The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 17, 1954
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 17, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGETHRB1 Holf Sprite, Holf Woman rey Hepburn: She Can Talk with Her Eyes (Second of Five) By DICK KLEINER NEA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK — (NEA) — Hollywood came to New York for Audrey Hepburn. She was playing in "Gigi," and had sailed through a sensational screen test. They had cast her as the Princess in "Roman Holiday," but time was wasting. It was June. The picture was to start in September. So Paramount sent a bunch of cameramen and technicians to New York to do make-up and wardrobe tests on the new star. The crew was made up of veterans, men who had seen them all since the days ol Pola Negri. They'd never seen nor heard of Audrey Hepburn, though. After the first day, to a man they were in her camp. Paramount officials say they've never seen anything like it—these grizzled, unmovable veterans stood there with eyes glistening ,staring at Hepburn in open-mouthed admiration. "This," said one man, "is a real pro." She's been real pro all her life. It was something born into her, like her big gray eyes. She has a way of taking advantage of her limited physical equipment and, when you watch her, you see beauty that isn't there. For she isn't .beautiful—her mouth is too big, her teeth irregular, her feet and hands are big, she's tall and angular, and her neck is skinny. V * * But somehow nobody seems to notice or care. All they know is that when you're watching Audrey, Hepburn act, you forget that it's Audrey Hepburn. She becomes the part—whether it's the young girl in "Gigi," the princess in "Roman Holiday." the water sprite in "Ondine" or the chaufeur's daughter in her coming movie "Sabrina." People who've seen "Sabrina" say there is one scene that shows Hepburn at her acting best. They're already talking in terms of another Oscar. AUDREY AS "GIGI:" Holly wood came to New York for her. She's dancing with Humphrey Bogart. But she's thinking about William Holden. And as she dances around, not saying a word, you THE EYES ARE AUDREY'S: "It's like looking at the sun with dark glasses — you can almost feel the fire." can tell her thoughts in her eyes— THE SPRITE IS AUDREY: In "Ondine" -or anything else, when you watch Audrey Hepburn act you forget that it's Audrey. first remorse for being with the | something more. All In the eyes. wrong man, then interest, then! There are many good actresses AUDREY AS "GIGI": Hollywood c*mc to New York for her. —many probably as good or better than Audrey Hepburn—and certainly there-are many more beautiful than she. Why does the spot light turn to her? What's the secret of her appeal? "Chemistry," says a man who s worked with her for years. "The chemistry of Hepburn mixes with the chemistry of the audience. That's what makes stars." "Her eyes," says another longtime associate. "That gal talks with her eyes. It's uncanny. It's like looking at the sun with dark glasses—you can almost feel the fire." And then there are those who say, probably out of galloping jealousy, that what makes Hepburn successful is press agentry. They say there are dozens of young actresses around who could do as well, given the same parts and equal publicity. Maybe, but Broadways' tough theatrical critics don't fall for publicity, and they unanimously think she's something way above average. But dont' try to tell Audrey Hepburn she's already a great actress. She still thinks of herself as just beginning to catch,on to her trade. When anybody says something to her about an award or a big honor of any sort, she's generally say, "Oh, not yet—wait until I get as big as Jean Simmons." • • * Miss Simmons, the beautiful young English actress, is a performer Audrey Hepburn admires tremendously. Of the veteran actresses, She stands in particular awe of Lynn Fontaine, Katherine Cornell and Vivien Leigh. In general, Miss Hepburn feels more at home with acting people than non-performers. At least she will listen to them more attentively. Some of the business men she, like all actors, must deal with complain privately that she will take the advice of any actor or ac- Wode Furn. Co. 2-Piece Living Room Suite More than 60 to Choose From 14995 Prices Start at Trade Us Your Old Suite Now! WADE FURN. CO. "Trade With Wade and Sort" 112 W. Main Phont 3-3122 tress on her career, while she may not listen to the word of a veteran show business executive. There are some exceptions to that, of course, ancj chief among these are a few people at Paramount she has come to respect. This dates back to her screen test. which still has them buzzing in the movie business. She was sig-ned while in England to what's called a "test-optional" deal. That meant that she was under' contract, provided the screen test was judged satisfactory by the biggest brass back in Hollywood. So she took her test in England. Conditions weren't good. The lighting somehow was very poor. So was the sound. But it was made anyhow, and shipped off to the Paramount office in New York for relaying to Hollywood. "We ran through it once," recalls a man who saw it first, "and we got tremendously excited. She came through this amateurish test like a fireball. There was no doubt that she was a find-of-a-lifetime. But we decided not to call Holly- j wod and tell them. j "We decided to send it out without any comment, and let them get a bang out of that test cold." Just After Fresh Air OKLAHOMA CITY (.?) — A 45- year-old man and his 46-year-old woman companion were jailed on drunkenness charges here. Officers said the woman was riding through the city on the hood of her escort's automobile. By ERNESTINE PETERSON. Oscar Fendler, Prank C. Douglas, Attys. 8/17-24-31-9/7 Read Courier News Classified Ads. 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