The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1933
Page 5
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JTUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1933 BLtEHBVILLB. CODEIB1 KBW1 PAGE SEVER c i ASS if IED SECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line ror consecu- il\c Insertions: (five average words to a line) One time per line lOe T\vo times per line per day .. 08c T nree times per line per day .. 06c falx times per line per day .... 05c Month rate per line 60c Minimum charge 60c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before cxplra- ;>on will be charged for the number of times ti-e ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy suliniU«l by persons residing outcirit: of the city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may easily computed from abovs table. Ho responsibility will be tasen lor more thiui one incorrect in- SL'ilion of any classiUed ad. AvivertLsing crdered for lar insertions taKe the one rate. Phone 306 or .307, iSS DIRECTORY NEW DEAL TRADING POST Funuiure, Tools, clothes, etc. Let's trade, in East, Mam. FOR SALP FOR SALE — Silvertone Radio, lowboy cabinet, cheap lor cash. Must sell this week. .Hume 64. lip kit FOR SALE—White enamel Ice box, porcelain ton cabinet, wool ruj,'. Ola Walnut. sp kia teneral ° nlc; u ' oll< - Experienced. Will work .'cheap. "HW", Courier | flews. WANTED llp kl * j KAGS, Must Iji! clean und tree iron) LARGE white lamlly wants share crop" or day work. "F ; Courier News. • ll-pk-H YOUNG COW with second calf 1 day old. Cheap, J*ne Boney, route 3, Blytheville. 8-p-k-12. BILLIARD EQUIPMENT, cheap for cash. Bus!ne*s good, rent rca sonable. J. P. i.lttle, Holland, Mo. Sp kl-s LOST RED PUP with white breast, answers to name ol Prince. Reward. Percy Molt, Phone 228 buttons. Courier News. We ii;iy more for iwciins, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, Iciul, bunnies. 1'hoivs 116, Wolf Arlim, 128 E. Main. 2'2 ek 12-22 WANTED — Small, imturnlsh c cl PERSONAL If Ilicy wun'i rut call Kd Snillli, 3UI s. Lake — lUnd HWI, 24cj nival jaws, 25e[ cross cut, We. 18ckl2-15 Will |»y purl of 11)0 expense from l-'.iycttevillc for i»ssai;e tor one fov ilin Christmas holidays. Mrs. Maude Smith, Lonchvlllc, Ark. Ockll npnrlincnt, r.tar Central school. .— .._ Box C. A.. Courier. Op k!5 Head Courier News Wont Ads. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern Scientists Find Ancient Men Had '1933' Diseases — There arc which men ST. LOUIS (UP) "wry few discuses have today tlml the ancient men did not liuve," Dr. Howard A. Mc- Cordock, of the Washington University School of Medicine, told iicnibcrs of (ho St. Louis Medical Society. "From time to time we run teeth, tuberculosis nnd other'nwl- ucross 11 disi'iise that Is supposed to be n new malady," Dr. McCor- dock wild. "We nvc prone to l>e-' lleve that many degenerative diseases nre the result of U>e.artifi- cial llfu of.the present day. A study of mummies. however, quickly convinces us. that there are very few chronic diseases Hint ancient mnu did not linvc. adles. 