San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on March 3, 1918 · Page 1
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 1

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 3, 1918
Page 1
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GENERAL AND SPORTING NEWS ytWfc - Uv1 J r p - 7V J - VVJ iv vj5jTs5 - TJyTrvVrT itmififtv lmonirlr GENERAL AND SPORTING NEWS TOUTED 1805 SAN FRANCISCO CAL SUNDAY MARCH 1 1D18 ZZ Nl VOL CXII NO 47 LIPPERT SAYS RELATIONS WITH GEN CRUSE WERE HONORABLE iMY GRAFT DEFENDANTS OUT ON BAIL General Is Declared to Have Become Their Agent by Washingtons Consent CONDUCT IS DEFENDED Said to Have Done Nothing in Their Interest Till He Had Retired CHICAGO March 2 Harry H Up - prt nid his ion Ralph H Llppert who were arretted last night eta charge of conspiring to defraud the Government and with whoee case has been linked the name of Brlgadler - General Thomaa Crus U B A were admitted to ball In Monde of til 000 each today Arraignment was set for March It and while awaiting arrival Iof sureties the elder Llppert dl - tuned the chargea i The wrong construction has been placed on my relations with General Cruse and the quartermaster s department he said I have known General Cruse for fourteen years and have always found him an upright gentleman and a real soldier I have handled contracts for Army supplies In the neighborhood of tl 000 000 but I obtained them on the basis of the lowest competitive bids urthermore General Cruse bad re tired from the Army when he be - ca i e n agent and he obtained the consent of the Judge Advocate General t become our Washington agent He c I nothing In our Interest arjd lad 10 oppoitunity to do anything ntil after 1 e had retired from the Quartermasters department I will I rove it the proper time that our telatiois have been entirely honorable I I Pl - CTS TO SERVE Tie inunrer LlDDert who 1 rears old Is anticipating an early - sii m Kn ir In the National Army He haa been employed by his father as a traveling agent Among the papers sought by the Federal authorities and specified In the warrants are Letter dated September 1 ltlt Senator James Hamilton Lewis Washington regarding promotion of Ingborne Allen and appointment of J k ballady as chief Inspector uni Yago Quartermasters Department Isolations records letters or tele arums retarding Julius Roaenvaald I artlc ilarly contents In a private lock box In room 401 Security build Ing one of Llppeta suite Numerous letters dates given to and from K L k - rlckson United States Arsenal St Louis Ma and on In regard to the llt of General Cruse to the arsenal SsTOO CHIXK BOUGHT Check for I400 mentioned In tele gram from Ralph to Henry Novem ber 1 1917 Henry then being at the New Wlllard Hotel Washington Also letter of transmittal and all other papers and memoranda regarding the check Memoranda of Captain Ooetx Initialed It - n K Lieutenant Colonel quartermaster s depot JeSeraon - vllle Ind Letter dated January 3 11 from Thomas Cruse to H If Llppert Chi cago and schedule on 10 000 white rlankets referred to In letter After listening to the long series of letters and documents probably close to 2000 In all Che federal search war rant chargea that certain felonies have been committed against the United btates that Is to say the fel ony group Henry 1L Llppert and Ralph U Llppert of aiding and abet tint Thomaa Cruae Brigadier Gen eral U 8 A to commit the offense of receiving and agreeing to receive compenarttlon for services rendered and to ba rendered by him In rela tlon to a contract in which the United btatea was a party AMERICANS USING BALLOONS ON WEST FRONT J H HOT AN 5awA4ll V JBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB itti SWaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBiBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBH H A V W BBBBBBBwPl f 1 f Jf jlBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBrJBBBBiBBBBBa BBBBbW iV SBBBBBBBVtBBBBBBBV B BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbTbBBBBbBsBbW 2 4V Si WVl annl LaKaBBkijWWflfev W 2 bbbPbbbbbbbbbbK lJaJai aUBBBSiaBHl i7SeY kBnf bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbJbMbI tWB - m JFiiiiiiiHl BLiEnh iiaLslPsH aSBBaHalMtlsBaPE T aaaaaaaaaaaaaaNvitlaaaaM aaaaaaaaHsaaanStfitJaaaaaassSCv asaaaaaaaaaanKL OsaanB afffffaavafaYT flsafffaLstJ3t an saffavfr fafaaafafl mwwPWwEfc j arm HlW L nHKWfltiafl f jBVl HsHHsK VI Jd rjstBHHPf sHHHBBrafBlf - JIm V J IHIHlAiiaBlE if mz4 