The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 12, 1933
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Served by the United Press TUEVilLLE COURIER NEWS If TKt DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOBTffllABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MiHsnnnr ^"^ U T.ii DOME VOL. XXX—NO. 229 Hlythtvllit. D«Uy Ne"«. Wythertll* UlMlMlppi V»Uey Le*d«r. Blrt)yrtlt> BLYTHRVILI.E, ARKANSAS; TUESDAY, DKCRMHKK 1!J, UTO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS DRYS IN CONTROL OF MISSOURI HOUSE CITY DISTRICTS IT-MID Leas Lose Again, Keep on Fighting Ask Inclusion of Local ' Paving Districts in . Re/. financing. Program. LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 12 (UP)— Al a meeting of the State Aid Municipal District .Taxpayers Association here today a resolution by Senator Brooks Norfleet of S'.. | I^fnncis county,' putting the asso-' elation on record as favoring; and ' also urging the administration to include in any proposed highway bond refunding .legislation one hundred per cent relief by refunding and payment of bonds ^id interest ot districts in cities which afforded extensions of state highways, was unanimously passed. In addition' to Senator Norfleet the resolution was signed by Senators Sam Levin and Charles I. Evans. . I. M. McCoilum of Comvay is permanent chairman of the association. A statement showing probable revenue this year in the highway department of $1,310,000 was presented by James Guy Tucker, secretary t>f the association. The statement also showed that it would require a minimum of ii.- 643,000 to effect refunding including the municipal districts which were to receive state aid under legislative acts of 1928 and' 1931. Senator Evans said that Governor J. M. Futrell had informed him that he is in favor of 100 per cent aid of the districts in cities which furnished continuations of state higftways, including curb and gutter and regardless of their width, I but that f\e was not in favor of -• including any side streets in the. districts Jn_the- aid'Urbe extended by the stile. All members of the house and senate who attended the meeting expressed thmselves as favoring 100 per cent aid provided it is within the limit of the state's ability to pay. Medina, jailer here, is lonesome. He hasn't had Jailer Is Lonesome DURANGO, Col. (UP)—Juan A gettint a prisoner in his jail that he can chat with in a week. It's-the first nnd also the longest, time since he's been jailer that he hasn't had at least one prisoner, he said. Turkish Women Art Judges ISTANBUL. (UP)—Seven Tin !sh women now serve as council- lors on the Istanbul municipa council. One more step in the famous case involving one of the south's most colorful figures was being discussed here, as Col. Luke Lea. left,- and his son, Luke, Jr., talked over obtaining bond, following denial or their p!ea against removal from Tennessee to North Carolina to serve terms for violation of bank laws. The scent is the Tennessee supreme courtroom, after they were granted a stay. Lea, Sr., was given six to,ten years and his son two to six. T:i'.-y have fought the rase for three years. ITS PL! FDR TRtfSlllYEfl Fenrs Mob Trouble If Jack Wisdom Is Brought ,tp Wichita Now.' HUTCHINSON. Kans, Dec. (UP)—Plans for a swift trial Jack Wisdom, qowboy who c fessed to slaying a Wichita couple', were cut short earlv today, ap» parently by order of Cov. AltM M. Landon, who feared n ' mob would seize the prisoner. '• S.' Wichita authorities had plannW to rush the prisoner to WIchltei from the state reformatory here for a trial before daybreak. District Judge R. L. Nesmlth was ready to try the prisoner. Wisdom had Indicated he would plead guilty, officers said. When an attempt was made t& remove Wisdom from Ihe Hutchinson institution officials said they had been ordered to hold Wisdom. It was believed Landon Inspired or gave the orders, Under the elaborate-plans made by the authorities .Wisdom's trial would have consumed but a few minutes! Prom Jud<ie Nesmith h« would'Jiave received a sentence of life imprisonment, the maximum penalty .under Kansas laws, and been rushed to the state prison. Wisdom was brought to the reformatory Sunday night after j hours of riding over Kansas and j Oklahoma hlghays to elude a mob bent on lynching He confessed