The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
Page 7
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, ' 1 : l i i; E s ]?^^-.^l^ I i- 1 - 9 ;'.-| 9 j. 1 .- : BIA'THEVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NKffS PAGE SEVEN-,-1 IIASSII'IED Two cents a word for first liuttliuii ui;d one "-'"il "• ivuni 'or cadi subsequent liLS«l!jii. No udvcrlLscniwil taken lor less than Mfc. Cuuiit. tliu words and wnd tin; caili. L'hunc 30(i LAURArtOU-BPOOKMAIsj •;:':. i OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Alieirnt. FOH SALE POIl BALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. O'uslcin battlnuB iOli.cU- cd. Marilyn Hatchery, Uly^ievillc FOH SALE — VIM located corner •grcci'ry. "it-'c stuck, figures' and at ccmi'.rierahly less thsn fnywce co"i for quid; sail. 1 . Address-'Is", .f CcuVicr News. 18P-K23 'Used Car Bargains \\m\\\ ni:ui: TOIIAY <:\PSV ili-lt Kill!-:. IU-jmr-ol<l I? iilii In [i Nnv lurk oliU-i', Ii niNrrn liK 1 unil lonrl>~ \vlu'u «Uc , f;[.,l. Hint ,U.\.\ L-J{<1SIIY. JLJM rr- tiirnri) (rutu n yi-Jir unJ :\ bait \t\ 1'itrl* nliLiI) hif. art. no IUIIRIT mri-A r<ir Iu r. l-ni*1» I* lufnluJiU'tl \\lili Silts, l,A.N<;i.i:Y, uvnlitij' il-\<irct-i', \iEio coiikldrrx hcr»t-II a ;>:Mniii nt nrl. (!>L^)r IjTcniiifM dlt- ^.iiMi-.l »v|ili hi-r jolt nud >ihru hlie U rililf;7.rd fur cnrelekBties* Ini- r «ra1tlij tuiuhi. A.NMlTltOW- tlix;!:, t.> iiLkf UK iilnrc <>( mi- tcr ftt 11 fun i in I dlnm r. ir imrljF !• n b»rc. 'She leave* gi'l FLIT \vr:i["< unj-. t" lL(iiiir ( -:jr« n tioUe In tlip n*-*t room iiilil ru.-i iljf duor In KCG u ni:iit l oili! m; f 'i tin' ^InJinv. II* IM MKS WAI-LAC1C, r;ue»< or Die roi\tirfiJ[;c», iili«J httx uulrrrt] hf ir Eirr.i^rfU 1 *! I** «*oltl ilic JlnaOr 1 I'ontiac 'i . Locks nc\v. .. 1 1'lynioiilh Low mileage I rlymi.ulli Soot! buy .. . . 1 t'hrybler " iiccliui, Sedan, $250. -u t for ^ I,!a fir id llie ttit> lie linn ju«t er. Stic ml he :irr)' Sec Tin in Nuw Lec i\IoluL' Co. FOR SALE—Gocil, dry ccok v\o Buchanan Coal Co.. Phoiie 107. 11P-CN FOR lil in. She nrst rcfutrH >nit lul m-icpt*. They JIFIJ ninctlea n morning nnd IjtmrJ On- Irulu L'urctt Cit>. On llie ulp \V:itl tnlr<ia<UTH lirr tu ^IL.VNK 4.111- M).\. n l-'artttt Ctly acuiiriLntam-i? Afdr iljcr unite nl tlir iu\iu nn, :irc ilriiln^ lintm- lit- »cru»vi IIP, 11 r illrlitix ivlili Cltiion. M1W CO ON WITH Till". STUltl Ci>'li6>' umilo nn effort to .iLroir 'f t!io depression tbat lind engulfed tr. "Whcro Is your office'.'" cho skcO. "Over about two blocks ivcst. You n't see il from lioro. I'll tnko you owu lliero some (5ny. It's tho E;ntie ffico Mtitk li;trriEou'B bocu practlc- ng-lu fur 40 years." he wlil, "Well, the tuwn. WtirU tlo 1 In Ilic sired IUT:: Uhllilhialcil. tllflR SALE— Shrubs o! nil kinds. and Evergreens. Lombavdy Poplars 12 to 15 feet. tori ten days $1.00. \Vc arc bonded | nurserymen and licensed to sell. Heti'.on's Home of Flower.,, Blyllie- ville. 