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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California • Page 9

San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California • Page 9

San Francisco, California
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fli SA IrJBAHOIBCO CHRONIOIiE SUKtfAY ATTGHTST 25 1901 injin i i nr 1 1 1 in i i i i 1 1 iw i un i frw Hnw inn 1 1 tit iHw iiiiiiiii i K4to rHH THE DAYS NEWS IN CITIES ABOUT THE BAY i IM 1 1 1 Ml 1 1 1 a 1 1 MWl 1 1 1 I fl 1 11 1 vt It I II I UH I Ml nil 1 1H HI I III II I IH 1 1 1H 1 1 1 II liiii PHYSICIAN IS ROBBED OF COIN Dr Shannon Held Up inDooryard by Lone Highwayman Oakland Branch Office of tha Chronicle U30 Broadway corner Ninth ttrect OAKLAND August 24 Dr Shannon whose home Is on Chicago and Wat on avenue In the Peralta Heights district was held up and robbed a few mornings ago by the most persistent footpad that has yet operated In this city which ii a way is noted for Its freak crimes and criminals Dr Shannon is a member of the Woodmen and when the all nlgtt initiation was held tn the Fernbrook Park near Niles a week ago he attended mid participated in the celebration He arrived in Oakland about 4 oclock the next morning and leaving the train at Brooklyn station started to walk to his home For several blocks he had company and walked along without a suspicion that he was about to be held up When his friend left him the doctor walked along Fourth avenue Imhe direction of his home and had just reached Ktghteenth street when a stranger with hlo face well masked stepped out In the street and pointing a pistol at the doctor demanded his money The man or medicine in his younger days had quite a reputation as an athlete and he has not entirely outlived his ability In that dlrec tton i As the story is told he was at first inclined to do battle rather than gUe up hW valuables but on second thought and rth the villainous looking pistol looking him squarely in the face he decided that as he had but a small amount of silver with him the better plan would be to hand It over to the highwayman and proceed on his way home mentally resolving that In the future he would hire a cab rather than take chances on being held up and possibly shot because he did not carry with him a sufficient amount of aluables to satisfy the desires of the footpad who so firmly demanded that the doctor turn his trousers pockets inside out The robber took tn small amount of change his Uctlm had with him but was apparently satisfied that he was being illy paid for tne chance he was taking and as Jie walked along toward the Shannon residence he Informed the doctor that he had the reputation of carrying more coin than an examination of his pockets had disclosed and Insisted that it should be forthcoming from some direction The doctor maintained that he had given up every ent he had about him or in his home for that matter As ie turned to go up the steps leading to his home the robber remarked that as the doctor was at home he would have no further use for his clothing and might as well take It off In the doorjard thus allowing the robber to go through the pockets ery carefully and at his leisure There was no alternative and the 5octor complied with the robbers request but Mrs Shannon hearing the disturbance In the yard raised a window in an attempt to ascertain what was the cause of the disturbance and this had the effect of frightening the robber who immediately took to his heels and the doctor was able to gather ud his clothes and seek safety and seclusion In his home The story of the robbery he has attempted to keep quiet but told It to one or two friends who thought it too good a story to keep They in turn told It to others and now It has become a general topic of comer cation among the medical men of this city and In fact was told at a banquet given last night at which a number of physicians Including Dr Shannon were present PREPARING TO ENTERTAIN Th Starr King Fraternity Announces Its Winter Programme OAKLAND August 24 The programme of the Star King Fraternity for the coming year is practically completed and will be officially issued within ten days It includes the principal features of las years entertainment among them being the art exhibit which will be enlarged so as to accept water colors ceramics and photographs the annual dinner and lectures by well known local speakers and one or two visitors The membership of the fraternity which has by constitution been limited to 150 members will be increased by twenty five The officers who were recntl elected are President Dr Edward von Adelung vice presidents Mrs a Kluegal and William Gorrill treasurer Max Koenig financial secretary Galloway corresponding secretary Miss Ad die Gorrill In addition to those who hold office the directorate is made up of Miss Ida Vandenrarr Mrs Charles Gillman Dr Hackett and Reynolds The councilors are Rev Charles Wendte Senator George Perkins John Irish Snow Warren Olney A Nye Mrs Ross Browne Barker John A Bliss and A Booth WILL OF PETER THOMSON VNealthy Pioneer Disposed of His Property During His Lifetime OAKLAND August 24 The will of the late Peter Thomson a pioneer arid leader of Scottish clans has been admitted to probate and his son Edward Thomson has been appointed executor of the estate which Is valued at about 500 The deceased who amassed a fortune amounting to about 300000 during his lifetime disposed