The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1943
Page 8
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r f £GE EIGHT BLYTHEV1LLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL I:!, M)4!J Matty Didn't Think Anylipdy. Could Hit Him Safely, And Big Six Generally Was Right BY HAKKV GKAVSON NEA Sports lidltor Christopher Malhewson was broad-shoulrtfred, slightly knock- kneed, stood six feet, one-aud-a- Jialf inches and. weighed 195 pounds. •Big Six was the number of Now York's principal Jlrc-onglnc house of 'the period, and Sam Crane, base- bail writer, wrote: "Mathcwson is certainly the Uig Six ot pitchers." He was, and the name stuck. Matty had an Imperturbable and unshakable air in the box, There was a contemptuous look In his pale blue 'eyes. He despised 'he opposition, in a big, Indolent sort. of way. It, rather annoyed Matty to Ihiiik that a baiter suspected that lie could hit him safely, and generally lie was right. Tlie batter couldn't. Because the incomparable right- hander spent practically his entire career with him, It was to be exacted that 'John McGraw would calf Malty the greatest pttchev who ever lived. Bui Connie 'Mack was saying the same thing Is the finest compliment ever paid a ball player. Mack is 1 as much an American League! as McGraw was n National Leaguer aixl had some fair to middling pitchers down through the years— from Waddcll, Bender, Plank, ant Coombs lo Robert Moses Drove The Old Man also saw a lot of a few others, including Walter John son. •'.. NO riTCHF.ll HAD HIS STU '"With Johnson, it: was bvul force," explains Mack. "With Ma- i thcwson, it was knowledge ami judgment, perfect control and form. It was : a pleasure to watch him pitch when he wasn't pitching against you." . Andy Coaklcy. who opiwscd Matty In'the World's Scries of 1905 and later many times in the National League, agrees with McOraw and Mack. ; "Mathewsori developed his own stuff," asserts the veteran Columbia coach, "and had stuff no other pitcher ever had. '"He was the greatest, gucsscv I ever saw. He was fast enough, and at his best threw a bcaittiful curve and what I would call the fallawny. The latter .was almost a straight drop which broke around the knees. He thiew this ball three out of five tunes, >et a hitter-would never get it when he.was looking for it." "Mathewsou did not develop the fadeaway for which he is remembered .until he was almost through. It was the opposite'of the screwball thrown by Carl Hubbcll, a southpaw It required a twist ot the wrist and cbiisetiuently was hard on the arm.'' .