San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on April 13, 1913 · Page 39
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 39

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 13, 1913
Page 39
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fNP - - - rf iWt - fiii - - MwAuV 3JiV - Vi 4 is1 l s J C T C - fi T M wuiw 1 L LraANLEBANc IP Piy M im - imS y 233 siStertV JS wif m liauzw j tMTlll vuiuniai rauinc sv VV ittiW r accvQutcatsBcuty iSfei j J i ii ii i in n i rrvu - v - fr iJK j - SW r WtORKJijrn Jtrisine JTMI I a6t yniioti w decided nhtayna lanChnKhttratitUrMTLfr aVeoselJf eoBeerntnarf thit pi which th Mti exeoutlv fca qhoeen fbthihotwiiUirPWWtiJIHeu freItutdntliitbnit f theJewel p8UJak - teJ6ab1ki itlUtThiiTiouiJtifiilUtlt Vaanslon Colonic lv t jl aid la sur reundeOr one f tb - lovUeat Un4 anaDes nti nnnltiflMt i curitun2HrUken4aVauM tbe wad porMooomrinjidji7 - many V o - tnUM orthCoonotlouttlTrwliillB Uwm are adorned wlta format struts Vnr bashes but f or th mt partth natural beauty of th tthaavba preeervea - vs The country within - k raaluaief twentyiflve miles of Brlaknda v u Jrtry plcturunn Mr CburctlU n Scrl6d It In hi own word thnolyi Tho hUU nro hlrh tad the TaJUori doop and tho oconory h 1J thru - codneio neMiorr to rtt toauty whll u nmilni puitoraL It la not unllko pru et Italy Tho oUmatol dollshtfol Tho night aroeooK and tbo day In mldttmmrnotra allfun boarablo on thoiahtlla 1 bara known ot no day ilnco Ihar bntiro irhon I har not boon ablo to tako a xroat doal oc oxorel Whoa Proildont Wlloon mores Into Mo sommot Capital ho will lnrado an atmoophoro both of Utoraturo and of politico SulllTan county In tho riolnlty of Cornlah hai Ions boon a rofufo for artist and wrttoca Tbo lata Aarvstu Bt Qaudont had a bom tharo a did Uaxflold iFarrlsh tho artist and many others of national reputation It was In Ctfrnlsh that Winston CHurcbUl wrote Mra Crews Caroer whlclt was largely drawn from tho authors observances of New Hampshire polities Harlakondea House posssasos the quiet dignity of an English country place Bine Mountain Park one of the most extonslYO came preserves In the oountry embracing a large part of Bto townships lies within easy motoring distance of the Presidents proipeotlve summer residence This park la twenty - live miles around and contains elk buffalo wild bear deer and moose Because of the beauty of its scenery and tho natural ruggedneas of its hills th drank State adopted by th Nations Chlsf Executive has ofUn been called the Swltserlaad ot America The Presidents choloe ot the Churchill estate Insures a repose that will not be easily disturb In contrast to the - - imI twin BaTehaie ritae first jdejpart J MwoVsBjfeVM HUiill V M1V WWreslV W VUJ br hta department aaldti - 1 x i JTher ar number of children i In the city today whose records are Idehi Ucal with the school records of U young gunmen who were son teased tq death - last fall for the murder of Herman Rosenthal We must getholdof thsaeohUdren and direct their llvee In raliSmirzhahanIandMXcw4 lnghr son - tn - UW of Oakland are at the Hotsl - Astor lor a Tint of ten days to this dty Mr Cowing la la the East tor the purpose of looklnr over the newest methods la the manufacture of choice conxectlonery and to seoure mod ern machinery and look over - the most nrorapio eoadltlon la this part of the conntry goyernlnr the manufactnr of eoDfeottoaery andwlth th TlWof building factory - la Oakland In - ithe aittnraijwMViJHSil JMra Charles Lewis - of San Pranclseo witiiiiieriter6KrsrHughI - aox Hodre of Bllxer aty nmj ar at the Hotel Aster or i week Mrs Xwl and MrfcHodge ar In tho Bast for s tisu oceeverai weeka to their two other sisters Mrs JXomls dough and Mrs TnerorvMagrudtr In Baltimore Mra Ruth OrutDMUn rrmrfliin has been at the Hotel Aitor for tho past week and sailed Tuesday ApVll st on board the Mauretanla f or a trip to Eurooe where sh - wlll