Petaluma Weekly Argus from Petaluma, California on June 22, 1877 · 4
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Petaluma Weekly Argus from Petaluma, California · 4

Petaluma, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1877
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PETALUMA WEEKLY ARGUS. Junk 22. 1ST 1 1. THE WEEKLY A ROUS ; , W WESTON, SCUDDER & CO., Proprietors Republican County Committee. Tbe Bepubli! , County f Committee of Sguomt CotinSJ will meet at Santa oa, t"nedar, J Mir !! 1 81 T, a 1 o'clock ,Ju, m. A fall attendance ! repeated. ' J '- C. KESSIJTG, Cnairtean. OTJK CQTJHTY UTDEBTEDHXSS. The Santa Rosa fiemocrai manifests extreme sensitiveness upon the subject of our county indebtedness, and the management of county affairs, which we have had :frequent occasion to criticise in the past, and about which we will have more to say in the future. It sets up a man of straw and fires its big and little guns at .him with n ach gueto and ceremony. We hav said : that Sonoma County is saddled with an enormous public debji. It is over 8375,000, and amounts to $70 2G for each voter at the last electfon a larger stun than the average annual net earnings of the working-men of the county. Our contemporary has not denied and will not dey, .this. We will further say, that tlrere are only four counties yri the State tliat have so large a public debt as that of Sonoma, while several tf them are out of debt. The Democrat tries to throw the responsibility for our large indebtedness upon the Republican party, which, in the last fifteen years, has not elected a single member of the Legislature or a county officer, except a Supervisor now and then. As well might our neighbor charge the Democracy Kf Vermont or the Republicans- of Kentucky with mismanagement $f public affairs in those States m 'the Republican party of Sonoma County with the responsibility for ortr large indebtedness. When the Lemocrat j nmVp n. ,lpninl r,f anvthinrr hnvA 1 . -. sam, or may nerealter say, in con- nection with the management of our county affairs, we will meetit.sqnare- ly and not evade the question by ar- guing points that hi the matter at issue. guing points mat nave no ue&ring on A v i i REPUBLICAN COUNTY COMMITTEE. It will be seen, by refereB.ce to a notice in another column, fihat the chairman of the Republican' County Central Committee has issued a call for a meeting of the Committee at Santa Roea, July 10th. A full attendance is requested, and?it, is to be hoped that every committeeman will be present. An election of great importance to the. people,, of the county is approaching, sunlit is quite within the range of probability that the party which has so long ruled the public affairs of the eouiity, will be beaten at the coming Section. In a full poll there is not one hundred and ' fifty difference in the strength of the two parties: in the county. Unless the Democracy nominate an unexceptionable ticket, of whieh there is bo likelihood, they cannot -possibly rally to thefr standard as many supporters as cast their votes for Hayes and Wheeler last year. Our party is now thbrougly united. A full vote will insure a victory at the coming election. - One of the features of the " reform and retrenchment " salary bill for Sonoma County, passed at the ses- sionof 1873-4, was a redaction (?) of the per diem of tne members of Board jf Supervisors from SD to $8. A good many people could 'not see exactlv where the "retrenchment'' part came in, and some Complaints were made about the matter. At the next session the per diem wtts again fixed at 5. The mileage is still twenty cents from the place jof residence of each member of the Board to the county seat. In one; of our adjoining counties the per sdiem is $3, and the mileage ten cents. It costs something to collect taxes in this State. In the tWal year 1874-5 the commissions and mileage allowed to county officers fox assessing and collecting State taxes amounted to 8201,926. In Sonoma County the Assessor's commissions were $1,776; Auditor's commi&sions, $1,082; Tax Collector's commissions, $1,682; Treasurer'gniileage and commissions, $2,260 total, $6,802. : . : - v. i r !-The important fact is announced that Tim McCarthy,! a hold-orer State Senator,! from San Francisco, has purchased an interest in Oscar Lewis' saloon, on Sntter street. WHAT IT COSTS. It costs Sonoma Countv vearlv under the salary law as follows for the oliees named: Salaxiea.m SheriiTa, office.... rrS9, 100 ,600 Salaries Jin Recorder's office 4,60 Kuaries Arweurers-anieet ,4.. jto Total u .. u .