of most of his propert among his wife and children before his death which accounts for the small alue placed upon the estate By the terms of the will half of his propert personal and otherwise Is to go to his wife and the remainder is to be divided equally among his three children Edward Thomson aged 40 ears Lucy Thomson aged 88 arid David Thom hon aged 36 years The widow was nominated to serve as executrix together with hr son but has renounced her rrght io erve The will was witnessed by James McDonald and Wlelbye DIED ON A STREET CAR Man Returning From Work Stricken With Heart Failure OAKLAND August 24 Daniel Middle storb died this evening while riding from Berkeley to this city on car 12S of the Groe street line He had boarded the car In Berkeley where he had been working at his trade which is that of a carpenter When the car reached the Grove street power house at Forty ninth street it was discovered that he was dead and thwiily was removed and the Coroner notified Mi1iie3tb rWed at 875 Sixtieth street with his wife He was SO years of age It is believed that he was if not dead unconscious wheiVythe car passed Sixtieth street where he was accustomed to leave the car He has it Is said been subject to heart trouble which It Is believed was the cause of deaths SOCIETYS DOINGS ACROSS THE BAY verson J269 Filbert tret Rer Dr Charles Brown of the First Congrega tional Church performed the ceremony at which only the relatives of the bride ana groom were present The brides gown was of white ilk moussellne over white taffeta The bodlee wa richly trimmed and the yoke and sleeves were of rare old lace The large drawlngroom was beautifully decorated tor the occasion Live oak boughs Jars of pink carnations and garlands of huckleberry were used to adorn the house A wedding breakfast was served after the ceremony and this evening Mr and Mrs Roberts left for Dawson City The groom has been for some time engaged as a mining engineer and has extensive mining interests The bride is one of tha most popular and well known society girls in Oakland Mrs Henry Rosenfeld was the hostess at the luncheon to Miss uage xnu decorations were bridal in effect nd extremely artistic Mrs Rosenfeld guests were Miss Ethel Gage Miss Mabel Gage Mrs William uicnarason jr Miss Anita Lohse Mrs senwenn Mrs James Tyson Mrs John Hampton Mrs George de Uolla Mrs Alexander Airs Roy Mauvals Mrs Churchill Taylor Mrs A A Long the Misses Nicholson Miss Kate Chabot Mrs jsawara Engs ana Mrs Wlckham Havens The marriage of Miss Richardson and Mr Lund was very quiet only relatives being present Rev MacdOnald as sistant pastor or me irsi i resoyicrian Church performed the ceremony The bride wore a go away gown and hat to match After a wedding breakfast Mr and Mrs Lund left on a short wedding trip They will live in Oakland on their return The bride Is a popular member of the young set The groom is also well known FIREMAN DIES FIGHTING FLAMES OAKLAND August J4 Three events of social importance claimed the attendance of Oakland people to dayt Miss Etta Eversons marriage to John Tompkins Roberts a luncheon to Miss Ethel Gage a hrjde elect and the wedding of Miss Char lotte Richardson and Mr Lund The Eyerson Roberts nuptials were attended by a large circle of relatives of both young people tne oaee luncneon naa eighteen guests and a corresponding number of relatives and friends witnessed the Rich arasan iund function i miss Everson and Mr Roberts were married at 20 oclock at the residence of tot prides parents Mr and Mrs yvaiiaca Stoker Ennis Overcomo With Smoke at a Conflagration Last Night OAKLAND August 21 William Ennis a stoker of Engine 3 was overcome by smoke while fighting fire at the residence of John Wesley at 2130 Chestnut street to night and died in a short time When the engine arrived at the scene of the tire1 Ennis was one of the first to enter the burning building Falling to return his comrades began to search for him finally locating him In the rear of the house where he lay unconscious Ennis lived with his family at E67 Eighth street BURGLAR FRIGHTENED AWAY Unsuccessful Attempt to Enter Residence of Daniel OBrien OAKLAND August 24 An attempt was made to rob the residence of Daniel OBrien foreman of Engine No 2 10 Fifth street shortly before 1 oclock this morning The burglar tried to gain an entrance through a window on the ground floor but waa frightened away by the conversation of the occupants who were awakened by the noise of the opening window OBrien states that he was in a sound slumber immediately before being aroused by the would be housebreaker His first Impression waq that other members of his household were stirring but upon in estimation found that the noise was caused by the raising of the window A young lady who occupies the room Into which the burglar tried to gain an en trance was also awakened by the noise but was not alarmed thinking as did OBrien that other occupants of the house were moving The marks of the burglars Jimmy are plainly visible upon the wlndow elll but he left nothing that would lead to Is capture SUIT OF C0AL SH0VELER He Values Two Fingers at Five Thousand Dollars OAKLAND August 21 Suit has beeiv brought by Mads Nlelson a coal shoveler against the Howard Company for damages In the sum of 220 Nlelson alleges in his complaint that two fingers of his left hand were broken and crushed by a bolt which fell from a height of about seventy feet from a