The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 14, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTUEA 8T AUKAN8AS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUJIK XL—NO. 24. Illytheville Daily News Hlytheville Courier BlyLhcyllle Herald Mississippi Valley leader RAIDS BRING NEW l!I,YTHF,VIM,rJ, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAV, APRIL H, l',).|!l S1NGLK CUH1KSHVBCKN'I>.' Today's War Commentary Leaders Disagree Kuox Is Wrong II' MaeArlhui- Is Kighl By THOMAS 1. DONOIIUK of Hulled Tress . Sharp differences of opinion on the situation in the Southwest Pacific appear to exist amoii^ our naval, air .'.uitl army chiefs and the heads of our military departments. Those who are on the scene of action in close contact with the enemy hold one point of view regarding the-relative strength or weakness of the Jap in that area. directing policy at home, however, have taken in some cases :\n exactly opposite view. The affair may be coming to a head. Gen. MacArthur lifted the lid oil the situation with his assertion that if the Allies lose air control in the Southwest Paciric, naval power, cannot save them. Hie statement assumes added importance in view of the recent mission lo Washington by MacArthur's aides seeking more airplanes. It is possible that the mission was not. as successful , as MacArthur had hoped and that the general's warning was designed to impress lipon the policy makers at home the urgent nc-cesr.ity that more planes be made available. Statements Conflict Navy Secretary Knox said yesterday that there is no indication of a large Japanese naval force in Allied Borahs Rain On Itdly Mercury Tumbles To 34 Mark Here The official wheather thermometer fell to 34 degrees last night, in what is usually called 'The Easter Spell'' by those who .maintain thai there Is always an unusually cold "snap" before the Spring holiday. ... The mercury was climbing today, however, and gardeiu were not. believed to be damaged. the Australian area. MacArthur on the other hand, said bluntly: "As a matter of fact, Japanese naval forces in great strength are within striking distance of Australia." It is MacArthur's contention that if our airpower in the southwest Pacific is overcome, our navy—no matter how powerful—will not be able to prevent Hie forward surge of Japanese sea aiid air power compined. Fo rh'e is convinced that control of the sea limes depends upon air power operating from land bases held by ground troops, all supported by naval power, mother words, airpower is the single key to victory or defeat. In the Pacific, it is a war for 'amiliar Blacksmith Who Opci'atcd Shop Here To Be Buried Sunday Ulythcvllle's "village blacksmith" !s dead. W. D. Osbron, who began this vocation when a youth back n Murray, Ky., nnd who operated blacksmith shoi) In Blythcvllle longer thnn any one. died yesterday in Chicago. He was 00. Mr. Osbroii, who loved bluck- Einlthlng and was proud of lib handiwork, opened his shop here 20 years ago. His first Uiop wns at "the end' of Main street, across from Blylhe- vill Hospital, where motorists ir making the "U" turn often wotilc slop to Mr. Osbron at work In those days there always were j Southeast Missouri Farm Laborer Sentenced For Slaying Neighbor • ' CARUTIIEIiSVIIAJJ, Mo.. April U—Arthur Ooodriinn. 52, farm laborer of near Cooler, wns found guilty of murder in the second dc grce late Monday, and sentenced to 10 years in the state penitentiary. Goodman was charged in the shotgun slaying Feb. 28 of Morgni Hiiiklc. 