San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on July 8, 1902 · Page 12
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 12

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1902
Page 12
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3 f 1r sasfc jf 2 vks IMPa v - X F - V 12 vrrrzv Js JT9 Wf jt s H - - r J f - S - J 7 V - SVS1 t I n K rs tre - j i r3sa - iP sift5 r - Jf - cf 1i G - f T - t - - 4gyj - Ksii - iPMfft r - SAyBiJCIBCO PHBOJICIy CTESDYjyfcg 1902 V f J H - kens ofocek - rAiMEMONT - i t RJ - i r fwdfe pVerduVessela lchaiige EX - QUEEN LILIUOKALANI RETURNS TO HONOLULU i 0TBAMER MARIPOSA TO HAVE Alt EIGHT HOTJBS TRIAIi TRIP Trench Bark Matx - io Moltnoa WJm a v Race to ttaeenstosro TVacna - port Locaii Making Slow Trip Two new overdue were added yesterday to the list pasted at the Merchants Exchange and rates were advanced upon some of the old ones The Cumberland eighty - five days out fromNewcastle Australia for Taltal Chile went on the board quoted at 25 per cent and the EarUcourt seventy - four days out from Newcastle Australia for Valparaiso was posted at 15 per cent Some speculation followed the posting of these vessels The French bark Brenn out 1M days from Newcastle Eng land for this port was advanced to SO per cent The captain of the French bark Jane Ouiilon which arrived two weeks ago from Europe reports that when In the Atlantic he passed the Brenn and immediately afterward experienced a very severe storm through which he Is convinced the Brenn could not well have passed On this account the Brenn is regarjded as a bad risk She has already been out longer than necessary for the trip and every succeeding day adds to her chances of not arriving The vessel carries a general cirgo Steamer China Sails To - Day The Pacific - Mall steamship China to sail this afternoon for Honolulu and the Orient did not secure her qrew until late yesterday afternoon owing to the demands of the engineers and deck officers who objected to night work unless the following day should be granted them The demand was complied with The China takes out a large cargo of freight and many passengers Ex - Queen Liliuokalanl of Hawaii is among the passengers Robert Dollar the steamship man accompanied by his wife sails for Honolulu and H 8 Alward representing Frohman the theatrical manager is bound for Oriental ports Mariposas Trial To - Day The Oceanic Companys steamer Australia did not reach port yesterday though due from Tahiti but is expected to be in the harbor early to - day Since the Tahiti mail route waa established nearly two years ago the steamer has been regularly on the run but la now to be succeeded by the more modern and fleeter Maripoea scheduled to sail for Tahiti on the next regular trip The Mariposa will to - day be given an eight hours trial of her oil - burningburning machinery on the bay as a final test and will then begin to load freight for the South Seas The Australia it is said will be fitted with oil - burning apparatus State of Californias Trip The steamer State of California Captain Thomas arriving yesterday from Southern California ports reached her slip at Broadway wharf early In the afternoon though for the last day she was in rough weather off the coast The usual large number of passengers were brought from Han Diego Loo Angeleo and Santa Barbara porta DeputySherlff George Cooiey of San Diego was a passenger en route to San Quentin with a young colored woman named Daisy Jackson under sentence to two years for embezzlement French Baric Won the Race A race between several grain vessels leaving this port last March for Queene - town has been won by the French bark a21 Jimov wnlch u hence on SJfv25 ne competitors in the race Sk Siampa - aia March 55ltn rreB5h bark General Bofadeffre sailing March 6th the British ship Kln - EBwreJ Ji March 15th and the British ships Flintshire and Forthbank sailing about the same time and arriving at Queenstown on July 4th Losran Slow in Arriving Although due yesterday from Manila and Nagasaki the transport LoganTc tain Stlnson had not been reported up to last evening by the Merchants Exchange lookout at Point Lobos The troopship Is bringing a large number of returning troops of the Seventh and Sixteenth infantry regiments in addition to twenty - seven prisoners six lmane men and seventyseventy - seven sick soldiers The J B Brown Spoken The wooden ship J B Brown bound from Newcastle Australia for this port and upon which reinsurance of 10 guineas has been paid in England is reported to have been spoken on May 20th In latitude SI deg south longitude 160 deg west by the ship Hawaiian Isles The J B Brown signaled that her foremast head was sprung Miscellaneous Rotes John Seary secretary of the Marine Engineers Association is convalescing from an illness that has kept him confined to his bed for months The steamer Curacao Captain Paulsen will sail to - morrow for Mexican ports The Pacific Mail steamer Newport Is expected to reach port to - day from Panama fcjid intermediate ports The Pacific Mall steamer Colon will sail