loin f Hnii ahdWlth thorn Will tour the Continent anawiu not return to tnis country un - itne ursi ei August Phil n VM - 9 IJ kt - F - r - Hotel Astor where he passed the Saater holidays with his two sons one of whom Charles s Parrcla attending Tale and tho other Philip Jr le a student at Lafavett Coii in Eastoa Pa and hla daughter who Is at BrlarcUff Manor Mr Farro wtu remain la the Bast for aevarai ww iw Miino u some ouslneis matters b for returning to hla bom In Call tWU1 Mr and Mra M Uanussee ot Block - ton were at th Hotel Aatofor a visit r vam easier noiiaays ana have now started oa their return trip to their bom Mra Josephine Ryan Rlaklo Of Ban Francisco is at the Hotel Astor where he will be for a visit of two months after whloh sh will leave lor Europe w ei - xnas irom vauiornls and will spend the summer touring th Continent r Mr and Mrs p C Dresoher of Sacramento arrived In the early week at th Hotel Astor for a short stay previous to leavlnr on tha Maltko at th Hamburg - Amerloaa line for a cruise of me wist males and the Panama canal sone They will rturn to Nw Tork from tho south and will then to tor a trip through tho Mediterranean and tor a tour of Europe where they will dally drive of tho Executives duty ln2 f ta next aU or seven month B v aJaBsnjr xkMsfsnl i alvlraasnssnsnsnsniH - few tj 11 IJ I I llll Ill tHMfgggWBM h ULrHtUDI DUflflU WtH - L - - ViTr - - yj SnI oa a Aiu Jidid MarjorieMotaon f Oakland mhost engagement to iCfwles H Cherry j announced MissJtiUa li lVIonson to BcpiidWcdlodc to Charles Cherry ft Washington the life at Harlakenden will prove a delightful reUef or Mr Wilson The tranquillity of the New Hampshire hills and the beauty ot tha lakes will afford a pleasant refuge for th man who Is at prseent besieged by an army of office - seekers Churchill Is at prssent in Santa Barbara CaL When he learned that Ithe President had decided upon Har - jlakenden for a summer eapltol he Immediately wired hla earetar at Cornlah to begin preparation for the re ception of tbo President and his family OErsnOI CAUFOBMIA PBUXK The good old California stowed prune Is strongly defended oy William McAndrew head of the Washington Irving High School wher over 4000 young girls ars under his aupervlalon I believe In stewed prunes he says If a girl will eet lots ot prunes sh will not b troubled with Indigestion jAt this school bananas are th favorite fruit but I do not think banana ar as good for you as atewod prune Country girl owe much of their good health to th stewed prune continued Dr MoAndrew Stuffed peaohes or pickled strawberries decorated with a French name hav not half th value of one good prune In keeping with McAndrews Ideaa about wholesome feeding tho court In cooking at the Washington Irving High School 10 endowed with a commoncommon - sense regard for tbe digestion of those who mar In tho future iHoend upon th girls for th preparation of their meals We think more of health here than we do of style said MeAndrew We try to teach a girl how to bo a good cook not a fancy one To be sure she can learn all th fancy oooklng ah want her If her tastes run la that direction but wo try aa much as possible to dispel a lot of notions that have been put Into her mind by th high livers who spend one - third of their lives In rsstauranta AriAtneti - can girl of good aenae aboaldnav a dus respect for such food atewed prunea TO REDUCE IXriNO CO IT High coat of living th eelutloa of the problem what It means to the public ta general and to houaswivea la particular Is being discussed nightly at the City Club by a committee of cltlsens They propose to work out a national plan for co - operative buying ot food products They Intend to buy In earMot direct from producer and manufacturer and deliver th food from city terminals to at least ltOOOt homes at a saving or anout JO percent Presumably tbe first store will b opened early next fall In