traveling crane and claims that the aocidentwas caused by the gross carelessness of the employes of the defendant in neglecting to fix the bolt securely in place It is set forth that the plaintiff received for his services as a coal shoveler at least 20 a week up to the time of the accident which happened while the plaintiff was engaged by the Howard Company and was at work upon the bark Highland Light He claims that it will be impossible for htm to earn a living at his former occupation on account of nls injury and asks for damages and costs of the suit Gift for St Patricks Church OAKLAND August 24 For the first time in many months there is to be oclock mass celebrated in St Patricks Church It is the hope of the pastor McNally that men who are compelled by reason of their calling to work on Sunday will avail themselves of this opportunity to attend services Mrs Berger who recently presented the church with a handsome statue of St Anthony of Padua has within the past few days made another handsome gift to the church It is an immense bronxe candelabrum with burnished brass trimmings It will be lighted for the first time at to morrow evenings service at which time Father McNally will deliver an address on the Light of Faith Big Coal Heap Smoldering OAKLAND August 24 The Immense pile of coal which the Southern Pacific Company has stored in the West Oakland vards Is on fire In the heap there is said to be very nearly 12000 tons Naturally he fire which was started as the result of spontaneous combustion burns very slowly and in an attempt to save the coal quantities are being taken from the center of the heap thus dividing the bulk In addition another precaution Is being taken hav lng a fire hose playing ater on the smoldering heap While the loss will be quite heavy It i the opinion of those who have charge of the work thajtney will be abl i to save the most of the coal INDIAN LORE AT THE UNIVERSITY Says Collectors Are Bogus OAKLAND Aujrust 24 Henderson general superintendent of the American Home Finding Association of the Pa dfic Coast says that he has received word from Stockton Santa Cruz and other places that persons have been collecting without authority for the association oi which he Is the superintendent This he declares materially hurts the association as many well disposed persons give to impostors believing they aro assisting the soctetv He also desires to call attention to the fact that Mrs Jennie Nichols ho waa formerly engaged by the association Is no longer connected with the society in any manner whatsoever Alimony Is Granted Mrs Holmes OAKLAND August 24 AMmony Inthe amount of 20 a month has been granted Mrs Ethel Holmes who is suing Car Mrs Hearst Founds New Chair to Study Aboriginal Remains vorceon the ground of cruelty pending the trial of the caie In making her petition for the alimony Mrs Holmes testified that her husband owned valuable property In Oakland and San Jose and that he was able to make some provision for her support No opposition was pre sented In behalf of the defendant and the motion was granted together with 50 at tomeys fees and lit costs I Ul Le Conteft Estate Appraised OAKJiAND August 14 i Frank fcoule George Edwards and Li Cary appraisers of the estate of the late Professor Joseph Le Conte have filed their Invert tory and appraisement of the estate The entire property is valued at 142459 18 Casrfln various jbnnkj composes the jrearer part of the estate the aggregate amount being 32459 18 Royalties ypon the various scientific works of the deceased and manuscripts yet to be pub Ushed are valued at 110000 5 i 1 1 iiiiii Tb OkHnd branch offlc of the Croalclo 1 located at 860 Browii corner Kinta BERKELEY August 24 A department of Indian anthropologv will be added to the University of Cajlfomla for the Investigation of Indian remains and languages Mrs Phebe Hearst is the founder of the new chair and is providing the funds for the maintenance of the department The gift comes as tho result of an interest the has long felt in the archaeological relics of the former masters of the country In the Investigation of which she has alreadv aptnt considerable money She has nw several expeditions at work on the Pacific coabt of America notably one in Peru where important results have already been attained one in Yucatan and one In California under Dr Philip Mills Jones A head for tho department has already been secured Dr A Kroeber of Harvard has been engaged by the University as instructor in Indian anthropology Through Mrs Hearsts generosity he is to undertake In the name of the Unlverslt the formation of a department of research Into the antiquities folklore and languages of the American Indiuns Dr Kroeber has studied under Dr Putnam professor of anthropology at Harvard and the leading investigator in that science in America The new instructor has also performed muchj valuable research work He will arrive In Berkeley atout September 1st A vigorous attempt wlU be made by the new department to rescue the fading rem nunts of Indian lore before it is too late It Is said that more Indian languages are spoken to day in California than In all the other states of the Union put together Some of theso language are now almost extinct and are known to only half a dozen or so Individuals In the course of a few years thev will have perished abso lutely unless they are recorded ana preserved Dr Kroeber will be assisted In this work bv