$20,800 Or, reduced to days, as follows: ' r Sheriff, per day ...$12 46 Under Sheriff, per day 4 80 Three deputies, each per day 3 80 County Clerk, per day 8 00 First AsnstanJ, per day 3 80 Second Assistant, per day 2 90 County Recorder, per day 8 00 First Assistant, per day . . 3 80 Second Assistant, per dav 2 SO County Treasurer, per day 8 00 There are plenty of good men in the comity who would be glad to fill any of these offices at a less sum. Let us try to elect men who will be in favor of reduction. Things should be more equal the laborer should receive more, the politician less. Taxes should be less, current expenses less. Santa Rosa Times. Yes, if the offices could be let out by contract to the lowest responsible bidder, the cost of running the county government would not be half as large as it is now, and the duties would be fully as well performed. It is a shame that our people are fleeced in the manner they are. The high salaries tliat are paid our county officers enable them to spend thousands of dollars in manipulating primaries and conventions and corrupting voters at elections. The people clamor for a change. A GREAT FIRE. A most disastrous conflagration yesterday destroyed the city of St. John, New Brunswick. From 815,-000,000 to $520,000,000 worth of prop-perty was destroyed, and 200 acres of land was burned over. Many lives were lost, and much destitution occasioned. The following is the latest dispatches from the scene of the conflagration': St. John, X. B., June 21st. Yesterday was the most calaiuitious day ever known in the annals of St. .John. Nothing could have come more suddenly than the fire which destroyed so many valuable lives, wasted property by millions, arrested many and varied forms of industry, and spread not only desolation but terror and conster nation all round. Public buildings, palaces f commerce, temples of religion, banks, pa- latiaj residences, newspaper and telegraph offices, school-houses, almost everything of which the citizens felt proud, were all in a few hours laid in ruin. The loss on hotels, churches, school-houses, banks, etc., were made a thousand times more painful by tue laiuenuiuie iwh in uie aocomuanvinff . j.i i . i i i i : r . The fire WM discovered ina building owned by Mr. Fairweather, on the south side of orlc's pai nt shop, next to McLaughlin's boiler shop. To the latter buildings the flames had reached before the firemen had reached the scene. The engines arrived and did their best to stop the flames, but all efforts were in vain. Nothing could be clone, ine names then spread to various buildings on Have's wharf, which were also quiclcly consumed, and the fire broke out with a roar into Smith street, carrying all before it. From there the flames spread i nto Drury Lane and Mill street, following that into Pock street, taking both sides. Before I this, however, the rear of the London House and adjacent buildings had been at tacked,-when it was seen that the fire would inevitably sweep along Dock or Mill streets. Baoor, June 2 1st A private dispatch Irom Irom bt. John, says: J-ifteen thousand people are homeless, t lve hundred acres are burned over. Lose, $20,000,000: insur ance, $5,000,000. Thirty bodies have been rtxvereu, ami vniny missing. -- t Col., JSr J. G, KEWENaod, Judge Thompson had a personal rencounter in court at Los Angeles the other day 4 and several scions of both families took part in the row. The recital of the affair by telegraph reminds us of the " good old days," when a fight in court, or an adjournment preparatory to a row, was the order of the day. Kewen and Thoppson have both been candidates for Congress in the Southern District. j j An Indian war has broken out in Idaho, and quite a large nnmlier of j whites have been murdered. In an I encounter with a detachment of troops on Salmon river last Friday, Captain Theller and 25 others were killed. The War Department is making active preparations for a vigorous pursuit and prompt punishment of the savages. No battle of great importance has yet been fought between . the Russians and Turks, but the former are consjtanfly gaining ground, and will, it is; almost certain, finally triumph. Tpx Molly Maguires were executed at Pottsville, Pennsylvania, yesterday ; also four at Mauchc-hunk. TpB Lakeport Bee has entered upon its sixth volume. It is an excellent paper, and has our best wishes for jits