Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 8, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 8, 1891
Page 5
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•••••i^^^"* :— If you have a cold Call ana get a sample bottle or Pineapple .Cough Syrup, at We have replenished our stock of ... Modern Cooking Utensils, And, you .will now be able to find a com- ; plete assortment at The Grand Bazaar, ; 307, 4th St. Stop in, if Only to Look. i F REE HADING ROOM, t'-i ---.'- .-. f Pi. Open Daily and Evening, 821 Pearl Street. '- Welcome to All. MONEY TO LOAN, n MIT rcm»t the LOWEST rates. Private fniC only. :Money alwuye IE hand. No red tape or-dt UT. Interest and principal payable in.Logant oort. Bpoolal «rrangement8 &B 'o.PW™"" c SSilpalandlntereB^roadeto .nit the irtfcwo borrower. For tnrther parttoolarB apply to Fred W.. Munson, On .Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourt: street, opposite Court Hoose. at Clark's MONEY, general, imrar&nce and Loan*. All klnd«oi In mranoe pl&o«d In first claim companies. Endow mmt policies purchased, Bonds of snfetyai.. "dtt«T«or parties holding pontttena of mm •i»r» a bond IB reqairad. 819 PEARJL ST. S. M. Closson MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over 125 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO.B.FORGY. ;Daily Journal. -SUNDAY MORNING.-FEB. 8. •-':"•-'• Continuous gum work., at ClarkS "Dental office. Otto's great reduction sale will con . tirrae all week: '.' ....... . : ... ;,'•'',: Something new in dental arts at ••Clark;s : Dental office. Monday! bargain day in dress goods department.—Golden Rule. Old roots'crowned and made as good - as new, at Clark's Dental office. -The Lotus Club will give their next regular dance on Tuesday, February 10th. If yo'u are a judge of goods, you must appreciate Otto's wonderful bargains. Carpets, mattings and draperies: now is the time to buy, and the place H. Wiler & Co. Teeth without plates, Cental office. The finest gold llHings ental office. Satin striped open front shirts, 75 ents, at Otto's. Ed Bemis, the popular Cincinnati •drummer" is in the city. Embroideries in elegant and fine esiging, at Patterson's, the Haber- .asher. Dr. Warner's fast black and natural vool sanitary underwear, $2, at Otto's. Iheap at $3. It will do you good co see the elegant Hamburg and Sainsook embroideries, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. Fifty cents will buy 42 and 44-inch ill wool.dress goods that will cost you ;l any place, but at the Goldan Rule. Put a few dolUrs in your purse to nvest in a dress at the Golden Rule Monday, as you will surely want to buy. Read our advertisemedt then come and be convinced that as usual we do ustwhat we advertise.—Schmitt & Heffley. Bring your girls to the Bee Hive tomorrow and let Mr. Altman fit them with a new spring garment for the coming- season. I will \iurse all diseases. Calls promptly attended; five minutes walk from, postoffice.—Johanna Strauer, 211 Seventh-street. Patterson, the Haberdasher, will have a neckwear sale in a few days that will be interesting to men who like nice neckwear. Miss Mable Dunn, of Los Angeles, Cal., is visiting in the city, the guest of her grandmother, Mrs. E. T. Stev. ens, on the West Side. Jess Standford and Will Whitehead who have been working'-on the new Catholic college at Rensselaer, returned home yesterday. Great line of new dress goods and black dress goods as usual, the finest lifie in the State, and prices the lowest. See the new weaves at the . Trade Palace. The teachers of Washington township held their monthly institute at Walton yesterday. County Superintendent Searight presided over the institute. j May be your bed-rooms and halls or \kitchenaredingy. If this may be the case, go to H. Wiler & Co. and ; leave your order for papering. Special prices now while our men are not employed. •• Mrs. H. H. Owston returned yesterday from Connorsville, where she had been for the past two weeks at the bedside of her aged father, Mr. Thos. Burton, whose condition is not much improved. The blaze .which alarmed the fire department Friday evening: and caused a run until it was seen that the lire was beyond the city limits, was a barn burning on the farm of Thomas Louderback a mile north of the col-, lege. The fire .was started by a lantern being upset. The barn was burned to the ground. . The ladies of the Reading Room Association have already entered upon the work of selling tickets for the opera "Chimes of Normany." Tickets are also being sold at the reading room. Remember this charming opera is to be. presented at Dolan's Opera House, March 3d and 3d, in the interest of the free reading room. G^reencastle Banner: Dr. H. D. Hattery, one of the leading physicians of Logansport, Ind., is in the .city.to- day making arrangements for his daughter, Miss -Uba S. Hattery to enter DePauw University.