'Tlicrc Is tlie case'of "the Egyptian woman with coal dust In her lungs." Blue Eatfe- Shaped ' LATHROP, 'Calif.' tUP) •— Even have gone "Blue Eagle." Mrs. W. H. Miller exhibited a red pepper, in which the center part I was shaped peculiarly like an eagle. "Mummies of ancient Egypt I The "eagle," however, had only one show clironlc (trUii-llls. decayed ' head and was green Instead of blue. ALLEY OOP WHERE THEKE'S A WILL— By Hamlin New ?nd Vsed Furniture Bough:- and Sold Slaves Repaired—Any Make Alvin Hardy 517 W. AsU 20p EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Kepxiriugj. U. S. Blaruc- cnsiiip, llli E. Rose. Call 165-J. -21c k!2-21 L. G. Moss BlylUcvillc's Cut Hale Undertaker lOp k ia-10 CLEANERS. TAILORS Look nice for Xmas! Hare yoni clothes cleaned & rctexed b/ Unique Cleaning Servic*. Call 171 For Quality Cleaning Phone ISO Barnes Nu\Va Cleaners. 12ckl2-12 ,.,, ..'.AUTOMOTIVE LOW PRICES on winter car needs; heaters, alcohol, OP A glycerine-, Model T tops & side curtains, S1.08 up. WOLF AHIAN, 128 E. Main. Call 308 - Rei-i Vlace - 118 E. Main For An to Painting Body and Fender Service 28ckl LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS [Cheap Mrs. Elmer Between Memphis and St. Louis ^™<* Delivery, city. Aiso Auto Glass--Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2ckl-2 AUTO GLASS INSTAM.ED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us for better service. Phone 633. Shouse-Lillle Chevrolet Co. Call Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-Batteries - Replacement Parts IIUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dcpt. lc kl-1 AuEo Glass All Kinds Installed Tim Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc k!2-10 WKKCKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, LJay and Night Service. Call 633. Sliousc-LJUle Crcvrolct Co. lOc kl-10 I5ATTERIES Battery & Radiator Service We Guarantee you better battery or raalator v.-ore for less money. .Any make radiator repaired or re- coitd. CK'l, our prices on new ana rcouili tattertes. Call 633. bhousc-Little Clievcutct Co. ICc kl-li) New Ford Batteries Rental - Kcch;irginf - Kepairins '111 TIRE & JJA'ITbltV STATION 25C k!2-23 RADIOS All Radios, including R. c. A., are being closed out at cost for CASH at Huobard Hardware Co. Ilckl2-ll Sl'ORTING GOODS You will find •a. complete line of NEW MODEL BICYCLES at Kuhbard Hardware Company. 16o kW-16 COAL Sc WOOD See E. A. Fisher Before Buying Good Coal. Retail fc Wholesale Out of Car On Track Between Ash fc Main 7e k!2-7 THOSE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black But We Treat You White" lc kl-9 Brilliant, and Ky. coal, quality and weight guaranteed. Bartnick Coal Yard, Hatlroad & Ash. Phono 170. 4ckl-4 WOMEN'S TAILORING Expert fur repairing, coat alterations, reasonably priced. Also buy discarded furs. Mrs. SlubWefietd, 511 Walker Avc, C*rulhemll>, MO. Csdl 572. M-pc-iM? WE GDI IM STOPPED; 1115 FACE IS BUJEf HE BIT OFF WORE IF VA SHOOT 1H« /YOU'RE AIL DO BE \AU MOO W1U. BOW CAREFW. U BEFORE VOUR _ MIGHT? DOU'T HURT AUSTIN COUFE, perfect running WILL. LET YOU GET AWW NtKT WANT TO WILL AH "DO SOME POW V-L1L. YOU'LL condition. O. M. Morgan, Phons IHftN HE C"0 CHEW TO. fAY G.OLD rvMNE,.\N OOljQKA'DO;<-| TO VtflEP ME SUPPLIED LOOK! 4 yds. Rayon; 3 yds. Voile; CAN "DO A BIT OF- &VAOV&UNO, ANTj c\F-RY TEN1VA SrAOVELFUU OF ORE "ROCK WILL -E>E YOURS ,TO TAKE THE SOLD OUT OF ? <5ET \O,000 SHOVELFULS OUT OF EVERY ONE HUNDKEO SVAOVELS Y/HLTV Hk<3 WATER- CO OLtt) HANDLES . MAW MUSCLES WILL BE SO HA"RD, AH'LL. SQUEEZE TH* UCfc OUTA " "ROCKS , LIKE EF 'DtV ~ ORANGES? •Bush your orders to W. 0. Richmond, Box 241, Caruthersvllle, Mo. FOB SALE: 40 acres, all In cultivation, one mile south of Gos nell. Roland Gr«n ttcklS WANTED LAND—We have buyers for ,land. Jn, different, qlajd (facts, '. Larid.'Go! , . r:-.r«i>l7«fci2*l l DealeT TtUe Co. Moot, tit. 23pil2-23 EOIT ^\V HE AGWNSl A TREE HE'S GONNA DO H. OOOLft! SEE? V'ARE now D'YA LIKE HUH? BEDROOMS close in, 123 North Filth.. S«e Ross Beavers. 