The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1943
Page 4
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rout BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)] COURIER NEWS Publi«hed Every' Friday In the latereet of Fahn Families of This 1 ' Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-PEA 7 URES .FRIDAY, MAY 21, 1043 Enter the Plant-to-Prospcr Contests sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal. County 'Agent Says Early Care Of Crop Will Re- sult'In Better Harvest Gelling: soybeans harvested .nexl fair will depend to a "great extent upon the mclhotl of planting aurt kind-of cultivation given. Hie beans during early ' summer, declared J. J. Plckren, county agent. Farmers who are depending on having their beans combined for toll shoflld gne particular Attention to keeping their beans free of grass and rnnk-groiviiig, wceds.The coiin- ly .agent pointed out. thnt the imvii who'operated Hhc combine usually wants to.know wlmt Ihc yield wlfl be, how;rough the ground is, nnd whether or nol the field is infested •with-cockle burs mul other rankigrowlng weeds before he contracts to harvest Hie beans. "With 100,000 acres of. benius planted In Mississippi Cointy, every practice that makes combining quicker mid more efficient must be, t.nkeii •nilvnntngc of If the beans are to be'combined," Mr. Pickrcn said The first slop in keeping soy- beans'free of weeds ;ind grass is i • Manv jo( I)IB in ect t'enemics" that sw^rm tlie b;|lllcfrcnus - "plagniqg Iliejife" out of our «ol •Iiers-die before llic Jellinl fihst of FLIT and our other uisccli* cides >^ K for common lion o pc^ts- FL1T slays 'em as it spraja 'em. ' .'. FLIf lias llie liiglicsi 1 raiinp cs- ' JablifhcH. for household iiisccli- .titles by-the National Bureau of : Standards.-. .tlie AA Hating.' . ' Be sure to ask for FLIT-the knock-out Eiiler-todayl - : •'.-- Soak Garden-Never 'Sprinkle' Your Victory Garden will have n much bellcr chtmcc for success If you understand how to wafer 11 properly. In sections of the country where raliis /nil during Die growing sens- on, watering I.? not the vital problem it is in arid regions where gardens arc dependent on artificial Irrigation for llteir moisture, nut even in liumlcl sections, rains do not full nl> regular Intervals, and the, average garden;!' will have lo resort to artificial watering from (line (o time. Many gardeners arc inclined lo a cureless jo!) of watering. If llicy live in i; ciiy or small town where they have a hose to us;, llicy are likely lo lliliik that n light sprink- . Jiiiff is nil that Is required, Hill In that way, (he plants get \vel from i the top down rather than from the j bottom, where the roots are. Muny I a gnrrtcn gets n slight, sprinkling I of this kind every two or three days, which docs more harm Ihan ! good. 110,11 H-M AUK lUHIGATION object of watering the garden should be to wet Ihe soil ihor- oitffly anti do it evenly and deeply The experienced gardener runs the water down each row, holding Ihe hose low enough lo keep tlie (ops of Ihe plants from getting wet, If yon have lime lo open slight, furrows alongside (he rows of plants for Hie water to run through, so much the belter. A good goal lo shoot, for is lo try to leave Ihc ground In Ihe iame shape It would lie after a rain. In arias where Irrigation is common practice, many gardeners work out, home-made Irrigation systems thai are highly satisfactory lor soil lhat is not too Mghl or porous. They get Ihelr water from pipe tltal rims ,from the well or reservoir to the highest corner of (lie garden. Tlieh Ui=y run a deep furrow along one side of the plot ind make openings nt Hie right places for each row of planUs. When the waler runs Into Ihe main furrow. 