Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York on September 11, 1901 · 8
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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York · 8

Elmira, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1901
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8 Elmira, Sept. 9. I am -rheumatic, so I have to Kuear woolen underwear. Quite right, if you want to STAY rheumatic. May be you have worn flannels for ten years or more. They are excellent to elog up the pores of the shin andprevent the excretion of waste matter. Besides, they will keep your skin quite wet and render the air around it damp all favorable conditions to make you rheumatic. Indeed, there is nothing better for rheumatism than woolen underwear. But if you want something against rheumatism, something which will keep your skin in a good and active condition, something that will not let you get chilled, but make you thoroughly comfortable, jmt give Dr. Deiml's Linen Mesh Underwear a chance and good-bye to rheumatism. Call for booklet. One Price. Plainly Marked. ANDREW F. WERDENBERG, Cor. Water and Main Sts., Elmira, N. Y. LOCAL EVENTS. J J Free Vauderille at Q'.ieea City Gardens afternoon and evening. Vaudeville at Eldridge Park afternoon and Tenicz. . Battery F.. 1st S. Y. Libt Artillery annual reunion at Grove pars. Sept. 10a. AT THE LCEl'iI. Cameron Clemens dramatic end vaudeville company all this weelc. Matinee and evening. Wednesday. Sept. is, "The Casino GirL" Aubrey Stock Company in repertoire week 01 Srptember 16, except Wednesday. MINOR LOCALS. j -Fast and furious chained bulldogs. Time flies, but a bandmaster can beat it. A fortune teller the commercial agency. If a hammock i3 hung somebody will swing for it. L. A. Olmstead, dealer In coal and wood. Corner Railroad avenue and Seventh street. 'Phone 236. The youthful artist generally doe3 tils best drawing on the old man. A hotel can stand without a peer, but it -won't stand long -without rival. Dry slab -wood, $1.25 full cord, $1,00 for lafrge load; Lehigh coal. F. N. Dounce, 202 East Second street. When a lover says "mine own" he usually feels a, whole lot richer than most mine owners. It's not the man that breaks his word oftenest who is the best authority a part3 of speech. Plymouth coal. Hard and soft wood. East Church street and D., I. & IYV. It. R. 'Phone 1116. B. Tenger. Hook "I'm going to the 6hore for change." Nye'You'll need it most when you come back." The hamfat actor has a hard time of it. His ambition eggs him on and the public usually eggs him! off. Hoax I see in the papers that two brothers named Hart have been arrested for swindling." Jcax "Ah! Two Harts that beat as one." "Say, pop," remarked little Willie, "l3 com raising an Infant industry?" "No. my boy," answered the head of the house. "Well, what do they need cribs for?" "Say, cull," said the burly individual, what do yuse mean be tellin" people I wuz a 'hard citizen?' " '-That's all right," hastily explained the meek man. "I meant you were a brick." The quickest and best way to rent a house is to advertise it in the Gazette. Host every reader of the paper reas the classified want ads. on the third page. One cent a -word is the rate for single insertions. ' Fall Styles In... Footwear The proper things in shoes for the nest six months are here ready for 3Tour inspection. Our Fall stock includes a large variety of styles and embraces all of fashion's latest dictates. It will interest you to call and see what these are. Hen's Patent Leather Shoes for Fall and Winter, guaranteed not to crack - $?.00. 137 E. Water Street. J C, WaraocL "WEDNESDAY EVENING. Oil SMALLPOX r mm Patient Is Mrs. Daniel Hori-gan ol Fourth Street. THE HEflLIHflr THE CITY flt tlis Regular Meeting of tin Board Last Evening; the Officers Submitted Their Reports. At the regular semi-monthly meeting of the board of health hold last night. Heath Officer H. D. Wey read the following report: "From the date of your last meeting to the present time communicable disease has been reported as follows: Dipththeria, seven cases; five male?, two females. The location is: Sixth ward, one; 11th ward, four; 12th ward, one. Two cases occurred respectively in two families. Latterly there has been an outcropping of the disease. Since July 1, 19 cases ave come to notice. This number is in access of the total of cases reported in any calendar year since 1S06. Scarlet fever, eight; males three, females, five. Fourth wa,rd three; Eighth ward, one; 10th ward, one; 12th ward, two. "Typhoid fever, five cases; three males, two females,. In two Instances the disease was contracted out of the city. Of the three cases of city origin, the water suppy' is, city water, two; well, one. Measles, two, a male and a female, in Fourth and 11th wards. Pul-munary tuberculosis, two cases, a male and