17C-K23 KENT FOR REST -- Bedroom, private bath, close in. Phone 185J. Mrs. Belle M. Wood. 18C-TF FOR RENT—Furnished npartmeuts. Oni- fcr $1".5'J and the u'.Vicr $30. Thomas Land Co. nc-K'ift l-'On REST — Bccuiiful suburban, home, block off paving. 0:1 largo terraced lot. with-shade. Residents lias bath, lights, watcv, sewer, garages, chicken house. - 4 . acres alfalfa adjoining it. -servant IIO Ideal home. Rent cheap to puriies who will take cure of place. Thomas Land Co. 17C-K2 P'OR RENT—5 room liungalov: on faougan, newly decorated, hot and cold water. Apply Ike [Miller, Phone 889. . .M1C-TF FOH RENT—Unfurnished flat and unfurnished house on Hearn Plione GTC. OC-TF CIlAl'Tlilt XIV /^VI'SY was loo Biiryrisec! to I angry. "Surely you can Mitnk — !" slie began. "I'll; not thinking." Wallace cut in. "I'm talking about what 1 naw. Otlicr pcoi'lo saw it tno. Didn't yo'.i nolice liov/ that couplo across the aisle were ivatchhii; you? Tins fcl- Inw Utbson Isn't' the snvt for you lo have anything to do with!" "Hut— why we were only talking! i don't see liow there could be any Imrm in thru. You Introduced him to me. 1 supposed you wcri3 fi Jemls!" "^Ycll. we're nnt. 1 lutvoiluceil hitn liccaiisc 1 ciuitdc't yet out OL it. Listen, (lypsy, • every ono In l-'orcsl CHy Unows Giljso*j was Hie uiinaiued co-respondent in NVos Jbl:cccli's divorce, it's bceu the SL-aiLilaL o[ the (own. Our linn hauilleil the cnsc for ISalircck. New PRESENTLY you've soei •ou tlilnV: of l!'. 1 T«illi;lil liail s iglits lia.l I'M 1'tielr p.lilKT I yroilucc-d n 1^ Gypsy eav. lii tllOW SllC n:l.i :. cam, tlic sai.11- est City I-"i" •: Island till.:;:!' "1 lil-u ii.'' H :icom eiilll'.u !;i Vlii'c i'l/' "111 a '.'Cill': look H l»i t!i:: Licr. "\\Vvfc ^or trees'. 0: alioiil like any clhcr iiliice Hie same size. Our house 13 out on tr,e IVMI side." From the vay he si-nlio Clypsy know tlic »\.-t jiait of Forest City was "llio side." •'Five minutes more aaii wo'll lie home," he added. They wero riding through darker streets no'.v. Pei!ia;i3 \Yallaco mil izecl llio s'rl'd nuil'jcu panic. Ilia band closed over Cypsy'a. She did Vf/fAIjLACn turned toward tho girl. "Comu iu, Gypsy," ho caitl. !'K Eceni'i tliey didn't know vro wcro coming—" H« puslied her before him Into ll;o l.onso. coulii Icol tho ohlcr n'otiiau's eyes riveted oil her. "Your wl!o?" i:ilen Wallace re pealed, "Jim, you dou't mean that You can't. Why, yes, tlio lelcgrnin came." Slio fnusbled in tho nocbo! ot hcr.'dvcos. "IxioU—hero it la. I ;a:.s 'Arrive with brlilo.'" OHCI more lier peering oyes etudicc Gypsy. "I thought- 1 -" tho vouini went on. "I thought ot course I was Manila — 1 ." She looked aa (hough sho m fatal. GyiMy. len-ilicJ, watted fo Wall.u'-j lo H[K.-ak. All that In; dlil was to turn nn 1.1 sum I'll I'I' 15 " " IC dvor. 'When lio suok | ai;aln his vnico was- quiet. • ulM It will! " l EC '° uow tlui ralsuuderst.ini \\:,i!:u:.j tuldlii'K iinnnciKjil." bo said. "Sorr; not look up but her lingers preasi'fl close to Lis. Keillier snoko until the Marcia — noil, wo cau talk about In later. Don't you think, Aunt lille you ui!i;ht give my >vife n lao: conlial v.