The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1943
Page 6
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THE ELY THE VILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER MZW8 CO. ' H W. HAINK, PuUtohcr '• SAITOH," P. MOERI8,' Bdtfer JAMBS A. GATENS, Advtrtfeini U|^|«T S, CJicuUtaj Uuu«er Sale KaUooal A<JwrUstag RtpresenUtSrn: f»lUce Witner Co, New York, CUcajo. D«- tnXt, Atlanta, Mwnphto. ! Published Every Afternoon Eacept Buodajr ai- M«bnd elau ButUr at UM port- office at BlythevlBe,.Arkansas, unifor act of Con- tt, October 9, 1917. Served by the CnlUd Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ,B; carrier lii the city of BlytU«vll)e, S0o per week, or,. i»i; per mojith By m»U, within a radius ot 60 mU«, $400 per fear, MM lor six moiitlis, $100 (or Hire* months; py_ mail outside SO mile zotu $1000 per payible In < Communiques We, (oo, are bored by most of tlio official cojiimmiiriiic.s, which seem to IMS rimslei pieces of the nil of veiltul dcvl- taluation No inaticr how exciting the action, It is likely to lie flattened out by (ho cainmuni(|uc wiiteis into some such statement as: • "Yesterday medium and light bombers and fighter bombers of the Tactical aii foice, in n day of intensive activity, maintained their heavy attacks on enemy tioop conceiiti nitons, gun pom- t.ioiis, taiiks'niid Ir.insnorLs. During the L'ftuiSG of the day thice enemy nircjnfl were shot down. From all these o|wr a- .tjons, two of our own aircraft are missing, but one of the pilots is known to - be safe." • •• Up to now all we have (lone about Chis serious matter was to ignore the Communiques and stick 'to reportorial ^tlews accounts. Now, however, we are prepared to ofl'er a practical suggestion :• ^et's 'have tlie flyers write communi- <]ites. i » * » ,*• Perhaps you think they : couldn't. Pcrh'a'jis you suppose they would bo either verbose or uncommunicative. To set your mind at rest, here is how communiques would read if our suggestion were taken:' ' • * "Dropped bombs on Tunis. :• Attacked •; eight limes by enemy .flyers ; ; shot down one. Had gun mount shot out by enemy;, scared hell out of me." This reporter* has downed five Axis planes and hasten tl)ree, medals. ' '."With Tone 'engine 'shot :ont after leaving v target, 11 enemy fighters attacked our plane. Of course, 11 enemy planes are nothing for one 15-17 Flying Fortress. With all expert gunners on the crew, we drove them off..-, and "re-. turned safely to our base, aiid consid- crecUit, just another everyday occur mice." This sergeant has ho medals ""Tin's may sound like an account of a. tennis match, but it's happened. On a* mission over Eizerte, wo were 'attacked by 15 enemy flyers and the battle lasted 27 . minute's. At one time four P-38 Liglitnings cornered a Meaaer- schmitt 109 over- our formation. They dove at it and chased the enemy plane mtp oui range. We Tired at it and diove it back to the Lightnings. They, in tin n, chased it back at us. • Curtain for the Messerschmitt." This' writer has two decorations. ' We could present more evidence along similar lines, but enough is as good as a feast All in favor of having the fly- eis wiite their own communiques will Please not write to us, The ayes have il-j-imaiiimously. PLTTHEyiLLE (ARK.); POURIER, .NEWS Too End for I inland _ - II is with si »c c re regret that most Americans have watched relations between this country and Finland progress toward a diplomatic break which almost inevitably will culminate in war. We admire the Finns, and we have been very lenient because we recognize both the animus which led them to join in the war against Ku.ssia and (he pressure from Germany which makes it difficult for them to break away, Hut the issues Involved are • too grave to be decided on sentiment and sympathy. Germany is our enemy, and must bo crushed. Russia is our ally, and must be given every possible assistance. Now that