yesterday to slay- n't.Mr. antf Mrs. Harry pritchard, whose bodies were found in Oklahoma. He had been charged with murder in their deaths and atop France Will Ignore U. S. Debt Installment I'AlilS, Doc. 12. (UP)— Prance will completely Ignore Hie debt Installment due His; United ,stnlcs on December 15, the United Press learunl totfay. Unless there were a lust mhmlc revision of the government's attitude U Is probable that Prance will not even dispatch any nou- explaining ihe default as .she did un July 15. The cabinet, discussing economics and national finance-.;, loticlu'd only briefly on (lie United Stales ttrnsuiv's memorandum to the debt powers and "failed lo takf iictlon " LfflSlCT Special ..'{Session May Be .Criminal Action Threatened -Against Violators of .NRA' Code. 4f. the -slaying. -of Summoned Later by President Roosevelt. WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 (UP) — The government today threatened criminal prosecution of • cleaners and dyers who violate blue eagle price fixing regulations. put of 100 summoned to a com-, plianbe hearing • only ' one man, owner of a-shop in'-Warsaw. Jnd., promised to raise. his prices high enough to'meet'NRA regulations. William 'Davis, national compll- •WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 (UP) — Heated'senate'opposition to the'St. Lawrence waterway treaty indicated today thai the lakes to Atlantic project may be sacrificed during the' consress.'conyenlne -January 3 -to'avoid- a- prolonged .session. " " " / " "'" '."..-.'•'""';' In-that •event Mr. Roosevelt would be .expected by'congressional leaders-to-summon a special .se'n- New 1'ork Cotton ance . director,. called the : others ate session after congress-adjourns •crazy." He. said. t hey. we re •" fools" [ t p a ct oh thc treaty. '.'•-• ' and promised to turn their cases The world court could be dispos- over Immediately to the federal; e d ; 'of same time.. .'.'.Well' informed senators express', c-d the opinion that" If the world cour.t-.and" the- St. Lawrence treaty were forced upon the..senate for trade commission for investigation NEW YOKK, Dec. 12. Cotton closed barely steady, open high low Dec 1007 1007 892 Jan 1007 1051 99?' Mar 1020 1020 1008 May .... '1034 1035 1023 July .... 1047 1041 102G Oct 1063 10G5 1055 (UP)- close 995 995 1010 1024 1037 1058 They said they would rather go to consideration this winter the entire itiil than comply with them. Oth-1 session would be consurhe'd In fillers, bitterly angry, told- Davis they bustering debate.' ' ' . had not been given the proper op-' The administration is known to oprtunlty to have their say and be hopeful that coneress can com- they refused flatly to obey his de- piete Its work and adjourn by Spots closed steady at 1015, off 5. New Orleans Cotton (UP) , NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 12. —Coiton closed steady. open high low close Dec 996 996 989 989 Jan. . .. 1001 1001 990 Mar. Nfay July Oct. ion 1031 1044 1060 1011 1031 1044 1060 1001 1021 1034 1051 990 1007 1022 1035 1051 Spots closed steady at 989, off 4. Chicago Wheat Dec. May Dec. May open 85 1-2 87 1-2 high low close 8« 1-4 85 85 7-8 87 3-4 86 1-2 8S 3-4 Chicago Corn open high low close 46 7-8 41 3-8 46 3-4 41 Some of - the- cleaners admitted 'hey. had violated- the .regulations. niands. i May 1. Aside 'from the St. Law- Thr- compliance hearing lasted ren ce waterway treaty and an Im- mto-the-small hours of today. ' mlnent dispute over currency in- Cieaners nnrt dyers from almost nation it appears Mr. Roosevelt •ill the states booed and jeered. will be able to hold a majority of while Davis threatened. He vainly; •sought to get the cash-and carry' cleaners to promise code prices in their establishments by tomorrow. Chorles F. Johnston, owner of a both houses this winter against an attack by dissatisfied minorities. Congre-sslonal opinion Is divided on the outcome of the currency inflation drive which will begin at Uif» Wisdom's former co-worker on ranch near Wellington. Kans. UNITE!) SMS Bli/'/.artl General From Rockies to Coast; Alaska lias "Heat w Wave." By United Vma Wlille Alaska experienced an un- usiial "hefit wave," wlntciy lilnMs jweuC over most of the remainder of thc North Ainnrlcnn continent. Fly Safely to Trinidad TORT OP SPAIN, Tilnuliul. Dec. 12 iUI'1-Col anil Mrs. Cliurlcs A. 1 1iHlbci-|;li. living iHJMH'Wiird, arrived lodny from Miinnns, Ilra/ll, iifk'i- » night over ik-iise troplcul Jungles, mountains, mid wild des- ohile territory. Tin 1 Lindberghs landed at 2i27 li. m. I'uslmi .standard lime. MANAOS. Uimll. Dec,. 