The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE STX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) QOUBIEB null NIGHTY Takes Prosjxxls That Looked Gloomy to Warner and Makes Good. EDITOR'S NOTK: Tlih Is one ol. three articles on HIP career of Claude E. "Tiny" Thornliill, Manford conch. BY inn. imAi'cni:it >EA Service Sports Editor TJils year a promise that "Pop" Warner made tnck in 1022 was fulfilled when Warner came hack cesL to coach :it Temple University, and his Job at Stanlord went to.'Claude E. "Tiny" ThornhiH. •- When Pop \\-KS Invited to leave Pittsburgh In '22. he called upon 'Ihornhill, who had l>ecn one ol his brightest Panther stars. , want the Job at Pitt." said "Pop," "you can havo it, hut I'd nithcr have yon on the coast with me When 1 retire joii will be- the man to succeed me." . Thornhill ttxi:; his old 1 coach's cdvlce and ever since has tutored as a line coach under the Old Fox. When it was announced ihuL Warner had resigned, team and students of- Stanford declared Ini ol'the t'g iellow they had 1 learned to reso'cl and ndmlrc. ^ • » • x 'Tiny" at once set about re- Ticlng (he Warner system. Having' played it himself, nnd against It, he had very definite Idcus cbbut Its strong points nnd weaknesses. In hir own days on tlie gridiron. Indeed, he had played \iiider and against alnioit all sys- -JNSWERS 9 ~rr^~ WSL CHESSES Louis Pasteur was a Rreat French SCIENTIST Will llKys. tlie niovhiK picture czar, was I'OSTMA'RTKIt OKNKHAL 111 HnrdliiR'a administration. Tlie countrv Is CZECHOSLOVAKIA. Irniwd the trlrk ol beating the best of them, Inchidlni; the risj- Mnrole of Hwk le which he ollset '•y his Invention ol the "hntler- :!y shirt." Tills shllt In ilevlscd In the old pro dnys .when rr- plnyud directly ::!'iiinst Itockii'' It was his idea nat the NoLre 'Jnini 1 style of piny cnulre.s ihnt Hit 1 end handle the defensive tackle alone. "Tiny." .'it liKklc. decided that if lie were not on Hie fcrlimnaKe line lie ct'iilil not bi- Uickitl by the end. ArcurdsiiKly. he !>l:iyi.'d hack a few yards nnd mslii'd n;i to meet the Noln- IJami! siuri n.s It stalled moving. Uockne had bail days with Thornhlll. Hi 1 could not block out n man he -nnldn'i And] And ThornhUI's dctt'ltsc nonius! Notre UaniL 1 became u ;::illcin for coach- who found the South Bunders on their Mlici'iilcs. tems •!/» Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, 10-25tc Nitis 6:45, 10-35c LaVttPoritJMini (•I 16 music AROOM Aforomowit PSOun witi CN»LlclUCClES FJUKKRITE CHUKftlU GtlGOKY (ATOM WALTER WOOL! 'DIH.I.I b r I.l ? k *.,,*, » OH11H LI ocas noaxrai Paramount News Program Broadcast Dailv , Over K-L-C-N at 12:20 Tills year "Tiny" started work with about 75 candidates. Tile only men nmoiip them In whom "Pop" Wainer had held any hope were Bill Corlms, Ihc guard who Hindi: Al]-Am r :ica, nnd Bobby Grny.'-on, n sophomore. Thornhill had as as.;!slanls Ernie Nevers. who rates i.tony with Thoriw as one of (he greatest football player:; of all til c, and Jim Lawson, end coacti. Fointeen jclur men had been lost f i om lasz. Includina seven regulnrs. "Tiny' nad 11 winners of numerals with which to start. Tr.ese lie molded into a swift and powerful machine which reached its goal when Bill Corbus stepped back out of tho line and place- kicked the two field goals that brought Die Trofnns low. He used a triple wlngback nnd an optional IMSS, contrasting witn "Pop's" old snot pass that had been In vogue ior ID years. He changed such details as the pass liom center, making it a spiral instead ol the old cnd-over-end pass that Warner liked. Old •Tortnati.nn A" with an unbalanced line and two wingbacks, '.as kept in the repertory. • • • Thornhill did not clutter up Ms team with (he vast variety cl ple.ys thai Wainer taught. In the Hist game, against San Jose, he directed his players to use 10 plnys, six of which were running p.ays, and four passes. Much of "pop's" foldcrol was forgotten. .Men responded (o "Tiny" Tbonihli'rs coaching. His