continued success. IgHBiiaAta Crnz Locml Item, a much valued exchange and always a readable paper, : hsetitej&!t upon its wild volume. J Professor Hatton-wilr" commence a nor maJclaato for teachers in this city, in about two week a j , i 1 : ' MISCELLANEOUS HEWS. There were four" deaths in Sacramento last week. ysjamee Jbismlk htftnil hue accepted the Spanish mission: " ' "j " ' ' Senator Boot rn deliver the oration at SMi-aiieAteV fciHfc'0t4f& i M The attitude of Austria is getting more and more hostile to Russia. ' New wheat is quoted in Stockton at from $2 05 to $2 16 per cental. Among the graduates at the Naval Academy at Anapolis, last Wednesday, were two Japanese. General Ord has been instructed to hold the Mexican soldiers captured in Texas for the present. John Trevallion, a somewhat noted prizefighter, died suddenly, at Eureka, Nevada, Tuesday. Rover, after several trials, has been found guilty of murder in the first degree at Reno, Nevada, for the killing ol Sharp. Rev. S. C. Abbott, the historian, died at New Haven (Conn.) last Sunday, aged sev enty-one years. Last week $1,200,000 were disbursed in the form of dividends by local corporations) in San r rancisco. Frank V. Scudder, formerly a member of the State Legislature, died at San Francisco Sunday. Wm. II. Ohevers, Commissioner of the Fifteenth District Court, and a pioneer of 1849, died at Han t rancisco bunday. The ex-Queen of Rpin has appealed to the Pope to use his influence to prevent Alfonso from marrvlng a non-Catholic Princess. The Colusa Sun says 106 was about a true measurement of the temperature in the Sacramento Valley during the recent heated term. The French Chamber of Deputies has a lopted an order declaring that the Ministry does not possess the confidence of the nation. It is thoueht that tlie honev crop of San Diego and other honey producing counties will hardly be sufficient fo supply the San Francisco market alone. John Chamberlain, the gambler and horseman, in his examination before the Register in Bankruptcy, said he lost j0,0)0 by his trip to California in 187.1. The Republican nominations for Yuba Countv: Joint Senator for uba and Sutter counties, J. 0. Goodwin; for the Assembly, C. K. Dam, of Wheatland, and A. S. Smith. The Fishery Commission met at Halifax Friday, with closed doors. It is understood that Great Britain filed claims to the Cana dian fisheries amounting to $3,000,000. Two Justices in Jersey City have been sentenced for conspiracy to defraud citizens, one to twelve months in the Penitentiary, the other to six months m the County Jail. The late potato crop along the Purissima, San Mateo County, is good. Barley will average from 15 to 20 sacks to the acre; oats, from 8 to ten sacks; hay, from 2i to 3 tons to the acre. An egg laid upon the deck plating of the monitor Monadnock, which is now being rebuilt at Vallejo, was cooked hard without any artificial heat one day during the recent heated term. It was related by the miners of '49 that thev cooked eggs on the sand on the banks of the American River, near Brighton. The sudden and intense heat of last week had an appreciable effect upon growing corn at the Central California Colony, Fresno County. The progress of that cereal in twenty-four hours has been visible to the naked eye one small tch showing a growth of an inch and three-eighths between 6 o'clock on Sunday evening and tlie corresponding hour on Monday following. Thirteen thousand head of sheep were taken to Antioch Wednesday of last week from San Benito County and bound for Bowlding Island, but it was ascertained that by reason of the extreme high tides of present week the island was covered with water. The stock was taken to Robinson's ranch, and the owners are in search of pasturage. The Advocate says nine Chinamen have been arrested at Winters for catching fish in Putah Creek by poisoning. They use a species of red berry, which is broken into particles and each particle being covered by a pellet of paste is thrown into the water, and is taken in by the fish, the effect being to render them crazed, and rising to the surface are easily taken, when being immediately cleaned the flesh remains on-tainted by the poisoning. Tkk Coai. P08fkct. C. W. Frost, Superintendent of the Santa Rosa Coal Mine, informs the Democrat that prospects are most encouraging. The main tunnel has been run into the hill 160 feet, ind an incline has been sunk from the end of this tunnel to a depth of 60 feet. At this depth they