The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1943
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 21, 19-13 (Al{K.);.CQURiE» NEWS Published. Every Friday In the 1 latmst of Farm Families of Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-FEA 7 ORES Farmers Spurred By Palriotisin and Profit —Not By Government Bribes and Penalties SugiMtloni For Better Farming Featured For Thta Sectioo'i grewive Fanners. Itaiiy cnws—llu-ir future is llie caiumi of dairymen 1IY I'lllI, STONfi HH'rcbaiit.s asked. "Look, Phil, su- Aiilbnr of "Slii(e Fair" |><Tin,iii aren't an ordinary brew) (Written for NEA S:rvice) anywlieio. in Uiis war like every Tlic Commercial Club of Kco-' oilier, a teiiain bunch of folks will .'.;u:<iu:i. Iowa, Imcl an lUleiiilancc;' do nnytliinu to ki:c]) tboir clailin;; of about 25 at Us weekly lunclicun. "Commercial" is probably ft misnomer for lliat Club, since fewer than a do;ccn of the members were rngagccl in the commerce of the little county scat town of 1200 or so. IjU.v;; at home. They 1 !) buy a amen milk lirifers or deed over'an eighty to their .sons to net them deferral. I hen you got the other .side of it, that a lot of seasoned fellows, worth twice as mud! to the conn- w.^ i-ui. nji ^^mi L.-.H 11 \j t ii.uu ui ovj. " ij* in L» ILC us IIHlll] 10 lilt! COUI1- Present were the partners in the try on the farm as Ibcy'l! ever be county's law firm, one of] to (lie Navy or Marines, can't be whom was Bond Drive director for [ lied down. All their fi lends join and nine Suulbcaslorn Iowa counties; I they pet ruhumcd O f (lietnselves llic president and ill: cashier ol the only bank hi a down miles or so; two or three of llii: county officers; all operating fanners, the town druggist—and what rtriigeisl don't know about what (-ocs on in a neighborhood isn't worth mentioning; Ihe manager of the Smitheast- tm loiva Creamery, a highly successful co-op lliat is now shipping; to the Army in carload )ol.s, and n number of other gentlemen with very definite notions on farm labor and foot! production In general AI.I, KNEW FAKMING Dearly all of tliem were either fanmrs or owners and co-managers of nearby farms. Around 11TJ2 it was possible to tanns from (lie Land Banks at small expense for burglar tonls and few of Ibcse people were fools enough to pass up the chance. 'My grandfather's farm, which sold for SSfi.OOO cash in 1922 or 1CT, wa.s acquired by in: for $0500 in I'J32, llic first price bciiiB about as absurdly high ns Ihc latter was ridiculously low. This cross-sce-lion is given without apology for organization, being more or less a Socralic inten view on various relevant questions which bad been asted me in the "Wbal do all Ihc 'SALE' signs of dairy caltlc in your front window mean, Henry?" j Henry Strickling is the driiguist' of (lie region as hi s father wa.s before him. "Milkers are more work and Iroubb than beef cattle or pigs there goes cnouijh — ~*" . \-nnn: Ul |,lyo, Whcn^i farmer has lt boy drafted, Hint imicli on his: cuts down milking." One of Ihc county officers said 'Homebody else milks them thouijli Vnu can't afford |o sell a good mlker for sliuishlcr." isnib to feed two "The boards arc (irctty „„.... about, lliat, llioiii'h," on: of thrt county officers said. "They know when a kill's needed on the place, and when it's phoney, In a county this size, some draft official knows the circumstances and the Board ran check up. Different in the East, no rtoubt." 