The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 22, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AnKANBAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSODRI VOLUME.XXXIV—NO. 237. Ulythevllle Courier Blylhevliie Herald Blytlicvllle Dally News Mississippi Valky Leader BLYTIIKVJLLK, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, DKCKAlliKK 22, 1037 The Driver Was ^lightly Hurt SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Insists Congress Take Blame If Reduction Not Made WASHINGTON, Dec. 32 (UP) — President Roosevelt; In a letter lo Chairman Wilburn Cartwright (Dem., Oklo.) of the house loads committee warned congress today that it must accept .full responsibility If It exceeds tlie budget in appropriating money for highways. . Mr. Roosevelt sent the letter to Cartwright as authoritative sources said he 1ms blveii congressional leaders general assurance that his legislative program, Jettisoned In the special session, will be substantially unaltered for the regular session. Committee Wants Funds Tlie letter, made public by Cnrt- wright, was In reply to one in which Cavlwright had disclosed that his roads committee was opposed to reduction in the federal fund for aiding state highway construction as requested by the president in a special message to congress. The senate passed the housing- bill yesterday, the house sent it to conference, and with these things done, Congress concluded its special session. Although much preparatory work was done, not one of the Roosevelt bills congress was called upon to consider was finally enacted. The wage and hour bill, rejected by the house, was reposing In a labor committee, pigeon-hole, the farm and housing bills, approved by both branches In different form, were in the conference stage, government reorganization and regional planning had received no more than committee consideration. Ullle Progress Made Congress completed action only on bills to pay the traveling expenses of the membership and the wages of the pages, a bill to lend four portraits to 'an art gallery one to amend the credit union' act and a resolution asking the agriculture department what had been done to prevent the distribution of- an elixir-of sutfanilamWe. --The.wnatf devoted the final day to debating Hie housing bill a measure intended to promote a in homebuilding by reduc- Reunited by Holdup Slaying "I'm all right, but gel jije out!" was the plaintive plea that greeted astonished resellers and trainmen as they rushed to extricate the body of ihe "dead" motorist, from the wreckage of the automobile pictured above. E. R. Bcckendorf, of Houston, Tex., who tried unsuccessfully near there to avoid the collision with tlie Interurbau train by turning his car to the left, escaped with a cut over his ey;. ing the financing cost Many of the house members were already homeward bound. f Tlie remainder spent most of the ^ day in recess, awaiting the senates action on the housing bill iney killed some time listening to he speeches which from time to time well up willlin (he bosoms of legislators. House lenders have conceded that since last Saturday, when the housing bill was -passed there, it would be exceedingly difficult to produce a ouo- rum. Three Others Injured In Accident Near West Memphis WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., Dec. 22 (UP) — L. B. (Bud) Fisher. 60, Marion, Ark. carpenter, was killed and ) three others injured when two trucks collided near here last night. _ ^ ' . Q V: E. Sliarp, Marlon planter* Und' driver of one truck, suffered lacerations, Sam Cniciy Marlon farmer, suffered minor'.'cuts'': find bruises nnd K. V, Wilburn, -^Marion negro, who was riding on 'the truck, received cuts mid bruises. They were returning from West Memphis when the Sharp truck collided wilh a truck driven by Harry Scheper for Ihe Lenilng lumber company. Cape Girardeau. Aged Woman Mad Lived In First House Built In Town Mo., curoute supplies. to Memphis with "Sliarp was blinded by lights of the approaching truck," Sheriff Howard Curlin of Marion said. "When the trucks hit Sharp's truck turned over. Fisher was Ihrown out nnd muter t.lic truck •'.inry 1, .Slliiison. secretary of itnle under President Hoover and wi-elinv of war under President inft, declared In n