San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on October 12, 1916 · Page 8
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 8

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1916
Page 8
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f ipli UvHVf Jtw ii i SAW nuCNOiaCO CTtRONlCttt TirURSDAY OOfOBlSlt i9Uf r iW - 1HNB 11 III CDS OFDEVaOPMHT Brookshires Expenditures in Midway Field Placed at J 262770 EVERYTHING ABANDONED Court Is Told of Losses of Other Concerns Due to i Government Order Sothern to Be Seen on Screen at Portola 00 00 00 00 oki 00 00 00 New Film Coming to the Market St Theater Vp to th time the Brookshlre Oil Company oalt work In the Midway ld under the threat of the Oovern - anenta attack on Ita title It had apent a total of IH1T70 It In developing en en Ita clalma according to the testimony of Bacratarr Henry Baahr In thla ona of tha Taft withdrawal caaaa tarda la tha Federal courte Tha greater part of thla anm waa loot according to the company om - elela owing to - tha uncartalntr In X which tha Brookahlra waa left whan tha Government announced ita inien - tlon Of ousting tha clalmanta to thaaa lands Work had to ha abandoned and everything laft to go to ruin toatl - Btd President J W Borneberg Although It haa not rt bean Introduce Iryevldenee tha other companlee whlcXth OOTarnmaat aaaka to dla - poeeesa In thla praaent aolt before Judge Robert 8 Bean alao apent large ama on tha development of their Kortlona of section It 118 HE M P U Tha Midway Padna Oil Company which clalma tha north half of the north weat quarter of aectlon It apent according to officials J7 010 on development work before the Govern - esent announced Ita intention 01 ouii lac It from the land Tha United Oil Company located on 1 tha south half of tha aoutheaat qnarv tar of the Beetles expended Jill 7Mlt In tha development of oil walla before It bad to auapend work The Coallnga Monterey Company which holda elxty acrea In - the nortnweat quarter ci tne aectlon apent according to Attorney W B Bealsley upward of fli The aearcltv of water In the early dara In tha Weat aide oil Aside of Kara county which la ona of tha reasons assigned by the defendant companlee for not developing the tanda taater than they did waa tha ther principal eubject of the day In court yeaterday OIJ company rnia agora testified that water waa almoat Impossible to obtain In the Midway In ltt tha year of the Taft withdrawal order Ohiandt Will Disposes ui AUUUoUuu nsiaie Widow Granted Family Allowance of 7500 a Month The will of the late Nicholas Ohiandt which disposes of an estate valued at about So0O0P waa admitted to probate yeaterday by Superior Judge Graham who made an order giving the widow lira Matilda Ohiandt of 01 Statner street a family allowance of I7S00 a month A rood part of the allowance la to bo used In charitable Work Tha will leaves the bulk of the oatata In trust for the benefit of the widow and throe children but provides that If the widow does not ap - prore of the trust arrancement aha may take f00 In cash or securities tog - ether with certain real oatata JY Forget Bruises But Not Ruined Gloves Girl Who Jell in Street Wants 1280 From the City Miss A U Davlea 447 Sutter atreet ran for a car last week at Polk and Grove tracts A four - Inch pipe protection from the atreet caused her to fall She hurt her ahoulder bruised her knee and aklnned her arm These things aha announces In a communication to the Board of Works be la willing to forget and forgive en condition that aba Is paid ftlv because she soiled her gloves French Lecturer Will Talk Friday Paul Ferrlol graduate of the University of Paris where be took the degrees of bachelor of letters and bachelor of sciences and who rendered the poem Hommage a lAmer - Ique at the Palace Hotel on Lafayette day wllll hold a reception and give a demonstration In the teaching ef Preneh on Friday October It at the Kohler Chase building At Kings College London Ferrlol a pupils successfully competed with the tnost fameua of English schools and won the prise given by the President ef France Many prominent people of San Francisco have signified their Intention of attending Ferrlol e reception I BTJRGLAR TRIED TO KILL Stanley Boone tt