28, also of Ihc same community. The jury received the case shortly before 6 .o'clock. an< brought In its verdict soon aftci supper. The state used about eight witnesses, the defense five. Mrs. Hinkle was the principal stale witness, and Goodman took the stand Meeting. Was Simple Plants Sent From North, South In Possible Prelude to Invasion Two Ariny.;Scr,icntit.s, (me; rr.thln Devonshire."boy, nnmed Wllilnm lirown. lijft. and one a Might ..young man named Joseph Randnll, right, of State Center, Iowa, !.slopocd on thc'Gnfsn-Ciabc.s highway nt mld-aflcrnoon, shook hands, and slapped'each other on the back. In that fashion Montgomery's: brilliant utlrArmy ami the American northwest African Expeditionary Corps brought to a conclusion their tremendous niiirch 'toward each oilier in Tunisia. H'liolo indlocxl direct, .from Cairo tp New York. (NEA indlo-tclophoto.) as the Mrs. principal defense witness. Hinkle testified that she had been hired lo keep house for while her husband number of farmers men lounging about the out.sidc of the shop whiie handsome horses and sturdy mules gained much attention while awaiting shoes. Later, Osbron moved his the air as much as, if not n than, a war for the islands. ...Battle . theories as.,aP'>Ued_ / .-in Europe do not "liolil'-'lri" tne" Pacific where range is the prime factor. Targets are hard to get at. An attacking-force can .operate against a given objeective only if adequate ly covered in the ajr. If the objective is beyond the range of the attacker's airpower, the chances of success arc small. Air Fields Objectives ' The marine assault against the Solomons last August was aimed primarily at Henderson Field and Guadalcanal. The Allied attack on southeastern New Guinea was designed to nullify Japanese air bases in Papua that had been vised inttxe assaults against- Port Moresby Current operations on New Guinea are designed to win the Sulamaua air base which in turn will be used against-Japanese air bases on New Britain. Virtually all our bomber attacks against Jap positions are aimed first at enemy air fields, nnd secondly at enemy naval bases. : But for us it lias of necessity become a war of attrition. We lack sufficient airpowcr to apply it on n massive scale against the enemy's air power. We have done much with litllc, but not enough to assure success The enemy's ability to multiply his air forces on the islanl arc north of Australia by 100 per cent is sinking evidence of our failure to knock'oul his aerial strength, or even prevent it from increasing. Bnmbers Our First I,hie Now, it seems, if the enemy intends to use his growing air strength and the reported 200.000 troops he has concentrated on thai arc in an offensive our bombers and lighlcrs will be, as MacArthur said, our first line of defense. On March 1, MacArthur said flic enemy seemed lo be concentrating his main effort in preparation or the front north of Australia. "Such an assemblage of major force," MaeArlhur said, "indicates he is taking up a position In rcadi- • ness." 1 Now, MacArthur seems to fear that his "position in readiness" may be turning to one ol attack. Prime" Minister Curtiii says it's clear that the attack ^ will come against Australia in the air, on the sea and on the ground. There's still time, however, to provide MacArthur with enough planes lo smash any such enemy undertaking. For the Jap, having learned his bitter lesson In the Bismarck Sea and elsewhere, will not move until he Us overwhelmed American airpower. On the other hand, with additional power In the air, \ve can fight it out to a decision In the Southwest Pacific which every day is becoming more and more the main battlefield of the Far East. If that ah- pdwer is provided to our Navy and fighting men, one is Inclined lo venture the opinion that MacArthur Would relish seeing tlic main Jap fleet and air force move out against him for the decisive showdown. shop to