San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on December 17, 1892 · Page 1
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 1

San Francisco, California
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Saturday, December 17, 1892
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M flr St r VOL LTI SAN FRANCISCO CAL SATURDAY DECEMBER 17 1892 - TEN PAGES NO I 5 J CELLS FOR THEM ILL Panama Canal Directors Arrested r Lesseps Son Among the Prisoners A nmber of Depntle to B arrested ttasron Loach of Documents bmed spec T S r spa ehi to theCjraoxirT a s Decern er 1 Every day aggra ere aces cf the s tuation a was lorejee yesterday oc jet no warrant hat been tsud for the arrest ol Ferdinand de Lesseps Tt was deeded o make tbe arrest howeTer at a meeting last nigbt Tbe prosecution of MM Chirles de Lesseps Fontaine and S - ns Lercy w 11 be ent rly d st net from the others At enoraous quantity of documen i was seized So treat was the number that four een vans were required to transport them The evening papers assert that four more important arrests are lmrat nen It is reported that the GoTernment will ask the Chambe 3f Depot es to authorize the prosecution of R number of ts mem bers 0 It members ot tbe Right ana some R dica s disapprore of the Govern ment 9 course The arrested Panama canal director when arraigned before Mag strate Fran - quel e protested their innocence They were committed to Mazes prison Jalea Picard prefident of the Bjei Canil Company h s written a letter sav ing that the shareholders In the Sues canal need ot be alarmed oyer the arrest ot Char es de Lesseps as tbe Sues Canal Company is absolutely certain to progress A Playwrights Married Life A Queer Story in a Dakota Court Herbert Hall Winslows Weak Attempt to Get Rid of Hit Yonnc Wife AFKKST3 Cottu QUETLT MANAGED Tied t Believed to Hare Turkey I Nr - Decembe 16 The Paris corre sponaent of the Dmij Neujsas The szs a res of Charles de Lesseps was ioqu etly lp on chird effected that evan h s w fe was not aware cu red 10 lay The arrests eipected were mac tb morning r ight persons were gatufaclo llv 0 rave open taken nn custody but onlv fju t 1 em hire ueen pa under 1 ct i i ke ji o he preient rvomen The jed 1 1e lseis on accoant ol hi 11 he w re a n a pmonr nler vxt e s 1 lei t hesntne Ine 0 he w zc to t e Loj - d ne e - a j of he rorru s i t eg eda ion eprivat ot of a I po of it until the coichraan returned It is t ca r gn s ard 13 dd lion a term of suppised that Cotta has gone to Tn key 02 0 e tj f to ea s ira r so - ment where be h s estates and great mdusrrial Tbe lame crjaltv - tpphes to thos b bed h c n nans tha eterv deDuy and feea ator conucted ol havi r - c vd money must suffer To - morrow a numt - e of warrants will be stued against some deputies They w without doubt p ead Fa menu y mcrunatT lrom ar es ML lei w 1 rU no 10 the Ccur d Ass aes tecuse the con tractT s no ac used of br bery kut of abuse of confidence It s poss e that he wi go 0 the Tnbunaax de Po ice Cor rsct 01DT8 e Tae committee of invetieat ot con unuei ta work Fvery t me 11 finds that a deputy has taken money it w 11 ie aounce h m to the Judge d Instruct on w 0 w 1 cause h m to be a rested Fr t e s goins to gve to the world a stec acle never before seen The excitement n I ar arrent iry circ es 3 g eat Yoano onger hear po mes discussed The publication of the list of thoecomprom sed is wa ted for w th feverish expectat on TOCNG DE LESSLFS Two Others Go to Prtl ARRESTED in Pllee nl Ferdinand de Luscp Papers Belied Pakis Decerrber la Charles de Les sens Menus Fontane nnd M Sans Leroy haTe been arrested by the di ect ot of 8 n - 1 proecute some of the members interests He has a fine rsidence n Con tant nop e The pr sones arte havinc been lodged in 1 we e permi ted to ob tan cl - eap 1 eals from a ne noo mg res urjTt It is resorted that M B i M miter cf JustKe Bourgeois 0 a leaed connect on w tn tho Panamacanal frauds Henry ottu for wjosb arreat ai o der was ssaed has fled to lenna Ssnvljeroy i charged wlu Saving accepted a bribe as a ccamc - er of the Chamber of Deputies The charges ot tie lie nach am y Charles e Lesreps cannot be regarded I is a YU - Ijar swndler yet from his techni cal training as an engineer be ought to I hire knewa better than his fatner the 1 3nlty of the enterprise lit was Ue ceived by the behnf that the Reinachs sea nst tne ottcers of the compaTy are ccntrolled Parliament the press and the that they hht y made use of a fraudulen Judiciary and also by the hope that Earo - nd imagina c ed that tbe d is pean powers would take over the tint pa ed tie capital a usted to them tor a t v - j spenfic purpose and swind ed others out c a part or all ol the r