THE American forces on the Lorraine sector now have a balloon with an all - American crew directing and regulating the artillery fire of the American guns In this photo taken on that lector an American officer Is shown fixing his parachute lust before going up When the captive balloon which U used for the observation work Is endangered by the hostile airplanes the balloon is reeled in The Americans have been thoroughly trained in pulling down the balloons and they almost equaled the best record established by the veterans Parachute jumping is second nature to them after their numerous trials and they can take care of themselves when the balloon are endangered YoungYankeeTars Being Trained at Irish Port War - Time Sailors From Civil Life Being Prepared for Duty on Destroyer Fleet - t II - e I ana several surgeons who MrS Gould 8 OUlt for several thousand men are Instructli g men still gi Allowance Continued The petition of Mrs Nettle Guuld for a family allowance from the es tats f Attorney Frank H Gould who dropped dead seven days after Mia Gould had divorced htm and taken a property settlement of I2S00 the family home and I7G a month all rnony was continued by Judge Thomas h Graham yesterday The continuance was granted In order that the children of Gould by his first wife maj hav an opportunity to submit authorities to prove tl ut the divorce decree and property settle inent granted by Judge V Short el are binding on Mrs Gould The atturnty foi Mrs Gould contends that the set len ent and interlocutory de tree are n t binding as Gould did not mention 30 000 worth of prop trty wh ii testify ng In his divorce eull Parents Announce Daughters Betrothal Interesting engagement was n etl In Oakland yesterday when Mr and Mrs John Owen Cad man made known the betrothal of their daughter Mlsa Helen Cadman to Chester R McKllllcan The bride groom elect Is the son of Mrs Ade lalde M Klllican and Is a University California man During his col i lege years he belonged to Delta Kappa Epsllon 1 - raternlty Miss Cadman at tended one of the private schools In Berkeley The marriage will take place lu a few weeks J5 Homes Robbed in leside District Burglars have been active In the Ingleside district according to re ports made to the police Fifteen residence have been broke i Ii to within Iv tekh Yesterday Walter Kelly a le - brlfT llvli g at Mlrainar si ei i mi lali ed flat thieves nereu I is nomu ard stole a pair of handcuffs lez Irons two pis tola and as assortment of Jewelry Inglt BA8E Or AMERICAN MX3TILLA IN BRITISH WATERS January IS correspondence of tl e Associated Press About as far up the river from here as lonkers Is from New Tork Is the first United Statea naval training station In Ireland It Is built along the bank under cliffs and re minds She Americans of the Palisades of the Hudsot Here naval recruit from all over tie United Mates are being trained for the American de stroyers the most recent arrivals elng 200 boys from Pel aa ola Ma This naval barracks which some of he older men rail Cob Do k after a part of the Brooklyn Navy Tfard was formally i ommlssloned with the ar rival the other day from the United Mates of Ita commanding officer u commander who came to the Navj from Louisiana He has a staff of a lieutenant two ensigns a paymaater ssveral surgeons who tan take They reen ti of the sea In methods of tight ing the submarines 1IOISED I OLD OBANART To the station which covers five acre come the recruits from train Ing stations In the United States There ars regulars reserves and state militia but their identity aa auch is lost here and they are all alike while the war lasts Most of tl em were In civilian life a few months ago Here and there la a college man a few were aeiretarlea to railroad presidents tie paymaster himself being tie son of a railway magnate who owns a 110 mile line of railroad In North Carolina These war time sailors are housed in a big old granary which was the horn of a famous Irish regiment When the Americans came along the soldier cheerfully moved on for the submarine still I regarded aa the moat dangerous enemy over here and men who come to right It are wel corned Th granary la really four large buildings Joined together They ar of rough stone wl Ich makes the berrack appear not unlike some American prlaons Th walla ar three feet thick and there ars four floors Th Americana have whltewaahed tl e walla and made a wonderful transfor nation In th place MEN ARK ADAPTABLE The