The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1950
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 1950 BLVTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINB HOME tyown Payment for Home wow Less Than for Car The home-buyer can now move Into a moderately-priced house for leas than the average down payment on a medium-priced automobile, under the new Federal Housing Law. On a PHA-insured loan, lie also may take 30 years to pay for it instead of 25. The ex-GI receives even greater benefits than under the GI bill of Rights, for VA will guarantee 60% of his home loan Real Estate Transfers ChickasaH ba District Thomas G. and Irene Hardin to Ed Hardin, 42.05 acres, Section 5- 14N-10E, $10 and other considerations. Mrs. Cleo Langs ton to Charles C. and Dorothy Langston, 1.GS2 acres, Section 28-16N-12E, S7.0DO. • Gary and Lynda Tate to Bonny Ruth Morris, Lot 5 of nloek 1, Caruthers Addition of town of Ma- "ijfe $1,000. ^|H. and Lucy Houehtns to L. O. and Battle Gill, Lot 1 of Block 8 of Country Club Addition, $2250. Henry and Dovie McCain to Lonnie O. and Hattie Gill, Lot G of Block 16 of Btlgg Addition, $2250. J. C. and Mattic Ellis to Annie Nance, Lot 8 of Block 30 of Btythe Addition, $5500. Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Marie D. Wright to E. E. Boat's and Geraldine Boggs. Lot 12 of Block P of John B. Walker Second Subdivi- - sion. $7300. Willie and Cornelia Bcasley to Luther Z. and Eula M. Goings, Lot 4 of Jolly Addition, $7300. Marvin L. and Clara Mae Merritt to Buford Martin, Lot 7 of Block & of Maybell Subdivision, SI and other considerations. W. C. Gates to Herman and Maggie McDonald, Lot 13 of Block 3 of Browley Addition, $300. John G. Dixon and Hettle Mae Dixon to Paul and Ruby Hardcsty, Lot 6 of Block E of Hollandale Addition, $1800. Chickasawba Lodge 134 A. P. and A, M. to Blytheville Masonic Temple Association, Lot D and west one- half of Lot 10 of Block 6 of Highland Place Addition, $1 and other considerations. • O. J. and Zillah Hueter to Mrs. India Mae Pierce, Lot 8 of Block A of'O. J. Heuter's First Addition to thjfclty of' Leachvllle. $350. :'VVold C. and Edell. Thompson to illlter , arid -Ruby Ollough Phillips, Lot S of Block T of II. O. Thompson Addition, $500. G. B. Bishop to H. H. and Bertha O'Neal, part of Lot 6 of Section N- 14N-9E, /STOO. L. L. and K. W. Hartzog to Delta Implement Company, Lot 13 of Block 1 of Wilson's Third Addition $10 and.other considerations. Allen bektor and Willie Map Baker to W. C. aud Lola Leary Schlerholz, the north 68 feet of Lot 2 of the J. C. Crimer Subdivision and Irregular Lot 17. NEVS of Section 15-15N-11E. $450. instead of 50%, and will guarantee as much as $7,500 of a mortgage as against the previous limit of $4.000. It Is thus easier for everyone to buy his own home. The vet will pay nothing down and about $33 a month instead of the approximate $42 previously needed on an $8,000 home. He also may buy a higher- priced home because of VA's Increased guarantees. Widows of GI's killed in the war or who have since died from service-connected causes qualify for GI benefits under the new law. S350 Down On S7.fKW Home For the non-vet a $7.000 one- or two-bedroom home may be bought for as little as 350 cnsh, with monthly payments of $40 for 30 years. ?'HA will insure the marlgase UD to 95% of anpraised value, provided that 9f>% does nol exceed $6,650 If the prospective liomfi-buy- er wants a 3-bedroom $80^, he will get the $6,650 nkis $950 extra allowance for the third bedroom, The insured mortgage then will be $7.600. the down payment $400. For a 4-bedroom house. PHA win undenvrie another £050. with a mortgage total of J8550, The down pa ym en t is $450. For .so- called "hijrh-cost" metropolitan construction areas, this house will" cost around $10,000 and FHA will raise its mortgage limit another £950, with total down payment only $500. Will Seek Air-Conditioning With smaller cash down payments, ninny home-buyers can afford to get into higher price brack- s and will seek more conveniences n their homes. Among these Is air- on d it ioning, for which there is a rowing trend. Air-conditioning is ot unduly expeiwive when install- d in a new home, especially if Ihe ousc Is fully insulated with rnin- ral wool, which is used In more lan 60% of all home insulation obs. Loss of cool air Is minimized In :ie hot-weather months by use of nsulation, Just as is loss of heat in tie cold-weather period, cutting to minimum the cost of operating an ir-condilioniiig unit. Even a non- ir-conditioned home is up to 15 egrecs cooler in summer if prop- rly insulated, and the fuel saving n winter will be 30% or more. When the new housing act be- ame law, FHA reduced its interest ate on home