12ck22 Front room apartment. Cheap, close to school. 914 Hearn Street. T | , 9pkl6. HSX-.YOUR VACANT Al'AK'i'MKN'l'STTfiOOMS AN1) BOARD WITtt US. WE ARE HAVING A NUMBER OF CALLS DAILY MWM1 l> K O I' L B SEEKING Livi:: CALL 306 OR 307 FOK HATES. COUK IKK NEWS CLASSIFIED DEl'ArtT- ftlENT. 15Y CRACKY! "I HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MUT WT * STONV.S I hAR HOBB* VROM VXOtAE W^' WO 1 \'\it vr.xt MVrt B«» TO [I wevr 'cbWE. ft^«< THREE room i'URMlSHEU house Ai-cnnuuii, 8-pk-ia. NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOM. LAKE ST. 2-cK-St NICELY furnished bedroom, men preierred. ion W. Walnut. Cau WASHTUBBS m. Mrs. Ed Hardln. SOME60W GO AFTER A.006TEAM, QUICK! TttEVRE L1WDE ARREST, IF TH£V A1WT. I'M A DEPUTV U.S. MARSHAL. HERE! LEND T ARE A HAND, B(ffS.\ 'THEY WE GOT TO DEAD GET 'EM OUT. 1 ? MODERN Three' room Apartment AND THAT5 THAT' unfurnished, Phone 27-ck-U. O'BRIEM'S PLftNE FLOPS OVER Nice, large BEDROOM. Close in. 'JIU W. Walnut, ACES O'BRIEU'S FtHAL, WANTED TO RENT BOOMIMG, THUM06RIH' CRASHES. WANTED TO RENT; From 80 to 100 acres good Iwtd. Can vrithnni inrnl*hlns. P. R. Jnm"n, llolbnct, MO. nk!3 , THE BEST OF MASH i EftSY, (1 AMOGMI, FAILS MISERABLY SILEHCE... MOTEVEM A MOAM. THB POS« OXES OK THE RUM. WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BUY—Used Electric refrigerators. Must be condition, Phone 784. NEGRO with S.?50 cash wants to buy small house with some cvcund close ir to Blytheville for nis home. Prefers near farm where SALESMAN SAM he ran Kharmop. Wants pnssr.'i- MELRT?( HOOK6O UP ONE. COOKeRS -ftNO — T<=ft is •S K.\c°iien' rec- Tmrior Nr>i-s. A sooo iocftTo&u\>Jce. -CKRU OUR neu) Mouofi-V .SO -foU't-L KHO"J cweeRUf> C'MCrfJ 301 (J in P. cup OF Z\ °'*>- reesrl *"1 fci i tLf-. . J*:* !PTT=-T— OSITION WANTED HIS MIND'S ON-HIS WORK! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS -I-I'P F61MT HIM IMTA AM OpeN'NG.AN' SHOOT A LEFT HOOK TO THE AM' A RIGHT CROSS TO THE STUMMIK n IF XH) H^D YJU3 CMOiCE, CtASS, OF GOlKfC; VJlTrl \WAS^JINOTO^4 ACROSS THE DtlAW.QE.O3 VJITH AWIHAL MANILA, WHICH VJOUVP you CMOOSE ? ( YOU'RE NOT QUITE BEAt>Y TO TAKE ON FUZZY , TAG..'... YOU'LL A FEW DAYS GLOVES .'.' BUT IF HE SHOOLP START AMYTMING, YOU REMEMBER VJHAT I TOLD YOU TO DO CASH KOR Dlf (-ARIIF.n lli'l'l jilvcr, highest prire paid. Rings, watches, spoons, etc. Get them out ;md sell them Wednesday and Thursday. Dec. 13 and 14. 12 to 9 P M.. at GoFI Hotel, Blytheville. 12p k!5 POSITION GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL M_ There is no. coal, WOf' M West of the Allegheny Jlountains, as high in heat and .is low In ash as toe S UPREM Super-Heat, that Is a . bold 'FUttment, but U is ethical, beciose it's true. We have aathoritadve anilysu on file on all ceal ar.d can prove Jhis claim. SUPREME Super-heat -i* the only coal of iis kind and sold .only by this company. Ei3 Medium Slie Lamp , Per Ton fl^l CMh Half Ten -. - M-0» A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Mauls ifric* Superior Ccal & Mining Co, 304 W. W»ln»t • Phone 1V>

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