'Ihey ngr:cd Uiat it was different. I did not nsk about the possibility of proem-ing more farm labor by paying higher prices for labor. The hired man 'is slili a farnicr.' Hi-, highest, uvcrauc wage in this country, which is that paid on the Pacific const, Is little over 53 a day, and found. Iu the Breadbasket it is sliRhtly over S2, and found; but in the Breadbasket employment Is as much social as financial, without liciiiK serf labor in any sense In successful instances it follows the apprentice system—the yomiB man works n number of years, learns Ws IrarJe, saves his money and Ijtivs a faim. There is no possibility that UK farmer could outbid industry at Ihc present moment. The farmer would rather slrelch his day than give away his profits even if he could yivc away enough to make any difference w.'.vr PKKKS ,VAC;K issui- 'flic farmer is not a fool. He sees the rii.s[>arity in Hie wages thai, he ran pay n nd those dial arc provided for slightly ..killed jobs on shovels and lathes. •Ihc fanner is" almost the lust mill ili-afl liourtl. bribes nl this moment because patriotism and .profit arc concurrent bribes. Don't IK mistaken nbiiut the piitrkitistn — a Midwest farmer, Merle Hay. was one of the Itrsl .-oldiers to di.- In the last war. and I Ihc Midwest is already counting ! its lo.vie.s grimly in. this one. iTllKV'KK STURUOIIN j They ivill fi-jfil it out on this • line if it, lakes all summer, m 1 many siuimieis nnd many luirvesl.s, .'I hey will \vin, somehow, because they don't lose.' In summary, the country will have adequate food for Us people nnd it will nol let distribution go so far astray that it distresses the home lollis. 'Ihe present food difficulties and these (o come are caused by In_ iidctpwtc resources lor, processing , nnd transportation, .sti'aiivcd by cx- jwrt demands. The American fanner, handicapped by the plundering'of his labor, ,niirl Die disparity uf Mis occupational hours,nnd that of. some Lewis stnojj?, will -fetid everyone to the bast of his- ability^ .:;;, :.'„.._...', 'The best supply of new farm labor will probably be 'teen-age kids who have been brought ii]) on machines and will adapt, more easily than older men. We would rather not have them, 'Sillier, if we can gel fanners. It lakes years to (each u former Bui, you'll be fed. FIELD, SEED NEEDED Red Cross, Kxtonsion Agcnl s Slait Drive To Aid People In Flood Area I'liuis for jimriliift Idml !.:uj>|p|lc.s of giirdi-n inxl field seed now In thi 1 hands i>t liiillvidiiuis for dls- Iributlon lo ni'cdy latnllies of footl- nffiTlcd couintcs of Arkansas !wvi> IKTH iM>inj!lolc<! by Kendall Derry. cliainnai! of the cumily elianter "f tin- American Hcd Crass, and Vtss Corn Coleman and .1. J. IVkrcn, rounty Extrusion iinenls. 'I'lie plan <li>velc>|ic<l Is uu effort I" lii')|) oflsct tliR present short- auc ol gardru srod, An appeal Is m:uli> to all (MT.sim.s ivl>o Imvu Icft- m-i'i Mi|)]ili(»; of uanlon and Held wed, no iniitlcr how sinnll, lo donate I hem to llu! Mississippi County flood cnicruC'iK-y seed pnul for m.Mribiitimi to needy, flood vie- thus In inundated counties of HIP ;,t ule. .Meinlii'r.s of l-i| anil home ilnn- nnvlnidnn elubs. Pium iiiirciuisj mid otlu'r oryaid/ed fann ijionps "•ill be n.skcd tu coopenito in the program by inakinn a lunise-to- house cniiriiss lo ask for .seed donations. More complete details of this drive anil of, oilier intension activllli'.s to aid Ilocxl