- Miss Hattery comes with an honorary degree Gny John KiiimoiiK of SHeldon and Hi* MiKtreMK Iiitcrrnptcd in Their Di/.xr swirl. Yesterday morning when the 2:05 Wabash passenger, pulled up at the station at Office!- John Mugg of La- , fayette and John':Lyons, the representative of.aj Louisville whisky house stepped off. They approached Officer Cronin and stated that they were after one John Emmons ana a female with whom he had eloped named Maggie Clark; that' the pah- were thought to be in Logansport and that Emmons was . wanted about $142 worth. Emmons was a Sheldon saloon keeper who lately sold his business realizing about §3,000 and then deserting his wife and two' v children eloped with frail Maggie Clark a Sheldon woman. Tho- eloping saloonist owed the Louisville house $14:2, and as he was known to have taken the proceeds of his sale with him the creditors wanted a settlement if any of the lucre had escaped the clutches of the siren who accompanied him on his rounds. Lyons had tracked them to Chicago thence to Lafayette, arriving there just after they had departed presumably for this city. At Lafay- ette.Emmons had been held by a creditor until he planked down $500 to settle a liquor bill, and the nasty pair were also fined there on two or three counts for frequenting houses of ill- repute, the fines aggregating about $75. Officer Cronin and Mugg and Lyons came down town and with the assistance of Officer Owston search was begun for. the pair. A search of the hotels failed to reveal any such arrivals and knowing the habits of the pair a search of the bawdy houses was begun. Armed with a warrant which was issued by Deputy Prosecutor Mahoney whose peaceful slumbers were rudely disturbed that the same might be procured, the officers proceeded on their quest and finally located the pair in Maggie Clayton's place on North street. Arrests followed and upon the appearance of the pair before His Honor a few hours later the claim was settled to the satisfaction of the Kentucky party as was also a round fine for being caught in such a bad place. Emmons and his companion departed at 8:30 for Sheldon with «ome $1,500 still in their possession. It is understood that the wronged and deserted wife at Sheldon has. begun a suit for divorce from her dirty brute of a husband who is apparently infatuated with the woman he is escorting over the country and who declared-to an officer yesterday that she would keep him under the influence of her charms until his money was all gone, which at the rate of the past week will not be long. The pair had been at the Clayton house for two days and it is said were trying to buy the same. "The Klii£'FS Fooi" to be. PreKentcd i Next, Friday NlSlit.: 4-JiiM O'Ncil OoniliiS—The. Mail. 1 ' "•Limited :-: CALL AND SEE ME :-: Harry G. Tucker, ALUM BAKES'G POWDERS. A. Lint oi'those most prominently Sol(?. The following are.the names of some of the baking powders given by the authorities as being made from alum: Calumet, Kenton, Silver Star, Forest City, One Spoon. Patapsco. Empire. Gold. Veteran, A. & P, , Ne Plus Ultra, Eureka, International, Golden Sheaf, Burnett's- Perfect. State, Silver King, Crystal, •Mr. Chas. E. Dowe, .'representing Conried's Comic jOpera company was in the city yesterday making arrangements with Manager Dolan for the appearance of the company here next Friday evening. Said ML;. Dowe to thle Journal yesterday. " 'The King's Fool,' a romantic opera by • Adolph Mueller, will be presented. This opera, I believe, is new to Logansport play-goers, but it has been produced in Chicago, Indianapolis and many other cities throughout the country. The opera is fully up to the Viennese standard and possesses the merit of novelty, originality and picturesqueness. A feature, incidental only, to the portrayal of the story is introduced. It is a fencing contest between six pretty girls who handle foils skillfully and whom we .carry especially for the exhibition. ' 'My Love is Fair Columbia" and "These Words no Shakespeare Wrote" are iwo of the vocal gems of the opera which is of the genuine comic opera style." • 'Yes our company is a big and expensive one, composed of sixty capable singers and an orchestra. It costs a good deal .of money weekly to take such a large organization around the country, especially where railroads, that will give no' reduced fares, have Dto be used. The Rock Island'and C. B. & Q. are very stiff and in one instance the past week we went out of our way sixty miles to avoid using one of them and notwithstanding the extra travel of the detour we saved money. The T. P. & W. is inclined to make fares reasonable as far as consistent with its rules and regulations." THE LIMITED MAIL Elmer E. Vance's great spectacular production to be presented at the opera house again