San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on January 25, 1919 · Page 4
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 4

San Francisco, California
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Saturday, January 25, 1919
Page 4
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fcjr W 4 - FW J VV1 4 8 nr - V SAX FRANCISCO CHRONICLE SATTJBDAT JAITFAKT 25 JM9 Li1 r 1 f ijtT Lawmakers Take Recess After Session of Scant Legislation CROP OF DILLS 700 LESS Till UST SESSIONS Sabotage Measure Said to Be Most Drastic of Any in United States PROPOSES HEAVY PENALTY Last of Administrations Pet Plans Appears in Move to Change Primary By BURL ARMSTRONG Halt Cerrespeadeat ef Te Caraalel tperlat Btepetch to The Chronicle - HRONICLE HEADQUARTERS I SACRAMENTO Janaary 4 v Before entering the thirty - day constitutions recess today the Legislature established a record which will be acclaimed from on end of California to tha other Not mora than 1700 bllli ware Introduced or about 70S leu than went through the hopper two years ago at the time ot recess Adjournment waa hot reached until arly thla evening Ave and one - half hours attar the time let for closing lit session In the Senate only a few over 700 were Introduced while the Assembly received 190 in HIT there were lizi kills In tha Senate and 1343 In the Assembly a total ot The rush of bills In both houses on the final day was a bit heavier than waa anticipated but it never approached the pretensions of a flood In the Senate a few more than 100 kills were Introduced while In the Assembly 170 pased - over tha desk The bulk of the bills are now before the committees At the last session each member will be allowed two more bills and committees may also Introduce bills The saturnalia of legislation which has cluttered up the statute books lengthened the ballots and Increased the cost ot being governed during the last few years has ended say Legislators Hysteria has passed and sanity once raore reigns It Is a known fact Governor Stephens advocates tha passage of no legislation ot any sort unless the necessity for It can be Shown to exist GROUND OUT 15 PAST In the past much legislation was ground out becauss no one protested The Administration will set Its ample foot down on any such plan this year There was Joy In the executive offices tonight when It was shown tha number of bills Introduced la small In comparison with those that have gone through at other sessions The Senate delayed the adjourn ment of the session with the debate ver the Sutter by - pass a hoodoo that haunts the veterans and sends suspicion spinning through the brains f the newcomers The Assembly was through with its work early and waited through the afternoon until the word could be officially passed that It was ready to take the recess Most of tha members of both houses disappeared during the day Tonight Bacramento contained very few non - i resident lawmakers Those from Southern California either caught the I oclock train or started south In their automobiles LIST BIG BILLS The last of the hlg Administration kills came up for the final today Senator Breed Introduced the primary bill carrying a number ot important amendments to the primary law and Senator Kehoe offered the sabotago hilt which Is a great pet of the Governor The administration primary bill came at the end of a string of other amend jnents to the primary law and the eleo - tlon laws generally Two bills offered by Senator Lyon In the Senate today are said to be the Senator Asks B f - Alameda Bridge Survey O ACRAMENTO January 24 - Senator Canepa today Introduced a bill creating a board of engineers consisting of the engineers of the State and of the counties of Alameda and San Francisco to be known as the transbay survey - board to determine a suitable place to construct a bridge across San Francisco bay between San Francisco and Alameda counties CLOCK BO STATE HOI II Two Advisory Committees to Efficiency Commission Are Created SACRAMENTO January 14 Names of the California leaders In labor and financial affairs appointed to committees which are to advise with Governor Stephens Governmental efficiency and economy commission were announced here today These committees are two of eleven corresponding to a like number of divisions under which readjuitment of State departments is to be considered Appointed to the committee on laV bor are Archbishop E J Hanna C It Bent ley Max Kuhl Walter Macarthur James W Mullen John A OConnell Paul Scharrenberg Rudolph J Taussig Frank C MacDonald A L Well F W Kellogg and Miss Sarah Megan San Francisco Mrs Katharine P Kd - so L