-elronio?" Mlfi Waiiaco seemed to fltlflcu iihe had gray hair aud tlio same bright hluc eyes as Jim. Her hair was drawn back and pinned in n hl«h Kiint on top ot her head In n style por.u'ar In tlio nineties. She wore a dress t.-' cliff sray silk with whllo laro at the throat. Suddenly tho woman * raised a hnndlicrculef to her cyc3. "I i-an't helleve it." sho sohhed -brokenly, "1 can't believe it!" i cab stopped, 'Here we r,re!" Wallace eald. IK is out of tho ca; 1 am! hdnlHi: i ami tiivmrd Iu Gy •psy on!. The driver followed i "Hero, let ir.u cm up the walk, caivylnr. tlic tt was a trying inonvnt. Wallace- :::OToil toward Ills aunt. Blonr'Cil ay from him. II wua u KIUI.C lat id evidently played ollcn. AU!" Gypsy cried, "lie's darling. \Yliy didn't y.m u-ll 11:0 on hail a dos? Will l:o h'l mo oath hlnre" Wallace was on his foci nun. 01 course. Won't you. I'.H; l.oi'k, vho'a herd" Ho polnto! townril ypsy. "She's cohiK lo live i-.-io low. You're to tiiko giKnl vl ler. Understand?" Tho terrier's bit of tall wau- ling furiously. Coming closer lo Gypsy tho doB pnus.;il, ln.d;iaK up at her. The lirliiht, nduT e>n slarcil Into tho nlrl'8 and tlie bl-uU rn enrvcil kiiowliiKly. Gypsy said, "I helluvc he under amis every nurd you pay." "Sure! lie undcifUunlri every- llilug, I'vo bad I'al E!I:CC I'.o N:H tv,'o mouths old. Gctllnr. ahmK now. He's almost nine." Tlio terrier had couip i Gypsy knelt to stroke his lira.I :\ Pat licked her baud. "You're Roliif; to l l e filcii:!^,' r.nuouiiccd. "'ibal eutllua It, adopted you." Gypsy put both nnnn atoun dot'. His coat VMS RtiU nud and bis Itlllo body wl);i;lcil ;uii "I Ilko you. I'at," she s.ild iu * luw voice. "I Ilko you lois." Ml:is Wallace's volco broVf in l;n- patleiilly. "Send the iloj; fun lo iht> kllclicu, n-ou't you. Jlnr; \Vu iiavo tlilnes a Kooil deal tuoru iiiipoiiaul lo illECUFB now (ban tlml" Gyii^y's smile filled ns Flu- arn: e. There wa:i a nole Iu Ilic cliit-r woman's votco that wns Drn^in IM. liiEliuctlrely Gypsy IKOVUL! to^aid Jim. He Elcnnled to I'al. nm! ibo d.i;. v.-lih :i llusorlui; imckK'uri! r.hinro or livu. :r(>tlcd from the rn'jiu. "Jiisl wli;H did jmi waul in dl:;- CM SUMMER ( T GAMfi. WHEPE A"f A SEE l IW "rif OF A GREA MAKE A LOT . LAVIM 1 iM BED up A -TRICK COULD -tAKE QKi AM 7 POULAR A GAAUi AM ^11^!^- VflU ,_^ fS UKE "TeilS -—"ril 1 !R<iM SfAKCS {„ ' 6ROiiKiP ARE CC^'iC'reD VvllTH AM WIRE widcH MAKES ''EM MAcSME/ric A StOI"tCt-l |5 ~!i5f?MEP C)M clV A PAL- EME, A.^iPV ^ Birr Q.-JLV BE A I MAY B-ACE A CARP IM , MY A-I' -TIMES - 6F A HocsPLS is tQQ (3REA-T TQR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AW! By Marlitt : l,er lake your cent; [ l;o:;ilil. "Mustn't kctii you standing. C-i:i!i: on in here — " i'« u"'' "'IcrrnMo.l Ncvcr lu.n.o. It 3 s-t l.'.id; trni. l!, a wslU and tl,o Ir.'.vn v.-.