figure compares with 161.855 bnli'ii ginned prior to Ihe some date lust year. Mr. Danehower estimated that the county would gin ap- pioxlmalely UO.OOO bules IhlS season. Previous reports . had • . referred lo the <l ret rue Li on by fire ol u Ifnjie vessel," b« Itf-ved to have been ihv oil tankc-r Emidio with 35 iiii.!i' aboard, off Point. 1'iiios. Pre-. .• imnibly •.•.•115 the hot tell crew. th? vessel referred to Utah. Firsl rcporis did the .size: of the Utah's Ta-ker Fr>red Lost SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. ll (UP) —Coast guard cutters searched the storm lashed Pacific near Point Pinos early today for traces ol e vessel believed to have burned and sunk with 35 men aboard. A check up of .all craft In the vicinity revealed that the only large ship unreported was the General Vetro'.eum tanker Emidio. Four other tankers reported by radio that j they were safe. T. C. Nelson, keeper of.the light | house at Point Pinos. saw distress • flares, then a huge sheet of flame | during a heavy rainstorm last night. I He notified coast_ guard headquar- j ters here and at Monterey. No 'ITMC or survivors The cutlers Tamaroa and Smith and the survey boats Guide and Lupine went Immediately to Ihe vicinity. - They found • flamlnj oil tanks arid' wreckage of a vessel which they could not identify. High waves, steady rains, and a howling gale made the search difficult. No trace of small boats was re- portrd in the early hours. Seamen believed that no small craft could have survived the storm. The coast guard station at San Pedro was notified by the passenger steamer L'.irllne that it was proceeding to the scene. The wireless operator of the Lurline reported the flames appeared to be coming from I a blazing tanker. St. Louis to. Get Saloons,; Rest of:Stale Sale Only; in Bottles. JEFFERSOfJ- CITY, Mo.'. De 13 (UP^-Legal liquor by Christ-i mas was definitely In sight foil Missouri today. Ready 'lor conference between senate and .house committees was a control bill passed by the,senate and agreed to in part by the house. • • Little delay was expected In ironing out the differences. . '• In its presentation the measure would give St. Louis the power to regulated distribution of intoxi^ cants within its own borders,' a provision interpreted as reviving saloons in that city. The bill authorizes sale of whiskey, rum, and gin throughout Missouri In original packages despite sectional opposition.. ' • ; Hard liquor cannot- be sold by the drink except In St. Louis. I.ake Claims Three CLEVELAND, O., Dec. 13. (UP) i —The lake which Captain Prank Samons had braved through many a storm had claimed his life today. An automobile containing the body of the captain, together with that of his wife, Gertrude, and a friend, John Murphy, also a steamboat captain, was lifted from the When Mnxie Brier (left), (he dashing actor-figl'tir, arrived in New!™'* 1 * of Cuyahogs, river, just off York for n stage tour with this Napoleonic gesture, it was in Ihe hops of making another conquest—of wooing and wiinvpg Edna Dunham. tile Birl he's "been looking for all these years." manager. Ancil HofTmim. With Maxtc is his New York Cotton !To Prosecute 100 Cleaners For Price Code Violations - NEW YORK, Dsc. 13. (UP)—; Cotton closed steady. I open high low close . 993 993 950 9D8b . M6 1001 9flO IOCO 1010 ion 1026 1031 103D 1015 1058 10C4 Advocaies of'.Currency Inflation Approach Break Witli President. ,WASHINGTON, DCC. 13. tup>— 11 ie drive for currency InlluUun gathered momciuinn today on cup- -iIU. it ap]H!nR'ii to be lending y money groujK toward an open break with President Hoosevelt. •Nime has been able so far to ex- .