Finland has accomplished her avowed and legitimate object, by recapturing the territory taken by lliissia, she must make her choice whether to light against iis or to n«, sort her rights against Germany, at whatever cost. If she decides wrong, the blame is on her own head. Publication In this column or -^'''-hfr trooj Other newspapers docs not n$cea«»jrtij aodorttment but Is an acknowledgment eC tewst In the subject: discuued. Labor Statesmanship . The reasonable ami responsible labor leaders of the country liixve been Hie prime victims ot Jolii| L. Lewis' conduct In Hie coal dispute. They, nnd the members of their unions, will su/rcr' ff Congress should HO beyond the G'onnally Bill nnd pass umicccHmrily restrictive legislation because oi Us [inter fik'Hlnst Lewis. Anil nay success that the United Mine Workers' chief nmy seem to «aln llmmgh his roiujh-and-tumlile Indies will make 11 more difficult for (he otlior lenders to rcstraliiL<i upon their followers. It Is not suriirlslng, therefore, Hint the Executive Board of the 0. I. O.,.meeting In Cleveland last week, denounced John Lewis In terms quite ns vigorous as uny Hint ml^ht linvo been applied to him by nn employers' nswcliiUon. T)ils body, over which ho once presided, nccmed Lewis of jenpnrdliiliiG the just demands of his union "by "exiiloltlnK Ihe Injustices In Die mining industry In fiirllwriuice of liis persona! vendetta against tlm President of the United Sliites, our Com- miinder In clilef." The Indictment docs not seem ton strong. Coining from men whose' ullo- Biniico to Inbor Interests cnnnot Uc (ineslloned, It may hnve u lienldiy cllect upon the restless rank and nie. liut coiuleinnntlon of Lewis by meji wlio rcre essentlnlly liis rlvnls eiui only boomerang against them If he should be successful in -Ills detinnce of the Government. ."In time.? of emotional : stress," declared U\o 0. I. O. board, "the labor niDVenieht* of this, country must be particularly ' . wary of uny person or clcincnt which seeks to substitute for .sane and democratic processes willful nnd revengeful dictation. Lnbor's riglits must, be protected—vigorously protected—but they must be protected williln the framcwork of rational procedure." Here is n sntisfaclory working dcllnttion of tlie essential distinction bciweoii stnlasmniisliii) nnd (temauoBery In the sphere of labor relations. Members of the C. I. O. can be expected to support tlie principle lni ( | down by their lenders, however, only If they arc convinced tlml..t|velr Interests will not suffer because of U, Whatever benefit.? tlie United Mine Workers may receive in the negotiations with their employers to be .resumed today, It t s of the utmost !tm.iort- niice that (hey receive them through the established machinery ot the War Lnbor Board, John Lewis lias chosen'to make n fresh attack on • the • WLB. ' But no .mutter how much Lewis rants about it, the luilhority of the board-must be upheld. If he can figure out a way of saving face, well and good. But. what matters a great deal more Is 'thnt his fitce-snvlhg thust not Involve lass of face for the 'men vvho have shown n'greater .sense of responsibility, or for the Oovernnient itself. ^ T lic Woslilngton Post, SO THEY SAY In a democracy, leadership Is the result of a continuous battle among ninny Individuals nnd groups seeking to convince others of the Tightness of their conclusions. Leaders wlio mnke the right decisions continue to maintain their following. Tlioso who do not arc voted out. or ilro|i)rert.-E(l«-nrcl L. Ilernnys, public relations COPII. 1X1 tl Htt Sttmt, UX, T. M. arc. U. S. P<T. Off. "Here's .. Jii'licle on child care you \vuut to rcud. deal 1 ." I THIS CURIOUS WORLD _ WHITE CHALK CLIFFS OP DOVER, . IN ENGLAND, ARE MADE UP OP FOSSILIZED SHELLS OF ANIMALS' SO SMALL THAT OVEE A MILLION ABE REQUIRED TO fO«N\ A CC&/C //VfiV OF CHALK. NOTICE OK Fl!.!!S(i OF Al'l'U- (Wfttm FOH I.Kil.'OK 1'KK- SIIT. Notice is Jtcrcljy given that the iindcrsiencd has filed with the Oommlsslonef of Revenues-of tlie State' of Arkansas for permit to •sell and vinous or spiritu- ~ms liquors for beverage* at retail in tlie premises described as 315 W. Main St., Ulytbcvllle,' Ark. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the first day of July 1<)43 and to expire oh the 80th day or June, 1944, as prescribed by IJnllctin dated January 7, I'J'dtt ami Supplemental Regulation Nu. 19 ellcetive July 10, 10:n. •,. PHIL HASSEL.U 5-21-43 IT DOESN'T COST ANYTHING To . GET SICK ; IT C05TS TO WELL," MRS. MONROE GUY, T. V:. HEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. •, ABOUT 38O CARLOADS . . 'COULD BE' SAVED IF THE WATCH STICKS USED IN THE UNITED STATES IN A YEAR \VERE SHORTENED ONLY . ammunition! Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Our In Hollywood BY KHSKIN'K JOHNSON ; NEA Staff Corresponrtent ."I rim n good cook. but,. I do not talk about my cookins. After all, when people thing about Dietrich they are not thinking about bnklug aVcnke."— Marlone Deitrlch. "Where in the world did the idcu eyer come from that Hcttc DavLs aijd I 'were fcudlnv? Simply ridiculous. We've been jvist like sisters." ^Miriam Hopkins. ."When 1 first came io Hollywood thhc years ngo J realised (bat Hollywood loves a phony. It was crSzy, but It was all right with inc. Now look at me. I'm a star, nnd I'm still la one piece."— Maria Montez. "How would you feel if you looked at tills niugg in the mirror and llicy told yon hint you were 'being ijroomcd' as a loinanlic lover type? Well, Hint's the way I feel, too."— Humphrey Bognrt. "1 am aina/ed how much these actors look like the diplomats they are portraying. And how much . more convincingly they read llieir Majooople <=>POT OFF- THE BANKROLL IP NOU CP,^ PUFF- 00T ANOTHER SMOK& RtrJG iv'-"-*— -Mfc-wjiwo OKC:CiOlWG LORE; ~— U lv\ - K f\F F ' DID VOL) SMV TEN DOLLARS f ;•'LET'S BE OFP 4 TRACKED.' A IM VOUG UUWOA WORKED i» A lilies. Perhaps things woukl have worked out better If they had been In Geneva."—Joseph E. Uavies, (or- iner ambassador to Russia, observing (he re-enactment of the crucial last sessions of tlie League of Nn- lions in "Mission to A5oscow." IKS!' FAMILY "She's unpredictable, she's contradictory, she's flighty, she's tcm- perrtmenlal. It's wonderful."—Director Henry Koster, talking about Diana Barrymore. "All (he Barrymores have been characters."—Lionel Barrymore. "I would give a small fortune for 24 lionrs of private lite."—Am Sheridan, "I will tell yon anything you wisi. to ask me, but. I warn you, I wifj make up the answers ns we go along. 11 —raulclte Goddard. "I haven't any advice to give to girls wlio want to become actresses. If (lie nrt'c Is strains enough within you and if you've got what it takes you'll get there. And If It Isn't, and yon haven't, then you just won't. 1 —Hette Davis. run- PLAGIARISM "A lot of these critics keep crying about how corny we are. What do they want we should do, 'Outward Bound" 1 ?—Hurt Abbott and Ijoi Costello. "If you wnnt to steal your plols and there's nothing really wrong about that, the two best sources arc the Bible and the Congressional Record. I find the Congressional Record Ihe best of all sources ol human interest in (lie realm of fad. I've 'borrowed 1 two pictures from It. 'Sergeant York' and Ihe forthcoming picture about the Bo> Scouts of America."—Producei Jesse Lasky, counselling young writers. "I just got b.ick from a personal appearance lour. Shall I lell you how many records 1 broke, or shall I stop hammering for n minute."— Jack Carson. 'I have a number of dialects but use them sparingly. I fed that dialects arc like putly nases—comedy props which should lie resorted to only on extreme occasions."