female, in Fourth and 10th wards. Of the above, three have "been reported in the present month: dipththeria, four; scarlet fever, seven; typhoid fever, five. "Three and a half weeks have elapsed since the recognition of the last case of smallpox. It Is reasonable to assume that no more cases will occur in connection with or as a result of the recent manifestation of the disease. Recovery has occurred in four instances and convalescence well advanced In another. In one instance progress toward recovery has been delayed by complications and the patient is yet dangerously ill. "The mortaity for the month of Au-gustl was 45. Seven deaths were due to accidental causes burns, railway injuries, etc. Acute disease of the gastro-intetinal tract proved fatal in ix in-tances. Four deaths were in consequence of cancerous disease; three from tuberculosis affections; and one each from dipththeria, typhoid fever and whooping cough. Ten deaths in the current month from a variety of causes. "In the matter of exhaust steam escaping into the Madison avenue sewer, concerning which complaint has been made to your board, and which was referred to your attorney and the health officer, I would report an interview with the superintendent of the Elmira, Water, Light & Railroad company. The information wa given that water from condensers at the lower station was discharged at a temperature of 110F. into the sewer. I was assured that steam was not discharged into sewer. Also that the company was drilling another well to obtain an adequate supply of water and upon its completion the water discharged into the sewer would be at the reduced temperature of from 90 to 100F. Whatever grounds for compaint exist as to odors arising from the manholes and catch basins is n consequence of the volume of water thus dscharged into the sewer 3,000 to 5,000 gallons daily, rather than to the water being 'superheated at the time It enters the sewer. Even at the lower degree of heat, the water would warm the sewer to a degree beyond what obtains in any of the other sewers and thus favor the escape of odors. "Attention is called to the condition of the alleyways eading from Carroll street to the open space in the rear of buildings facing East Water. Lake. Carroll and Baldwin streets. It should be declared a nuisance and steps taken to correct it present condition. I am informed that owners of property facing the streets named have an interest in the alley. It is not a highway in the legal sense, only a private driveway The matter of ownership is one properly for reference to the attorney. The time is not far distant when the area in the rear of biddings on the streets referred to hould receive attention and preent condition of filth and moiture corrected by paving." The smallpox patient who is in a dangerous condition, as referred to above Is Mrs. Daniel Horigan of No. 321 West Fourth street. The health officer's report was accepted and ordered placed on file. Its recommendation that the south alley opening on Carroll street near Baldwin street be declared a nuisance was adopted and the attoney for the board was Instructed to obtain the names of the owners of adjoining property, so that they could be officially notified of the board's actions. An effort will be made to have the lane and court paved. Eight property owners asked for an extension of time in which to make sewer connections and were given until October 15 to complete the improvements. The case of Rufus R. Stowell of East Church street, who neglected to connect properly with the sewer after "being notified by the board, was referred to the attorney of the board for action. Sanitary Inspector James A. Campbell reported that he had inspected the plumbing and drainage of 141 buildings and; found 41 not connected with the sewer. Meat -ind Milk Inspector Jacob Miller reported that he had made 190 inspections of meat markets, slaughter houses, fruit and vegetable stands, fish markets, mik wagons, etc., and had cleaned up five fruit and vegetable stands and destroyed twenty pounds of ELMIRA bob veal found in one of the local meat markets. CITY ASSUMES CONTROL. TRANSFER OF THE WATER j WORKS IN HORNELLSVILLE. Hornallsville, Sept. 11. The transfer of the plant of the Hornellsville water works from the American Water Works and Guaranty company of Pittsburg, Pa., to the Hornellsville Water Board representing the city of Hornellsville, was made yesterday and the city is now in complete possession and control of tho plant. Tha completion of this transfer makes the city sole possessor of the system and It will hereafter be operat- ; ed by the Water Board and all moneys will be paid to them. The advance rents that have also been paid to the company will also go to the Water j Board. I This transfer marks the consumation j of a long and tedious effort on the part j of the city