Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on June 25, 1942 · 7
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Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · 7

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1942
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HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN, THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 1942 SEVEN MARKETS AND YOUR MENU v; 4 WARTIME COMMUNITY SUPPEB Papains Rich In Vitamin C Don't let papaias go begging! This is a timely wartime health hint from Marjorie Abel, board of health specialist in nutrition. Oranges or no oranges, homemsk-ers should "buy Hawaii" and save shipping through wise shopping. In very store this week you see papaias bepging to be used. Mrs. Abel pointed out that from a nutritional standpoint, papaias have twice as much vitamin C as oranges. Vitamin C is the vitamin that helps build good teeth and helps to heal wounds. Papaias can be served in a variety pf salads, fruit cocktails, eaten chilled in the half shell, baked as a vegetable, whipped into a delicious Jam or preserve or served as a frozen sherbet A few papaia seeds used in a salad add a spicy flavor to it With mango season coming on, the following recipe for papaia-mango jam should be of interest It is taken from the bulletin. Some Fruits of Hawaii: Papala-Mango Jam t cups peeled mango slices 8 cups peeled papaia slices 8 cups sugar 5 cups water Cook the mango slices In 2Vt euns of water until tender and crrss through a coarse strainer. Cook papaia in remaining water until soft Combine, add suzar and conic slowly about 1 hour or until of proper consistency for iam. Pack in hot sterJe Jars and seal with paraffin. To vary the flavor add thin slice of lemon with the peel or about ?i cup or grated fresh ginger. Quantity Cooking I Wartime Trick Not one ounce cf food, not me measurement rt fuel must be wasted in the home. That's a basic rale far winning this war. Quantity cooking e!fcrs tu.e housewife a way to save time, fuel and food. Relatives can form a dinner club. Neighbors can arrange to eat together in a community effort to save. The idea, may sound too unusual. It isn't Better tt started soon. It's corr.Lr.g. Call your community meal an army supper and remind yourselves of the boys do-in? the fighting. It's a wartime idea. Here is a quantity recipe using wholesome and army type food. It will fit into your community plan. Double or treble it if necessary. Spaghetti and Meat Balls (10 ta 12 servings) Sauce: H cup minced onion, 2 peeled cloves garlic, minced; M cup olive oil. 2 cans tomato paste. 6 ounce; 5 cups tomatoes (2 No. 2H cans), 4 cups hot water. 3 teaspoons sugar, l teaspoon pepper, 8 teaspoons salt teaspoon sage, 2 packages spaghetti. 8 or 9 ounce size; grated American or Parmesan cheese. Meat Balls: 2 pounds chuck meat ground; 2 eggs, beaten; 2 peeled cloves garlic, minced; 2 tablespoons parsley, minced; 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon pepper," 2 cups soft bread crumbs, 1 cup grated processed American chetse, 4 tablespoons fat Sauce: Cook onion and garlic in hot oil, in a two quart heat resistant glass saucepan until they are a golden brown. Add the remaining ingredients, except spaghetti and cheese to the onion and garlic. Simmer one hour, uncovered, stirring frequently. Add the meat balls and continue cooking for one half hour, uncovered. Cook spaghetti following manufacturer's directions. Drain and pour hot water over It and drain j again. m Arrange layer of spaghetti The Corner Cupboard By MARGARET KAMM WHEN WE RETURNED TO WORK the ether day after a two week vacation, we swore we would not write about vacation doings, just to be different from ether writers. But alas, here it is tMt time for a column and not a thins but vicaUnn about which to talk. We were asked if wa managed to do all tha things we ai we would during our vacation. The answer was, "Most of them." Another question was. "What did you enjoy most?" The answer was, "Sleeping until 8 a. m, every day." It would have been fun to market during the II a. m. lull at stores if it hadn't been for those oranges, apples, grapefruit