years old chargsd with attempting to murder Mr and lira Bussell Werner with an Iron bar when the couple discovered him In the act of robbing their home at Ill Sacramento atreet July t waa yesterday convicted by a Jury la Superior Judge George Cabanlss court Boone will be eentenced Battrday Aa the result of the assault Werner loot the eight of One eye and bis wife uttered a broken nose s gniVETrail yeon - lfi luiTteeel Mmmilii ae tlpeUu price 10c 111 am jly llHoisW JfisriMPVfeiiShw sTsTsTssV - HrNMMraMNnHkSW frCI VMrarararararararararararararararararararara VYVsrararararaV Vf J IVsiHraVMlra aBBBBBBBLHtT X - L - diesiesKsisTsTsTssKaiit I HBaWaaBitmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmBmeamBm - n - - f - LaaaalW naaaaaHHlSBV i N LaLsLaLsB I sfaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaVak TaVaVaVaVaVaVaVsWQraVaVaW - - rlTaVawaVaVaVaVaVaVaVaVal 4 - - aBTsBTsBTsBTsBTsBTsBV aCSaVaBBBBBBBBBBBBBaKaBBBaaearaBBBBW irBBiraBBFaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBHal JraBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBalBBBBBBBBrBBt fnBjMNsBflalBBV raBferaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBS - 0 - BfararararaVBrara aVV1rararaW k eraKaBrararararaBr - IaBBBBBafi9V4A Brf 40HiiBBT f4HB ZrararararararaHraC 1 Wtlfr sraZarl 4 A bbW rPaBrararararaaE BrararararararararaV CM ararararaB flraraHtTTBlaBV KltmmiiKtttmIi hi v K - 1 slattaaBariaBWH BBWswswswFIrawswswswsWFrT aTswswswswswswswswswswswswswawawe7 VaMrarnBKVsTePjS 5 ViraBJararararararKA 1Jb 2sPIlr5 Peggy Hyland who will be een on the Portola Theateri screen next Sunday in The Chattel Norma Talmadge coming to the Market Street Theater in the photo - drama The Social Secretary and Clara Spencer one of the photo - players to appear at the Tivoli in It Any Girl Safe MORSE JOINS RANKS OF UHALMERS OFFICALS Former Hudson Sales Manager Selected to Succeed Late Paul Smith Cort Ottering Proving Popular rv ie - KI aV 99 RW Young America Coming to Wigwam l AWorU of Pleasure Is Soon to Enter Foal Week E H SOTIIERN world famous aa classlo actor and comedian wlU seen on the big screen at the Portola Theater for one week be ginning next Sunday Principal In the star a splendid support will be English actress of wide fame Peggy Hyland and the film drama will be The Chattel In which man a Inhumanity to woman Is the theme Bothern anneara as Blake Waring a financier who attempts to carry Into the matrimonial relationship the seme views hs haa held In the finan clal world The wife will be played by Mies Hyland Othera In the company will bo Rose Tapley Charles Kent John Lark Taylor and Florence Radlnoff Thla week a hill at the Portola Is headed by the charming Anita Stewart In The Combat a slpart Vlt - agrah picture of an unusually high standard The latest news weekly and other pictures will round out the bill V t In The Social Secretary the attraction which la booked to appear on the acreen at the Market Street Theater Norma Talmadge will be seen In a characterisation and play entirely different from anything with which her name has ever been Identified either on screen or atage She la seen In the role of a lovely young woman whose beauty Interferes with every position she occupies and from all of them aha haa to flee to escape the attentions of her employer She finally goes to work for a woman acting In the capacity of private secretary What happens In this situation It la the comedy of the plot to disclose and the tragedy too The second episode of The Scarlet Uunner and tha second episode of The Shielding Shadow will be other attractions Frank Keenan In The Thoroughbred le thla week achieving new nonora as a star or the film O Next week s offering at the Tirol will ha a sensational picture Is Any uiri safer and which haa already created a stormy discussion In the Fast The picture Is aa expose ef the white slave traffic and It tells its story witn much frankness and realism The other halt of tha programme will comprise a romantlo story The Flower of Faith and other attractions including the latest news weekly For the rest of this week and ending Saturday night Francea Nelson and Arthur Aahley will continue In their auecessful Impersonations In The Revolt An all star cast la alao