H Foseberry Marshall Stlm - son and Mrs Dasle A Houck Los Angeles L D Bohoett San Jose J D Brtnnan Sacramento Mrs Dana Col - ledge Berkeley W W Harris Ba - kersfleld George W Pierce Davis George W Stir Grass VaJUy COMMITTEE ON FIWRCC The committee on finance Includes 4he following Frank Bi Anderson James H Earry John Drum Theodore Johnson Thomas Reed Mrs Max Slooi John P Young and John p McLaughlin San Francisco OeOTge I Cochrane Stod - dstd Jess A J Wallace and Reynold E Blight Los Angeles Mrs Robert J Burdette Pasadena Professor H R Hatfield and Professor Carl a Plehn University of California George A Maraton San Diego George W Peltier and lrlend W Richardson Sacramento rrofessor Victor J West Stanford Uulvurnity Additional committees to act with committees of Governor Stephens special commission on efficiency and economy In working out plans for readjustment of State departments were announced here today These nciude advisory committees on nub ile health commerce and public utilities labor and finance HEALTHCOMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP Those named on the publio health committee are Arthur M ftarnil V J Rnnnlnrtiaa fw George Ebrlght Vi illlem H nacber Daolel r mftertr iimniu Hale Dr William C llaaalrr sod Peter V ROM Sea Fraeclaco Mra Carrie P Bryant W ft Dlrklsaoo Mra Prances E Harmon sad Or Dane Tasker Low Anselea J M Foraata Louf Bosch Mra Aaaee Bay and Dr N g Foster Oakland tioone w Griffin Kreime Profiaaor Frank leen Profeaaor C C njrile Pr W U Miiasrava and Profeaaor Cut g MlUbfrry l - nleersity California Ur rrrt K Gtindrura and Ura Minna A Searey Sacramento Irrlnr Martin and 3 True Wooda Stockton Pr William Ophula Or Bay Ijtnaa Wilbur Stanford I nlteraltr R I Hilar Colton R W Thompaoo Santa Roaa The commerce and publio utilities product of the assembled brains of committee Includes Republicans who recently held a con - 1 G L Cory w B creed frejkrir J rerence In San U - ranclca M ra - ai - Hosier K Moffttt Holla V Watt snd nee having been presided over by Francis V Keesllng It Is said that C M Belahaw T V Cator and others were present The Lyon bills provide that a candidate may run on only one ticket for a method ot electing delegates to the national convention by convention and for other changes Another bill offered by Senator Lyon Insures purity of elections The Keesllng conference It Is said also evolved a bill which would hae the ballots n State elections c6unted all over California as Ihey are now Counted in San Francisco the election officials themselves being relieved of the work TWO PRIM 4RY BILLS Assemblymen Greene and Carter presented two primary bills today Greenes bll knocked out the cross - party nominations and returns to the Id convention method ot naming candidates Senator Kehoe says the sabotage E Ellison Ran Franrlaco H w Brnndllf 1 O Pirrton W B Mattbews Mra Florence Cftlllra Portr Jo - aepb V Sartnrt and Planter B Wlliwn Ix Anieln II C Capwell Warren Olney Jr Oakland Frank R Derlln Vallrjo John M Perry Siockton W U Portarfleld Sao DIccO Mn tieorse Uurnell aad C D Tlrdaa aTnmento C II Windham twif Bracb 100000 to Boost State Proposed Bill Asks Appropriation to Match Subscriptions SACRAMENTO January Ji A bill providing an annual appropriation of 1100000 for advertising the State throughout the United States was in - hill IS OHO Of the most drastic meaa - 1 itnr A H Rrurl The hill waa nna ores in the Lnited States It was by the Northern California Hotel As drawn by the Attorney - General and soclatlon JU aald to surround the I vr W By the terms of the measure the with so many dragnets that If one state woulj duplicate any Amount up of tham thinks aloud he will be to 100000 a year subscribed by prl - aent o the penitentiary for twenty i - vale persons and concerns Manage years lha bill makes it a fe - lony for ment of the fund would be placed In anyone to organise or assist in or - 1 the hands of a board of nine man - TV - S oecome a member otagera to be appointed by the Cover or oth sabotage or - nor and to serve without pay Spon - gamxstionrr itia - sr - f eloiry - fonirry - tme fsofsbrtTerrieTiDrSpdTfrtedoTItTintT ets of the I W W L W W literature In any form Including membership cards when found upon ones person is prima facie evl - fhfla of wnilt Oregon Washington and British Co lumbia appropriate money each year for advertising Committees Named to Investigate Labor SACRAMENTO January U Com - mTlteesto Wry f6fwfd arnhe LIES AS BATTLE TIES UP SENATE Motionless Timepiece Holds Hour of Eleven Until Wrangle Ends SUTTER BY - PASS ISSUE Measure Finally Wins Out Despite Opposition of Northern