the lower Weet Bide The project la to be known as tho Civil Service Employes Supply Company Absolute purity of foods will be maintained by a board of otaem lets who will specify aa to tho Quality of the ooaapanys good Everything win no pure wnoiesorae ana eneap When this comes to pass say tho pro - Sot ere th cost of butter meat aggs id vegetables and all tbe other necessary Items ot diet will drop and th middleman will be put out of hla com - mission Only Hi sbaree of tho com - ponys capital stock at lit each will bo allotted and virtually all thee se to he held la trust and voted by an ooeef of each association In the elty having aaemoersnip ot too or more FBEE MEDICAL CXiaiCfl Commencing with the fall term th City College wfn have clinics for backward children If you bavo a child tbat la backward In his studies who seema to be Stupid and unable to hold hie own with other children of tho same age you may take him to th City College and get examination and advle Tbe new department which wfll b called mental hygiene will be divided Into three sub - departments The first Is for study ot the psychology of tha child Th second department will Investigate th psychology of aeeljenti and tho fltaeie of different typee of men and women for the voeatjoaaof life Th third department will com J pli statistic ndteacir students now a - - lh - Mttar M kl - w - Kfc MW WW WWW - V VH MlA MMM - ik prof assort namuai aMN - m t - i W 1W iffi rescher la the president at th Cali fornia Wholesale Grocers Association aad In their trip hero they passed within two miles of tho cyclone that struck Omaha and skid that they were ortunat in getting throuch even though their train Was several hours lats As It waa th train - thav war Ion was compelled to make a detour oil from the Lxe Shore to the Pennsylvania Railroad and passed through some of th flooded regions before reaching - New Tork B K Bprague - of Piedmont Cai Is at the - Hotel Astor while visiting his family in this city Spragu Is prssl dent ot tho Touring Car Company of Piedmont and la a frequent visitor to New Tork These Calif orr lane registered at New Tork hotels this week From San Francisco At the Colllngwood W Cohen and L J Cook Albert J W Erwin and W F Brown Flanders Mr and Mra H C Psck Latham Miss A Adams Hoffman House Mr and Mra J Rauscht Herald Square B Ambler Mr and Mra J McArasy Wolcott Miss O Bother Grand Union J H Boyer Mr and Mrs J Engel Miss M K Young R W Howe Mr and Mrs Red - Inger Aberdeen Mr and Mra H R Clark Navarre C F Martin H K Laldgalr Park Avenue R Knott En - dlcott Mra Beck Mrs B Levy Algon quin Mra J B Birmingham Miss Den - forth Ansonla M S MoMIIlani Nor - mandls B Ballsy union Square Mr and Mra W Simon i Cadillac H W Karper L J Fountain Murray Hill E Morgan Manhattan R Axman St fames W O Murray - asaana urtna view j u ai - logg Flanders O D Hoffman San Diego Manhattan Mrs O B Day and Mra H B Day Ban Jose Latham Mr and Ufa E A PhUlpeUo Los Angeles Navarre 8 M Fill - porich J Supleghat C 8 Payne nd Mr aad Mr O M Gauthrop Grand Talon E P Tompklnson Hsrald Square P H Travers aad Mr aad Mra W A Hervy Park Avenue A B Shepard Grand VT3 do Lamatt Dr A P Bliss Broadway Central UtFreedman Hon man House R O Whltlock Empire F F GAvan Gerard Mr aad Mra F X Oliver Hotel Ooorg R Rea Groat Northern M Johnson Belmont H 0Nell F W Roger S W Mudd and F Kleth Belleclairs R Frime Merchants and buyer - - M F McNamara R Weill - Co dry goods mena clothing aad furnishing goods and urn - brellaa R M Woodward City of Paris Dry Goods Company drees goods silks velvets and olothas E Barge Mendel - eon Brothers alike and silk handkerchiefs Japanese and domestic 8 C Harshbargsr Hals Brothers dry goods notions laces embroidery fancy goods aad glovss Mrs 8 a Harehbarser Hal Brotherv mlllnery C A Stiles Hal Brothers dry goods costs suits aad waists O W Jeffery Jaooby Brother dry goods dress loods silks velvets and