-.s l,or,!ored with sl,nilil,=rj-. Tlicro '"' ' r d,> s was K bvlck • us . llio don't ycu sec boiv it looks lo have j porch which was lii;tilc<l. ShadCL: inv wife seen with Gibson, laushhifi; worc vullcil at iho lower wiudnvy bin from Lctilnd the hlir.ds Bl'»cd rrinsos ot yellow radiance. • "JutL put U:c L'11^3 down l:"ie," I r.tioil. Kbc sluf ' i:uo her pock , imB Tor vonr mint. "I'r'^c.i.y was l , '» "'f | le s ," "i d tlic Handkerchief and came towartl and talking like old friends?" "1 siill don't see liuw 1 cuuld t-ive i 'known I hat.", trie'sirl nnlil v.-ftrnily.l "E suppose you wanted me.'to be Crlemlly—" Wallace put ills hand on her anil. Wglll , cc lu , a ll;c ,. lx i , !rirr , rr -„.,.,. ' FOR REST--3 rooai furnished nat.| garage and coal liciuc. Call -- -•• 7C-TP FOH RENT—Five room house. 110 YV. Hose. Garden. Phone 014. ICP-K20 FOK KENT — Modern rcsideucr, [•c-'.'ly remodeled. Dr. ' SSliba. Phollc'-HO. • 20C-K27 FOR liENT—A sued •! room bi;ng- alow en Highway 61 Just- norlh of Blythevillo. Apply at residence. E. O. Adams. 1SC-KTF man. "Weil, ! Gypsy.'.'. lit; said ;:i!!y. j toward "lli.i "iiil. "vn;'ri?; ficfore be iTiuM liiir: 1 . the I iwiin.-' diie:i. Tlio i;.: ire ol' :a. miiiijle-asca '.vo::i la «;:s j "llo\7 []u yo-.l do." she said. "I rn:i't prclc.'ul I'm ^Ip.d to see yuu. TVS never in my life liad sucb n sliuck. II \vas l:nd cnnu^li lor Jim lo set mniTied ;:uay Erom -lioniL 1 and not let :inyonc Hnow ahant it. •\VANTED his to Ihe porcli. Ilo drew a u. "Oil, I didn't mean lo blame s'ou." I be said. His time was apologetic, "j know it wnsn'l your limit. Only— well. I bappea to have a particular disll!;e for lliat fcllov.'. Ai:u all l!:e lime 1 was liying tu net rid o' liltn you smiled and encouraged biru to slay." li'.'fore she could interrupt Wai-j £0 = la> '~ lace hurried ou. "1 didn't mean! Lau^hins. he put his am.- ?.: tint the-way it sounds," l;e bald | her. Ui-?e'l bcr check. "Wc-'io "Tiii sorry. Shouldn't have sa;il! lo bo bcre tou," \VRliae-j ;-:.:(!. wliat 1 did. Does thnt make it all | weren't yi>'j s;;rpri;cdv llr;c r riglit!" • ! Aunt Ellen. Gypsy, ihis i: "It—doesn't mailer," Gypsy an-i sent!" swertd slowly. ! The ?:rl stopped from ti:e They rode on in silence. Wallace i ons. Siic was iinilUr. hali-ti;:i;il!y.; r.r.d le.ircd n^iin. The sharp, short was aware of the'strained aimop-1 Gypsy put out cine hand, "iiiv-v do | yolr-s were ccstalic. caro of bhn i for'Kii lon^. I—well, now 'that it's '"happened ! hope you'll nuke him a >;oud wife!" Gy;^y oiu'jeil lit* bar.d und Miss j Wallace lonli It. I "I hope I do, loo," Ihe eirl nn- ! Tbcre was no relc-nlins warmth '• in ICIlen Wallace's I'luy eyes. What j F!-D v.'ould liave said ncit is uncer- ' lain l;ccai;: : 3 ai that moment liieie i cane iiyins inlo the room a joy! onsiy barkics, bouncing bundle ot : i'iack a::d white des fur. It leaped i up against Jim Wallace, fell back SALESMEN WANTED — To run Hebtrlmn btislR'.'r.