men sleep In hammocks swung from ths rafters In the celling They eat at long mess tables from enam eled dishes and get the same rood aa thoae on th American ahlpa which la hard to beat nowadays In this psr titular part of the world At Brat there Isn t much discipline in these new arrivals but after a few day they know bow to salute an officer and how to apeak to him Itevsllle I sounded at 0 o clock while outside It Is still dark and cold But these new wartime sailors rise without a murmur dress pa k their hammocks out of the way and march o breakfast below as If they had been born to It All tl e cooking Is don outside the barracks where the Americana have set up a few field kHckens Th also us trench Move for cooking bean soup aad stewa The adaptability of these men Is vthst first Impresses the visitor Many have given up lives of com paratlve luxury alid ease to submit to naval discipline which probably 1 less comfortable here than In the United State MLN CIOSEIV GUARDFI The station Is shut In by a high wall upon which armed sentries posted No liberty is permitted for Malts in the village which boasts fifteen saloons and a shipyard rh only time the An erl ana ar seen ii the village streets is when a com psny of them passes through from t cros country hike a part of tl el dally routine and on Sundays when those who deslr can attend services in the I rotestant and Catholic i hurtles But the men are always under guard on thes octaslons Tl e only liberty granted the re cruits Is to th mor pretentious vll Isks a few miles down the river which la the baae of the American dfstroyer flotilla A seagoing tug b at tnakea one round trip a day with tl liberty party At the bass tlllsKe the recruits are fre to visit tie lilted Statea Naval elubhouae the Ilrltlsh Y M C A hut or the two village movie shows The lib erty i ten lesve the barracks each aften oon at 6 the curfew rings for them at 11 at night when they board the tug for tie return vovage For thoss not on liberty taps are sounded at tl e usual lour of 9 MKM HFALTII IS GOOD The state of health of the men continues ex client despite the raw damp climate pe ullar to this part of Ireland and the sick bay doe a mall busli ess The drudgery of the dally routine or training and the swabbing down the decks of th bar racks over the men retire to their dormitories for quiet reading - or re hearsal of some of tbs latest Dread way melodlea J DIES AT AGE OF 06 Prolific American Writer Passes Away at His Home in Walnut Creek BORN IN OHIO IN 1832 Library of 60000 Volumes Collected by Him Now Possessed by U of C Hubert Howe Bancroft on of th most prollflo writers of history America has produced died shortly before t o clockr last evenng at hi country home in Walnut Creek Bancroft was SS year old and was th father - of Paul Bancroft of San Fran Cisco Th California historian was born near Granville O May I 111 and cam to San Francisco where he opened a bookshop In lit It was In th bookstores that he obtained his education hi attendance at public schools being limited Although th author of escorts of books Bancroft by his own statement at th ag of 40 had never written a book Following hi opening of a bookstore here Bancroft began collecting books manuscripts and newspapers with the idea of writing a comprehensive history of California COLLECTED BIG I IBRART He collected a library of 0 000 volumes which is now In rjossesslon of the University of California Th passion to writ so consumed Bancroft that he gave th conduct of his business over to others and eef himself In earnest to the task Long sine th Dlan to writ only of California enlarged until It Included th Pacific Coast regions of the whole north ana South American continents Soon despair seised upon Bancroft for he discovered by testa that th mer work of reading digesting and notatlng his material unaided would require at least four hundred Veers He perfected a system or card Indexing and thereafter trained and em ployed hundreds of assistants the services of some of whom amounted to that of collaborators ORGAnlZPS PUBLISHING COMPANY II delved Into the myth and th legends of th peoples of th Amerl can continent running back Into th Middle Age marshaling therefrom th fact and theories of hi Native Races of the Pacific State This work In five volumes was Issued In 1174 it being necessary at the last for th author to organize a publish Ing company to Insure Its printing Bancroft estimated that the work of writing