linings A Stahl Broadway Department Store mllllneryi O F Bradley A Hamhorgey Son dry foods and boys clothing and furnish - laga Theee Callfornlans sailed for Europe this week From San Francisco Mr Charles P Wagner Mr and Mra Nllls Aureft Mra A Couch Mrs Fred Roth Mr Giuseppe Kicnienr Mr u i noaeats Mra John - g Carr Mra J 1 Harrison and maid Miss Elisabeth McMuIUni Miss M AndrsonJ sirs j iv Armioy or aiiss Jornsua Armaky Mlsa Edith Treanor itr and Mre George F Volkmaan and Miss J Volkmann Front Ban Joe Mr D B King From Loe Angeles Mr and Mrs fjutl Mm VJtmmJt 1 M mvhiv m vwv uvB jar Haroourt Blades aad Mra William Rhode Harvey and M L PolaskJ WOMEN IV GOTEBJOaKNT JOBS Uruguay whlch has tho distinction oe being th first country to appoint a woman to th dlplomatia serrta has Just provided for the Instruction of women telegraphers for Government service The officials are said to have been lastructsd tov employ women when N HONOR of the engagement of Miss Julia Marjoii Monaon to Charles H Cherry Mra Robert E Judeon ot t0 Frederick street Oakland gav a linen shower Thursday Many handsome pieces of linen war bestowed upon the bride - to - be Miss Monsoa will beoom Mrs Cherry June id and after a honeymoon trip to Alaskan points of Interest tha coupls will return to California aad make their homo In Oakland The bride - to - be la a general social favorite ra Oakland and th bay section while th prospective bridegroom Is a business man with Interests in Oakland Los Angalea and Eastern oentsrs Among th guaats present at th linen shower wore tho Misses Maria Barr Irma Muller Irene Monaon Mabel Walters Edith Woodward Eva Chapman and Mrs A B Cuahlng Mra George Lund Mra Harry Goepp Mra Thomae Johnson Mra Jack Woloott and Mra L M SUtelee i Womens Swindler Reveals Identity Tack Lewi Arretted in Chicago Admits He It the Bon of Prof Von Klein CHICAGO April H Jack Lswla accused by two women of deeertlng them and taklnr Jewelry worth 11000 admitted last night In the County Jail that he Is Edmund S C von Klein son of Professor Carl von Klein a widely known translator For four days be steadfastly had rsfused to say who he waa Von Klein denies th charge against him Ho deolares that Governor Eber - hart of Minnesota and other prominent men are his personal friends and tbat they will come forward and swear to his reputation Von Klein was arrested Sunday evening in company with Mis Ethel ivewoomn miss Newoomb accosted Von Klein in front of a downtown hotel Eh told htm he was Jack Lewis who naa marnea nor at Portland Or - and later left her taking her valuehlaa He deniad th charge but Invited ber to dine with him While thev ware ordering auaa Newoomba sister called me pono ABBmLAHOH WILL END THE BUFFALO CAR STRIKE Considerable Damage Done During - vox JJayi or strife BUFFALO N T Anrll It Tha etriKe of raotormea and conductors ot the International Railway Company which bsgan last Sunday has been settled through the mediation of Mavar Puhrmann Both sides made eancaa slons Tbo company consented to con fer at the Mayors office with President William D Mahon of the union and the men receded from their demand that after th resumption ot ear rv - Ice the negotiation on houre aad wagea for which they itruck ahould be carried on with a committee of th union Th strike leadere accepted the eompanya suggestion that questions which cannot thus be settled be left to throe arbitrator Instead of havin Mayor Fuhfmann act alone Jn th six daya of the strlks 100 ears ware damaged overhead wires with ineir supporting Doles were torn dawn and there waa a compUt paralysis ot in ire - cax service - m Railroad mmlsiiQfi Refuses Application ocamervio RefundilExcesstRateef I f - yftivt1 - - 8 fk Following decision reodered y e - terday br the Railroad Commlaslon th application of thCalltdralvWttrn Railroad aad Navigation Company - to refund to the Vnlon Lumber Company and tho Irvine Mulr - Lumber Company the fhargss collected In i xcees of those agrd upon by contract was dlamlssod1 v5 - i Th line operates through a lumber section In Northern California to Fort Bragg aridi 1s owned by the Vnloa Lumber - Company iTen - years ago tho railroad company I contracted with tho Irvine e - Muir Lumber Company for rignis or way througn its noldlagaaaa in return agteea to haul th output of the lumber Arm vfromUrmuleotovFoTt Bragr at the rau of UT per thousand feet rw A year ago the railroad company Hied with th Railroad Commission Its tariffs providing for a rate of It SI par thousand feet between tho two points aad srtnc June II - IlllJhas boon collecting this amount In Ben of the rat stipulated by contract1 i DiscRnnaATioiiisipLnED In its application the railroad company asked permission to refund the excess collected over the contract rate andMnordr that there might be no discrimination1 between the lumber eompaaiea also Mked permission to rs - Imburte Uhe Union Lumber - Company for its shipments on the same baala The Commission held in the decision rendered yestordayi W bUv that a coaUect between uttuty and It pa - irone ror a valuable eonsiaerauon entered Into 1n good faith ahould be approved by this Commission In so far aa such approval will not result In dls crimination but an approval ot this contract on the terms desired would amount certainly to a discrimination This carrier has aults orooerlr col looted the tariff rat on the commodity Involved since It became a common carrier and It should b required to do so nereaiter on this ground the com mission dlsmlsies tha application REMTntERATION SUGGBSTBD At th same time the Commission pointed out that ta so far as the Irvine Muir Lumber Company granted rights of way and other privileges to tae raiiroaa company it la entitled to remuasratloa The Commission suggested that th companies might bo able to figure out a proper remuneration which in the end should represent tbe difference between the two rates so that th effect would be that both sides would enjoy tho full advantage of th contract e DA3TCE TTAyTfl BLAMED FOR WHITE SLAVERY Commission Ii Told How Oirli Drift Into Immoral Lives CHICAGO April U Testimony aa to tha part played by certain downtown hotela la furthering th downfall of young girls waa given at yesterdays sssslon of th Illinois legislative whit slavery commission which Is attempting to uncover tho reasons why girls drift into Immoral Uvea After juvenile court officers and social worker had tsttad concerning immoral danoe halls and on girl wit ness naa tout tne story of her ruin George Tollen an employe of a hotel a few doors from deteotlv headquar ters took the eund and told how glrla ae young aa It year were brought to ine piece Toung women often were broueMl there In taxleabe In a state of lniekt - 1 raflnti Tftllan ritjlPMf TV aljil kl orten nad heard girls sobbing and pleading In the rooma The sixteen roome of the place were rented nightly to an average of 100 oouplee he said e RECEIVES CALL FROM SOUTH CHICAGO April 11 Rev John Balcolm Shaw for nine years pastor of the Second Preebyterlan Church In Chicago and a leaderjn the citys re - llgloua activities has received a call from the Iraraanuel Presbyterian Church at Los Angeles CaL Dr Shaw has not decided whether ha will so - ospt He will visit Los Aagelea before reaching a decision BasamipaaaaMaMaHaaBBaaaaiBfeaBSaBaaaanaaBBaaBaasaaaasaaaHsswi r 1 - ggww - - ii ii ii i ii Mwfca I - - w mourcan easily add l I this check to your regular income i m M JgJ vf alalalalalalalHsnaataHi t ffisnllff al Tl f WLi J Ja snananananananananananananananananananasaanananB iiWdim SJM I - f i vV Kr OaBBBBntaTBJtsVSVaBaaTsTsV mmm - YaTsTH fiwrn sbbbbbI W M A WsneV sIjntsntBntsntBntsntSBntlsntBnanVJ smfexnBnsnSBXBBBnaZBxCjBnsnsFl Tf 1 AJanBn f LsnanH Tfann w Zr ianPIBIHraraanlKsnrv vJSBv S sB3al iS naaaal iiS JM aaw IbAI iH