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Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii • 5

Honolulu, Hawaii
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FIVE HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN, TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 194! Japan falling undoes Extended Service Plan Is Debated Strikes TIa Up Defense Production All Indo-China Exports the Japanese troops I excellent They said the general feeing jn Saijon that the Japanese farces are prepared to move Into Thai-! land or Burma It was estimated that there are? 30 Japanese warships in the Salgufe! area. The Japanese were reported to i have complete control over southern I.ndo-Chir.a and even French steamer must obtain Japanese permits for arrivals and de- owe? WASHINGTON. Aur 12 ft rskirg Democrat c-a th military affairs committee iwid. "Tlif-re tOQ Certnaa in llier are 1.2.,ftrt Germat ia; Brazil many cf whom orgrtiicd tut well trained military uniu. Germany hs rtabLhe4 nuniernr.

air bse in South Air-enr. teza striking dssunc at Panama. Standlcy Urges More Speed in Delivering Supplies to Britain CLEVELAND. Auc. 12 Rear Admiral William H.

Sur.d'.ey (retired, farmer chief of naval operations, said today that national security riemnnds American delivery cf war mterUls to Britain as "our advance force." (8 Un Prt) Strikes today threatened genera! t'aga. leader cf the Thailand dary commission engaged in fixing the S. army sir force the Philippines, conferred langthilr today i with Dutch and Australian military official at the Netherlands East! out of I workers In the Curtitt-W right propeller plant there. In Cleveland, three men were re-parted hurt in a picket Lee bailie the Lasbura-SettUms plant where 55 CIO wcrkers are striking At Allentawn. Pa.

4 TOO CIO unionists struck closing the Mack truck manufacturing plant, halting production cf heavy truck for the army and isavy and threatening tacit construction for Canada and the United States, The union asked ro acts ve ii boosts. From Bessemer, Ala, came report that workers at the Fu.lman Standard Car Co. plant there struck, tying up defense railroad orders totaling millions of dollars. Two hundred pickets surrounded the plant as the Steel Workers' Organizing committee claiming 98 per cent membership among the plant workerscharged the company with discriminating against the union- The company employ 1,100 men. ins ips war efi.ce.

After the conference. Gen, Ciagett said, have visited Singapore and -iva iooje erour a. i r.eara i little antttlt in 'ARfn .11 American. British, Chinese, Dutch) until I reached Singapore." Tl Rafft fc fam in lav, in. The house today opened debate on an administration sponsored resolution to keep array selectees, national 1 guardsmen and reservists In sertice beyond their original one year terms.

House leaders believe develop, men! In the Orient and Vichy greatly enhance chances for passage of the resolution and they hfpe to end debate by nightfall. Rep. Walter Andrew, ranking Republican member cf the house military affairs committee, supported extension of the service term saving it is necessary In view of the critical international situation "The nail literally are raising hell in South Rep. Andrews said. He said nari activity is intense in Argentina and Colombia and s.iid German agents are active in Mexico and other nations near the Panama canal.

Rep. Ewing Thomason, Texas. defense production, particularly at the Federal Shipbuilding Dry-dck Co-'s yard at Kearney, N. where work was halted en worth cf war and cargo veelt. It mas reported that Secretary of Navy Frank Knox conferred with H.

Korndorfl president of the company, regarding a proposal made by the company that the navy take over operation of the yard. The striking CIO union also suggested last week that the government seize the plant In Portsmouth. N. 800 AFL laborers were reported to have walked off their jobs on a $4.500 000 naval expansion project demanding a 12 cent hourly wage increase; to 75 cents en hour. At Caldwell.

N. representatives of the office of production manafe-ment and the department of labor are expected shortly to seek settlement of a strike of an estimated 800 me iffiiiiicr curiwren inaiiana ana Indo-China. said today that Thailand would welcome foreign aid if attacked, but that at present there is no pressure from any quarter. He said Thailand could not consider demands for military or naval bases or for the right to transport troops across the country should trey be presented. He said that any armed attempt to violate Thailand's neutrality would be resisted.

SHANGHAI, Aug. 13 (Wednesday), mA Doroei dispatch from Hanoi. IndoChma. said today that all exports had been prohibited there except those going to Japan. MANILA, Aug.

12. fU Travelers from Saigon today reported that Japan at present has more than 30.000 exceptionally well eouipped troops in the Saigon area of French Indo-China. These source said behavior of partures. Business general; is stagnated, it was said, and there is an acute shortage of diamonds and other valuables because the French are converting their holdings into jewels and other easily moved items. HANOI, French Indo-China, Aug.

12. ft? A Japanese delegate having the rank of ambassador will come to Indo-China to handle details in connection with the stationing cf a Japanese troop here, it was revealed today. The United States consul at Saigon. Sydney Browne, at present is in Hanoi and expect to rem a few days. British soldiers in their 'teens have been reminded that even though they are in the services they must obtain the consent oi the parents before marrying.

He said the United Slates V.n become an active partner in the war through passage cf the lease-lend act urged full speed ahead for the purpose of halting HitkT's piratt. "Oar navy now is rtady and adequate to meet our essential defense uvvds in the Pacific and stmuhar.e- Steps Taken Forv Recreation Centers Here WASHINGTON. Aug. 12. (U Arrangement to speed construction of three army and navy recreational cenetrs in Hawaii were stmed Monday by Israel Wein-stein.

United Service Organization representative fur Hawaii. fSr. Weinstein said he had secured an appointment with S. Lloyd, federal security administration at which he will urge a speedy decision on making construction fundi available. Delegate Sara King, who lunched with Mr.

Welristein. aald final action on the projects awaits submission of formal applications. Mr. Wemstein said the USO has proposed three recreation centers for which the federal government would be asked to pay construction COOGAN AWOL FT. ORD, Cab, Aug.

12. Private Jackie Coogaa failed to return Monday to Ft Ord and was listed as "absent without leave." Coogan, kid star silent movie, Sunday married Flower Parry. 19, tn Mmden, and reportedly left for San Francisco on a brief honeymoon. what couid be done to facilitate delivery of war material to the Netherlands East Indie and Singapore. Fomt United States army officials accompanied Gen.

Ciagett. The party is scheduled to depart for Manila Wednesday aboard a Dutch bomber. It was learned that the Dutch are hopeful of early delivery of COO blitz, buggies" scuut cars from the United State. It also was learned that Gen, Ciagett visited Sumatra during Dutch air maneuvers in connection with which oil companies conferred and offered their cooperation in defense. Whereas it generally was believed that Anglo-American cooperation with the Dutch was greed upon in the event the Indies were attacked, officials here denied existence of any agreement unless it was a "secret ously give the Ei iti-h enough port to win the battle cf the lanlic," he said.

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