and research expended upon Native Races reprtssittcd th work of one man tolling every day Hun day excepted for fifty year r ollowlng thla work Bancroft who becan e widely recognised aa an authority on history plunged into othrr work continuing Incessantly at hi desk until he had produced thirty - nine volumes comprising th history of the Pacific Coast state and coun trie from Alaska to Argmtlna ills life ambition reallitd he devoted him self to occasional writing producing Retrospection aftsr passing his eightieth birthday In 1181 accom panled by assistant he visited Mexico and spent months In searching th ancient archives or that countiy for historical data The result Has a new history of Mexico In October of last year Bancroft published In Thes Latter Days hlch caused wi lespread comment This work covered politic business and legislation and the venerabl historian spared neither capital labor nor political leaders writing with almost unmitigated pessimlsn Th flyleaf of this look t ntalnrd a note In which the a itl or said that t wai In the prena bef re the declaration of war by the United Stales upo Ger many During the evening of hi lll Ban croft divided his time between his country tome in Walnut Creek and the family residence at 28 Jackson street funeral arrangements hav not been completed Capt Cameron Wife and Child Reported Safe San Franciscan Only American Prisoners on Stranded German Prize j COPENHAGEN Uarto Xjohn Cameron captain Of to Anrerlcan schooner Beluga his YKeVMary anil their four year old daughter Julia of San Francisco were th oaly American prisoners on board tfc Spanish steamship Igots MsndL which went aabor on h northern extremity of Jutland Denmark while attempting to reach a German port Captain Cameron Stays that th German fed and treated all or th prisoner well until a Japanese uo - ceeded In escaping after which all were kept below for twenty eight daya A German official ttement of February tl stated that th German auxiliary cruiser Wolf bad returned honfe after fifteen month In th7at - lantlc Indian and Paclffo oceana X British Admiralty communication of th sams data aald tha Wolf sank eleven ships and a number of sailing vessel Later report showed that the Igots Mendl after her capture last May was placed In charge of a prise crew and a number of prisoners from the aunken vessels transferred to her The Igots Mendl followed th Wolf for four month until theV were separated south of Ireland The German prise crew haa been Interned Whale Fisheries to Be Lecture Theme Dr Harold Heath professor of soology at Stanford University will lectur In the auditorium of th Call fornla Academy of Sciences Golden Oate Park at 3 o clock this afternoon on The Pacific Whale fclsherles FEDERAL AGENT DENOUNCED AS GERMAN SPY Patriotic Chinese Liberty and Justice League Makes Treason Charge C0MPLAINST0 PRESTON Opium Seizures by W T t Truxton Brings Anguished vvciii rrum rarmers W T Truxton special agent of th Treasury Department I a German spy according to th Patriotic Chi nese Liberty and Justice League of the San Joaquin and Sacramento al leys In a letter to United State At torney John W Preston Truxton say the Chinese Is using his official position to cover activities In the Interest of th enemy According to th Chinese Truxton has toured the Sacramento and San Joa qnln valley and hs systematically robbed th Chines farmer It was not unlit the end of the letter that the Chinese told Preston what property Truxton had taken They asserted that the Government officer has col lected the entire supply of Ten She and plum In both valleya and that without the stimulation of the drug the Chinese farmer ar unable to work A a result th letter points out the Chines farmer have been going to the cities and not planting crops Five hundred farmers have been treated shamefully by Truxton wao the letter asserts has taken not only their supply of dream makers but reduced their bank accounts by Speed Up Draft Classifications Urges Crowder SACRAMENTO March 2 An appeal to speed up the work of completing the occupational clrmificatii n of draft registrant was rccenrd today bv Governor William 1 Stephens from Provost Mar ahal - Genersl E II Orowder Only sbout one third of the work has been completed in California according to Adju tant - Oeneral J J Borrce who was directed by Hie Governor to again urge school teachers throughout the State to volun teer tucir services to the local exemption boards for this