next Wednesday evening needs no introduction to Logansport theater goers.' It established itself upon its initial presentation and has had a phenomenal success this season. It was here early in the season, but a return date'will secure for it an increased house and already a packed house is assured. Mr. Vance, it is said. has made more money on his play this season than ever any management made on any play during its flrst season. The play is up with the times, appeals closely to an au Hence and contains elements of interest never before portrayed on a stage, while the' company Mr. Vance has secured for his great play is capable and praiseworthy to a person. Miss Florence .Brindiey and Master Harry : Blaney are exceedingly well supported and the stage settings, mechanical and electrical effects . are supurb. Watch for "The Limited Mail." JAMES O'NEIX. COMING. Manager Dolan has among other excellent attractions for the, near future, the pleasure of announcing the engagement of the eminent James O'Neil for March 6. James O'Neil's "Monte Christo" is known to every one. . His new play "The Dead Heart" gives him equal facilities for the portrayal of all his great powers and his engagement is heralded with delight- The Pearl Street Tailor. LADIES' warm Slippers and Shoes. CHILDREN'S Warm House Slippers. WALKER& RADCH, 42O Broadway. SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods; Slaughtered and Cured,£*W. C. ROUTE, Logansport Ind. For Sale Cl>v Leading- Dealers. Call on the New Druggist And become acquainted with his manner of doing- business. Respectfully H. C. PURCELL No. 418 Market, Near Pearl St. Cook's Favorite, Centennial, Sun Flower, Buckeye, Crown, Wheeler's Gem, Scioto, . ...There are Gem'. Windsor. Sovereign. Daisy, 1 Zepp's Grape Crystal, Feather Weight, doubtless -many other " The Golden Rule is offering dress- goods for SO cents, worth an even dollar of any one's money 'For .sale at a bargain, _a splendid large young horse. See him at once, at Ear! Stewart's stables. It'cost nothing to look, our new ...stock of carpets and draperies is now complete.—H. Wiler & Co, , Ladies, our shoe .department will have something that will interest you outside Of published price list—Otto Kraus. Skeptics are invited toj call and ^be convinced that what we state in our advertisement- is a fact.—Schmitt & Heffley. • Stop a moment in passing Otto's mammoth store Monday, every available inch of" space will be covered with attractive1>argains. from the Logansport High School and enters the Freshmen class. She rooms with H. S. Beals on Jackson'street. -..Mr. George H.'Button, sr. .the well known retired Pan Handle baggage-, man suffered a stroke'of paralysis yesterday about one o'clock and his condition is considered critical. He was out in the yard at the rear of his residence 419 Market street when tne stroke came and he fell to the ground. He was carried to bed and a physician summoned but at mid-night bis. condition was not improved. Thenaralysis effects his left side and he lies powerless to move, but able to talk. This is his second stroke, he having suffered a similar attack a little more more than a year ago and the consequences of this attack are greatly feared. Mrs. Button is at New Orleans visiting her son and she telegraphed lor. brand's.of alum baking powder besides those so far examined and. named by the authorities. Most of'.the baking- powder sold in bulk,.by .weight, and all sold with a .-gift• o.r present, are of this description. • . .... Prof. H. .A. Mott, .United States Government Chemist, says: '.'In my opinion the use of alum as ,a constituent ofa-baking powder should be prohibited by law." Huxbaiid and Wife Have more than once been saved by the timely usevof Kemp's Balsam for the throat and'.lungs,' after all Other remedies have been tried in . vain. The Balsam stops decay ..of the lungs and cures influenza and . acute and chronic coughs. There .'"is no other medicine in the world that acts so promptly,, certainly none that does its work so thoroughly as Kemp's balsam. All druggists sell-it.' Large bottles 50c. and$l.. ________ eod Diphtheria. ' In a severe case,, there is but one thing to do, get the nearest physician, but how much better it 'would be to prevent a severe.case by having Pineapple Syrup in the. house; it will do the work. Try it. For sale by J. F- Coulson. ^ , toU Noilec. If J. E. Sutton wishes to communicate with the Trades Assembly he should address the Secretary, Fredrick Bismarck, 404 Broadway. Broadway Mcthodlut Revival. The long service last night was followed by-an .experience meeting in which a large number took-.