PUnr Goddard who has been appointed Hearst fellow In anthropologv Dr Kroeber and Goddard will make records of the languages spoken by the California Indians and these languages will be carefully studied according to the latest scientific methods BURGLARS WHO LIKE PIE Berkeley Residents Annoyed by Thieves Who Rob Pantries BERKELEY August 24 Pie thieves are operating through the residence portion of the town lying on the south of the University grounds with so much regularity that housekeepers are finding It olfflcult to keep overnight supplies In ther pantries For the last two weeks residents almost too frequently for tlelr tempers have arisen in the mornlrg find their houses broken into and larders raided The thieves have left nu trace Whoever they are thev seem to hv after nothing but eatables Pie and roast beef seem to be the favorite prises though several housekeepers have reported the loss of considerable cold chicken Price the photographer is the latest to report a raid His residence at Uplon street and Bancroft way as entered last night and the meat safe was emptied of pastry roast lamb chicken and fruit The residents In that part of town Intend to set traps and will make an attempt to catch the miscreants Fell From High Roof BERKELEY August 24 George Wel don a painter employed on the Phillips lcsldence at College avenue and Kearny street slipped from the roof this afternoon and fell to the ground thirty feet below suffering severe Injuries He was picked up unconscious and taken to Dr Clarks orfiee where he waa found to have buitained concussion of the spine and Internal Injuries Weldon will live but may not be well for a long time He was removed to his home on Eighteenth street in San Francisco mony was performed by Rev Dr FranJc Brush pastor ot the First Presbyterian Church The bride wap cttended by Mirs Edith 3 Fox sister of the groom and A Nissen acted as best man The residence was decorated for the occasion and a wedding supper followed the ceremony The bride is a niece of McCord of the passenger department of the Southern Pacific Company in San Francisco The groom is connected with the Alameda Poatofflce and is well known here his father having been one of the earliest settlers on the Encinal He is a prominent Kiember of Encinal Lodge and of Sunset Encampment No 5 I and is a trustee of the Mall Carriers Association The couple will go to Los Angeles to spend the honeymoon On returning they will reside at 1J70 Broadway Deaths in Alameda ALAMEDA August 24 After an Illness of three months William Carroll Albes died this morning of ty photd fever at his home 1613 Grand street The deceased was the youngest sen of Mr and Mrs Albers He as a native of San Francisco aged 2S years and had resided here since infancy having been educated in the Alameda schools Mrs Fannie Harry wife of John Harry died this morning at her home 1519 Mozart street She was a native of England aged 33 years Besides her husband ihe leaves a daughter aged 8 yearE The funeral will take place from theIate residence at 3 on Mondav Mrs Meetr widow of Theodore Mettz who was at one time a capitalist and street car magnate of this city died thl morning at her home T35 Railroad avenue Death resulted from cancer after a lingering lllneFs The deceased was an old resident of this city She was a native of Germany Referred to Traveling Fireman ALAMEDA August 24 City Clerk Gll loglv has received a reply from Superintendent James Aeler of the railroad company in regard to the oil burning loeomo Uc on the local broad gauge linf of which complaint had been made to the City Trustees by a number of residents The superintendent Ma tee that the om pany has had a traveling fireman ride on the engines here and instruct the firemen In the feeding of oil and reports the engine In perfect order He is of the Impression from his letter to the clerk that the complaint is of old date and wishes further information The combustion of the oil is complained of as Jarring houses olocKs away Run Over in a Runaway ALAMEDA August 24 Bernard Egen lie ger a local baker was run over by his vagon this morning when his horse ran away on Webb avenue He had caught the bridle In an effort to stop the animal but Wdb thrown down and run over after being dragged for some distance Unless there should prove to be internal injuries he will not suffer from his experience The horse ran to tne railroad track on Everett street and brought the vehicle to a stop In a cattle guard without doing any serious injury SMALL BOYS ACCUSED CONTRACTS FEVER JTUC ADADATADV City Bacteriologist Kane Has Symptoms of Typhoid Oakland Branch Office of the Chronicle JM Broadway corner Ninth street OAKLAND August 21 Dr Kane city bacteriologist is very ill at his home in East Oakland and his attending physician Dr Hamlin says that he has jvery sympton of coming down with au attack of typhoid fever Kane realizes that he has the symptoms of that fever and is firm In the belief that he contracted the disease while examining typhoid fever specimens In the city bacteriologieai department During the last few weeks there have been a number of suspected typhoid speci mens submitted to the city bacteriological department and Kane has examined all of thtn He has taken an unusual amount oi interest in these cultures has devoted Poetically all his time to bacteriological fv ork and has made repeated tests to ver ify his own reports as to the correctness