Solons By THOMAS FLYNN Staff CotrespesKeat The CaroaieU perlal Plepatch to The Dlronlcl CHRONICLE HEADQUARTERS SACRAMENTO January 54 After dawdling away the first part of this bifurcated session the State Senate stopped the clock at 11 A M today to make up for lost time in the usual feverish finish The Senate rulee required - that the adjournment for the recess of bifurcation should occur at 11 oclock but that was Impossible Many things that should have been done had been left undone The problem of performing the Impossible confronted the lawmakers but gave them no worry They just stopped the - clock as Legislatures have done from times beyond the ken of history and solemnly carried on the blurt that the timepiece was running Whats the difference whispered a grlssled Senator to his neighbor Mostly all popular legislation is a bluff The clock might as well help out on some of It CLOCK BOLDLY LIES While that bold - faced Impostor assisted the bluff for a couple of hours by staring blankly at the solons without moving minute or hour hand the Senators wrangled over tne moss - grown legislative chestnut known as the Sutter By - pass Once more the leading spokesmen of Its advocates Senators Inman of Sacramento and Kehoe of Eureka told of the benevolent Interest of a State government as Shown In its willingness to put JJOO000 of the publio money behind the river scheme Once again the opponents denounced the project as special legislation which set a dangerous - exampleexample they said to all the Irrigation districts in the 8tate and would squeese even the very rivets out of the treasury Senator Duncan of Orovllle and Senator Dennett of Modesto proclaimed too that the farmeraflf Sutter county were having greatness thrust upon them as every man ot them objected to being helped by the State money only to have It later assessed against them Senator Inman shouted back at the wily and gray - locked debater from Orovllle and the stentorian tones of Bill Scott the feted totntmaater of the great legislative duck banquet mingled In the oratorical melee Incidentally the name of J Ogden Armour was bandied around In the vocal fracas Duncan and Dennett and Irwin of Hanford and Burkltt of Willows accrsdlted him with being the party of greatest Interest lit the bypass project The smoklng - out of furtive capital added to the liveliness of the Senatorial whirl The oratorical outburst proved to be rather a tempest In a teapot how ever for when the vote was taken there were only five noes Brtggs Duncan Harris Irwin and Purkltu DUNCIM CHAIVGHS VOTE Duncan changed his vote of no to aye and announced that he would on the next legislative day which will be February 24 give notice of reconsideration On cooling down however he withdrew his notice and let the famous by - pass legislation pass out of the forum and Into the Mkte Treasury The Senates clock shows that it Is approaching ths time for lunch said the president pro tern ot the Sennte with a knowing eye at the loafing timepiece over the main entrance Excellent Idea declared the LieutenantLieutenant - Governor who also ogled the Immovable horologe which showed no appreciation of the friendly overtures The grave and learned Senators skipped out to lunch like hungry schoolbuvs at 11 by the clock and an hour and a half later by Unofficial lime In sixty minutes they filed back snd donated regardless of the paralysed clock tha joint resolution of Assemblyman Droughton that a Joint committee ln estimate conditions of unemployment We have already appropriated leO000 for a committee of nine to do precisely the same thing declared Nealon of San Francisco and It took all the apokesmen of the ad ministration headed by Benson ot ban Jose to unhorse him In tho tilt which the clock could have shown lasted an hour If It hsd only been going When the roll was called the only Senators otlng with the econorhlst from Ssn KrancUco were Inman of Sacramento and McDonald of San Francisco Woman s Influence had keen vindicated Time Is running against us reminded the president pro tern with a smile at the clock and the LieutenantLieutenant - Governor announced the arrival of the fateful moment for the last Introduction of bills on the pert of the session Each Senator can present two he said The Senate rose en masae and at dinner hour In the restaurants and hetela tha weary and worn clerks In the stuffy sir ot the almost deserted Legislature of 40 Members Urged in Bill C ACRAMENTO January 23 A resolution declaring It to be the tense of the Assembly that the Constitution be revised so that the legislative powers of the State would be vested in