means of v g These renses come h n the Tfzd of ere 1 artic es of tae Pena Code tbe pen sit es to waich the ha Is of the PaDama Com any caTe made tnemseives hacle the canal WAKEK MILLfcIl 8 OPIMON n American Kecelfer Can B Put In tharc of tho Panama Hallroad w hk Decmner 16 1 Senator moatd ne iheory of the prosecution be f T j Canal Cons ruction Company gare b s op n on about tne Pana - n cana and ra 1 shed Tne law is tuua laid aown Wcosoerer by making use of a fa se came or qual ty or oy retort a to fraud j e it der ces 10 persuade another or otbrj of the rea ty of Taaemnry enter p ses or of power or credn at em ta to ottan money or any ot icr propvtv or eceip s or iiscbarjres is 1 able to from out o five rears iirr sonment and 3 aeo from 2 to 1 0 1 v e lie coi v t may a o be depriTe i of h 9 r u or rom e to ten ears end oe 0 en to vote t legi lative mum c tl r oer elctioi 0 ca rv a ms or 0 act t a euard ar Vn accom 1 ce it b e i t e sat le teua es 1 s 0 ewirthv ha tne accued p r Hm I s case w lot be tried f - n fr c t f tie laws regulati g tinarca and Tdua r al com n es bu under e art c es of be comm n iw Tne theory tbe ef re ot tbe prosecu on s t at tbe P nania a - r was a 0 e f ora the be nnti Theorginal c nces ona es bowerr are she tered acs crov la sal to be b i v mpl c ed i i ukd i and otnerevdence brou hi i snt He wis net on tie lanmatonrd but sup cior was alwavs attsc ed 0 n in on hccou 1 ol hn s 1 d change ol front wt en VH8 lottery Han was be f vo ed 01 At first he oppose the la n but turred te scale tbe lat raome t voting n its favor In hta bea tse 0 e the Panama inve ngatin com n t ee a ew dava ago Sns Leroy tr 1 t a he change 1 his vote n obed enoe to tne wishes ol his consti uents It ta understood that ike Government has docuren ary evidence show ng the exact amourt paid Sans Leroy tor his change of rort Bes des makng the arrests the autho 1 ilea se rched the res denoes of De Lessep ron ant Cotta uni bans Lerov and e zel a mass f documents throwing new and mportant light on the Panama trands rd co ruption V hat H e outcome will be no ont is able 0 prd c but it can be sad thit those ho havs na best interests of the repub - ca heart are deep y g ieved at the vena ty - nd selfishness displayed by mea n iig rs t ns many ol wbom were worn to - neserve the hono - of trance It - e news of the arrest of the Panama rectors taused a Bensation in the Cham berof Deputes and there was much ex - CterasTt n the lobotes Some of the embers of the Panama committee of Test jrakion proposed to suspend tbe in qary The po ice visited the premises ot the Pananatanai Company and 1 hierrec 3k Besides searching Tbierrecs prera l t y searched those of his pawner Proppr who joined with Thierrcc in rtr asin to enter into part culart about the twenty six checks to Bearer wbica the company had given to Baron Ktinach road cOTtrove - iv lat n ght in these br ef word The Panama cinal is not wor h a finger smp as a bus ness venture It can ot be maintained t it is dug by rea soi ot the gogr ph eal d ffi - ulnes As to the rai road anj stocKho i - er can applv to a New ork com - t for a receiver to take ct are f it The charter was s led by he c ate ad tbe coiat any - can Le put 1 to the ban Is of an Ame - can rece rer ly the e ork jud c iry on proper repraie it it on Th t would put an end to the dea that tbe ra I road ran be contro led a d mil aed to the detr meat of Amen can rterests by the receiver of the Pin tma canal Special Dispatch to the Chbo - cici cioix Fills S D December 16 Herbert Hal Minsiow tbe playwright author of The Idea A Barrel of Money and a dozen other plays is an eccentric fellow if tbe charges of hts wife and others are to be beliered Early this ummer Winslow came to this State to ecure a divorce lrom his wife Daisy To day tbe legal forces marsba ed by Vi nslow and those gathered by Daisy met before Julge 8ra th The slruggle was over a motion made by Mrs Winslow s altorneys for temporary alimony and counsel fees Mrs Winslow was present as aa her hubaod to listen to the argument of the attorneys It was deve oped in the presentation of the argument that Y ns ow was getting r ch from his plays The motion for all ruony was backed up by a number of ex ceeuingly inte estine afli lavas which when read before Judge Smith not only su p lsed him but every one in the court room as ell The story of mslows courtship and marriage to prettv Da sy R well began n 18JS when Dany was on 7 17 years old Mrs Riwelkept firnnhed rooms newok and Winslow occupied ine frort par or The minute the eccentric Herbert caught a g impae of the fair Daisy 1 e was a b ank except wheT gr ng nto her lovely brown eves An lm mediate marr aje was out of the question