12 (UP)— Col. ;iml Mrs. Churk'.s A. Lindbergh took off at G:48 u. in. loitay for n iliuiKcroux 300-mile Illghl lo port of Spain, Trlnlclnd, olf thc tons! of Venezuela. snow, sleet, and biib-ycro temperatures. [ Temperatures ranged from 2ft Homeward bound dcgioes uboVs 1 In l!ic Arctic clrc-le.' montlis (lyhiK. the lifter lire the Ice box of the 24 degrees below Lindberghs' r\ 1 .• . w; i • jHeml. N. Y. The blis l/elegatlOIl al Washington [general from.the Rocky Is Seeking Public Works Loan. A dispatch from Washington announced (he arrival In Washington ye.sierday of a delegation from thc St. Francis Levee District lo confer n-itti officials of the Public Works Admlnis.lration in an effort lo secure a $500,000 loan. ' In ihe group were H. N. Pharr Of West Memphis, engineer of ihe district, J. L. Shaver of Wynne, al- torney for the levee board, and E. W. Tschudy of weona, a member of the board. Pharr was quoted as saying that prcsentailon of the levee board's ease would, require several days, "the money they seek, Pharr said, would provide rights of way and local drainage in the district and would be expended In cooperation with the government,, which has allocated public works funds for Hvee construction- and flood con- .Ejol projects valley. . Mountains lo the eustern seaboard. Al lenst 30 deaths were cliarvr-d. lo the storm. Most of Ihe deaths: were In the enslern states which bore Ihe brunt" of Ihe "cold ' wave. Pennsylvania reported' 12 deaths and New York Cltv three. Middle- western- stales reported ten, Many towns In ihe western part of Ihe state of Washington were flooded. Hundreds of families were marooned or forced to tc;ivc their homes and seek shelter In boals. Six persons were reported drowned aid one was missing. : • ' United Stntes meteorologists predicted rising temperatures over western states today but added a second frigid blast would send temperatures tumbling again tonight or tomorrow. High winds which drove a blind- Ing snow over eastern states hampered airplane travel. ______________ , . ..... continent, in j course lay over Junule and nioiin- zero al Oivlsj talti on tliclr wuy to the coast blizzard \ras from this I'.ovt which -is 1.000 miles, up the groat Amazon river. in Ihe Mississippi Yale Gallery Paintings Returned From Chicago NEW HAVEN, conn. Three paintings of the (UP)famous iMrtiiretH .of Cprnef Appointed Supervisor, .:•':,. Announcement - has been made at'Little Rock 'of the -appointment' of Frank Mrnlreth of Poplar Cor--"' dv ner as'supervisor of the'CWA riir-t f ., a'l .sanitation: project In Mississip ' pi county. Mr. Mini! ' Jnrves' Cojlectlon In the Yale Gallery of Fine Arts recently have been returned to New Haven from I Chicago, where they were viewed 'by more than a million people last summer. - • • - . The paintings were loaned to thc Art Institute of- Chicago for the Century of 'Progress Exhibition The pictures arc Antonio Pollaiu- and Nessus," Pierc dy with a Rabbit." panel representation Crap Game's Strain on Negro's Heart Too Much .A heart attack, brougrit on by the excitement of a "crap" game, was blamed 'for lt:e death of n ne- gro on n Burdcttc farm the past week-end. The negro Is said to have been fatally stricken when another ne- gro succeeded In making a "point" tint the former hnd biickeil.' The amount at stake was not revealed The story was told by a farm hand who secured a coffin from an undertaking establishment here for tl:c negro's burlnl. will have charge of a feirde of about'20 or 25 men en-' gaged in installing- sanitory privies at country-school houses and public buildings! Anriopncement has also been made of the extension of the territory of O. Shonyo, county anti- malaria project supervisor lo Include Poinsett countv. About 300 men arc employed cleaning drainage ditches In Mississippi county under the program to destroy .. . , " Daddf Th'e^ar^' Mormon Tradition Proved False by Repairs SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) —The last support, of Ihe tradition. ' ' Resignations of Hevves and