the cornel 1 of Walnut and Franklin, where the building still stands: He loved that spot because of the : tree which spreads its 1 bran-' chcv'ovcr much of the shcp where he plied his trade until stricken almost four years ago. He never fully recovered from his first serious illness and in recent months had last his eyesight. He was living with a daughter, Mrs. Al Burks, and family, when le died, having moved ta Cbi- •ngo two years ago. Seine of tlic relatives will join the family in Chicago and olhers will go from Blythevillc lo Murray, Ky.. where funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at Churchill Funeral Home. Born in Buchanan, Tcnii.. he lived at Murray until iOl-1 when he cnmc to Blytheville. He is survived by live .SOILS, Herman Osbroii of Ulythovillc, Pvt. Vernon Oi-bron of the Army at Gainesville. On., who arrived here this morning; Buron Osbron of | Comuton. Calif., who is en route to Chicago despite having recently fractured his ankle, and Howard and Odis O:bron of Chicago, and Iwo daughters, Mrs. Burks and Mrs. Richard Bcachain. also of Chicago. Going to the funeral from J31y- Ihcvillc will be Mr. and Mrs. Herman Osbroii and Pvt. and Mr;. and other I SOU B' 11 work ill Illinois, nnd that soon afterwnrd, Goodman made improper advances to her. She left to secure her husband lo return here and move the family, Mrs." Hinkle and three daughters. Tlic Hinkle family occupied one of part of the two-partition house, and- Goodman and his young son occupied .the • other part...;,-. ' On 'he f.-.tcful "'day'.'!Mrs. Hinkle .':aid they went lo move their huiise- hcld belongings! not knowing Gpodr man was in his part of the house. She said Goodman overheard them talking about him, ami that they heard Goodmail loud his shotgun. Hinkle grabbed up Ills gun and ran out of their side .of the house. She stated that dc-adman opened fire at close range as Hinkle pn.^s- cd the door, the charge striking him in the head, slightly above and behind the left car. Goodman claimed self-defense,'.statins he did not open fire until''Hinkle started through the door, that Hinkle turned just as he Tired, causing the charge to strike Hinklc in tlic back of the head. Wilson Physician Moves To Osceola Sister Here Learns. Of Officer's Death Capt. Ceell Carpenter, a former Steelc, Mo., resident who for ;thc last 13 years has been in the Ai!;- uy. has been killed in action- j,n •Jorth Africa, his sister, Mrs. Floyd Thorpe, 121 West Cherry street, learned today. War Department olflclnls notified Captain Ciniientei's wife In Sterling. Kans., thai he hnd been killed March 10. 'No other detail.-! were received! - '.-,;-' Besides his wife and two chilrkrh In 'Sterling. Knh.s-;, he l.s.surylv'tt' by his rhothcr, Mrs. Jack Murphy of Wardcll.. Mo.,. His sister,, Mrs. Tlliupe, and two brothers, John Lewis Carpenter of Ilayti, Mo., and Carpenter-of Harrisburg. 111. Mrs.HI. I). May field' Dies In Missouri Itv United Allied pltiiioH havo opened fi ciTisliinn\ Iwo-tlii'ceUoiwl loinbimlmeiil of Hnly a.s the enieiiil huttlo for Tunisia Is I'HmiiN. . . ' 1'oworful HA! 1 " bombers,, flying all tho way from (IrenL :ii°ifiiin, htivti niiuli: a •'hiitloi'ing night nii'l on lli<! Italian mvul Ijnsn of S]K!