of the reports that he has submitted to physicians regarding the specimens that have been submitted to him In a large percentage of the specimens examined the true typhoid bacillus waa found Though Dr Kane has btn feeling 111 for scv era day and has had more or less fevvr it was not until yesterday that he waa compelled to give up work To day hlT case was so well de eloped that Dr itarnlln who was summoned to treat him has but little doubt that his brother practitioner is suffering from typhoid feveF Or Kanes condition said Dr Hamlin to ilay leaves practically no doubt that he is suffering from tj phoid fever and Is quite positive that he contracted the Caught Marking Lottery Tickets BERKELEY August 24 Marshal Charles Kerns made a raid last night on a Chinese laundry at Blake street and Shattuek avenue and seized Gee Chan Van with a lot of lottery tickets In nls possession Kerns found the Chinese In the act of marking a lottery ticket Three hundred of the tickets were confiscated and Yan was taken to the County Jail at Oakland He was releasetrnhls morning on furnishing 100 cash ball and he will be tried before Justice of the Peace Edgar next Friday morning Filipinos Enter University BERKELEY August 24 Three Filipino students the first to enter the University of California completed their matriculation to day They will spend their time In scientific studies One of them Teodoro ttentos has entered the College of Agriculture and Miguel Lukban and Antonio Fexon have entered the course in civil engineering BONDING BAY FARM ISLANDJ Efforts to Secure Control of Two Hundred and Seventy Acres ALAMEDA August 24 and A Stone of Oakland who own extensive marsh lands are making an effort to bond all of Bay Farm island The explanation riven by them to day is that they desire to secure sufficient high land to float marsh lands which it Is their purpose to reclaim As the Island has long been re frarded as an Ideal terminus for a road the nhabltants are disposed to see a big project behind the proposition of the Stono brothers and cannot see what relation tu the marsh lands the plan to bond the valuable holdings on the Island can have fha lonil la held at 11 XV and miwarrt an acre and being rich arable soil Teases for 50 an acre Property owners on Bay Farm Island have received letters from the Stones offering to purchase their property at a good price There are 370 acreu In all on the island Of the larger pieces the Cleve ljnds own 60 acres Benedict 22 and A McDonnell 20 acres Tha Stone Brothers recently sold their interest in the Haywards line and the bonding prop putlon has aroused talk of the old county road to this city from Mt Eden by way of the Island which could be repaired for a competitive trolley line at comparatively small cost and It Is claimed that such a road woud open up a rich farming country and prove profitable Off the vesterly end of the Island there Is a sand spit running for miles into the bay which could be utilized In building a mole connecting with a more direct line to San Francisco Preparing for Canal Work ALAMEDA August 24 That the At lantic Gulf and Pacific uredgmg com They Are Found With a Wagonload of Stolen Goods OAKLAND August 24 Charles and Mien Harris and 6 years of age respect Is ely are charged by I Kowalsky a ped dier with breaking into his place of business on Twenty fifth street and carrying away on a miniature express wagon a half dozen bottles of champagne a box of eggs a roll of paper some dishes a bird cage and two toy trunks as well as some books According to the story told by Kowalaky he and his wife were returning from a drive in the country late this afternoon and at the corner of Twenty second and Grove streets saw the two boys haullnif the plunder in their wagon Kowalsky recognized the stuff and calling a policeman asked to have the boys arrested The younger of the lads escaped though the older was taken to the City Prison where he is hold though doubtless he will owing to his tender age be released within a short time The police have taken the boys wagon and its load In char go and are holding the stuff awaiting developments No attempt will be made to take the younger lad in custody Kowalaky claims that the boys forced an entrance to his place of business which is practically a storeroom SHOT FIRED AT SYLVA Exciting Incident in the Sausalito Poolroom Controversy SAUSALITO August 24 The aftermath of Town Trustee Adolph Sylvas recent attempt to close the poolrooms was productive of a bit of gun play to night in which bylva was the target and Tom Frost a raloon keeper was the marksman Sylva escaped the bullet tnd the trouble ended with the arrest of Frost by a night watchman Since Sylva changed from a supporter to an opponent of the poolrom Industry as conducted by Joe Harvey and Daroux Broyer he and Frost have been at swords points To night at about 10 oclock the two met In front of Frosts saloon and angry words were followed by a pistol shot I was walking along the street with Ed Maloney said Sylva Frost stopped me and demanded to know what I meant by the stand I had taken I told him that I was opposed to poolrooms because women were permitted to play He became an ery and as I stood a few feet away from him he pulled a pistol and fired a shot at me Luckily he missed me and shortly afterward the night watchman placed him under arrest roll Holmes a tlealerin bicycles for 31 tPany anticipates favorable