being aeen In The Evil That Women Do Democrats Plagued With Their Record on Suffrage We Hold Majority Party in Congress Responsible for Failure to Submit Amendment Says Miss Doris Stevens Manager of Womans Party We hoM the Democrotlo party as Hi meiaritv nartv In Congress re sponsible for the failure to aubmlt the national suffrage amendment declared Miss Doris Stevens State campaign manager of the California Woman a party In a autement yes terday That Is the crux or our campaign against President Wilson and tne Democratlo Congressional nominees And wo go further by showing from the Democratlo party s record In Congress that It la opposed to woman suffrage and has opposed It at every opportunity which has been presented I cite the vote of the Democratlo Congreas on President Wilson a pst measure the Philippine bill When Representative Mann tha Republican House leader offered three Important amendments to that bill providing three aeparate forms of woman aui - assemble this afternoon at th Francis Hotel from 4 to o clock to hear an Intimate talk from Miss Helen Todd on personal Interviews with President Wilson with Governor Hughes with William Jennings Bryan and with Colonel Roosevelt on national suffrage Miss Todd will tell of the opposition aha and other leading suffragists encountered when ther went before the President In their plea foi national suffrage By contrast will be the attitude of Governor Hughes with that of Wilson and Bryan The session will be open to the public During the afternoon tea will be served to the woman a party guests QAIL LAUGIIXIK COMING At the headquarters yesterday word waa received from Oall Laugh - now In Maine that she would v Yi w1 - - h ln now in Maine mat sne wouu ra XJF23SXrnV th lesttwo week of th cam one of tbem waa defeated by the Dim ocratlo majority In the House FILIPINO RIOHT WITHHELD That Democratlo majority refueed to extend school suffrage to women It refused to enfranchise the tax paying women of the Philippines And above all It refuaed to grant to the men of the Philippines the right to give the suffrage to the women ln any form It la folly for the Demoerata to attempt to eldestep the record There It Is And It Is evident that the Dem ocratlo Congreas haa reflected the opinion the real vlewe of President Wilson on suffrage for no Congress of the United States within the memory of man haa been dominated by an Executive aa haa tha Democratlo Con grass undsr President Wilson The women of San Francisco will palgn In California on the stump against President Wilson Mrs William Kant dsparted yes terday for Oregon and Washington where she will address the voters ln the campaign against tha Democratlo national and Congressional nominees under the Woman a party banner Mrs Kent left behind her hushand Congressman William Kent who la out for Wilson ln this State while his wife la on a tour In opposition COURT MERCIFUL BECAUSE SON IS KIND TO MOTHER Aged Parent Amid Teara Tells tie Judge of Henry Thomas Hope leu Battle Extending Orer Yean Agahut Drag A son who Is supporting his aged mother and who la kind to her la en titled to consideration at the hands of this Court With thla statement Police Judge John J Sullivan yesterday placed Henry Thomas to yeara old a machinist on probation for alx months after he had entered a plea of guilty to a charge of violating the State poison law Thomaa told the Court he bad used drugs for thirty - five yeara and of a hopeless battle against the habit His mother Mra Mary Williams g yeara old corroborated her aon a story and with teara streaming down her face told of the many attempts hs had made to throw off the habit But your honor desplts this habit said tha aged mother he haa been a dutiful aon and haa supported me In my old age e TO MEET EN INTEREST OF DELEGATES TRAIN special meeting of the forelsrn tradea committee of the Chamber of Commerce and the special committee of directors of the San Francisco Convention League haa been called for 11 o clock thla morning at room 1011 Merchants Exchange building The purpose Is to further plans for send Ing a apeclal train of delegates to ths convention in Pittsburg of the Foreign Trades Council BBEan - yi I X a XCOXAS By LEON 7 PINKSON LII ROSE president