-"' 'CONTROL' UNBELIEVABLE Matty was a straight overhand pitcher, so true that batters liked to face him although they knew ttVcy would not fatten theiv averages At his peak, his control was almost unbelievable. Matty pitched the Giants to five pshnants, but was In only foil World'-'Scries-'because there wn none in 1904. His 312 victories aiu 180 defeat.'; left him with a percentage of .603 for 11 campaigns He holds the National League rec ord for strikeouts since 1000, will 2447 . , '<••. . !\faUy won 30 or more games fo three consecutive -seasons, 20 o more for 12 'straight. He bagged 3' games in 1903, when he walkci only 42 in 41C innings. THREE SHUTOUTS IN SERIES The greatest pitching feat of al time was turned in by Matty in th 1905 World Series, when he thric shut out the Philadelphia Athletic. —3-0 and 9-0 with four hits apiece and 2-0 with six. He struck out 18 walked one and hit Andy Coaklc on the arm. : Matty was pitching. Sept. 23, 1008, against the Chicago Cubs when ick Says National League May Now Be Able To Complete Season I'iti'lior Will Commute -BAST l.ANSINCI, Mich. (UP) — Michigan Stale College's liiWdbali team will have a commuting pitcher lliis season. Veteran nick licr- nltt is stationed In Detroit for the spring quarter to complete h police administration course. He will coma here only for games. Wills liii; Ten Mi-dal ANN AIJliOK, Mich. (UP) — Gccruc CcUlinnil, t]tiarterbnck and uit|)laln o[ the 1942 Mtclilguu foot-rcijiihtr Inturv.ils. team, lias been awarded the mutual Western Conference medal, given by each I!ig Ten institution fur outstanding athletic and scholarship proficiency. A senior from Chicago, Cclthiiml is In Hie Naval V-7 program und will be called to active duty after completing work this scini'ster. his IN THE CHANCERY COURT. CHJOKASAWBA DISTRICT, MIRSI9S1ITI COUNT*, AHKANSAS' DralnaKu LIUIrict NuuiWr 17 'of Mim>li. .!'' ''. lilil'i Cuumy, Aj-KunjflB, Mid V. Q, ' '. Jlollimd. It, A. I.Midi uml J. 11. Crnlti, rcivh'i'rA ')/ llraS.iiiKi' District Xumlfcr 17 vt M3nM*M|i|j| futility, Arkansai, rlaitillfls vs. Xo. UliJO' Claiul Kuiill.. ami l>i>!liii[ucnt U.iJs, IMcmltnli All |ji>r*oii>> having, i>r vluljillni:, ILU interest ill mir *J' Ilie foll'>"in|: *Jt»- Ki'rilirrl [mills urn lii'Jcliy jiolifinl lliut Kiiil i.* Jjundilii; in ttia Cln.icrrT CVurt [in- llu? l'liickuK:twlKi DlMrJcl ut MEisisi l]iiij Cuumy, ArVi.mas, to I'rtfnrfe lliQ - - Automobile Insulation should lie 'li'niiMl of all i-rcaso and oil al NKW VOHK, April lit (U.l'.)- 1 I'icsldciil Ford Flick ol the NH- lioiml LfdBiie believes tlie M* drnlt revision, putlintf prc-I'eni 1 Harbor falliers In class 3-A, will licrnilt Hie major league to complete the 1043 senson* IJlsciisblni; the clnssltlcatlon revision ill league licatlqiiartcrs, FrlcV. inlinltled tlna there hail Ijceii con- sWerablfi uncertainty In bii.selwll circles about prospects of contln- ultil! .past Labor Day. SiiUI Frlck: "Now il seems virtual- iissureil that we can piny out he season," Fiick estimates there nrc iibout 200 phyers