the mother said because of Daisy s tender yers and alter two years of courtship when Daisy was 19 years of age she and Herber were marr ed Then a began most curious existence so far as married couples go Daisy in an affllav declares that after her marriage she 1 ve i for a short ime with her mother at 32 West Twenty nin h street They tTen he ame he guests of Mr an 1 Mr n ow atrer an 1 tnotTer of the p ain I if en N nety 11 rd street Finllv Her brt eslab shed quarters for his wife at tleh e House Asbury Park i J He wou d trrq jent the hu el occasionally but scarcely ever romained all night He II aintained that his home was still wita his mother nd never did ha give Da sy tbe Impression that her home was bis except when he wished to enjoy Its sunshine The playwright led this sort of a dual ex sience Da sy declares unt 1 his mother I persuaded uim to get rid of her under the I p ea of deser ion which Herbert h s made j There mil be a year of aosolme eepara I lion era re 1 eges 1 1 ti endel in October 1F90 From August 2o 1891 when he told his mother he was done with Daisy be paid constant v ts to the room of D ist at her mother s home Says D iy s affidavit It was hia hab t from our early marriage to insis non - union employes released on bail Beatty will be given a hearing on Mon day when the defense will endeavor to force the prosecution to show its hand Captain Breck sai to - day that no rrew informttiOQ had been discovered in con nert on with the poisoning p ot but in mated that a number of warrant wi 1 soon be issued for those accused of com plicity in the plot All efforts to locate Patrick Gallagher the cook have been without success It is now certa n thit those interested in the po soning nave Gallagher nnder cover in orde tT keep him - out of the hands of the newrpape reporters Another employe of the Carnegie Steel Company has died and h s fr ends a - e fearful that he is a victim of the poisoning plot Joseph Springer secured a position as a laborer at Homestead du ing the strike A few days ago ha returned to his home near Clinton broken down in health He could retain nothing in his stomach He grew rapidly worse ant 1 yesterday when he died of what was pronounced hemorrhage of the bowels So firmly convinced are tbe dead mai s friends that his death resulted from poiaon that they have decided to not Iv the Coroner and insist on a thorough and searching mvetigat on A6tBEF0DxD UfC id be i - Tect of Rouviere Fall twt December 16 It s expected the s anlio s d - velopruents regard ng the I anama cina e terprue w 11 lead to a r pp ocheanon between Puss a ard tfTi nv uwi o he fact that the fall r Piuv er t rrench M 11 s er of Fi nance 1 prevent R as a from obtain ng otns n rnnct roi Houis DSdlSnvnn of - Am lairaousij deddefi not to resign As 1 notes etc and one draft for fU000 Iomi Decemuer 13 Paris corre - spo dert sin a r - erber ot the invesii g t ng cjw t ee who w tnessed the re - m va 01 Fe nach s seals s ates that ei 0 UT po sons were seued 10 kill a who e regiment JEAI I NEW Ut K rifcAL ESTATE Broadway Property to Be Bold at a Big Profit New ioEt December 16 Jacob D Buler has s gned a contract to purchase witb a thirty days the White Flephant property on tbe southwest corner of Lroadwaj and Thirty hrst street from T mo by C Eastman for 00 000 East man b ught the nroperty in 1885 for o09 000 nt a p rution sale by or ler ot the Supreme Court so that ne makes a n ce profit on of tbe transaction Tne hite E ephant is a well known sporting resort containing a bowling alley bill ard parlors a shooting ga lery eta It is made up of a collection of one two and th - ee story brick and frame bui dmgs They stand on a plot that is 107 feet on tro dway by 91 feet on est Th rty first street I he rear Ii ie are 123x126 fett The annual rcnuls are 40 000 HAIES WOULD NOT PAY Tne x President Sued by a Land Improvement Compaaf DcarTB December 16 - Ex President RjtnertcrJ B Hayes wis to dav med e the defendant in an action brought by the High am Improvemeut Company to recover 17500 alleged to be due on a con tract The plaintiffs allege that Hayes agreed to gixe twenty five acres ofland or 25 0CO cash on the completion of an in ill U nti 1 tit t that la rt - cuneu rujKi i uo lup u - - - - i u ur a cntrE itt t iir mm imms i i i - - draw K t 1 Jives now reiusos 10 rito ibuu i u - icj iwenjy x checks were believed to be ine 7 to the mystery of corruption and nd The police also searched the resi juice of Herz vho is alleged to taTe been My impUca ed in the Panama schemes c inach rt A demana is maae tor an increase 1 amount on the ground that tbe land is now valued at xdJO aa acre Arrtod for Kifllos LUer Chicago Daicmber Id Walter Gur neo a losioffice