The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JUNE W, 1980 •LTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACT? B!,rrFK 1 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople AILEHY NTBftMCE* YOU BETTER Be \ /OH. THIS? , CUZ I I THIS IS IP I KETCH eVEM / \ JIST MY A DRIED PRUWE Oi . SOU POJT <3IT I 1 WATCH .' HBV, *3U / V HE LEFT LOOK BULGY \ ( TO fcAE: SET/ UWLOAP- DUMP rr/ THE BOSS OFFERS ME A 6ALRRY JOB GODFREY AW WOULD TAKE TURNS EACH OTHER -n,X TOLD HE'D H'ftFTA BUY MV CONTRACT FROW CP.M SPLIT PRICE.' ATA CARNIVAL Lfi&' NIGHT, MAJOR.TUEV OFFERED ANYBODY 60T, , 6POTT-TT/3 VNE HAVE MO LEGAL--Hft<W.' T GET IT.' 66AD/ MICE WITH A 60X.ER-WRE5TLEK. MAILED GRIZZLY ODFREY-«~X BARBECUED J Wf\ >• IN 31. \ Y(fe WMCT Television on Tuesday 1:30 p.m.— Headlines tolO— News Summary HD— MldSouth News 2:00— Movie Matinee 2:30— Adventures in Sewini 3:00 — Berl Otswanger 3:30— Howdy Doody 4;00 — Cactus Jim 4:3»— Splnn & Needles S:0ft— KukU, Fran i Ollin 5:30 — Cartoon 5:45 — New« Caravn «:00— NBC Playhouse 1:00— Fireside Theater 7:30— Circle Theater 8:00 — Amateur Hnur »:00— Slim Rhode! 9:30— Film Featurettc 10:00— Newi C OR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE lYTHEVILLE5fll.ESU»* 3 C E MAINST BIVTHEVIUE ARK Church Sa/e /s Loss JOHANNESBURG </P) — They're used:to gold rushes In South Africa that'sVnothing lo what hap- to a.phurch jumble When the doors were opened there was stich a rush of customers that the attendants were pushed aside By Groce Nies Fletcher THK ATORYi evldencr t* el*a bftMd of Muiptcfon Gloria Hr orrfrr to K«€ rr JniUd bun- 1*vo murilerM, • pfr, !• vrhtrk * jilnlrn Brrklaee ka» been b*kr4. t* Mr*. Urn on I, h?r former »**! door M«JK •>*><"*. now « fa^l rive from pnllr*. Hut Clnrla ciprctk rr tut* I tinr* OB iK'e part »f thr Bc»*»til» and HOW [• irylnir tn Bnd • Klin l» furrr Ikrm (• talk at tkclr mrrHne, Somcnne hn« been fnllowiiiK «;iorl« n*<d l»»a )BMt jostled her. MplllinK (hr <-nn- ((••!• of her piirxe OM Ike Hidewalk. XVIII r p!IE person who had pushed Gloria Brown, and who had presumably opened the clasp on her purse, was after the necklace. that much Gloria knew. But who? The Bcnonis? Lofty Gordon? "Which way did he go?" Sammy the newsboy demanded, doubling up his fists, his own face tortured at the fear on hers. "It's nothing," Gloria gulped. "The clasp just came undone." After this, in broad dtiylight, she had to have a gun for tonight. "Come on, Sammy, let's so." As they started toward the Park, she kept glancing right and left, looking for a familiar face, yet half-nfraid she'd see one. It would be a comfort to know Han- iou'11 Love Our Flowersl BLVTHEViLLE FLOWER MART Memphli Hlwm; rhont «MI On Your (jleman FLOOR FURNACE tf You Install ft Before July 31s) Do It Now! Sav* money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat $«• A Demonstration Today Chas. S. Lemons Furniture gun. j "Keep walking," Sammy ndvisod ! ns they came inside the Park entrance. They made a strange-looking couple, the girl in her stylish jade- green .suit that spelled exclusive shop, sauntering along in her hand-made high-heeled snndals, and the newsboy with his shapeless slacks flapping about his skinny legs. "I need a knigtft, Sammy," she told him. "Did you ever rend about the Knights of the Round Table? Well, I do not need a kntght in armor like Sir Launcelot, but I need the armor!" "Come again. I don't get you," said Sammy, puzzled. "I need a guni" Sammy whistled, but he did not ask her why she wanted one, she whose husband as he must know from Ihc paper was already wanted for murder; nor did he ask why he couldn't get one herself; none of the obvious questions. lie merely accepted Ihc Tact that his lady was in distress and needed his help. "My old man's a night watchman," he told her slowly, "but I dunno. . . , He keeps his gun in drawer in his dresser in his bedroom so the kids won't get it. I dunno if he's asleep yet. But tomorrow . . ." HE hand Gloria laid upon hts skinny, liUle boy arm was shaking in spite ol all she could do. "H I don't get a gun tonight, zny picture may be in your paper tomorrow," she told him grimly. "Very—doacl." He was off like a shot, calling back as he rnri. "I'll bring it to your apartment!" "No, Sammy, wait." She ran after him breathlessly, stopped him lo plan. "It wouldn't be safe. Too many policemen. I'll be in .your corner at a quarter of 9 to- j night. Okay? It's a matter of life Sammy turned an anguished while under his freckles. "Okay," he managed to say. He looked very small as she watched him RO through the great gates of the Park, running for fear his old man would be gone with his gun. A very small person upon, whom to pin her hopes lor siifely and maybe Miltiades 1 hopes for freedom, but Glori^ had no one else. At 8:15 o'clock that night, Gloria had finished dressing for her desperate adventure. She wore a dark blue suit, with n dark blue scurf lied over her bright hair. She also wore dark blue sneakers"The Shadow," she giggled looking at her own small figure in the mirror. 