-; ill Mississippi County. Many mate $60 lt> £75 vecjjv—vCLir aroumi work—no by nfr. Writii today lor froe Iwnklel. G. C. HEIIERLIKCr COMPANY, Dent 27 DioQinmyton, 111. 11C-K20 POULTRY WANTED -- Market, prices paid at C. L. Rcmiott Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad S;., webl of courtliouM!. J. Ii. l''isJicv, Phone 0-1. 24C-TF plicro but bo'bad apologized. Manlike, be felt be had done his duty. After a few mouieiils Le stole a side-wise Blanco at llio girl. Sbc was looking oul the window. Tho section they wero passing] yon 'lo." she said. "1 goics to like me." • "But—why, Jim!" Tljc exclamation was tiopc Instantly Jim was down on his j knees. "Well, Tat. old boy." ha grinned, "are you glad to sec cicT hysterical. Are you?" | The fijs terrier barked au answer "Jim!" Kllcn Wallace cried, "Who j (hat was nmjueslionab'e. Uo tried through was brightly Ji^bLccl. IN is liiEs woman?" |-u lie!-: the yo:uiK LHIP.'S (ace. was part of the busiuess Oistrici. | " i.s my vrlfn. Aunt l-'.Mcn. I' Wallace beamed like a ten-year"That's the city hall at Die right," j thought you were expecting i: = . old. "ThrU's the hoy, Pat." he ex- he vol-jatcor^d. "First National' Didn't you ^et my wire? 1 atu; it j claimed, roughing l3-,c terrier's earn bank nest to it* j before we left J\'ew Voto." \ i>o wrens way. Jle pushed the dog ijia tu ti:e lV:visvr»:tU receive:: • ^cnictimcs ejects vciio^ion.i spray naii.L' from lha fact Unit i: u-i-* its ir.ou'.h \ nnnoyod ov f'd like to i;ct cli-inicd np ai:rl ;;o inlo discussion wltb ;i juicy fMi.'u of bed Fleali. \\Vvy had :i Itmi; IMJ:. Aunt fallen. Umi'l >ou ihinU iliciell lio'n bi'llor lime—" "There's no loasitli lo |iill nH u!ial [ want lo kii*i\v~nnU'.-tj you're arhauiud to tell ii'.o." his nnul ku- sislcd crisply. "What's Ihln ymins u-oninn'5 name? \Vli:i Is she? Vnn hnvcn't told me ru;ytl!li;i; atjout Sicr yet." ;isy kucvv Ji:n was c;nhr.r- il an<l thill Lo wus trying. In hide It. "That's so." t.e said. "Clings 1 did forget. Aunt Kllcn, this Is Gyi*y. iluli! Ibis niurniu.i; she was'tlysuy "Gypsy'.' Is tlial ivlir.l yuu s^iid — "Thai's what 1 F,-iid. C.M'sy Me- Bride. VOU'^L' heard me s;-c:il; of I'hil Trnwlirliisc. Gypsy iind 1'hll'j wile arc cousins. U was ;it llnjir house we i:ict" '-"It's u liLalhcu hjime!" Ellen Wallace spol:u as IbiMiKli the vciy "And wbal about Marcia, I'd like lo l;now—" Tiiere niusl be some means <*l cscopc! Gypsy tianccd abniit llio room. "Jim." sbo said, "i^n'l ihcre sonicwbero 1 can KO whilo you mid your aunt—talk Ibinss over?" i"0( course. Upsiaira—the room at the head ol the Ilislit. Walt-I'll shor; you!" lie led her i:p the stalls to the old-fasliloned bedroom. Au hour later from Hie doplbs of (he reefer wbere she was sytlnt Gypsy ln-.-iid a knock. ('I'll He (VntliMicil) POULTRY \VANTED-Marltel pri- ccs, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- ciiury. 210 S. ir\)ur:h s:. 6C-TF . !o«!trd anc! TltfASURY DEPAU'IMEN'l'. OI- b,, iid i n3 sit) nc ot the Secretary. Waslilngton., kansa.^. U D. O, Mnrcii 7. 