slogan v-as. "Never forget that you played football yourself." He iveated his pliers as he would have wished to be treated coming up from the freshmen with more ambition than ideas. Stanford players found they could have fun lender Thornliill. TUESDAY, DECEMBER" GIFTS for Her £'; tt&tt If FOK MK\' ONLY! ! ! w:int to nifike your' wife i love yon \\\v ye fir round give Her t? or Plymouth nutomobilc. bly pi Ice t! :iiu] cquippcrl with all tin; conveniences dear to ft woman's hoait. HAIINKTT AUTO SALKS GIVE HER JEWELRY You will have no trouble In «,e ecllni! a suitable gift [or licr from our Inrte inul complete stock of jewelry and gift gcods. ALDHIDCE JEWELUY STORE Take nvray i;u- drudgery ot wash- Ing In [lie corning years. Buy "Her" mi Apex Washing Machine K. II. 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Much lias Ivcn written about his superstitions, such as his continual wearing of the same suit ivhen the team was winning, his lefusal to let his wife know his :orrccl weight ill must be 2501. i'lid other litr : c [rait.s that be- liayed him humanly nod personally. But 1 think of all the things he •vcr had said, this line fits him CEDAR CHESTS For tlie younger girl or mother... One of these beautiful Walnut inlsh Cedar Thesis. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. "Kids won't do anything; .-on unless they like you." foi Only 10 More Shopping Days Until Christmas. We suggest Cosmetics. Purses Candle Holder:. Bud Vnses. Nun nelly's Candles, Perfume. Alomlz rs. Compacts, Stationery. KodaK: FOWLER DRUG CO. ROXY tues.-Wed.-Thurs. Matinee 2:30—lOe - 25c DISTINCTIVE GUTS Atomizers, Peiiumc Sets. Drlcfg Cards. Compacts. I'angbun Candles. Houhigant and Coty Fi.rfume Sets. Ifcatln? Pads a other gifts sh- will like. BELL'S PHARMACY Give a Pen mid Pencil Set, Billfold or Shaving Outfit. 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I DARING ALL for LOVE , and LOOT/ , THE lOLITAlRE irtAN with Herbert Marshal!, Mary Bo land, Lionel Atwill, May Rob . son and Elizabeth Allan FOX NEWS JACK HAIEY COMEDY Wrestler Billed As Midclle- wcieht Champion and Charles Sinkey Winners ftert Knichols, vouched for by •iromoters of wrestling shows here -nd Jeff Roland, local boxing and wrestling commissioner, as "middleweight chamolon" defeated Tony Lawo of Memphis two out if three falls In the main match on last night's nrnory card. In a preliminary match Charles •Titanic" Sinkey of Rlpley. Tenn., aelcated Lon Chaney. • TUB PERFECT GIFT "TOR HER"' ELIZABETH ARDEN'S VENETIAN TOILET Preparations EXCLUSIVELY AT BOROM'S Cl Shopping Days Until Christmas. CABINET SMOKERS He'll really appreciate one of these Cabinet Smokers—Low priced too. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. CHRISTMAS TOYS for all ages Specially priced. Oberst Store Co PRACTICAL GIFTS Give the children things that wil last such ns Tricycles, Coastc; Wugons. 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The whisky! was only the "legal tender" in the in order to i lees orolruding from some dense Masked Picture Caused Turk to Sue Newspaper ISTANBUL (UP)-The portrait of n masked mnn, which appeared In the New York American review i' the cause of a prominent Turkish business man's suit against a paper published In Istanbul. The photograph was touched up and reproduced In the Turkish paper, and EJtrem Hand! Bey has sued the publication for calumny, claiming that the picture of the masked man closely resembles him The court is withholding its decision until the arrival of a freih copy of the magttlne, MOONLIGHT TAVERNCAFE Next Door lo Nabers Grocfry PLATE T.IJNCH - 30c Home M.tde Futrto Fried Chlcktn - Steaks BERT DUGAN, Che Open Diy and NI|M Special aliention large orders. CHICAGO .MILL & LUMBER CO. "BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less \Ve have (he Most Complete Line of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the. Largest, But the Most Complete. 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