clerk was arrestod in the act of rifJinj letters H had a large amount of jewelry mooer orders postal another a ways h mothers home He I wi uid come to ee me as earlv as 7 0 clock in the evening He would then rema n rom 12 to 3 o clork in the morning - Ha would leave me earlj ir tLetaorn ng giv ing as bis reason that it was absolutely neces ry for h m to be at h s moiher s 1 bocse at breakfast bo that no unpleasant quest on n gbt be asked This con t uer1 nf to June 12 Herter arr ed In D kota on June 11th whi e D iy was in t e Ebbt House in ajrylirk Wintlow ept up a con si nt co - 9pnaeTce with her being in New ork m ji of the tirareheirs n his company Ihee letters which were pi ced tn ev dence illustrated the lite of a plaj wr ght H s letters are not dated but n orre r tten on some one T tursday in J ily 1H91 he addresses his wife as Deir Da sy and concludes k ss baby for me The powders von have are lo bibv Have you any niter f r T bv n case of fever 1 o irs affec to at y Hfrbkrt Tl e next s a very long letter This tir e he audressts Da sy as My Deiresi ife He g - es on to say thuthe has got 10 his tnott er s home He farther write Tc n gtit Ober is coming to see me about I 11 costumes Tc morrow I shall wr te all Aij on the do hrst act of A h 1 tty AfLi r Webber nas 1 ot paid the 1st advanc installment and I am pretty close at present I drejd tho - e rehear sais lesterd y they employed irank McS sh the famous minstrel to play tbe fin I waited Harry Mills for Tell Harry With many kisses for yourself and the young man with the bottle affectionately yonr hnsband These letters were written a year after the date of the alleged desertion 1 Ue last letter which passed between the couple is dated Angust 8 1892 and was answered by Herbert eddressing a letter to Mrs Hattte Smith Daisy s mother It says As Dusv writes me as If she were treated verv badly I wish to inform yon uf one or two ihi igs which you may not know The very last lime I saw ner she 1 eked me in the room lo over three hours ani made me lose 250 that day and a contract to write a play this sum mer for Miss Jirbeau Manasger Berate 11 was to sail or Ea ope tbst after noon with his wife the star and waited for me at the Hoffman House with the contract in his pocket and the money ready to pay me until it was too late and he had gone on board the steamer That same afternoon she called ma a fool and other things including a name which 1 will not write fcne does not seem to unde s and tnat 1 am not com died to turuish her money On that alter 10011 in June Daisy also said she would brejk babys neck it he did not stop calling me papa Under the circumstances it 11 certainly better for baby not to see toe while ne is under her cnntroL Hiebebt Hall Wisslow Judge Smith took the matter under ad visement but the impression prevails that be wil give Mrs Winslow all she ask A WELL KN0W SOITHEBNFR I MlbSlNG HIS FAMILY SILffi He Had Lost Considerable Honey Speculating la Grain ANOTBXK Usa111 1 IOJIESTBAB Tne Dead Mans Friends Think Ba Wa a Tictlos of Poison Pittsburg Pal December 16 No effort was made to - day to baT Robert J Beatty ttt alleged poisoner of Carnegies Special D snatch to the CRRosiaa New i rk Decembe 16 Fdwajd P Chamberla n is m ss ng and his Iriends are anx onsly searching for h m Mr Chamberla n is a Southern man about 5o years old He 3 a bachel r and lived at 41 W est xty sec ind street where he bai not ben seen for several d vs Chambe a n is trustee for the estate ot the late John M George who was at ont time a partner cf the 1 te Charles 1 Osborne Jay Gould s favor te broker during the exc ting flush times of 18S0 Mr Osborne is best known to the present generation as the father of Howe 1 Os borne of this city and Pans the well known h gh roller and close fr enl of Fav Templeton and Mimie the French actrea Chimberla n was the conn ten ti I bookkeepe - o Ci r es F OsTorne and became the tr stee for tne estate of Mr Georgt Mr Oibinoj par ner Chamber ain has not been seen at the Windsor for several nights past He his been speculating in gran aDdissad to hive lost a con derafcla amount of money H s fnen Is are anxious aout hia absence and are a raid that T a despondency over his loss may have affected bis mind Tbey have not asked the assistance of tbe police in their quest but are doing tbetr best although thus fir unsuccessfully to find some trace of the missine man SHOT HER SLELPINO HUSBAND Murderous Hants of a Isesr Jersey Woman Bripoetov V J December 16 Tb a morning G rge B wes fireman on the New Je sey Son Ten Ra Iroad w s shot and instantly killed by his wle win e he was sleep ng For the last th ee Tionths Mrs Bowers his acted strangely O going to Bowers room the