—Grade Allen. A noted physiologist and iwy- cliologisl believes (hat no one Is Absolutely immune to air sickness but that It Is an ailment which individuals can learn either Io acquire or to resist. Beavers make mud pies scent tliein io advertise lor jn and FRIDAY, MAY 21, 194!? Yeah, Sherman Was Right! \ Y; V P •• ^r-i^' m- NO TlC E Notice is hereby given (hat the undefsiyned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell bcev lit retail at 417 West Ash St.. Blylheville, Mississippi County. Tlie undersigned slates that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, thai lie has never been convicted of u felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has Ijqen revoked within five yours last past; nnd that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating (lie laws of this slate, or any other state, rc- latini! to llip sale of nlcohalic liquors. LOUISE MOORE. Subscribed and sworn to before me I liis 20th day of May, !9«. clll) . Marcus Evrarrt " Notary Public. My commission expires Feb. 10. 5 - 5-21-43' One of our automotive Indus- trie.': turning out war vehicles has developed satisfactory substitutes resulting In savings per 100,000 vehicles of 5,000.000 pounds of rubber, 1,200,000 pounds of nickel, 500.000 pounds of copper, 200.000 iXinnds of chrome,• 125,000 pounds of latex and 70,000 pounds of tin tin. There are 400 characters on tho keyboard of a Chinese typewrite! Truiiil ot 'I'atriotic' Hens m.HAt.LEV. Cut (UP) — O. A. Jeschicn boasts of what he believes to be tlie most patriotic- bunch of 12 White Leghorns in the United States when. it comes to making contributions to the war food effort. He insists that not only do they lay eggs better than ' any standard egg container will hold, as well as iloiible-yulkcd nnd trlple- yolkcd ct'gs but to cap their effort Die la hens laid 13 eggs In one day. The AAA'litiR recommended that ?lcps be taken immediately to lay the necessary groundwork for highway construction immediately after the war. A national research committee lias estimated that the earth is at least two thousand million years old. frfEDtCATED Sr)n|li ° il . rh ot simple r:i.H!iL'3 with Mexsan.i, POWDER FOR formerly Mo I tc»n munv u««r- UrailWdcr. Relieve FAMILY USE diui^riasli.licatraah. Swearengen & Co. SPOT COTTON HROKER8 Blythevllle, Ark. Parts and Repairs for... PIA'iMOUTHS-DODGES-neSOTOS-CflimSI.KRS FA CTORY-TRAINED MECHANICS! Let Us Help Keep Your Car & Tnick Rolling Louis George Motor Co. 'Osceola Authorized DodRe ft Plymouth Dealer Allis-Chalmers I'arls & "Repairs' rhnne 4M) Every I'omul of l'';il Is Neuii- ttl in the \V:>r RIToct! Bake With SHIRLEY'S Best Flour It Needs No Shortening - - - Ivy a suck of Shiblcy's Ue.s-l—Learn why housewives term if "The I'erfecl Kiour." SERIAL.'STORY - .BY LORETTE COOPER'' :&^\ , , NEA SERVICE. INC. ' TUB STORY! JUti c» r I r r, AVAAO, l» .Mnjor Urlt JneluonV '•*ini'-ninn' ( mtmtt OR the tiny <-»«n,unm;fi l.lnnJ lit Ike Puclflc wkfre kin unit «if <k> c<m«t Ar- «lllrry llirmxe Hnlluim bin ml Ion In hfiNe^. Infiirmnlloit Icmki* lire liUHprolrfl. . After ltr1H ovcrk^Kr* the mrnlrToHM I.lta llnntuit pvr- xundp HrJI l» pH'* free pniutmgc to «fce plipr Iknt liruiliclit her ««< her riibii>nnlitli ( lllcK llulfc, Into K fnrr»<( lanillnlir on the Inlntid, an Important p.Bcr In dl.covtrr* JnlwMinH-. Brtb faclitm to do momc •IrnlklnR «» *" own. *tk« mrtt Uric mrel I.tU nxd II It I. .rcrrtlr. I(r NttrmN kbovt Io rffvulKc Impor- l"ht tnllllarjr iMfurmjilliHt vrhrn 1>r>- tuiirftf btcomt aware ft avr vroracr. ^ * * * ^ IN JAP HANDS W CHAPTER XI ! * , JJETH stood before them." Never had she felt such chagrin and sfiamo as now rushed over her. Of course Brit would believe Lita now! Beth knew she probably would be placed under immediate arrest. She might bo court-mar- tialed, and very likely would be dismissed from the service, or at least sen! home in disgrace. What else could Brit think, after he lind caught her spying on him? To add to her shame, Llta was castigating her. "Brit told mo ho had last' a secret document, but I don't think he'd have believed you were connected with its loss unless he could have caught you like this." "I didn't ..." Beth started to say. -yrs< '<' "Step this way," Brit ordered. The menacing pistol still pointed in her direction. Beth obeyed. She was al the edge of a small cleared spaw, Brit had moved slightly toward her and away from Lila and Kick. • . -^ i "Now," Brit said, and his tone ,of voice was controlled and very distinct, "remember that every• i mmt I '• • ~ "~ — .