news from Washington on the matter of the hold up of the tidal caaal work was evidenced yes terdav when a new steam shovel was shipped to Melrose and run on the side trck leading to the canal A foreman Ptsted that work on the canal would be resumed withtn two weeks The last rer port from Washington was to the effect that Kiihu Root Secretary of War was in favor of ordering the contracts approved VJthat the work of dredging could proceed Jt is felt here that the bridge com nany would pot be preparing for work the company hadvtot an intimation that favorable action was to be taken soon at Washington on the numerous protests against delaying the canal project which have been sent on from tnls and near by cities Fox McCord Wedding ALAMEDA August 2L Percy Fox and Miss Mabel McCord gave their friend a surprise this afternoon when their mar rlase took plase at the ham of the gnoonj 1 1170 Broadway Only relatives and a few Intimate friends were present The cere Prosecution Ends in Wedding SAN RAFAEL August 24 When tha ise of Robert Rutherford accused of criminal assault came up for its preliminary heating before Judge Rodden this morning a continuance of one hour was given for the defendant and Miss Emily Ny th chief witness Tor the prosecution to have time to get married The groom who is barely 17 years ot age and the bride who is 14 hastened to the home of the Judge who Is hearing the case and after having the nuptial knot tied hastened bck to heer the remaining testimony to be given in the trial Rutherford was accuted by Airs Mercy Ny the brides mother with assaulting the girl Mrs Ny was the chief witness against the defendant but owing to her marriago to him to day her testimony will beneces parily strielten from the proceedings After listening to the remaining evidence to day Judge Rodden took the case under udvisement MISCELLANEOUS The Stimulus of Pure Blood That is what is required by every organ of the body for the proper performance of its functions It prevents biliousnpss dyspepsia constipation kidney complaint rheumatism catarrh nervousness weakness faintness pimples blotches and all cutaneous eruptions It perfects all the vital processes Keeton Woodstock Ala took Hoods Sareaparllla to make his blood pure He writes that he had not felt well hu tired for some tlmet Before he had 4tni3hed the first bottle this medicine he felt better and when ffe had taken the second was like another man free from that tired feeling and able to do his work Hoods Sarsapqrilla Promises to cure and keeps the promise Accept noubstitute but get Hoods to day Ulstase while working la the city la bora turv This opinion I share with him for he has been busy of late and has to my knowledge examined a number of typhoid specimens The illness of Dr Kane and the manner In which he contracted the disease recalls tl fatal illness of Dr Charles Fisher who was one ot the best known and most successful practitioners on this side of tit bay He was greatly interested in bacteriological work and microscopy and when Dr Wythe by reason of advanced age gave up his work in that line it fell to Dr Fisher About three years ago almost on the eve jf the day that had been set for his marriage Fisher was taken down with tj phoid fever which caused his death It was the opinion of Dr Fishtr as well as the physicians who attended him in his last illness that the disease was contracted while working In his laboratory OODMEN All mcnibprs of Alpha Camp Xo 101 of are requested to meet In the Camp torent 115GH Kiurteenth street at 1 1 Jl Sunday August 25th to attend the fn ueral of Neighbor A Ntpenberjcrn SMITH Clerk MISCELLANEOUS Specialists for Men Strictly Reliable Dr Talcott Co PRACTICE CONFINED TO DISORDERS OF THE MALE Ily far the most frequent cause of nerrous disorders of the male is A Damaged Prostate Gland The Prostate Gland so called neck of bladder is a structure Terr rich In nerTes When the terminations of these nerxei are kept in a constant state of excitement br chronic Inflammatory processes It app ars very clear that by transmission ot this Irritation to other nerTes the patient mar be subject to nervous phenomena of the most varied character Irematurenrss Loss of Vitality etc are not weaknesses but symptoms of this Inflammation ve bare prepared a colored chart which we nlll send free on application by which any on Interested can readily understand nhy If be has been treated for a Teakness he has not been cured We particularly solicit this class of cases and can promise a speedy cure Varicocele Varicocele an enlargement of the most rltal blood vessel in man If is commonly known as tarlcose veins In lueir normal condition tbelr function Is to cirry off waste material thus enabling the organs to receive fresh nutrition Owing to the breaking down of the valves caused by the paralysis at the muscular coat of the veins they lm omr dilated ajtl local stagnation of the blood follows Ihe vital nerves neing deprived of their proper quality and quantity of nrurUlunent weakness is the result Statistics prove that 25 per cent of the male populalm are afflicted with varicocele in some stage of ths disease We grosrantc to cure varicocele tn one week at our office or fcur wteks rf beme treatment without tbe use of knifp caustic or ligature We have curvd over 20OO cases without a single failure or unpleasant result We tnTlte porr spondence and tbe fullest Investigation of our method and can