Cummings Will Be Given Shortly. WASHINGTON, Dec. 12. (UP)— Purifier reorganl/.ntlon of the treasury department appeared Imminent today with tlu: lmi>cndlng resignations of Assistant Secretary Thomas Hcwcs and Executive Assistant Walter J. cummings. Continuing Ihe drastic shakeup of personnel that beuan when Secretary William Woodln took 1 an .In: definite leave'of absence 1 'a'nd'Un- der Secretary D«in} Aeheson 'fe^. slglied,' 1^ was leSVnrd'f definitely that Ifewcs intended to'present his resignation to President Roosevelt this week. Cummings, an associate of Woo- dln and now chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance corporation, is expected to leave after the first of (ho year to lake over the chairmanship of the Continental Illinois Bank and Trust company of Chicago. Also revealed today was the fact that Acting Secretary Morgenthau has promoted Earl Bailey, former Wall street banker and now his assistant, to the position of second In command of tile treasurj department. ' • Would Permit Neither Saloons Nor Whisky Sales by Ealihg Houses. " • JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Dec 12 (UP)— The Missouri House of representatives. already, -on .record agiilnst return of saloons, cast an overwhelming vote today prohibiting the sale of hard liquor by Hie drink In hotels and cafes. There was no record vote. The dry majority In the lower'' liody slashed out • liberal . provls- Ions of the senate's .control bill by deciding that eating houses cnn sell onlv beer and light wines by the drink with. meals. . . The drys shoilted down a proposal allowing restaurant? and dining rooms to sell beer arid wines wllh an alcoholic content of not more than 12 per..«nt wlthoiit food. • ;S Tlie liquor .bill passed by the scnnte did not restrict hotels and restaurants. Estlug housese would lave hVen free to sell . cockUlls md highballs, • : • ' Urte MMcntte Tai '• WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 .(UP) — Edward q. Loirjr and Joseph Chonte, representatives 'of the ad- nlnislralion 'al thi Joint cohgrts- slonal liquor tin hearing. todav prooosed a whisky levy of around $2.60 a gallon which lowry said would permit retail sale of liquor at $1.50 n quart. Lowry, a member of President Roosevelt's ln''"lipartmental committee on alconoi coptroj aijd. rep- '-' resentallfc of the 'Vrfuviry,' -'in- ' '' ' ' ago, and annually draws hundreds of art students to the Yale gallery that Latter Day mon) Tabernacle Saints' (Mor-' here was built Dirt Slide in Smokies o Buries Three Men Alive fi"", 6 ' held the°Wdilionl'ryears 'that it had been constructed en- entirely without metal nails, was broken when rcmodelers discoverer! n number of sturdy 'hnnrt wrought spikes In the original framework. The building, of world-wide ....„ ,..T- „„..„, "J lns national park today, burying breeding places of malaria car- allve three men In a crew who were rylng mosquitoes in this county. I building- a retaining wall near the Both the rural sanitation and!" sad< ile" at New Found Gap. had been constructed en| tircly without metal. With evcep- .,.„. r> . , ,.. . , , i tlou of ihe one scclion. It was sWe ^ [he GreTsm™"- 0 '"" 15 ' 1 ' 1 '*" eved '° ll0 '" tr " C ' °" d l " C Tenn " Jacksonville. Fla., cleaning plant. 1 12 noon January 3, when Vice- vas typical in his defiance of , president Garner and Speaker navis. He said he could not raise I Roiney »avol the houses to order. his prices on penalty of losing his I _ customers and closing his shop. Second Victim of Georgia Roadhouse Shooting Dies W AYCRoss.~GaT Dec. 12 um ~ A masked gunman who shot up Murray - s roadhouse. claimed " anti-malaria proje'cU are under direction of the state health de- ( ou t of 16 to 18 feet of dirt and rock ear ly this afternoon. Several other partment. May Abandon Right to Intervene in Cuba T, ,,,.„. ,% .n /^r, ^. HAVANA, Dec. 12 (UP)-Presl- Two Cabinet Members in Washington Hospitals -lent nnmon Grau San Martin his second "victim today as Frank snid today that United States Arn- P( . ad ^ member of a prominent bassador Sumncr Welles had ex- 1 famll here dll?d al a Io , a] hos . a disposition to , plt oi from gunshot wounds. English Baglej'. 