letler to Die *"'" v "'' t Times Unlay, thai n war referendum, such us the proposal lo bi? debuted In tin. house of representatives, would destroy Ihe iresent system of national defense "It is- not the time for the exhibition of untried panaceas or onv other Mdc-'co of Instability of ]furua&," Stimson wrote In de- "ninic'liio- the nlan sponsored hy Representative Louis LiKlloiv (Dem., 'i 1 ' 1 > arul various peace soclelies - "No more effective engine for the disruption of national unity on the threshold of a notional crisis coul<i have been devised.", Other* Oppose Proposal 'I'o'fs opiwsltlon followed that expressed by President Hoosevelt Secretary of State Cordell Hull ami former Governor Alt M. Landon ol Kansas, who was the 1036 Republican preslclenlial nominee. The referendum proposal provides for a constitutional amendment making any declaration of war by congress Ineffective until confirmed by a majority popular •ote, except in the case of an ac- iial Invasion of the United states or Its territories. j Stimson declared that the mere iringlng forward of thc plan to Its iresent status In congress—ILs supporters succeeding In placing It!in wsition for vote In thc house— lad Injured this country's position n the world. Mrs. Georgia Ella Biggart, who lived in the first house ever erected at Steele, died- this morning, five o'clock, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Onie,- Lipscomb, in the same town.where she had resided; since a'Wiae" she was 73 years "ol age. ,, .Funeral. services will . be-.- held Thursday afternoon.:. two"o'clock, at tlie .steele Methodist church when the Jlev. M. A. Masscy, assisted by the Rev. J. w. Cunningham, will officiate. Burial will be made Ihcre. Mrs. Biggart, who was born in Obion county. Tenn,, married Will Biggart before they went lo Steele. lie died several years ago. She was a charter member of the Methodist church there, having been active in Its organization. Other relatives who survive her are: two other daughters, Mrs. Nora May of Parma. Mo., and Mrs. Ruby Wright, of Cariithersville, one Osceola Co-operative vvltl1 colton nickws -" Becomes Corporation i 9f ._, R . Bowdcn. which was loaded ; sister, Mrs. Maude McArllnir, and ' one brother, P. Shelton, both of LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 22.— The Mississippi Valley Canning company of Osceola has filed incorporation articles as a co-opemtive marketing association lo engage in ' 'buying, packing, selling tributing farm products. dis- . Members of the board of directors are: H. J. Hale. ifon Sullivan. R. C. Bryan, D. S. Laney. and W. S. Driver jr. of O.-<:eol-i and G. A. Looney of Tyronza. Steele. Holt Funeral home is in charge PflCCS i of flmcrnl arrangements. NEW YORK. Dee. 22. (UP) — The advance of the past few days on the stock exchange met resistance •today -and prices made an irregular decline in light turnover. Benton County Farmers' ROGERS, Ark., Dec. 22 (UP)— P*nded. . n T Benton county farmers early ii Anaconda Copper 32 ]-2 January will receive approximate- on a charge of larceny and was Alt;"" ri f~i r- n • 1™ *ni r-(\f\ 0... t it n :» »r,_u^;..,.ij...- Sfillt^nr.Pfl tn 3fl t\n vc In lalt ITf* fo their participatio _ IU T€LL BY ece BURNS I read the other day where a politician in the Middle West said the best way to deal with the racketeer Is lo appeal to his sense of justice. The trouble is, a lol'ta racketeers have been at it so long they have begun to think that they have a legitimate business. I remember down home when all tlie farmers started mlssin' hogs. They were pretty certain who the hog thief was but they never could catch him at it. One day my uncle gol in a big shipment of prize hogs and he called this hog thief over to the house and says "Now. I'm gonna make you a proposition. I'll let you take your pick of two of the finest I'.ogs In that bunch if you'll promise not to bother ony af thc rest of 'em." Tlie hog thief looked over this big bunch of fat hogs nnd says, "Well, you've been a pretty good neighbor and I'll accept your offer; but I'm losln' a lot of good " charged with the theft ol a .