/,iii, in northern Italy on tin; (Inlf of C'iunon. Tlio boinlmi'dnumt Ihc beginning of it iitil- nicker iiorinl assault iiKtiinNt Italy from noi'lh and south. ObKumT.s view it .'is tho ('tart oC a pvotruHH lo HOflon up Ituly 'or invasion when Tinnum is linully clcuiuxl ui>. : » ' The Spc/la raid coincided with a Ircnw.udous. iierlnl ussiutU rigal southern Hnly nnd Sicily by American nnd Ihlllsh plane'; Iron northwest Afrlcn nnd the middle East. Sli'lllan llasts Alliu-kril The Middle Ktal bombers concentrated on I'almeio and Messina In. Sicily whllu America's Flying Forlrc.ssM and other bombers dn- stroycd or dnmnued nn lass thnn 145. Axis plums in siiinslilni! rnld'i on Sicilian nlrdromcs and In nrolnl COL1EL PREUSS Officer From Air Field Outlines Training Program At Meeting Here .Members of /Junior Cbnmber of Commerce met for dinner and ihu JINKS BUL VlacArthur Pleads ForMore Planes To Hold South Pacific Line combat One hundred and 'omul parked on the airdrome Vernon Osbron. Will Serve As President Of Civic Group; Other Officers Elected Frank Wliitworth was elected president of Hie Blylhcvillc Lions Club at the regular weekly lunch- con meeting yesterday at Hotel Noble. He will socceecl Hannan Taylor as head of the civic group. Members of the club also elected Chester Caldwcll and Paul Pryor first and second vice presidents, respectively. Other officers chosen were: Murray smart, secretary; J. Farris McCalla, lion tamer; E. R. Mason and Jnmes Terry, directors; F.d- gar p. Borum, w. L. Horner nnd Murray Smart, trustees. Prior lo election of officers, R. L. Shcrrick made an appeal for support of the new War Bond campaign now underway, pointin? oul Hint every resident of Missis- Chicago Wheat open high low close July , 143 143 142',1 I42',i 143',', Sep. . 143!'! 143:i 143S 143VS Dr. Portis Wils Turrentine, member of a well known pioneer Ely thcvillc family, lias established an . office in Osceola for general practice and surgery after practicing at Wilson for the past 18 months. The son of the late Dr. A. E Turrentine, who practiced medicine here until his death in 1918, Ills mother is Mrs: Jack Ambrose: of Detroit. "lie received his medicnl education al university of Arkansas. Faycltevllle, and University of Tennessc School of Medicine, Memphis, where he was graduated in 1938. He interned nt the New Orleans Chnrity Hospital. Dr. Turrentine wns practicing medicine in West Virginia when called into service by the Army but was rejeclcd because of a back injury. II was llien that he decided lo return to his home county for general practice and surgery. Dr. Turrentine, who Is related lo a number ol Blythevillc families, and his wife, the former Miss Marie Cincoski of Minneapolis, arc living at 510 West Hale, in the house owned by Mr. and M'7,. Le^, roy Owens. His office is across from the court house on Highway Cl. Mrs. M. D. Mayfield of Viinrlmcr, Mo., who lived In Blythevillc for 20 years, died Friday at SI, Francis Hospital in Cape Girardeau. Mo. ; Funeral .services were licld Sunday in MorlcjvMo. A member of a pioneer family of Ecoll County,' Mo.; she married Ur. M'. D. Mayfield of St. Louis in 1912. When she lived In Hlythevillo, she .was active in First Baptist Church. She is survived by her husband of "Vanduser; a daughter, Miss Virginia Ethel Mayfield of Shady Grove, near Manila; one son, S. Sergl. Mnrlln D. Mayfield nnd three sisters, Mrs. Lllllc. Harris of Farmlngton. ,_Mo.. Mrs. S. P. Marshall of Advance, Mo., and Mrs. Residents Of Osceola Dis : li'ict To Buy $285,000 : Worth Of_Bonds ,. !,! 'Hie ground work for llie;bi« Wfir Bond . drive ; In South , Mississippi Co\ni ty^'us , ofTlei|illy ( ' • Jhb ; week. A liififlng 1 was'lielrt^ -Moiiflaj' nlghl In' Osccola at whlui'-'imio plans were discussed' for" 'the Inls- ing of $'2n5,OCO .