The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1937
Page 8
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EIGHT Osceola Sorioty — Personal W. M. "IT. Ha, Cfiii Inns Tart.v Mrs. G. T. FJorlila and datigh- . T, V:rsir:(n, and granddaughter. }FI;J.';I- Mason, HVTC hoite.w.s to jtcrty-ryjiit member* of the I33)>- - ' W. M. U. for their last mis- tes'o'.i arv.l combined :>o- ,'cjal .'"rciins in the Flcritin liome yrrtc-Vjiy afternoon. "Good Tid-j '~<:~- t) All Peoult-", was tlietsub-' trt-t of tic Ic-s.</!i arranged and ( :M !)j' Mr:=. .). T. !)):o:u!.5 in ivliich i -.."-'. Ma Tiufcir '.cave the iK'Vo-! tinrial. The significance o! the, pK'cii in poet.c rirfau^r- i Jii-nt ;;y Mrs. Frank Williams was accompanied, by "KiU-m Nisht," j:l"-l-- k ;i fxiftly by Mrs. Gii;x--rt >.(ar,- t.;>. . c 'o!o., of CiirisiniKs munlx-rs '..'i- 1 ,' -ill.!' by Mrs. George Dft-r •"'.Hi Mrs. M. K. Mt Dearinnn. "Ansy in a Mauser" v;as Ming as • n i)iict by Shirley Maitin and •Vi!-;;.nia Lee Best, members of the n-,!i !:;--im Ban;]. Oilier; having :i T . Totnj)!:ii!s. Mr;,-. Duiuhl lihct-- v;c ( .(l and Mrs. K. ,L Keuiiiev. Burins the;il hour. ;;ite V.TIC •<ii-.iv/a fiom a f-niiy ticcoritw! l~i ,mtum= 'Iron. Visitors ivi-re Mi.s, W. H. Springer, Mrs. Dick Cir-l "f Memphis, Mrs. uovfjthv l,ars?c »rd A«I« >[iirii- Hitc of vinci-iiiivs' Jisdiaira. Mrs. \Valtrr Emaniii'i T .'i - i F-nroiif-d':!<; ;j ]iivv: iLir ; !5ilH'i- Mrs. Kiv.aniic'i formally |iv«l iix f^cftila. nut hw tiie )«:.(. two ypar.i I'-'n liVf.l in Memphis. . Ml \. ) 1: ,. s !.<-'.'/ moved linck to ihu [ity. f * i * Ca/ilc-Knwn Wedding ^ Miss Mildml c»sli> ni«j' ]loyl 13i-ov.-n v/tfi' mfn-rii'd in ;t quiia v.cddin'4 ceremony Sunday inorn- I»S nt uitie o'clock by tini Hev. ». D. Scger. jiasUu- pf the li;ip- iNt diuiTii at Wilson, at the Baptist par.sonagc , in Wilson, MUs (iiflr b Hie (Inugliic-r of Mra. K .'. Kearney nnd nllcnilcd Oseroh VirJi ^L-hool. Slie is (tic owner ol - UK Mildred's Beauty Simp. For tcr crrcmmu;' rfic wtirc n 'black tnlldrcrt fuit- :ino carrird red roses. l.U'. Uron-n came to Osteolsi ; totiiK) piyiitec'ii months n|;o tram Brownsville. Tenn.. and | s (,„. Cased I,, biiriiicss here, 'riiclr only .alU'iidants were Ilnrold Porter unil Vcta Mae Mtirlf. The young «»ipfe (vi)i ii)3| :e their home (U the resitlenco «r the bride's grandmother. Mrs. F. M. Satifistr.r. Episcopal Services Ktgulni- services nt Calvary 'Episcopal cliiuch were conducted 'Suticlny by the Rev. 0. C. Brkc • .nf Maiianna. pastor. C'oinnittnioii ' was hdd a.ilurdn.v morning instead of on Monday morning, n.s Ims been the cu.stam in the Tim lirr.' Dnrko ivn.i ihe sues! of Ml', and Mis. U. V. Madden far the week end. * »' * '• Mrs, Gilbert dough Iloilcwi Circle A of Ihe,' Methodist Mis- siorutry Society, Mrs. \V. I!. Flun- nisan, eh.ilrjlmn, were uupsts o[ Mrs. Gilbert Go.ngh for their annual Christmas party last, night -Bunco was the diversion of the evening with the prizes going (o Rlis. Hairy Jane's and Mrs. A. H Mrs. \V. li Jliiilt Has T.unclicun The two-table brirt(>c chil) cn- Joyed a one o'clock luncheon in ihe home of Mr.s. w. E. limit on J-raliiy. In the games Mrs. Harry Urivor was given the award Mrs John Kdi-ington and Mrs. Ituiih Craig were -the only Bursts. * * t Mr. an;| Mrs. Dudley LvncV ami son. Dudley j r . , M Sll ,-, (l!lv for Miami, ria., to spend the lioll- days with Mrs. Lynch's S i s {,. r Mrs. George B. Hurst and Mi- Ilnrst. - Mr. and Mrs. John Edrington d'.cvo to Memphis Thuredav tc mccf thpir daiishtcr, Mudcl Ellen, returning from the Klng- Smitli Studio School in Washington, and their ion, William Bard fidrinstoii. returning from Columbia Military Academy, Columbia, N. G. Carlwright and DIUIc Oyess. both .students at St. John's Military Ac.'idcuiy, Dt-lafield, Wb- svere inn in Memphis tliir- ng the week cud, by their par- -nts, Mis. Fin Icy CarUvright nnd W. fi. DytKS, Tlif.v will s|K'iKl thiee wttks at hcmc for the holt- • ditys. j Otlier students at home for the j holidays iiK-Iude: Frank Butler, I ivho is attending the Army and, Naval College nt Marion, Ala- i X'Mnu; l>oiina Kfle Driver home; (!Qm Hendrix College, con way;' rl-Jwarj Teuford who iirrlved Sun- i d-y morning. Ls n junior at' UtoruLi 'lull, Atlanta; Ambrose and Joe Sr.ippeii nnd Walter M».'xjn from Gilt Coast MCilaiy Academy. Gulfporl, Miss.; .MIJIHJO Maxnvll is sl.-o at home j ii«,ui Coiumbht Mihtaiy Academy, ] Culuniaia, Tenn.; John Boyd .MjEthrli a'.id Kkion Fairley, slu- ' (l.'ijts ,,l I ; iii!lijK UjiiVf-tsUy, Kind, c..l:ihoi]!:i. t-;ime in Saturday. I-lands O)nv;ay and Lintiuey Dri- ur sviii anive Wednesday from H-.::iiiix CGllf-gi.', C'oir.vay. Mi... Maude Travis was taken to MunphU ye;.K-fday -.liicre stic will in-ii.'!:!! /or rest ami treatment at [!,. H:ij-,il-.t hfftjiital /or a few diiys. Mn- was :tc-ump:inled hy her broiht-r. Dr. W. J. Shcddan, .Mi., liaiilin !to!«-k. and her son. David Tr;«is 01 iilythevillo. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Green liave ainu-d fi-inn Hot Springs to .spend the ;-.<;!i<l;iys with lu-r son, 7Je:m have 'as their Christmas guest, Mrs. Origsby's brother, Marcus Hollabaugh of Washington and Marshall, Arkansas. Mr. Hollabaugh Is n lew student til George Washington University In the capital city. Evelyn Walters, a student nurse Jin the Methodist hospital. Memphis, will spent! Wednesday and 'Thursday with her grandmother Mrs. William Stewart. Mrs. E. S. Crihfleld, and C. L, Jenkins are both patlenls In the Baptist hospital j n Memphis. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Child Eltfs the Dor KORUMBURRA, Australia (UP) ,-llie 4-year-oM son of Dr. and } Mrs. J. D. Begg of Ihls city was .playing W |t), i ls fox ter ,. ler whm | the latter suddenly yave a terrific | yelp and took lo the bush. TOO child said he had bllten the dot- I because the lalk'r would not vu down. sek-nlists k. 10 «. di-flnitely of a,, j The fast disappearing ox team 1 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1937 additional half million sub.rtancej. for which there Is no present use according to a report made to Ihe American Chemical Society remains as ; oii(. of the special al tractions to American tourists vis-1 t»lng In the vicinity of Dlgby, Nova ' 1 Scotia. llatdicr ai:;l Mrs. Hatcher, an'd with ivlalles in lilytheville. Ur. and Mrs. o. llarrell Jones of, TOMS. «ill arrive tomorrow to he the guc.sU of his liiirtnts, Mr. and Mrs. n. n. Jonc-s, and of Ids grandmother, «lrs. C. K. llanvell of Carson Lake. They uill be ncconijmnlcd by MI.SS Klhl'l Jones, n Kophomore In Baylor Uiilvt'i-sity, Waco. Texas, who will spend Ihe holidays licrc with her parents. Miss Louise Jones of Memphis will arrive Friday to -pi'iid jeirenil ctays of the Christmas wason here. Hen Kliinniuun Jr.. left Sunday tor Louisville. Ky.. where he will usit Ills mother. M rSi ix),iel|a I'laniUuan. lor the holidays. ?"r. and Mrs. C. L. Orl E sl)y will Driver Strangely Misses Fiery Death in Crash MOU,S'T PLEASANT. Tex. (UP) -Otis Howden. Mount Pleasant, was knocked unconscious an;l pin-' n«l beneath lib; car when it plunged off the highway near here. A passerby found him four hours later and discovered that the car had caught on fire beneath tilt hocO and burned lo within a few inches of w fierr Bowden was pinned. Ilowden suffered only from brulics and exposure. Women Buyers Called Poor Judge of Dogs HEVKMND /IIP) — Walter Sykcs. a Cleveland lawyer, who Is selling dogs on