occupants of the house were horrified bv the ghastly sight Bes de tbe murdered man a three rnoathBocl babe was sleeping sonndly The report of the gnn had not dis turbed 1 The family seized Mrs Bowers aid then a terrible strcpg e began She fought like a tigress but was finally subdued and bourd t t lounge with rope After she became more composed she said she had k lied hor husband but was sorry she had done it Mrs Bowe - s was p aced under arrest tonight and w s taken to the County Ji where she sits in a eel sobb nj and moan ng Qhe Is undoul idiv insane A SECRET ONKEIKNCE tlg - atlc Blames Conditioa Kept a Secret n Aversion to Newspaper Reports Not on Friendly Terms With Father DuceT Public Statement It Probably Moans an in Chilean Affal New ork December 16 D strict Attorney Nicoll receive a tall this after nooa lrom Patrick kjan Minuter to Ch - Lommander W 8 frchlrv Capta n Rob rt Fvsns and I wyer John P D s Passos T e D str ct Attorney s tiioi were ubsequntly jo ned in he V itr ct Alton e s pr vile ofS e by Herman O nebs foreman of tbe Grand Jury The consults ot lS ed some time Mr Oe nchs said he happened into M Nichcl s room at the time tbe other v ltors were there accidentally tawyer Dos Passos and the chat was of a pnrely social character District Attorney Nicholl would say nothing about the matter what ever From another source however it was learned that the call was not entirely a social affair bat that matters of a criminal nature were referred to Mr Nicholi which the latter promised would be investigated at once As to the nature of the business nothing definite could be learned Egan will sail for Ch le on Jan ojr 2d 9ATED BIT THE PLATER FOLK Tbe Debt of the Little Church Around the Corner Paid NewTiork December 16 The theatri cal people ot the United States have raised 3300 to pay old the indebtedness of the well known Little Cbnch Aronhd the Corner from wmch so many actors and actresses have been buried Rev Mr Houghton gratefully tenders his acknowledgments to the profession m THE COKONADO SUICIDE Aa Iowa Town Much Snrprised on Learning Her Identity Hambueo la December 1 Thia town was muob surprised on learning that the woman who committed suicide some time ego at Los Angeles Cal and who was supposed to haTe been a Detroit lady proved to be Mr Kate Morgan of this place Mrs Morgan had not been Iirng with her hasban 1 fc several months B 1 BKx0D ALL CONTROL A Disastrous Fire Kages tn Carthage N Y Carthage N k December 16 A fire broke eut a 1 10 p jl in he Hubbard block and spread with such rapidity that by midmg it oyer a score of stores and offices bad been burned and tne fire was still spreading Watertown has been appealed to for assistance The loss will be teary Special Dispatch to the Csrur xictlt Washisgtov December 16 James O B sine remains in tbe same condition tonight that be has been in for tbe last week He is very ill and for two or l hree days has ben seriously so Th at be is In danger of immediate death neither his physicians nor the members of his family wilainit H bas received no visito s s nee Mondav 1 s no one but tbe doctors - ind the members of the family being per ti tied to ee him O ily the lower part of the house was c osed to n ght X p stairs where are the parlor and beirooms th shutters were 01 en and a bright light shone through the windows of all the rooms There were no carr ages before the door and no indi cations of ai ything urusual occurring c ose fr end of the Blaine family who has never before been dented adroiss on to B ins s roon dat or night said to - dav tnat he knew Mr Blaine wis a very atck man for when he cal ed yeste day he was u able to see even Mrs B ame The at lend ng phya r an stil refused absolute y to stite the nature of Blane s disease or o d scuss his rond t on from any stand pint He say he is let to ihis detrmi nation by the earnest appeal of Mrs B sine who wants nothing to be given Lo the newspapers except the fact that her husband is confined to bis room by lndis - pos t on The publ c generally now reg rds Blaine s on his deathbed and tne Knowledge of h s gene il impression distresses Mrs Blaine very much Shs and her hustaid have always been very sensitive to news - p per accounts of their political disap - PMTtments and domestic tronbles and fr the ijs few days Mrs Blaine has attempted 10 keep the papers away from H a ne ure ding the unbapi y effect that sensational reports of his illness might lave upon him A leading Congressman a Republican who has been of iate a trusted friend of J blane said to - day that b aine would nn - ojbtelly nave rrecipita ed the Cifter ence betwee 1 himself and the President sooner than he lid by resigning from the Cajiuet and thus