The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
Page 8
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KIGHT RLYTIUCVJI,!,[•;. (AUK.) COUIUKK NEWS I5E- LEWES 11101 Phil Still Have Klein, Hurst and Whitney But That's About All. iiy WILUAM HKAi:rii)-: NKA Service S]jurls Cililor WINTER HAVEN, fin.. March Bulwark For New Pliilly Team TuUr::-:;)AY, but clean — —"After last year ihor thing left lor u-> lo do house. We're doinc it." \fanager Burt Rhcl'.ou. in a ff-.v word*, ."'xplain^d what he is dclii'i to help the Hills out of last ])laro. We ssH on a bench, watching Ihr ItaiiKiij maneuvers cf :,:me pretty husk,'.' looking ynuiu! men, with here and there a homy veteran, in the park nt Winter Haven. "Yes. we have Rot rid of 'some ball players since the season closed,", said Burl, -bin 1 think llu: changes will be We can't he any worao. The club wns second only lo the Giants tu uv.- ling last yenr, bin we fieldrd In place. "Sind"! tliis lonm won rhe nant in 10!5. il hns boon In lasi place half of the time. In the five years (he clul) finlshcii filth dice and the rest of life lime was srent in the cellar. "So we have decided to things all Hrouud." « • * The Phils indeed are changlii! things all around. Unrier the new presidency of Lewis C. Hucli. who succeeds Ihe Inlc William F. Baker, drastic changes linvc been taking place. Familiar faces were missing from • the training carnp this year. I.eliy RITZ THEATER Friday and Saturday Schedule for Cage Meet Which Qpeijs Here To- inorrow Is Released. The scliediile inty lunior v hleh of the Mississippi hljih tournament \ v hleh will !)<• staled at the Armory IMP; Friday and Saturday has been by officials of the coinily oir'iin/ation. There will be in games played cHniii!! the five sessions of the touinament starling Friday afu-r- i-r:nr. A !,«•(? crowd Is anticipated at I lie basketball meet. The schedule of the touinament follows: Friday 1:M p. in. niylhevllle vs. Box K1- der, buys. 1:15 p. m. Box Elder vs. Dell, [jirls 2:15 p. in. Lone Oak-vs. Shawnee. boys. 2:110 p. in. Yaibro vs. KclKcr. girls. 3:30 |>. in. Oscculu vs Wilson, boys. 3:4!i p. in. Wilson vs. Shady Grove, girls. 4:15 p. m. Kelser ys, Manila, boys 4:30 ]). m. Manila vs. Whitton airis. should pay any fines, and, besides, Hubbard to Clash With Gas Hounds The Gas Hounds, first halt champions of the city Cage league race, will b« barriers in the palh of the Hubert: quintet, leaders .In.'Those Urookl,,, riychaser, I II n connnsl linlT r<irin t nuiuKl . • _ .. /"" t *,-.— n.i i • anil sc-tllc a little maUer of a tew ! en (he 23rd day of F;bruav» I dollars--for'parking Ms car all night] wherein American Building & ' in front or the telegraph office." ! ASJSII., was Plalnlill, I Plpuras said lie didn't Me why ho No. 48i7 1931. Loan he had loaned his ca rlg. , to Lou Geh- and O. J. Rodcers, el nl. were r>c- the second half race tonight. The Hnbtuid imrcivarc troupe'is the • only undefeated team in the r.!ty circuit in the second!half race If successful in downing the Hounds tonlcht will be- favorites -iu meet andit'efcat the Gas boys in the play-off for the league t!Ue. The Hnbbard-Gas Hound tilt will be the final name lontifht. In the lirst game the Dixie Pliers will p!ny ll-e Hi-Jackers. the Frisco five will tackle the Apes In the second contest and Company .Jvf and Merchants meet in the third game. Play is scheduled (o stall jit 7:15 o'clock. O'Dnul and Fresco Thompson were; hind. He's bis. l«>. but wnicli him ! it. and she (old trni'ort lo Hrocklyn for tuo pdch-1 move around, llrickell ir, hack from t:> nnlsh liflli. ••rs. Jumbo .flm Elliott anil Cllso last year, but lie wasn't n regular.! "But Les Mallon goes one better Dudley. niul nn outfielder. Hal, Then we've gol Hnl U-c fromllhan thai—he says we're going to n yu'.iiii! man who "never not Hi Ilrooklyul and young I'm] Kosler | iiln the pennant. ' cl!:uu-e" with the Dodgers. ! from Litlie Kork. 1 "For myself, I'm not saying aiiy- Slioitsiciji Tommy Thei-cniiw hun i "llin>t nt Itrst, youii!! Mallon ! Ihlni; Just yd, but I have i>bnty of ;;tnc. nli>:i:: whh 1'iiclvr (Jlauile j frc-m Fort Wor'.li at secund. llnrlcll' hope."' Willoiiphby. In Ihc I'irales In ex-! at ;.hurt iiiul Pinky Wliilney nl\ i-liaugc, Ihe Phils have Inken oil; lliinl—haw does lhat sound to Voiin? Hick Brutell. a i.omewlnt j yc.u?" Uctler hitter tliau Tht-vniow. and "Will Mallon stick?" "Says he will." replied Shollon will] a grin. "I fear he Inld >ome Lone Oak vs. Daugherty, p. m. Yarbro vs. Whitton, us -,ve were Bolugj ^ ,,. m . Blytheville vs. Hatch- :30 Rirls. 