to secure control of the j water works system which furnishes . water for municipal use and for the. private consumers that all might secure the benefits of any profit that might come from its operation. o BID TOO SMALL. Referee Moss Prevents the Sale of Brewery Plant. The plant of the Elmira Brewing company was sold yesterday at public auction, to Henry P. Horick, of Buffalo, for the sum of $12,825 as announced in this paper of yesterday's Issue.At a meeting held in the office of Referee Moss directly after the sale the referee refused to approve the sAle on the ground that the jtmount offered for the property was too small. The property offered was three-fourths of the real estate covered by mortgages and the balance personal property, therefore, three-fourths of the bid applied on the mortgages and the remaining one-fourth would be used in paying the expenses of the proceedings and a small dividend to the creditors. Thi3 dividend would hardly equal two per cent. A second sale will probably be ordered. The meeting of the creditors was adjourned until Saturday morning. o . Lil , ELMIRAN IN BUSINESS. The York, Pa.. Evening Post has the following, which will be of Interest in thi-i city: ; i'? -i3aIi3 "Julius Lazarus, formerly of Elmira. New York, has arrived in York to assume management of the People's Credit Clothing company, which establishment will open its doors to the public on Monday. September 16. Mr. Lazarus is a business man of good standing and comes to us with, the very best credentials, as' to his square dealings with all, and also, as a hustler. He opens a branch here for a concern that is operating forty-one stores in this couritry. The York branch,will be at 9 1-2 East Market street, and when Mr. Lazarus h&3 finished his improvements, he will have the handsomest and most up-to-date clothing store in this city. . o ' i ' FIRE IN TYRONE. Watkins, Sept, 11. Fire destroyed a building In Tyrone Monday night owned by T. H. Van Gelder and occupied by Nathan Freenheim's clothing store and D. E. Morrison's shoe shop, together with most all their contents and a email dwelling house. o DECLARED INNOCENT. Thoma3 Mullen was tried In police court yesterday on the charge of petit larceny. He was . adjudged not guilty and discharged. He was arrested on complaint of Alderman McCaim, who claimed Mullen got the best of him to the amount of $20 in making change. o BURIED IN WATKINS. The funeral of Harry Shafer was held at Watkins yesterday afternoon where the body was taken by Charles Shafer, a brother of the deceased, from Elmira on Northern Central train No. 3. Interment was in Tyrone cemetery. o GOOD AD VICE. The most miserable beings In the world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More than seventy-five per cent, of the people of the United States are afflioted with these two diseases and their effects; such as Sour Stomach, Sick Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn, Water-brash, Gnawing and Burning Pains at the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in the Mouth, Coming Up of Food After Eat- j ing, Low Spirits, etc. Go to wour Drug-! gist and get a bottle of August Flower j for 75 cents. Two doses will relieve ' you. Try it. Get Green's Prize Almanac. Sample bottles free at Gerity Bros. HDT & SECOR Bartlett Pears, 60c to 75c per basket. Peaches, Table use or canning, 25c to $1.00 per basket. Plums, 20c to 30c per basket. . Egg Plant, Lima Beans, Country Gentleman Corn, . The sweetest of all Corn. PHONE 64. Lafce & Carrol Streets. T)ATTy GAZETTE AND FREE PRESS, ... COME TO US FOR A... TRUNK, .SUIT CASE TRAVELING BAG OR TELESCOPE Our Assortment is Large 111-113 E. Water BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Special Session. Tuesday, Sept. 10, 1901. The Board of Supervisors convened In special session pursuant to the following call by the clerk at their rooms ; in the City of Elmira at 10 o'clock a. m. j To O. M. Wixson, Esq., Clerk of the j Board of Supervisors of Chemung County:. We the undersigned, members of the Board of Supervisors,- request you to call a special meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Chemung i pursuant to Section 10 of the County I Law for the purpose of adopting reso-I lutiont:, authorizing the Town of South-' port to iosue bonds for the construction UL I t 1 Laill Ul lUgTB III LU IVl IV II 11 any othox business that may come before said board. ' CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN F. MURTAUGH, JAB IN A. SECOR, BERNSTEIN, JNO. J. CROWLEY, P. W. MEDDAUGII, M. F. LINNEEN, MILTON M. ELMENDORF, C. D. SHAPPEE, GEORGE C. BOYLEN, . . S. W. FOR MAN, ( II. J. WADSWORTH. In compliance with the request of a majority of the Board of Supervisors of Chemung County, I hereby call a special meeting of the Board of Super visors for Tuesday, Sept. 10, 1901, at 10 a. m., at their rooms, In the city of Elmira, for the purpose of adopting resolutions, authorizing the Town of Southport to issue bonds for the con- struction of certain bridges in eaid town, and for any other business that I may come before said board. I O. M. WIXON, Clerk, Board of Supervisors, Chemung County, j The meeting was called to order by the chairman, Mr. Crowley, and the following supervisors answered to their names as they were called by the clerk, j Ayes Banfilod.