10SI. Projjosals arc hereby .solicited, to be opened in tlie Oltice o! the Supervising or n'rn-.^ini: to the United Slates ^ of preferably a iol con- i taining approximately 27,000 :-qmre feet, with a dimcnsicn ot approxi- ^ ! - malely 160 lineal feet, on the more ! important of the {wo street front- ayes, rni'rally and conveniently i anr! suitable for a reili'ral ai niydic-vilK-. Ar-1 Upon applicaticn.. 'tv.' Posimaster will supply prospective i bidders with a circular giving; particular. 1 ; as to requirements and irritatcci bra.s. It is related lo the i'0- AN!) HiS FIJIKNUS NOW jlylilosse t- VslE GSTTSa SET OP =rr;-. i 2'5.- \KS.-^ lAd^e-a. ~T^Q Ui-Ms BSSK! IM TU'.S LOUS Tiv.e MJD ~2 STILI_ T^'3 boa Exp E= i Ev j ces TUE VA'-Lsy o- TVie FBoUT j I DCC« B?!.L ) S II J Architect. Ti-iastivy nrparlmcnt, i lls t nic [i c ., s f or prciaraiion ol bids Washington. t>. C.. at 5 o'clpcl:, a. i an ,j m., en April 13, 1931, !or til.-- s.tle j prn "— -j I rclal '. v - In to accompany 5rin-.e. : 1C. IIPATir, As.ii.stant Ui-c- IGC-K'J FAY 0. DAVIS I'hoiic 421 . AU, KINDS OK MACHINE \VOKK. Electric, nnd Gas Welding done at : • OSHKOX BLACKSMITH SHOi* 1IT, N. Franklin St. Dean,! THE CHICKASAWJSA DiSTKICT Or' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. , . L. .S. ''Mitchell, an.'I. .5. lj . Trristcc, I'laintiil.-. Ko. 4913 vs. J. V. Tonkins, Hull; C. T ills vvife, and Alabama F Oyster Company, Defendants. a corporation, j I .The deftmi.uit. Alabama Fisli -land Oyr.tcr Coiniiany. o: Habile.• WASH .Tl ! UI?S : Alahatr.a, i> hereby warned to ap- • [i:ar in lliii Court v.'L'iun liv.rty ! da>.s and ans-'wcv l!ie coiunlaini j filt'cl heseiii by t):e plain!ill's, or I the sa:r.e will iw Wken as co-.:- '•^'j>@$» ^^-.-j -f f^i ^ •, vfiiw is ir (Vv j- soaay TO r • . V;O, BOT I'.' ! I l I V -P I. •i-^-iA'-K Y®m& K| 'sr :^U %i : ,o;.g. f Vi a V f 7 "Ev U.S.FAT.OfT. I *J53I Kf sr* frsvcE. t«c. ,^ T1H-..M HOMKI Invest With Safely 6 r; paid (|ii:n'lor]v on full paid stock, ?iOO and up. Guaranteed by first niorlpat'c loans on homes in liiyUioville. Secured :ind Insured. Bl$|tiievilie Building & Loan Association \V, 31. \vnKES3 my hand anil sral as I Clerk of the Chancery Court o! Mi^sb?lpjii County, Arkansas. j This I-Vb. 20. 10J1. i R. L. GAINES. Cicvk. By Hatvcy Morns. D. C. ; G. B. S:-;.r,tvcs, Attorney. .diet. The pavc'lis ct hi; jinsisteil lliat he give tip c im'.sic. No or.c is pci'nritlpd to mt • hm1> House of Commons ' an ovaooal er c.ivryiTi:: in; ;; Tlir s;iit f ::'.'; found in South fiiate. \vJiirh i.- . Afvira Jio:n so:ic- ' _ _ W4.MSH, W HE.%f.'iiES. 'V PLAM'VTlON P&DlcATcD " Or Gltf;ER AMD 9r:TT£B. WUS'.<RAT&, FISH, SHRIMP, f\ND MOSautTOt.S. BUT i UVfiftUfEOF U1AORV IM THE 8'.0 rtOUSt. N*,V, NV\V! UTTie JE AM '111 " ItRPeMl BROTHER,- CcroRE Uft3 F009 TASTGD SO tOOD TO WftSH MIP , tcos HAS .\«v ^RL (vPPEAueoc-osweeT frS 0£f>.N. SHE' PICNIC'S CN£R. TOOT TOOT 1 . UE RE WE-GO. TrtEW- S£

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