The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1937
Page 2
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'PAGE TW<? (AUK.) COURIEK,.NEWS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1937 Troupe In Palestine May ReJwlt In Thfeir sioa Elsewhere MILTON BRONNER NfcA jSekic* Slafl Corrwpondeh LONBON, Dec. 22.—U Ihc. Brit Ish government, In tlie Palesti" ian dispute between the Arabs and the Zionist, Jews; docs no make '* settlement agreeable to the Art&s, H Is liable to find tha other $rab lands *ill expel Iron their twrntorj the Jews now llvln there irt' peace : This'C.was the speculative hln con\e\«d recentlj at a Lc-ndb literary-- luhch by H. St. Joh PhllbylSfamouS author find travc er «hqjpror»bl5 kno»Si mpre aboi Arabiai'thnn any Westerner. I fras explored Us most remote co nere, sticks Arabic I IRC a sou I the d«»fert, hks bccoine converted [to Mor&rnitietianlMU and IS a de- out StOElein Arab' states to Which he refcr- Ired ar)|' Arabia with 25,000 Jews; Iliak. With 87,500 Jews, and Syria Kilh 26,UX> Othjer 'states, which are Moslem, but n^E* purelj Arab or hot Arab""*-•• are Afghanistan \yith lorrit Made Christmas Sweets Will Grace Many Gift Tables Chflslnms candles and cookies re the order of the day In most Mississippi county kitchens. Miss Cora tee Colohiaii, home fiemon- Irnlion aguhl, has Hart many cnll or new recipes, nnrt suggests i cw which tiavc been tried nnd este:l by Miss Gertrude E. Con ant. extension nutritionist Unl versity of Arkansas College o Agriculture. Mnliy ot (he tnercdlcnls will b fovlncl on (he Inrm, so tlnit. Ill candy making will be less expen sivc, Miss Cora Lcc Colemn points out. i*roah ttiitearoons: 1 Ib. pcca ificats, 1 Ib. powdered sugar, 1° cup flour, 1-2 teaspoon salt ar the whites of G CUBS. Grind tl mils very line aim in'.x with 11 iiigiU'. salt, and llotn 1 . iseal II whites very Miff nnrt lold t' Ifiixtuic carefully iulo the B whites. Add 1-2 teaspoon aloud flavoring. Drop by teaspooil- Is on oiH'il paper and bake In a ow oven (250 decrees P.). Kc- ove from the paper as soon as icy arc done. Any kind of nuts ay be used for macaroons. t'rrtlmmon nut balls: 1 clip |icr- mmon pulp, 1 cui) nut meats, licans or hickory' hilts protCrlcd, ml confectioners 4 X sugar. He jove the seeds from the pci-slm ions by rubbllig the pulp tlirougti colander. Waiih the ptllp in a oublc boiler. Add the hut meats round flhc and Btlr In coulee- loners sugar until the mass can x> handled. Roll Into balls the Ixc of marbles and roll In grami- li ted sugar. I'cralnmum lo:lf: 2 cups suijiu, -a cUp milk, 'i taUlespooiis but- er, 1 l-'i cUus dried jwi-Klimualis, CUI In pieces, 1-2 crm nut meats. Boll the fitiKar and milk to the soft ball slilge. Add the Duller She Won't fee a Maverick Long and iwrollntnon.1 and bent utilir Ihc persimmons have dissolved lu the hoi .syrii|l. When it thickens add tilt nuts and coiillmic bcat- Ini! until it losbs Its gloss. 'I'lirli but on a c1alh|i towel and roll- up. Lcl It slnlill ilnlll hard nhd then cut In slices nuulit ulic-toUrlli liK'h thick. Ci:ukn- Jnctii 1 Hallon po|)iieil com, 1 1-2 cups sorghunl. 1-i '-'Hi) ._i —^_ ' sugar, a lni>lc!;|)Ool!fi biillcr, 1-1 there is a whole BC rle» of sintcs, I l^Poo" «lll and 1-4 leRSjlUon including Oman, which nrilalli! ilso helps ahrt with which 11 tins iad treaties for (V cehlury. 'I'hcsc han a iOF pn %all. ! 