C3sffCltiBarVtsff - 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143 GEARY T j Tl J Colors Tan Copcobafea Nell Rom Navy Brown Taape Black Wblta and a complete assortment of the popular Black and White Checks and Strlpea Materials Wool Poplin Imported Epoaja rreneh tad Mena Wear Sarjea Whipcords Diagonal Bedford Corda etc Styles and Sizes The itrlea are In tbe popular blouse effect Including Russian Stamboul and Balkan models also cutaways In the newest effects and low belted model The skirts are In both draped and atxalght line effects and ther ara richly trimmed with fine satin eponge silk braids and garnishes buttons and buckle Womens sizes from 12 to M are Included and a special assortment for Misses In 14 18 and 18 year sUes SDeclal dlanlar ahowtnc some of th modal on exhibition In our wlndowa Sale starts promptly Monday at with extra fitters and salespeople to Insure our regular standard of service Come expecting a regular 14000 Suit for 2500 500 and 600 Silk Petticoats L9 QC On Sale Monday only pAC7c A fortunate purchase ha secured for us 500 aampls arid surplus stock Petticoats at about halt the manufacturers regular price They ara mad from fine heavy mesullne silk or rich toft taffeta aome with Jersey top The color list contains such popular shades aa Nell Rose American Beauty wistaria taupe tan wine pink Kings blue lavender gold brown navy gray and black alao many pretty two - tone changeable effects of pleasing colors early 100 separate styles to choose from In the lot We consider this the greatest Petticoat value we hav ever - been able to offer for these 1 and 6 skirts are priced for Monday only at 920S Corset Covers andDrawers rrr Speqil Yaluej at - 3 Jt Corset Cowrs made of fine nainsook with yokes prettily trimmed la fine embroideries good washing laces and wash ribbon excellent new models that are wonderful ral ties tt this price The Drawers re mad of One quality muslin trimmed with two - thread VaL lee Cluny lace and dainty embroidery Open and closed Nightgowns and Drawers QCr On Silt at Zf Jt Many dainty styles in downs new models of unusual charm made from fine nainsook cotton crepes tastefully trimmed la laeea aad embroideries applied in new and nleaa - lng War High neck and low neck Nightrooes and Combinations 115 M m Address PAGE MFG CO Chronicle Bnilding San Frauds EeirenttvFirf t XTAnoui and Crocker IUuobai Baals San Fraadaeo ga fJ ASaleofWomcns Cg - JI - c 40 Values t7COO JUIld Monday at - - 46 J This Is without question the most important Suit offering of the season thus far for every suit in the collection is worth at least 40 This sale has been planned weeks ago and the concentrated buying power of our syndicate of fifteen stores has been brought to bear on creating these remarkable values The styles have all been selected by experts and they represent the newest and best of the Parisian models As to workmanship they are equal to the finest custom - made garments and in every detail of finish will meet the most exacting requirements VI c V i a 4 i i i fi V CM 1 Empire and yoke Gowns trimmed with Cluny lace Val lace andTery fine embroideries SJyleearererX new and are copied Orom Imported French underwear They ar much v I w wrst iit neck ndiow neck Uxt anything wlurtrrir stylis with long and short alesvea ld t - n - glM - lrawrs at this price are In both uu pn 5f V 4 Price regular and extra sixes made of one quality oi longciotn namsooa anamtuuns Extra weir cut gar ina comDiaaiiena are or aana1n fflS3 StTlea la 13 and JSlentths These mente - heaiittfullv mail carafnllv n1av - TinttAnar vatea kJfjr u r - - 7 - r - s Plti Havi i3firyv eooa in Betaeairter drawer in rnncni mna wajac ntn vnejr are TinmniTwirn B fli f rAxfi neoone are are werti lUIsWr and mm ainty embrei a nut - Aam mrWPxif TT yc3M rfArijir - i- - - T - j - - 7 J - c - - kfiaK 1j m rw M ml 7 W m 3

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