victims'arc In-Ill!; mailed. Mustard, edible soybeans, vad- i.slie.s. .snap beans, pole beans, lima beans, uowueas, ciical Northern and pinio beans, eoin, encumbers, eanlaloupe.s. okrn, New Zealand s]itnaeh. and Swiss cbard arc listed as seed needed for lute »|irlng Hardens liy Ihc.county Intension iiKelit.s. rmmi.s linvlnij supplies of these arc particularly tirueil lo donate them lo the emml.v .sei'd |>r>i>], .turning Iliein tn lo Hie nearest collection center. milk seed should be labeled ammlini; to variety. Vor the convenience of persons .wishing to donate seed.' comimmt- ily colleetion centers havc.bppn ar- 'ranged at the following business places In the comity: w. \V. Fowler, Manila; Brother Hall, 'Leacli- ville; and the Avriculluriil Extension Service or llie lied Cross in lilylhcville. Pork Stretcher HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS t Lovv-Down On Those Lovv-DoWh Japs Makes You Fighting Mad; Keiser Commencement To Be Held Tonight GECKOLA, Ark,. May 21.—Forrest P,oz*elJ, Held socrclary of the Arkansas Education Association, will be the principal speaker at the commencement exercises of Keiser nigh' School tonight, it is announced by c. M. Dial, superintendent. Coy Palmer, son of Mrs. M. It. Palmer, is valedictorian, with Aw>- Irn liarher, dnngliler ofMr. and Mrs. Clyde Ilaclier, J-aliilacorian. Members of the class arc Azalea Barber. Bruce. Leon••••Grcivsi nubble; ,U'e. PSiin^.Winard .Uqi|(;- las. riuford Dunavani, Aiiiiie "iJriii- ra Frashicr, Maude Evelyn Griffin, Pauline liilliard, J. c, limit, Jiinmic Ptnrl Lowe. Doris Nichols, Coy Palmer. Robert Heed. Geneva Terry, Charles Watson, b. T, Cox. lj. '!'. Cox joined the armed services nboiil two months nso find will l«; iiwarfied his cliploiiiii in absonliii. Tdirty Mieinbers of (he Reiser Girls' Senior Glee Club, directed by MiF.s Mary Elkuibelli Jorilun, will sing two selecltiuiK. They are "Summer Time" from "I'orgy and Bess", nnd "My Own America" by Wrnbel. Tlic club will be accompanied by liiiford IDimavanl, member .of the senior class. Loans totaling a lialf billion dollars annually arc made by pawn- hl-^L-nl-r brokers. ™" 1:tc in American j sceicly. mid you can bet your panl.s lliat he will stay that way as loim as people do not live Solely on vitamin pills and mackerel Tbe Government cannot drive nilker for sliuishlcr" ,. " c Government cannot drive or "Jusl. Ihc same, it is not tnr.ix-i.s- '- re ', "" By l lc "a"'M or •'inecn- "K milk production, 'fhey're buy-i il>cn ls "° rimori for these (1C row: iiivt i,r ™t I,.. —',ii ' ., J , ~- • of breeding and uldnij; to (lie total .stock Larry. Ihc bimfc Idler, interposed, . „ nrlw: '- V! > ''"'c sales this lime of iclitins thai there.' usually are' 'or lot many." Il's light at, Hi: cracfcins:'.,mn(,", said Mr. Reeves, the creamery man-' iscr. "Us certainly nol gojn<. u > ••mi every good dairy hand "that raves the section now means that; nuch less milt and butter." I "Haven't deferments checked hat any?" one of the lawyers ask- i rd. I DRAIY-DOIKJINC; THICK "Why do you think the cows are H-inging the prices?" one of Ihc John Miles Miller Co. Dislrilnilor arm For Sale ttsij Terms ,-i- ....