work ISctween 1200 and 1300 teachers are needed lo rush this work to completion Gen eral Borrce said General Crowder in urging quick nrtion poirctl out in his telegram to Governor Stephens that the school teachers of the District of Columbia by worknig night ind day had completed the occu national cards of 30 000 rrg istrants there M Fi ore ei nu ASK A PARD s Condemned Man Will Put His Fate in the Hands of Gov Stephens EXECUTIVE WONT TALK collecting fine through the Federal courts and putting atty or their mem bers In jail The Chinese further complain that Truxton went to the home of a Chi nese lady at 1 o clock In the morn Ing broke In her door seised some opium and unchaperoned took her alone In his automobile to the Sacra meeto Jail They alao accuse the of fleer of being handy with his gun having It In his hand on numerous occasions They ask that the ted eral authorities take action against th officer as an enemy of th United State Preston complimented Truxton upon his work and forwarded the letter to Vashlngton No Word Will Come From Head of State Until Legal Period Expires While his atlornoa so ht a way to take Thomas J Moonn ase to the Lnlted States Supreme Court an 1 make possible Presidential lemency the condemned man announced yea terday that he will abandon his fight for life in the State courts snd ap peal to Governor William D Stephens for pardon In the fare nf Mooneye announce ment Governor Stephana said In Oakland esterday he would not act on th case pending th time In which an application for a rehearing may be fled In the Supreme Court M oney a attorneys still hat eigh teen days In which to act I ntil the case Is fully before me I villi have nothing to say Oovernor Mephens said Maxwell McNutt Thomas M O Connor and others of Mooney s counsel conferred with I Im yesterday in the County Jail The attorneys will n eet tomorrow morning to plan the next step In his behalf CltARTFR FOR niOHfnilLl BAXK Special Dispatch te The Cbrelcl WASHINGTON March I A charUr for tl e Chowchllla National Bank Chowchllla Cal with a oapltal of ISO 000 ha been Issued by the Treasury i BARE5 MARCH SALE FURNITURE CARPETS DRAPERIES Ad Club Convention To Get Low Rates Low rales lo delegates toithe an nual convention of the Associated Ad vertlslng Clubs of th World hav been approved by th Transcontinen tal Passenger Association In session In Chicago members of th ban Fran Cisco Advertising Clubs convention board annot need yeaterda It I expected that more than 6O0U nen and women from all larts of the United Btates will rone to this city for th meeting nxt Jul Navy in Need of Men For Special Service The naval rescr e has Issued a call for twenty carpenters and not mor II an ten bollermakers electricians Igters and bricklayers for special service In constru tlon units In Ire lend and Prance The service needs also twenty groun I men The re crultlng office Is at i - 1 Market afreet T U E S D A Yi 8 P God in the Trenches FAMOUS WAR ADDRESS PAUL RADER Paster l Mey Chare CHICAGO Scottish Rite Auditorium TUESDAY 8 OCLOCK Adaalasloa PHKK Salvaliea Arasy War Werh MUSIC BY MARINE BAND AtsfMFT tM edKfcC - V VjOFm HNivSinill aV - SrfsSSiSi iXMIKpXBByMnUflHHl jiawCaanlsV 99lprTmwmldl aS awHCBsf i awpv La a aaaSkv B asWaaa aVaa Sja slat BBk aKaja u sj sj J BSaf MT a eaVaa ak aalaarT ant aawasa sank sLiaaarl X aJsaBBawiatw 4 IM I fill 11 Tt U U MLZ I llAUKU LLL MUrt MirilX FllttMJ raW I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafaai f T l I I A m rfJ A BsBa1 li iBaal an fays i ou immediate dividends or id wo to bUo KmMm sBBnKa79 C L - s 1 I I wlTlMa feU asjBBBBTWa - d Villus lllctl ctIC II1UIC JIUIIUUHCU IAJIU - 1 Ml J HIH aataaW - aW Basjsjjssssr - uaicuivciy mail cvci utiutc utuiusc ut HnTanU I iV TMi I irTkTBaVaaaanaaaLaK HFr continually increasing manufacturing and ailSMpjj WiiaBK HIIIIIIH9B For fortv - one years our March Sale has jjlfe - - 1 z - afQraaat9 Hlel been the extreme of value - giving sales of iL C - - iZZ MwaBBBBBBH K home furnishings Typical Bargain tfWm B It took our uttermost efforts this year to allllIH H live up to our record It is for you to say rl llllllllW h I J J stle A wonderful value Hegular y V aaaaaaaaaaaaanar ether we have succeeded ihwiiutm tnncn ttm K Special 3350 VBfl SSSSSk every article in trie nore 11 mciuaea vjk WvbbbbM A aatjaijiB 3 fiPKpgi jSp j M TsBVsKw sasaBWaVanawaswwssssssss - fssss VI J m - svcSA J tu - v -

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