and celery that jammed the stores with housewives at all hours. It waa a grand sight to aae all the froiU and vegetables that have turned oat to be luxuries In these wartimes- We bought a bunch of celery and amused oar family no end with our careful care of it when we got home. We wrapped it in wax paper and pat it in a paper bag scrawled with "Tor cooking only. No matx-hlng." Then proceeded to plan menus boilt around celery. It's surprising the things one can Food Production Suggestions By GWENTKILVD AIXXN Finn and Garden Editor Tha Stax-BalleUa Despite gardeners worry about warm weaker, there arc some vegetable which actually grow better during the summer months tn Hawaii than during tha cooler periods-Interviewed Last Saturday. Dr. W. A. Ftaiier cf the Hawaii agricultural experiment station, told cf the recent prcgresa of the University cf Hawaii demonstration home garden. Errpasnte and okra, ho said, aro outstanding examples of the vegetables that aro gTswlna bet- in a three quart heat resistant glass casserole. Cover with a generous layer of sauce and sprinkle with cheese. Put on the remainder of the spaghetti and cover with sauce and cheese. Top with meat blls. Meat Balls: Combine all the ingredients except the fat Shape into about 20 balls two inches in diameter. Brown the meat quickly in the hot fat Add the meat balls with the drippings to the sauce and continue cooking one half hour. Arrange on the spaghetti and serve from the glass casserole at once. do with one bunch cf celery. 'W used leaves and stalks. Tha tough outside sulks we put into stem-. The middle stalks wo cut up for a tossed salad. The heart stalks we used with sliced apples, salted peanuts and mayonnaise for a plebian Waldorf salad. One night after spaghetti and meat balls, Mre had whole raw apples with cheese. Here is a sauerkraut and r.t cisn a friend came over and cooked for us. Here is the recipe, which we are sure will be among your treasures even as it is one of ours now. Have the butcher give yaa short or sporeribs with more lean than fat. and cat ap into two Inch square cubes. Wipe ribs with damp cloth and salt and pepper them. Open up a can of saner-kraot Do not throw away water. Now broil or fry the ribs qalckly to nice brown. Placa your coke rack on the bottom f very heavy pot with a light lid. Place yoor saarrkrant on the rack. Poor yoor saaerkraut la ice In so that it covers bottom of the pot for the steaming. Sprinkle kraot with lemon juice and brown sugar to taste. Lay browned ribs on kraut to cover. Slap lid on and let whole cook for at least an boar or until ribs are cooked through. Aloha until next week! trr now thast tn the spring. Green beans, Lima bears and green orders are growing Just as well row as earlier in, the year. Beets, carrots and chard are grpwir-g w:i. alzhaush est quite as well as in the sr-Tiryt- New Zealand spinach has recently been planted tn the garden as a Nnnrr crop. $wt potato also are good. Dr. Tracier sail. If the garden is large eneagh to Justify their planting. o Other vegetables are hr.rt continued in the garden a'.th?uss they are r.ct dcir.g quire so well as tn tho r-r:r.g. Lettuce has been h:t by a moderate amount cf tip burning and rct-tir. Furrow irr.eatcn ra-.her than sprinkling Is being used tnan effort to avoid these; ar.d the lettuce is partially shaded by talier pr.t-Sorr.e cf the tomato blossom have drcped without trust setting. Head cabbage is still beir.g planted, although Dr. Fraxier does not especiaUj nrcoiasiaad St If It is plcklss. la covered Jar. wl3 planed now. special attectlca I usually keep fcr weeks 1! stared ta should be paid to infect err.trcl. de refrigerator. -3...9LIT1C Hitler. H o 31 ironito, and em to . . . Don 'f Blame Your Grocer! A S YOU KNOW, our Government is ration ing tin. So that means for a time some of the famous Heinz "57" Varieties will not be available in their familiar tin containers. However, stocks on the mainland are large enough so that your , "57" favorites will probably be on most grocers' shelves for 'several months at least . . . and after that we have every confidence they'll still be there but newly packaged. However, if there should be a period