The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1943
Page 3
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,LE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOI.UMK 1—NO. 205.,LK, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, APKII, 13, )!)•!:? THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dnlly except Sundays in tile interest ot tile personnel 'of the Army Air Forces Advanced ivo Engine Flyl"B . School of Blythevlllc, by t li e • Blythevlllc Courier News. It contains the news o( the Air Base. Swamp Glider This odd-looking bont, powered by an airplane propeller and steered by a wind rudder, is used by the Army for rescues of piano crash victims in swampy areas. ' ' Tokyo's "Photo Joe" Has Made His Last Picture Of U. S. Base They're Really Swell When A Guy's In Trouble, Soldier Learns SUBSCRIPTION RATES "ON REQUEST . Plane in a Plane A soldier at the Hlytheville Army Air Field is still scratching his head over his experiences with two guards at the West Gale Sunday. MP's and guards are the meanest,, toughest critters in the Army; everybody knows that. So, it was with trepidation that he approached the gale. "Uh, Cor|K>ml," he said nervously to one of the guards. "Is the whole Meld restricted today?" "Darned if I know, soldier. We haven't been aule to find out." "Well, my first sergeant Just cot 11 call thin, my wife lias an attack of appendicitis and they want me | In come home, lie gave me a pass and (old me thnl If you fellows didn'l want to |cl me out of the yate lo have you call him and he'd verify H." "Say, that's loo bad— about your wife I mean," said one of the guards. "Ix>id, yes; you can leave the post." The two sentinels waited with the soldier for the has to appear, holding 1 forth 'at length on the subject of. how safe appendicitis operations arc nowadays. When the bus arrived they put the soldier on it and both of Ihem chorused solicitously, "We hope she's a lot belter bv the time vou get there, ' BOMBAY. India, April 13 (U.P.) —The shutter has clicked for "Photo Joe" of Tokyo. "Kioto Joe" had the bad sense to make a-group of American airmen "mad". He used to sneer at tliein while (nklng reconnaissance' pictures at a safe height over the American base at Assam.. The fliers finally had enough, So they stripped a P-40 of nearly everything but motors and guns. Then Lieutenant Charles Slreit, of Newburgh, New York, took it up and put a burst of bullets into "Photo Joe" and he crashed in flames. For a!long time "Photo Joe" had been tormenting the Americans. He would .circle the base around 2ft,- 000' feel, smugly 'confident that, be was beyond the P-40's range. As he snapped his pictures, he jibeil the Americans in perfectly good English over bis radio, which was tuned to the same frequency as the air base receiver. "Never mind boys." he.would say, "slay on the ground where you-belong." ...•• Unwilling to bearthe taunts any longer, the Americans decided to use their ingenuity. That was'when they stripped the P-40 so it- would be fasl enough ah'd get sufficient altitude before Photo Joe of Tokyo could jjel out of range. And yesterday.he returned. Lieutenant, Streit was up In a flash In bis stream-lined ship. He got the surprised enemy • In his sighls. Then he pulled the trigger. Photo Joe, suffice to say, didn't have time to take any more pictures. For in a moment he and his crew were hurtling downward. They plunged into the swamps of Assam—digging their own grave. \ The bus driver, an old Army man, gaped at the - courteous juards. "I'm seeing it bul I'ni not jelievlng It," he told the fioldier. Policing The Grounds Staff Sergt. Prue J. Moore, slip- ply sergeant of the cadet detachment returned from furlough Monday and reported that he -was still