currently availiiblc iniang the eight NiiUonnl L';a(!iie teams. Ol these, about 137 are )»e- i'carl Harbor fntlicrs. About 15 others are classified 4-F because of ions physical illsabllllles. Five others are Latin Americans. Hick emphasized thai under the new draft, rule the league will lose ;i lew men, but will be assured of enough to curry on in a siitlstuctory Inshlon. Missouri Certified Cotton Seed Deltapine No. 12 and Stoneville 2B These seeds arc cleaned anil reresim treated, meclian- k-itlly tlelinletl, and nut ii|> in new cotton lia^s. Soy Beans Ark Soy 2913 and Delsta Cleaned and in new Ixijps. Mrs. Margaret M. Marsh Union Christy Matlicwsou Ffcd Mcrkic failed lo toucti second, niui also l» the final mime ol tliu 1912 World Series when FYcil Snod- »i'£i. i -s malic lits fuiiiovts miirf. And his duels with Three-Fingered Brown of the Cubs contribute fjlurl- .LS clinplcrs to basetell history. Mntly had strong scruples instilim 1 , itclilng on Sunday, and never Itchtrt on (he Sabbath. Christy Mntheivsou wns more :inn nu itiol. He was an Ideal. Men,Women!01d? Get New Pep,Vim Feel Years Younger 't blirno citiausleil, worn-ovit.rua-ilown reelliiR your Me. I'liou-'iinl.i nniateil ill nlm n Huh Liliif: nil ulllj Ojlrci will Oo. ConiRltia Kfncral tonLM ollpn nciilfil liy tioill^ tarVlne vllniitln ll|, Iroii.calrliini(,lionilinie. UpKX-uriTunicTMili-M. T.lal «l«! ase. Or H\VV3 MONILV—«rl rrnulAr . at Klrliy yverywIuTU • — in All Important Aminunccinont Cniiccriiing 1^001) K A T I 0 N I N (i ! (Ullioustt it Is unlikely thiit the new Government program of rationing will main iicliml hinujcr for as al home--il may mean that ninny will suiter from a VITAMIN DEFICIENCY cnnscd by unbalanced in c n 1 s — unless tlicir diet Is supplemented will) concentrated vitamins. H you will slop nt our store, we will be happy to recommend the vitamins which will balance your daily requirements. Wood's Drug Store for Wear NOW And All This Summer! llerliou tif lerlni.i ilriiina^o (liken on llin Mjlijglntil lilt ut bud*, f>cli M'd i.wijor'* iijint- having lieeu bet i»|.i>u>>llii IHS or her, or il>, ' ' llii'i' with itii- :i.iiuunts he\cr.illy duo from eavli, to ivil: paused Owner—Description S, T. B, Acr*a iiii'l Huillli—XW NW '... 10-1-1. 8 10 . H. HnyiliT—SW .SW _ ., _ 40 . II. ll:iyiler—SW XW 411 . 'f. IliiydM— XI! .SW HI •i! ll»rnl«iw—SW ,SK It-l-t- 8 40 IL lloriibtrti-r—.SK .SW 40 lymunil Dudley—SK SK ll-U- B 1C lul -Slilliley— K 15:i KW HW . I". . T. lluyitrr— KVi Kii SK 15-U- 8 . I). Lanliiirn—XW XK 2I-14- S . A. KIJC.IH-—I-: HUH Vi'Vi KK 'i'l-lt- » . A. SIIEIICC—W V, SK SK _. . A, SIIMICI—K VtSK XW 1>3-I4. 8 . (i. ll.Klm.uin—W'/i XW KK ~"~ . ,\. PIII-IU-I—i-:y. .SK .sw .. _ . A. An-lii'i-—SK NK _• . . 