„„,,. tenant house, lar"<; "ice onllniildiim-s. Vcrv ,, csl lypc ()f ;,, lillltl. Jills j,];,^ J I;IH |I() | |)i|n C;ni 0 , }(;i lime, easy loan if good ; Russell E. Riales City and Farm Property denial ts IVolr'm Source 11V MIIS. (1AVNOII .MADDOX NTA Sl.iK \\illiM WlHilcMi-nlii cercnhi Mii)|)ly .some protein. If you extend your rationed meals with imralloned wholeijraln ceiciils (whole -wlicm bread crumbs, fur example), you ncluiilly add more proU-ln In your incnl mhllc you nlso incn-asc the bulk of the incut dish. Hi 1 re arc two highly edible examples. Vrjjel:tl>lc-O:iK Ham l.naf (Scivcs K) Thtw-tliiarkrs pound liiim or pnrk loaf lin one piece). !1 cup chopped onion, 11 cup chopped Hiccn pepper, :! tiiblesimons lorll- flccl mai'ijarlnc, 1 cup shredded carrots. !» cui) diced ctlury, '.i cu]i sliced iniislnooms, ;t cups (Uilck- ceokliis; eat-s. I '6 Iciispoons suit. 3 cups cooked or canned tomatoes. canned or delicatessen meat; cm in 'i-iiich Ihlck slices. Grease loaf pan well wllh forlUted iniir- uuiinc; arnuiBC layer ol slice.'; in Ixillom. Miop any lemalnliiB meat. Cook onion and yiccu iwpiicr In fnrllflcd Hiuri;nrlnc until soft; lulcl celery and mushrooms. Mix oats, salt and toinntce.s; add vcuclnblKi and chopped meat. 1'oiir into pun on meat slices. Hake In moderate oven \ hours, 'lo serve, immold on pluller; garnish if desired. (Any left-over tout I;; good reheated.) Celery.and mushrooms tuny lie omitted. : . Hanilnirncr I'huvhccls ... (Onc-Unlf' cup.minced onion. 'J teaspoons fat, : Ji iioimcl i;round Ijecf, 1 lablespoon .salt, dash of pepper,- <~ clip fine .soft, tvl)olc;wh«U uread crumbs, l-;t cup milk, hi.sciilt dough. ; Snnlc onions In fnl In covered saucepan 5 minutes; measure 2 tablespoons nnd ndd to meal with pall, pepper, blend crumbs d milk; mix Ihoioiuihly. (Ground Jamb may nlso ire used.) Mix biscuit 'lough, uddlng rcnmlnlni; onions lo flour with .shorleniny. Roll dough Into )2x!)-!iich rcct.iiiKlc. Kprciul .jvilh hamburiiei mislurc and roll lengthwise- as for Jelly roll, weltliiif edge lo .wnl. cut In 12 slices; place cm-side up, on greased baking i' I'uik loaf, c.vti-nili'il nllh nulsi IH-i'Mms »ilri|iiu|rly, sliect. Duke in hoi oven I'lfH) di'K. !•'.) '.'« mlmiies, or iiniii done. Serve hot wllh uiceii pea sauce. M:d:i' 'J nips medium while sniice liiuwnlnii Imiier mid aildlin; 2 iMiiilllmi cuhe.s. Add Ii nip driilneil cooked peas. F.S.A.News Mi', and Mrs, Willie Tlwmiiwm near Wnnilii, urc exnmples »[ \vhiil Kiirm fiei-urlly families me doliuj thl^- yciir to provide their own lood. They Inive a i-ood (•nideii and n nl poliilo pntch, Allliiniiili waler mined 11 purl oi tin- (jimli.n, Ihe 'I'JiHiiiiinins went nlieiul nnd rc- planleil. Mis. Tlionmson is Incrcns- Ini! her pimllry flock I Ills veitr, too Hhe has H chicks, 'rlils [ai'miy, like many oilier raA liiinllle.s, will Imvu their own mciil and lard thl.i win- It r nlso. 'I'liu 'l'li(iiiiat,on:i hiivc n r;ow mill foiu- plc^s. Mrs. Klhel Klchiirdson, flllleilst, l« flndlitu (Inn IteeptiiK leconK Is ii bl|- help In rarmlm:. She I, kecp- Inii ••! [;»od rreoi'd liook.. Singers To Convene Members of Ihc; Pcmhcui County iJJiiiilni; C'diivriillou will luild their anmiiil sinijlni; nnd ducorti- llon day progvmn Sunday, May :il), til Mount '/.Ion Cemetery, one mile east «[ Sluulc, Mo., It was nu- nouncL'd today by II, E. u. Sinllh, presl<k'iil, Fondireil slnijers will he the Johnston .lunlor Quiulet. of New- bcni, Tonii, and (lii: Maiden Qiiai'- Icl Irom Maiden. Mo. MeelliiK iliiic lin.s Ijeeli chini(;cd from the.