1 Except for occasional curves here and there, she might well be a pal of Sammy the newsboy. , She added a blue suede bag in vlnch to carry the gun and a iasteboard box in which reposed he precious pie. Gloria cautiously opened her iving room window and let her- elf out onto the fire escape. She flattened herself against the dark wall of the building. The court, on which the lights hone down from the apartment louse windows was a weird checkered pattern of black and white ind it looked very far below. But ihc could see no one there. * * • HE shifted the box and bag to her left arm so her right hand wo»ld be free to clutch the railing of the fire escape. The bag, slung over her shoulder, bumped against icr legs and the stairway seemed o have developed vast empty pnccs through which it might be iasy to fall at ,1 misstep. She clutched the pie closer, hoping lhat no one would look "rom his window and yell: "Peop- ng Tom!" This pie already had wrought death to two people and 't might well bring the end to her f Ihe wrong persons were waiting it the foot of the fire escape. Lofty Gordon, for instance, "Oh gosh!" she grunted as the nst section of the fire ' escape started moving. It was sort of a ladder which let down when a person's weight was on it. Like most such gadgets, it stuck and then as she fumbled awkwardly, it came down with a nirip "Clang!" She wailed fearfully, wondering if it would he heller in case of discovery to leave the pic on the fire escape or to hurl it through the nearest window and rim. Bui all she could hear was the usual bedlam of bint ing radios and an announcer's voice inquiring loudly: "Do you have that awful pain in your kidneys? Take . . ." She crept on down the ladder and ran as fast as she could on her silent sneakcrcd feet across the court and into the alley beyond and then stood very still, scarcely daring to breathe, for on the sidewalk at the end of the alley were two dark figures, waiting. Policemen? Hansen? (To Be Continued) 6-20 t 1KQ 9f Hit. BtRVICE, IMC. T. H. REQ. U. &. FAT. Off. FRECKLES AND HIS FK1ENDS—BY MERRILL BLOSSEH His Had Day Jeeptus, TMrtfe* ALL LCAVM6 Tb«N/ OH. WELL. I CAM ALWRYS YAK ABOUT •*/ PU*« WITH "I realize our club room flag which we salute is rathor frayed, but for reasons of economy, our treasurer rocoin- msnds that we carry on with it until Alaska and Hawaii are admitted to the Union!" LOOK, LETS START A \ IfJCLUC* NEW CLUB DURIM&- . I ME OLR SUMMER VACATION' COT; WE'LL CALL ir THE SHAOVSIDE ATHLETIC I'M AND WARMWCiTMER. WOOIN6 CLUB ' TO X"R> CAMP/ BRACE YOURSELF, FRECKLES. I've GOT GRUESOME NEWS .' PRISCILLA'S PO1- Why Take Clumccs? HY AL VERMEER and knocked over. By the time they had recovered, the customers had departed with the entire stock —without paying. WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 GASOUNK — TRACTOR RIR1 — KKKOSKNB KUEL OIL — DIESEL FUEL OIK & GREASE G. O. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: 11 fi W. Walnut Bulk Plant: Promised We're Proud of Our Work Machine work Manufacturing BARKSDALE MFG. CO. GOSH, WHAT A DREAM! A WHOLE ARMY OF BLONDES WAS CHASING ME! WHY DON'T YOU GE 1 THE CHANCE THEM CATCHING S4Y A07- MORNING?? I'M GOING' liY MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANS VJHAT TIME DID \ LATE FOR DOBBIN, YOU 6GT IN LAST \ VERMONT. ANYWAY. W6I11, VIC? MUST J CYNTHIA BAKER AND HAVE BEEN Jib. 1 WERE OUT ON PRETTY I ATE. F?X THE TOWN. (OLD PLACE IS PRETTY > DESERTED TODAY. WHERE T OVER TO BOBBY'S. SHE VI YOU HEADED I WANTS ME TO HELP HER NOW? / WITH SOAVC LAST MINUTE PACKING. SHE-'S ICAVINS THIS AFTERNOON AND NUMBER OIK ON THE LIST IS MRS. KYLE'S CLOTHSS CLOSET/ GOOD TIME FOR A CAI'TAIN EASY A Shock for Mrs. C(if)I) HY LESLIE TURNER The Strongest GRAIN BIN Made The Martin "Husky Gaint" is U. S. Gov'l. approved —weather-proof, fireproof, ratproof. Designed especially for soybean growers, this storage bin conlains ,*pore steel than any other. The ZVi in. corrugation prevents bulging and sagging. Sold by Blytheville Soybean Corp. BlythevilU Phone 6856 SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! 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