37-11- 8 .if.. K. Mum—KK XW IM. ti'i-niir—S i K ill II. N... 10 SK KB •_'! li- 0 . S. 1'iirks—>/.;i SW Cur. K of L .SW SK-- 2S-I-I- 3 ,„. Jliuii-li—K A K of I) SW SK 2I-15- * . II. Mni-lln— S 1 /. XW SK II'MO- H . II. Mi.rti.i-SW SK '"' . I,, Jl.Kti.y-SW SK .._ __ 3-13-10 ,„ (irirr-'K 1 /- NW KK ... __ -I-15-10 nliii-1 lirii'c—W& XW KK ,en fy i:du-;ir,K— l.'>ls 8-0 .SW , G-I.VIO InJ.nimn— I ,t 1 KW 7-15-10 'iikiiuwn—SK jSW .'nliiioivn—XK XW .e;i(v IMw.-inls— l.ols <>-7 KW ,raly KiliiimK —I.uls i-i NW -. ..""" llmiies Mulliriiiik—W 10:. .SW NK . B-I.VIO (oli'il Hells—K 10H SW SK '.ml Ti'Hiiimrll— W V. SW XK 17-15-10 •mil 'jViiiiiiui-ll— KVi SK XW n,i nililine—l-'rl. .S !'t W!4 XK __ IQ-li-IO I, I., llnivkinv —KW XW " -.M-LJ-IO 'nknoivii —X r>f II SW NK " W- 15-10 'Hill A. •I'ranililrll—l.'il 5 SK _ ^V-15-10 'mil A. Trnliiniell—KW SK I. A. Jtnrei'lt I-M.—OriK. Nnr. SK XK '.M5-II II. ,1. Arnold-- Hi IK. Snr. NK .SK .1. Arniilil— Lot 1) XK .SK II. .1. Arnold—HK SK "_' Mrs. M. A. Ailkiiis—I.ill II .SK ~_ „ n-15-ll 1.. ItiiKh—WAO' K200 1 l.ol 21 SK"" . inn —Ul II KK _ Cnrrii- lliiiiUl'—l.-il -10 HK ___ Haiti;.—SW BW 22-l.vll W. M, Iti.yal—Krl Sit XW :|->'M2 Itu1jiii.ini ..t Tlioinns-~l'rl All KV- NK. _ l-l:»-i:i I'nnl (.'onil.5 —l:i KW Or SW .SW O-li-Ki C'.liiis '!'. tlrr—NK SK _-... __ __ :KIIG-IU i;i,kn,.»n—i; «.f i< sw si: _. """ 31-iG-n) till Malilii-u's—K lit li NW HK * X". NK SK l.'iikniiwn—SI- NK SK ; I'. Mull—N". NK XK : _ il2-l'j-in IViirl M.i'ir,— la XK Cor K Vt XW . W-l'i-H K,lii:i V. llmliiinl—.S l.lj W rnil l.i.l I KK NK 2.VH"12 li. K. h'l-l-t—1.1.1 I XH- XW 2S-1IM2 W. C. llueliiinnaii—S !>.. SK XW l!Mli-i:l L'nkmnvii—frl .'-'W SK •"HG-i:: in 40 20.50 ..'.U -I.OU I9..JJ 40 I'l 20 •ill I I.Mfi KU •10 4iJ 41. ^^ II. S7 III \.'M 10 -ID 2.07 .r,o 1.19 .IU i 10 20 I 1 .2.1 Amoiiut lil.O'J 6»,YO 04,fJU I'Jr'.OO ti4.00 04.011 lit.'JD (i I.UO G-I.(MJ 4 8.011 sa.iw 32.00 i;i'iin lil.OO r>lk Addltlu : 'Connie iiiullli < 2 P. C. fjlulhrocll S 1-3 H-U S A. U. Dowlnn.l li !> A. [„ KnfJjllis 1 U H. ti. Korsyllu 2 6 Uro. Cuuiinliijca U U Mrs KilHIi JobiliV.l .S'SO 1 0-7 H RtlMcCft F&tt«iE9n SuMLrtRioi Keln'cca Palter«OM K 1'3 '2-3-0 2 liolitct. I'nllcrwn W 1-32.'J-0 'i }. e. r.lj. SuMlThlua lilzzld Iteury (j ' Fl Blcturit Addition 1. II. Slewart 10 >' Edwin ' BoUtnon Addition Mary anii' Wallur Turner 1 J Jljiry and Walter Turner 2 : 1 Marjr pii'l Waller Tnrjier 3 - 4 I'earl Wliili .1 '• .( Xoruin Howard 10 o J, K, Itotjcrl^ 1C (> Mary HwUt llansgin II ' 7 rv Cqx & H M:iry Cox . li . S .lolinnio tlArr U 8 Dick C'urr II) Krt'il Talu 5 P«il Tute B Mur,-.iu Kinil,r,.i.K« II l.illiH.i Pnit'jllajj 1'J ,1. AnJcr»iui 5 Ada Iliifliri ' :i ,lvlm IIuliiii'9 ^ Ili.HO .'.7.IJO • . Ki.OO 32.011 U 0 10 III 1) l\l 12 ,r H. 4- Veruoji MtCortle 3 Wilson 0 Sbc Uluney 2 Hilfus I.unoiu il . K.OB 1020 'To .