37, had died a few minutes after the midnight roadhouse attack Sunday night. pressed to him abandon the Platt amendment to| the Cuban constitution which authorizes American armed Intervention In Cuba's affairs. A treaty of friendship and commerce. Qrau said, would replace the Platt amendment If Us aban-! 54 1-4 52 3-8 53 1-2 donment were authorized by the American government.' Closing Stock Price* A. T. and T 120 1-2 Anaconaa Copper 14 3-8 Bethlehem Steel 36 3-* Chrysler 52 Cities Service 17-8 Coca Cola 96 1-2 General American Tank 32 General Electric 20 1-2 General Motors 34 1-4 International Harvester 42 Mlddlewest Utilities 1-8 Montgomery Ward 23 3-4 New York Central 37 Packard 41-8 Phillips Petroleum 167-8 Radio 7 3.4 Simmons Beds 17 1-2 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 1-4 Standard of N. J 46 7-8 Texas Co 26 u. s. si«l ,.;,;;....:.; 47 1-1 London Pastor Invited Governor Quarantined on Ship SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12 (UP) , —Gov. James "Sunny Jim" Rolph i jr., of California found himself In Married in Church an UI "is«al predicament here today mamea in inurcn uhcn he became quai . nntincd tor T /^v,r, T^ \ v. ' chl cken pox aboard the Dollar LONDON (UP)-A new^ scheme n TOr p^dem ^ft, docktd on the for filling his church has been de- San ft(inel!CO wa t er frOnt. vised by a clergyma. nhere. Estimating that more than 10,>0 persons had been married from his church In the last 60 years, the Rev. J. A. Wallace Invited 500 of the couples to a special service. While only about 100 of the $300 Lou in Fire A combination sen-ant house and garage at 1200 Holly street was de couples appeared, the little Church stroyed by fire about eight o'clock of St. George's Chamberwell, was last night. The loss was estimated packed to the doors with a con- at- about WOO. Origin of the fire — ' was unknown. 99 out The property was owned by the of every 100 marriages turn out old Blythcvllle Lumber company happily, nnd it was in support of and the house was part of the resl- thls that he sent out his Invita-Idential property rented to the Floyd (Ions, lltiriett fimily. bodies of the three were du bul]dl r |r cd with treated rawhide ann wooden pegs, Will Organize Fair Association Tomorrow peareo; .before '«ie ' . X .' an^: -»en»U , Ifaknce'- com' ' ' ' ' »r)d J/! ' . niRftes. 'to ' ijxmjft . tloris of the.pft«lli«nt'»"gioup riOl- Ing for .a $2.» Ux, a ,tt^d* ; i»kr- galnlng pollsy on 'imports,"- and sharing of federal liquor revenues ' with states which refrain ' frpfn,^ volume taxes. • . ByrH Expedition Ship Leaves for Antarctica The Mississippi county Fair Association will be organized nt a meeting tomorrow night, at the chamber of commerce office ' In the city hall here. All who have secured stock or will buy stock for purchase of a fairgrounds site before tomorrow night's meeting are members of the association. Almost enough stock has been pledged to mise funds for purchase of the site. WELLINGTON, N; Z.-, Dec.' -13 (UP>—The freighter ; Jamb Rup- ' pert; principai stiip. of-.Rear Ad= miral Richard E. . Byrd's South Polar expedition, sailed; from the spring climate of:New:.Zealand for the Ross se» and the' ice barrier, that covers Antarctica., . - - : . • Byrd hoped : that the Ruppert would overtake on its .way to his base the Bear of Oakland,- o'n which most. members of in* expedition had .sailed previously, and 1 to spend Christmas at his permanent base. Little America, In .the" Bay of Whales. Most of the expedition members were on the Brar The Ruppert has the supplies, Including the twin motored airplane and the. auto- gyro which Byrd plans to use In exploratory polar flights." . Plans 42.000 Font Climb PARIS (UP)-Confidcnt lie cnn I climb to 42,000 feet. Gustave Le- workmen were injured, some seri-! molnc plans making an attempt ously, They were Knoxvllle hospital. brought to WASHINGTON. Dec. 12. (UP) Two members of President Roosevelt's cabinet were In hospitals to- _! Response to Goodiellows Plea Continues to Lag It seems that several hundred lo- Banditt Seize Cash From Michigan Bank BAY CITY. Mich., Dec. 12. (UP) —Three unmasked bandits held up thc west.side branch of the National Bank of Bay City taky, forced employes to lay on the floor, slugged a customer, and fled with $15.204.92 in cash. soon to better his own record of 13.M1 meters. Lemolne. who took the altitude mark away from the Unlled States recently. Us