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Shamokin, Pennsylvania
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SHAMOKIN DAILY NEWS, SHAMOKIN, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1931 PAGE SEVEN Ohio Sections Two Large Ford LADIES: Free Onyxware Tonight VICTORIA MAJESTIC DIFFERENT! MORE INTRIGUING! A Greater Richard TO RARnrnnrcn Today Tomorrow Ravishing Romantic Star nAnca CfffiROLL See iNcxjMfARAfiiia II 31 Personal 7Haid70 0 And Thru WED. BRUCE WARREN MtDRbD GOLDEN CA in AMD SOW Mailt. OAVI EXCITING! GLAMOROUS! ALLURING! 8h tradad har charma foe Jawala, aovvna and a millionaire! Tha a'artlino dramatio lova atory of a crl of tha luma and har romantio ad-vanturaa In high aociaty! Willi tile Hfroc of "Front rage" Pat O'Brien, Gene Raymond "This picture begins where the "Dawn Patrol" left off! It lays bare the hearts of heroes on the road back to life and love! Georga Fawcatt, Mary Also Pert Kellnn Comedy, "The Albany Branch" Terrytoon 'Vic' News i BOBBY JONES In "How I Flay Golf" Terrytoon i fJ "FRIED I CHICKEN" I Buildings Are Swept by Fire Entire riant at Chester Threatened With Destruction Firemen Hampered by Smoke. Chester, Sept. 21 (UP) Fire swept thru two of the large buildings of the Ford Motor Company assem bly plant here today, threatening the entiVe plant with destruction.

Every fire company in Chester and many from adjoining towns and boroughs joined in fighting the flames which were still beyond control at 9:00 a. m. Altho dense smoke was issuing from the buildings at 10:00 a. firemen said the flames had been checked and placed under control. Starting at 5:00 m.

in the paint shop, the blaze raged for nearly an hour while employes and plant firemen attempted to halt it. When firemen arrived the flames had spread thruout the paint shop and to other sections of the plant. A general alarm for city firemen was sounded and when the export shop, where the final touches are given automobiles before they are sent out for shipment, was engulfed in the flames, Fire Chief Berry asked aid from fire companies of adjoining boroughs. Fire companies were sent from Linwood, Marcus Hook, Parkside, Eddystone and Chester township. Unable to save the two buildings, firemen applied themselves in drenching the sides and roofs of other buildings in an effort to check the spread of the flames.

Heavy smoke and intense heat affected firemen forcing some to seek first aid. Two employes of the plant were burned on the hands and face in attempting to check the blaze when it started in the paint shop. They were treated in the Chester Hospital. Sight Wreckage Of Airplane in Atlantic Ocean Sleamer Report Seeing Wreckage Near Position Where Missing Flyers Were Last Sighted. Aboard S.

S. President Roosevelt, at Sea. Sept. 21 (UP) The steamer "Belmoria" reported today sighting the wreck of an airplane in latitude 45.26 north, longitude 54.31 west. The position given by the "Belmoria" is roughly 200 miles southwest of Cape Race, Nfd.

The missing trans-Atlantic monoplane in which Wilhelm Rody, Christian Johanssen and Fernando Costa Veiga set out from Portugal a week ago Sunday to fly to New York, was last seen in that vicinity. It was sighted on Monday by the liner about 80 miles from Cape Race. At that time the plane was all right and circled over the liner. A small classified advertisement in the Shamokin Daily News will produce quick results at small cost. -M" a-n i it" World News Events Comedy Hits New Cartoons VICTORIA Camera Magirian Directs Lens on "Personal Maid" Cameras filming scenes for the new-Nancy Carroll starring picture, "Personal Maid," now at the Victoria, made from the best-seller novel by Grace Perkins, were under the skillful supervision of Karl Freund, one of the world's greatest artists in motion picture photography.