at noon to - day for southern ports with Panama aa her destination She carries a large quantity of through freight for New York R W Gelssler has succeeded T Ferguson as master of the schooner Free Trade MARINENEWS Branch Hydrocrapbie Office D 8 N Merchants Exchange San Francisco July T 1B02 The Tlm Ball on the tower of the Ferry ballding was dropped exactly at noon to - day I at noon of th 120th meridian or st 8 P U Greenwich mean time 3 T MlIILLAN Nautical expert hi Charre POINT LOBOg Jnly T 10 P - Weather kaai windsouthweat velocity 8 mile C S COAST AND GEODETIC 8DKVET Itrns and Heights of Blrh and Low Waters st Fort Paint entrance to Saa rrancUeo Bay By offleta authority of the Superintendent - OTE - Th high and low waters occur at the City Front Ulsalon - street wharf about twenty - flre - minutes later than at Fort Point the height of tide is the same st both places SanPedro Eoreks Areata etc Inly ft Catr oX Pnebla Victoria Pairat Sonaa and i alaskac July ioT Mlu - mJwiiuuoiJuciluitu iv areata - Pons Bar and Port Orford Jnlr la - Sfandalay Ooqnilie Birerr July 10 BiaieOiuaiuornie - - can meroasa way Sports i July 10 Aenfe - olaalaw BlVerii - July 10 PojnonaEtfrciai Areata1 etei July 11 Phoenix MeDdoctBOf Jul it Qipay Santa cms and Monterey - July 11 Alakieda - Hnlulaj - Jaiy 12 Columbia Astoria and Portland - - ay 12 Urral WIHp7Harbor i r July 12 romtAreak Point Arena and If endocutoJoly It NorthFork Eoreks - ArcaU ctctJoly 12 Knreks Bbresa Areata etc w Joly 13 AMlaheeEorcltaOoo - Bay Astoria and Portland i July IS Coronh NwportlSt Podro etc July 13 Saata Boss San Dlegj and way ports July IS f ABBITK - Steamers Frem Doe ITIewport Ww Tork - rlarPanamaJoly S lMscklnawTaeomar - Jnlr 8 Acia Nhlln Uleer v July 8 fconthCoat Hadondo July 8 OollnnbU Portland and AStoiiaiJuly 9 rozdoaa - Burefcs - Areata etei July HlTU - WUUpa Uubor July NortttForfc - Earesa Areata etc Jnly 9 Santa Monicas - Grays Harbor July 0 jsasy pearo 8a - Pedro Jnly O Santa Barbara Portland ami Aitorta July a Arekti - Coos Bay and Polnl tlrtord July 0 Tltania Jtanitoo July U Inifn Artpa Point Arena and Mendoctnc July 10 8anta Rosa 8sn Diego and wiy ports July 10 Corona Newport Sao PedroNte Juir 10 Gipsy Santa Cms sand Monterey July to rooenlx ueadoctno July 10 Queen Alaska Pnget Sound and VlctorlaJuly 11 kureks Eureka Areata eteiJulj 11 Eureka Seattle via Boche Harbor July 11 Xealandla Honolulu Jul 12 Kumantla Hamburg and way ports July 12 Wyefleld Kenalttio t July 12 Abydoa Seattle T July 13 Grace Dollar Grays Harbor July 13 Ventura Sydney ta Auckland and Hone - lulu July 14 George W Elder Portland and Astoria Jnly 14 Pomona Eureka Areata etc July 14 Ooos Bay San Pedro and way ports July 11 State of California 8an Diego and way ports July 11 ft 10 11 is t IS 14 H W f - UM SToii 1 140 zsz It rt 415 II iW 020 118 reet 54 50 48 18 18 JOLT S TO 1 ITW TS30I 818 001 6i 1014 HW 884 7S51 Feet - 04 02 OT 13 81 a7 H W I M P 2381 311 401 400 08 t W 1138 1280 Feet 64 66 68 65 66 as 26 h Wi P - M 0 iB8l 10M61 iiaui H W 828 714 JULT 8 IFeet 26 24 22 lu 64 64 Saa Blses 454 t Sua Sets ff - SN0TB In the atwra tabulation of tides th dally tldea - are glTe An the order of their occuii rrucet coaimencbg with the early jnonuac tide Ms the left - hand tide column and the sueedlB - tides ss they occur as to time on soms days but throe tides occur the niuslrortb tide eccurrtjir The column of heights giTesthe deration of each tide above or below the elan of rv Cturt soundlora The nombers are always addf tire to the chart depths naleas preceded by the uunu ataa w uuu j wscq law nsmoer IS SOD - Tractive from depths gtreo on the chart f X If MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS Steamers due and to sill to - day and for the next sbf days are as follows j - - Steamers v Foeii Sails Odna Hoogfcoagi rlaHonolnlu and Toko - f hama ijvfVl Jury 8 Colon New1 Tojk lis PansmaFJuly 8 - Koreka Eureka Areata etekj0l a Gipsy Saots Cms scd Monterey July 8 CbehsUs Oraya Harbor - July 8 A - Albion Biter Point Arena and Albion1 July 8 Curacao Mnlcau Doru X - - Jal a Coo Bay Saa Pedro and way porta f July 9 From city county and Sate real estate taxes second installment From city county and Stab personal property secured by real eatats From cRy county and State unsecured personal property From penalties on taxes 1901 From taxes account previous years From proceeds account properly sold for State of California From advertising charges from taxes account previous yturs From advertising charges from taxes sect ount year 1S01 From sale of pot taxes From DuDOnt - street widening taxeb t From duplicate and overpayment of taxeb The following amounts remain delinquent Personal property secured by real estate Real estate first Installment Heal estate second Installment Personal property unsecured ARRIVED AT SAN FRANCISCO Stmr State of California Thomas 41 hours from San DUfa etc Stmr Albion Hirer Jacobs 12 hours from Albion Stmr Gipsy Swanson 22 hours from Moss LandUr Stmr Phoenix Ordland 40 hours from Bueaeme Schi Adrent Olsen 4 days from Willapa