have a vein of eoal.bea ring matter eight feet thick, through which seams of excellent coal run. This is considered very encouraging. s Thk Ada McCrvK. The new scow Ada McCune, arrived in Petaluma last Friday and left for San Francisco on Monday with a cargo of hay. This vessel is one of the finest of her class that sails on the bay. She was built at San Francisco by Truman Beldin, cost about 4,000, is 60 feet long by 20 wide, can carry 80 tons of freight, is owned by McCune & Silva, and commanded by Frank Silva. Tbh Firkmk.n. Tlie firemen of Petaluma are determined not to let the Fourth pass unobserved. They will have a reunion at Turn Vereiu Hall, in the afternoon, at which a eolation will be served at two o'clock. A ball will be given in the even ing. All active a&d exempt firemen are nvited to participate. The Democratic; slate writers are still wrestling with the complications that arise f opm the twoterm principle. Fight it out on your own line and in your own way, gentlemen; it is none of eur funeral. The San Rafael Journal of yesterday says: " Mr. Furlong, late of Olema school, has been engaged to teach in Clark district, and a young lady from the Normal school will take the Garcia school." " Hurry Scubbt' Everybody rushes to Schwartz & Son for choice fruits, vegetables, groceries, crockery, lamps, etc. They can also cool you off with their tons of ice, that they retail at reasonable rates. All jtinds of jobbing done with dispatch at the carriage shop of D. W. C. Putnam A Co. ANUTH.KB. LETTEETFTtOir BLOOMFTELD. Kus. Abci s : it seeing to be the custom of people just at the present time to be writing a lot of nonsense, pud asking a lot of tomfool miestionsand we don't see why we shouWnT take part & w'c$ aV others. Mr.;f A-fVBf f is. twHfj mfjjai-tfvein regard o what The Boardof Super visors are doing with certain amounts of money. Now, we would like to know, Mr. Editor, what business it is of his what they do with the; money t And if it is his business, does he suppose that the Supervisors can keep track of all the money paid into the road fuid T To do that would require the Supervisors to know something about book-keeping. We do not bebeve in growling about every little amount of money that has been misapliedt for it may fall to oar lot, one of these days, to become Supervisor, and we would hate to have a lot of " bnx-zards' and " bushwhackers " picking at us constantly. If Mr. "A. O. B." would leave the Supervisors alone for a while, and go to driving horses, it would be a great credit to himself, and a bleasing to the Supervisors. We noticed quite a number of strangers in town yesterday, interviewing our leading Democrats, and by the way they drank whiskey and beer, we took them to be aspirants for office. Mr. Hanrathy, our Deputy Road Master, has been at work all day repairing the bridge on Main street. We thought it would be fixed before time to nominate officers. Our teachers Mr. and Mrs. Haskins intend to spend their vacation at the (reysers. We hope they will have a pleasant time and come back greatly refreshed, ready for their four months f hard labor. Blacksmith. Bf.ooMKi ki.d, June 21, 1877. $1,645 REWARD Tlie Governor has offered a reward of $300 for the arrest and conviction of the murderer of Peter Rush, of Novate, and $200 for each subsequent arrest and conviction. The widow of the murdered man has alto offered $1,000 for the conviction of the murderer or murderers, and the citi-' zens of Nova to offer $345 additional reward, making the sum total of the rewards $ 1,645 There have been four murders committed in this locality during the past twenty years, and there is now a determination to bring the guilty parties to justice, if jxtssible. Here in an opportunity for some sharp detective to work up a bonanza. Look Ol'T for Til km. A drove of sheep from the lower country that passed up Third street a few days ago, uipjied the foliage from a large number of thrifty young shade trees that were planted along the sidewalks last Spring, and ruined many of them, though they were all carefully boxed in. It was due entirely to the carelessness of the men dsiving the sheep, and we are informed that in one case the owner of the trees made the sheep men ay a dollar apiece for all that were destroyed. We advise our citizens to be on the lookout when herds of sheep are passing through the streets in front of their premises. It i6 next to impossible to so protect young trees by the ordinary means, that