refer to cured patients If desired 997 Market Street Corner Sixth Fortland Branch 230i Alder St cor Thirrf WXen rcqnested the Kesorts mentioned In this rclumn will send yoc circulars giving full Information regarding special advantages rate manner of rearhlnc them etc When writing plea mention Chroniele WHEN REQUESTED the Resorts mentlonrd in theee columns will send you baoiclatx aiuina full information regarding special advantages rates manner of reaching themt etc When writing please mention the Chronicle HOTEL GENEVA AND COTTAOES SAtBALITO Only thirty minutes from the city table complete service an Ideal summer and winter resort climate and viw oneqnaled OH AIIAM Proprietor Anrnt fa the heat month io the year to visit the famous hot springs of Paao Kobles This la the most wonderful resort In the West for the relief and eure cf rheumatism gout Insomnia kidney liver and neirous diseases Xovr if the time to visit them Special rebate tifkete are being Issued and full Information can be obtained from ARNOLD 8 Agt C40 liarket at OTTO NBVEB rrop Paao Itobles Cat HIGHLAND SPRINGS Easy of acces Only 2 hours staging Numerous mineral springs of great Tlrtne linctt hotel accommodations north ot San Francisco Hot and cold mineral baths Competent maa eura Bowling alley tennis courts swimming tank croquet Jhuifleboard line roads ana trails Biding nd driving corses i i in fate county Competent guides Good FsMue to rnament i3 ntmils Tho fall and winter rates wiil hP In force August 1st Instead of September 1st formerly Boom iu Mm Springs Special Rates of 9 to 14 a week to Cferks and Families The weather delightful now at Aetna For health or vacation Large swimming tank of concrete 3Ux75 feet tilled with naturally warm mineral water Write or call for booklet tells all about it Apply to Mitchell Aetna Springs Napa County Cal or it yrea 615 Examiner building San Francisco Santa Catalina Island Three and one half hoars ride from Los Angtlea Americas Foremost Resort mall hotel 10 ptr week ltoorus In cottages jz per rv in room J20 for two lu room jtooois hotel 12 and 14 for one Praon ni 24 I wf run on I Crale 310 Mont i iomery street The Traveler office 20 Montgomery stVeet or Mrs Uate WUlets room 1 oud bulldlni San rraueUco or write direct to CUAIG WAKNKU Highland hprlngs Cal AllltiUtTC nut oiimd i Write for Information sbout Catallcas wonderful attractions Worlds records for rod and May lt to October 1st AiispUcg tli TVna flub FIghth season of our famous Marine Band Th IIOTKlA MfcTROPOLB AND ISLAND MLLA modern conveniences efficient management mod rate rates st golf links IDEAL CAMP III BlXMMi COMPANT 22J South Sprinjr st Ixe Angeles CaL Or call on PFrK Agent 10 Montgomery at San Francisco Gilroy Hot Springs I LASSES COUNTY SO STAGINU BOILING SPmNGS MUD BATHS A positive enre for Rheumatism Gout Malaria Insomnia Kidney and Liver Troubles and all Skin anil Wood Ills eases Experienced physician In charge Splendid accommodations Hates Including everything 12 per week Address WOODWAItD CLSHMAN CO inri Ar put 11 Montfomen st Dr Wllhelm Scbmltt Kealdent Physician at the springs 1 PARAISO SPRINGS The Carlsbad of America Monterey county Cal Hot and cold aoda and sulphur baths tub and plunge massage treatment Special bath nooses for ladlea and lady attendant All masseurs are graduate Electric baths New cement swimming tank 30x60 Hunting and Ashing All pepular games Hotel Cottages and Grounds Illuminated by Gas Special accommodations for families Telephone telegraph anJ Poatofflce Round trip tickets HOMIE Proprietor VT SCUROEDEK Mgr SKACCS HOT 8PBINU3 Sonoma county only 4A hours from an Francisco but mllea ataging waters noted for medicinal virtues best natural baths in State good trout streams swimming and boating telephone telegraph dally mall and express first class hotel and stage service morning and afternoon stages round trip from San Frauclsco only 0 50 take Tlburon ferry at 730 A or 330 Terms 1 a day or 12 a week references any guest of the past six years Further information at Traveler office 2t Montgomery St or of MULGKEW Skaggs Cal ANQWINS Howell Mountain Hotel Climate unsurpassed Elevation 1T50 feet Swimming tank 100 feet by 40 feet long distance telephone 4 hours from City For particulars ad dnss EDW1X ANQW1N Angwln Napa Co Cal HOTEL RAFAEL Fifty minutes from San Francisco Open all the year Cuisine and service the best Engage your rooms for the Tennis Tournament HALTON Proprietor HARBIN SPRINGS Visit this popular resort during August September and October the months of Indian summer and perfect climate ample accommodations One crowds the waters a core for all the Ills that lech la heir to finest vegetable gardn in the State no end to aU kinds of different fruit new mnd baths round trip tickets at offices fi 3 A HAYS Proprietor WHITE SULPHUB SPRINGS VALLEJO CAL MOST ACCESSIBLE SPttlKQS TO SAN KUAN CISCO only 2 hours ride live miles from Valejo hot cold and plnsge sulphur baths wonderful cures of rheumatism neuralgia eczcnie kitfney liver and stomach diseases Hotel and cottages entirely renovated Beautiful Grounds and Late for boating and bathing Dancing pavilion Amusements of all kinds Kates 8 to 10 a week Special ratea to families Address MANUEL MAHBID Vallejo Cal CALIFORNIA HOT SPRINOS Formerly Agua Callente Cal No ataging 24 hours from city via Ity or It Fare 1 10 Sundays half Hotel ratea reduced 110 50 and 12 COOPER SIIEDDEN Agua Callente Cal SUMMIT