Bar - our OLBABBD FROM 8AN FRANCISCO Stmr George W Elder BandaU Aatoria SAILED FROM SAN FRANCISCO Stmr National City Johnson Fort Bram ftmr Empire Macceen Coos Bay tmr Westport Smith Bear Harbor Stmr Sequoia Inkle Fort Bragg Stmr Phoenix Ordland Mendocino 8tmr Coronadoi Peterson Grays Harbor Stmr Geo W Elder Randall Astoria Stmr Argo Dunham Port Keoyon Stmt Redwood City Weber Albion Stmr Noyo Elleften Fort Brass Barge 3nta Paula McGoTern Ventura la tow ui tug jAonarcn SPOKEN Per ship Hawaiian Iales at Honolulu May 20 lat 31 S Ion 160 24 W ship J B Brown from Newcastle NSW for San Francisco with fore - mast head sprung June 14 lat 29 S Ion 3445 W Dutch amp Hugo Molenaar from Geelong for Falmouth COAST PORTS TACOMA Sailed July 7 bktn Chas F Crocker lor Ban i - ecro PORT TOWNSEND Sailed July 7 schr Oka nogan for Honolulu schr Robert Sesrles for uaipnong EUREKA Arrired July 7 stmrs Pomona and Lakme hence 6 acbr Ida McKay from San Pedro PORT HADLOCK Arrired July 6 bktn Re trierer hence June 20 REDONDO Sailed July 7 stmr South Cosst for San Francisco stmr Prentiss for Ban Fran - Cisco Arrired July 7 stmr G C Undauer hence 6 GRAYS HARBOR Sailed July 6 schr Chas Hanson for Bristol Bay schr Chas B Wilson for San Francisco 8AN PEDRO Arrired July 7 bark Haydn Brown from Tacoma atmr Corona hence 6 atmr Pfentlss from Redondoc stmr Olympic from Fair - haren Sailed July 7 atmr Corona for San Franclaco BANDON Arrired July 7 schr Onward hence June 27 TILLAMOOK Arrired July 7 atmr W H Kruger hence 4 NEAU BAY Passed out July 7 sehr Mindore from Tacoma for San Franclaco atmr Centennial from Seattle for Nome Br ship Decean from Ta coma tor London Passed in Jnly T Dan stmr Wyefleld hence 2 for Nanaltuo SEATTLE Sailed July 6 stmr Centennial for Nome stmt city of xopesa ior ruagway - Arrlred Jnlr 8 stmrs Dolohln and Cltr of Seattle from Skagway atmr Despatch from San Francisco stmr Indiana rrom Nome ASTORIA Sailed July 7 stmr Columbia for San Franelseo POUT LOS ANGELES - SsUed July 7 Br ahlp uiennoim tor pnget nouna PORTLAND Arrired July 7 atmr Santa Bar bara from San Francisco stmr Fulton from nan Francisco Sailed July 7 stmr Alliance for San Franclaco COOS BAY - Sailed July 7 stmr Areata for San Francisco EASTERN PORT NEW YORK Arrired July 7 atmr Anchoria from Glasgow FOREIGN PORTS GLASGOW Arrired July 6 stmr Austrian from Boston stmrs Osrthagenlan and Columbia from New Tork balled July 6 stmr Arcadian for Montreal MOVILLE Arrired July 7 atmr Numldlan from Montreal and Quebec for Liverpool and pro ceeded CHERBOURG Arrired July 7 stmr Kronprlnx Wllhelm from New York rla Plymouth for Bremen and proceeded BEACHY HEAD Passed July 4 Fr bark Gen eral Mellinet from Antwerp for San Francisco DOVER Psssed July 5 Ger ship Peru hence Feb 13 for Queenstown FALMOUTH Arrtred July 6 Fr bark Marie Mollnoa hence Mar 24 July 7 Fr bark General de Boledeffre hence Mar 6 QUEENSTOWN Arrired July 7 Ittl ship CaraUere uiampa hence Mar a ur Dark Kln - roaa - shlre hence Mar 13 WEST HARTLEPOOL SaUed July 6 Nor stmr Mathilda for Tacoma PLYMOUTH Arrired July 7 atmr Kronprins Wllnelm from New ion Sailed July 7 atmr Patricia for New York from Hamburg GIBRALTAR Arrired July 7 stmr Aller from New lork for Naples and Genoa nONGKOJJG Arrired July 4 Jap stmr Amer lca Mara hence June 6 Sailed July 4 Br stmr Shlmoss for New York CALLAO Arrired prior to July 7 bktn Che - halts from Colnmbta Blrer SYDNEY Arrlrtd prior to July 6 bktn Omega from Willapa Harbor ANCOtfrER Arrired July 7 ahlp Dashing Vikt from Juneau MAZATLAN Sailed July 2 stmr Newport for San Frsnctico July 6 Ger stmr Numsntla for San Francisco HAMBURG Sailed July 3 Fr bark Eugenie Fautrel for Saa Francisco AKTWEBP - SaUed July 4 Br ahip Biaaton Bill lor urcgon DUNKIRK Arrired July 4 Br ahlp Puritan ironv xacoma LIMERICK Arrired July 5 Fr bark Duqueane hence Feb 28 TALTAL Arrired June 30 Ger ship - Ariadne irom oania uoaaiia VICTORIA Arrired July 7 stmr Willapa from Weat Coaat schr Kllmeny from Flattery Kxports for British Colnmblsu The steamer Umatilla which sailed laat Saturday for Victoria tarried an assorted merchandise cargo destined to the leading British Columbia cities Among the principal exports were the followina 0T41S lb Malt 451 lba Surar 3 bales Leather 0 pkgs Arms and Ammunition lov inp ctmisins - ia ions n iron oju ids uneese 701 Um Bread 25 pkgs Steel and Iron 15 colls Rope 1720 lbs meal 7 cs Canned Goods 3 bxs Paste 3 baler Dry Goods 2 cs Druxs 16700 bs Dried Fruits 6320 ft Lumber 633 lbs Nuts 280 It uoassn ziuu ids Beans 32 pkgs Groceries and Prorlslons 413 lbs Coffee 84 gsls and 10 cs Wine 304 lbs Hams and Bacon 1794 pfcga Fresh Fruits 408 pkgs Fresh Vegetables 3 bales Bobber Goods 14 pkgs Electrical Material 191 pkgs Plaster The steamer also carried to bbls Oak Extract destined to Yokohama DEATH OF P H CAHILL Democratic Politician Succumbs to - If earf Disease Patrick H Cahill the well - known Democratic politician died Sunday night of heart disease while going to his home 343 Tehama street He was found seated on the steps of an adjacent house and re - moyed