11 will flow gently Into llic smaller furrows bo two: n the rows of plants mid the ground gels a deep, even soaking. DKV WKATHKIl VI.ANTING If n garden plot, is watered Mior- oiigly this way. no more moisture will be needed until Ihe next, soak- is fJu> nifout a week- or'50 later. After watering, do not trample down Ihc soli or try to work il wi- til It has dried out enough tiol lo be sticky. Then cultivate ground enough lo loosen it up. Ihe bc«l lime to water any dcu is when the pimu.s ,„.£( 'Ihe Promised Uncl Home Demonstration Club mcl Wednesday, Way , nt the home of Mrs. James McGauiihey, Hach of tlie 22 inein- ici'.'i present niissvered (he roll call' by (jiving a Mother's Day <|»ol;i- ion. • , . A reading w;is given by the hos- less and Mrs. Kminctl Wilson gave in interesting talk on- Control of .'inrdcn Insects. Each member discussed cannini; and drying of fruits nnd vc^t;t;il>k'.s. • • Tlie president, Mrs, A. C. Dii- clu.';<>, !i|);;oiiitc<i n committee coin- posed of Mrs, Slarlj'ii yoiniK, Mrs. James McGnuglicy, IHH! Mrs. Rv- erett Davis lo take charge of Ihc 1'liiy Taurnamcnl. Mrs. Hubert Mitchell led [he group In sliiKlng. M the conclusion of (he meeting Ihc hostess served a sandwich plate with icc:l drinks. The nest meeting will be held in Juno ill Ihe home of Mrs. Everett Davis. Each member is urged lo lUtenci. In setting plants, Ills youngster lias iirolrrletl (lira. H'ilH pallor ccillurs—atiainst i:ut- wornis. >\oiv slic .•.oaks llic ground llKiroujjhlv ;nnl hilcr will mill dry carlli over llic nwist soil. The lime of day makes lill'lp <|irfcr- cuce, and under wiir conditions you may be forced lo apply Ihc water when 11 siilLs- yniir'cotivraticncc. If yon K\V; ihc ground u Kiiod soaking, the results will be witi.sfiictory, no matter whal lime of day it. hup pens lo be. Here is a gardening Irick whlcl. may be helpful to those who want, lo plant iced for a succession cro] during nn excessively <lvy spell Op:ii up the row nnd run walei lluoimh it. Let Ihu waler so:ik in Illorouglily. Then sow (lie seed nnfl , iu cover them willi dry earth. The (he meblnrc will feed iiinvnrd into the soil, like oil in n lamp wick, nnd you will «ct n good si ami of plimli- FLIT good seedbed p'reparatibn 'to destroy all weed seed possible before planting, Then the bcnni should tie planted in rows to permit cul- fnation t'lanllug In rows usually results tii two to three limes as gre«t a yield as broadcast plant- ingf, ' If the .soil is ciusthl over by a nicking mil) bef oa . .(he-, .soybeans Mine up, .a '.harrow or rotary hoi; nay be used lo break Ihc crust. After the plants are two lo Ihrcc inches .high, .Ihe crop may be ciil- liviilcd'wlth Ihis equipment, or with a wecder. After .the crop is too large for culllvaling with a wccd- cr, cultivation with ordinary corn cultivating equipment is recommended. The crop should he laid by flat lo make combining easier. Hnnk- growlng weeds and grass appearing later shculd be hoed oul. ! • Pvi. Says lie's No. \ RKNO, Nev. (UP)—Pvl, rhll U. S. A., has asked for A. vorce tram Loyal Rliufllcbergcr on thc.srounds dial she did nol live up to her name. In fact, al the lime of her nmrrhige, lie alleges, she was already sharing her loyalty with (lirec oilier, husbands, .several of whom were in the armed .services and were making her remittances fiuin their 'pay checks, says lie enjoyed n Imlf'-liour Demonstration Club Newa Notes Hog Raisers Should Consider Planting Hogging-Down Acreage cates llml "cve Ml<« ages of corn r with 4-H Club News Notes •Inlcrpbntcd legumes la be used for li%'gltiK flown," Two factors support tills con- tendon, (lie comity ngent said. First! I'i I hi' iibove-normal supply of feeder pis.s, coupled wllli (lie fuel that il miiy beciime incrcasiiigly dlfflciiH lo Import feed; and .second is llic fact (hat Ihc support price tor hogs hn.s been increased from $i:i.