The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1952
Page 13
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THURSDAY, MAY 8, 1052 Oatmeal Puffs Filled With Ham Suggested CKC'IM' HKOWNSTONE Aftsofjated J'ress Food Kdltor If the teen-age daughters in your neighborhood want '.o Invite their Moms to a luncheon in honor jtff Mother's Day (May n,) you lmglit help them out with a main- rourse recipe. Here's one that's new and glamorous enough for formed into a in center of pan. Turn into bowl and add eggs, one ai a time, beating vigorously after each addition; beat for 1 minute i\fier last ess has been Well combined. Drop in 8 portions on ungre.ised bailing sheet, leaving at 2 least 2 inches between arl: portion. Bake (n very hot Ham CC F"in n ^T^ i TI 1 rf U " r ' SWmi i'' 150P ' ) ° VC " '° """ lltes - R " ed " ce iiam filling. The rolled oats diluent lo mode-rale <350IM and . as n these puffs act as a binder and help to prevent the flour and shortening from separating in the initial cooking. That first cooking is an important step In the preparation of the puffs, so youiv; aook.s will want lo time Ihe cook"- ing 'process and follow the recipe directions to the letter. OATMKAI, I'UHFS Intredleiils: 1 cup hot water, 'i cup shortening;, i/, teaspoon si'.It; '.', cup quick rolled oats fun- cooked,) »i cup sifted f I o u r. 3 eggs. Method: In heavy saucepan put hot water, shortening nnd sail; heat lo boiling.' Quickly stir jn rolled oats nnd flour. Stir vigorously over low heat for l',i to 2 minutes or until mixture can be bake 15 to L'O minutes longer or until browned. Cut off tops, fill with Creamed Ham. then replace tops. •^ CKKA.'.IKl) HAM Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butler or margarine, 4 tablespoons flour. > 2 tcu.spoon sail. 1 teaspoon dry mustard. 2 cuiis milk, 2 cups cooked diced ham. I cup drained cooked peas. ":, cup sliced pim- ienlo. 'O CUD thin strips green pepper (if desired*. Method: Make a white sauce of Ihe b u t t c r. flour, .salt, mustard and milk. Add ham, peas, pimi- e;i!o. nnd (if used) the green pepper. Cook slowly 10 minutes longer, stirring o f t o n. Use as filling for Onlincnl Puffs. Requests for Veal Scallopini iRec/pe Answered by Expert By GAYNOn MADDOX INKA Food Editor) We get many requests for •callopini recipe, well, here veal is trustworthy one. It comes fresh out (if Ihe brand new pocket-size ;'Martha Logan's Meat Cook Book. 1 ' Beth Eailey McLean and Thora Hegstad Campbell wrote a nud they sure know their meats. Now to veal cock- cry— VealNsrallonml Cfi servings) Italian in origin, but very adaptable to American taste, this famous • recipe is party fare. It may be kept warm over water or in a slow ovei half an hour or .10. One and one-half pounds vea steak cut U-Inch thick. I teaspoo salt, 1 teaspoon paprika. \'^ cu r salad oil. l l cup lemon Juice. 1 clove garlic, split, 1 teaspoon prepare" mustard. M tea-spoon nutmeg. \ teaspoon sugar, \\ cup flour, \' t cup fat, l medium onion, slice dlhin, green pepper, cut in strips, 1 cai •k'lOH-oimce) chicken bouillon, V ™pound mushrooms, 1 tablespooi butter or margarine. 