very much a bachelor. Staff Sergt. Eddie Riddle's contention that P. J. was going home to get married is hereby discredited and discounted. Hitch-FJikers •» ~*- -> J 01' The Air Need Only tin i form INDIANAPOLIS (U.P.) — Stout Field believes it is holding a preview of things to come since the headquarters of the First Troop Carrier Command has become the air hitch-hiking hub of the country. Right now. only soldiers, sailors. Waves. Wanes or other persons wearing the official uniform of the U. S. military forces can lake advantage of the service. But. after the war when helEocoptcrs slop and pick u]) neighbors on their way Id work, they will be experienced hands at thumbing the aerial streets. Maj. Edward J. Walz, a veteran pilot of 2,oOS hours, is the chief of operations at Stonl Field. He said .that every day the benches at the •' office are filled with men and~wom- cn seeking free aerial transportation. Have 75 Some Days "Not a day passes bul that v,e have soine aerial hitch-hikers," he .said. "Some days we have a;> immy as 75 going to all sections of the country." He explained that anybod'y in military.; service is allowed to pick up a free lidc if they are on pass, furlough 01' leave. They fill out a form and show their pass or furlough papers. There is one expense involved, however. Tile hitch-hiker must agree to return, prepaid, the parachute issued to him. Major Wai? .said there hasn't been a loss yet. Officers said that it gives them a "bang 1 ' to do something for some of Ibc youngsters thai turn up at the station. There wks one homesick lad. from California, they re- called, wh'o showed up at Ihe field -(.;.,*- ^Y '" •*"- *ii"»-".'... . i» vith a three-day pass. Iliid :i(i Hours Home He thumbed his way to his home it Los Angeles and was able to ipend a day and a half of his three lays there. Then there was the private who wanted to go to New York. He ar- ivecl at the field just, as Col. W. B. A'liitncrc was at the end of the runway in a cargo plane waiting control or a go-ahead from the tower. "I telephoned the radio lower •mcl asked them to ask the colonel f it would be all right for this boy .0 go along. The colonel said to hurry him oul there in a jeep and 11 minute later the boy was on his way io New York." The Field though, isn't anxious for the tiling to go too far. No reservations, Ibcy say.' It's a strictly hil-and-miss proposilion. If you're lucky and find a plane heading in Ihe same direction, an ( | Ihe pilot agrees to take you, climb aboard. Enlisted Men ToTStart Course On Link Trainers Four enlisted men 01 the Blytheville Army Air Field left yes- Staff scrgt. Sol LipschiU of the norning re|X>rl section at Head uarters wrote lo a, friend, Miss Diana Pollock of Detroil, Mich, omc time ago and lold her that lire quadron had a phonograph ma- hine but few modern records. Miss 'ollock took the matter up with icr club. They delved into the uluts, and now there arc a dozen iew recordings in the 32Gth Squad- on day-room. The toys ot the 2Sth say: "Thank you, Miss Polock." • Chamite Field, take n course In icrdny for where Ihey link trainer instruction. They arc: Corp. Edward O. Ferguson and Pfc. Uan P. Marlar. 25th Training Group; Pfc. Henry G. Brown, 2Gth Training Group and 1'fc. Lewis E. Daniels, 32Cth Squadron. Link trainers are ground planes used by cadets to learn instrument flying to supplemenl aclual experience in the air. A certain amount of link trainer hours are required of each cadet during his training period. Upon successful completion oMhe course the four enlisted men will be assigned as link trainer instructors. FUNNY BUSINESS , Tile post gymnasium is alive with etivity as classifiers from head- narlers of the Southeast Training enter are interviewing: all enlisted nen In order lo reclassify them 'he Army wants every man to do lie type of work he is tost suitec or. Diovnci- Sl;\rs On Mound As Allilclic Department Wins 11 lo 0 Corp. Corn-nil u[i>iH-r pitched n mi-hit nii-nin itnine Hnlurday to t;tvi' llu> AiliMlc Department soft- bnll lemn un ll-o victory over the 7U2nd .sipuid He nlkiwed only one man on liiise. tlie ivsilll ol u wnlk, und raiisi'd nui^l of the oinos!