-1.71* 9.00 tii.n .04 lil'ljll IQ.'J.'i 7H.I2 112.00 . Am,) nil. i l.auKluril Xurmsu linker Nurnmn B'ukt'r , nlark Anian-la jli l:l 13 II 1 I 14 15 17 17 17 I S Ruddle Helgbts Addition W. I,. Tali. W. I., ' Tale 11. K. Jlhiyluck II. I). lllHylurli I.AJl 0. SlOUt Auu-rii-an llld^-. A (i. W,li«-»l l).,i,. II. Hill Mil Tom I),,i->- It. Hill If. Mill SlKry Hlco'arl • II. W. May .lo^ Marliu .lot: M,irlm ,!on Marliu ,loi' Mnilin A. II. Wliral A. (I. Wltc:U A. O. Whtnl A. li. Wlinl II. il. Kalon U II I I 6 '.l 10 7 1 I .50 .40 .CO .60 -W : .SO ,00 .00 .00 Ji'J -«0 .00 .(ill -.17 .17 .n .17 .17 .17 .n .17 .It) .11) .in .10 .10 .20 • U (j )i 7 7 f. 10 IU 'P 111 111 II II . 11 II •13 CITY OF HliYTIIEVILLE . Owner Lot Bile Anil. Allison Addition I Wihiiinis 7 I I.OO ii.. Sawyi-r 8 I mill CIM-.I Ali.'.n I 2 ,,l anil Aniiii Mncklin li :i ,<-s Vaiiithn Threi- Stales I.IUJlWr C(i. ( I Tlir,-,- S1ine.« l.ilinlicr Co. f. W. II. Hulloii 'dm St. Uo liro M. I.-.- Spcadlty Subdifisloa ' » BO' :l S |i| I Addition It.-lba Ilnckner ' Doorll •"" i W. H. Iliillnii "<> (I. It. Wilson I irliaril !'.r.rll,:V .iiisr (!,ni|ii-r in ili-Kini.iry ul>l Mill,, in- i arr Vmislin . Vill Mo ,Ultl; »ml C'At Bailer Aildit!'jn 'l.OD I.(.11 1.00 I.OO 1.00 i .1111 1.011 1.011 1.00 1.00 i.iio i.oo i.oo i.oo 1.00 1.IKI LOO I.OO l Addition -I 'J ftnrron i . .1. .Mm.,,i,i V.'. T. liij-'rajn Mnlii'l l!iiiniiv,n S. K. .MurrN S. K. M.'iiis' 0. K. Sli.»;irl 0. Sliniiy, ,1. II. XVillifnnl .1. II. Willifnril I inl Taylor I'llierl Tnylor Dun McUrcsi.r Dan .Mrlin-Ki.r .1 W. t'lii' Wi-s lliirtim M." M! lii.'.'.lliVin Hull V:,i,!,il,l,,,i- A. II. 1'airfii'lil A. l: Kuiriielil .1. H. Wriiilil .1. S. Writlil -I. K. Wright Lilly Addillon n A Tailored By MERITEST 24 75 ,'ailorcd By CAPPS Ik'Hiilifully tiiilnrcd new Spring suit's thai assure a perfctl appearaiu-c lliis ICuslt'i-. Slyleti and t'nlors In riiecl with your complete approval. Gaberdines und I it; It I weight woolcn.s for wear, right on lhn>ni;li Summer. SJIIHTS l!v i\laiiliiitl;in Inns \\lll ln.ltl -.linir. uitl colur pins .M.uili.itUin lillini;. t'nni|rli'tc .si-lci'ttdtis. NECKWUAII Hy Manli;ilt;m and \Vi'inl)lcy Silks, wnnlciis Liml I'nnibiiinlit.i. rtioiiNc frfltn. li A TS I5v I'tirlis 'I'lii'M 1 iit-n' ha Is ;iro l;i to ic:l l..v slrrni. Spring :v(-flisrtl tti sell ni- Ainer r:* atl- si,- Knn.1,-,1 N rllnii- llnllcr .1. lliikiT riv S. Uriiiiiiirll rit- J-v t>riiiinie,tL 1,-L-ie Maslers Masll-rs la ai:-i,- HI u-ll .1. '. H. Inllll- I. .1. VS'riflit Rcckm a [i Addition 12 II II It [I (; 0 (; c l) I) I) K K i; K 1-; r !•• l- 1 I' 1-' I-' I' II 11 11 II .liO .1)0 .f)l> .(ill Jill .no .no .liO , : Tc-;i!.li-y i- T<-j<l.-y Chickasiwba (Inrili.ii WriRlil .1. II. I'lsliiir .1. II. r'Mn-r Laura MrWinlurli W V, I II tauru Mi-t!liti1ock r. 14 M»ta Daniels Addition Uhnrley Kvfliis U 3 .ll'll WllllTS '-I .', Dovis Fir&t Addition C M. tiray Jr. 1 » 1 Davis Second Addition rli.iiiu. .Inrboi. K'ri 2 :i .V. .InliiLs Sll.