the half-famished animals from the lower country will not ruin them if they have a chance. Napa Issan'K Asylum. Of this institution the Vallejo (.'Itronicle says : "Of the twenty-six wards in the Napa Insane Asylum only sixteen are occupied. The remaining ten, at present unfurnished, can be used whenever more room is demanded. There were, a few days ago, 365 patients at the institution. Many of the cases of insanity are of a mild type, and require very little attention or medical treatment. The percentage of insanity among men seems to be greater than among women. Of the whole number of patients at Napa, only one hundred belong to the female sex. It is said that the women are governed with less trouble and restraint than the men." IIomk Ar.AiM.Tho. Jacobs, an old-time resident of Petaluma, but for three vears past of Los Angeles County, gave us a call on Saturday. " Tom " has chased every "will-o'-the-wisp" that has turned np on this wast during the past twenty odd years, prospecting the elarn fiats of Victoria, the rapids of Fraser river, the saee brush of Nevada, the deserts of Arizona, etc, and lastly, the orange groves of the South, and comes back to old Sonoma, fully satisfied that this is the best and niot fni'orel lo cality m the state ol CUiloi nia, or on tne Pacific Coast, and we believe his head is level this time. Estimated Vallk.- In an estimate of the value of the vessels owned bv prominent corporations and individuals i n San Francisco, the Cla-onicle gives the following: Peter Donahue Steamer Antelope, $25,000; sloop Cynthia, gSOO; steamer Ilattie Pickett, $15,000; 6teamer James M. Donahue, $50,-000; Milton S. Latham, 815,000; Petaluma, $15,000. Total, $125,800. North Pacific Coast Railroad Company Brig Transit, $5,000; brig Transfer, No. 1, $5,000; brig Transfer, No. 2, $5,000; steamer San Rafael, $50,000. Total, $65,000. Bkwarb op Fibk. We urge upon our citizens the importance of exercising the ut most care with regard to fire. Everything of a combustible nature is so dry that a spark may set it in flames, and the water supply is so limited that the street hy drants cannot be depended on in case of a conflagration. Petaluma has been extreme-fortunate in regard to fires during the past two years, and if care is exercised by all our citizens, we may have a still further exemption from serious losses. Thk Railboad Work on the railroad is progressing. The drawbridge at Novato creek has been completed, and the construction train is now running over it. About five miles of rails have been laid, and 400 men are at work grading. There is no in timation yet as to where the road is to cross Petaluma creek. "edttcatioWax ITEMS. A male teacer, w&ose qualifications are up to a high standard, is desirous of obtain-1 ing a situation. Apply at this office. Let it not lie fotgotten that Saturday, , June 30, one week afrom to-morrow, is the dav fixed hv law for th election of School Trustees throughout,the State. We have been asked whether the colored school will be re-opened next term. This is a conundrum w8 cannot answer. We can hardly believe that this abomination will continue. We learn from tte Democrat that the following teaehers fpr the public schools of Santa Rosa; have befin elected for the ensuing term: Melville 5oiier, Principal ; Mr. Ennis, Assistant ; Messrs. Acton, Burnett and Crane, Mrs. Haftly, Mrs. Goodwin, Miss A. Peterson, Mies 8. Kraus, Miss Atterbury, Miss Lawson and "Miss England for the East School, and Mr Kirkpatrick and Mrs. Middle ton for the West Scheol. In the fiscal year ending June 30, 1875, the last yeajr of whirh official statistics have been published, the iotal property State tax collected for school purposes was $1,132,350. Of th;s amount Sonoma County paid $35,931 and received from the State treasury $49,-539 ; Marin County paid $15,415, and re-wived J12T,417 : Mpndoeiuo paid $11,727, and received $20,09S. This is independe of county taxes for -lehool purjoses. The Spring term' of Marin school, Miss Nellie Morehouse teacher, will close with an entertainment, son Friday evening, June 29th. The exercises will consist of recitations, declamations, songs, dialogues, instrumental duets, etc. Of the recitations mav be mentioned, " The Charcoal Man," 'Auction Extraordinary:'' of the pongs "The Farmer's Opra :" of the dialogue?. " Choice of Trades ' and "The Rainbow.," All are invited. Exercises commence at eight o'clock. j The present term :bf the Cinnabar school, in which J. A. Lloyd