•ocl from Ihe president in private Or public any definite statement c( what he intends lo do about money. Coupled with the currency dlspulc was a i>ro]K>sal of .Senator" Tnomas ID™. Okln.) imit Hie treasury *)ze from the federal reserve banks the large prospective proilis from devaluation of Ihe dollar. lie Ims submitted to Mr. Hoosevelt n bill lo accomplish that objective. . Thomas said the profit approximate $4,000.000,000. The currency Inflation dispute apparently can be avoided only by some movement ol Mr. Roosevelt beyond anything he has done fio far. GREETED : BISOI1 CHIEF Bullitt and Kalinin Predict Friendly U. S.-Russian PUCE III Employed on Drainage Work In This County Boosted to'520. The numljer of men employed in his county in the innlnrla control | irofiruni uf the state health do-; .mrtinenl with CWA funds was lo| je •Increased from arbund 300 loi i20 lodny, O. Slionyo of this clly, supervisor for Mississippi ^uml| 'oln^clt counties, announced. " \ Adding of additional men (o the CJWA malnrlti control payroll follows receipt of u taletinim by Slionyo from Howard Hasting:;, uenil of the stale campaign, <ll- recliin! employment of nddllloml men Hlythcvllle, Osccola und Wilson. Mr. Hastings message was in response lo n plea from Slionyo Ihul he be allowed to slasntr hours of laborers ..lo uive double the original number of nrounil 300 employment for at least a week before Christmas. Mr. "Your Hustings' projects' message was: for Mississippi Relations. Huge . Telephone, Tele- : . graph and Radio Mono" poly .Suggested. WASHINGTON, >Dec. 13. (UP)—. President; Roosevelt Is studying recommendations calling for a merger of the nation's communications- systems, telephone, tele- ?,M08COW, Dec. 13. (UP)-,Am- b*sador .William C. Bullltt today prwented'his'credentials'to' *f^r-> dent Kalinin and for the first time In 16 -years normal diplomatic relations: between the,United States and Russia were formally resumed: Pledging "clcse collaboration in world peace" and the establishment "not. merely ol normal but of friendly relations" between the two nations, Ambassador Bullltt was impressively received. He announced directly after the cej-emony that the United Slales Embassy would be in full operation by;"Ftbruary and that American consulates would be established within a short lime. After an Informal chat with President Kaiin'n county arc nuthorla-d as follows: please (juotn to correspond at once. Blylheville three hungred fifty men thirty six days, Osccola one hundred fifty men, forty three days, Wilson, twenty men, thirty nine days, no rest, speed." Employment of 75 men In ditch cleaning In DrtiinHge District Seven near Marked Tree was approved by Mr. Slionyo yesterday on application of Herman Madole, dls- Irlcl officlnl. Actual placing of thr> men at work awaits final approval from Little Rock. . Malaria control workers in the Blythevillc section are diviiledylnto several crews, with a foreman |n Charge of each. About eight nilles or ditches have already beeV clean- ed'nnd willow growths cut out. CWA Toy Project Wins Authorization Aulluni/iitlon 1ms bi'en re- i-dvi'il from Ulllc Hock for the nnpkiyinenl ol six Blytlicvllle vunni'ii In H toy making mill ifliulr project II-OHI December 15 lo in. Mi-.i. llnnnon Sefoicl .vdil today. The women will work In the sh'JH Hint hns been I'Stabllslicd In the Bed. Cross ruiini at the i-ourllioiiM! find will Ix; paid at lhi> laic uf $12 por week. Toys Iliiiy miike anil repair will be ilLslrlbnU'tl among children who olIier'A'lit! would receive no visit l:um Siuitn Clans. Old toys, suitable for repair- Ing and repainting, lire needed nnil locul iwopli; who me willing lo make such contributions lire uskcd lo telephone No. 305 or No. M4. Some