supervising modifications of his plane. cfo STOBYf Illinoix Illinois 17 I i , groups and Individuals and the only cash contribution to the Good- fellows fund is S5 donated by Mrs. A. Conway. who has the honor ot i being the first to give to this worthy ' cause. There Is a certain man and his '" W ^ me ' «*» "*>»& '" . ° r 'Ircutr.slances them" "s worldly go<xis go 0 ado P' a . ^ " y wllh . s ? "^ lhe * m ^ m< ? ^^ s , ome ate tnan themselves. That , 5 lhc sp , r|t ot thc Ooodfcl . I lows and Is the spirit the committee ta sprcad a " over B1 y th evl«e. yon will adopt a family, which , Married Three Times ?' ans « ive a basket ot Christmas nirtrrieu^uree um« |focd and toys (o . lhe ch|ldrcn and gregation of 1.200 others. The vicar believes that HARRISBURO, 111. (UP)-Mrs, Verbal Mace Gray Shanks Dodd, t?,, 17-year-old, has embarked upon her third matrimonial venture! within two years. •! Her marriage to John Dodd tooki place here recently. I When she was 15. she married Ulis Oray of Galatla, 111., who was killed by a train a few days inter. Last year she was married to Charles Shanks but her marriage ^ "j 1 *-* 111 >'°" ca " the courler NQWS - 306 Annulled 13 d»jrs later. Council Meets Tonight The city council will hold its monthly session at the 1 city hall tonight. Only routine business will come before thc body, according to Mayor Cecil Shine. m When the Wise Men spoke, say Inp that they had come to wor smp Him who had been born klni of the Jews, having seen his stai In thc east. Herod was greatlj troubled and all Jerusalem will him. SHOPPING D/WS untJ CHRISTMAS Jupiter Blamed for Attracting Meteors PROVO. Utah (UP)—Leonid me-'! leors have been drawn from their course by Jupiter, preventing its brilliant light being visible on the earth during recent years, as It was In 188W, Prof. Wayne B. Hales explained. Famed Doomesday Book Placed in Prison LONDON (UP) — An English book once was sent to prison. During the war when irreplaceable treasures were hidden from the inennce of air raids, Ihe famous] The head of the meteors was Donmcpday nook of William the [observed 73 miles above the earth Cononeror wns lodged for safety ln|Hales said, when he led a group IBodmin Jail. When the Norman baron became King of England, his first thought was for the comfort of his tax- collectors. 83 he sent out surveyors to ascertain the value of nil parts of the country, and thc data they comnllcd filled two volumes, The populace knew it was a record from which there was no ap- rral, and It Is believed that from this fact it derived the popular, or rnlher unpopular, name of Doomesdny. of students at the observatory, together with Dr. J. J. Hayes, of th6 University of Utah, who made na- ' lional recordings. The velocity of the meteors was 27 miles per second, and the course approximate-' ly 62 miles In length. Pennsylvania Liquor Stores to Carry Big Stock HARR1SBURO, Pa. (UP) — Pennsylvania's new stale controlled liquor stores must procure any brand of Intoxicant the public asks for—In large or small quantilles, under the new act creating the stores. The state Is to have about 300 such stores. The stores will be open from 9 a. m. dally except Sundav. lo 9 p. in. They will not be pcrmlltcd to advertise, nor will they be allowed to display their wares In the windows. Customers will not be permitted to drink their purchases within Hie stoves: in fact, they will not even be permitted to "sniff" II. because the law slates specifically that the cork must not be drawn on the Demises, Family Makej Habit Of Being Treasurers LOWELL, MasJ. (UP)—The Carney family has provided the Lowell Institution for Savings with its • treasurers since, 1829. James Q. Cirney served as treasurer from that year until 1869. His son. George J. Carney, served from 1809 until 1906. • • The laller's son, Edward B. Car- ' ney, has served as treasurer since that time. ; WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, local fihow«ra In cast, slightly colder in extreme south and west central portions to- ' nlpht. Wednesday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy tonltrtit and tomorrow. Occasional rains tonight. - -: The maximum temperalure here yesterday was «, minimum 36, clear, according to Samuel P, Morris, official'wtatner

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