is teacher, will close on Friday, June 2'Jth. The school will give an esitertainment on the evening of the 2Sth,' consisting of various exercises. Among others the following may be noticed: "The BurieSd Flower," "Beautiful Snow," " The Beggar," " Heathen Chinee' "What he Says About it" and " Hezekiah Stebbins' Fourth of July Oration." There will also, be played two temperance sketches : " The Man with the Demijohn " and "A Little Mijre Cider." There will also be music, both Vocal and instrumental. Performances begin at eight o'clock. Friends cordially invited. SCHOOL APPORTIONMENT. y The following apportionment of school funds for the various districts of Sonoma County was madp by Superintendent McMeans, Juu Vii'w District. Apt. District. Apt. Alexander---$ 28a2jMarin $ 37 63 Alphie 28 32 Mayacoma.. 22 93 American V.. 25 ft2 Mendocino 41 16 Bloomfield-. . 65 57 Mill Creek.. . 35 28 Bodega 31 36 Miriam 84 28 Burns 26 6 Monroe 32 14 Burnside 41 ftsiMountain ... 16 66 Bliss 41 $6 Canfield 24 "0 Cinnabar 43 0 Cloverdale,.- 123 48 Coleman V... 36 ft6 Copeland 31 ,16 City of S. R. 518 42 Dry Creek- . 32 2 Duubar 45 B6 Mt. Vernon.- 22 93 Oak Grove 43 90 Occidental... 38 22 Oriental 35 28 Ocean 21 17 Pacific 20 28 Pay ran 29 98 Petaluma 443 94 Piner . 38 22 Dunham 38 42 Pleas'nt Hill - 25 82 Dirigo 28 32Potter.T 60 27 Eagle - 18 62 Redwood Enterprise 33l;Rinoon Eureka.. 24 99Russ. River. Fisk's Mill.. 37 13 1 San Antonio. Freestone 50 32 jS. R. Town'p. Geyservitle .. 44 9Ridenhour Grape 36 4;Scotta . 27 49 26 66 43 21 25 58 22 05 35 2 Green Val 38 $2:Sonoma 128 87 Gilford ...... 34 iOjSotoyome 45 99 Gualala . 24 70 Starr 3165 Hall 35 28 Spring Hill 32 92 Hamilton... 50 22 Steuben 36 85 Harvev 47 14!Stewart's Pt. 42 53 Healdsburg.. 247 45 jstony Point.- 22 93 Hearn 26 66 , Strawberry .. 38 22 Hilt:.. 43 6 j Tar water 36 75 Huichica 17 4Todd 23 81 Independ'ce 24 WjTable Mt 3165 Iowa...: 38 !! Timber Cove. 37 63 Junction 30-82;Walker Knight's V... 27 -49 i Wallace Laguna 53 5ft' Washington LaFavette.. 29 98J Watmangh . Lake 38Waugh 46 46 31 65 36 75 19 40 39 69 Lakeville 30 32 Wilson 49 05 Lewis 41 16 ; Watson 3136 Liberty-. ... 32 14 j Wright Lone Redw'd. - 35 28 Windsor Laurel Grove. 25j&8: Manzanito 36 -061 Total Mark West . . 44 59! - 24 99 50 96 $4628 40 Remainiug over ..$89 88 ; THE LIBERTY FARM. We ha$ occasion? a few days ago, to visit the Liberty Farm, situated near Liberty School -house, about four miles from this city, and owned by Henry Wilsey. The ap- pearance of the place clearly attests two j Theodore Miller, the colored boy well-facts, viz': That the owner is a successful , known as " Eph," died in the County Ilos and practical farmland that the soil is cer- j pital, at Santa Rosa, last Sunday, of which tainiy ol such a nature as to assist him in building up one of the finest homes in the State. The place contains 126 acres, and in this land of big estates, would be consid-ere 1 small ; but when we take into consideration tat everj' part of the property is under the highest cultivation, turning out every year crops that bring in a rich revenue to the proprietor, the conclusion is arrived at that there is acreage enough to keep one busy, Mr. Wilsey has highly embellished hi place bj planting out numerous ornamental and sWie trees, and around one-half of his property he has rows of blue gutus that are far advanced. His buildings are good a fine residence, two good barns, a grailary, a blacksmith shop, a carriage and wiagon house, henery, etc The place is suppMed with water from two good weds and a spring, and there is enough ycod to lalt a family for its own use for several years. ! A few acres of orchard, with a ehoice variety of fruits, vines and berries, adjoins th house. Mr. Wilsey has been on the place since 1862, and he may well feel proud of the home he owns. f LOCAL BREVITIES . The rush at Carothefs' still cnn'ir, ,. 75 cent tea at Carothers' for .'0 ceu:. Not a single homicide in Sonoma c. this week, and only one this month. Episcopal Church Services next. u:iri at 11 a. u. and 8 r. M. Regular meeting of the Boarl , Trustees next Monday night. For sale- cheap, at U. Warnekros', second-hand Spencer carbine. Look out for your water faucets. er: places in town have been flooded since tj, water-dearth commenced. A ball will be given by M. P. Marsh, a; the Valley Ford House, on the eveuiug of the Fourth. Young ladies, read the notice of Jud Shafter's offer of prises to the best brea.i and cake makers in this district. Young man, whatever you do, do not become an office-seeker. It will be vour ruination m the end. The identity af the man found dro-n.,i in Petaluma creek last week ie still a inV8. tery. There are fewer dry goods boxes on the sidewalks of Main street now than 1m week, but still too many. An immense lyimber of hogs have been shipped from this city to San Francisco ;h .