mortgages from 4 ] ,£% 4 1|4%. As the buyer pays 1|2 of % for FHA insurance, the total cost is 4 3[4% against the former 'oorier Newi Photo JOE HUGHES HOME—Above Is the Joe T. Hughes home at 712 Pecan. The five-room (combination dining and living room, den, kitchen, two bedrooms and bath) home Is finished on the exterior with red cedar shingles. It has an asphalt -shingle roof and its interior is finished with papered and pointed rockbonrd with the exception of the den which is in knotty pine. The garage is visible to the right and a back porch is enclosed. The home is heated by two floor furnaces. Did You Know That- Blocks for Beauty $20,000,000 wnrth of steel kltch-* en cabinets is expected to be sold I yearly lor the next 6 years? ] 47% of U. S. dwellings are ed by stoves? All real estate taxes on your property are deductible on youi' income tax return, including school district taxes? Kitchen should have a duplex electrical outlet i'or each 4 ft. of work counter? 53.2% of individual savings went into u. S. Savings Bonds in 1940; 3G.2% in 1949? Color experts say blue' Is the favorite of introverts, red Is ra- vorert by the vigorous; yeHow by intellectuals? In today's houses, there is a strong trend toward rear vestibules, leading to out-doors, cellar and kitchen? (Courlcsy Liberty Magazine) New beauty, new light and Hew privacy can he added to your home if you huilrt a B'ass block partition. This partition «hiclds a pood share of the living room from the gaze ot visitors at the front door, reduces drafts, aTso provides an attractive means of displaying your prize vases, potted plants or knick-knacks. It i.s laid'using prefabricated wood strips instead of mortar and can easily be assembled or dismantled. Yes...Washable WONSOVER FAMOUS H.AT Ott PAINT! Your »aJls will star beautiful longer ti you paint with WONS- OVEE! L«av n • imoolh, w»s/i- able finish — no brush marks! BeautHul colors and while come ready-to-uie (Just ilir, then pninl!) COVIRS IN 1 COAT! DIM fasti Ask for WONSOVER! E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. "PETE" The Plumber, Sez: "A lip lo smart, budgct- niindctl homemakcrs . . , keep your plumbing whistling-clean loo! Let Trie Ihc Plumber check all household plumbing." PHONE 2731 I.ct Us Install That Extra Bathroom or Modernize Your i'rcscnl Halhroom Lawmakers Watched JERUSALEM (AP)— Israelis like to see their lawmakers at work. A total of 75,000 entry tickets for visitors were issued by the Knesset (parliament) during the last 12 months. Several Causes There are several causes for rusty discoloration of water fl nving from hut-water faucets. Rust anil dirt may be carried In Irom the street main; or may be caused by rusting of house pipes and supply tank; or by sediment collecting when water is heated. The_ system should have a drain cock n't the bottom of the supply tank, while the pipe from the supply tank lo heating unit should be located several inches above the bottom of the tank. This will permit sediment to settle in the bottom and be drained off by the cock. Sediment also collects 1n pipes if there Is little or no circulation. If the heater has a shut-off valve and drain cock It can be flusiied is often as necessary. Water usually Is kept clean by flushing heating coil and draining sediment from the tank once a month. EDSON Continued from Page 6 that was used during Ihe war sav^ Ings bond drives, will be the sym bol for all advertising, publicity am membership pins. Crawfordsvllle Group Ail-Out Against "Fair Dtal" The political situation in Craw fordsvlllc is entirely didcrent froi what Anderson experienced. Craw fordsville is principally known a the seat of Wabash Colleee. Craw fordsville's industries—dominated 1> a branch plant of a Chicago print ing company—are largely open sho plants. Ciawfordsvillo has had n bad labor relations problems and n C.I.O.-P.A.C. to contend with. There really Is no great local pi litlcal clean-up movement lo ni over in Crawfordsvllle. But the rawfordsville Chamber of Comerce and some 350 local business ieii feel that the voters need etiu- atlng on public issues In the No- ember elections. In the words of Mr. Thompson, n* of the purposes of the Craw- ordsville educational campaign will to "Knock oul the idea thai sc- urily Is anything to seek. The sad art of the New Deal," he says, "Is uat it lias mnde people lose the eeHitg of satisfaction in doing omethlng for themselves." As direct targets, the Crawfords- llle campaign will shoot at the Jrnmr.m plan, soclall7.ed medicine, Igh taxes and the welfare slate, which H will refer to as "the Poor- lonse State." "We don't want to nnke the profession^} Democrats nnd," says Mr. Thompson, "but we ,o want to do our little bit to stop