|i r hiillers lo |>o|i out to the Intleld- er.s. Lieut. M. J. AiigMI. junior physl- t'lil (Ilieelur, wns the Allik'tlc I3c- pui'lnielli's sli'm 1 t;un [it but. Hi- (jot lour hit:, out ol four times nl but and slurred In the field, clmplnhi (leiuld llotimi vviis umpire, Lineups for the two tennis were: Alhk'tlf l)t'|Jiu tiuent 'J(i2ivd Annell l!nd Hnnnuoriikl c West 3nl Ityun :nd Aduins e Ileinilon s» McWhorler 1st llolko and TnfolKi—<i.s Swi'Ueniiin 1st Dlrner p Norumml si Sl;ilj|c[ ef liardhilt If Morrison If Tneker p Gurvlsim Kf , MeOiillii rf McKlroy rf Ullfford rl Hurley rf O'Dwyer '.trd With wings taltcn oft and tied beneath the transport, tills Urttlsh. IMO Warhawk Ills snugly Inside u i;i;nii Douglas C-'ll Sytrain somewhere in Africa, The 1MO was being ilovvn lo a base for repairs. i'osl Dance Orchestra Will Play For Affair At Armory Saturday All Jack i [•'lying work and nol play makes dull boy," so the TOlth Training' Squiidrou Is throwing a party Saturday nlglit. Members of the organization will take their dnte or \vife lo tlic Armory for itnclng. games, u buffet supper and rclieslimenls. Members of other squadrons v;on't toe tolerated, but si good looking girl will find a welcome mat spread for her benefit. And all Community Service Corp. 1 ; girls have nil open invitation to make sonic squadron member happier by appearing for a dunce with him. Music will be furnished by the dance orchestra of the 351st Army Air Forces Band. Composed of l!i musicians, this organization will play especially arranged inumbers Capt. Myron C. lialch is squadron commander of the 70'lLh, am! Joseph Nicmlemus Is first Sergt,. Prank G. Domin has taken iver the duties of nssistant-man- igcr of the post theater, replacing Master Sergt. Tulon Harris, headquarters -sergeant-major, whose duties at Headquarters are taking p all of his time. "I wrote an article about, "The tVhite Sands of New Mexico," observed Warrant Officer Peter J. Warnksa, "and suggested that the Army could train ski troops there because yon can ski on that (land. And now, darned if the Army isn'l doing it." Army's Cooks Practice With Dehydrated Foods CAMP EDWARDS, Mass. (UP) — Vitamin-conscious Army cooks are learning how to feed their mates by using dehydrated foods. A special course designed to solve overseas cooking problems lias been instituted at the camp's bakers and cooks' school. The Army's future cooks find that space-saving dehydrated foods often mean the difference between" well-fed troops and soldiers snb- sisling on meager rations under baltlc conditions. Dehydrated food training has tailghl them lhal regular Army food rations weigh one pound instead of the usual 5. Cases of eggs which used to weigh 5G pounds now can be packed one- third the space nnd weigh only 10 pounds. Veteran Woman Jumper Bosses 'Chute Repairing WEYMOUTH.'MSSS. <UP> — A veteran sky - jumper and woman baloonist — with more than 500 leaps lo her credit — is the chic parachute repairer nl the Navy's South Wcymoulh ligliter-than-aii station. Slight, gray-haired, CO- ycar-oh Mrs. Joseph M. Haddock made he: first leap in 1905 when 'chute were being made of cotton and aerial barnstormers were the fea lure of county fairs. 