by the police first to the Receiving Hospital and then to the Morgue Cahill baa been active in nolltlcs tor many years At one time he was a camp - follower of Chris Buckley but latterlyhas been in thacounclls of the Phelan Democracy as a member of the County Committee and other positions His was a familiar figure at conventions where he be - i camev known as Buster Cahill because of the lorn duster In which he enveloped his portly frame when on a pilgrimage to a nominating convention In the interior of the State - - - A He engaged In an aggressive1 warfare against a - carpet - beating establishment near his Jidme which he declared to be a nuisance Cahill went before several legislatures at Sacramento and fairly haunted tho ante - rooms of boards of supervisors In his efforts to secure legislation lO ausio iuo aucscu uutattuuftw r r aai4ve u xrriAiiu fttA AetuiA wan ei vnm rtt aire and leaves a widow The m saa i - v - r - - t - - - i - - tpirr - imnr jniw o t f iiTirf Brvices TvlII be in St FatrtckA i - A V VAf I tSi iTj i - x - - - t snenAXali eiCMjnjy BltjaurCtt W tvAoca uwnumis uvinMua ijW DBbLWBNT - mXES - - LEgfj ON RECORD i i 4 TAX COLLECTOR EDWAKDJJfelMlTH in making his annual report of collections submits a statement of the delinquencies for the fiscal year ending June 30th Amounting in all to 16144 82 Deducting from that amount 140247 91 which 1b exempit nnder the law it leavesa balance of actual delinquent taxes ol only 20994 91jthe smallest amount delinquent taxes In the history of San Franclaco Last years delinquent list was considered the smallest on record but the presentj one Is smaller by several thousand dollars Tax Collector Smith ascribes the smallness of delinquencies to the new system ot constantly reminding tardy taxpayers Of their debt through postal ccrds and so many of them pay their taxes who in former years became delinquent The total collections for taxes for the fiscal year 1901 Are as follows From city county and State real estate taxes tirst installment 12 33 632 W AJK1J0 22 lm060 74 7416 13 13J06 Si 742 24 lbo 5 82fi0 ljsri oo is v 218 - n 57J5 53 5701540 75 I 66811 65 20JS2a HiGo ii 161142 S2 Making a total delinquency of Of this amount the sum of 140247 91 is uncollectible owing to the property exempt from taxation such as the Regents of the University Directory of the Deaf Dumb and Blind Asylum Robinson Bequest Fund the City and County of San Francisco and orders of the Superior and Circuit Courts enjoining from sale the sum of 140247 91 aa above stated leaving a balance collectible of 20994 91 REBUKE FOR IlinflP ITAlPn I ary ilaulistV Church Ufig H Lux t II I 111 U MIIV A E1U L Madr both of Ihli tityv I IMlTi 111 I li J MABCIIlSNOLTr la tbl citj Jniy Z by R t I VI UUU 11V1UU j i - undillog Darid Edward Macau t 1 W snrla f poo i - At K 1i KeT Hjmau Saioiwltou Loula Goldiraltb to Ida Z1m both of this city LUX MEADKK - In this city Junt - 25 at 2M4 IHn str - t br Hpt I - atbr Wrman of Kt Marys ilaulists Church Ufig H Lui to r Reviewing Tribunal Sharply Criticises One of His Orders Manda Margarrtha Nolte TH1ELEUBEM1K In ihis cllf July o Iit Rpt J Kurndeling Emll Thlele M D toAinali - I Bremer TOMM - MELMEK - tn ihis city Julv Z by Rct J KurndeliDg Joseph A Toninl td Baibett Mennkr S DEATHS Ahem Josephine E 3o Josrpo Mary 44 Anderson Kagna 2j Ktarnpy Ham 81 Attridge Mary Lamb Rose A u5 Henedettl Edward D 1 L - arv ialrlr J a The order made by Judge Noyes enjoining W J Lane and Max Abrami from mining a certain placer claim was dissolved yesterday by the United States Circuit Court of Appeals The Injunction was issued on AugusilZ 1901 in an action brought by J Eugene Jordan E R Dunne and A J Daly against Lane and Abraras Trie latter were in possession of the claim but the other three men deposed that they had purchased it from the original locator The lower court directed Lane and Abrams to give up the claim with ail Its dm i t o i j i AHERN In Los Oatos July 6 Jonenh ne Eliza appurtenance and gave permission to b wlfe o j w Ahern of Ilik va uaai aasa iib v iuv1 wnv uiu vu v v k iuv mine In dissolving the Injunction yesterday Circuit Judge Gilbert said The order affected a substantial right the Boyd Elisabeth Brown Annie 24 Buja George 29 Burke Michael 38 Caalll Patrick II - o5 Cox Leander 64 Durack John 48 Farnam Ollrrr J Fleming Fanny E - 25 Gregory Cornelia Ho Hawley Minnie 8 39 HerUa Thomas 63 Hill James - 70 Hoken Fhllip 67 MCMeuoiuy Myrtle b Mahler John li 8 m V e Nillle C 2i Murphy Edward S Myers John I t8 Nunes Henrietta 1 OIsmi Lucy 0 m font Jtau - 54 Suilth Sarab J 28 Swink Oryal O B Taufeuhach rnold ji lenct Charles J Ward Daniel 2U beloved daughter of Charles sad the late Mary McJJenomyj and slsteraf Httie miJr Graces Krank Birdie and Irene AlcMenomy a I V 7 7 acisco ageo years s months ana asys MAULER In this eltr Jnl t iAh nkw dearly belored and only son of John D and Dora t m J ot uiaays aiaiuer ana grandson of Mr and Mrs P Droge a satire - of Ban Francisco aged 8 months and 24 days UbRE - la this - city Jnly 7 Kallle CeUstine More