a single body of not more than forty members was Introduced today by Assemblymen Hurley Brooks hockt Rose Gray and Mrs - Saylor The resolution proposed that the present power of initiative referendum and recall be reserved to the people L pKn III I IB l mm mw TO CURE STfl mm but E STATE TOME UP T ISSUE TODAY Young Introduces - Measure officials of Pacific Company to Prevent Future Po litical Disaster 3 AMENDMENTS Pill UP Will Appear This Mornind uerore Railroad Board ssk - St tWILL BE MADE TEST CASE DrAOAnt Ptn4if44A DtiAuieiAit Retained in the Newly Drafted Plans 1 91 9 PLAN OF eno pied Old Proposal to Unite 15 Commissions Is Again Advocated SACRAMENTO January 2i An adaptation of the Board of Administration plan proposed at the 115 Legislature was proposed tn a bill Introduced in the Assembly today at the request ot the special commission on governmental efficiency and economy The Board of Administra tion plan bill would combine1 fifteen commissions and boards of Institu tions housing persons committed to the care of the State such as hospitals refoYm1 schools and special vo cational schools for the unfortunate under a single public welfare department Assemrjlvman ilerrlim tniiav nf - fered a bill providing for a Frances wmard day the fourth Friday In October when appropriate exercises would be held In publio schools Frances Wlllard was one of the lead ers of the TV C T U Merrlam also Introduced a measure making It obligatory upon State Medical Examiners to admit osteopaths to practice when they have complied with the law A bill to prevent discrimination against negroes by Insurance eom panics was Introduced by Assemblyman Roberta BILLS OFFERED t li t iiran Special Dispatch to The Chrealcle SACRAMKNTO January S4 To cure the defect In the State primary law by reason of which the Democratic party was without a regular candidate for Governor last tall a bill drawn by Lieutenant - Governor C c Toung was Introduced In the Legislature today providing that the State Central Committee of a political party may name a candidate tor State office in case1 tha provision of the law that excluded Mayor Roiph at tne last election shall oper ate to eliminate the candidate receiving the highest numter of votes of the party at the primary election MAY JVAMB CANDIDATE In drafting the amendment It was considered advisable to retain the present provision which prohibits a candidate who has lost the nomina tion of his own party from running against tne choice of n Is party by se curing the nomination ot another party The amendment however provides that In such eases tha State central committee of the party otherwise without a candidate may name a candidate Along with this amendment there was also lntrodusd two other amend ments to tne primary lawj one providing for party committees in each Congressional district the members to be named by the State central committee of the party In conference with Its nominee for Congress In the district and the other providing for the naming by county committees of representatives of the party In each precinct LAST YEARS TROUBLE Last fail - Die Democratic State Central Committee gave Theodore Bell Its Indorsement as candidate for Governor but legally it was unable to make him the candidate of the Democratic party Under this proposed amendment thla Indorsement would have been a legal party nomination m in Berlins Gas Supply Cut by Miners9 Strikei DIHWORK FUHDSSOUGHT Creation of Various Boards Urged in Senate During Closing Minutes Special Plapstcb to Tse Chronicle CHRONICLE It E A D Q V ARTERS fiACRAMENTO January 24 Measures Introduced lit the last hour of the Senate session today Included The building of a bridge across the Golden Oste Creation of a central bureau to preserve marriage records Extension of farm adviser system Creation of State Board of Engineering Examiners Creation of a bureau of finance Creation of a department of publicity Granting ot marsh lands to Berkeley Repealing political code from section 390 to 39SI denning boundaries of the State Creation of department of public welfare Regulation ot employment and wages In seasonal occupations Creation of a department of agriculture Gebhart Introduces Bill to Authorize Issuance of Bonds SACRAMENTO January Si A bill authorizing subdivisions ot the Sacramento and San Joaquin drainage district which extends from Colusa to Tulare lake to Issue bonds to carry forward reclamation work was Intro duced today by Assemblyman Gebhart Clas of California and U S on - Tolls Will Be Taken to Supreme Court Unusual Interest attaches to the appearance of the telephone company officials