'Another near, miss for Jones on catching the 8:15!"'"" Complete Stoek Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drug St«r« Main & Jake Phone 2822 The daily oil-carrying capacity of Four Flying Instructors Promoted Four flying lieen promoted Instructor)) have from second to first lieutenant, It was announced Officers Club 'Captured' By Rangers in Mock Raid A u. a. PACIFIC HASK mi 1 )— 10 officers' club nl Ihls Islnml bnsr \v»s tuitltlenly mill im- by Col. Kurt 1-andon. com- in Texas-Illinois pipeline. ider construction, will! the .pacily ol 1.-I30 swcrnec tank cms. . manding officer of the lilylhcvllle Army Air Field. "l-leut K, C. McCulloinjh Is n 1037 graduate of IMg Springs, Tex., High .School and attended llavdln- Simmons University, lie received his wbijis and commission April iM and has been stationed at lllythe- vllle since July. I.leul. William C. Randolph .In, formerly resided In Renton, I'u., and Is a 1(1-11 graduate of Grove City College. He received his wings and commission Sept. G. Lieut. John E. Kylandcr, u former Amcrlcus, On., resident, graduated from Americas High School and attended Emory University two years before being accepted as an aviation cadet. He was commissioned Sept. U. Ueul. Max E. Wolfson made his home in Buffalo, N, Y., before en- Icrlne the service. He Is a graduate of Ijiyfayctte lllyh School and attended Buffalo Stale Teachers College. He received Ids wings and commission Sept. 0, and 1ms been expL'cli'dly with tear |uis. Some '.!i)l men, auitjlil uniiwni'es, uvopcd f<u their IJHS musks, while u few nmsked men moved swiftly throng) the building lo cnl off liny jiosslbk ini'iinr; of'U|>e. Wllliln n lew ininiiles, olliei mu.skeil men hncl sei/ed control of rush registers. Ihe sodn Immliili und officers' supplies. The vicllim siincmlcrcd. Tlie club had beet "ciipliirccl". "Ami Dint." 1,1. Col. Francis D'HIisciis of New York said whci (be BUS lind cleared, "demonstrate wind Hie element oi surprise cm accomplish." Colonel n'Rllscits und Yl of hi U. S. Army Hunger:, luul "cup- Uired' 1 tlie entire officers' cluli und is 200 members. The colonel stns- cd Die mock, raid tis pnrl of n renl- sllc training program for his lungers, the Army's crack coinuul roopy. Chinese 7 Checksrsj'fbr'jQp PrlsbrierS IMIr of Jnp prisoners prescnl a p,nm!o\ or wai nlnvlne rhtn*i* ! _^!!1 ^.l".!!'.™ ™ .''>'!> icnv Inr South Pncifie wnr mil• > now u flying insiruclor blncn October. Hold Everything nl lilythevillc Army Clears Highways Of Nails With Magnets ROMULUS. N. Y. (Ul'l — W. Q. Arthur U. Klltotl lias solved the puncture problem here nl the Seneca Ordnance, depot by having a road magnet take thousands of nails off the highway!) on the gov- ernmcnt reservation. The first two days the mugnet was put to use tl picked up 700 pounds of nails. These wore pulled out, of crates In the unpacking of sunjjlics thai arrived at the depot. Previously, punctures from nails ranged as high as DO a day. Now they arc almost nil, said Colonel Elliott. A proportionate saving In tires has resulted. Says Allies Have Hest rtancH in War Women Donah 4 Iris To Plain At. Post Chapel Ills rnol.'i have plnnled ill (lie I'osl Cliupel, ul ciulol lloudriuar lers niul In the I'osl Operations Aren, over on the. flight line. They worn contributed Mrs. U/,- zcll S. Hmiison, 1000 West Mnln Silent, mid Mrs. T. W. Jeffrii-, \:m West Chlckasiuvbii Slnel when Ihey thinned oiil the Iris beds. They notified Mrs, llou Aditins, receptionist nl Posl llend- quiuicrfi, who luul n truck stoo und pick thorn up. There's lots of room about lliu grounds for plants, shrubs, Ireos and other nrowlnn ureen things, ami nnyoiii! who bus frame left over mid wlio Is willing to let the Dly- tliL'vllle Army Air Field have them will gel prompt, action by lelcplionlni: Mr.n. Adnms—Ml, Kxlen- slon :i(JO. I Uy prevcnlhiK inii'chnsers ot new eleclrlc motors from bnyluy