The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1937
Page 7
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NMYS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale iier line for consecutive Insertions: twc time jicr line ......IOC 1'wo times per lino per day ...08c 7'lnee times per tine |icr day ..Olio )i.\ time.s !>cr line per day —05e t ontli rate per line fiOc Curds or Tlmnfcs 50o & 75o Minimum charge. 50i: Ads ordered for tlirce or six limes and slopiicd before ' exrilra- rion will lie charged for (lie nuiii- I'or of times the add appeared and "djuslnunl of bill made.. . All Classified Advertising co|>y /iibmlllcil by \xtsoits residing out- nde of Uie city must Uc accoiu- oiinicd by cash. Rates may be lastly computed from above table. Advertising ordered for, Irrcgnlai tiECitions lakes the one time rate No responsibility will be taken /cr wore than ODD incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Wcljer piano for sale. Have .10": CHRISTMAS CAKKS place to keep il and will sell for Orders taken for homemade Clirlst- $7!>.(IO. Call Mr. Thomas at 527. | mas Cakes and candles. Mrs. George Cross, 300 Ijike; n-ck-24. Eaby O'raiKl piano, factory lloor sample. Rather tliau re-ship, iiie factory Inis asked us to sell this piano at cos>l. Write factory rep- t'litallve, 13o.\ "S", {'arc of Courier News. - 20-|>k,-23 Nice turkeys. Cull lioiand Green al •J5i or 'Jffl. 17-i>k-2t. SllglUJy used Supertax Oil Burner Stove. Medium size, $15*00. Brand new Savage Automatic shot B»ii, $3-1.55 Hra:id new Hi-owning Auloimiilu shot, tjun, $^8.05 C. C. Adams Jr., Slecle, Mo. Complete )o volume sci of Slan- dard nefevctice Books \\itli loose leaf binder. Call 23U or 792. 15-fa-fa inint; room suite. Uavcnport & Chair. Mrs. C. W. Afflick. lick-ti Visit Hurry Bailey's New CURVE IN CAFE On Highway 01 at Holland _ Make one stop fur Boo r, Wine, Whiskey, Fresh Chippie, Good Foods. Sli Dodge Panel delivery truck A-l condition, $275. Phone 118. HOME MADE WINE 40c Qt. Mall orders to H. O. Me llaflcy, nt.' a, Blylhcvlllc. Delivered in Blylhcvillc r«r SM «"d up. All Coal Guarnntted. 1'lioiiL- 5-r-l & S7S • Furniture BARGAINS IN New & Used Furniture We 'Buy .t Krll WADE FIJIINITIIUK CO. 112 W. main 1'hoiic 155 MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Btrcanilinc COAL $6.00 & ii|i per TON. Washed mid Picked. Kim Ti'Hnttiatn Phone « Tailors TRADE YOUR OLI> SUIT IN U A NEW OM; filiOKGE I,, MUIK "JJ),vll)cvil!c's Only Ulillor" We Allow 51 to S15. On Rallroiid south ot Main St. Shoo Repairing •Quality Shoe Shop Toc% the/.only Itargpln.jln slme repiiirhig J^JauKmy nmtcrlals '& H-orkmaiiElilp. Rubber Heels, 25c tip. Holes 50c up. Dyes, Polishes Iaco3. Any shoes dyed blacl:. 3Sc. WALLPAPER New 1938 patterns. C'los: prices ARK-MO LUjHBER CO. Phone 40 mom modern house nt 1500 W Ash, lor sale or trade. See J. W Malnncy, Clartc iind Riiilroad Sts For Rent A modern y-room furjiirilied apail incut, ['hone 280 20-ck-t 3 room furnished apartment. 