nallre ot his city aged 2S years UURPUlWn thU city July a Edward Murphy a natlTe of Ireland aged about 60 years MYERS - aa this city July 5 at taW City and County Hospital John L Myers a uatire sf Ohio aged tb yeara NESIvlS ftT 3uy 7 Henrietta Nunes belored child of Manuel and Loula None a nailre of tiut Fianclsco aged 1 year 3 months ami 2S days OLSEK - ln this city July 7 at the parenta real - dence 444 Mali street Lucy V beloved twin daughter of Lcuu rad Mary olsen a satire or San Francisco aged It Inonth and days PONT Is this eiiy July 7 Jean Fuiii a naUye of Iraurr agd 54 years SMITH In ihis city July G Mrs Sarab J Smith wiurru mne i nairy ancitlL and beloTed daughter of Mrs Mary Ann WUUams snd stepdaughter of Richard Williams sister of Mrs Mary Cuneo ijar James Nellie and the late Ulraih Tuoma a nallre of han Francisco Cal agd ZS years U months aad SSi days lrnniU aud aituijtanrea are rupee fully lnrltcd iu sttmd Jse funeisl Wrdmsday July 0 fruai the nid uc of hi r ttoilKr 64 Hi - 1 rt strut at 1 oclock Interment Mount Oliret CtnieUry 8W1NK 1j Uetk ley July 7 at the residence of his pareuU laT Shattuck arenue Ortai C beloved son of i jd h uilua SulnC arid broth r of Rjfua C Kail Z Swlnk and Mrs X ItlA lfKKyn 11 - j - u uiwwviv vt i apaaqoeia u a native of Ohio aged year T months and 6 Lots TAttEMlACII In tnls city July Arnold w vvu nuauiwj ui tuc iir It tfina laufenbach and fatnTr of Fred AnnK - aad Mag - lautnibarb and stipfather of William Hihwatr a natife of G rmuy aed yars b month and todays A rutmbirof Cuuit Sai IramUdi No 7 K - f Friends and acqnalntancea are r apectfollj larlted to attend tb - tunerai Tueaday July b at 1 oclock from his late residence 013 Vallejo street between Maaon and Taylor Interment Cypress Lawn CitucUrj by carnage iO THE OFrlfl KS U MEMBERS OF Court San Francisco No 7 F of A You are hereby notified to assemble at 013 Vallejo treet at 1230 oclock Inesday July 8 to at - tmd the funeral rf our Ute brother A Tanten - bacb Fines win be strictly enforced for non - attendance By order of t ON Chief Ranger I P BEBAN Secretary TENCE In this iltj Jily 7 Charles Tine - be loted husband of Aline Tence a nallre of France aged C yi ar Friends and auiualutances are rrapectfully Ialted to atttnd the fin - ral Wtdnisday July at 0 oclock from the parlori of J b Godau iQj Monticomery aTenae thtnee to French Church for s - rrlces Intel mint Holy Crosn Cemetery WARD In this city July 7 Daniel Ward be - 1 ired son of the laie John and Mary Ward and brother of Mrs J IMsanl a natlre of California aged 2J J ears 5 months and 11 days FrUnds and acqLaluianees are r spectfully lnrited to attend the fLiieral Wednesday July 0 at S 45 oclock from lh n sidi nee of bis sister Mr J riaaul 113 Hanpshlre street thence to St Peters Church Alabama street btween Twenty ourth and Twi ntT - nftb tvbe re a requiem high iLiii will be reltbrated for the re poee of h soul commencing at 9 o clock Interment Holy Cross Cemetery - LA AMCBEMKJITa BAlLKOADTRAVEI - rtCMTDJU - 17 r - rr a iirfri a rut sco J mrt3a wmm97 -Je Market Street atsrEilhtb Pfoue South 63il TaNIGITr - iAtX THIS WKEKl MATINEE 8ATUI5DAY AND fcDNlAVf r I Ths Charming Cmedy Drama Over Which New Tork City Hsi Gone Wild fie r - l Sunshine oli Paradise AHefc First Appearnce hereof LOUIS MOIlBJSOXc PUlCES - ETenlng 4 c - 10c tof Coej uim 1A 1U - 25e 3 i - - rrTr4v - - - T i NEXT WEEK - - A PABK SECRET OCtiAN STAJlKttS PACIFIC COASTSJEAMSHIP CO f teauers lease San Francisco its foliuwsr or Ketchikan Juneau TreadwelPs DonjUa aty Skagway etc Alaska 11 AT M July a lo 15 20 25 80 AugC 4r eoangsto compauys steamers at Seattle For Victoria Vaucouter B lPortTownejd Seattle Tacoma Ererett sad New What com 1 Wash I II A - M July B 10 15 20 2320 lug 4 ehsnge at Seattle to tola compauys steame lot Ataska and U - X Rjr at rJeal or TaeJOJs tc N p Uy at eotirr to C p 8y fr For Eureka Olinnb - lut nyl 10 f U luly I B It IB 21 16 K AW 6V For Los ABgeUs la Port Lcs AogeIs and Bedoado San IXego snd Santa Barbara SANTA BO8A tMilidays A M STATE PFCAUrUttMA Thursdays ft AM Vnr t Anrolea iTla 819 Pedro and East San Pedro Santa Barbara Santa Crus Moat San all I ObliDo rona only CORONA A M Jsly S 13 21 49 COOS BAY A MJul U O IT 23 Aaf 2 - For Enacnada Uagdaleua Day Sau Joac V1 Cabu klaxatlan Altaia L Pax Kant BlrIU and Guaymas iMrilco 10 A M Joly 9 Aug 7 For farther luformatkm cbtaln f Wer Ultot ts reserred to ebange steamers or sailing dates TICKET OFKICB 4 Ne Montgunwry street IPilin Hotel GOODALL PFRK1XS A CO Gen Afrnts C D DONANN Oeperal Passsngtr Agent la Market street Sin Fraaclsex o santa uarDara eaoia wu w - etj Simeon Cay acoa Port Harford iSaa lll po Ventura Hneheme and Newport GOING rEAST IP SrvfCAlX AT OUR OFFICBrtt ANDWE WILU EXPtAUtTOy i 4r0U REJARIWQ OUR4 4 n TOURIST CAR CURSIONS A GOOD AND REASONABLB WAY TO TRAVEU STOP - OVER PKIVILEOB AT NIAGARA FALLS ON ALL TRAINS NEW YORK pENTRALLlMJiS Sgt - MAREXSX CARLTON C CRANB PAC COAST AQeNT AJUSISJIEMS right of sppellants to retain possession of the property in controTersy until by the ludgment