before the State Railroad Commission this morning upon an order to show cause why they should not be restrained from putting Into effect the long distance service rates promulgated by Postmaster - General Burleson without tha a net Inn nr ihi Railroad Commission for California lerrnory Wlille seme of the small i - phone companies In the State have submitted to the Railroad Commls - slens authority tha Paciflo Tele - Phone Company officials by taking joe yuaiuvn mii iney muai aoey the i Federal authority - Irrespective of the I - - buv naiirgan1 iaminia - slon have placed the larger Issue be tween tne state and Federal Governments where it Is said It will be decided upon a test case that will be taken to the Supreme Court the United States In view of the greater Interest in ths conflict between state and Federal authority the difference between the rates promulgated by the Post master - General and those that have been given the approval of the State body is ef minor interest But it has been pointed out that tha Burleson rate throws away one minute in each conversation Tot vtpnve thla ktlM - the State rate - making body point to1 me act mat tne average length ef jong - aistance telephone talks In California Is 197 minutes and argue that as - the State - approved rate makes the minimum charge for a two - minute conversation and the BUrleson schedule places the minimum at three minutes the latter makes the public pay for ono - mlnute use ot the wire in onch conversation on the average that Is not needed From this argument they claim that the Burleson rate Is unscientific and will tend to overload the wires A table of comparison of the two rates as applied to various California lines has beenprepared Ay the rate txpert of the Commission and will be presented this morning when President George E MeFarland of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company explains why he elected to obey Burleson and defy the authority of the Commission OLD RATES TO BE OBSERVED SANTA BARBARA January 34 In accordance with an order received from the State Railroad Commission the Santa Barbara Telephone Company wU return to Its old schedule of toll rates pending the settlement of the dispute over the rjRht of the Federal doiernment to make telephone rates In California AMSTERDAM January 24 In Berllnowlng to strikes ofcoal miners households may hereafter have no gas to use between 8130 oclock at night and 11 oclock in the morning and between 2 oclock and 5 oclock in the afternoon according to a despatch to the Handelsblad Street lighting in Berlin will be reduced 20 per cent and restaurants have been ordered to close at 10 oclock at night Theaters and concert halls may use only 50 per cent of their consumption for December entaUing dark ened houses a few evenings each week The Yorwaerts the dispatch adds says the central electric stations and all trades requiring coal will soon be forced to close down - VILLA FORGES AMERICANS TO SEE EXECUTION Labor Leaders of World Arrange to Exchange Views aI - aissaaiata Opposition to Gompers Plan for lntclallied Conference in Paris PARI3 January H Samuel Gom pers president of the American Fed eratlon of Labor and other member ef the American labor delegation now in Paris had a conference last night with Gustav Francq and p ai Draper Canadian labor leaders and Leon Jouhauz and other lead ers ot the French General Labor Federation Gompers wished to have the labor leaders agree to the holding of an interallied labor conference in Paris before the socialist and labor conference at Berne but M Jouhaux while not oppoeed to a preliminary exchange ot views among the allied labor leaders polntsd out that It was Impossible to hold a meeting In Paris He said that many allied delegates would be unable to come to Paris before going to Berne It was agreed finally that there should be sn exchange of views next week between the representatives of the American Canadian French Bel gian and British labor federations Gompers and his oolleagues later had dinner with George Nleoll Barnes the British labor leader and talked over the British labor plan which Barnes will present to the peace conference to which he is one of the British delegates BW PHONES RATES SlSPBDED OLYMPtA Wash January 34 Increased telephone rates in Washington asked by PostmasterGeneinl Burleaon were1 again suspended today by the Public Service Commission to give time roc tiling of briefs by The Mil similar to one pasel last cmM an1 t0mpnles and for con Id year no vcira ny tne uovernor ai eratlon of the case The suspension Gebhart s request because certain din - 1 1 effective