1:03 boys. Brown v.s. lAixora, illfie'.ricr 1 . r/.'sHT ^vcoetbnd, v.ho a I'ltclior few y rars n r. o e:u . e pi,,,,,].,,. O f lie- rf (he tiewsj«f"r boy:, lhal tin 1 icniing one of liic uiCbt i-apable Phils worries nljout second base lor tills Rich a I'd Aden and Fay Wray soul lip aw s in Ihc li agiv.'. also has joined Ihr innks isl the ex-Phils. 1 askeil Shoton about (lie e<:cxUis illchcrs and hitler:. "Wk.'ll. in PlitlRdcljihla." he re- '. '•'(I, "pilclicrs snon gel Hie idea i :il It't i!ial:e Miucli differ-. ice n-Iiat they dri--t!ie lull will gn'. llinc^ over lint slioil fence tiiiy- • Qjmmount Qictufe'- Admission—Matinee—10-30c Night—10 and 35c. Last Time Today 'The Easiest Way with Constance Bennett and Robert Monlgoiner Admission—Matinco—10-30' Night—15 niul 40c, HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Buck Jones 'Desert Vengaiice 5 ! with ; Barbara Bedford I Friday Matinse — 10 and 25c. Friday Night— 10 and 35c. Saturday — ^latinec & Kigiit — 10 and 25c. Last Time Today S;c year were all over. When; lie oaiuc In here he walkeil up to :w and said. 'Shake hands v;iili| vour new ::ccond baseman.' which r !inws he's gol the rlghl splril, around, r.ud any rookie will have: norland who has acce])l«l another 1:0 to beat Barney out cf a Job • position- It '1ms been generally 1 nc'vhere in the Infield or out- • anticipated that if Rowland left' tihont those pitch- iy. When n pitcher pels that | field."- inrt f'.'iicc complex. 1-.? isn't much : io:l to us. j 'Vml "It's a little harder lo pitch in evs?" hllHileiplilii (hiiii In uny other "Well, we've soi ark. nmybe. It takes rournce, lull j but nnl fo many as you might •al's whnt we \vnut--iilti.-licrs who (hink. 1,11 Stoner Is one of the new nvi: got it. j III-OK. lie's been up before with. There wasn't nnythinn Ihe mat-' Delroit. Annlh^'r ir, Harold Wiltse, :r with our hilliru;. of CIHIIM.-. bill «'liu hns hail plMity of cxiierieiK 1 . 1 . Then we go! Dudley and Ellinti i:: lhat Irnde -,vl!h Biooklyn, and 1 Iliink Ihey'ro coins lo help us a lot.; I don't have lo say anything nboul I'hll Collins, niul you will agr,:e ', v.-Sth UK there Is one boy that short j fer.c? doc-'-n't scare. Ray Benne is still willi us and I think he can win 18 or 20 K»mcs this year. Some , rookies me ROlhg to learn; i-o;r. ihc.sL' fellows. Itandom Notes of a Bosehill Tmveltr ' i One of these davs we may read lhat Lou Gehrlg has go:ie out to the Polo Grounds lo play first base for the Giants. Tlie Lsmiper's eyes, which, are valued at a fortune In the list of battlnEf eyes, sometimes play tricks on their owner. Thus If Lou trot's out to the McGraw orchard for hfs afternoon of baseball, it will be because- Lou's eyes noted a resemblance between th.i Polo .Grounds and the Yankee SUadlujn. On n recent, night hi St Pete, the Yankee swatsmich wheeled down the str»et hi a, shiny new coupe belonging to George Pipgras, his teammate. Pulling up in front of n telegraph .office,'Lou parked the car, went Irj and dispatched his wire, came out and drove away. Help! My Car's Gone H wasn't long .before the police department had the. report thafi J. R. Mcpokan's shiriy nep coupe! had been' stoieri fr'orn its parking site near the telegraph office. Mr.-! McGowan infoi-med the police offi- ! cials that another car of the same make as his own had been left, but thai he 'preferred to walk home rather than drive a strange car. The police took down' the license number of the stolen'aiito and also the' number married. .,-.-,- -- -„ -.- ----- Next day _.,_ .. Arkansas i-ollcslate football. Rhcr- parents while not attending school.' "please come .down- to the'station "Bo" Sherman New j Henderson College Athletic Director Eugene "13o" Sherman, son of. the L-r. iiirls, 8:15 p. m. boys. 8:30 p- in. Shawnee vs. Luxora, Saturday fl:30 p. m. Shady Grove vs. Winner Blytheville-Box Elder boys' came. 8:-15 a. m. Osceola vs. Brown girls. 