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Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii • 9

Honolulu, Hawaii
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Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Saturday, April 21, Nurses' Party Attended By 900 People About 900 people attended tha if Territorial Nurses association's Si benefit garden tea Saturday afternoon at the Kahala home of Senator Thelma M. Akana, and it was TV i I'i gratifying to know that all of tha 1,200 tickets issued had been sold. Plans for the program, however. Us? were changed overnight and a nevf program, themed as a tribute to the late President Roosevelt was substituted. The gay hulas and songs were given up and in their stead the Policemen's Glee club sang USO Lounge For Enlisted Women Opened Women of all branches of the service the WACs, WAVEs, Marines and SPARs gathered together last week to celebrate the opening of the new USO Service Women's lounge in the YWCA.

Made possible through the cooperation of the USO, local community women and the YWCA, the attractive lounge was accepted by the uniformed guests with pleased surprise, especially when It came to the perky red and white powder room outfitted with every cosmetic designed to lend a glow to the face and a spark to the morale of our iris in the armed services. Jb only Honolulu center for enlisted women, the lounge has a springlike atmosphere, with chintzes and solid colors in green, yellow and white, and delicately carved wood grill work depicting Hawaiian plants over the arched entrance. White screens, wrought Iron furniture among the upholstered pieces and masses of white and pastel flowers add to the cool, refreshing feeling of the lounge. Here service women who drop while on liberty or pass find a good, up to date library, information and checking facilities, magazines and writing facilities. But the star of the lounge is the powder bar, which was filled to capacity as soon as the doors were opened by young ladies intent on gilding the lily just for the fun of it.

Cosmetics, supplied through the several of the late president's favorite songs, including Home On tha Range, and the Royal Hawaiian band played appropriate music The Rev. Henry P. Judd. kama- aina clergyman, was introduced by mmm nrrm n-" m-sl MAmm i PICTURED AFTER THEIR ANNUAL MEETING Tuesday at the THE OPENING OF THE TSO LOUNGE in the YWCA for enlisted SENATOR THELMA M. ARAN at whose lovely Eahala borne the nurses' benefit garden party was given last Saturday, Is pictured above women was one of the larre affairs of the past week.

Pictured above, the hostess who explained that the affair already once postponed could not be put over another week, so it had been decided to make the motif of it a memorial tribute to Mabel Smyth building are some of the members and officers of the Occuoatlonal Therapy association. At extreme left is Miss Mary Rogers, vice president, and next to her, also in uniform, Miss Lillian Lowrey, secretary treasurer. In the front row at extreme right is Mrs. Herbert chatting with a group of service nurses, Lt. Marion Fang, Lt (jg) Doris Swanson of Seattle, Lt Ada Boyd of Atkins, Ark, Lt Ann Page of Dallas, Tex- and Lt Janet Kane of Scranton, Pa.

Lt Pang Is of the left to right, Lt. Cmdr. S. R. Hickey, usn, recreation and morale nicer for the Pacific fleet and 14th naval district; Mrs.

J. Dickson Pratt, chairman of the lounge advisory committee; Mrs. Marion L. Bell, USO director of the lounge, and Lt. Dorothy Tollefsen, WAVE.

The picture of women members of the four armed services is gift of Cmdr. Hickey. the late president M. Dowsett, director. Miss Jane Liarea, new president succeeding Mrs.

Mrs. Akana greeted her guests army and the others, of the navy. About 900 gnesta attended the affair. Dowsett for the next year, is not pictured. Queen hospital photo, in a stunning hostess gown of petunia crepe which touched the floor.

KAMAAINA KOLUMN out now and then rave surreptitious Just Chatting By Margo peeps at slender bare feet in truly By GRACE TOWER WARREN A RENOVATED USO VICTORY! It's a good idea to relax after close eye work. The suggestion is that CLUB will reopen tonight with a formal dance. Stevenson presented the king with an exquisite golden pearl, and after an hour of this work, you close your eyes and then open them The club, the favorite dance spot Stevenson read the poem which and stare into the distance. The love of Robert Louis Stevenson for Hawaii has become as much a part of literary history as the writings of the -famed author and poet. The following Is the first of two articles by Mrs.