Freund is regarded by the men in his craft as the premier cameramin of Europe with attainments in photography rarely equalled in the United States. Freund is best known to motion picture enthusiasts for his woix in "Metropolis," "The Last Laugh," and "Variety." His most recent work was for "Dracula." "Personal Maid" marks his premier Job for Paramount. The camera wizard started motion picture work twenty-six years ago as a projectionist. His development has been coincident with the development of motion picture photography. In nearly every notable picture he has made, Freund has achieved some technical feat never before accomplished.

He possesses an uncanny ability to overcome great obstacles, his co-workers testify. In "Metropolis" and Freund developed a number of new effects which have since been imitated many times. In "Variety," his double and triple exposure effects required three or four weeks of work for perfection. His work for "Personal Maid" attracted attention from scores of motion picture cameramen in the east, all looking for the unusual and the new in his work. An all-aluminum sleeping car is be ing built for use on one of the coun try's mail railroad lines.

Scratch pads for sale at the News. 1 I C0.AD1A me Lindbergh lo Help Chinese Flood Relief Noted Airman Today Is Making Survey of Conditions North of Yangtze and East of Canal. Nanking, China, Sept. 21 (UP) Col. Charles A.

Lindbergh left here at 11 :50 a. today to make an aerial survey of flood conditions north of the Yangtze river and east of the Grand Canal. Dr. Arthur Young, advisor of T. V.

Soong, finance minister on flood relief, accepted Lindbergh's offer to help those in distress. Dr. Young and the aviator spent the morning discussing how Lindbergh's services could be best utilized. The plane was expected to return late today, most of the northern part of Kiangsu Province will be covered and photographs taken. Japs Control R.

R. Lines in Mudkeu Region Chinese Swarm Over Press Train Thinking Other Nations Had Intervened. BY MARTIN SOMMERS (United Press Staff Correspondent) Kowpangtze, Manchuria, Sept. 21 (UP) Japanese troops were in control of all railways and telegraph lines within a hundred miles of Mukden today and Chinese residents are evacuating toward Peiping in panic. A special train carrying newspaper correspondents into the occupied area stopped here today while efforts were made to secure Japanese permission to proceed to Mukden.

Chinese civilians swarmed over the train as soon as it arrived, believing international opposition to the Japanese occupation had arrived. They were expelled with difficulty. On every hand fear of the Japanese was expressed. Troop trains carrying refugees constantly passed our special train; carrying soldiers and their families southward to Peiping. Yesterday we witnessed scenes of wildest confusion all along the route.

Manchurian soldiers, accompanied by their wives and children, filled the southbound trains to capacity and around them their baggage was plied in confusion. Chinese officers estimated 9,000 troops had left Mukden. Are Visited by Moderate Quake $10,000 Damage Caused When Tremor Hits Ohio Town strata supping Is Blamed. Columbus, Sept. 21 (UP) An earthquake of moderate Intensity was reported from Central and Western Ohio cities Sunday evening.

Several distinct shocks were accompanied by a low rumbling. Damage amounting to approximately $10,000 was reported from the village of Anna, Shelby county, where two churches, the high school and several houses were shaken. An outside wall of the Methodist Episcopal Church was cracked and stones were jarred loose from the Lutheran Church. Geologists said the tremors were due to slipping strata under the earth's surface. Such disturbances have been recorded in Ohio for 100 years without serious damage.

NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE Allied Chem 89 Amer. Can 24 Amer. Car Fdy Amer. For. Power 1514 Amer.

Loco. g-j Amer. Metal 51 Amer. Smelting 20 Amer. Steel Fdy Amer.

Sugar 431 Amer. Tel. Tel 138 Amer. Tob 86 Amer, Tob. 91 Amer.

Water Wks 34 Amer. Woolen Anaconda Cop 1714 Armour A ii Armour Atchi. T. S. 106 Atlantic Coast Line 71 Atlantic Refining Baldwin Loco 8's Balti.

Ohio 311 Beth. Steel 331'j, Calumet Hec 4 Cerro de Pasco 10 Ches. Ohio 25' Chi. Mil. St.

3' Chrysler Corp 14. Coca Cola 129 Col. Gas 20 Congol. Nairn vi Cont. Motors iig Cont.

