Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York on October 18, 1927 · 3
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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York · 3

Elmira, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1927
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- ELMnU'STARGAZETTETUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1027. PAGE THREE. Forward Step Of Teachers' is Keyno te Meeting Here Elorate Program of South-ern District, State Teach- ers Association, Given - Are Seeking New Members. "The Next Forward Step" will be the keynote of the 82nd annual meeting: of New York state Teachers' Association, Southern District at Elmira Friday and Saturday. Nov. lg and 13. In Its present form this association was organized in 1845 that teachers, just as lawyers, doctors,' manufacturers, merchants, and laborers, might cooperate for their common ends. In the past many benefits have accrued to the teachers of New York State because of their united effirts through the medium of this organization, not only along the lines of salary advancement and security but also in inspiration to greater service. During 1926-27 the membership reached the figure of 37,000 and the goal set for this year is 40,000 or "Every teacher a member." The plan for the program of the Southern District this year will provide two general sessions Friday, Nov. 18 at 9 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.. group meetings Friday afternoon at 2 p. - m. and section meetings Saturday at 9 a. m. An unusually fine program has been planned for the general sessions to carry out the keynote' idea, FIRST GENERAL SESSION Dr. Frank David Boynton, president, presiding, Friday morning, Nov. 18, New York State Armory. Music by the combined orchestras of the Southside High School and Elmira Free Academy, Gwynn S. Bement, director. 9:30 Greetings, Horace H. Lamberton, president New York State Teachers' Association, Ma-lone. 9:45 Address, "The Next Step Forward in Health Education" Dr. Livingston Farrand, president Cornell University, Ithaca. 10 Address, "World Minded-ness: What is It?" Miss Erna Grassmuck, State Specialist in Social Science, Harrisburg, Pa. 10:45 Address, "Building Tomorrow." Dr. Albert W. Beaven, Rochester. 11:30 Address, to be announced John J. Tigert, , United States Commissioner of Education, Washington, D. C. 12:1 5 Adjournment. SECOND GENERAL SESSION New York State Armory, Fri- ft Wl0RechrNut AFTER the morning J Jt. shower there is .fur- ther refreshment in Beech- J Nut Coffee full-bodied, . full-flavored, tChiIean Visitor l ' " - i i'i - i I ;f " f? I y t "' h ?4 , , A 7 ' i . i ' Z t 'z ' J, m A 6 y i Is 1 S New Yorker Visits Paris By GILBERT SWAN Paris, Oct. 18 Art flourishes In Paris ven as bright lights flourish on' Broadway and automobile factories flourish in Detroit. After a day of the Louvre, the Luxembourg and the byways of Montparnasse, you will agree with me that art in Paris is as great a commonplace as Fords in- Main Street. Paris may not have bath tubs; Paris may not have heat and "jambon and oeufs" may be a bit hard to get but it has enough art to feed the souls of all the creatively starved good folk of the orld. . And Paris, or rather, Parisians, love to remind you that they care nothing for the creature 'comforts of America. You are so commercial so machine made. Ah, you have not art! Mme. Sofia del Camno. rnnrort singer, is one of the first society i "uuicn wx viuie io pursue a pro-i lession. bhe will make an Amer ican tour this season. day afternoon. Dr. Frank David Boynton, president, presiding. 7:30 Music, procram by the Southern District Orchestra. This orchestra is made up of the selected musicians .from orchestras throughout . the Southern District, Gwynn S. Bement, Elmira, director. 8:30 Address, "The Element of the Individual" Payson Smith. State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Boston, Mass. 9:15 Address, "The Forest" Francis G. Blair, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Springfield. 111. 10 Adjournment. Norrie Left Estate Valued at $1,000,000 Poughkeopsie. Oct. 18 (AP) Adam Gordon Norrie of New York and Staatsburg, who died Aug. 25, a short time after his wife, who was a prominent suffrage worker, left an estate of more than $1,-000,000. His will, filed in the Dutchess County Surrogate's Court, established and endowment of $50,000 for the maintenance of the Louis Gordon Norrie Memorial Playground in Staatsburg, given as a memorial to young Norrie, who was killed in an automobile accident while a student at Princeton. Classified Ads Bring Results After a day in the art centers, you stagger dizzily down the street, your arms laden with catalogs, hundreds of pages in thickness, showing you not only the art of these places, but the "superior" modernism of Vienna, Berlin, Munich and way points. Whereupon you may reach ' a conclusion such as struck me. that there is quite too much art in the world; that overdoses of art can leave one as weary as overdoses of crowds and noises in New York and overdoses of Babbitt conversation, Broadway playing, movies and whatnot. One is informed that the Louvre is "something to do" on a rainy day and since rain seems perpetual in Paris.... at least this season I was surprised at the smallness of the crowd. And, after one outward glance at the Louvre, as it spreads over several dozen blocks of great open spaces you may hesitate about entering at all, lest you find yourself half way round at the end of a solid week of traveling. You must plunge boldly in, making up your mind what you are going to look for, and strike out. By visiting every tenth room It is possible to make about a third of the trip through the Louvre in the course of a hectic afternoon. And if you've rushed through the Luxembourg in the morning, there's still time to make the byways of Montparnasse in the evening. Now Montparnasse hangs its paintings where it finds them, as a Battery vagrant finds shelter. You may see art hanging from the doorways; you may see it decorating the exterior of a sidewalk cafe or the interior of a bar. You may find it in your pension or you may LETTER GOLF A SHORT WAY With CASH to BANK the way Is short. Par for the change Is three strokes. Look on last page for a solution. - CIAISIH BlA "NIK THE RULES 1 The idea of letter golf is to change one word to another and do it in par.a given number of strokes. Thus to change COW TO 'HEN. in three strokes, COW, HOW, HEW, HEN. 2 You can change only one letter at a time. 3 You must have a complete word, of common usage, for each jump. Slang words and abbreviations don't count. . 4 The order of letters cannot be changed. j The solution is printed on last page. ' find it in the cafe where you take dinner. You will find it carefully priced and the veriest waiter can tell you what it's all about and who executed it. And, after being told night and day that Americans have no art, you will be amazed to find that a goodly percentage of the things you see nave oeen aone Dy Amen cans. You will be further flabbergasted to find that most of the young artists in front of the cafes are young Americans and when you wander through the colonies at Honfleur and Caens, outside of Nice, or trot over to Concarneau in Brittany, you'll see "my country 'tis of thee" written all over the members of the art colonies. "Ah," the Frenchman will tell you, "But this is the influence of Paris of France. You do not have it yourselves. You must come here " And my advice is, never try to argue with a Frenchman, particu larly when your French is limited to counting up to 10. Wtienjbulaiy of Watching ihe'Chuds ! TIME after time, some one grows unescapable beauty grows. And if you, weary of watching the "Clouds" too, are weary of watching the Flying sail by him in traffic, on the broad high- Clouds sail by, come in and try one ways, on the stifTest grades so he buys a Reo Flying Cloud for himself. Daily the demand for this pleasure car of unforgettable brilliance of performance, of out. Learn from it that motor-ing can be a pleasure, as its FLYING CLOUD "skipper" gets the enjoyment of "sailing" by in a Flying Cloud. REO 1927 iEDAJTCTQRIA BROUGHAM SPORT COUPE ROADSTER REO MOTOR CAR COMPANY Lansing Michigan AIM MOTOR CO., Inc. 0$H Distributors ' 359 State Street, Elmira, N. Y. Wolf Motor Co., Waverly Towner's Garage, To wanda, Pa. C. Martin, Owego, N. Y. 0. H. Evans Auto Co., Wellsboro, Pa. J. F. Armstrong, Emporium, Pa. Albee Motor Co., Inc., Corning, N. Y. ER AMERICAN CAR-. .LAST S-AS LONG AS REO N O T O N E Blind Association Members Announced latest members of the Southern Tier Association for the Blind are announced as follows by the Southern Tier Association for the Blind: , Mr. and Mrs. D. Chester Beards-ley, Thomas G. Bowlby. J. Herbert Brand, Dr. Floyd P. Breese, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Buckpitt, H. It. Carey, Bert J. Gosper. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Howell, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Kennedy, F. P. Mahan, Harry Li. McPherson, Mrs. F. W. Med-daugh, Ira Smith, Mrs. F. D. Ameigh, Thomas W. Bonner. Traffic Club Will Meet on Thursday A. W. Stebbings, traffic mana ger of the Thatcher Manufacturing Co., will be in charge of the monthly dinner at the , Elmira Traffic Club at the Lake Street Presbyterian Church-house, Thurs day, Oct. 20, at 6:15 p. m. Mr. Stebbings has prepared a program dealing with the general subject of transportation, which is expected to be of general interest. Other entertaining features will be provided. 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