(lining .the' month' of Aurll, this being the r|iibta for Ofreola OMvlcl. John W. Meyer, co-chiilrman of Misfi.wlppi County. nppniiUeij cluilr- men for each of the (owns and ccniiuunlUc:!. c.f tills part cf the county. Thp entire seUup \vns explained lo those present and (he means of subscribing the Issue were agreed upon. business session nl Noble- Monday nlRlit. Lieut, Col. Paul T, Prcuss told of (ho military trnlnlng given officers and pilots' In tho Air Corp-i. During the- business si'Mlnn the social chairman, J. T. Sudbiiry reported plniw for n dance lo \>a given for members and their friends April 24, alil-eglon Hut. .jlxwiii, IsancK, blniifl clmlvmnn, reported Mini plans weru completed for tho bln'go pnrty to be held at Legion Hut tonlcM, proceeds (mm Which ' will go towni'il dctraylnsj expenses .of; delctjiUca to the slate war conclave al Little Hock. Mny l,nnd,2.- :;;VoUlnlcers.;wci'0 risked for to a slst. the .county, chnlmirm in Hie current : .Wor .ilondj drive at whicl tthiu ili'liVcli''offered-thl'lr services A committee bended by Roy nne wns -appointed lo sponsor n Red Cross First!Aid Class. Ho will be assisted by John McDowell nnd riiiiKiroft Terry. The Victory Garden committee reported that more ground wns available- tor gardens, nnd thnj those Interested might call I,. S. Bcnl-sh nt the Arkansas Missouri Power Corporation office. Tills group has ylmi -10 mriu- licr.s to the armed forces, besides J400. Mr. l>ie follow- Powerful new JiipaiieKO air blows einphafd/.o MacAithui s of giowing enemy threats to AtiHlii'lia A .special imnoiinccmunl is MIC (I from Mm-Ailhm'* li(!(iti(|tihrlfts hays homhcr.i smashed itt the ini- pcttiint Allied on.MIInc Bay, iitnruliip the sen channels between New Guinr-n' ami the Solomon • Islands, HcfiiilU of the enemy !at- luck me not yet known. Bui it apparently wns n .bin, nttack. Tho rnId occurred by daylight. Wednesday, New'Guinea, time. Hut American planes also were on llui nttnck In the 3011th Pacific, A Washington Navy conunm-l- t|iio reports Ihci wcie stnilc-l on nn enemy nuimunitloii dump and hll.s were scored on aerial installa- iis were 1 t ' l " ls '" '' lul<l °" tMO Jnt> 1)n< * ,„',„„ -i cf Mundn In the .So'onious Tim nl CiiatolVRtrnno, Sicily, when the imv- eslle InrLs whucled over. Ol thi'.sc, "il were tolnlly wrecked and every oiie'Ol I lie lit others was damaged. Another formation of the glnnt American forts spotted lOU enoiiiy ilanes lined up on tho Slcllluu i\lr- ilromci of Mllo, 'iVenly-lwo of these were wrecked and un undetermined number o[ others were tlanuiKcd. Eleven uddlluinnl iilinuv, were shut down in cuinbal, while uur tciUil loss tiin I^B nil llvse operations wero thren plnnes. Axis aii'dronic.H inside the coffin corner of Tunlstn, of which not mnny uro left now, lire bcliiK bombed just heavily as those In Sluily. The Morocco radio says Che airdrome at St. Mnrlu de Kit, west of Haiiimaincl, war, .subjected to 21 straight hums of relentless bom bardment. • • -, . fCpmiy-^'KMipM ^Slrmff'i) '/ And Flying Fortresses, illtchells, ing as chairmen of their 'i tive towns or communities: ben !•'. Untler, 'Osceola; C. C. Diincliower, Luxorn: W. M. Tnylor, Kelser: Jolin Knochs. Wll.son; J. W. Miller nnd :Ed Hell, linssetl; Rnlph Ilowden nnd J. Tl. Wilson, b buying War llonds totaling Half of tols was subscribed i Inst Wnr !!ond auction. the Mninudei's and Spitfires are rncluu- ncross the ciwrny's last bridgehead in 'liinlsin strafing and bombing Axis troops ilnd vehicles. 'I'he Allied aerlul onsl:iiig]i(. hn.s grown .so Intense It is reported Hint Germans hnve transferred 2000 Ni'sl-Une planes to soutiiurn Italy Irom we.slcrn Kurope. With thctn, U. Is said, went Field Marshnl Hugo Eperrle, commnnder of the western' Europe air forces. Right now, the blislcrlne Allied nlr iiilacks overslindow the ground Navy .alLo tells of a seilss of six more Ambilciiii nil inids on Jap- held Klskn, In the Norlh 1'acltlc. Bombs landed on Ihc enemy runway, gun cmplitccmcnls nnd cii the nnln camp nreli at Klskn. I.tadcrV Sound Wnrnlnjt. The Intensified nlr. action In .the 'ncinc, especially in the Island nrc lorth of 'Australia; comes as.