- fourth Hiiiidny lo the. lillh amidny In tin: muiilli In order Hint decornlion day mny bo nbserved, Mr. smith pointed out. Sliico 10311 .over loo.ftoo pilot Irnlnhm courses havo been nlven by the Civil Acrmwiillra Admlni.s- Irnllon al u cost of $ri-i-l each. The comiui'.sl of 'I'tmlsla ha,s hclp- cil to .salvo llio wounds of Dunkirk' for iii« iiritlsh anil I'cnrl Hnrlxir for us Americans. liul llic Jup Is .still (here, and bis presence rankles (((•Milto tin fuel dial llie war spol- Ilulit Is toeiissed on Ihc Kiiroitcnn theater. "Circuit of Onnn'iirst," ]jy ricl- iiinti Morlu (Knopt: $:j>, gives «n inllmnie iilcluVc ol llic enemy, and "III niiiko you rWillnit tiind. It Is no chronicle o[ ulroclly yninn, nor l.i It a dlnry of miollior cor- ies|>onilcnf who hnpp:ni'd lo bo In | J:i|ian ami Avcnl sluhlseeluj;, Tlio Imilhor Ulls wlial bn saw, wlial ho liciird from the .smuu [IIU | 0 [(cn aiiofiunt htiih! mllllnry mon In (ho year ineiicdlnii 1'ravl llnrbttr. Ho sipped ten w lth ndinlials, drunk sake wjlh ucnernls, nnd nb- sorbwl one doubtless fnct—Jn|inn professed a dread ol war with ilm C. S., yet llie ImixluTMIiiK on 111" Will I wns In bl|. re,| Iptlcra. They wine ready, willing, mul able. In s|X>!,s, Ihc Inioh rends like a novel. Ibon becomes a bit ency- clopcdlnc. The lalfrr never net* (lull, however. The nullior covered llic Jap circuit of conmicsl one Vcnr In iidvnnct. siuy llie Jitters In almost undefended ,lnva (lie »a- thclle lack ot foicsl B ht and nnd'.'r- fslliiiiitlun of the enemy In aljicn- porc, where the Idea ol a Jap m- tack was considered a hilarious II ho .sloun WHS brewlnu, m m Mr . Mitvln was (itriotly in i )lc W |,|,| lc> He found the slKiis on every lump post fniiii llalnvla to Ilniiitkolc an I IB aiiKiiry ol wlinl WM lo come In' he defense of Corrcfildnr lie, like muny olhnr observers, was denied view of the Jnp ninncliitcd Islands which In llscf was a tacll admission (hat, il, ry wore toliiu enrtly fortified, He not lilms^ In llie clink for scmllng , to his home office wlilcb I he Jnps cliilined were Intended lo ' relations between lliu United nnd Jnpim. iilillior k.KHv the J,»,«, i,,. side as well as oulsltic, He probed |;««l f«ii|d Ihe answer'to t ,e o"ie 'IB nue.sUn. How could j«, mil | 10|U! t copt win, MIC snpornnmer,,ry l>"wer of Ihc miicd nl , t |oli^ That was simple, nceonllim to HID "fantastic over-canddepcc" of the Nlp- ' > S 1 ""» rt -a«»»i««iy would most wilulnly crush both Drlliiin and nus.sla, T hu u. a. would be M, „ 5!™*;/' 1 " ™«"' «« duck ,oupfo> conrsp II, ],,ain worked out wn^b,,t Ihc J,,i, s K oL astride WOB 10 J t«R6(5T S(ttiMn«< Kg savmg i. (os t j. 40 That's what you get whciTycHfusc "Ultra Lurriinall ' the aiming watct-thinncd paint that goes on so easily over, wallpaper,' plaster,' wallboard, masonry pa.ntcd or unpainted surfaces 'Tasy' to 'apply. iofct-mao beautiful ' 6O.85 rm Per ^^ Gal, Delta Lumber Co. Hlylhevillc's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard .. . ^ N " Sccoml ' Phone 497 • Ajlc us about Dcming Waicr Syslcms. All sizes and capaciiics of shallow and deep well systems ate available. The "MARVELETTE" Shallow Well Sys- icm (iUustrated) is low priced but lias features you would ordinarily expect in higher priced systems. Quid operation, dependable performance, low cost maintenance and long lite of Dcming Vftncr Systems protect your investment in running water...the greatest of.alt modern conveniences! There's a right type of Dcming System 10 meet YOUR requirements. Atk about itt Sec US For f'ipc, Fittings and Other Plumbing Supplies HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. of