«part and as many more signified their williug- ness to testify, if the opportunity had been given. This, .testimony service was proceeded by an earnest talk from Rev. Swadener and iaterspersed with remarks by him and a. couple of solos sung by J. C. Bridge.' Th'is'-;morning there \vill be . class meeting at 9 o'clock, Sabbath school at ten, and preaching by Mr. Swadener at 11 o'clock. "This afternoon at 2:30 there wlllbe-a grand jubilee service, and at6 o'clock Young People's meeting followed at 7 with preaching by Rev. M- Swadener. Everybody invited. A«k Your Friends Who have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla what they think of it, and the replies will be positive in its favor. One has been cured of indigestion and dyspepsia, and another finds it indispensable for sick headache, others report remarkable cures otscrofula, salt rheum, etc. •• Truly, the best advertising which Hood's Sarsaparilla -receives is the hearty endorsement of its array of friends. • 6 " Worth Hundreds of Dollars. My Wife used only two bottles of . "Mother's Jriend" before' her. third continment She , would not be without it for hundreds of dollari Had not half as-much, trouble as before. Dock Miles, Lincoln Parish, La. , Write The Bradfield Regulator Co,,""Atlanta, Ga,, for particulars. SoldUby Ben Fisher. to 8 At tlie ChureHex To-day. Regular services will be conducted at the Ninth street Christian church by Rev. S. W. Brown, at the usual hours both morning and evening. Beginning Sabbath, 8th inst., at 11 a. m., protracted gospel meetings will be held at the Cumberland Presbyterian church on West Broadway. AU invited to attend these services. ; At the First Presbyterian church this morning Pastor Putnam's subject will be "Not Making Haste." In the evening his subject will be, ' 'What is Salvation?" All made welcome. At the .Universalist. church this morning at 10:30 the Christian Scientists will hold services, and immediately after the sermon, Bible lessons. A cordial greeting to all who attend. The interest in the revival at Wheatlan'd street M. E. church is un- | abated. Five'united with the church) on Friday night. Services to-day at| 10:30 a.m.,.and 7 p. .m. The public j cordially invited. : , I At the; English Lutheran -church.!, this morning, Pastor McMackin will j have for bis subject -'Is Christianity ' B. failure-?" At 7 p. m. the subject of, the sermon will be "A Disastrous Sac- , cess." Y. P. S. C. E. at 6 p. m.:c;U- achetical class at 3 p. m. To all these ; services the public are .cordially in- j vited. ' • . Services'jin the Baptist church today at 10:80 a, m and 7 p. m. Young People's meeting at 6:15. PreachiLg by the pastor, Rev. W. H. Marsh. Morning subject, "Let the Dead Bury Their Dead." Evening subject, "The Duty of publicly confessing Christ." .There will be special services in the Baptist church on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings -of this week. Preaching each evening by the pastor. Hai>j>y Hoorfer*. ' Win. Timmons, Postmaster of. vine, Ind., writes:' "Electric Bitter has done more for me than all othcrg medicines combined, fpr that bad fe ing arising from. Kidney and Liv trouble." John Leslie, farmer andj stockman of same place, says: "Fin4| Electric Bitters to be the best Kidiiej and Liver medicine, made me fee! a new man." J. W. Gardner, hard* ware merchant, same town, s~ay8| Electric Bitters is just the thing for..' man who is all-run' down and - don't! care whether he lives or dies; found new strength, good appetite .an? felt just like he had a new lease oa life. Only 20c. - a . bottle, at L B. Keesling's Drug Store. to Gratifying 10 All. The high position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs, a-s the most excellent laxative known, illustrate the value of the qualities on which its success is based and are abundantly gratifying- . to the California Fig Syrup Company. • , How about your sitting-room and dining-room" Vo feel confident that with our new stock of wall paper at prices that will sell on sight, we can please you. — H. Wiler & Co. Both the method and results whe, Syrap of Figs is taken fit is-pleasail and refreshing to the taste, and-ac' gently yet promptly on the EMne;y Liver and Bowels, cleanses O the t™ tem effectually, dispels colds, he aches and fevers and cures habit constipation. Syrup of Figs"is u only remedy of its kind ever"pr duced, pleasing to the taste ac3 f ceptable to the stomach, prompt* its' action and truly beneficial inj effects, prepared only from "the m healthy and agreeable substances,^ many excellent qualities comment to all and have made 1 it thfe' D popular remedy known. ' ' ^' Syrup of Figs is for sale ir' aad $1 bottles by all leading v < gists. Any reliable druggist may not have it on hand will' cure it promptly for any one\ wishes to try it Bo not accepts* substitute. ; «' CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, " IOVISVIU.E, KY, HfW YORK. I For sale by B, F Keesl! ng «m d all i

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