when a few are missing, don't blame your grocer! And don't blame your Government! Pin full responsibility on Hitler, Hirohito and Benito and be glad that less tin for us means more bullets and shells for America's guns! After all, there's no need to fear a shortage of essential foods. America's reserves and resources are too great for that. Unlike most warring nations, we must sacrifice temporarily only our modern, convenient way of enjoj ing some of Hie things we like to eat. For instance, most of the famous "57" Varieties of Heinz quality foods are not affected. So long as shipping space permits, there will be no scarcity of the Heinz Baby Foods that are helping the busy mothers give their children the wholesome, nutritious foods young bodies need. Heinz Ketchup and Chili Sauce, Vinegars, Peanut Butter, Apple Butter all these and many more of the "57" are ready to help you keep on setting the finest table in the world, and we shall continue to send them to Hawaii as space is available. What about the future? Progress due to research helps us face it with confidence. Our Research Laboratories have expanded steadily, until now they have twice the personnel and equipment they had during World War I. And because we have been working constantly on the development of new packages, new products and new methods, this crisis does not find us unprepared! The House of Heinz steadfastly adheres to its established principle of maintaining, and endeavoring to improve, the high quality of its products., Now or years from now, when you see the Heinz kejstone label you can be sure that it guarantees wholesome, delicious foods of finest quality. That has been true for more than 73 years and will always be true. Until all this is over and we can go about our daily work in peace and security we know jou will cooperate with your grocer and with your Government in the biggest job of all winning the war! H. J. HEINZ COMPANY Makers Of The Famous 57 Varieties ? A SMALL AMOUNT a e ot baking rowdcr. or x little lemon juke ad Jed to rastry maaca it fialuer and more easily digested. FAtT-CROWINQ CHILDREN reed plenty of wholesome food for their active younsr bodies. And Kingsford Corn Starch makes it easy to get extra nourishment and appealing variety into their foods. See how they'll enjoy creamed soups and wholesome Corn Starch puddings. PUT A COAT 1 1 r r colorless tOV? varnish on VJ window sills and mullions to male cleaning easier and protect paint. Often the dirt will come oS with a damp doth. WHY BOTHER with solid fata, when you can uae Argo Oil for cooking,, baking and salads? Because it is ready for use, Argo Oil is much easier to use for frying, baking, and making home-made Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings. TO KEEP AN ONION from sliding, cut it through the middle lengthwise, the flat side board, and lay Then down on a slice. The onion will not slip away from you Watch for this column, with more helpful menu and household suggestions from'- yu? CH WO WONDER MOMS POPULAR Mv rib' '"' T7 with Jell-O Puddings for dessert! -Jsll-O Puddlnos "ro orrr lie r!A -all the family. And no wonder! they're so tempting and delicious so delightful In flsTor. Why net mdd new rest and variety to your menus? Serve this economical, nourishing dessert tomorrow! . . . M. ft 4 "v ruaoincs are very easy 10 V x . . n ?ti. prepare too sou jui suu dux, cwv for a few minutes and cool. EacH package mak.es from 4 to 6 generous servings. Cat Jstll.O Puddlnnt In the threa - grand Carers from your rrocer. Keen a few packages on hand for emergency. like Grandma's On More Sol Si LIL PMo)EDKS CHOCOLATE VANItU BUTTERSCOTCH DJgg A COOKING (DEA FROM Sw;fl & Cori vjn f ' Bsc FOTnerr r A?'- f' V I W V . , si ? -totoas' Ta Wv : - '..': - I . t I i?s M vackrL a!r ff W- 11 . ff Cut tt . - II -..-"-v - r-sS-., j - ; cooked. SWIFT'S PREMIUM HAM Mild and mellow from SwilVs cure u jvq wxxiid Vkm Swift's i-tbtt. ram nam a.i recr v est. ax for tbe Quick Srv Styi. Th pen- te with thm rS iabei. KrruUr-t-l Slfl's Prrtntum tor 7 eelns. comes wi'-h a b m ltbei. Trt tKrrtra Uee. look for tt word SWITT Cerm-n i .

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