n tlgci, mid lli c niillioi nukes II <|H If pLUti why they won't be ' ' unsaddled until they Join inrfr nnccsloi-j, "olicull aomincst"' Is a bncknrouiu! book, but the . back* Ki-ouiKt In (his cnsc Is (itiite as slli- ilni! as any factual nuount or the «'«r uc'liiB fotinlil in the 1 Pacific ' lodny. v THMI.I.KKS A coti])l5 of myslciy jnr'm tlmt wrc not of (he '<ilmo n ten" va- rlHy nie Ailhlir W. Uptltld'i, W DIM AIWe Die Cliijirau" iCrlmc,' 0«i: $«. and "OliasL Wanl M |"'by luy MiDciiulii iiiinci h | S mmlllt and brilliant delcUlvt cliniac^j, Nnuotcon Ilonapinte, a lialRastc whose DOttcis of observation arc astomiillni; • Bony solves n mystery Hint slumps you all throimli -Iho Iwak-n uea\it!fnl girl | s [ O und in ,. n trance In f, plane n m L npnarciuly jnnilcd by (lA-oir In tl,c mlddl- of- K Queensland -fastness. Faced with a,. slow death due lo licr (Iniggccl condition, she has Jlony ( 0 llmnk, for •..•. saving her life and imenrllilng Uiu - culprlt-you'll never guess who. , C '!n l(l ' S I 0 "'' 1 '' 1 "'' ls " ly " lcnl ' «'"";'":"!'•, Llcutcnnntr- !' , n nost n;i """s'lnl "S lds Bony, and lib uui»vclliig« of llio niystciy of the. murder of « I iiKlncor Hcnty Borland I., , w !„„. Sol! it«H. io " yw0(Ml ' !ocn!c ot lho HISTOltV .,,,.'" A worlil-wl<|} tlcpiftjloiv and Wo' Y ' jvmlcl win.s. .sovcial mlii« "wars" Una 1 " tola of money lronW w | mvo |,,- te ,. vencd Miu-e litooks Admns wrolo Ihc l,aw of civilisation and Dc r cay In IDUri.Ntnv 'combs i 1 ',^- odl Ion or this ,volu,uo . Iilc .""^Ifoplii ils day only serv6M<) conMstolis Hmt;:iimon K ""'•BS, Ki'ccil, wlilcli;cculrull M s - inftii ellon flint Diilldr, clvlllzft(ldn ; ; cnn also fintsu cxlmii nnd tip-'' I. S' volume truces Uh c Wtti 1 of lcx clvlllnnllan sin o in my In Hie nluotccntir-ccnlm-y) i CSwirtOT .of history, added shS ; -"TO cnn only.: dlnplinsl^ what Adams concluded llfen. K.litslory ft "W«« M!«M»,to'ASSw.' "inn's a foii!o,t o book iV »' biii «^'ve'i d tlipught-provok- '*<•' -• ^*^^^*^^^^^^^^^^ . DELTAS NEWS f'..M/«hcd I«y The Delia Imp.emcnl Co., Hlythevillc ,'! is tike ii never rains l u ,f w |, a t il |M ,iirs h«re m Alfmlxtiippj Comity . . . And recent'" ' I JlTJIiS Hj'C IJlFsllillir ritlll'i M {i M I tl'we lo (he deadline. Ut . ct!nt r . lin |, .,„,, ^J'HV iviiMto have marfc qn i (c a |,it «,f re ,ilui|iii, K ' 1)1 . , • - '••••- Dclivcrica of Dixie 2-row coLlun di 0 }.])er« were mmlc ] !ls i w .-ck lo Max KruLx, Wi.llio Hcasloy nnd Noniiaii Huncli; nil rarining »North of UlyUicvillo. W u , miy , ], ti ^ & *&< a few more of! cluippore; No- f • cuiiil)« t (c ' '''" UV are slill in KOIK | coinlilion ,, n lnt v haliiiir IIM and blocks. lOsliniad- >.«,,,• needs'. fo'r! (Me eojiiiiij,' Hea.son and place orders For- all you II need now. ' —m— ••• ; ':\V. I). Howard, tif Dull, lui.s his Kiirmall Jl i" our shops tliis week for overhaul.. The'' repair (IcpiiHment is muk\n\> qtiich deliveries on ovurhaut and repair job.s Uiosc days.' .J. I-. Itankiii, of Hayli, asks us to list 2 used side delivery hay rakes :is for .sale in ,' columns". They're in good condition,; , We can still make dcJivcry nil rolary shields fur tractor enllivaUirs at (his lime. Hon>, ever, they're going fast. - Ul— us your, certificates on truck and tractor tires. We ean make delivery if they're at all obtainable. - DI - " ' ~~ 23 TANK UP YOUR ALBUM OON'T HAVI IT STUCK HALFWAY

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