-i 1 1 I X. Julius EJ S I-V - I N. I'lins * ' N-'. 'jiiiin. ~ 9 t Mr--. Sain Klnjili-f ;' & Davis Third Adrlltion SJiinslime Swifl 1'4 •• 1). II. H> •' Dongan Addition [, S llrisrno WIO' S,'.3' li '1 I.. .S. liri,i-oe S.m' 7. ". I,. S. Urbriiv SiW t "Hale SulidlTlsioa 1' II Attiuv 1 [ Hum Additlou. Henry HiliBtrj; , ,., 9 1 .S»m Hue Kslalc K15I' 1 5 Kearn A Terry Addition .Mrs. Julni llal«li-ml -I - KieMand Place Aiidltlotl JiO .uo I.OO 1.00 John Krfini; . '. i! • Oicerr. tfiftr Kel. t 0. IV. Mnri.lij - !1 Kli/a llryniu • 10 . Ciccru Oirlc Kst. .0 An.iit- W»lkor 10 ' Annie Wnlker II ; Andruw . -.kinos )2 • Willici..' l.iuas li , (Mi-em (liflc.'Kil. ' >!' I Jolin Tuylor ' '15 Kannin Allen . 7 ., niylhcrillc. l.rr. Co. ' '1 Vick'! .SuMlTinlbli ' Kulali °iinwrCJir« -1 ;' West £nd SulidlTiGlQn 30 ! L'nlc'nnwii I.OO Unknown 1 Uuknovrti J'O iHifcncW-n ;4 .•at .'JU ••-'5 .20 .20 .VO .20 .30 •20 .1/0 \ Ji'J .BO ' .1)0 JiO .SO .00 Jj'J .00 . Jil) .1)0 .6(1 \liO .CO .00 ... 1 40 K»ni Mi'l.nnurc -70 . Unknown I II. 11 12 .00 .liO \\ Sloort I', llrewc I Mo John Whllsolt K. '!'. Kldt-r Mrs. Iturii Davis Unknown V* Carey W'uijillinin U. U. Linlwnicli X. V. Conntlly N. C'. t.'imnclly ivu llO'S Htiiili-n livo llos* Heuton livo Itns^ It'.-.nton .„ M. C. llarlirr . Slionyo KIO 1 uf | S. II. Bishon Addlllan M. llcver a Sain Barnes Adilltlon lifl.aid Mcn,.nn,.U 1 Blytlic Aildllion Mrs. III. Mull HI- -' (!. Salil>;l II 'JJ II. Siilib:. 12 2". H. II. anil 11. M. Xnlamy :l 21. I. [I. unit II. M. Xeilarny I 2>j I II. ri-her Will 1 2 27 ,V. A. Dnliyiis '! :tl r.-urii' Dnnbp 12 III CH'u I'otn' 22A :tl X. o. (inint Ksl. :t H2 Killii- Walker .III) JiO .1)0 J>0 .10 I.IIO l.on l.(i 1.01 1.01 .It) .H .HO .M _jj IV.ivlin .1. l>. :rj 2 oO o ;nnl f. 75 5 itU . Sports Jackets Menrirlln (!i>nil •"> =1:4 .1. II. l-'islii-r \Vf.' 10 :-t .1. H. I'islirr K12' 20 :;:i nlylheviHc I,hr. Co. First Adil K. l>. Hoard iilli' I 2 BlyUicvillc Lljr. Co. Second Additio J. T. Hi.yil 2 I .1. T. llm-il ' 2 1 .1. T. llnyl :i 1 E. M. Brycans Sltbdlvi3iott JiO .50 JiO JiO JiO .tftl JiO .W) .1)0 JiO .(10 .60 ..liO JiO .BO .no i, H.-L. -Alkins II. l..-Aikins H. I,. Atkins II.. I.: Alkiiis II. I,: Alkiiis II..Ii. Alkins I. I.. Alkins ' t.-l-V fililtir It .CQ I. K. -Sjiiivr, Ml .'iCi Jnkhwfrn- • • Si .'i'l i - TOWN OF YAEBKO : i •jinniu .Sadler ' ' 9 2 1.00 i All- -iJi-rhUnx anil torporalioiis iiiler- ••UtA in said lanils. uro l|l'rel.y nolllicd Unit : Ilicy are re([itircd. liy lj\e. In an- r witliln (nnr (1) weeks and nuk* .