onu will cull for the toys. LOfi STuUCTtt XI, III BE III 'ourtcen Dairies Given Grade A Raw Milk Rating by Inspector Shonyo Fourteen dairies were listed to- 'ay as prcduco-s of Crude A raw milk In the first announcement of unlry grades lu-rc In three years Announcement r>f the grides was made by O. Shonyo, city milk In- rpector, and uppiovcd by Dr. I. H. Johnson, city health "olllccr. In addition to the 14 dairies tivcn A-Knulcs 0^1 ruw milk Iwo olher ilnlriei '.vore given D grades v:nli no n or C grades announced Four dairies were graded only for production'of buttermilk Only one pasteurization plan; Is now serving milk .'cons'unurs.oj Blylheville: and the 'dairy oj;crj»t,- ing the plant was : ,i;l , (he mill; inspector stating th'at Sixty Men Will Receive Employment on Community Building. Movement of materials was .l:irt«l today for construction by ! 1WA labor 01 a building . to. :be . "eiimvn as tlie American Legion Community hut, which will, be •'. .•reeled on lh.; American legion's : lot on North .Second street... • ..' !' Word'lhnt the project, hiul been i .'iithorlzed was received Ic/Jay.'.b'y j,: Nelll Heed, . cr.hiniander' of, biid r C'nson post,, frohl B. N. . Wilson, .; county CWA.S'iwrvisor. ' . : The building 'Is to be a one • (lory log slniiv.jrc, 60 by 100 feel .' in size, it'will contain a UIg:rc- ceplloii hall or clubroom, a lodge- : 1 njl or moet!i';g room, a room : lor Ihe AuierUvn Legion Auxiliary. : ; ; kitdifcn nnd nn office. Construction ol the hut will ' bring to fulft'linerlt n dream of n home of Its own for the local : American Le'giu'i post which leaders In the orgftiiizatlon have chcr- ; Ished for mor-' than a decade, i The North Snfond street lot o.tT : which .the hut Is to be built was • purchased yenis ago for this pur- ' pose, but to- Various reasons, : chiefly financial, actual construe- ", lion has .been postponed. 5 -Now, : with the' CWA footing' the' major l.ortlon of the bill, the hut Is to : be -n reality. • '. • Actual construction' will' start : within a few days, or as soon as ' the necessary •crew'-cnn be os- EE mblcd. ^boiil 60 -men will -be ! employed, nccj'rdlng to estimates • i prepared for the post. Actual cost, i including materials'part of which'i nrc to be furnished-by'the pbit, } u. estimated, nt S13.000 (o,J16,«W.{ by post: offlc«-i. >-.'.., • Thi'po'iit '^ J - '•'"'' Cuts License Fees, Makes Rabies Innoculation ;|jj Compulsory. graph and radio, it was said loday | directly after his reception he said at the White House. . i he found the Russian leader a It was pointed out, however, that.'"'charming man." the entire problem was .involved; Receiving Bullit's credentials, and that the government first, .of i f res!den t Kalinin commented upon all had to map out a policy cover-1 tne Bieat signincance of the re- Ing activities in the domestic and | su mption of diplomatic relalions Lake Erie. The blinding snowstorm which swept this region Nfonday night was res|X>nsible for the disasler. The automobile apparently had skidded from the slippery deck and plunged Into the water, carrying Samons and his companions to their deatlis. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July del. 1001 1022 1035 1054 ion 1030 1015 1033 13. IUP> — !The federal trade commission pre: pared todaj,; lo prosecute 100 clean! ers nnd dyers on charges of defy- in? blue eagle price provisions. Tne clsaners were accused of _ _ I charging less tor cleaning and Spots closed steady at 10°0 up 5. i Pressing clothesHhan the NRA code . ! | specifies. Penalty Is a. maximum iir f\ i ft 11 "" rne of S500 for each violation l\eW Orleans Cotton Every day that the price .remains belo-.v code levels is counted as a NEW ORLEANS. D;c. 13. (UP) ; sjpdrato violatlcn. —Cotton closed steady. ! open' high low close Dec 085 98fi 985 993b Jan 589 ... 