of the L It Roee - Chalmere Company ot o this city haa just been ln formed of the eleotlon of E C Morse as vice preeldent of the selling di vision of the Chalmers Motor Company The Information waa received In a letter from C A Pfeff er vice president and assistant general manager of the big automobile com pany Morae will step Into the position miA vk cant by tha eudden death of Paul Smith last July and will - have di rect charge of the sales servlco and advertising of the company Morse haa re algned as a a 1 a manager of the Hudson Motor Car Company1 to assume his duties with the Chalmers organisation He entered the employ of the Hudson factory In 10 end waa the first salsa manager of the company His Joining the Chalmera force le naturally looked upon as one ftf th mnrnt Imnerlftnl trade moves in K iifiHAiill injlHan In anm lime I - Before entering the automobile I Margaret Edwarda bualneaa Morae obtained extensive I Jn d Hart salaa experience with a largo Amer - 1 w Mo lean manufacturing concern aeuinn goods In all aeotlona of the world In this manner he aecured export knowledge which will be of direct benefit to titm in new nnnnectlon aayB Rose Morse e enocess In the selling end inn heen recognised by the trade and ta attributed to nis connrui policies and building for permanency In hla dealer organisation Ho la personally acquainted with thousands of motor car dealera In America and abroad and haa their respect and confidence Morse enters upon hla new dutlea at once GOOD ROADS RALIY TONIGHT ti nAnrlats of Ban Franelaeo will start thla afternoon at 4 odocx o their run to San Jose to attend the first of the aeries of good roads mast i he hM in the Drlrlclpal towns of Central and Northern California for the purpose of boosting the proposed 111 000 004 bond Issue for the completion of the State highway It ta expected that upward of fifty cars will start from the California State Automobile Association heM - mn AT THE Cort Theater next Sunday night A WnrtA of Pteea ure the latest of the Winter Garden ahows from New York will enter it second and final week In this city There are more than twenty mus clanly and Jlnglj melodies In the pleoe as many dances and numerous and gorgeous ensembles all under the capable musical direction of Bamuel Lehman An up - to the minute display of gowns haa pro voked great feminine Interest In the big production and tha beauty of the chorta aa well as the members sing Ing abrtlty haa also attracted wide and favorable comment The company Of principals who provide the comedy the apeclal dances and the liveliest dance la composed of Wil liam Norrla Conroy and LeMalre the Courtney Slater anasannnBaaaanasaa litil BBaaaaaawi iPilXeXeXeXeXel SWlW V - Pj rl BBaHIaaaBM V1 BBXeXeXexS Il2fct smillsMMaaaBBBB - ja SUIT BROUGHT TO REMOVE OFFICERS MahOn niamnnA and Chaplow Ro I Qutnn Frank lin Batl and othera One of th moat pronounced of recent Broadway aucceases Xoung America will be produced at the Wigwam Theater for wee - beginning Sunday afternoon Clever and pretty Margaret Marlott will assume the role of Art the lad who Margaret Edwards one of the principals m A World of Pleasure at the Cort Theater from the New York Winter Garden provides the plot with Its central and picturesque character Art la the owner of Jasper hi canine compan Ion and the adventures of ths twain are told with great comedy and dramatic skill Dsl 8 Lawrence and the fu strength of the Wigwam Theater stock company will participate In the big production Western Magncsitc Company stockholders Charge Irregularities - j More litigation Involving the heads of tha Western Magneslte Companf waa begun yesterday with the filial of a suit by thre stockholders tn th company against James J Cummin It president - and Thomas H Wolf Ita secretary who are aocuted of violation of trust aa offlcere stock roe nlpulatlon the forcing of IrreguU elections for directors and mlsspprif Pfisuon or runaa The plaintiffs are A J Barton George II Fuller and Manuel Vlerrv and Wolfe be removed aa director and officers that they be forced t render an accounting and that a tf - porary Injunction be Issued restrain Ing tbem from acting aa officers e the company The complaint declares that durfna the past tour