motors with more horsepower thnn Ibelr work, requires, the uovernmcnl will save nboia ir> million pounds ot copper, riS.OOO tons of cnrbon .steel niul irill.OCl) pounds of stulnk'ss sleel iimniLilly. A campaign for reconditioning mil rc-itsln;; old cotton kale ties Is .vpoclcd to .save 10.000 tonr'ir Mccl. flcatl Courier News Want Adi,' LOS ANCIE1.RS, April 13 (U.1M •Cllenn L. Martin, the chairman of the FInsl Coast Aircraft War Production Council, nays tins Axis' 'Doesn't, have a single plane that doesn't have Its master on the Allied side." Said Martin: "Axis planes have failed lo keep up with ours. We have out-Invented them and arc drawing farlher ahead of them all the time." Mnrlm also lold a news conference lhat the postwar world would be policed by air and suggested thai the Allies decide the distribution of air routes by conferences. 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General ftlotors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY H'dwajr & Walnut Ph. 533 "Gosh. Maw—sec how funny 1 look in this trick mirror!" Any Shoe Can I!c REPAIRED If the uppers are still good. Rring them to us for quality work. HALTER'S Quality Shot Shop 121 W. Main Ph. 2732 F L 0 W E R S Say it licst 'At Easter H wouldn't lie Easter wllhoul Flowers. Vlaec your Easter orders curly for£cs of Orchids, Itoses, Gardrnins, Spring Mowers anil I'lanls. We arc prepared lo serve you In Hlylhcvlllc or cities —we telegraph Flowers anywhere. BEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP ZOO Davis Avc. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest. Stock (iimrunloed Host 1'riccs Kirby Drug Stores Just 4 Miles To The Try our "Own Mnilc" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Across from Illnli School State Line Service Station SAYi: on I'hilllp, (Juillly OM»line ,t Oil. rrcunpt, Courteottj Service. Operated by Mn. H. t. Kcvnolds, . , OPERATING HOURS; Knr A-I5-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 1) A.M."to I'.M. AU; WEEK DAYS i) A.M. to 12 Noon ' .1 I'.iM. to 8 I'.M. FITTED HY Doctors J. L. and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 1922 SPECIAL Complete Motor Tune-up $3.35 Includes cleaning and spacing of spark plugs, adjusting and cleaning of carburetor, distributor, and fuel pump. COMPLETE STOCK OF CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5lh & Walnut Phone 453 BPTICRL STORE 200 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Headquarters For WASHING and POLISHING Clean Your Car Up For Spring! MMM 171 '('ho Modern lee llox COOUWATOR For Kcojtoniy niul Service. Tom Little Hwde> Co. Plionf 51S SMALL LOAN'8 On Anjthlnjc rf Vulir. East Main Loan Co. SOG F. Main — I'lione 26«» . S. Webb; Cilics Service Station {Hivy. lil ul Cndnn Belt Tracks) Phone 921 We Fix- rials Waslihig ,t Greasing Our Specialty WE 1'JLI, ALL DOOTOBV PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONKT STEWART'S Drug Store Slain & I,nke 1'hone ZSZt EnsLer Flowers! I'lacc Telegraph Orders Now. Cnrsagcft of every description. THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY ANYWHERE GI.ENCOE HOTEL Bl.DO. rliouc 491 — Nile 1'hono 20 10 FIRESTONE Silll Makes tbe : ' BEST TIRES! firing Us Your Certificate*— RECAP JOBS Sent In To Memphh Factory. 1'rompt Senlcc. THE FIRESTONE STORE 219 W. Main HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in cleaning uniforms. Buttons carefully handled—Pleats and crease* hand finished—2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "THE RELIAHLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, novelUn, clc., in Blytlicville than nt Robinson's. Latest Magazine*—Poun- inln service—sandwlcheal ' Service Men! Meet Your Friends at Robinion'i!

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