989 935 Mm-. .... 1C03 1014 1004 1013 May .... 1023 I02G 1019 1023b July .... 1033 1042 1032 1W2 Ocl 1052 1050 1050 1058b Spots closed al 959. unchanged. ! I'rarls, n basin of silver and gold, i and n Jeweled necdlecnso disap- Sul- ISiiltan's Treasures, Stolen 20 Years Ago, Recovered ISTANBUL (UP) -Ten table- _„,,„... . „„. _,_. c.oths embro;dered with real,of the San Jose lynchlngs, if the foreign ' fields. _ A special commerce department committee has laid a preliminary report before the president suggesting these three cources:. 1.— Non-interference in the present situation. 2 —Creation ofmonopolies under strict federal regulation. 3. — Outriglit government ownership. It was said that the majority of opinion as written into the report, which is tentative, favored thr second course. Lesion Post Reaches 1934 Membership Quota ond echoed Ihc ambassador's wishes ' or ' ' r 'endly relations. C. D. Smith. Capitalist and Rail Builder, Dies MEMPHIS. Dec. 13 (UP)—C D Smith, southern capitalist and railway builder, died today of double pneumonia nt Hie age of 69 Smith came here 32 years ago from Birmingham. When Clarence Saunders. father of the nation's chain grocery system, lost control of his first chain, Smith, succeeded hlm as president of Plgijly-Wiggly He later sold , tcrest in the grocery chain. An ordinance providing for the rcRistcring and Innoculation neatnst rabies of clogs kept, within the city limits and lowering the llcensi fees for canines wns pass-, ed by the cltv council last night lo become effective January A resolution condemning iwo old frame 'buildings, one at Hie northwest corner of Main nnd Franklin, and another at the southeast corner of Main and 20th streets, was adopted, witli the owners given 90 riavs to tear down the structures. The council also went record as urging collectors for various Improvement districts to force payment of taxes, even foreclosing If necessary, to prevent working of undue hardships on proucrtv owners who pay taxes. The dog ordinance renuires that the condition-af certain equip nent at the plant makes, n grade for pnsieurted ml'k Impossible. Grades will Iw announced every six monllus vJilh .supplLinenlal announcements',or. .variance in the grading of' any dairies. Inspections of - the t'alrles serving this city will ' be made monthly. All dairies not .Ilsled by the inspector nrr serving .thi'ir customers wilh- out proper nuthorli.y from city clficials. and -iv':!. probably be sub : Ject to prosecUlion. ' Grades as .rir.ouuced' follow: Pisleurlzint riant < Karl Green, no grade. Grjrte A Ilnw Jlilk A. M. Brlltoi!, Ben Brock, B. P. Brogden, E. J Browne, A. N. Clnyton, Joe; C",->|B, Eugene Dick- i-rson, W. J. Fnught, Lcndennic I'owlcr, D. Garrctr. n. Lambert, p. \V. LcWls. Vest'er . Pierce, Fred Wahl. • tirade I) Raw Milk ' John Ncwmni, Mrs. W. B. Woods. Butler Milk Only A. n. Coaltir. B. p. Jarrett, Charles Sebns'nn Eron Sanders. Slerptr's Shoes Stolen HOUSTON, Tex. (UP) — N'lck Jacks, Houston, Is a souml sleeper. He went lo skep in his automobile near here and when he awoke hk shoes had been stolen frcm all do?s must be Innoculatctl with-1 feel. h c lold police. In at least 10 months prior to the . _ Issuance of the license nnd that n BILLINGS, Mont. (UP)—Thirty nfter Innoculation. License fees! ashamed here the other day. They Will Keep His Promise, Governor Tells Liberties Union. Civil SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 13 (UP) —Governor James Rolph jr. today readily accepted the challenge of the American Civil Liberties Union to pardon