5000 Sews, Irah 64,000 with will! 40,000; and Turkey , Nails ',tai lUllalu Fumf lit Unrest Whatever Ibn 8auH, Kine of kSaudW>-ArabiB, might decide .to do fin tlirf^iflain part of Atabla, there [ is (ionfgierable doubt fr better Irak 1 and Syria would follow lils ek- I ample) lOrak— fofnlcriy the British I mandated tclrllory of MCsopoUim- ! )a taXsn ftom Turkey— was set up aii~~l?p?pendent slate by tlie will of Bfjtalh, but British Influence is slithers strong there and it \iouldjpe cxeried against any anh- ' SemitKg, excesses Syria Is to be , set lip- as a. similar independent 1 state by, France, Which held the l mand4}c Here again French In| fluenck. would \eto an anll-Scrnltlc. prograiji British influence 1 'again •would counteract such a iiiove In Egrptj-Kemal Atntufk lias made '[ of Turkey a laic sUite,,lndcpcnd- ' cnt of the Moslem religion, and | would .probably turn a ilcnf car to Arablan> appeals ' If, ripweMM, all . these Moslem states Jbf the Near Bast except Saudie Arabia remain quiescent; it [will not be for want of pfopa- | gancla^rom ^Euiopc. Here, as ev- ! crywhere, Naiii agents have VJeeii busy ,\?illi anti-Semitic literature and arenls But Italy ..has been more ; Concerned nitli anti-British propaganda The broadcasts from Bari, given in Arabian, have all I been jSp drawn as to make the Moslems and, irarticularly, the Arabs,*' suspicious of Britain. The • endeavor lias been to make Mu c : solini] 'appear as the champion ol the .Moslems. This has nnu effect^upon Ibn Saucl ttian any.df the other rulers and states Arab^nler Is Fickle in Allegiances Ibn .has plaved an in-and-on game -with England. During th worl^^war, when _he was increl ruler ; of Nejd in the northern par of Arabia, he got a subsidy o [ $2o,00fl] per month from Britaii ' 11 di^L not make him much of waf ally, but it kept him quie Smce'^Hen he has ousted the pup pet ting Britain set up In th Hedjaz'and himself is ruler o the hoi} cities of Mecca and M dma ' Jn fact, he how rules mos of the? Arabian peninsula. In most places ^whe re he docs not, he finds Bntrfn backing the independent state, jp! Kuwait oh the Persian gulf. j> Farther dow'n to the East Ircnlles o*ve livltnlii Ihe Inside ".rack In all the litirts on the Arabian side of llie I'crslan Onli ,ui(l llic Oull of Oinnn. both, of Wlilch arc on the way to Indlii. But even more aggravating to Ibn Sand Is llic situation on llic northwest. Here the British luivc :cl u!i a jmrt of tlib nnclcht I)o!y C«hd as Trans-.lordnn. The land runs ddivn to the CiuU of Aknba anil includes the city of Akasn. tlie only decent port on the cast- enl shore of the Red Sea. sorlii, Melt'llic butter In a large ..' kcllle, add the feolgliuin mill wlgar and let It boll slowly ilnlll it cracks when tried in cold walcf. UctiioVsi lo ttic Imck of I he stove titid adil the salt nntl ':oda. Gtlr until the soda Is dissolved and add the popcorn. Sllr' unlU Ihc trapcorn is All Coaled \vll.i the syrup anil then pack Ililb Ini-ge baking pans. Wheli cool, cut Inlo squares to serve. LIBERTY CASH GROCERS AIKKKY CIIKIS'i'MAS TO KVBRYONE Cranberries 12c ._, . CJ ' .. Oranges Juky Doz. lOc 'I he Oulf Stream 1ms a nmxi* mum veloclly of nearly live miles an hour, which Is equal to that o[ many Inland streams. Attention This store Will be open evenings . . until 9 o'clock, for ydlti' convenience, tuitil Christmas. /'' Chas. S* Lemons Miss Mary Adams Maverick, nbove, niece ot Congressman Mauijr Maverick ot Texas, aiiB John S. Larnbie, Jr., who made a round-trip flight to London for the coronation of King •George, have announced their engagement. Miss Maverick It itlidj'ing aft in Washington, D. C. Cocoanuts 4ic Cherries 12!c Cocoanut ? 