12 L' lionc 785-J iiltcr (i P.m Mre. Belle Wood. 15-ck-t 3 room apsrliiienl «o«nst:iifs. 10 . . • W:- -Kentucky, nhonc 683. Vant to contact. 50 girls Interest' ccl In iiKTcaslni; their incomes nd \vllllni; to devote six niontlis me to leiii'Dlnt; lilglily piild pro- e."ston of Beauty Culture, New chool to open In Blylliovlllo Jan- afy Ibt, Write for full details to Aster l-'isher C!l|)son, S15 Krcwson \ve., Jonesljoro, Arlt. RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 1 A),'it Wo Glvo EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1U11 OdoUa.smilia Niunc 1113 We Sji€«iull/,«' In [tody & fender UVIMU'I-S ('unif III unit h'i'o t's Li'« Motor tjak's, Inc. I'ri-.-ilunc llriilcrs l)cfu>'iti i is B')t lliclr Kirby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains Mnrr <)uljiihe-^Morc iron The Recommended Treatment lot lAI.AHIAl, C1III.I.S ami KKVKH .WAM1> FEVER — AGUK FEVliH At All Kliby JJruu stortl Waiitefi •'lily pirls to enroll now tor Stulc Anuroral Bontity Sctiool to open Jaiuitir.v 1st, Coo|)Cr Bldg., Uljihc- illlc. Write Lester Hsher OiiKon, i!5 Krowson Avc., Joncsboro, Ark., or full details. Glass AUTO GLASS Kxiierf. Workmanship We Deliver HJylhcville Paint & Wallpaper Co. We Cut fe Install w 880 111 S. Second Room and Board Hoom .nml taiird or meals.' 1410 W. Asli. Mrs. R. P. Ixiwerv. 21-pk-'l2-24 Repairing Gun repairs. Ciiini-untrcd work. E. M. D;imct], 310 li. Main. a! ANNOUNC Tliu 0|icniiip; Of BLYTHEVILLE'S NEWEST ENTERPRISE A Modern Community Pork llmm —KKATUIUNC— 1-Vosli ('otinlry Style -- ALSO Hrail <.'hw. Kite, liiii'lihniir, IVnili-iluIn, I'vi-sh Hums ;uii) Shuulilers (ll;df or Wliulv). Hide Toil; ami 1'urc l,;ivd. \ UUAKANTi:i-:i> (JUALI1Y MH AT AM) Hi'UHTI.V CdllNI'Ktl AH Kxj)crt German Ihtlchar ami lns]i!-c(C(t ;ind pauicil by I-'uniu> r imUfit SlaU's I'li Honse Insin-t-tor. Get a romfi'd linlu-y lor Clni.linas, raised , m ,,111' mm KARIK LOANS yiioo nnii Arkimsu3 and Ms') rllv ,.r ........... s MON H. KASSKKMAN 'llir.nn.s liind I'd. Ofllrc t 1 . O. Bos iia. 1'liono yri. Drs. Wort & Wcrl Or'l'OMtt'l'lUSTS Over Jew Isinu'S' Store "WK MAKK 'KM SKK" Phono 640 Wu Sppoiiili/i' In A- PRESCRIPTIONS^" I'liom; lit FOWLKR DRUG STORE DUIVL; OUT AND SAVI *it UKI.IVKHY CUAUtiKS (I'liile Ailililiun—'I'lic Old Splrn- I'lai-r) Turn Suulli i>ir llic)iu-:i.v 18 Iv /.'invrl licUvccn l,ml ,'!ti/ Grocery and llobliiKon Ullini; Stalion, tlu-n hvip lilm-lis s;.uii. ELDING AT HU.V1' I'IIK;KM I'KOMI'T HKHVlCli Barksdalc Mfg. Co, Wanted Pecans VliONK 111 PHONE 244 L. I. RICE COAL! AM, GKAIIKS I)KV ICIN'JILINO I'Olt ANY KIND OK Midi GRADE COAL CALL 1C. V. KUY AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co, t I'rlct's I'stid WOLF ARIAN i: Main I'lnmc !'!<> ' Will Sell Or Trade A $000 Equity In » HIM? U.M.C. l,nn.n iVu KfiiMiualjli; OfiVr CaU 448 USED CARS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, INC, Used Trucks & Cars l'J3tj»,'lK'V. l'id:up. Good ................ ton $3'I5 IOIM Hi ton rjju'v: 155" W, !i. Ktiilcc l»dy In A-l condition ...... $37-> 11KW iuti'i national I'lck\l|) SJ73 HIM Cliiw. 155" W. II, rliitUirin body, i;o«d liira ................ $175 A I, I. TOUCH. 1 ; OUAIJANTKKD TO I'AHS STATH INSI'UC'i'lON Delta implements, Inc. N«w l.seiitcd nt 101 Ni)iih Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER • SERVICE BUREAU IION liDWAItin-i, I'l-npilelw All niuliiM ut lleluilll Tyiieivultis, AiialiiK Maeliliiea an( I'ulcnliitor.s—KrJMlrlnic—Vans—iiiubuiig COBB FUNERAL HOME iMllHT.ll I'ree Delivery H. B. Campbell Plionc ISO Batteries BATTKRY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Washing Washing, rough-dry & finished, do livoreil; G iiuills or blaitkcl.s- SI W. WHAT5 YOUR HURRY; 6UZ- - HE OWLY HO PLAY.' 1M LIKE GUZ-1 CAMNOT SAY I LIKE TH' WAY IT WAMT5 TO PL AM 1 KMEW IT, I KNEW IT .' MOW WE'VE OO'lTA DUCK .' 50 l.OM&,PAL, I WISH VOU LUCK..' HAW/ POOR os: 3 or'4 room fiirnisliecl apartment. 209 W. Kentucky. Mre. Sisk. 11-ck-l-n 2 comfortable "bedrooms, private bath. Gentlemen preferred, phone 10-1-W or 161. 7-ck-tf. i room residence. Immediate'pos- . 412 M. Dili. Phone 243. 6-ck-tn: ^'iccly furnislicrt beclrooliir;. Bteam HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES hcsl. limerspring niattrefs. till . JlBiii, Phone 380. 1-ck-tf VOki USXEM To Voo'viE BEEVi 'XHE ME ,VOOM& KiOW VT^S MV TURN 1 . VNOY -- '~"- J * ''~ 5 furnished rooms. 2 upstairs or Furnished house on Hollj. Call «e« Willy Hell Green behiml Brown's Ice Plant. 30-pk-l2-:iol Mrs. H. S. Stcrnberg at 984. 12-ck-tf WASH TUI5BS S:;,OII((.llll(l AND A <ilKI/—CONK! / A AWN,AWP LAUNOl HEAPED EAST, VVEOU6HTA _ ,- /BEVERLV Hll-Lf ' ME A GUN! Santa' and USED CARS S:mt.i likes our US10!) CARS hccausiu lie c:ui buy a car ami slili have money to Iwnk. (Jive a sciiKil>fe gift. Give out- of our gootl-lookin-r USIil) .CAKS. Terms. 'S7 SUiiU-hnkcr Xoiirin.? Snlan. tn nin- i-ar '33 Chevrolet Ccacli. ilacrt, in first clasy condition '.">5 llculgr (;n;ich. An ox- rri:(!'nn;illy 51,0:1 one "M N":isli Ambaisailor Siv .- Se dan, Krdan. ; , '= 5 l>[ - v "'""" <t7K model at <j-Oir C "'' ch «P«»A«.« AWAV, LEAVIN6THE PLA.TON1C WALLO'.-ViWG iM THE DARKNESS KKECKLES AND HIS FK1KNDS SLUHITLY CONl-'U.SKD '3.1 riyinoiitli Couiic. C'oni- plrlrly re- cnnrtitiniicd WEU.,YOU WAMEAVAS , SOI GUESS :'.;--IME GUY T ITS MC7THER LEFT GEE ! (, IT IW TME OFFICE WHERE JLAST MIGHT, AFTER DID IT \ HOURS! SHE COME \ | T V/AS v/ARM IS1 FROM / [_| ERE; ' THIS WOTE WILL EXPLAIW THINGS .' SHE SAID SHED K: READ ABOUT YOLt ,T{ Chevrolet Cnupc. Mo- (nr wverh.iiilrL-1 rnh- ^'° \ 1W THE PAPERS PICK J AWD KWE^ YOU ow \ WERE IM A POSI- iifglt'il l» have your moior looker! rt-jitiilarly and avoid U-ouhlc. Our work is speedy reliable and low priced. LEFT THE BABY AUD )vl E s ; TIOM TO GIVE HER BABY A GOOD HOME .' Let US Care for YOUR Cm ™ Joyncr-Babcock

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