0:45 a. m Dell vs. Winner Lone Onk-Slmwnec boys' game. 10:00 a. in. Winner games one . and two, girls. 11:00 n. m. Winners games three and four, boys. :15 a - "'• Lone Oak vs Winner Rev. and Mrs. Jefferson • of Bate.svillc, Ark., formerly ''qt this city, has been named director of Shady-Grove, girls. :illi!,:'lics al Henderson Stale Teach-: Semi-final games will be played ers collcce, Arkariclphiu. Ark. ! Saturday afternoon and finals Sat- "JMit then Barney FrlbprR Is sill! • Sherman succeeds J. H. "Bo" urday night. man made tackle and fendanls, will sell at public auction (o the highest and bsst bld- The end of the story is that Mr. der. on a credit cf three months McOowan gothls shiny new coupe i ut the front iloor of the Court TOCK. No charges wore pressed j House, belween the hours prescrlu- when the Identity of (he thief wns'cd by law. In Ihe City of Dlythc- iearned. I.efty O'lJoul declares (hat new ball hns had much of vllle, Arkansas, 'of April, 1931. ; c.stale, to-wif. the nth day the following real the old life exliactcd from it. "Play- Ing the outfleld one notices it more than any place elr.e," says the- new Robin slugger. "Line drives don't siatl the way they used to. but have H marked tendency to sink to the SrQumt." This disclosure may mean that Uncle Robbie's qullleldcrs will wear gloves on. their feet this season. Anyhow, It stands to reason that Lot two i2), Bleu* tv.cmy-flve (25) Blj'the Second Addition to niytlieville. Arkansas. SAID sale will be had to salisfy said decree in the sum of $1,764.15, with 10 per cent inures', from November 1, 1930. THE purchaser at said sale will be H'C]iih-cd lo execute bond with approved security, to .secure Ihe payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property as additional secur- Dabe Herman will not be hit on the t Hy for Ihe payment of such pur- head nearly so often-. ! chase; money. '-• : 'WITNESS my hand ar.d the seal of said Court, on this, tile 19th day of March, 1931. R. I,. CiAlNES. Commissioner in Chancery. 31—20-27-3 COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is lieieby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendertd by the Chanceiy 'Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. all-state selections ot quarterback and was IV-} Teachers post Sherman would considered one of the most versatile football players in state grid history. Bo Sherman Is well known here succeed him. II was under Rowland that Slier- ! innn developed Into one of the some rookies. I most powerful football players In after having lived here with his of the car that re- Plpgras was asked to mc.l i:',ci\ vvht: run run. loo. I •can jiorni! outfie'cii'rs. Wo havo nly one outfielder left over from ist year, Ciutck Klein." I arimlurn it comil not be denied lie Phils had kept a pretty good :an in Klein "That's pretty obviouf." replied liiotton, "but (litre will be iunv ren .it the other nutHrld Jobs, of th 'oily Flansky is over there bunUiu;. ^ I 1 ' 1 Ic's prelly big. but lie ran move. "Wr wislhed ir: u Vortimc teller! Vc bought ]luz7. Arlett from Onk- (he other niflit, just lor the fun of New PuiiTOs Fo ring Buy your New Spring Shoes ;it Die Grand l,r:ulor. you are assured of quality and Ihe Newest Stylos— You also have n larja- assortment lo sclcfl from. Pumps .-UY New in the Light Shades—-Lido—Sand-- nioiid—rnlty—Medium and Hi);h Heels. width.--. Priced $3.85 and 'Rano' Matinee & Night — 10 and 2uc S485 Hlwk Kid and Pali-lit Pumps — Hitch Heels — C it) AA widths— All New Numbers— Priced Other new numbeiv; in Ladies Slippers — Mew Light Color.; and lilai'k Kid — Riptilc Trimmed. Pria-d $2.95 up to $5.85 The Best Dressed Men In Town Are Wearing Grand Leader Clothes Mighty Fine SUIT ExtraTrousers $4:7-5 Single breasted styles. New notched lapels, smarter colors, smarter .weaves are shown. .. Wonderfully tailored of line worsted woolena, tweeds niul 16 ounce blue serge. • Phillips-Jones Pre-Shrunk SHIRTS Fine grades oil broadcloth. While, Blue and Tan in collar-attached styles. 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