-.gun. M. D. Reed, Earl Hubbard and Fred Alexander, of Leachvtlle, were each given a suspended sentence Approximately 2COO farmers In afler Pleading guilty to a charge 1 vicinity will get thc checks ° r disturbing the peace. They are jj alleged to have used profane lan- **"""• ri- G fi 3-4 ly , ... .. ..... lielh. steel 02 in the agricultural conservation """ •"" Rwimr Air 31 i_j! prorram (his year. This is slightly s »°'6Un Chrysler 54 s . g more than was received for 1836 " " Cilies Service 2 1-8 cl '°Ps left implanted In tlie conn Coca Cola 114 |ty. ( General Electric 44 j General Motors . 'iU. Ilarx'ester ifcnlfjomerv Ward ». V. central .... ParVnrd Plv Radio Dist 25 1-4 Simmons 201-4 -oconv Vac IS 3-3 standard Oil of N'. J. ... 40 1-4 Texns Com. 42 U. B. Smelt 52 U. S. Steel 59 3.3 32 5-3 lms vicinny will get Die cliecl 68 5-3! from the federal government. 1 35 !-•> w ' Rol) c!'lsoti, assistant, comv ]fl " farm agent, tills week said tin its tha BY POPU VOTE loovei- Cabinet Member joins Roosevelt, Landon. Hull In Stand NKW YCWK. Dec. <UP>_ Five Perish When Farm House Burrs .I.:, PH., we. 22. (Ul 1 )— Mn- persons wore burned lo dentil Iwliiy when their fiirm homo In BuUIU-l! township WHS turned tnli> u fiii'imcc b; 1111 explosion In the kitchen stove. The tragedy nt'curri'd on the Frank Crow farm, la miles northeast of Comu'HsvllIe, near Mclcrofl, Tho vlcllniK wein thrco children of crow, wilHU'r, IB; Uemi 12, mid Annabel, II, and their nnclo, William Yolhers, 'Id, und his slslcv, Annie, CB. The lather and nsecoml son. Mdvln, 10. were burned seriously In lh(i tiro and were taken to the .'onni'llsvlllc slato hospital. Neither was nbln to tell what happened, The mother, Mrs. l>'rniik Crow, onix'd siifcly and was lukcn In by a iiclshbor. Great Highway Would 'K? Link Between Soviet. Russia and China Copyright by United Frew " SHANGHAI, Dec. 22. Wants No Alliances!. yd WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. (OPp. Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg Rep., Mich.) today denounced "a'tty •mplicatlons" that the United States would embark upon entang- incr alliances. L iVl •"-;' Tlie comment of the >Mlchlg»n' senator was in reply to questiohs regarding the exchange of tjje- grams between President Roosevelt and former Governor Alfred:^li Luiidori of'Kansas yesterday," : $W9Q. the president indicated that- this government reje,cjs v a pollc.v.*f peace at any 'price. ' .- ,->. ("I Mo not agree," '>Yhlideinbenf said, "to any implication trial It Is wrong for the 'country, '• lo 'indulge in a frank discussion" of foreign policies. ;•"''• "In no other way can prospective mistakes be checked before U is too late." loroner In Autopsy Report Finds No Evidence Of Foul Play HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 22. (UP)Ted • ;.Healjv- ifarntMsf stage and Municipal Court Has Crowded Docket Today There wer e numerous* who appeared In municipal court today to answer charges ranging from public drunkenness to assault with a deadly weapon. Woodrow Bibbs pleaded guilty to a charge of assa.ult with a deadly weapon. He ivas fined $50 which was suspended at thc renuest of the deputy prosecuting ntlorney. A l, ffno nnn Cllur 8 e °I disturbing the pence to At $9Z,UUU which he pleaded guilt)- brought a fine of $25 but tills was also siis- wnded. C. L. White, negro, was fined {10 .screen comedian, died of heart dls- *«se and. lung^congestipn, wltli-no vldence of Injuries from foul play, Coroner "F. A, Nance announced qday 'following an autopsy. A discolored eye and two clips. oltling a wound over the other ye, led ]w!icc to believe the actor's death may him.' resulted from iii- nries suffered Sunday night when lealy was making the rounds ol he ftlm" capital's gay night spots. Ilealy died yeterdsy at his home. Coroner Niince salrl Hcaly's death as "wholly due to natural causes," sentenced to 30 days in jail. guage in an argument. A 16 year old boy, '.urn ii££j!t, mis wecK saiu mac ..-•-. — ~~j, ....„ ..~~ rvnrd 4 i 4 ™ Percent of the farms in Ben- charged with stealing merchandise iinips Petrol TOr"s' tou cmmt >' nle included in the fm ™ the Taylor Freeman slore at (Ho 3 ?f®> conservation program Dell, was fined slO but the sen . • ••-.•• « '-2 tencc was suspended and the youtl lIPIllPl' IJl«T r\£ 1 I ' ~ " „ .... J . . . NEW YORK, Dec. 22. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open iifeh low close Jan. .. Mar. . May . Jul. . Oct. ., Dec 853 Sl»ts closed steady at 848. off 3. 