6 pimienti olives, sliced. Cut veal into serving pieces. Maki a sauce by combining salt, paprika oil. lemon Juice, .garlic, mustard nutmeg and sugar. Heat well, o shake in a bottle to combine tho roughly. Lay veal flat in a baking pan. Pour the sauce over the veal Turn coat with the-sauce Let stand 15 minutes. Remove garlic. Heat and set the oven at 351 degrees f. (moderate) or cook ovei !ow heat. Lift the veal from Ihi sauce. Dip into flour. Brown wel In hot fat In a skillet. Add onioi and green pepper. Combine chicken bouillon with remaining sauce and pour over the veal. Cover and cook .slowly unti veal is very tender, about 40 minutes. Clean and slice mushrooms Brown lightly in hutter. Add mushrooms and olives to the veal. Stir and dip the sauce over the veal Cook about, 5 minutes mere. Yon can serve this to the most ^Discriminating guests. ™ Variation: ftalians use sour wine in place of lemon Juice in this recipe. Very good too, if two tablespoons of sherry are stirred Into the sauce Just before serving over the veal. Vral Paprika (4 servings) Four veal chops (1-lnch thick). 8 slices bacon, I egg, slightly beaten, 1 tablespoon water, [lue brear or cracker crumbs, 1 cup sour .cream, 1 tablespoon paprika. Pan Fry the bacon in a heavy skillet. Remove h?/-o!i snd l:<v>p hot. Dip the veal chops In the egg mix- So Potatoes ARE scarce -You can substitute any one of the RED CROSS MACARONI PRODUCTS and have even tastier, better meals! cd witli the water, then in the fine crumbs. Broun them in the liot bacon fat. Then add the sour cream. Cover and ccok slowly nnlii m ell t, is fork tender, about one hour. Add paprika. Serve the veal with Hie bacon and sour cream sauce. Hash Fills Peppers Let, corned beef hash from your pantry shelf lie the stuffing for cree npcppers. §)icc olt the stem end of the peppers, hollow then parboil for about 8 minutes, stuff with the canned meat, combined with chopped onion nnd tomalo puree. Place the stuffed peppers In a baking dish with 1 inch nf water and bake for 20 to 30 minute; in a 35D degree P. oven. B1.YTHKVTU.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Unique Chicken Recipe Is Tried Mrs. Barcztwski Tells of Variation On Cooking Favorit* If you want a vnrialion on fried chicken, here it is from Mrs. Anne Barc/.ewskt of Glasgow, Del. Fried Deviled Chicken ISeri'e* I) Two three-pound chickens (ablespoous prepared mustard small while onion, graled; " 4 c lemon juice, 'i teaspoon paprlki 2 teaspoons salt, >', teaspoon blao pepper. \\ teaspoon red pepper " 2 cup flour, !i cup butter, >- t cu Cut chickens in serving-siz pieces. Mix mustard, onion lemoi juice, paprika, salt and pepper to Kclncr and spread the mixlur over (h e uncooked pieces o chicken, using a pastry brush no' chicken in flour, Heat butler lard in heavy skiMcl. Pry t li e chicken over medium hcat.'uncov ered, for about 45 minutes. Turn chicken occasionally i o brown evenly. Mi>::be we gave yen this recip before. It deserves retelling, if ou taste is any standard. It was ere ated by a Jine cook from Snow Hill, Md., Mrs. Aubrey Homslie. Oven Barbecue Chicken (Servei 4) One three-pound chicken, a ta blespoons fat. Sauce: one medium onion, chopped; 14 cup water, teaspoon salt, 3 teaspoons vine gar. 2 heaping tablespoons brown sugar. i,' t tablespoon prepare! mustard. 1 tablespoon Worcester slilre sauce. 1 can tomato sauce Cut chicken in servfng-s I z « pieces and brown In hot fat In frying pan; set browned chicken pieces in roasting pan. Brown chopped onion in remaining fat; add the rest of the sauce ingredl ents and let simmer 30 minutes Pour sauce over chicken nnd cover pan. Dake in moderate oven (350 degrees f.) /or one hour, or until tender. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has tiled with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the state of Arkansas for a permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as: 303 W. Main, Blythei-ille Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he Is a .citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted ot a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; thnt no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; nnd (hat the undersigned has nevei been convicted of violating the lawi of this state, or any other state relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Ls for permit to be Is sued for operation beginning on t.lie 1 day of July. 1952, «nd to expire on the 30th day of June. 1953. Sam John* Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7 day of May 1962. Ellubeth Mason. Notary Public My Commission expires: 4-26-M. TO PURCHASERS OF NEW 1952 48" JET-TOWER DISHWASHER WITH HYDRO-ELECTRIC CONTROL To introduce ilic new 1052 "Voiinpi- lown Kilclicns IS" Jcl-Toiver Dish- n.ulicr n-ith Ily<lro-Klrc(ric Control, we nrc milking Ilir ahnve offer to who will |irou,i«o lo show nnii explain it In five frit-nils, nrigh- 'mrs, or rcl.ilivcs. Xo other rnclliorl «,islie- t]i>lie5 so clean, .so fa5t! In less liian ten minutes, ili.'-rica arc wnslird, Hushctl au.l r'niH-cl }iygi(Tiiif.i1lv clean. si»r- YOUKGSTOWN KITCHENS 4o ELECTRIC SINK Retail price Special njfovvance You pay only $429** 100°° $329" EASY TERMS March 15 —May 31, 1952 Ifl.'i? Vounirstown Kilrhcn* Kteclric Kink. 48" %-ide. .fet- Towcr Disliw^sliinp. full link fnrilitie.'. Food \Vn»le Disposer «ni! rinse »pray avatlaldc rtl rxlrft rn = l. Adams Appliance Co v inc. Sales J. W. ADAMS, M 9 r. • S.rvie. '" Phon. 2071 Here /5 A Motl That V//7/ Soy ' B.v CAVXOIt .tMODO.Y N'KA Food and Markrli Eiiil-.r The younger hands in Hie fnmily like to lake things ovr.- r or M ,,,'. :r's Drty. Very easily they can --Ian i Mother's Day c.ike that FJV-I f> lier "Orchids lo You" as slmp'ly as me, two and tlu-ce. 1—It's a simple square loaf made with a mix, 2—The ironing is foolproof, delicately tinted with c. r- rant jelly. 3—It appears at Mot i- ?r's party with a festive "riblrn" )/ Huffy white shredded coconut festooned with flowers. The orchids can be real ones. In little set-In vial that the guest of honor can transfer to her lape:. If the corsage It Ural pokoil' i paper doily, the frosting won't itiok. Orchid Coconul 1'ackaee Cake One package Instant white cake mix. Vi cup mill; and 2/3 cup rntlk. ccconut pastel fros!ir.« Turn cake mix into bowl. Add ',; cup milk. Blend, then beat l minute. Adri ',i cup milk. Blend. Ihen teat l minute. Then add remain- Ing 'A cup milk and beat 1 minute longer. (Beat cake rigorously b.v hand or at a medium speed of electric mixer.) Turn batter Into 9 x fl x 2-Inch square pan which has been lined on bottom with paper. Bake In moderate oven 1315 degrees F.) 30 to 35 minutes or until done. Ptost wilh coconut paslel frost- f's PAGE THIRTKEtf orchid corsage In center. Coconut F»KH rroillhf Mix 'A cup tart currant Jelly, 1 unbeaten egg white, 4 tablespoons sugar, and dash of sail In ton of double boiler, Place over boiling u'nter «tid beat with rotary beater 3 minutes, or until frosting will stand in peaks. Remove from boll- ing water; cool slightly before spi-ondlng.