-Boylen, Chamberlain, i Elmendorf, Ford, Forman, Hill, Hollen- beck, Jenkins, Linneen, B. B. McDowell, Mckean McDowell, Meddaugh, Mur taugh. Sweet, Wadsworth, Wakelee, chairman. Southport,' N. Y., Sept. 7, 1001. To the Board of Supervisors of the County of Chemu'ig and state of New York: Gentlemen: I have, the honor to report and certify to you that a special town meeting of the electors of the town of Southport, in said county of Chemung, duly called, was duly held in said town on the 4th day of Septem ber, 1901, to vote upon the following question: "Shall the Town of Southport raise by taxation the sum of-"four thousand siven hundred and fifty dollars and issue bonds "for the same for the purpose of building the five bridges on "the new macadam roads in said town," and that the result of the canvass of the votes cast at said town meeting, as found by the board of canvassers, was as follows, to wit: There were ninety ballots or votes cast "Yes" in favor of said question and fifty-five ballots or vates cast "No" against said question; and there being a majorUy of thirty-five ballots or votes voted "Yes"' fn favor of said question, the said question was at said meeting publicly declared carried and it was so declared and placed on record in the office of the clerk of said town of Southport. You are notified that, pursuant to said vote of a majority of the electors of said town, said town applies to you for authority to build said bridges and to borrow four thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars for and on the credit of said town. FRANK M. GRAVES, Town Clerk of the Town of Southport, N. Y. To the Board of Supervisors of Chemung County, N. Y. Gentlemen:-. Whereas, the electors of the Town of Southport, Chemung . County, New York, at a special town meeting duly called and held in and fo said town on the 4th day of September. 1901, did by a majority vote decide to raise by taxation the sum of four thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars and to issue 'bonds for the same for the purpose of minding five bridges, on the Southport and South Broadway macadam roads in eaid town; i Now, the undersigned, in the name of and on behalf of said town, hereby apply, pursuant to said vote of a majority of the electors of said town, for authority to borrow said sum of money for and on the credit of said town for the purpose above mentioned. Dated Southport, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1901. CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, ..I Supervisor. r : FRANK M. GRAVES, ;.. . Town Clerk. ( ; JOHN RACKLYEFS, Mi ' Road Commissioner. I. S. ALLEN, ." Justice of the Peace. DANIEL G. BECKWITH, Justice of the Peace. B. J. MOSHER, j Justice of the Peace. ! Resolution No. 1, passed at a special meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Chemung County, held Sept. 10, 1301, 18 voting for and 0 against its adoption. authorizing the Town of Southport,, in W. YOU GO 9 ! Our Prices Are Small ! St., Elmira, N. Y. the County of Chemung, to borrow four thousand seven hundred & fifty dollars on the credit of said town by the issue of town bonds therefor, and to auth orize the supervisors of said town to issue and negotiate said bonds for the purpose of liquidating the expenses incurred in the construction of five (5) bridges, known as Sheeley bridge. I Pennsylvania avenue bridge, Dry Run Creek bridge, Wells bridge and Bird Creek bridge and to provide means for the payment, thereof, passed In pursuance of the county law, Section 14 and i6'- By Mr. Chamberlain: Whereas, the electors of the town of ' Southport, New York, at a special elec ! tion duly called and held in and for said I (nun nn th 4tVi rlav rf Sentemher. 