Oil Del 6 Corn Products 47 D. L. 30 Drug Inc 63 'i Du Pont de 7o Elec. P. 24 Erie R.

io-n Fox Film A 9.7 Gardner Motors General Motors 28 Glidden Co 7 Goodrich B. 7v Goodyear T. 32 Granby Mining si Great North. Pfd 25 Hershey Choc so Howe Sound 13 Hudson Motors 10 Hupp Motors 4'i Intl. Nickel 8' Intl.

Tel. Tel 16 Kelly Springfield 1 Kelvinator Corp 6 Kennecott Cop lo'i Kinney G. 12 Lehigh R. 22'i Liggett Myers 54' 2 Lorillard 10 Mack Truck 19 Miami Cop 41 Missouri Pacific 11 Mother Lode Murray Corp 7t Nash Motors 16 Natl. P.

15 N. Y. 57H N. N. H.

fc 37 North Amer 48 North. Pacific 24 Otis Steel 5 Packard Motors 51 Pan Amer. 28 Pathe Exchange ji, Patino Mines Penna. R. 30 P.

R. C. 1 41; Phillips Pet 5ij Pullman Inc 22'i Pure Oil Radio Corp 12 Reading Co 50 Real Silk 5 Remington Rand 41; Reo Motors 4 Rey. Tob. 39 Royal Dutch 14 St.

L. S. 8 Schulte R. Stores 41, Sears Roebuck 431 Simmons Co 10 Sinclair Oil 6'i South. Pacific 551, South.

Railway 17 Stan. Gas St Elec 431., Stan. Oil CaJ 31 4 Stan. Oil N. 31 Stewart Warner 4s; Timken Roll.

26 Tob. Products it union Facmc 112U United Cigars 2S United Corp 13s, U. G. 1 218 U. S.

Ind. Alcohol 25 U. S. Leather 31; U. S.

Rubber U. 8. Steel 747 Vanadium Corp 19 Wabash R. Warner Bros g. West.

Union 9514 West. Air Brake 17 White Motors us; Willys Overland 2'i Woolworth F. Yellow Truck 514 New York Curb Amer. For. Power 71 Elec.

Bond Share jgs; Pennroad Corp 414 Treasury Balance Washington, Sept. 21 (UP) The treasury net balance for September 18 was $634,729,272.11. Expenditures for that day were $59,189,107.02. Cus toms receipts lor the month through i September 18 were $21,096,199.55. An electric rivet heater, invented by I a Chicago man, is claimed to operate more uniformly than coal heaterg and I to eliminate their fire danger.

Scratch pads for salt at the Dailv ews offlc. (V) He returns to grip your heart again in FLIGHT with David Manners John Mack Brown Helen Chandler Elliott Nugent Walter Byron LATEST NEWS EVENTS MAJESTIC "The Last Flight" Opened Here Today With Richard Barthelmess and Great Cast. "The Last Flight," known to many as "Nikki and Her War which ran serially in Liberty Magazine, opened here today with Richard Barthelmess in the starring role. Barthelmess plays Carl Lockwood, chief of pretty Nikki's war birds. He is an ex-flier who crashes into the picture from a flaming plane, and proceeds to paint Paris red in an effort to provide thrills equal to those of the days before the Armistice.

Right here it should be said that "The Last Flight" is not a flying picture, but a romance hilarious, though touched with a bit of tragedy of the men who try to adjust themselves to the hum-drum of peace after war. Carl Lockwood meets up with other birds of the same feather, Broncho Bill Talbot, once of Montana, who is a giant ex-gunner; Shep Lambert, also of the flying brotherhood, and Washout, once the best shot of the squadron, but now a nervous wreck and the buddies hit the high spots. Drama enters with, a capital when Nikki, the girl who says she can walk faster in red shoes appears allows herself to be "adopted" and sets with the group on their madcap wanderings. Then there is the outsider, a meddlesome newspaper correspondent from America, who tries to steal Nikki and but that is telling the story. It is enough to say that "The Last Flight" is a romance of unique and semi-tragic beauty.