months Cumralngs an Wolfe have spent about llT 00 of the company funds for which ht hare not accounted Ii It Is further charged that Cum mlngs and Wolfe have kept contrc of the oompany through an trrtgule j election of directors and have re V J used to obey a court order to hoi 1 nether election I The ault la filed by Attorney Alt I ander D Keyee A SPOONFUL OF SALTS RELIEVES ACHMDNEYS We eat too much meat which clogs Kidneys says noted authority If back hurts or Bladder bothers stop all meat for a while quarters and proceeLetown the pei ui ta flin Jose - Former Governor James N Oillett will be the guest of President Percy EL Towne of the association and will speak on the necessity of completing the highway system which ho advocated during hla admlnletratlon and started with the bond Issoa of I1MPO0OO In ltlO Congressman B A Haves will tell how the Bute can participate Jn the lit 000 000 appro J prlated iy tne jreaerai government for the construction of post roads and national park highways HDP BUCKING HEAVY ROAD The IlunmohUe good roads ear which 4 W Walter Drake of Detroit la sending Mo every atate In the Union reaenfed Livingston Mont yee - terdav afternoon on Ita way from Bismarck to Helena The party haa spent the last alx daya In Montana fighting the gumbo which waa especially difficult for motora on account of an unusually heavy anow for thla season of the year The total mileage made by the Hup mobile which made Its start from Washington D C os August It and which Includes twenty four atates la litl mllea Through the Dakotae both heavy and good roads were encountered Hillsborough Society Man Tells Grand Jury of Tiger R L Coleman Jr Testifies Regarding Gambling at Northern Mrs Mary Fuller and Mountford S Wilson Jr Fail to Appear as Witnesses RKDWOOD CITY October 11 Down the peninsula society held Its breath and crossed Its Innocent fingers this afternoon ae the San Mateo county Grand Jury began Its lnvea ligation of the gambling resorts In the northern part of the county SAlETY OF LABORING MEH IS DISCUSSED IN DECISION An absolutely safs place of labor Is not required of an employer It Is to be reasonably safe having regard to the character of the work Itself wrltea Associate Justice Henshaw In an oolnion handed down by tha Su preme Court yeaterday by which Frank Splvak a carpenter loses an award of 11160 made to him by a Jury of San Diego ln lilt Solvak was employed by the Inde pendent Sash and Door Company He fell and hurt his ankle while working on a scaffolding The Jury touna that tha company was guilty of nsgll gent construction Ths Supreme Court finds on th ap peel that the employer waa not to blame The case waa begun under the Roaeberry act before the workmen a compensation act waa In effect HELEN TODD TO IPBAK Why the Woman s Party Opposes Wood row Wilson will be the subject of an address by Miss Helen Todd this noon before the Home Rule in Taxation League at the Republic Cafe Geary and Mason streets - e - NBW POITMAbTKH NAMED petsl Dlepetck te Th Ckroolcle WASHINGTON October U Mrs Mary Ravenscroft was today appoint ed postmaster at Johnstonvllle Cat A SOUND 650 Investment FIRST PREFERRED STOCK OF Pacific Gas and Electric Company NonAuesble and Tax Free in California Dividends paid every three months Price 99Z50 per share netting 650 on investment Clf Order or Apply for Jsrtker PayUcilar to Pacific Gas and Electric Company Sleek Saloa Pepartsaeat 44S Sottev SU ha fveaeieeo Mali Xe - aJttaeM Pa - sbl ta Paclne Gm ai4 Klectrjc Co The Charm of The Electric Player Piano The electrically operated player piano has been perfected It is now an instrument of refinement for the parlor and the music - room The blatant mechanical effects of a year ago have been succeeded by the genius of Chopin Beethoven Schubert and the master - works rendered by such artists as Harold Bauer Josef Hoffman Gabrilo - vvitsch and a hundred others We offer at our - stores in the latest Artistic Players The Apollo the Artrio - Angelus the Euphona Each is an instrument playable by hand as an ordinary piano by pedals as the usual player piano as the player electrically blown and controlled manually or as an authentic reproducing player piano which embodies in its renditions all of the