announcing himself as a Presidential candidate had it not been that he feared that tbe Statements to the leading newspapers that his health was gone had weakened h m wi h the masses of the people who Tad so long an 1 loyally followed him as 1 ran ot great s rength and vigor both of body and m nd Afte he co - vent on Blaine expressed the op r on that his fear had been well f uniied He had lost tbe suppjrt of many fr ends through the be lf that he was a orofcen dow man Ih s aversion to hay ng the publ c know his real condition is n a me sire responsible for the al rming eporla aboat b a health but tbe pbysi - c n s sli I refused termission to stale the fact The rumors s to Blaine s alleged con Tenion to th Cafirl c Church appear to have no bettef foundation than when they were hrst put nto circulation and een then they were partially baseless Tha reported vi - s of Cardinal Gibbons and Father Ducey led to the belief that 1 la ne had been roce vei into the church t James G Bla ne Jr says that Father Ducey has not called at the Bla ne house at all oung Blaine authorize the staiemeu hat lather Docey has not seen Junes G Bane dnn g hs present illness or for a loTg time prior thereto The son aaj s moreover in a n ost emphatic manner that Father Ducey will not sue h m ind cat ng very plain y by his manner thnt the enrnitv between the Biainea and the priest grow mg out of the mirnage of James G Blame Jr and Miss Mane Nevins by ra her Dice bas not been and will not be w ped out James G BUIne Jr is now a clerk in the lassenger department ol the Biltmore and fotomac Railroad in this city of which ex Senator Sewe 1 of New Jersey is t resident He talks more freely to tbe ewspapers about his f ther s condi ion than anv other member of the family He ns sts that his father s not critically 11 and ssvs the story as to his conversion to lathol cism is quite absurd and wholly untrue As none of the Blames will talk for publication the statements of the son must be taken ss representing the true condition of affairs There sre many disquieting rumors this evening regarding Blaines condition but lames G Blaine Jr announces that his fnther is better Blame s physician re fuses to say whether Blaine is better or worse The following card was Issued from Mr Blame s residence at 10 oclock to - night No 17 Madison place Washiiqtosi D C December 16 1S92 Mrs Buiue in replv to the many enters of anxious m - qu ry sent her on this sobjct asks me t sijie thar there is not the Slightest truth in tbe report that Mr Blaine has altered he Roman Catholic Ol urcb and that nothing could be furtherfrom his thought or intention It should be needless to state that Father Dacey has new been at the house James G Blaise Jb throat with a penknife making a wound from which the died He pleaded not gu Hy The relative ef the dead woman will stand by tbe accused believing him to be guiltless A brother and sister of Mrs Arnold committed suicide and tha relatives claim that she has at times manifested suicidal tendencies She was aboat 7 years old and was tha mother of iirefal children Arnold is past 70 and well preserved After the death of his Wife he made immediate arrangements to go t California where he has children and wookl now be on his way there if ne had not been detained by the authorities For several years ha has had a street stand hare where be sold candles nuts soda drinks etc frequently going oot into the country to preach in school - nouses Be is an ordained minister in the United Brethren Church ALLEGED FATE OF A ITOMAK Beaten to Death With Rods by Onate - matane - Citt or Mexico December lr5 The press pab iahes a story to the effect that Chief ot Police Leon of San Jose Guatemala recently arrested Senora Noriaga while that lady was on her way to Salvador and conducted her to Guatemala City whre she was beaten to detth with rods in the p za before tbe prison It at - peara the unfortunate woman surported tbe cause of 3 Ivador in 1899 COINS ON THE WAY Hasly Pudding Records c Mutilated 5gfl 31 Professor Peabody - is the Cnlprit T8 Ltctnrer on HoratoWIshefTto Detrqy His Youthful - Veraesv v SHIPMENT OF SOUVENIRS FE0M PHILADELPHIA California Womans Peculiar Proposition The Fair Catalogues Special Dispatches to tb Ckboxicxb Philadelphia December 16 The first sh pm - ent of new Columbian souvenir half - J dollars 60 000 in number left the Mint this mornirg The first delivery of 10 000 coina left on the 9 05 o clock express in charge of John F Shrive - representing Colonei Euiott F Suepsrd The remain - ng 50000 were p aced in the hands of the United States Express Company con signed to tbe sub - tressnry at Chicago and left for that city later in the day ine latter shipment