It is a story you won't be able to forget. Helen Chandler plays the role of Nikki with tantalizing zest. Big Bill Talbot is portrayed by John Mack Brown; Shep Lambert by David Manners, and the Washout by Elliot Nugent. Coast Guardsman Fatally Hurt in Highway Accident Motorcycle Hits Truck on Susque-1 hanna Trail While He was on Leave of Absence, i York, Sept. 21 (UP) Arthur W.

Hedger, member of the United States coast guard, stationed at Cur-1 tis Bay, was fatally injured when, according to highway patrol-j men, the motorcycle he was riding was struck by a truck on the Susquehanna Trail, near Logansville. Hedger was taken to the York Hos. pital by a passing motorist. He died from a fractured skull and internal injuries. He had been home on a leave of I absence and was returning to his sta- tion when the accident occurred.

Daily Admissions To State Hospital Clara Yeziorski, Shamokin, abdominal. Anna Wheeler, Laurelton, tonsils and adenoids. Lillian Anthony, Laurelton, tonsils and adenoids. Ida Ruff, Laurelton, tonsils and adenoids. Margaret DeHart, Laurelton, tonsils and adenoids.

John Witman, Shamokin, right hip. Richard Deffatis, Trevorton, right hand. Matilda Sheety, Shamokin abdominal. John Yeager, Ralpho Township, abdominal. Joseph Kleskie, Shamokin, tonsils and adenoids.

George Balr, Watsontown, abdominal. Trust Company Fails Schenectady, Sept. 21 (UP) The Capital Trust Company failed to open its doors for business today. A sign posted on the door informed depositors that Joseph A. Broderick, state banking department superin-jtendent, had taken over the bank's affairs.

A smaU classified advertisement in the Shamokin Daily News wifl pro-l duce quick results at small cost. -P a an Botand Eight Persons Are Killed in Western Penna. Twenty Others Hurt, Six of Them Seriously, In Accidents Over the Week-end. Pittsburgh, Sept. 21 (UP) At least eight perosns were killed or filed of injuries received accidentally in western Pennsylvania during the week-end, a United Press survey revealed today.

At least 20 others were injured, six seriously. Five of the deaths were automobile fatalities, two were killed by trains and one man died in a coal mine accident. Exchange Open New York, Sept. 21 (UP) Th governing committee of the New York Stock Exchange voted to open for trading as usual today, but announcement of its decision was accompanied by a warning against short selling. 'VTvW 1 1 Jt.J AOMlfllONIIjl pan 2-TudOd UDjuiinp- 0 0 I nr.iK'.i I nrcic I 1 0CHCSTHA WASHER Think! The famous Damp-Dryer the old-fashioned wringer.

Time Washing Time Drying Time Ironing AT HACK'S CAPITOL Clara Kimball Young in Startling Drama at Capitol Theatre Reno, the Reno of old days of Mark Twain and Bret Harte, the days when a pistol was the law, but seldom neededthen the Reno of today the Reno of Jack Dempsey, Estelle Taylor, Cor-nejlus Vanderbilt and other scions of wealth and society marks the place of production and the basis of action for the first starring talking picture of Clara Kimball Young. Miss Young is to be seen and heard in "Mother and at the Capitol theatre for three days, starting today, tiie unusual role of 'Faro" Lil and l'iiich gives the famous emotional star tin "opportunity to prove to her ad-ihirers of the past that she is a greater emotional actress than ever before. Bruce Warren, Mildred Golden and Cordon Wood aid three celebrities of the stage who are to be seen in the supporting cast of what promises to prove a sensation among patrons of the Capitol. Another free distribution of Onyx-ware to adult women patrons will be made at the Capitol box office this evening. ti It A CtJ.ltCll.FXl Are Taken From Home of Banker Jewelry Valued at $45,000 Stolen From Residence Method of Rob-' bery is Mystery.