the city streets. Is not convinced that his women customers are gctlim; the most for their money. "Women almost always waul the (-litest doy." Sykes says, "and often dojjs of mixed ancestry look belter than those which arc purebred." '(lie attorney is selling the dogs al the refjiiest of n deceased friend. Few Chemicals Put to Use NEW YORK (UP) - Although I chemical industry now produces about 10.000 dllierenl substances X.Kit ONE FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS HCATERS S<n Ward Carulhersi'llle fid your complete winter auto 11 v: e <ls anil' ARIAN flliTO PARTS MOTOR OK, DKFHOS'rKJJS BATTKKIKS 128 B, Main tllylhevlile SPECIAL Merchants I'late Lunch HOTEL NOBLE "Where Hospitality Is a Reality." Brccdcn ". U Now Back In Charge of Our Service Slaliot'/ lk« hopes that his friends \vi!l patmniy.c hint al his ue\\- lnr;ifion its (hey have done in the Hoc Him For Ford Anil-Freeze Prestone Winter Lubricants TRUE TILTING OP Hralics, s . H.ttlcry, Anti-[''rce/. c Wheel -Al;;,mnifnt PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Sill A- Walnut 1'lione 810 CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB —1'KKSENTS— ViKE GENOVESE and His Orchestra 22n<| , AN AM, HTAK \VKI)NKS1)AY NK.'Hi' filfiR GREEN TirUHSI)AV,.I)KC. 23'THROURH SUN. JAN. 2 Floor Show Christmas and New Years I10T ''"T "AUBKClll.^.Kl^KCTKIC COOKED STKAKS—I'RIBn CHICKKN HIGHWAY 0!, HOLLAND, MQ., I'HONB 17 Modern-GLEAN Coa! for Furnace, Stove or Stoker $7.00 ton GAY & BILLINGS I'HONK 7(i ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Kaslesj closing service of any . mortgage loan company doing in these slates. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance •Investment Securities OSCEOLA, AKK. Gift Headquarters for Particular Men MEAD'S! There's still time to drees up for Christmas- and save! PRE CHRISTMAS Hart Schaffner & Marx Fall and Winter reduced to help you balance your budget values to $35 What it lircak (his is for Hlj-llic- villc men! fn years imsl you have hud (o wait until after Christmas t» save \moncy on your now suit. Now you can stive money HE FORK Christmas, hu well dressed for the holidays, am! celebrate the old year out and the new year in ... in style. You'll (ind rack after rack »l these fine Hart ScliatTiier & iMarv stiits <o choose from. You will find every favored fall pal tot n and shade in models for sporty yrfunif men and conservative nld- er men. You will find plenty of sfi/es in regulars, shorts, Icmjr.v jwrtly's, portly shorts, slants and lon# stouts. Kvery stiii i.s uncon- ditioiiiilly suaraitleed. We advise .von to select your suit (omornnv so we can deliver if for liefnrc Christmas weaving. As usual the best is always at MEAD'S 315 WEST MAIN STREET For that smile of happiness—j>ive SILK PAJAMAS by Enro He'll sleep betler in these pure dye i"* pajamas . . . he'll look teller and feel bel- ler u-hen "'lie's prowling; around f or that midnight snack. Choose from Jive solid colors or stripes. Other Pajamas $2 and $2.50 MEAD'S 315 WEST MAIN STREET Gifi Headquarters for Particular Men Men welcome them! Linen Pocketchiefs SOc by Arrow No man ever had too many handkerchiefs and they are always n welcome gift. These are made of sheer linen with hand rollrd edges and cordeil borders. Three in a i>ox Hill be appreciated. Initialed Kerchiefs— Uo.v for §1 MEAD'S 315 WEST MAIN STREET Gift Headquarters for Particular Men For the husky outdoorsman'. SUEDE JACKETS $Q98 by Knopf For Ihe man who lives outdoors 3 lo< we surest a brown or black smoolh finish ealher jackcl wilh a ilpper front »s Ulus- Iralrd. Or choose from brown suede button front at $6.95. MEAD'S 315 WPBT MAIN STPEET £•--. fe

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