of tne court it was determined that their possession sras unlawful The appellauts challenged the power of tho court to make sneb an order The limit of the power of tbe court lr that regard and concerning the facts set forth in tbe com plaint and VffldaTiti la d fined In section 3S6 of tbe act providing for tbe cItII goremment of Alaska which au thorites the court to enjoin a defendant in an action to refrain from doing a particular aet pending tbe action when It appears by affitaTit that the defendant la doing or threatens or is about to do or Is procuring or suffering to be done some act in Yiolitioo of tho plaintiffs rights concerning tbe subject of the action and tending to render the judgment in effectual Under thta statement tbe error of the ncord which Is before ua Is Terr plain The order transferring from the appellants to Ute ap - fleld Kern county Cal a uatire of Contra uosta county cal aged do years Friends are lnrited 10 attend th furmul Tuesdsy Jnly 8 at 1 o clock from the resl dence of J M Abern H0 Laguoa sfVei t San Francisco thence to Holy Cross Cemetery by electric funeral car from Eighteenth and Guer rero streets AhDFRSON In this city July 6 Kagna U lored wife of Anton Anderson mother of Slgrld A Bagnhlld J and Harold A Anderson a natUe of Bergen Norway aged 25 years 1 month aud 11 days ATTRIDGE In this city Jnly 7 Mary dearly belored wife of James Attridge and mother of Edward Thomas John Nellie snd Rlcbsrt Attridge snd Mrs E T Hestb a natire of County Cork Irelaud Friends and acquaintances are respectfully lnrited to attend the funeral Wednesday Jolv 0 from her late residence 2CXX5 LesTeuwortb street tbence to St BrlgMs Church where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for Jb repose of her soul commencing st 9 - 30 oclock Interment Holr Cross O met err pellees the possession of the mining claim pend - BEJJEDETTI - In this city July 7 Edward lng the action raider the circumstances detailed beloved aon of Joseph and Lliiie BenedetfiTa was not only unauthorised by any atatute bat waa natlTe pf Sacramento ag - d 1 Tear 1 month the eierciae of judicial power unknown to and 18 days I - lfld BOYD - U San RafaeL July 7 Elizabeth Bord m Thv a rXSu - tTi rzzzx rizz w - w a Boyd ad iot possession which they had when said order was 1 made I HEAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Tbe following traqafers of real estate wers recorded yesterday Carl Haneke to Johanna Haneke lot on 8 line of Clay street 816 WW Kearny W 30x68 5 Homer ityaa to Emma C McColgan lot on N Une of Haight street 626 E of Deriasdero E 25x100 110 LeTt M Kello to Alfred A Tobln lot on NW line of Howard street 2T5 feet NE of Fourth NE 20x80 10 Jobn Hslloran and wife to George Holy lot on o uuv u KJ Blriiri 4A ijzk c o w E i 9KTiia tin The Batrd Estate to Annie R Scbrodar lot on W line of Clayton atreet 137 6 N of Haight N 276x1063 10 Tbe Balrd Estate to Katherlne E uuoebelln lot on W line ot Clayton atreet 110 feet N of mother of William J Elizabeth E Mary E and Thomas P Boyd apd Mrs Jane Browne a natire of Philadelphia Fa Frlenda and acquaintances are respectfully lnrited to attend the funeral Thursday Jnly 10 st 9 oclock - from ber late residence Slri I K atreet thence to St Raphaels Church wher - 1 a solemn requiem msss will be celebrated for tbe repose of her soul Interment Mount Oliret Ometery BRADY Aa annirersary mass will be cele bra ted for the repose of the soul of the late Mary E Brady at St Ignatius Church Hayes street Tuesdsy July 8 st 9 oclock Friends are lOTlted to attend BROWN In thla city July 7 Annie Brown a natire of California aged 24 yeara I miJI In thla elrr inl K n K1J of Mary and tbe late Nicholas Buja brother of Mrs R Maroerlch Mrs M B Mculolnl Virginia Mlcbo Nicholas Ld Andrew Euja a name of San Franclaco aged 29 years Friends snd acquaintances are respectfully lnrited to attend the funeral Tuesday July K at 2 oclock from the family reel J me 10 ureen street interment Laurel Hill Vhult Haight N 276x106 3 110 Arctic Oil Works to Pacific Steam T haling rAaKA - 11 Atf fTS T - Jl DIaI At anJ A 1 Vkrrm - o a a wunauj an ua iiuc jubuu jLts - va suu nv otJtljaxl m mil Cliy JUJJ aUlCOaei DUTtO a usuii vi ircjanu agea n rears 9 flit CAHILL In thta city July 7 Patrick H Cahill a natire of Ireland aged 65 years COX - In this city July 7 Lesnder Cox late chief engineer of Alaska Commenlal Companys steamship St Psul s natire of Salem Mass aged 64 years and 22 days Salem Mass papers please copy Friends snd acquaintances sre respectfully lnrited to attend the funeral Wednesday July 9 at 1030 oclock from the funeral parlors of Iorter White lzz Eddy street Interme Mount OliTet Cemetery rla electric fuue car from Eighteenth and Guerrero streets DlRACK - In this city July 6 at the City and county uospnsi jonn uurack a natire of Mis sourl aged 48 years FARNAM In this city July 7 Ollrer J Farnam brother of Mrs W B Cotrel aud Mrs Clarence Lyon of New York a natire of New York A member of George II Thomas Post No 2 Grsnd Army of the Republic Notice of funeral hereafter FLEMING