•nsfl In 'said suit, rjr llje &ITIU- "ill 1)«: taken us coufciisci], .iiriil, Einal iiidr- inu-nt' will Iji! entered, ilircciin^-. tKo sale of snid lands (or tlie l.iirnose n! col- ins snid t;ixri, Insethur will, tlifl [.ayinent ,(.f intcrusl, pcniilly anil ci>sl • o^c.l liy Ian-. - . ' \VHiini» my h.i'ti.1 «nd ' Hip seal ul sR.d' t.'onrl. lliis ttic 23 d:iy of. -\lcreli, 10-1:1. IIAUVKT MOlllilS. B'-IS.'JO-'JT .-- CH'rk o( sale) l.'qiir(. Shonyn M CKa|,|irll I n . M. C«|.|ii'dfi> ". S M. Cn|, V L'd g u 10 lj aal Arkanias U.r. I'o. i 'J Arkansas t.ttr. tfc. - 9 ast Arkansas libr. Co. I) '.* lirnlielh Tillnuin 7 » Wliito o !• rnkniiwi, 3 10 leu. Wulil 1 "I Unknown •* ID U Tiu-kor I I'J Hollandllf) Addition I. M. Cutler M I! Pixvlrr W!i Ijl <; fn.y (turner ' I 1 Hollipeter-SIionyo Addllion , MIND YOUR MANNERS •> ' l>i\ • S- .S|.,r. Cn. WVi ,- i- Sti.r. Cu.i: 1 , Are Keller Than Kver This Spring! JACKKTS—S-l-r-e-l-c-h your wiirdvobc with :\ smart now sports jacket . . . They're equally ;tt homo for dress or rd;i\ulion. SLACKS— \Vn .lisivc llic largest selection of odd slacks in our history . . . Every wauled fabric and color . . . All sixes. $1475 lT U p IloUnml-Racine Shoes For Men $5.50 and $6.50 $5 to $11 K. .1. 11. J Ark. l< .Vik. I .1 \V IVidi'r J. W. llaili-r "•'. \V. Itadcr :' .1. W. llailer -I Arthur llryean ;' Arllnir I Arllnir llryean 'i Anhnr llryean I! Arllior llrycnti '-' V. I'. Dnvw I' I'. C. Davis 11 T. I'. l>,ivl» 1! V .K. Snider . !!i V. K. Mnidcr 2 t'nkniiivn - : Bug; Addition S. X. NVedliam I. M. lli-nlly Mr-. K. .1. iioy.t Mrs. K. .r. tioyd .1. T. Travis Cnra llarlier K. K. Hawkins It. ('. ^- MyrlLc Sevicr liviTt-n Ilr^rlicT I,,.' Carney Ca.lncy M. 1.. Jtorris M. I.. Morris II. C. l.ayson Myrtle Serier .'. II. J»i-lsim Myrtle 5-Vvlor Myrlle ^i-vier Xtodli.ain 0. She .o.iis llrnw Will Kistrn \V. V. and O. Slionyo Nannie .lunes • Aithnr S. ilii'incnm Kslher Curtis .liibn: Mamie Cniler O. XlMiny" Connio ('HIM l,U*ie Wnrren M»ry I'iiriu-ll 11. ll-'ll .1. \V. Klnyil Knlie .limes ,],„. Kinds (.'uliir,-,! Church Irregular I^>ts M. C. Ci-nlry l.ol ... Irregular Lots — Sec. 16-lu-U Dianil Our 1'rl 8B SW .1 Siim C'oiby f'ri. KS NW -••"> i; M. l.airil Lot 8 X\V 2.10 \V. 11. Hill l.ol 7 NW a.'Jfl K. M. .Mei.eud l.ol II XW .1" Amanda Xa-h In HK Cor SW SW .00 Irregular L^ti — Sec. 17-15-11 W II. Mi-Karland I.'.l I SK .13 (;. W. Hliil'l" W 1-1 Lul 9 NK .M American Hldg fr l.nan V. y-t James Addition Kvcrctl llarl.or K^t 2 A .10 Jolly Addition .T. li. Kvans ' 2 . .20 Slarsh Adilltlon J I! llarnes K.I I' 1,1s 1 i 2 2. l.lM Mlller-Greenlee Subdivision Mrs. Clyde Daiii 1 110 (i. A. Itarron 4 Cliarlos Sanilers X75' 5 -DC Itoy IWIarit -S 55.5.V 5 .10 j»c* Mlieliell Addition 0. C. Johnsoh W50 1 X12.', r 1 .15 Morris Addltlpv W. T. Slallhcus 1 Cleaner — Tailor — Clothier Nalitinally Advertised Mercliaiulisc :il Nalinnallv Adverti.scd I'rict's. 13 l:l 15 16 . Chlcajo Mill «c Lbr. Co. Second Addition W. T. Matthews W. T. Jlaltheivs T. Matthew* Wl T. M«lllien9 \V. T. Matlhcivs W. T. MaUViews It. M. Morris Ksl. llettio AMey H. M. Morris pit. F. Johns Ada Hicks Unlnnwn A A A A A A A 11 H II n c . Test, yourrknowledfjc 9f correct social usage by answering" the following .questions;.