occupied five kegs cni include all of the first 50000 minted except No 1 for which the Exposition Corapan is to get 10000 and three others No 400 H92 and 1892 These on accoant of their extra value estimated to aggregite 15000 were carefully put up in separate packages and packed in a spe cial keg by themselves IT THE FAIR California PAMPAS OttANS Cnlqne Proposition or 1 v oman Chicago Decembe 18 Mrs Strong a wealthy Californlan has made a nniqua proposition to the board of lady managers of tbe World 1 Fair She wants to build a pavil on of pirn pas gass in the women s building sell p mpas plumes and use the money to tstablisn a business college for women The pav lion would occupy a space of twenty - five square feet Mrs strong controls a million pampas plumes which find a ready market at 25 cents e ich Her otject is to create a market fir the grass and its culture It is a work of philanthropy w th her HAD MO COMPKTITORB The Worlds Fair Catalogue Contract Investigation Chicago December 16 In the Investigation of the letting of the contract for tbe World 3 Fair dialogue to - day it was shown that Mr Con key who secured the contract ral had no competitors and that none were advertised for Several large printers testified that they knew nothing about the contract Conkey took the stand and in effect dec ared bat be made a slra ght offer or the catalogue privilege and rot IL and that was all tbers was tn He said that no one except his own lni1 ne Special Dispatch to tnj Chkovicl CaxbkidokMsssX Dsoirnber 11 Not since the time when Ufi ltitna of John Harvard in front of Memorial Hat trti decorated with a coat of ttA patnt hie Haivard College been so stirred up as It is to - day Bat tne - po t0 fieriest Whenever a member of tbeliistorlc Hasty Pudding Club - fa found Fran i Greenwood Peabodyv D Piummer professor of christian morals is the came of thia tremendous commotion and It is claimed that he has removed from the re cordiof ihe Pffdlings certain contributions aud thus muttlafed what to every member of the club is ion sidered almost sacred The mater fa ad tenous that the Hasty Padding Club has already held one stormy meeting aO which the question of expelling from - membership the college professor is slid to htve been discussed for hQttttv Wiire an undergraduate atr college Frank Peabody aa the class knew him was elected a member of the Hasty Podding Club and lo hia senior year 69 he5 had the honor to be made crocodllus This is the Podding name for the literary secretary and Prufeswr Peabody was a very clever toocodilus his contribu tions for the entertainment of tbe rat raters being - considered bright and witty and in the exuberance of hfs yonthfol enthusiasm be wro some Terses wbich for originality were worthy of much pr use and were greatly enjot d so the story goes by those who heard them From a moral standpoint it Is doubtful if any one ever contemplated them when tney were penned Bat as rears passed and the young gr iduate of 63 who In his college course had been conspicuous as a baseball player and much interested in ail sports and athletics of slndents passed through the various stages ana finally be - cams professor ot morals he realized that tbe verses he wrote when a youth were not working to help him In his influence over the students 8 it is understood that he became exceedingly dttiroua of having removed from thPnddng archives tha Ones he had writteruBut tbeoemberswould notjivtenrto such a thing aa wiping out of existence - what had been contributed by their Crocc - dilas Some time laat spring It was decided to have bound in an elegant volume the valuable and interesting contributions which had been collecting foryears This book waa deposited for safe keeping In tha safetv deposit vault atHarvard square to which only officers of the drib wen to have acces Some time ago ona bi ihe Podding officers had occasion to look over tbe archives when to his horrt r he found the volume mutilated hy thaab - aenee of a page Then there was blood on the moon Straightway an investigation wi storied which resulted in the members accusing Professor Poabody of haTing removed the lost page from the bound volume When the incensed students telt satisfied that Pr Peabody woe the offender - It is said he was cummoned to the office of the Safety Deposit Company and there was con fronted by an indignant committee front the famous senior society It is understood that in place of the missing page one is to be - inserted stating lost one f rmernr contained FOUK MC8T DIE The Lead era of the Russian Cholera Clsta Sentenced St Petebsbcsg December 16 Four leaders of the cholera riots were sentenced by the court - martial to death eight were