-aprinlcle M cup shredded coconut on sides of cak» wiitl* fi-osting h still soft. Use for LeftoYcrt Here's one more use for lettcvei roast ucef. Cut It. into thin slices nnd top each with a mound of masheri potatoes, swuoiied with onion. Roll up and laslcn with wooden picks. Bake In a moderate oven for nbcul 30 minutes. Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH f«ls« ttrih drop, slip or you Inlk. cut. lavi K l. or Day / ~ ™" — •-•"" ivvi.ji «ni.[i, ami or wot>i>lt ' f\ I • I . \ f , y' 1 ", 1 yo>1 '""<• "'«. l">'Kl> or tucew? I Ij'fnirtc T/\ Vx».«'l no " 1 '" «»"">'«<1 »ncl fiiibarr^BKort b r \SiLiIiu5 TO f OU >"'\ar in"""!," 1 " ™- STEBiii - «" ""kill!;:. To decorate top ot rnke. sprln- i iimiiy '\l[' %m'ri l 'r'oi'"ii?Jnt l Vi>'iiin l « IO oT kl» ovontil In slrltis to resemble i sccl "»v »'»'! «ii<im conuort NO B un>[ ribbon, outline with Jeilv, and nlace i ?»«'K^- y ii ',"V y '""' "' '•'""I fi »' I .. ' ' ' rAblKr.U! ttidr.y &n any rtruu more. ASUrSTlTUTl rot MEAT MACARONI-SPAGHETTI PUKi mC» NOODLES • " (..„*'" * lii M " e !han M '~ Vf Tl HW( Ji1ter / "I*""*" iillery look in your eyes ii"l°you *"""'" bulld »re suffering "cliange-of-lifc" aiusrj'? Sure, make-up may liclp »rne, yet it eaii'l lake Ihe pain and nervousness oul of your eyci. But t-iidul orien does. A liltlo Cardul u oiien aoes. A bill. Cardul C.rdul "l n , llr , n c d«y_hM_li«lped t lrO>».nds or dealer today. (S a "« new rejist.iTioe .frMfT^iff^HH and viulily, c |, a ,i ging ,],,), nontht ind yen,, to brighter, h.ppier uinei. So Jet Cardui | ie lp you look, r«lai »nd iltep belt.r. Get Cardul "lusirrjnc," (mm your ?C A R D;U I | MonfMy Oompi . Chang* o! Lift MORTON ^ hat are SALT sprl " 9 ve 9 etables ^! without, Morton's? PIAIN OR IODIZSD I WHEN IT RAINS s IT POURS *£$&$! CAROL BRENT NYLONS Buy Box of 3 Pair and Savt» REG. 98 0 PAIR IS DENIER. 60 GAUGE fint quality, full-faihion.d. Under other Bai o{y brondt xll for mor«. DorV or regular i-\*-j r- »«arm. Extra iheer; extra long-wearing. Z,/ 5 REG. 89. PAIR IS DENIER, SI GAUGE Lov.l/ full-faihion«d fir(t quality—now e 0f of 3 «f Hill low pric«. Choot. tilher dark or f\* r-r\ l-eaulor i.ams. Popular tpring ihadei. Z.50 REG. 98c PAIR 30 DENIER^ 51 GAUGE Builniu ih«Brs—10 praclleol for every- B daywaar.Reinlorc.dandfuH-fashioned, J"° _ fin* itam. Lovely new ipring shades. Z,/ O • I" When you buy a 25-lb. sack of Use SOLD MEDAL FLOUR for delicious HOMEMADE BREAD You will find my bread r«c/p» j'n 25-lk. or larger tiagt of Gold Mtdal. l'> ; ,,il JV Kitchen-tested" e ENRICHED FLOUR CM M«d,l i, Americ,', hy orht ,n.p ut po« (lour! And n o wo n d.r \ou can dcp tnd on «v« r o.pful. From »ck ,„ „«*, ,h, Su perio ^pcrior with eiich »»ck. Q """ Bt " * .d.1 n Am«r,ci'» No. 1 .ll-p ur po !t « our ! MORf SACKS Of GOLD MEDAL FLOUR ARE BOUGHT THAN THE NEXT FIVE BRANDS COMB/NED; 2S« * COUPON VALUE 25< r7ir=fct*^ nv^ ^an, -^'—.«' gf*^ •"•Stiff''? ?W£| Bij&iilgSiii} I^h/nTco""^ ™ ™ U * M ° C " ' ' 5iR " """ """" ""> "•'''"" ""'»". ''kitehtn-ifittJ" INK " f ^ ro< * r w ^°" * 2^-lh. ntk of c.oi 11 MIKAL ti. Anj oihtr ippHt ^^vi:£S^;;nH"'P'i i^'^SpS^if^H^.S * COUPON VALUE 25c *

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