until Tebruarv 4 trlets were excluded offers a plan n t ior payments lor recimaiion worn rl l F F D vsiu Lincoln ooys Call Belasco Home extending ever a period ot forty years to replace the present direct assessment plan Assemblyman Cummlngs offered an antl - gimbllng bill similar to the red - light abatement net Operation of one - man cars In larare cities uould be rjrohlbltt nnHec political i ile terms of a bill offered by As - semniyman tioneu bales of wisdom while the clock stared fixedly at them and recorded 11 A M Normal School Part Of University Urged Plan Urged to Insure Farmers Against Frosts Senator Would Have Fund to Aid Growers Who Suffer Losses SACRAMKNTO January 2i - - A system of frost Insurance In pr6teet citrus growers of California against occasional losses from frost was provided for In a bill wbkh win be placed before the Legislature today by Senator llnar King said he bill provided s elan to enable groweis to obtain sufficient The other old boss of the Lincoln Grammar - School Association yesterday urged David Belasco by telegraph to attend Its ales en Hi annual banquet at tile Commercial Club on Lincolns birthday We earnestly hope that jou will money to prepare for another ho said 4 Under the nlin nrnvlded nr In fh Kont - cnffrmT - r4 - n - nir - tratattni SACRAMENTO January counties would be authorised to form frost Insurance districts snd Instruct the County Assessor to tax all bearing groves not to exceed t cents on each ilOO valuation It mould fix the maximum amount a grower might obtain at 100 per acre i and would provide that In caas of A bill extensive frost damage which threat - The sunlabment srovldeit far via latlon of the act Is from one to twenty years In the penitentiary COVERMOR BtCKS BILL Governor fitunliani will nk 1t i tlffatlan intn tnartA ennrfltlnna tilll tkpitnvU with 11 1 - iiaaMnlivmiit In PallfAfnta ltln F ftV - - - a avi tlv LVVTBr auviuiviiut a - a - aaa fc can commana xne state land set - from tne countrys transition rrom T aft 1 tK A th A am akfr A 11 aLa A - t4ta T - at a Jak aaAal Ih - feakt - Y ataAafe - Aa aaa a Ji f - ijwii - aui aei ckiimif inr a nnnn latam war to m dcici uaaii wrr nimiu t 110000000 u another matter the both house of th aOffliUtur todays The approval of the State Labor employed J - a at - allll a a a Ilia 3 a TAHka a - aai 1 - I l a - I a I A A a HalllJ It eaflHlSSrl T A PtC rtt Administration far4 well at the My men RotfVp Arrabrlte and contracts for transporting seasonal Hrahnlnv Fncrinao Kj fit aBalfifi tiAvifts - pnmm eiii cirmv jvr Aiithnftxtil tA wit urarVmrm from California under tne - j a - - i mm Htcn throufh and later having - ao - commute from the donate inclucHnff terms of a bill offered toy Assembly - AnnaintmenFt UrtrPftT WfldC lit JtlXTid ty ana man uoasii xne diii onjaina pro - tZk7rmn 7 T STJ1 - PICb t Tin aronlpto rrnrAvldlritf1iftr - thr - IJnlTersltyl - of Call - ened - to - deplete - the ftindr - the - moneir - 1 a w a u Ua 11 11 - J IOT I il C I EL L B KRAlTOtLtl Cnmm lMn i lorna snail taKe over me uom Aiae - iw ptv raia ine bu n u o - i - - - r 1 I state Normal School a on of IU prvsor wouid be authorised to ap - J th V aaepartments was miroaucea iouy o kh hko vwior 10 am paid eo consumers In adriltlnn tn hi iin In Assemblyman Fleming a day during the actual time he was Si 1 bu isuvnii wj liiv iiiaja - ir rLHiimir Mrs Hughes offered a measure pin - find it convenient and aarreeabu n vldlng for the gathering of data rela - to arrange your affairs wired tve to the working of the teachers George H Plppv president as to rstlrement salaries act of 1913 visit the city of your youth again Asiemblynian Wenderlng and Mrs and at the coming reunion to meet Sajlor ofTetd a bill to create a State 3 our old chums and associates as police department to assure uniform well as a few others pf the old enforcement of lama authorising the teachers our guests and your appointment oc special peace and iinenus Tne committee to promote a larze attendance at the coming banquet Is IranK r Drew A H Robertson George H Pippy snd J H Zemansky 100000 Mink Pelts Sell for 750000 ST LOUIS Janusry 54 The greater part of todays session o - f the midwinter auction at the International fur Exchange was occupied with the sale ef 100000 mink which sold for I75O0OO New York bujers offering 1 975 apiece for some of the pelts This Is said to be the highest price ever paid for mink Total sales today exceeded l0O000 bringing the R I find toul to more than H 7 50001 Military Training j Urged in Measure l SACRAMENTO January St A Joint resolution by Senator Innin petitioned Congress to adopt