In ibis city July 6 Fsnny FJUsbetb Fleming a natire of Missouri aged 25 Teari I mivrf - - - 100 feet SE of L atreet V JalJ Cornelia Uelore1 iic v 1 - urrgur a nauve or iucasport jue other Diecea 165500 R J Graf and wife to A L DIUy aad wife lot on E line of McClellan street 25 feet N of Lincoln N 50x70 8IO1 Daniel OConnor tolCatherlne OConnor lot on SW line of Twelfth atreet 112 6 SE of Howard SE 25x100 slso lot on SW Une of Twelfth street 1376 SE of Howard SE 24 t 100 NW 24 NE 100 gift Christian Epplnger to Sophie Epplnger lot on 8E line of Huron avenue 220 feet NE of Sickles NE 100 SE 261 W 526 NW 140 SW 50 NW 100 gift John P Allen to Thomas D RiordAn lot 00 SE corner of Pacific and Mason streets S 48x 756 10 Mary Sexton to Maria Sexton lot on N line of ot Sacramento atreet 29 feet E of Scott E 27 81 108 5 Mary Sexton to Thomas Sexton lot on N Une of Sacramento street 568 E of Scott 278x108 5 John MeDermott to Mary A Barber part lot 8 block 82 Excelsior Honstead Association 110 William McSheehy to Mary Orr lot on N line of Jesale atreet 195 feet W of Mission NW 80s NE30 gift Louis Cerles to Germain Cerles lot on NE line of Twentieth STenoe SE 12x100 10 Tfaomaa McLernan to AUce McLernan lot on NW corner of Fourteenth arenue and N street N 80x73 10 Hugh Keenan and wife to Webster Welbanks lot on E Une of Mssonic arenue 75 feet N of Haight N 25x039 110 Henry Ounielmann and wife to Carlo Rossi lot on 8 line of Lombard street 689 E of Pierce E 4510x100 10 Emma H Rosenberg to Jessie F Banks lot 1 N line of Green street 150 feet W of Bnccanan W 25x1876 10 Uzxle C Horn to GustaT Graff lot on NW corner of Twenty - third afd Bartlett streets W 34 - 6x120 110 Terrsa Mareulnl to Rw Bedmond lot on W line of Church street 23 feet S of Twenty - fifth 9 64X1010 10 J Louis W Bartel to EmiUe A Allen lot on W line of Serenth arenue 268 feet N of Clement N 20x120 10 Jamea W Smith and wife to William SWaHey lot en 8 line of Chestnut street 110 feet W of Hyde W 27x1376 810 Anne Gbearty to Mary MeDonongh lot on S line of terenson street 250 feet SW of Sixth 8W 23x75 also lot on W Une of Holyokc street 100 feet S of Henry S 23x120 also lot on 8 Una of Henry street 81 feet B of Hamilton E 26x 100 rift S Dueaa Company to Spencer X Buekbee lot on S line of Post atreet 27 feet W of Fillmore W 27x75 180a Mamie E Sollman to Beulab EH00S lot on S line of Page atreet 33 feet E of Lyon E 25x E O Heydenfeldt et al to E A Heydenf eldt lot on N line of Pacific atreet 1018 W of Dupont W 39 N 1376 B 56 8 T2 W 20 8 656 10 E A Heydenfeldt to E O Heydenfeldt same also lot on NW cWner of Geary Snd Webster streets N 113x289 10 Emma H Brown to Theresa Shrtoer lot on B line of Sfaotwell atreet 120 feet U ot Twenty fifth street N 23x1226 10 Nicholas Hottna aad srif to Emll Ipsrn aad wife lot on N line of - Bush street 200 feet W of Broderlck W 25x1376 10 The California Safe Deposit and Trust Company to Ellxa L Meader lot on BE corner of Filbert and Webster streets 8 23x100 grant THEATRE at us co A Thai 1 Fifth and Last Week Bat Oa bTANDING ROOM F ERY PERFORMANCE FLORENCE ROBERTS Supported by WHITE WHITTLESEY David Belascos R - cord Breaking Dramatic Success Z - v Z A Seats now selling for all performances op to auu inciucHug biinaar July oth PACIFIC MAIL STKAMSU1P CO TEANSPACIFIC USE - CaUlng at Ilonololo YOKOHAMA Kobe Nagasaki Shanghai and Hongkong connecting with steamers to Manila Icdla etc btramers sail at 1 P Mfrom Companys wharf klrat aud Brsnnaa streets as follows a S CHINA July 8 1002 S f IFItU August 1 19vJ a S KOlCKA Aacust 2H II42 IHUULOti LINE 10 NEWOUK - Ihreestam - eia nouthly calling at ports uf Mexico Oners 1 America and Panama Steamer sail at 1 - M from Companys wharf rlrst aad Uranaan airrrts as follows S S COLON July 8 1902 0 e KPOUT July 18 luOJ S S CITY OF IRA - July 2 190 S o CilY OF SYDNEY August 81602 No car jo recelTed on board on day tfislllng Hound trip tickets at reduced rates 1 or freight or passsge apply at c - empaoy office 421 Marktt street ALEXANDER CENTER General Agent TOYO KISEN KAISHA ORIENTAL STEAMSHIP CO Steamers will lease wharf corner First and Brannan streets at 1 P M - for YOKOHAMA and HONGKONG calling at Kobe II logo Nagasaki and Shanghai and connecting at Hongkong with ete - tmers for India etc No cargo recelred on twsrd on day of sailing S S NIPPON MAKDTbursdsy July 24 1902 a R AMERICA MARU Saturday Aug 16 1902 S S HONGKONG MARU Thnrs Sep 11 1902 Via Honolulu Bound - trip tickets at reduced rates For freight and passage apply at Companys office 421 Market street corner First W H AVERY General Agent SOUTHERN PACirlG rains le r lato svrrtT m Mala Line yrt of MarSci Street - FjM - Jtiv Xi aaaiTSU I SI 7 j LIlTI fjjoa uenliaTsuiaun Klinlr and bacra - nirBiA tt 9 at m 7 25 4 - Uv 4 2Sr ZMr MONDAY Matinee Saturday JLL 21 - AS IOD LIKE IT mm Curtain rBIS Mfumtr itivi rxri rises erenlngs st 8 15 Mstineea at 2 THIS WEEK ONLY Hatlneea Wednesday and Saturday Charles Frohman Presents HENRY MILLER MARGARET ANGLIN And A SPECIAL COMPANY In Anthony Hopes Delightful Romantic Comedy THE DVtNTURE