822 833 842 847 853 82S 839 «4(i 850 860 881 819 831 838 842 852 856 Jake Kilrain Dies In Massachusetts Hospital QUINCY, Mass., Dec. 22 (UP)— Jake Kilrain, who went '5 rounds with John L. Sullivan in the last big fight of the "bare knuckle" era, died here today. He \vould have ben 79 next February 9. He died at the Wellington Hospital Home, Inc., where he had been bedridden for the past six months with cancer. Orlpnns Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dw. 22. (OP) — Cotton futures closed three to six Wills off today on a slcndy market. Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. open hteh low dose . 830 830 830 S35b .. 845 849 843 849 . 851 855 850 854 . 854 851 S54 858 . 865 807 862 86S 8G9 869 869 869b Spots closed steady at 859, up Student Ministers Busy FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP)—Student preachers from Texas Christian University travel approximately 25.000 miles each month filling pulplU of Texas churches. Chicago Wheat was placed in the custody of hi father. Bonnie Alsup was fined $10 for a disturbing the peace charge and $5 of the fine was suspended. He was granted an appeal to circuit court. Wlnlford Crlbbs was found guilt, of a similar charge and $5 of his $10 fine was suspended. Six, charged with public drunkenness, either paid fines of $10 eacl Or forfeited bonds of this amount Survey Reveals County Has 2,912 Homestead Of Ihc 171.441 homesteads in Ar kansas 2,912 arc in Mlsslsslp) county, according to a WPA sur . May Corn high low close Dec. 593-8 59 3-8 57 3-4 57 S-8 I loss to the state In assessed VP. nation of 16,31 per cent. There are 767 homesteads . Blythevllle, on 482 acres, and 18 homesteads in Osceola. on 68 «cr<?s. Homesteads In Mississippi county .tier 10 years, Mrs. Dorolhy rtceilcr of Davenport, la., found hci ilsslng boy—in the Cook County Jail at Chicago, whore Paul necder, , awaits trial on a holdup murder charg.e Tragic Instead of Joy- is Is the pictured reunion with thc boy, Inken from her by his fa'.h er when Ihcy sepiu'alcd 1(J years ngo. Clearing Weather Forecast For All But East Portion Tomorrow .< , LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 22. (UP Rain that. fell. In most section: y hln(!crt>d..,)|it. rs, ' Precipita- . . of the stale tod«y 'ChristrtinS, shoppe, tions ranging close to an incl were reported all over Ihe utnti with clearing weather ',for all l)ii the cast portion forecast for Ho $500 Obtained By Goodt'cllows For Christmas Gilts Today brought lo a close thc ac- ivc solicitation for the Goodfellov.'s club tills year. altliom>h the total imount of money and merchandise is far short ol the goal ot 11.000 In cash and a Inrgc quantity if merchandise which Is needed. There were more than 1.000 fam- lles who applied to the county wel- "arc office for Christmas baskets. Et will be impossible to provide this many but an effort will be made to distribute baskets or the neediest of these, as long us the money and supplies hold oul In Little Rock although not n many choppers were to be seen 01 the streets merchants reporl.ei buying volume had decreased on ly . slightly. Department slore were crowded. With only inretf duvs remuin- Vliss Perkins Siiys Unem- ploycci Increased By 570,000 In October JOULESS-Sfl WASHINGTON, 15ec, 22. (UP) — Secretary of Ultra- France* Perkins reported todny that unemployment Increased by 570,000 during October. Miss Perkins said thut although there wns a seasonal tendency for unemployment to Increase during October the sharpest decline In the history of thc department with the exception ol 1020, had been evidenced between October and November this year, "Aggregate employment In the combined industries In November, 1827 was ul approximately (ho same level us In November, 1DM," she said and weekly payrolls were $11,000,000 greater In November than III the corresponding month of last year." t . She announced":thal weekly pay rolls In the nation's manufacttirlns and i)0n manufacturing Industrie; had decreased by $25,f!00,000. StaleJimploye* Get Three Day Vacation , ^.