Anthony Cataldl, 18- year-old self-styled "Paul Revere." new tear bomb. The bomb post commander. Telegraphic an- Appeal. f ° f membcrs a 16 as fa « , a ° memcrs a ««man on a crew bylldlng n for next year was sent to Stutt- , railroad from Meridian Mii to - , roa rom M Bart, where Edward E. Hayes, na- i New Orleans La tional commander, and Arkansas' ' ' , department officers and Legion leaders from throughout the state were (tup.its at the E annual duck dinner. The Iocs! post was the first large post In A. T. ,\nd T 120 Anaconda Copper 14 Bothlshem Slcel 3G 1-! Chrysler 51 3-8 Cities Service 17-8 Coca Cola DC 1-4 General American Tank 3:3-1 General Electric 201-4 General Motors .. 34 International Harvest .. 41 3-8 Middlewest Utililies .... 1-8 Montgomery Ward 23 New York Centra! 35 1-8 Packard t \-3 Phillips Petroleum' 10 1-2 Radio 75-8 Simmons ncds 17 St. Lcuis-San Francisco 2 Standard of N. J 45 \.$ Texas C3 ?5 3-4 TI. R. Rlrel ...; 47 tan Abdul Hamid's treasures. An one or the San Jose lynchlngs. if the large post In the state to fulfill r m^ADELPHIA ( youth |s convicted of participation its quota and ranks second In l"PP an «y which girls , l D «an Declares Girls stuttgart post's Of Today Lose Flippancy PHILADELPHIA (UP) -The in Ihe mob violence. Cataldl was Ihe first person arrested on Information !atd before An informer recently denounced Santa Clara county authorities by clous oh' if' Poll "™ B nd C IT 0 "!" 16 Or 8 alltzatlon Identificalion and suins; the museum for restitution en Ihe grounds that he had possessed Ihe jewels and gold for more than 20 vcarc. ! Chicaao Wheat ] open high low close i Dec. 85 3-8 85 3-S 82 3-8 83 3-8 [ May 86 3-8 88 7-3 85 85 1-4 Chicaf/o Corn were promised. "Governor Rolph may yet be given an opportunity to back up his Irresponsible utterances by pardoning all those convicted of the crime of collective murder," A. L. Wirin and Ellis Jones, Civil Liberties Union representatives, said. Ro.lph, who condoned the lynch- lngs as a "good Job" and a "lesson to kidnapers," promptly replied [that he had not changed his mind anyone convicted Dec. Muv open •iG 1-4 S3 high •iG 1-4 53 1-4 low close 45 1-2 45 5-8 52 1-a 52 1-4 "I intend to exercise my pardon power If the question finally gets to uio." Rolph announced. assumed a number of 1S34 members only lo f DW years a 8° has been discarded Little Rock. More than naif of tlie favor of n!0rc sedate manners, 210 members were signed by C J I accordl ns to Miss H. Jean Craw- Little, who thereby earned for '° rd> dcan ° r women nt the Unl- hlmself the title of champion;"^' of Pennsylvania, membership getter of Arkansas Qirls arc "8 nln nn <Hn? It ncc- and possibly of the entire Le"Ion csiar >' '° observe social conven- -.. ° ',tlons and to display good man- Angrv Mother Gires , '- m '" M[ss Crawford satd ' ™ R Teacher . , Dean of Women believes that the Ra»li dcpresslon has Dat " change of attitude. about the . IU ' (UP) - Be -| The finsnclal reverses which the h ' ' l e , r J? Ug ^ er * a f.f nt .^ m(! •!* from school for alleged misbehavior In school, Mrs. Ellen Brown and her two daughters took two buckets of water to a Vacant lot near the school to "ambush" the I school principal. had to face dispelled flippancy and lurncd Ihelr minds to more serious Interests, she said. Quake on Coast As the school principal, Earl SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 13 (UP) Doss, passed he was drenched. —A slight earthquake was felt in Mrs. Brown was arrested and the Inglcsidc-Fcrcst Hills residen- flned 125 but the fine was sus-ltlal section of San Francisco at pended pending good behavior. |7:3B a.m. today. talned in the measure. Dojt Owner Oppflscs