1901. did, by a majority vote, decide to raise i by taxation the sum of four thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, and to issue bonds for the same for the pur pose of building five bridges on the Southport and South Broadway macad am roads in said town; and Whereas, said town has applied, in writing, which request and application was duly filed for authority to borrow four thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars for and on the credit of said town for the purpose above mentioned. Resolved, That the town of. South- port, in said county, be and the same Is hereby authorized to borrow the sum of four thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars to pay the expenses and cost of construction incurred In building ofv said bridges, In said town, and to issue bonds for said sum paying Inter est at (4) four per cent, per annum, in manner following: Section No. 1. For constructing five (5) bridges in the town of Southport, county of Chemung and State of New York, sixteen hundred ($1600) dollars to mature February 1, 1906, payable at the office of the treasurer of Chemung county, Elmira, N. Y. Series No. 2. For constructing five (5) bridges in the Town of Southport, County of Chemung and State of New York, sixteen hundred (1600) dollars to mature February 1, 1907, payable at the oiiice of the treasurer of Chemung vounty, Elmira, N. Y. Series No. 3. For constructing five (5) bridges in the Town of Southport, County of Chemung and State of New York, fifteen hundred and fifty (1550) dollars to mature February 1, 1908, payable at the office of the treasurer of Chemung County, Elmira, N. Y. Resolved, That the supervisor of said town of Southport be and he is hereby authorized and directed to issue and negotiate said bonds according to law. at not less than the par value and to the best advantage, and apply the proceeds thereof in payment of the expenses and costs of the improvement and construction aforesaid, and that prior to the issuing and negotiation of said bonds, said supervisor execute, acknowledge and deliver to this board a bond in the penal sum of $6,000 with two sureties to be approved by the justices of the peace, town clerk and highway commissioner of said town, for the faithful performance of his duty in issuing the same and the lawful application of the funds arising therefrom and of the funds which may be, raised by tax (for the payment thereof, which may come into his hands. Resolved, That the form of the bonds so to ba issued be as follows: No. -. (Bond of the Town of Southport County of Chemung, State of New York, for constructing bridges in said town under sections 14 and 19 of the county law. Know all men by these presents, That the Town of Southport. county of Chemung and state of New York, is held end firmly bound unto in the sum of hundred dollars to be paid to the said , his or their certain representatives, successors or assigns," on the iflrst day of February, 190... for which payment well and truly to be made, the said town of Southport binds Itself firmly by these presents. Dated the day of 1901. The condition . of this obligation is such that if the above bounden town of Southport shall well or truly pay or cause to be paid to the above named his or their certain representatives, successors or as-Figns. the sum of .... hundred dollars, and annual interest upon all sums unpaid thereon, to be paid on the first day of February, as the same shall ui, uie raie ot irour per cent from the date of the last payment thereof, then this obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. This bond is Issued in pursuance of sections 14 and 69 of the County Law, and a resolution of the board of supervisors of Chemune conn. ty, passed September 10, 1901. In witness whereof, the said town has caused these presents to be siened and sealed by the supervisor of sai.i town. L. S. Supervisor. Resolved. That there shall be as sessed and levied annually upon the taxable property of paid tow.n of South- port a sum sufficient to pay the interest upon said bonds until the same shall mature and that said board of supervisors shall in the year of 1903, evy upon the taxable property of said SEPT. 11, 1M1. town of Southport, the sum of sixteen ?600) hundred dollars for the purpose of Bavin the principal of bond maturing February 1. 1906, and that there shall be assessed and levied upon the Sxtble property of said town In the vear 1906 the further sum on. sixteen M 600) hundred dollars for the purpose S payin, the principal of bond matur ing February 1, xwt, " , shall be assessed and leV1ed upon the f -tv of said town in the taxauie - fifteen ion? the further sum of fifteen hundred and fifty (1550) dollars for the purpose of paying the Principal of bond maturing February 1. iws. f. Kr, Assessed and levied shall be paid to the supervisor of said town and shall be applied 'by him to the payment or saia oDiigatiui" they respectfully mature. Resolved. That any and all claims ..nncM incurred or services ren dered by said supervisor in carrying out the duties hereoy lmpou him be presented to th board of au- , r coM town for audit. Resolved, That the town clerk or said town keep record in his books of the matters and things requires to kept by him as prescribed by section 9 of the General Municipal Law. Carried toy the following vote: Ayes Susp. Banfield, Boylen. Chamberlain, Elmendorf. Ford. Forman, Hill, Hollenbeck, Jenkins, Linneen, B. B, McDowell, McKean McDowell, Meddaugh, iMurtaugh. Sweet. Wads-worth, Wakelee, Chairman 18. Nays 0. tv th Wnnorable Board of Supervisors of the County of Chemung, State of New York: Gentlemen We. the undersigned members of the town board of the town of Southport, N. Y.. do hereby approve of Levi Bradbury of the town of Southport as the officer to be appointed by your honorable board of supervisors o receive the proceeds of the sale of bonds of said town ofouth-port and expend the money for the construction of the bridges for which the bonds were Issued, as is provided in section 70 of the County Law. CHARLES CHAMBER.LATN. Sup. FRANK M. GRAVES, Town Clerk. I. S. ALLEN, Justice of the Peace. D. G. BECKWITH, Jus. of Peace. 