Warren on Stevenson In Hawaii. of men and women of the services, has been closed for six weeks undergoing the remodeling job. he had written to commemorate the event referring to the pearl as "the ocean jewel to the Island king." courtesy of Elizabeth Arden, range The roof garden, we understand, One of the authors closest and has been done over completely. There's a new bandstand on the makai side of the floor. A white OF ALL THE KAMAATNA VIS most convivial friends in Hawau was the lata King Kalakaua.

In picket fence has been put up ITORS who have come to Hawaii's shores none loved Hawaii more nor was more loved by the people of Hawaii than Robert Louis around the mauka side the idea is Monterey, Cat, another of Stevenson's favored haunts, lived another close friend, this time a man of low estate, one Jules Simoneau, 85 to end the congestion of the stag After a day at the office or a day's work at home, get two cotton pads dampened with witch hazel, get flat on your back, get your legs elevated on several cushions or on the wall, place the pads over closed eyes and relax completely for about 15 minutes. Allow your mind to relax as much as possible. Don't lie down and try to figure out work to be done. Think of something particularly pleasant; force yourself if you have to. If you fall asleep, all the better.

But these few minutes of complete relaxation will make -you ready to face a social evening or to greet your husband brightly. line which has hampered dancers approved Hawaiian fashion. She wore many leis of pink carnations and plumeria and a long spray of exquisite white orchids. With rare skill Miss Alice AmoH had arranged unusually attractive decorations. In the large living room, open to the sea, and decorated in tones of jade green and chartreuse, she had arranged great bowls of cup of gold, from which radiated dozens of yellow plumeria leis.

Stunning great branches of yellow plumeria and feathery papyrus were effectively used in tall floor vases. Mrs. Sam Chillingworth was general chairman of the affair and was assisted by Mrs. A. R.

Tyler and Mrs. Harry Franson. Miss Laura Hooker was ticket chairman, whila Mrs. Thomas Gage was in charge of the refreshment committee. Mrs.

Harry Franson was in charge of entertainment Mrs. Arline Thompson had charge of publicity, Mrs. Lawrence Robinson, chairman of finance, and Miss Alice Arnold decorating. Just a few among the peopla noticed were Mrs. James I Coke, chairman of hostesses for the day; in the past years old.

When I first came here in 1906 I was taken to the small, two story The ceiling has been done in soft house on the edge of the sea at blue, and a cozy atmosphere will be achieved by indirect lighting. from the usual rouge and lipstick to skin lotions. Most of the girls were torn between dipping into the lavish display snd not wanting to touch a thing, "it looks so lovely." Other features of the powder room bound to be a boon to service women are hot showers and ironing board and iron. In the receiving line on opening day were Mrs. J.

Piatt Cooke, USO territorial director; Miss Grace Steinbeck, general secretary, YWCA; Mrs. Marion L. Bell, USO director: Mrs. J. Dickson Pratt, chairman of the advisory committee for the lounge; Mrs.

Roy M. Bunn, chairman, of the sorority women who serve as volunteers; Lt. Pearl Martin. USMC: Lt. Esther Edson, K.

I s. hlmselt- was rich in friendships, and he chose them from where he would. In Monterey, a man of the people, humble and poor. In Hawaii, a king, rich and proud. It mattered not For the spark of friendship, If loyal and true, is the same In any language, in any country, in any circumstance of life, be it in the heart of a peasant or the heart of a king.

Spending a weekend once at Del Monte, I was able to browse around Good posture is one of the most MARRIED recently at Kawaiahao difficult Qualities for a lot of All Honolulu girls are invited to attend the formal dance tonight from 6 to 8:30 the only provision is that they wear formal gowns. As added incentive, there will be transportation for the girls to and from the club upon request Tonight's dance will set the Victory club dance program in full swing again. Starting Monday there will be noonday dancing every day except Sunday, from 11:15 a. m. to BETROTHED to Capt William R.

Finks, USA, is Miss Mabel Anita Fernandez, above. The wedding is church was Miss Gladys Emma Sans Souci the Hatch property at Waikiki where he lived and wrote when he was here. Hanging from the ceiling of the lanai was an old ship's lantern which he had salvaged from some ship and the more or less time mutilated figurehead that qnce proudly adorned the prow of a ship, was a treasured possession. Some years ago the old house was torn down to make way for a more modern building. When Princess Kaiulani was a young girl Stevenson was very fond of her.