-week. Mrs. Samuel Caasiday, of Salinas Cm . ', at present visiting her brother, Mr. K. ii. .,. man, of this city. There will be a special meeting of th Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division X ... 1. on Sunday afternoon, at 1 p. m. A couple of individuals who indulge i pugilistic amusemeut, at the Cosmojj. Hotel, Sunday night, were fined 12 $20 respectively. Barney Morris stole a spirit level lYnn, J. J. Davis, and was arrested for the otfer.j by Marshal Blume. Judge Cavanagh gave him 50 days in the County Jail. We call attention to the law ear l ; : Frank L. Coombs, son of Nathan Coo;a;,. of Nana, who has located at San Rafael, :u the practice of law. The County Court and Board of Supervisors will meet one week from next Monday. The latter will act as a ISoani of Equalization, and transact other business. Our eleventh annual District Fair will commence in three months. Let us all b- resolved to make it the best exhibition v.--. held. Frank Bray, of this city, has been u -pointed Superintendent of the Mission Market, San Francisco, a position he is well qualified to fill. The manufacture of stone jving blocks in the vicinity of the valley House, in al-lejo Township, is progressing, about fortv men being employed at present. The Growlers are making extensive preparations for celebrating the Fourth, and the indications are that their demonstration will be stupendous. We learn that the residence of G. T. Paul: in Sonoma, was entered by burglars last Friday night, and robbed of jewelry and other valuables the value of about $350. Dr. F. F. Upham, of Dixon, Solano Couu-ty, is on a visit to his relatives in this section of the county. The Doctor looks as young almost as when " we were boys together." As will be sean by reference to advertisement, Joe. Baruh has purchased the city carriage business of Marsh Love. Joe is i wid-Awa,ke and h rvo rn mod a.t i n r n) u.- ! Pallet for him a big run of business. ! len. S. Woods, of Santa Rosa, has been in town for several days this week, on business connected with the Sheriff's nrfice. Ben is making a sharp fight for the Democratic nomination for Recorder. Friday, June 29th, is the time w&i the Hewston Guard team of this city will contest with the Oakland Guard team for the best marksmanship. An inspector will be sent here from Oakland. The stench from that pest-hole on Third street, between B andC,canuot be described in words. We trust the Board of Trustee at their next meeting will take action toward abolishing it. Dr. F. A. Pauli, of Sonoma, was in towi. on Tuesday. He is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for County Treasurer, and has gooi prospects of success, - far as nomination is concerned. . . A house on Second street was entered las; : Monday night, and carjiets and other fur niture thrown into a well on the premises. with a barrel of plaster or lime on top of them. There are no new developments in regard to the murder of Peter Rush, at Novato. We are informed that the Sheriff of Marin County has been and is at work on the case. No arrests have been made I institution he had been an inmate a few days. The parties who it is almost certain robbed the stages last week, near Calistoga, are William Russell and James Dollar. They have been arrested, and are in the Napa County Jail. It has happened seve&l times lately that a portion of the mail sent from Santa Rosa to this city has gone to San Francisco before reaching the Petaluma postoffice, and some of our citizens have been considerably inconvenienced thereby. Jos. Purrington, proprietor of the Fashion Livery Stable, has just purchased a new rockaway carriage, that for comfort and elegance bangs anything of the kind in town. It is especially intended for the accommodation of ladies. Professor Rutan has a class of twenty in vocal and instrumental music. They meet every evening at the M. E. Church, South. The Professor is an accomplished teacher, and deserves the patronage of the public He has been totally blind since he was two weeks old.

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