Whcatley Hills, L. Sept. 21 (UP) Jewels valued at $45,000 were stolen last night from the home of JElisah Walker, prominent New York Ulnker, officials announced today. I Two pearl necklaces and two diamond bracelets were among the jew-eiry taken. A preliminary examination, detectives said, failed to show that entrance to the house had been forced.

Card board for sale at tha News. Makes You Look So Fresh, Young MELLO-OLO, the new face powder, will keep your skin from exposure and preserve its youth. The new French process by which it is made makes it stay on longer, spread moother, and will not clog the pores. Its special tint Is youthful. No flaki-ness or Irritation with MELLO-GLO.

Try this new wonderful face powder. T. R. Clarkson Co. NEW improved See the Pennsylvania News Briefs BY THE UNITED PRESS Scranton Authorities were conducting an investigation today in an effort to locate the author of a note threatening the lives of Burgess Paul Motts, of Dickson City, and his son-in-law, Richard Nemick.

Motts is recognized as political leader in Dickson City. The note read: "You are next on the spotr also your father-in-law." according to police. The recent killing of Policeman William Novak caused police to take every precaution in preventing further violence. Hazleton "Coal bootleggers" were believed today to be responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of burlap bags which farmers brought here to load apples and potatoes. Farmers complained to police of the missing bags.

It is believed that the bags are being used for the purpose of loading and transporting "bootleg" coal. Harrisburg Edwin C. Pancake, 94, of the first train carrying munitions from Harrisburg to Hagers-town, during the Civil War, died at his home here. Pancake also brought back the first tramlqad 01 wounded soldiers. He was a lifelong resident of this city.

Scranton P. C. Peuser, unsuccessful candidate for city council, has nppn sked tn aoDear before the grand jury to testify concerning his charg- es of fraud in certain districts in the recent primary election. Peuser in-1 serted an announcement in a local newspaper in which he said: "While I am convinced the promises of my friends to vote for me were carried out. for some unexplained reason these votes were not registered to my credit." Judge Leach read the article and ordered the district at- torney to have Peuser appear before the grand jury to furnish proof of the election padding charges.

i 5 Grievances To Be Heard by Board Tomorrow Conciliation Body at Pottsville to Hear Evidence in Mine Disputes One From Natalie. Five grievance cases from the Ninth District of the United Mine Workers will be heard at Pottsville tomorrow by the Conciliation Board, it was learned at the district headquarters today. Of the five, only one case is from this immediate section. A safety lamp man at Natalie has been moved from outside to the underground iamp house, and the company has refused to change his rate of pay from $4.62 to $5.45. The workman's claim is that he should receive the higher rate.

Two cases are listed from Locust Gap, one from Brookside and one from Shenandoah. Three Men Burned In Oil Explosion Pittsburgh, Sept. 21 (UP) Three men were burned about the face and arms today when two oil tanks exploded in a small building near the main plant of the A. M. Byers Company pipe mill, here.

Seven other workmen fled to safety as flames spread to the roof of the one-story structure. Firemen extinguished the flames which caused $5,000 loss to the roof and interior. Scratch pads for sale at the News. Dear Madame: You are most cordially invited to attend a free Demonstration and Lecture on the latest Topics in the Beauty Culture field, to be held Monday evening, September 21st, at 8:00 P. M.

sharp, at the Hotel Penn Lee. Hoping you will honor us with your presence, we are. Respectfully, MME. E. SIDONIA and her Co-workers 1 i i 1 I Is Just EASY replaces Saves For $2.35 you can telephone to friends, relatives or customers more than 600 milei axcay.

For example: from Shamokin to Chicago. And after YOUR OLD WASHER ACCEPTED AS DOWN PAYMENT. CALL FOR DEMONSTRATION NOW. SONS '1 8 :80 P.M. you can call them for only 91.SIO! fjnrjni W.

C. The aervice ii fast, clear, dependable the call easy to make. Just give the number to the operator (ask Information if you don't know it) and "hold the line." (Rates based on Fast. Standard Time) HACK HARDWARE TELEPHONE Emuncmcn an nan opuuu.

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