^^E.jnbcK, Ark., Dec. 22 (UP)—-^'hc Christmas holiday for slatflhouse, n m ployes will starl Thursday..afternoon at 4 o'clock with Ibo cntlro building remaining closed until early Monday , . . More Uwn one million loboiera are rushing completion of a great nllllary highway In central Asia,' vhk-h would provide a new link, etween Soviet Russia and China', Chinese nourccs reported today. Thc report (strengthened Indlcn- Ions Hint widu scale Indirect Sovet support of China Is. increas- '»«. us evidenced by the arrival if planes and avlalors In addltlpfl o icpwrlod "loken" shipments of inns and tanks to (.he Chinese. 3,000 Mile Illihwiiy Tho now Chinese-Russian hlgrf- vny would slrelch (or 3,000 mll»s iom Turkestan, Russia, through Kntisii province, with a branch to (Jlun uator, capital of outer Mon-o!l«. II would replace the Ulan Halor-Kalgan route, which the lapmicso c\it, Coustruclloiv of the new high- ray, Chinese sources say, Is a irojcct so vast that It compiles to the building of the Great Wall. Chinese engineers, (rained In American univeralticv are In chaw of the work, which will be co&- nlelod In several months. The new road would make possible Ihc shipment of -»ar supplies from Russia to the heart of China in n fortnight instead of Die two months now required. Ing, including today, the Christmas rush was expected to be stimulated with fair weather prc- illcio;! for tomorroiv mid Christmas eve. Change Racketeers Nabbed At Berryville BERRYVILLB, Ark., Dec. 22 (UP)—A unique racket was exposed here last week when two men and a woman were arrested near here by Sheriff Tom Morris. Sheriff Morris said Hint thn alleged "racketeers" worked together In a group lo "short change" merchants when they made small purchases. O»e of the parly usually went into a store and made a purchase with .a $5 Mil, leaving with his change. Then one of his accomplices entered, making a purchase with a '$1 bill, but claiming that, he had „. December 27. The order granting the workers three filll days away irom their dulles was signed by Governor Carl . E. Bailey In his hospital room where lie Is confined recovering from a- kidney operation performed two weeks ngo. The only department not erTecl- cd by the order wns the StaU j Rangers, who will do extra patro 51 bill, luit claiming that, he had Any one carinir lo give inoncv bccil |vcu ,, le w c|m) may leave It at the Farmers Bank , slsti „ t , , d glv< , n 'and supplies arc to be Inken to the | cte - rk ,, $5 bn , the legion hut as contributions of any kind will help. Last year the Ooodfcllows club provided baskets ol food, clothing and toys for 650 families, the largest number ever cared for. Each vcar Ihc Duil Cason post of the American Legion sponsors this orolect with a non-member as ecn- eral chairman. This year Hueh Harbert Is general chairman and he has been asslslcd bv committees of business men. the legion members and elrl and boy scouts who arc mending 1 toys. Cash donated lolals approximately $550. Contributors not. yet announced Include: "Anonymous". Delta Im- plemenls, Hollis Jumper, T. P. Deen. LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Dec. 22.— Everett B Gee Harry W. Hatnes, The second "purchaser" was said :o have given the clerk a serial number which corresixmded with that on the $5 bill given by his companion earlier. In order to "prove" he had tendered it. Tlie trio was attempting to work the scheme at a drug store in Eureka Springs at the time they were arrested. J5 each; E. M. Terry. S3; Miller Auto Supply. L. L Ward. $2.50; J. W. Adams, P. E. pox. P. E. cooley, vuv.iivj, ui.vuiuiik& v\/ tv »vrr\ o.ii- ^y. MOftmS, r. e.i. fUA, 1 . Ej. \>w/n; J . vey of the entire state which «'as S2: P. A. Acton, S. E. Vail, Matt '•vo years in the making. Monaghan, Eb Spradley, W. M. The survey was made to deter- Bums, J. R. McConncll. Carney I mine effects of legislation cnacled Awning company, L, G. Thompson, cxcmptln? homesteads In the val- Wade Furniture company. Hanna „. -r t, n ™ , — ._.