He used often to be in the extensive gardens which formed the setting of, women to attain. Slouching makes you look like a tired question mark and when you suddenly sit or stand Wright above, and Private First Class Benjamin Williams, USA. WACs; Lt. Dorothy Tollefson, WAVEs, and Lt. Margaret Moon, SPARs.

Cmdr. S. R. Hickey, recre planned for May. Capt.

Finks To Wed Honolulan Williams photo. Gladys Wright, straight, you feel your back will break. If you will conscientiously sit or stand straight, you will find it a habit after awhile. And for those with that tendency, good the ouaint old Spanish town of ation and morale officer, Pacific rieet and 14th naval district, attended the informal ceremonies, and the Monterey with its adobe buildings, its picturesaue fishing village, its 1:15 p. and on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights from 6 to 8:30.

A buffet lunch is served the junior hostesses at noonday dances. Also, various military organizations may plan dances for the free nights lounge was crowded with enlisted women and civilians. Ben WilliamsWed Kawaiahao church was the setting charming patio gardens. The places connected with Stevenson's stay posture makes you look slimmer. Missions Day there interested me most.

My ram the home of Judge Cleghorn and his wife. Princess Likelike, who recently for the marriage of Miss blings finally took me to the modest little home of Old Jules, a white on the roof. haired, white bearded Frenchman uiaays tmma Wright, daughter of Joseph H. K. Wright and the late Mrs.

Wright of Honolulu, to Private First Class Benjamin Williams. Joan Day, Jane Hardy and Ken Strite, Victory club staff members, are the arrangers for the dance who had known and loved Steven Volunteers in charge of special activities at the lounge are: Mrs. George H. Moore, staffing and information; Mrs. George T.

Armi-tage, tours; Mrs. H. A. R. Austin, flower arrangements; Mrs.

L. N. Gruelle, home hospitality; Mrs. Ernest Gray, cosmetic bar; Mrs. Clarissa Halsted, library; Mrs.

Arthur Restarick, art exhibits, and Temperance and Day will be observed by the Honolulu WCTU at the Makiki Christian church, Pensacola St. extension, Wednesday, April 25, at 2 p. m. Mrs. Guernsey S.

Brown will preside. Devotions will be led by Miss son in the days when the author Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin Fernandez of Honolulu announce the engagement of their daughter, Mabel Anita, to Capt William R. Finks, medical administrative corps, USA, son of Mrs.

Linwood Walden Finks of Arlington, Va. The marriage is planned for May at the Hickam Field chapeL Miss Fernandez attended St. Francis convent here and is now employed at Hickam Field. Capt Finks was graduated from Southeastern university in Washington, D. C.

USA, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wil was making his headquarters in Mrs. Norman uodbold, who has recently returned from three years absence on the mainland: Mrs. Hart Wood, Mr.

and Mrs. Gaylord W. Hensold, Dr. Vivia Appleton, Miss Beth Appleton, Mrs. John Grace.

Mrs. Fred Lunt, Miss Josephine Day, Mrs. James Rath. Miss Grace Steinbeck, Mrs. Arthur Coyne, Mrs.

W. G. Rogers, Mrs. William Devereaux, Mrs. Frank Hansson and Mrs.

John Devereaux. Miss Margaret Newman, Mrs. Irwin J. Shepherd, Mrs. Ralph Fishbourne md her sister, Mrs.

Frank James, Mrs. G. S. Jacobs, Mrs. G.

Fred Bush, Mrs. A. N. Campbell, Mrs. Tenney Peck, Mrs.

Robert Sroat Mrs. David Thrum, Mrs. Arthur Spitzer, Mrs. Carolyn Barnes. Misses Myra and Jean Angus, th Misses Mary and Rennie Catton, Mrs.

Henry Hahn, and Mrs- James Bergstrom. G. T. W. liams or Anahola, Kauai.

Monterey. With pride glowing in his bright ine xtev. juiwara iiahaie performed the ceremony at 3 d. m. Julia Motovama.

Mrs. Gilbert programs. Browsing through some beauty literature reaching our desk, we found a lot of excellent hints on how to look and feel bette-. There is one on resting the eyes. eyes Old Jules showed me a com Bowles, department director, is in Mrs.