E. S. Lunstord. third ward nld- prman. was the oiily member of the council to cast n dissenting] vole on the ordinance. Lnnsford Isi reputed .to be the owner of Iwo dogs. A check of the council revealed E. R. Jackson to be the only other member of the council who is a dog owner. Mayor Cecil Shane likewise hns no dog. Sam Manatt. city Attorney, said that Mrs. L. W. Gosnell had torn clown n building which the aldermen had indicated they would condemn 'If such action was not taken. Another city official added that Mrs. Gosnell had Informed! him that she would put It neain unless the city insisted on other buildings, previously objected lo as nuisances, being removed. A resolution condemning two i buildings was offered in n form! that they % STOBYcp *»*« rnngcments fo' logs which' will go :iH6' construction of the tulltllhg: Lindberghj Ready for . " Wht to Home Soil PORT OP 3PAIN( Trinidad, Dec. 13. (UP)—Col. arid Mrs..Charles A.-'; Llndbqrg)) prepared today ;tb''fly • along the West, Indian Island chain-..-to Florida and home. .• '" '••" -Arriving here,-off the coast'oj" = Venezuela, at the extremity of the';,! islands, t'ney encountered heavy ''' cohtlniious'rains' that kept 'them-'-.;: indcors at governnicnt house where w - i they were guests. There was no forma] reception. • •. •;. • 3«d «h,, 30 da>s but a ,Pn Mnrt amended to read Nine Road Workers . Killed by Avalanche GRAND JUNCTION, Col., Dec. 13. (UP)—Nine lives .were lost near Glade Park late yesterday in an altempt to carve out a scenic road in the side of a cliff which over,-: hangs Monument canyon. > Loosened by a delayed dynamite blast several hundred yards away, an avalanche of rocks thundered down upon a group of workers, burying five of tr.em deeply, hurl-} Ing three olhers into the canyon, 400 feel below, and fatally Injur- - ing another. It was reported a tenth man was killed but only nine bcdlis had been recovered. All of the victims were of Glade Park, a dry farming community,'" except one, who lived at Pruita. The site of the tragedy was about 22 miles northwest ol here, where 50 men employed by the federal government under the civil works • program and two companies of civilian conservation corps workers- • were working on a road to be known • ns the Circle Drive. One Dead, 18 Hurt in Carolina Train Wreck HOT SPRINGS. N. C., Dec. 13. (UP)—Relief! workers counted one dead and 18 injured, some seriously, today In tee derailment of 'the Southern Railway's crack passen- - ger train No. 27 on a sharp curve In mountainous country near here last night. Engineer H. Arthur Houchin, 60, ct Knoxville, Tenn., was crushed ber.eath his locomotive when it left the rails with a mail car, a baggage car,"and one passenger coach, and overturned down an embankment to land in shallow waters of on utijij um, wtv> iijiitriiuL'u tu innu [»„.> i-i__„_.,.., . - . - . ; FJr^mni'i Vrf SO days on motion of Alderman, "15' , acrl j" b '* , h ' m and vllle™?d hJh T.mirfnrrt ' A hou.hiirn.rt do-.. •cmar.dcd ol them where the '"? Mn 6 ? t ? Lunsford. A half-burned slore: to be voluntarily removed, thei council was told. | No Fireworks This Year | There will be no suspension if an ordinance prohibiting sale of fireworks or discharging fireworks within the city limits. Mayor Cecil Shane declared, with aldermen (Continued on Page 3) the In Dethlehem of Judea, aa wrltlen by the propheL Fireman pred Harrison of Knox. arms and a shoulder SHOPPING CHB!TMAS WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight nnd Thursday, warmer tonight and in central and northeast portions Thursday. ' | .... ' • Mea-.phls and vlc'lnlly—Partly cloudy tonight and

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