„..... m . pnhprn) home. Sam Florman, W. R. Crawford. Joseph J. Picpcr, E. A. Rice. H. O. Partlow. Joe Isaacs, Russell Afarr. J. !ifell Broo.V-s, W. D. Wood. P. B. Joyner. Dr. Floyd Webb, John C. Buchanan. Dr. F. L. Husband, $1; Karl Parker. Ncill May 597-8 60 58 3-S 59 3-3 include 86,975 acres. , . Reed, 50 cents; D. F. Fir. 25 cents. CenlFal~Coflcc company gave 50 pounds of coffee down In most slalehouso ofllces gifts will be exchanged by employes ,on Thursday afternoon before the constitutional officers leave for their former homes throiighon' thc slate to spend the holiday. A tree has been decorated In the office of Attorney Genera Jack Holt, for the official and his. aides. Gifts for thc entire office force will be placed beside the tree not lo be opened until late Thursday afternoon. Holt himself wilt receive a traveling bag as n gift from his office force. Close friends of the governor declined to disclose what thc em- ploj'e.s were giving tlie executive for a present. Commander Hennoved ' ,\ SHANGHAI, Deo. 22'. (UP)—Col.' Shlngoro Hashimoto, commanding Japanese troops along the upper Yangtze, has been removed from Ms post as the result of troop attacks on United States-and British warships, Americans arriving hero asserted today. It was asserted that • Hashimoto, politically powerful ; firebrand it Ihc extremist element in the Japanese army, was relieved of his lomuumd. last Saturday and replaced by a fellow colonel who 'showed a much more co-operative spirit." : Revrali Concern -Tlie • Amerte«n9, L -.who -arrived here from Wuhu, .did not know whether Hashtrnbto hid' been re.•ailed or transferred to another command. Foreign military ex~ icrts suggested that -he probably vas given another command. His •nero removal; they said, would te i sufficient Indication of the concern of the Japansee army .at uttacks on united States ana 3rltlsh ships. Hashimoto wa.s regarded by loi- Hgners here as the man really responsible for the machine gunning of (lie , American gunboat ?nnny, as it sank, after it was ibandoned, by Japanese troops In launches. IHs Statement Repudiated Col. Hashimoto Is alleged • to I — • - - — — • *s~t. * iivjiiiijiuiv is UiJtfECCl [O duty on the highways to keep have said, niter attacks by his rlnum trnmi* nf^rlmila i *-_ ._ .. **""•' "J . '*»;» troops Deo. 13, on the British, guh- bont Ladybird and the Panay, that lie had orders to fire on all ships In the Yangtze, regardless of nationality. It was denied atter- vard that Hashimoto had any such order. His removal from command on the Yangtze river patrol of the Japanese army cannot be called fire Fanny. that despite chine guns at the sinking CHRISTMAS SUPERSTITIONS Flier Feeds Marooned Ducks HAMILTON, Out, (UP) _ Fttod dropped from thc sky saved 200 starving wild ducks marooned on Icc-covercd Dundns marsh, when Enfcst Taylor, |acnl airport In- .^_ .. slructor. piloted his plane over the •— marsh and Ecattcr«l 50 pounds of | " wheat. County Gins 205,998 Bales Prior to Dec. 13 There were 205,998 bales of cotton, counting: rounds as halves, ginned In Mississippi county from the 1937 crop, prior to December 13, according to Chester Danehotrcr of Lu.vora, census bureau representative. Last year there had been 193,960 bales ginned up to the same date. On Christmas Eve in parts of Bavaria and Switzerland, girls seek to learn of Iheir future husbands by drawing slicks. A long slick meant he would be tall, a short one stout, and a crooked one deformed. . It docs mean, however, that apparently the Japanese high command Is so seriously worried over foreign complications that it has removed from command an outstanding leader of the extremists -even rebel, according to the view of foreign experts on the far east— officers in the Japanese army, whose tenet Is that whatever stands in the army's -way must be crushed. ' Lions Are Entertained By Youthful Musician Joe Evrard entertained the members of the Uons club yesterday at their regular luncheon at the Hotel Noble with several selections on his accordion. •••'/.; Milton Graham, a student at Onachlta College at Arjkadelphja and who Is spending the holidays here with his parents, was a euest of the club. • ' ' Thirty one were present. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy, occasional rains tonight and probably ta east portion • Thursday; not. miich change in temperature. Memphis and vicinity—Rain tonight and probably Thursday; lowest temperature tonight, 42 > to 46; colder Thursday. ••••.. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was 52, minimum •», clear, with .72 of an inch rainfall last night, according to Samuel F. Norrk, official weather observer. . ; ;

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