Mae Tinker, magazines. io Mr. Wright gave his dauehter in plete autographed set of Steven were her parents. The letter which he wrote to her when she was in England is a gem that has become historic. Years' ago a bronze tablet properly inscribed as a Stevenson memorial, was set in the gnarled trunk of the old banyan known as the Stevenson banyan under whose thick leafed branches the author loved to sit and write.

In the second month of the author's visit to Hawaii, at a luau given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Poor at Manuia, King Ka-lakaua and the Stevensons were guests. During the evening Mrs.

charge of the program. The speak rority women who staff the lounge marriage. son's books. On the fly leaf of each was a personal message in er will be Lt CoL Corwin H. Olds, The bride wore white satin ma Hp USA, was best man.

Ushers scribed in French, which the old with high neckline, lone slepvos during their free time are au regis tered with National Panhellenic. At Library chief of chaplains Central Pacific base command. Chaplain Olds will speak on Missions In the Postwar man "translated for me. fitted bodice and a full skirt ending were Private First Class James Soong and Private Arthur Doo, both of the army. Mrs.

Williams attended her son's ui a irain. Lomt)iements werp a them, and he was willing to pay me a good price for them, too, bu' I told him that as long as I lived 3 would never part with them." (Continued Next Week) "There's not gold enough in the world to buy these hooks," proudly exclaimed the old man. "A Philadelphia lawyer wanted to buy Dr. Harold St. John, professor of tulle veil and a shower bouquet of white orchids.

Her only ornament was a jade necklace. World. Mrs. Marion Dillingham Erdman will render the vocal solo by James H. Rogers, Great Peace Have They That Love Thy Law.

Mrs. Martha Poeuoe Hohu is the accompanist. wedding in a yellow holoku with an orchid corsage. botany at the University of Hawaii, will be the speaker at 7:30 p. m.

Wednesday at the Library of Hawaii auditorium. His topic will be Mrs. Rosabelle W. Seto. sister of the bride, was matron of honor in yellow lace and net with a hat There will be greetings from The reception-luau was given at the George St home of Mr.

and Mrs. Bernard Oliveira, the bride's Huntlnz Cinchona In Colombia. to match. Mrs. Joseph Wright, an- friends in other countries brought hv Mrs.

Albert S. Baker. Mrs. Ger other sister, and Miss Gladys Snif- brother in law and sister. Dr.

St. John will ipeak on his recent trip to South and Central America, which he visited in search trude Fifer is pianist Mrs. S. Ozakl. decorations.

An offering will ren were tne Bridesmaids in pastel! lace and net eowns with matcViiner of "cinchona trees for planting in The bride, who was graduated from St Andrew's priory, is employed at American Factors. The bridegroom is a graduate of the be taken for Lieht Line union. Mrs. hats and colonial bouquets. I Hawaii.

Th bark of the cinchona tree is the source of valuable Cecil Martin is in charge of the guest book. Staff Sergeant Joseph F. Aguiar Kamehameha school for boys. quinine. mmm Aloha Party Given Mrs.

Jesse D. Haigler (Virginia Janette Souza) left recently for the OPEN TO ALL SERVICE PERSONNEL MD CIVILIANS mainland to make her home in North Carolina with her parents in law, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.

Haigler. Her husband. Sergeant Haigler. USA, met her on the mainland. He is on furlough in the states.

An aloha party was given for Mrs. Haigler recently by Chief Warrant Oficer Albert W. Marland, afli TJSN, and Mrs. Marland at their Fie home on Kopke St, asoii ining Roosa K.I!aM. mm i.iu i ium.jwWWllH)y im mmmemmm mmm mmmmmssm rr -t 51 ttxWr-vwH-.

a --rt fcyv lUSkW' -v j. XJ J-s-- jiatJrdy. wwrfmwv.vf.,..L.yv i i 'it- "-V vc, -v -p- frwfc-ljrfafaAii. MWm ooa -f: mw Mmrd UurAM flu rl ''ZT'TZC 1 mmm mm mmm CbMMMBlkMnwMK "TT ''J I -ow-- -r (if 1 ff x-Tr -1 -4 x- V- s. i n- -5; -v r.

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