universal rrhnilllArv m11li9la tfalnlraa eess for bookkeeping and collection I Senator Kehoe introduced a hill ap - io an water users might not be proprlatlng 1100000 In 1919 snd a reached - under the provisions of an similar amount In 1920 to provide for - earr - bii - V - Aasemblymsm McCoigair vocational re - education - of - persons o Sacramento today introducel a disabled In war and Industry The bill nWun1 mof trlnent measure provides for co - operation with the tt i Inderal Government In the work lie Utilities Including the Spring Vat - aaaaa - a - aaBwaaaMMai ley for charging a monthly rental on meters for each offense a fine ot 150 Is provided The McColgan bill la Modeled rtr the New Tork act McColgan earlier lntrpduceLftbUl J7klngitjulawful Bandit Hangs - Former Mayor of Santa Eulalia While Mining Men Look On FEDERAL SOLDIERS SLAIN Safes and Residences of US Citizens Are Looted by Bandit Chief JUAREZ Mexico January - - American mining men were lined up and forced by Francisco Villa to wit ness the hanging of Antonio Cabell o former Mayor of Santa Eulalia al - Y u wlnsday morning when Villa occupied tha mining town sixteen miles ream rhih - ita - t looted the safes of the mlnlnr companies robbed the stores and houses JfAraein n1 P - ted after killing four Federal soldiers and capturing the remaining thirty - one The details of the raid wr Knirta here tonight by passengers on tha irain irom tne state capital Villa had 500 men they said and took 14000 from the mining comnanv af flees after looting them and destroying the records The hanrlnr af the ex - Mayor was the result of a grudge iua nam against mm since thev were partners in the cattle business After forcing them to witness tha hanging and tailing them they must Increase the wages of the Mexican miners vnia permitted all of tb Americans to go to Chihuahua CltSM Train service south of ChlhuahUaC I city was suspended today because of the Villa activities - He was reported in the vicinity of Parral tonight General Jesus Agustln Castro commander of the Northeast left for Chi - huabua City today to take the Held against Villa WASHINGTON January 4 Three American jmlne owners of Chihuahua Holmes Nathewson and Deavttt were captured recently by Panchn Villa and released after they hsd given up a supply ot powder and listened to a lecture from the bandit on better pay and shorter hours for their employes A State Department dispatch from Chihuahua today reported the incident aVmaaaEL - t - legal ofllieri to make It effective Gebhart Introducod a hill to retire on half - pay Statt emploes oer sears ot uge who h - to rened twenty years i i a Measure to Bar Meter Rent Hits Springy alley McColgan Introduces New Bill Aimed at Water Companys Surcharge Sneclal rHanatMk ta Th ci - ii money to termite cultivate and prune their groves in preparation for a sfI5iL HEADQUARTERS new crop after they had suffered JAvRAMKNTO January 34 Feailng losses from frost Frequently when Pritl of the Spring Valley ar - Aa laaa M - la - AH a U 1 - - - Water COniPSIlV In Charflrlmr Jin V aunia avnu tti a I VII all - JT llTn British Transport Bill to Be Settled WASHINGTON January 34 Brlga - dier - Oeneral Hlnes chief of embarkation for the Army salUd fron New Tork today for London to work out with Lord Reading British Ambassador to the United States a financial settlement fr American troops carried to France In British ships during the war Secretary Baker said today the only agreement reached when British tonnage was put at the disposal of the Army was that the United States would make pcyment of approximately 115 a man on account and that the actual cost should be determined later General Hlnes also will look Into the soldier mall situation now further complicated by the return of troops i e i Davison to Return i r rom i OTtncrn r ost fJIP KEATNT Jinuary 24 n Kounctftncnt has been made hat Bil - ridler - General Peter W Divlson wh I has boen commander ft the sixteenth Division here ilnee the departure of Maor - deneral David C Sharks fr the ambiirkatlnu pori at JIoooen would be bo In caup tomdrruw lie haa been sitting on a general court - martial at Camp Lewis MaJtir - CJr - 1 r Quy Carlolm to vhotn has beei assigned tlw onnnan1 of vhe tlslsln wap tektn 111 recently on a train on his ay to ban Diego and with h al Captain William J ORourke Lift the train at Louatvlle K acjoi - Hiis lo a letter received at this camp today Captain ORourke the letter enld sho wss isken ill and wim to the base hospital at Camp Zachary Tnylor nea - Louisville e Boy Scout Leader To Be Buried Today The body ot FlmOr Roy who died last Monday night