-Gcn- crnl MncArlliur and Australian ""rime Minister CluUn' Join in nubile warnings ol mn'oi enemy tjp- eralloiis : ; impending In • the Ausiiu- lln'n Tii a pltn tor more planes to held 1 the south Pacific line, Mic- Arlhur said' 'If we lose the an naval forces 'cannot' fnve as.' He snld the first lliio cf AUslvn- llnn diitcnse is our bomber lint. And he warned Hint Japanese na 1 forces Arc \vliiiln enjy i 'ahfccr'. ijf 'YiusijrnHa/ »•" • MncA'rlbu- 'aid that Ihe'bnttlj I Lee Welman Mo. of Cape Girardeau, Firemen Here Answer Two Alarms Yesterday Firemen ' mnde two runs sines Jollier; Roy Yelvinglon niul Clnr- ' yesterday but damage In bo|h fires MathcsTo Undergo Sanity Observation JONESBORO. Ark., April 11 (UP)— Special Judge Waller Kll- lough has agreed to send Fred Mnthcs to the Stale Hospital for observation. Tlic move wns innde 11 a .surprise prosecution motiun y". Marcus Fictz. Mathes, accused of Hie slaving f James E. Parr at .Jone-slioro, aivcd formal arraignment yeslT- ny nnd pleaded not guilty to the iiirder charge.' The Mathes case cnmc up Micl- !cnly. U was not expected lo be leard until lodny. Mosl of ye-stcr- !ay was spcnl choosing a jury lo icar the Bit/, Richardson murder rial whjcli will gel underway this norning. sippi County will some measure of have to give cooperation if the county's uota of $570,000 is to be obtained. Guests of club members included: Capt. W. J. Stollc, Lieut. John Malsek and F. L. Starncs. New Orleans Cotton open high low close Men. . 2001 2005 1006 2007 2003 May . 2053 2054 2048 2054 2051 July . 2033 2033 2024 2035 2031 Oct. . 2016 2017 2007 2016 2014 ITcc. . 2011 2013 2003 2013 2010 Merchants To Consider Half-Holiday Each Week Local business men will be asked to close their firms for one afternoon' a \vcck and F.O give their employes a half-holiday lo work their Victory gardens. A committee, headed by Murray Smart, will make the survey to ascertain whether tlie firms will cooperate in the plan, simlllar to that being anaugnr- alcd In many towns of the country. Tlie business men also will be asked to designate which day they prefer closing and If a majority Is In favor, the firms will be osked to close al noon on the day receiving liie most "voles". ence Speck. Frenchman's Bayou: fj. L. Dentnn Sr.. Dcnwood; C. R Tompklns. Durdcltc; R. !->. Houek, Dcublc Bridge.s; O. I, 'Byrcl. Mllll- gnn Ridge; Colcman Crews, Crews Lateral; A. C. Spellings. Etowah: J. P. Holiman, Klillmnn; K. I). Chiles. I'eean 'Point; Gilbert Lynch, Victoria: W. U. Tyre. West Ridge; Lloyd Shclton. Hatcher; II. Ohlendorf, Grider; C. J. I.owrnuce Jr., J Driver; Vic Mann. Mnrlc: H. II. Carson Lake: Mnrvin Hnll ind Mrs. Mike Nnllllug. Dyess; C. "erry, Hchnb Fnrms; Mrs. Ci. S. Bnttle, Collonwootl Corner. Each of Ihcse rhnirmen liavc been contacted and all of them invc agreed to lend their full .snp- iorl lo the end that Ibis drive be i complete success. Actual soliciting of prc.spccllvc .onti purchasers will not begin .mill Mondny. tlie lime In helTiicn :)^ini! used for Ihc different lenders nnd their nsfislanls in ac- :iiinlnl themselves with the forms New York Stock* A T &; T Amcr Tobncco Anaconda Copper .. Belli Steel nryslc'r . Coca Cola en Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester Norlh Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Sccoivy Vacuum ... Studebakcr Standard of N J . Texas Corp Padtard ; • U S Steel Ml 21 (-,•] 1-4 71 "t-3 !)7 1-2 35 1- ', 1C .1- . 13 . n . in i-s 12 7-8 10 "t-8 52 1-3 17 l-'J . 1 1-2 . S3 was slight. The apnrlnicnt iiouse'at 110 West Ash, owned by Mrs. Doshn Mick, wns slightly damnged by fire at 0:30 o'clock, last night when n stove caused wall paper to become %nllcd. The house of Mrs, Ellen- Brown, •108 South Lake, escaped damage ycsteidny nflernoou when an iivcr- hentcd cooking oil stove, wa.