HOrEL AND COTTAGES In Santa Crux mountains one half mile from Wrights station Narrow gauge It It under new management thoroughly renovated terms per week and upward reduced rates for families CHAHLES UAKpNEU Wrights Cal VICHY SPRIINQS Three miles from Cklah Mendocino county Natural electric waters champagne baths lovely grounds Ashing and hunting crystal spring accommodation and table first class A HKDEMETKIt CO Proprietors LOS GATOS HOTEL LTNDON Modern Improvements extensive gtounds popular amusements lawn tennis croquet climate unsurpassed Opposite depot MALPAS tc CQSGUO Big Trees Hotel Calaveras countyj lessee Hutchlngs of To semltc Bates 2 and 3 a day 10 and 12 a week Pound trip 13 813 C21 and 030 Market at 8 CAMP TAYLOR Ratea reduced for tho fall season Qood tablo and cUanllnesa a feature Two boon Tfroia Tsan uu Eiraiuc trains fii Traveler office 30 Montgomery at or write HQ AUSTIN Prop RICHARDSON SPRINGS In tbe foothills of the Sierra ten mllei fr Cnlco Famous for the cure of ltMat Jam scrofula stomach Ilrer and kidney dl aiea Trains leave Third and Townsead streets mti ZlTZi irV porcctalt jL il and 23 daily For MmDfaltti ad it 3 v8 mrni mVXu Bound tririT dreii ItOBKBTSOV Proprietor uc uaj Alftf Ski A UAUI mm vfnvivfi nwniL in Camp Sleeker Lota sell 10 11 YOUR DOCTOR CAN TELL YOU That Grapva are a natural blood purifier To be bad In abundance at i WOrfDlYOIlTIIg AH year around resork Howell Moantaln WOOUWOBTO MCLLEB St Helena CaL by BEAIITic it ip Meeker Lots sell 10 up CotVJ Sleeker 30 ud iWin Nm ground free sawmill denot tori T2U anp Board and lodrlsa la TvVi a rry round trip AddrVaa CwlW0 SEA BEACH HOTEL SANTA JOHN MATHES0N CRUZ Manager LOUIS FOURN1GUIER former chef at Delmonicos retained for Entire season FINEST BEACH ON THE COAST Good Boating Good Driving Good Bathing Good Orchestral HOTEL ROWARDENNAN In I he Santa trua Mouniaius 01EE1 JVSE lit lUCKiVSON Ben Lomond CaL i LEV WOOD HOTEL Among the redwoods Santa Crus mountains five minutes wslk from depot rtam fruit poultry rbalytx ate springs swimming tank amusement ball aeptylene gaa itound trip 2 50 to 10 per week free carriage WILLIAM MAItTIN Glrnwood Cal MOUNTAIN YIKH KAtCH Among th redwoods Th must popular and oest family resort iu tbe Santa Crux mountains for table amusements climate Swimming tank telephone 8 per week up campers to Glen wootl including carriage 3 73 round trip It DANS bant a Cms HOTEL DE REDWOOD PANTA CR17 MOINTAINS Among tbe grand old redwood Board to 10 Send for renlars to COX Laurel Cal or apply to tLe offlec of Traveler 20 Montgomery street LAKEPORT AND BARTLETf SPRINGS STAGE LINE Ilopland to HartU tt fcprlnge via Lakeport carrying pasxrngirg fur Lakeport and Itartlett Springs Stages connect with trains at Unpiand Leave Hopland at 1230 arrive at Lake port at 330 arrive at Ilartlett Springs at 730 New tt horse 1 pans nger lourlat wagons made to order for this stage line with all the most modern improvements Passengers for Lakeport or Ilartlett Springs call for tbkrts by Kartlett prngs Stage Line MILLEK HOW ARD Props CAZADERO A temperance resort la th hcarf of the redwoods sixty miles northwest of San Francisco Hotel cottage and camping grounds offer accommodations to nult all Fine trout flsb ins beautiful entry drives bathing etc For Particulars write THE CAZADERO CO Caa ero Cal City Office 74S Market St Dennetts ltestanraut Hotel Belvedere I OPEN ALL THE 1EAR HOOD Boating Swimming fishing Lawn Tennis Further Information at Traveler office 20 Mont gomery street or write MRS A MOORE Belvedere Nevada City CaL Finest resort In mountains Elevation 3300 feet Pure water No fogs Pine groves HeaiUt ful climate NATIONAL HOTEL AND ANNEX Large modern hotel Rates from 8 per week up Write for particulars RECTOR DUOS Props TAKE A CHANGE OF GO TO CLIMATE TALLAC LAKE TAHOE and September the health i the scsson rlshlng unexcelled In jgivlng ed In Bureaa of la in August months of formation at Southern Pacific formation 13 Market street LAWRENCE to CO Tallae CaL INDEPENDENCE LAKE Fishing boats excellent table climate per feet It miles from Truckee tn an unbroken forest Further information at Traveler offlee 20 Montgomery street or MRU CLEM0N8 lruckee Cal LAKE TAMOB The popular Lakeside House Comfort and entertainment of guests a specialty Rooms Loe Cln ui 20 Montgomery tsaaTOfeagggj RUBICON SPRINGS RESORT Now open Mrs Oarnosaet manager Dallr ltiwinwy uatra 2 rdir 112 nP TOM tr ucfvinner week ABBOTT Liaae xanoe uai GtEN ALPINE SPRINGS Near Tallae Lake Tahoe Mineral Springs fly fishing grand scenery and pure mountain air OKO PIERCE TlUekenoeTrai City office 20 MongomVrj at U1 JL TAMOB IIS1V tkThf5 Pw management thoroughly reno vatwji table Jlrat clasa home cooking FIshlnr and boating fine drive 2 to 2 5u per day l3 JM14 JT1 wk MRS VADB BRYSOX nea Clarke formerly of Rubicon Springe Fbf rest and hcrithl THE SERRAS near Collax on It EleVHt ioo Just rigo 8MJ It isrj miles from San Pf Uostagingt IF1 table lneat teener vr ater air fruit and climate Ideal forest and grounds 800 a week Benitf twikt Orchard Springs Coif BLUE LAKsfST Mmitlns Coating Fishing Swtamla MrjsU ud Daucln every cr enlng CMa wo Ua Seud for pamphlet OT WElSMAif lak Ppttofflce Lake county CaL mJ LaurelDell Lakei Tne ortgtnat Switzerland of America Nobe plce laLaka county tuapend your Tacatka Wing bathing DowUaf fr im lSk As i 4 su JJo Stii yu 5S fjH JZzJ

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