^li per hundred to $13.15 until i&plcinbcr, 1341. Las', year Arkansas kept pace with llic nnlion in Its incrensing Its hog imputation, and more nogs •than normal were fed in the stale for market. However, the counly ligcnt suid, many of these hog Were led out on feed shipped Into tilt slat.-;. '•With Ihe Corn licit area ex- pancllng its hofj production, fnvtn- cj.s who do not have an adequate _ feed supply, or one near-by, will | probably find it incrca.slogly dif- flcull to Import feed from Ihe Corn licit area," llic county agent pointed out. "There is, however, a possibility that our 1943 pig crap may find a limited market as feeders," he continued," at a price comparing as favorably with finished hog prices as has existed during Ihe past year." find Intcr- for hogging down — , yields uf the crops. However, (he county agent said the low yields could still make a satisfactory return if, by hogging down, they bring feeder pigs lo market' weights uf around 200 pounds so they could sell near the top on $13.75 supported market. "All pigs ted to slaughter weights In the state, and slaughtered hy local packing plants, will mean a t>av[ng in Inuisporlnllon ou feeder pigs out of Ihe state and n saving In transportation on pork products coming into the slate," the counly agent concluded. Luxora Society—Personal Miss Eva Elaine Sl-inficid ul New York City, accompanied in- M.-.S Charles E. Oiabam of Memphis! jnrc visiting iliis week in Hie uonw (if the former's parents. Mr. in.I Mrs f>. S. siHiifidd of l.uxora. -Miss Stnnlk'ld, who was s^radualecl frwn the Uixura lfi';l) Krlifwl and 'nllcnded Memphis iicliool HI Business, went lo Washington, D C., 'last and v;as iransferre-.l 'later lo New York Cil.v. .slic is with the. War l)?partmi;nl. ;'fn[i !im-;:Mi Crack Sllnl MCiii'OLK, Vii. UJl'l '-1'TCddif ilnlriiiiisoj). Hie former nairolt Tiller pitcher, is one of (he best rifle nnd pistol sliols at Hie Norfolk Niiviil Station. He's an In- Blniclor mi the rifle range. Head Courier News want ads. Flies C.'loso winjo-.vs. Spray li c o ItiniKl Innocl S'priiy—lS min- URvi liilcr, ?;wc?<j[> Ilicin up. Kills Inj^ti, loo. Sorrj*. our B^e Br.ini! tailfiil (or dun- lion. *Y 1 Tf7f*£ l -$ &Alli-M^ A meeting of the Numter 1G 4-H Clnl> was held Thursday, May 13, with Neal Lee, prcsldenl, In charge. There were 40 club medbers and nine leaders present at this meeting. To open llic meeting Hie group sang "God Bless America" led by Elvln Hninsey. song captain. Miss Cora Lee Coleumn, county home demonstration agent, discussed the subject of parasites of gardens, poultry and hogs, after which the club captains gave rc- liorls on Ilielr groups. Onu -of Ihe outstanding reports was one given by Willie Sue White who has J2-I nice young fryer:! and l> hens setting.. Hhc has a fine garden. She has eaten from the garden onions, lettuce, mustard, and radishes. Her carrots, crcnscd- Iniek beans, and purple hull peas are growing nicely. Her tomato plains aie big enough to transplant and failing to find cabbage plants did not discourage her. She planted her cabbage seed and had enough plants lo divide with her neighbors. Alice McCnnii also had an excellent '4-n Club report, She has li:< chickens almost large enough to fry. She has eaten onions, Icl- tr.ce, radishes, spinach, muslaid. and turnip greens out of her gar- honcynioon willi her fallowing Ihelr marriage ill Lus Vegas, Nov., Sept. so, inia, before joining his milt. Read Courier News want ads More Ihan 2000 kinds of articles have been plated with chromium. Young crows eat their own weight in food every day. iNEW'VfASHABlE PWHT OSES . cf Tectiida odd \i gollcn ^ cf water. Mciet crou-Ii psinf for ovc:p-« ic'o.