^ flnnl- ly extinguished. Firemen drained the pipes after the oil'lnnk wns removed while the flames leaped high. Flic Chief Itoy Head today announced (hut tho new telephone number of the fire department Is 844. In case of lire, if the new number can not be remembered, people should dlnl the operator who will get the proper connection, he said. cf-ilie 'wo'tcin Pnilflc ytill be Won or lost by : proper nripllcatlon of nn iilr-Hiolinil team inlher I hail 1'j Inmo navnl forces. MiicArlhilr's. views arc! in coii- 111 Tunlsln. but It nppenrs that tho enemy Li beginning Id make his loni; expecU'd stand In strongly prepnrcd pasltlans KHarcl- Init Tunis nnd Blxcrtc. Axis Cnuntcr Attacks 'Ilie Germans havu launched sharp counter allncks In the Mcdjc/. El Unb nnd other sectors following n juncture between Ihc troops of fvfnrshal Dommel nnd Colonel- Gen- crol Von Arnlm. The Nn/.i.s .struck henvlly agnlnst the British nd- vnnclng nlonrj Hie .Ueja rond to Mntciir north of Medje/. Kl liab, niter n powerful morlnr barrage. The Gcrnuins stopprd the British idvance. lint no serious concern ts fell nt (he moment.. Fuiflicr enst, the Gcrmnns drove. back 'British Infantry from newly- won positions, but the nrillsh rc- •apturcd the lost ground In a (prick counter-attack. Livestock ST. I,OUIS. April II IUI')—HO-J.H: of (llffrrcnt bonds that cnn be i 7.500 nil salable. Top $14.90; 180-3M urcliased during lliis drive, It was' announced. From the enthusiasm :hov.'n , r o far, Mr. Meyer predicts Hint this campaign will be put ovrr In lypi- cnl fashion cf the south rout of Mississippi County, he- MI id todny in discussing Ihc second Wnr 1-oan Drive, Ibs 14.75-11.85; HO-160 Ibs 13.7511.10; .sows 14.40-1470. Cattle 3,200; salable 2,500. Calves (WO all snlnblo. Slaughter s'ecrs 12-17; slaughter heifers ll-in.2°i: mixed yearling!! and heifers 1S.50- 15,50; stockcr nnd feeder steers °l-15.2, r >; canners nnd hitlers fl.50 10.7r); cows ll-n.50. John. Philip Hulsman Dies Here Yesterday John Plilllp llulsmnn, t'i months old son of Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Huls- ninii of Hollnnd, Mo., died yeslcr- iliiy nflernoou at Walls Hospital. Fmiernl services were held this afternoon nt Snnford Chapel by the Rev. Mr. Nebletl, pastor of Static Mclhodist Cliurch, with burial at Upper Cooler Cemetery. 'I'he bnby also Is survived by three brothers, Harry, Leon and Lc-nnte Hulsman. and four ststers. Mildred. Maicclla, Muijcl nnd Alma Hulsmnn. lllcl. with the expressed doubts of Sccrctno of the Navy, Knox on the imminence nf nn Australliin Invn- slon. Knos snys tlic only' way Hi; Japs cnn gel, to .-Australia is ships. And, lie adds, there Is no indication of large enemy nnval can- centrntlons In Iho Pncldc area. , Air 1 Control Vital lint ManAHhur fccfe Hint if the enemy wins -control of .the air. we will be nimble .to stop Japnn from bringing up convoys of ground. forces. Knox and .Mac-Arthur .further disagree h on the aerlnl .slrcii^lh needed to nininlnin Allied air supremacy In llic. Pacific. Knox feels it would be nnwlan to divert planes from .other wn'r Ihoalers to the Pnciflc!. • ; * Dut MncArthur l» .said to believe tlinl large numbers of 'pinncs— 10,000 Is Hie; figure mentioned— 'arc on reserve,' in Ilie United SUitci nnd that many 'of these could ba spared for the Southwest Paciric. OWl Director Elmer Davis has denied lhat. large- numbers! of plants arc Idln in the United States. -, Auslrallnn Prlnic Minister Curlin Lucks up MacArthur, telllni;- Wnsli- Inglon optlmUls It would, be "sheer illusion" to think recent Allied air surcesses at Port Moresby will frii'i- trnle n Jnrmncso Pacific offensive. Although no tally has yet been made, of the latest enemy raid on Milne Hay. the, Japanese forces were snld lo be large. 