-then- checking "against ttie autliprita-- live answers below: ' 1. K a lady smokes, is it a good rtca for her escort to carry malch- s, even If he does not? ' 2. When an older Jicrson refuses cignret should he In a way hat, does nol imply tjiat he dk- ipprovcs of smoking? 3. Should you show resentment when In a discussion you discover thai another person do.!s not .see lye lo eye with you? 4. Should you use rationing as an excuse for setting out of all jour social obligations? Should you blame your grocer when lie docs not have .something you \vant to buy? What would you do if— You arc a woman and have a luncheon date with another woman and a man asks you lo go to lunch .with him— (a) Ask the woman if she minds if you put off your luncheon date as you want to go out with the man who asked you? ; lb) Break the luncheon date with i the woman, telling licr you are Illv or fiomcthng of the sort? (c) Keep th 0 luncheon ilatc you made first? • Answers 1. Yes. H is thoughtful. 1. Yes 3. No. 4. No. 5. No. Shortages are not his fault. Best "What Would You DO 1 ' solu- tion—tc). of Blocks 5 7 li S B 10 t> 11 A l'2 (i Iti It 6 . rtevlscd Plat of C. s. llolisnii f s. Unllijon C. s. Hollison C. S. llolli'.'on C. S. Kollhon fnknovn CtiiM-o MtlULbr. Co. Stcond Addition .'. W. Alexander 1 0 1.00 Giy tinniUnn I C 1,00 C. V, Sehnnpli » li 1.00 (T. V. Seh.inch K'fc li II .50 ChlMSO Mill H I,l,r, Cn. 10 II l.OD Chicago Mill * Hr. Co. TMrd addition J. O'BrlCTt SQbdlTlJton O'l'rien tl 1 1.20 1.20 1.20 1.20 HO 1.10 I.-10 1.10 1.10 1.16 1). .1. Cartor II. M. Ttinro. .1 1 . Mrs. Anlhon 'in igititl SniTer (!. K. Cross lleiirifll* Oo.vt Henricitii Ge,\d Dr. W. A. Uriinnicll Dr. \V. A. Oriimnetl Mr«. Ktitc Ferguson Odic IV Krectnan ?.. T. lillncj Mrs. W. M. 1'hillips S. 0. Craig S. t!. Craif 0. K. Slfvv.irt .T. It. l!i>ney la «'.! XIl'iT..- .r,o I.OO 1.00 I.OO I.DO 1.00 1.00 l.OH .80 .so .80 .30 .SO .SO .CO \V»rmtrd»m in Prc-Fllght CHAPEL HILL,, ^F. C. (UP)—Cornelius Warmerdam. the world's top pole-vautter, is still hammering at the 15-fool mark, but now It's to scale a straight wall Instead of soaring over a cross bar. Meeting other training hazards as a member of. V-5 officer Indoctrination at the tfavy pre-fllght school here has made Warmerdam "ft little stiff, but. I'm in pretly good shape and expect the kinks to limber out." Workers In occupied Holland do > not, answer advertisements fealur-^ Ing attractive Jobs In the Russian.^ Ukraine, : wlth "room, board and clothing free." Renrl Courier News wrvnt »ds.

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