OF THE LAOY URSULA A Charming Flay Exquisitely Acted Next Week Oscar W llde s London New York and San Francisco Success THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST Seata Ready Thursday fm THR PRIME NECESSITIES ARE 11 VPPINESS IIEALTH AND STRENGTH You can get them by seeing POUSSE CAFE ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA And A ROYAL FAMILY A Great Triple BUI Of Dellghtfu Plsys Presented by the Onlr Remarkable Company In America Parked as usual last night I Raw Is the Time To get one of our clocks the pretty golden ones that please CTeryboay Also gold csBOlesilcks candelabra and Jewel eases nnunti and nrlsea for card Vti A Co 741 Market street I EAENINGS AT 8 SHUtl MATINEE SATURDAY AT SHARP THIS UEEK - LAST Ol - THE GREAT HIT THE IDOLS EYE Monday Jul Ulh Splendid Reriral of 1HE ERFNMJE NOTE The GKIMJ OFERA SFASON cpens on Monday Jul iMih Reservation of Season bats begins Monday July i4tb at 9 A M Pcpular Prices 25c 50c and 75c Telephone Bash J Classical Production In Years FREDERICK WARDE FRAHCESCA DA RIMINI SECOND AND POSITIVELY LAST WEEK MATINEES THURSDAY AND SATURDAY Seats Resdy Next Sunday Mr Wardea Magnificent Scenic Production THE LIONS MOUTH Seata Thursday ated 65 rears Boston and Maine namra Greatest please cop syip rrienus anu acquaintances are respectfully ln - Tlted to attend tbe funeral serrices Wednesday Jury 9 at 11 oclock at the mortuary chapel of the Golden Gate Undertaking Company 475 Mission street near Twenty - first Interment Mount Oliret Cemetery by carriage HAWLEY In thla city July 6 Minnie S Hawtey a natire of England aged 39 years Ht - RINZ In this city July 6 at tbe City and County Hospital Thomas Herlns a natire of Ireland aged 65 years HILL In this city July 7 James Hill a natire of Scotland aged 70 years nOKEN - ln this city July 7 Philip Hoken a natire of Basils aged 67 years JOSEPH - In this city July - Mary Joseph a nitlT of Portugal aged 40 yeara KEARNEY In this cllr Julr 7 William K 1lV4titiaiSaim4 nf tflA iaat - aa Filar if at - i I of Maa - s - le kearner and Mm j p 4Vti i MATINEE TO - DAY WEDNESDAY JULY the late John J Kearney a native of Athlone Parquet any seat 2Rr Balcony 10c Children County Westmeatb Irelandl aged 64 years 1 any part except reserred 10c Friends and acquaintances sre rearwetrnllr A VALDEV1LLE HUMMER inylted to - attend the funeral Wednesday July I VALERIE BEUGERK AND COMPANY JAMES 9 at 4 oclock from the narlora of Carew av English 29wVan Ness areuue thence to Sacred Heart Church where a requiem mass wUl bn celebrated ior the repose of bis soul com menclng at 9 SO oclock Interment Holy Cross Cemetery LAMB IS this city Jnly 6 Rose A Lamb a satire of Ireland aged 63 years LEAEY - ln this city July 7 Patrick J Leary dearly belored hua band of Mary Leary and loving fatfier of Elvira Leary a native of Toronto Canada aged 47 yeara 3 montha and 4 days MMKNOMT - In thla city Jnly 7 Myrtle Rose THE ODD FELLOWS CEMETERY ASSOCIATION Funeral Conductors FOJl CREMATION ONLY Funeral Booms 429 Golden Gat Avenue Telephone - South OH Oakland Office 1004 Broadway parties iBaabcra j of cremstkmr Adults over 15 years ol BIRTHS ALKJC ANDER - In this city - July 1 tbe wife et L 8 Alsiander of s daughter HENKELr - Ia thla city Joly 7 tits wife of Frank SXCBAVlf Vi uauucvr f 1 ago S2S Children under 15 years of age 815 I cjircuiars buwj i any aoaresa on appjicatloa 1 1 huuug r puna rresiaeni GEORGE PKNLINQTON Secretary MARRIAGES QQlJiTmlEVk - UitiiirtjtJtf V fey McFADDEN MtERZARTY S GREEN FtlNERAL DIRECTORS 17L WI5M0N STREET fctv 7th and SJJu Phon - - South 44 T Phoii - Soatrt 44 tr m 3 MORTON THE ROSiEALS RUSSELL JiROTHERS AND COMPANY JAMES THORNTON LINTON AND M INTYBE MB AND MRS WATEBOU8 AVEBY AN HART AND THE BIOGRAPU IT fm JaaS ND OPERA HOUSE MATINEE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Last Night Packed House Greeted MAUDE FEALl AND EDWARD MOROAi In Hall Cainea Powerful - 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trip tickets at reduced rates For freight snd passage apply at Companya office 421 Market atreet corner First D P STUBBS General Manager 700 V rani Wters Rjiinaey 733 UarllMS 8u Uauiow allcJO Sspa CalUtogS Sabta Koaa 03 Darts Woodland KalghU Laodlsg MrysUUOrovllIs I J33 Alisatle Express - Ogdea and Esst tSa Nlles Mendota Haaford Vlsalle pvjrtertltls SS3 Shasta Esf - ress Dsvls liusuj UJU BIijB Portlaaa 78r ga 6orJu Llvrmo - e Ston lAauCk 4Jaiasaslaaei v aaw lliVy STllle Chlco lied BluT 8 J3 Oasaale ChlBeaeSonoraTolumae liool Los VngeleafexpreaVMarUaeiu Tracy LainroprocajwuMiivo RayuiottdFreanoanJLuaAuaelaa 8 ZbA 8 30 Vallejo Marlines and Way Stations 7 r 10 03 llywar - 1 KUesandWaybUtlouatl6 lOJO Tbt Overland LlmiteJ - OgJen Denver tfuiahs Chicago 8 26 110 SscramsnC Itlver Slesmers 71 1 - 00 r IJjflr Benlcls Winters Sscrsmsato Wiwdland Vflllians tttllowa Knights Lsnding MarysvllbJ SSOr Hsywsrd Nlles and Wsy Buttons 7Ss AXiQr Martlnas SanRaBuonVaileJuNspa Ciltog6suultosa 8 26A 4 00r Nlles LUermore BtocktoD Ixdl 12 28f 4 30r - 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