^**." Jt ^- •- thing that has occurred will havo its proper importance in a court- martial, {or tho people on this island are subject to military law." Ho swung around so that the pistol was pointing at Lita and Rick. "Hands up! No, don't reach lor your pocket, Mr. Moth, or I shall shoot.V : '*f»»«V TTTITH obvious amazement, Litn , "land Rick raised their hands. •Brit kept his eyes focused intently on them. But liis lips spoke to Beth. "You're entitled to know about this little drama, Lieutenant Carter," he said. "I thought over what you toid me this afternoon. I devised a ruse to investigate that possibility thoroughly. I found that—to my amazement, lor it was hard to believe even after the proof was unmistakable—that your reasoning was correct. You see before you two * very clever spies. I know you were watch- Ing tho seaplane, because I followed you and noticed you at your hiding place. Then I returned to headquarters area and came down the beach—not noisily enough to make it appear I was innocent of all design, but nevertheless making just sufficient noise so that I knew you could not miss observing me. I went to the seaplane. Mr. Moth and Miss Danton do not know it, but I have in my pocket the document they stole. I have almost placed in my mind the precise hour when they stole it—and I am confident that while; Mr. Moth may not be an ex-cracksman, as you suggested the thief might b«, he certainly has had considerable experience at opening even the more difficult types oJ safes." ~^'*-#£>« *• .„ .ssfe, proved, no se- vere test ot my ingenuity at all," Rick Moth volunteered, coolly, "I opened it white Lita engaged n i'nnrd by showing him lier credentials. It was only a matter ot n few minutes . . . less than 10, I believe, from tho beginning to the end of the transaction." "Very good ot you to confess," Brit said. "I hope you look all that in, Beth. Tiie truth is I betrayed you—I told Lila and Mr. Moth you were watching us, because I felt thnl Hits further ruse would enable me to lead themi here, where they could lie cap- lured while off guard. What bet- lei- way of drawing my pistol without danger, than to have them think I was pointim; it exclusively at you" * '* * • i CO suddenly that he was caught oft balance, a form hurled itself onto Brit nnd he went clown, pinned from behind. lielh turned to fight, but Lila and Rick quickly grabbed her and she found her arms pinioned and useless. 'You will stay there, please," a suave Oriental voice said to Brit. "I will tie you in a moment." ' [ Lila laughed harshly. : "It looks like the tables are furncd, Major Smart-Aleck Jackson. And as for you, Miss America in Kliaki, I liiink your days of usefulness to anyone, including your brilliant Bril, arc pretty well Hearing an end. You see, we liiink o" everything." . I There was no reply possible. Brit and Beth were bound and gagged nnd were marched, with' pistols at their backs, hurriedly Io the beach and tlie boal. On the seaplane, Ihe gags were' removed, but not the bonds. Belli and Brit were put unceremoniously into the baggage compartment. "I took care of one of your sen- ' tries, loo," Rick boasted. .Then ha closed the compartment door. '. The plane molor sputtered, then' the sputter smoothed into a roar.. Beth and Brit were jostled to-' gclher as the plane left the cove. .,,,.>.„. .(To Be^ Continued) - >

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