-i. 3 heed to icrape (... Lie old pcpor.TecMc!} i.ity ba applied fic^il ever it. '. • Nov< cul Ihi time and c\ of rcdecoralinEafoom in half/Do your repainlinj Ihe s'.rcamlincd, modern way-with Pillsburgh Tcchidc. It's entirely different from old-style wall painls; Quid; lo dry and easy to 0 Pp.iy« Tcchide makes it possible ! .to dp over a.rocrn in 3 hours —2 , for painting-1 for drying. Ask us about lechida. look loop ond wolsr h.-r!< diet lo Tecriit'n V/cllj. MAPK IM SCOtCRJ AND V/HITB MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. -^^ (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) 4 , 5 . , ,, 1801 W. Mair Sunset Gold No. 370193 The Stallion of Perfect Conformation STUD fdson Ullen's Sunse! Sold WORLD'S FINKST WALK I Mi STALLION A Full lirolher l.o Grand Kiampion-Pride of Memphis •' /><"</ l)ii Hie Famous Wilxun Allen WI'IMIII AlVifs (Jolil is a Dark Choslnul i\ v ,, While Stockings Uohiml, While Hlar anil Snip ;t'm| j s 1'ivi- Years O'il. A /Jfnjtcd Nrniber of Selected Rrr;is[ercj! V/alking Mares Will Be Accepted Several Real Walking Horses and Rretl Mares for Sale : . f'hone or Write I GRAIN, Wilson,Ark. Waacs Etand-In for Wanes f.OS ANGELES (UP)—Los Angeles is preeminently a city of s'land-ins from movie stars down. Mayor Fletcher Bowrou, city and civic officials arranged an 'elaborate luncheon and ceremonies for 10 Wanes who were due lo arrive from Port DCS Moincs, la. But when it became apparent that the train would be greatly overdue, Mayor Bowron, without blinking an eye or losing n second telephoned the Army nnd'the laltcr rushed over 10 stand-in Waacs from Camp Airea. The latter ate the luncheon)' lapped the oratory, beamed at the welcome and went back lo work. When tlie DCS Moincs Wanes arrived late in the afternoon llicy ale lit the railway station, sans oratory, sans glory, sans ceremony. Most potent of all acquired causes of motion or air sickness are Ihe sight, sound and smell of sickness in others; the memory of previous attacks of motion-nausea; and the expectation >or illness. Here's how— l)e sure to make periodic inspections . . . lubricate regularly . . . keep tires properly inflated and, above all, let our factory-trained service man give your John Deere tractor and equipment a thorough check-over. It will come hack to you just about like new with plenty of power and pep for many additional hours of hard work. -Remember, these are days of equipment shortage. New goods are hard lo gel. Wliatyoti have must be made to last. Come in the next time you're in town. Talk with our service man about this complete overhaul service. You'll be pleased with the completeness... the good work . .. the results you get. Don't delay —ask us about this service today. MISSCO IMPLEMENT m. Blylhevllle—I'd. 1:tl Osraiia—rii. ail ONLY CE|IUiN| JOHN DEERtgEpAIR PARTS SHIP US YOUR aa fee Left Frosn SOYBE No Amount Is too Small—Bring Us Planting. SOYBEAN IS VITAL THE WAR EF Every bushel of beans staid be Crushed MOW so that mills will be able to handle the f«l! amount of next Fall's protetbn. Swift &C OIL MILL Blythcville, Ark. Soybean Meal—For Hoys and Cattle They GIVE Their Lives—Ifoa LEU Vour Money- BUY WAR mm®

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