ociallsin in America. . . . It's op- lortunity we want, not security. "We're still American enough to relieve that if enough people go to he polls, \vc can beat these things," vlr, Thompson conchulos. "But," he iidds, "if i\ majority of Use people still want what we've got now, so It, Thjs i.s democracy." This rather frank statement of objectives brings up the matter of the real purposes of the Anderson American Guard. The Ounrd has won Us reputation for conducting a Ill-partisan political clean-up campaign. But its real alms are staled in its constitution. There are a few generalities that everyone can agree with, such as "To sludy the Constitution of the United States. ... To abide by and promote the leaching of the word of God. . ." But along with these are some specifics: "To demand a reduction of ... Federal controls over business. To guard against Individual rights being sacrificed for security. To demand that the Federal government refrain from competing with private industry. To Insure the fanners of a stabilised—but not socialized—agricultural economy." TONY MARTIN, famous singing slar, says: BUY THE HOUSE PAINT YOU KNOW IS BEST! One Coat Covers! No gonniork h*r»l THrtci BCTJT" can be depended upon for • per- left p.l M Jofal Specially bbadrd l>y experti to »t»j >p»rkKn( bright —pvoven wc«ther-«erthy by 30 r««n of te*tm( p«mu! Self-cleaning Bright White or color-true Tint*. Corers 6OO M). ft. pet- gallon! Get Toon her* NOW! Dial 551 and The Man from the LUMBER YARD will he glad to make you nn estimate on your painf needs. We will help you select the right painter. Ask about our Easy Payment Plan. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. ••g o.s. r*. o*.' WONSOVER -It's WASH ABU! It takes >urt i quick OVfCE ovtB with WONSOVER to ch*n«e your room* completely! B«*uliful ready-mixed color* and white in tlie be»l flat oil' paint yo« could want! Covers watlp»per, old jmmt! Driei f. rt ! I* w*»Habl«l Try WONSOVER! E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. AVAILABLE • ORDER NOW.' •L'tfvi'^ RIGID FRAME ft TRUSS-CLEAR STEEL • ALUMINUM BUILDINGS Quickly erected — !a dayt instead of weeks — 10 meet urgent demands for on-the- farm grain storage. After grain is marketed,your Butler Building gives you year-round ust • s implement or livestock thelter, for hay storage, many other farm purposes. See us today for full information on these sturdy longlife buildings. PIOOUCT Or CAPACITIES tor fcrtfcr BnlMhfi 40'WidcxlOO'Lont 28,450 BUSHELS By shoring up 5 feet •long sides and end*. '' 13,000 BUSHELS On the Boor fwirhout ihoring) MANUFACTUKINO COMPANY C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Dealer For Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting P.O. Box 83 Phone 6896 Blytheville,, Ark. BEFORE YOU BUY ANY NEW CAR Stii!& Young Motor Co. SHEET METAL WORK— OF ALL KIND5 Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 In England — It's the Chemist Shop In France — It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville — It's BARNEY'S DRUG Foi E-.pert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE REMODEL NOW Nothing Down—Up to 36 Mos. to Pay It's easy lo finance your home improvements—or a new garage—through Builders Supply. Now yon can gel a low interest FHA loan with easy monthly payments. Oon'l delay any longer . -call us for the details, Builders Supply Co., Inc. Smooth, sociable Schenley is the drink for me" »lENDEDWHIS«Y&SniOOr.*i%GUINNeUniAlSI'IBIT5.SCKENlEYDIST.,INC.,N.Y.cJ WORK,TIME,niEL-GETTHE MOST FOR YOUR OOLLAKS WHEN YOU GET AUTOMATIC OIL HEAT YOU'M 4>«&/; tun of 4 . ftrffrmimti and trtmfmicM *p*r»- tic* with (bit haadtomt Dclco- Heaeoii-firedCoadicioomtrbBCauAe: (I) Gtntrnl Minn 1 "know how" meant tbat it's tuill right. (2) Out own "know bow" means that it's ixitalltJ right. And the Ddco-KMCondltJonalr bai th« cxduair* K*l*^*um feature . chat combinta. M mtiimg COMI IN AND III IT NOWI «•"""• "S'r°« ftlUWW CITY ELECTRIC COMPANY 119 lo. Broadway Phone 2241 GROVER'S BODY SHOP Clear Lake Av«. A Clark St. Expert Body and Fender Repair Highest Quality Auto Painting All Types Radiator Work By Highly Skilled Mechanics Every Job Guaranteed Owned & Operated by Grover Canada Phone 6981 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Caliihan 110 So First Si.. Rlylhcvillc South Highway 61 Pnon. 2434 TRUCK BEDS Made from the Finest Oak BARKSDALE MFG. CO. For Safe, Profitable Grain Storage Galvanized STOL GRAIN BINS Fire-ttfe, wmdtcrtigkt, r»dtnc-pr*»f. Pcr«»ent, long-rii* <»»§tr«c«i»«. J conrcnicBt <iM*t I4'xt'— 1000 b«.; l»'xl I'—-Z2»0 b.. ; 11'xU'—327( tm. Order ftvtto Galvanized Grain Bins NOW from INTERNATIONAL 312Sputfi2nd : Phone 6863

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