artistry of the greatest masters The electrically operated player is the piano of the present and the future It is logical more musical more perfect and more desirable in every way In no store save ours can be found such a beautiful assortment from which to select Your old piano in part payment YOUR MONEYS WORTH dR YOUR MONEY BACK aeasbJSiSBggsi VAWVMVJlMJMMAfJinffm TALKINO MACHINES RECORDS and SHEET MUSIC TWO ENTRANCE 135 - 153 Kearny and 217 - 225 Sutter Street OAKLANDISO WASHINGTON ITNUHT am jostft iir bouth rittr srimcssr and particularly to Investigate the rumors that society gambles at the Northern and the Villa Mateo But with the hour for the official questioning came a disappointment Mra Mary Anabelle Leonore Fuller In her divorce case had testified that her husband George P Fuller waa accustomed to gamble at the Villa Mateo and leave her sitting around waiting for him Accordingly It waa expected that Mrs boiler would be a choice witness for the Orand Jury aa In her evening of sitting around the Villa Mateo she would have had an opportunity to ovserve even aa much or mpre than a rampant Grand Juryman Investigating But Mra Fuller waa absent The aub Investigator who was sent to summon her reported that aha had left town and wouldn t be back for three years Mountford S Wilson Jr waa alao abaent His father Mountford 8 Wilson SrH appeared however and testified that tha young man le at present at aea on the ateamsnlp City of Para but that ha believed from hearsay that he had attended a society gambling party at the Northern R L Coleman Jr appeared as the only living representative of Hllla - TFhe Inveattvetlteei liereldeA fhelr tl heroneh iMUt ai - isniions to investigate in aavaneoi gemoung uranason or a leaderof the Vigilantes he related that In company with young Wilson nd other Hillsborough youths he had bucked the tiger at the Northern The Orand Jury listened to his narrative and adjourned for one week SAFETY DEPAETMEHT F0BCES FIEM TO GUARD EMPLOYES Under threat of the safety department of the State Industrial Accident Commission to swear out a warrant charging a violation of the State building laws Dyer Brothers yesterday morning halted their structural ateel work on the two new wlnga of the San Francisco Hospital According to John It Brownell superintendent of the safety department of the State Commission the firm has agreed not to go ahead with the work until the permanent floors of the building have been conatructed When you wake up with backache and dull misery In the kidney region It generally means yen havo been eating loo much meat aaya a welt - known authority Meat forms urtc acid which overworke the kldneya In their effort to filter It from the blood and they become aort of paralysed and loggy When your kidneys get sluggish and clog you must relieve them like ou relieve your bowels removing all the body a urinous waste else you have backache slek headache dlssy spells your stomach aours tongue Is coated and when the weather la bad you have rheumatic twinges The urine la cloudy full of sediment channela often get aorey water scalds and you are obliged to eeek relief two or three tlmea during the night Either consult a good reliable physician at once or get from your pharmacist about four ounces of Jad Salts take a tablrspoonful In a glass of water before breakfast for a few dava and vour kldneva will then at fine This famous salts Is made trot - iF the acid of grapes and lemon Jul iAlr combined with litnia and has bstn used for generatlona to clean anf stimulate alugglsh kidneys also p neutralise aclda In the urine so It e longer Irritates thus ending bladde weakness Jad Salt I a life saver for regulr meat eaters It Is Inexpensive cart not Injure and makee a delightful - ferveacent ltthla water drink Adtk Bell - aims Absolutely Removes Indigestion One package - proves it 25c at all druggists K fcfr - - weary ff - a - fe 5vJgW - it USjK J ri 6f yl BEERjlA wBL Now Brewed in mUIiI SBi San Francisco 3i3r fHE evolution from the best raw materials U I ySffi that can be procured to the most delicious 1 rfj beverage that up - to - date machinery sani - rK v3ty 6 tary methods and skilled labor can produce

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