sentenced to imprisonment and condemned to hard labor thirty to detention m the House of Correction forty to prison Without h - rd labor and twenty - seven prisoners who were fonnd to have had nothing to do with the riots were dla - cnargeJ VKBESTED FOK WIFE MtTRDEK an Ohio family and employes had ary interest in the case No Labor Congress Phiudelphia December 16 The National Federation ol Libor to - day decided not to Assist toward githering a worlds labor congress at the World s Fair FOR CALIFORNIA 1MJIANS An Appeal for Fond to Fight Eject ment bolts ew Yopk December 16 An appeal for aid for the California Mission Indian is issud by Mm W W Winslow Cran - nell of the Albany Indian Association in which she says In Southern California there are several villages occupied br the M Sion Indians Tbey have been in tbe possession of Agm Caliente for vears and years yet they are now threatened with removal Their fertile lands have become a - sort or Nabotha vineyard to ex - GovernorGovernor Downey of California and others who have commenced ejectment suits agamst the Indiana employing for this purpose some of the ablest lawyers in California Tbe Indiana have a complete delense to the suits but no funds wherewith to employ counsel and tbey are likely to lose their lands THE TRACK MOVED EASTWARD Peculiar Effect of Unequal Traffle en m Western Road Chicago December 16 General Manager Shouts of the Indiana Iilino s and Iowa road has noticed a peculiar movement of loaded trains on the tracks of his road Before this yesr the traffic had been almost entirely east - bound heavy trains coin in that direction while empty cars were almost exclusively hauled west Tbe tendency of the track he says has constantly been to creep east ward Thousands of dollars had lo De ex pended annually to overcome this ten dency and it had become a serious annoyance as well as expense Mr Sfotls es - tlmites the azrezate movement cast of his entire track 10 have been three feet a year until recently S MtTAXAS ELECTION CASE An Anawer Filed to the Overruling nf the Demurrer St kPAtn December 1A Helena Mont special says Attorneys for tbe Choteau county canvassing board Sled an answer to the courts overruling - - Jt I demurrer in the Superior 43oart this morning Leecfies attorney filed demurrer 0 tje answer jrhlcbUf ans - verses written by Dr F Q Teabody of such a nature that they were not in keep inz with the position of professor or Christian morals now occupied br tho doctor Of coarse as the atory haa traveled around it has been Ktveor many new twist oneTomorwis to the effect that President Eliot had asked for Professor Peabody s resignation and another that Protestor Peabody had written to tho president resigning voluntaniy buz tho president denies these and says the mem bers of tbe Pudding Cmb most settle the matter among themselves Dr Peabody is very much worked np over thftublicity be Is gsinlngvbnt de chnes to talk The Hasty Pudding Club was founded in 1795 by students among wbom were ihe late Horace Binney Dr John a Warren Jnfge D A White und Professor Aahael Searns all in the Class of 1797 to cherish feelings of patriotisms and fellowship It 0 tiinatelf took Its name from a provision In its constitution that two members In alphabetical ordet shonld provide a pot of hasty pudding tot every meeting Professor Peabody entered Harrnrd la the fall of 1865 graduating in 1869 Ha delivered the class orstio 1 at gradttattotu la 1S79 Mr PeabodyV health broke down and he visfied California In 1889 he became lecurer on ethics anil homiletlca in the Harvard Theological School and In 1886 was appointed Piummer professor of christian morale ie Electric Light Plant Burned BCFTlLO OC Y k December 16o - The etectrle llsht sutioa and machinery were burned this morning Joss 50 U0X ailSCKLLAJNEOES Serioaa Charge Against Preacher Weixikgtos O December 16 Rev John Arnold was arrested xh afternoon on a warrant eha - ging him with the urnr - j tained ends the case for the board can aer 01 me wire or suDDinsr ner in the then be ordered to casyass the voje That Tired Feeling The marked benefit wbica people orercjme by That Tired FetUn r fierfve from noo4r8N saparlllacoactaslvetr proves that this medicine - Kaketthe weaksffoaz f itnerton a wet known merchant af Aa - btrntMAinearAboat veyean aio loegaa ta offer with very aerafe pain la hit slftmath gradoahy growing Wore I toot HootTa Bamapa - rUlajetrg convinced thit MrJ aSJ2me - ton 1 was trouhld wilt Dy pepsloe mplicated wttls - Lv - rand Kfiner troubles taprOTed aSj oocav Hoods Sarsaparilla it av Cod - nd to any ene saffertagu Xffid0 JB8L r32 I HO ODS FILLS cart Eablrasl ConstlnaUoa

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