15. J. MOSHTER, Jus. of Peace. By iMr. Murtaugh: Whereas, The town of Southport has male application to this board to raise money for the construction of bridges on the new macadam roads In said town; and Whereas, In pursuance of section 70 of the County Law this 'board Is empowered to designate some officer of said town to receive said money and to make contracts for the construction of said bridges; and , Whereas, The town board of Mie said town has approved Levi Bradbury as such officer; therefore be it Resolved, In! pursuance of section 70 of the County Law, this board designates Levi Bradbury of said town as such officer for the purposes named in above saction. Resolved, That prior to said money being delivered to him said Levi Bradbury execute, acknowledge and deliver to this board a bond In the penal sum of $6,000 with two sureties to be approved by the justices of the peace, town clerk a.nd supervisor of said town' for the faithful performance of his duty in expending the same and the lawful appropriation of said funds. Carried by the following vote: lAyes Sups. (Banfield, Boylen, Chamberlain, 'Elmendorf, Ford, Forman, Hill, Hollenbeck, Jenkins, Linneen, B. B. McDowell, McKean McDowell, Meddaugh, Murtaugh, Sweet, Wads-worth, Wakelee, Chairman 18. Nays 0. The chairman presented a bill f G. W. & H. E. Frisbee for coal amounting to $302.04 a.nd explained that the amount appropriated at the last annual session In the county treasurer's hand had been exhausted, and asked that some action be taken at this meeting. By Mr. Meddaugh: Resolved, That the bill of G. W. & II. E. Frisbee for coal, amounting to 5302.04, be paid by the county treasurer cut of any unappropriated sum In his hands and that the chairman and clerk be authorized to draw an' order for the same. Carried. 11 r' n By Mr. Forman: Resolved, That we do now adjdnrn. Carried. , O. M. "WIXON. '; C r " ' Clerk. HIGH rtASSJf OYELTIES: " The line that will make the fall of 1901 famous, all the high class novelties at popular prices, advanced ideas, high art workmanship. For your interest look at this line before placing your fall order for a suit, overcoat or anything in Gentlemen's furnishings JOHN CALLAHAN, 106 W. Water St. BONDS FOR SALE. Sealed proposals will be received by the undersigned at his office in the city hall, Elmira. N. Y., until Friday, September 13, 1901, at 8 o'clock n. m for the purchase of Riverside Tark Bonds of the city of Elmira amounting in the aggregate to $16,000. Said bonds are issued to purchase Riverside Park and will be dated September 15, 1901, and due twenty-five . .... uai. a Hi bonds will be either registered or cou- oona. interest payable semi-annually at three and Interest. Each Lid endorsed, "Bond Bid." " a"a Dated, Elmira. N. Y., Sept. 5 1901 n FRANK II. FLOOD! Mayor. 413 0 . Don't delay a minute. Cholera infantum, dysentery, diarrhoea come suddenly. Onlv saf ria n ,r ..I I?e "d" Fowler's Extract of wl d ' St vberry always on hand. oerry moneyTn rf FLAHIVE & KR0YL, The practical plumbers, will sav v money on your job w k t ! 7U Estimates cheerfully given wlthnl,( any expense. Dealers in vlr! hout eluded in Plumbing stp7m y hins in-hot water fitting ; btm' Eaa an 127 VV. Water. up'' Cucumber Pickles, To-Morrow Thursday, If you wish any, come early. Price 30c Hundred 1 1 1 4 1 t 1 TT , VINEGAR, Cider and White Wine, State Standard, ' I5c per gallon. II H 1 I ! lT Catsup Essence, . 25c per bottle. -AT- and Second II Ml (yjiit FOR THE City, Elmira Heights and Country Are to be sold cheaper than ever before at Florence Mi Bookseller and Newsdealer. 321 East Water Street Indicates Telephone Service Thatis RAPID EFFICIENT .PERMANENT COMPREHENSIVE Supplied at Kates to Meet all Keedfc N.Y. & Penn. Tel. & Tel." Co. 104 & 106 Lake Street BLAffi BOOKS A SPKCIAIjTY. Century, Harpers', HUeiiei, &c, I ouad at Reasonabla Rates. reliable Work and Stock tor Bookblnll and Ulauk Colt, aud all Cp-to-Dit LOUIS KIES, MANAGER New Saurkraut Now ready. Our own make. (Not the factory kind). Handsome white long cut, and we know it is clean. F. A. BERNR , rs flew 111 II JL THIS HIES BINDERY

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