18c Bananas 15c CHOCOLATE ""a. 10 C CANDY ' Mix BUSTER Mixed C'aiHly SLICES MILK Armani' LETTUCE Large Si/.o Hi-ad 5 ( Everything for your enter tainnieilt and com fort ^ Weds, - ihurs. BIGGEft th*h"The Big Hou.ti",.. SQUASH T CAULIFLOWER n 15 TftHGERIHES,' : 20 RAISINS Ctuslcf I'llliiul ORANGES Florida Duz. 15' CELERY Jumtio GRAPES Kc'd 01^ I'ound V2 GRAPEFRUIT CABBAGE DELICIOUS Apples 2 For ORANGES Extra Large Do/,cn Mixed Nuts Ib. 15c >,, tinrsday itnd Friday Specials TURKEYS Alive, Lb. . Dressed, Lb. liquer Quality •: Whiskey E WIS 66 gives you more value be- c^iisc it is a blend of frn£ \\hiskies oi distinctive types; In fitENDED WHISKEY ow experts blend extra* quality 3 year old Kentucky mash tub stfaight Bourbon t and rejjira quality 3 year 0$ Maryland pot still slight .Rye \vith noutral spirits; resulting in a blend of liq- uBr quality— mth full stferigth and the rich, sfnooth flavor that you desire. Sunlight Eggs doz. 27c Mixed Nuts, Nucrop Lb. Yl% Apples, Extra Large Each Sorghum, Best Miss. Gal. 59c Oysters, Extra Select Pint 33c HENS Fancy Fat, Alive, I,h Ific Dressed. I ,(> Oats, Mothers, Box 25c I Figs, 8 oz. pkgs, . 9c Salt, 100 Lb. Bags 98c | Cocoa, 2 Ib. box 15c CANDIES CHoc. Drops, l.b. ... FtShul Drlfllc Ib. n'.ic Fahcy Cliccclatcs Ib Il!ic Chcrtj- chncol. Box :!3c Ft} CtO. Mis, Mi. 8 \-'M nibbcn Xmas Mix liVic . . ROBINSON nllh IAMIS SUWM1 • ROSl S1R»DNER UOHtl SiaKDlR- DOUGHS SCOT IOHN CRRR»OI«t ' SIDKfY BUCHHER A Mctro-GoUxtn Mayer Picture Also raraniount Nciv^ & C'oincily Artmissidit Mallncc Iftc & 2Cc Admission Nlehl 16c & :«!c APPLES (S) "«'' 1 Selected Fttsh, 1)07.. Miss H Lb.. 38c Liberty 2 Lbs.. 49c ChiicoUtlc C(»vcrcri, NUTS Ccminp Soon: M>ve AND ntssfes NOTHING SACHKI) I>AMSK1, IN DISTKKSS CAMHttlC I'l.OilK j Is !i r.uod. ynu'll Ilkr il lutlcr llian olhrr Ilonra ;i»d Hit rticxs nm(cri:il^ ,\rf liranliriillf ilrsisnnl and ilMful. Ib. Sacks !):ILIS l.b. Kicks 81.73 9fi Ijb. Sacks SS.15 Mince Meat, pkg 9c Cream Meal, 24 Ibs 39c Flour, Guaranteed Bbl. $5.25 Pure Lard il 4 Lbs. Net 47c FRESH COUNTRY PORK Lb. 15c JIAMS, SHOUl.l)l;KE. SIDE AND SAUHACK TMWtttert R^erre Co. ' , r Tiw straight whiskies in ' uct »re 3 years Mutnl spirit*. Coffee, Arbuckle, Arisosa Lb. 15c Corn or Tomatoes can 7 Vac Sail Meat, Best Lb. 15c Sail Mcai; lor Boiling ...' Lb. 12y a c Mwslard or Cabup, Lge. sizes each 9c House Coilee Lb. 27%' Bacon Squares, Lb. 16c>- Shorts. 17 prot. $1,25 Yellow Soap 3 large bars lOc RITE PRICE GROCERY & MARKET PHONE,: 111 K. Miin In Blylhevilte •-• fpialily. nicrclwriUKuni-. "" Rierit" Trfcbs "Tivcrj Day WE DELIVER ROXY Admission Ativays lOc & 26c ^how rvery nlgbl. Blajlners i'ri- lay. Saliirila.v A Sunday Only. Vrlit.iy Si Stituby Matinees start 'tis Saturday Co illmmus Slibwlnp Irom 1 1o 11:10 p.m. Night shows slarl 6:1S p.m. PECANS Paper Shell, ALMONDS Pound 23 l KING MIX CANDY I'OUMll 12| c PECANS Shelleti Lb. 3S ( MARSHi\IAU.<»VS •l.ii'Ll). Cellophane H 15* EXTRACT D'blc. Stren. 8 Ox. HiHtlo SAURS KXTRACT Mcd. Uoltlc 9' Al IFluvnrs • J Pkg. , ..** h. i>kg. 14 C K.C STEAKS CHOI'S ROAST 1.1, STEAKS BEEF LIVER 15 COMPOUND LAUD l.b. 11' SPARE RIBS , IT 1 : DROMEDARY Dates CURRANTS Pkg. GRAHAM GRAPE JUICE Pint 19' OMEGA " u 35 <; HEINZ PUDDING M t IT COCKTAIL No. 21/, Can C PINEAPPLE No. 21/, 1QC Can 15 WESSON OIL 22 Hens - Ducks - Geese - Turkeys Oysters pint 32c I Mince Meat Weds.- Thurs. PAL NIGHTS! 2 Adulls Arfmlllcd for Trie* ot I SHE SWAPPED SWEETHEARTS AT THE ALTAR I JOHN BEAL FLORENCE RICE Tioducpd by fie^Ahch Slcppaal Bacon Fancy Sliced Lb. Picnic Ham Ib. 18c COUNTRY PIG HAM, HALF OH WHOLE, Lb SHOULDER, IMC NIC STYLE, Lb 12'/, c SAUSAGE, Lb • tuc MINCE MKAT - BREAD fan 12! No. 2 Call LIBBH PEARS 19 Also selected shorts. PIG LIVER 1'omul 11 C PORK BRAINS ,.15' BEEF Chi**, Ib 13c Sllldr. Clod. Ib 20c Thick kKibs, II) «»c EAGLE BRAND "IS 10° PET MILK Large KOI- DOTE CHOCOLATE I Lb. Kar HERSHEY CHOCOLATE |SC i-l Lb. I'kR. W Maxwell House or Canova, Lb. Crackers \\

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