while in training at the Naval Reserve Camp at San Pedro has been brought to this city for burial The funeral will he eon ducted this morning Troop 14 Boy Scouts of America of vthlch Roy mi formerly Scoutmaster wilt take part In the service Rev Joslah Mbley pastor of the Caltary Tresbylerian Church sod Raymond O Hanson Scout Exuciithe v111 speak Scout Official s - JuHus I Cahn Imar frank Oscar Lake James D llesd F C Wlllett and H J Bemlsa will act as pallbearers ySulookliiea new person since Resinol cleared your skin Ir is pcculUt how skin affection produce a sene of desperation anc despondency The unfortunate pr1 are ready to do anythinjj - to obtain r - liel even cover up the abrasions v1 li cosmetics in the hope that they mi gradually disappear Cease tampering with your skin Tn regain skin health that trouble r iusi receive proper treatment Retiflu Ointment and Rulnol Soap for ysan have brought lijartfelt relief to surii sufferers i lie upon file of testimoni - bear evidence of this fact Give tlii ointment and soap a fair trial Vot will not regret it Sold ai all tiruists 3C BEECHAMS PILLS ffnlckly help to strengthen the digestion stimulate the liver regulate the bowels and improve the health by working with nature LerM - t tale ef Any Medlclae la lie W - rM U a an - in - 10 - 1 I 4fxSaaV Ti 6 BlLL - ANS Hot water Sure Relief Survey of Records to aAMal1ahatt the AnijlMM a - a Bnltflfi Ranidn Rvuna irlahrfv i - - - - - - - ameraencv measure to relieve tha un jnigaon f mpioyment of soldiers On top of that and not the least of the Accomplishments at the first sss - irfdon was the organlxatiun of both - nouses wivnoui mucn xignct Today tke finishing touches were Governor Stephens Signs First Bills SACRAMENTO January 24 The feW to Sutter bypass in which f blV pprove bVh FoMr Administration and paftlcularly UhlT5 California Legislature were BUte Board of ControU Has In - todsy by Governor Stephens tne State Board Vwasely Interested - The Legislature will SWknutrr SI SJ III reassemble 1 T iii - i T riiirrrn riir im iTS tM tU tl - V 1-M - They were three measures providing appropriations to pay salaries ef the Justices and attaches and ether expenses of the two new divisions o the First and Second District Courts of Appeal The - tout - appropriations la ne litre uu aggregated fll0oe visions to assure collection of wages by ths workmen 10000 Monument to Heroes Asked for 5 F f im1I Dlapntch to The Oirontele CHROMC - K H a A D QUARTERS SACRAMKNTO January 4 Assemblyman Badaracro of San Francisco today Introduced a bill appropriating 110 000 for a monument to be erected In the Clvo CentT sn Francisco in memery ef ths soldiers and sailers of California who gave their lives on 4 the baUUeneld ii SACRAMENTO January S4 A bill by Senator Slater would authorise the Supervisors to appoint county hla - h - wy engineers snd compel them to laimt ORLAND January 24 VVorU - nn - the proposed 26000 - acre extension of the Orland Irrigation project has reached the ataa wham th ir - iaj appoint engineers upon tho presents - 1 states Reclamation Service has sent tlon of petitions signed by I per centfE T Erlksen to stundy county rec ords arreetlng lands that would bo Inundated by the construction of another dam tob built at ptonyford About 2300 acres of land would b flooded if the dam is increased The extension of the district would reach as far as Northern Colusa county Irrlgatlna - Sand In Southern Olena and Northern ceiuss counties that do of tho electorate Ingram Introduced a bill to transfer the highway In Nevada county from Uonner lake to the Nevada State line to the State Highway Commission A bill virtually substituting the State market act of 1115 for the pres ent act wa introduced bjrprewn Wk 7rwrrati4a tor fawlotile HM n0 have the benefits ot Irrl ANTI - MASK MEETING TONIGHT Saturday JAN 25 DREAMLAND RINK To Protest Against the Unhealthy Mask Ordinance Extracts will bt read from State Board of Health Bulletin hovnni compulsory mastveannt to be a failure Eugene E - ScKmitz and other interesting speakers Admission Free iw vw u vmuvu - u Bprlags jJria - - AiTt jgauon Va - SMBaBBBBBSSsBBaiBBaasssasMasasaaaMaBsaaiBaBMaaMiasssS RELL - ANS mmfFOR INDIGESTION lSm wiM HAIR BALSAM Atellel r - nruiea of nerit Biaa t eraoieat dattris rriitMa Coler eo i - orHeai - naatoleraB teaetr to w Faded Flak av a - i1MeaTttiiarf THE LOS ANGELES Regularly Print More CUlSSITIBfl AOTXSTISma Than Anr Other Los Angeles Newspaper SAN FRANCISCO OFFK 742 Market Street A Great Arena Ttlephojw Kearn SLsl 5 ItJtBIDWELLCO a - - 1 4 JM timMtom

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