'Ilie Jaiw hnve been mnssln;; large Illglils in their new aerial offensive In the Pacific. In the rnid on -Tuln?l they .employer! 01 planes, while about 50 bombers and 50 fighters were used Cobb charge. I^mcral Home was in Council Voles 12000 For New Paving Project July .Sep. Chicago Rye ' open high low close 87". 87'i 8fi r (' 86H 8»'» 80 !>8 88-% 88 3 i 8«"'i The City of Blythevillc will have mosl of the Frisco Railroad streets of the business district paved niui will have the city cleaned un through a special mosquito control and sanitation nroxrnm. It two projects voted by the city Council In a mecllnt! last nigh 1 / ->re carried Soul. After Mnyor E. fl. Jnckson hnd been given the oath of office by City Clerk Frank Whilwortli. hnv- ins been icelected wlthcul o|ipo:-l- lion for n second lorm. the newly elected treasurer. James Terry, and three aldermen also reelectcd. John C. McIIaney, E. li. Jones nnd I 1 '. U. Wood.son, 'took the oath, before new business was discussed. As announced ycMerdny. Mayor Jackson made no changes in appointive offices of the city. Three blocks of the slrecl through which Ihc railroad runs will be paved If the $9000 projccl can be completed. The council, at nlghl's meet- Ing, voted to appropriate S2COO which will pay for the labor In the paving of the cnst, nnd wosl sides of Ihc railroad between Mnln and Wnlnut and the cnst side between Main nnd Ash streets. 1 he ronlroad company has Icn- Inlivcly ngrccd lo gel the sand and ginvcl here and property owner 1 , will be asked lo contribute the remainder, exact amount oi which Is not yel known. Property owners from llic ccnler of the block to the corner will be nsked lo pay their proportionate part as Is the custom tor paving. Tlic street, legally owned by the railroad, long has been an "eye- sore" because of its condition. Now graveled, tlic upkeep is very di'D- ciilt and the three blocks are muddy In Winter and very dusty In Slimmer. It bus been pointed out. Tlic block from Walnut lo Cnlcx- nsawbn on the eiu.t .side wns paved t yr-ar to greatly improve the coiner adjoining the caurt home and tlie new paving will be a ecu- linuatlnn of this .strip on the cast side nnd one block on the west. The council unanimously voted lo nppicprlatc approximately $1M. lo be used rn n special project In rid the city of pest mosquitoes and to clean up the alloys, thereby Improving sanitary conditions ai well ns beautifying Hie city, In a program of cooperation with the federal public health service which is working on malaria 1 control outside Ihc city limits, v .- (i In Ihc recent attack on Port Morscby. Preliminary TB Tests Are Required This Week '"er.sniis wishing to tnfce ' atrvan : lagc of the tree tuberculosis diagnostic clinic, to be held here next 'Iliesday and Wednesday under the .sponsorship Of Stale Board, of Health and 'Mississippi County Health Unit, must have the preliminary tests made by Saturday, they were reminded today by Dr. E. C. Build, director. 'tills b expected lo be the last time that 'this mobile unit for X-rays will be available here for a long time, It has been pointed oul. . . Men, women and children sus- pectcd of having this disease are invited to accept this opportunity to Improve their health by a diagnosis. Dr. Budd said. Nobody In City Jail The city jail is empty. With Inmates on the decrease, the few remaining prisoners wcic sent to the county 'farm to work out their fines and today no one was arrested, thus the Jail lias.its doors unlocked.

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