The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUM1-! 1—NO. 2I!8. THE BLYTHEVILI.E ARMY AIR COHPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays In the Interest of the personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blythevlllc, by the Blstheviile Courier News. It contains the news of the Air . i. i_u And -Aircraft Fireworks II}' I'KTKIl KORON Courier News Washington Cor n\s|Kinilent PORT ULISS lex.— Twenty some miles from Kl Pnso on wlmt Is known us the Gump Ilueeu firing ranue of the big Port. Bliss military reservation, Hie Army Anli-Air- cruft Artillery Training Forces pul< rn wiial nio perhaps the most .siiecliicular Fourth of July fireworks exhibitions ever seen whenever they conduct night firing practice, There arc lotteries of g'lnnf searchlights to pick up the targets in the clear nlelit :ilr, iiml from eight different firing positions, batteries of every known un- tl-aircnift weapon send up magnificent showers of tracer bullets to. arc across the sky nnd, smno- tlimvi, hit the radio - controlled, miniature plane which is the target. vyhen ii direct hit Ls scored iiml the little yellow winged, red fiisclnged pilotless target plane is disabled, a parachute is released and the -model plane ploals gently to earth, where its works may be picked up and salvaged. AmiMis thi 1 guns in the firing arc the 30- and 50-caliber machine guns, 37-nmi. and tlie new 40-mm. American' liofors anli - aircraft, guns, and finally the big rj'o-mm. anti-aircraft batteries with their complicated range finding and fire direction apparatus which will keep n number of guns on the target, firing them automatically nnd leaving lor the gun crews only the work of reloading. (iUWI.Vfi IN THE DAKK All this anti-nircraft training is concluded with night riling, in when the crows must perform every operation without the aid of light. So familiar imist they be with their guns that they can service tlie gun in pitch darkness and without Ihe aid of even an occasional flashlight lieam, which rtilglil give nway their positions while putting |[ie guns in readiness for firing. Where the searchlights go through theiv drill in picking up night bombers, 40 of the big lamps ranging five feet and more in diameter, throw their beams 10 miles into the nighf sky. 'As the lights may be widely.-spaced over several miles of ground, when this spec- lade is viewed from a distance, it gives the impression of a tremendous Japanese flag pattern, the rays, of light converging in a blinding glare on the tiny plane caught Ihe center of this web of light. The beams then extended up and beyond, seeming to reach milt way to the zenith, and filling a huge sector of the horizon with a light display that moves «s the plane moves, rivaling the show of an Aurora Borealis. Then, when you face about to watch the anti-aircraft firing, Ibere is an equally spectacular show Other searchlights have caught the targets to be fired on. Now it Is luminous "sock" towed across the sky behind a plane that is piloted. Next it will be one of these model pilotless planes, weighing only 125 pounds and with oiily a 13 foot wing spread, launched from a catapult, powered by a miniature Gasoline engine, controlled entirely from the ground by radio "COMMENCE 1-I.UK!" It climbs looi) feet or more and then, when it has reached a height nt which ils small dimensions give the proportions of a larger plane at greater altitude, the '/'commence fire command is given and all hell breaks out as the 100 or more Buns open up, the red tracers streaking up in little balls of fire explosive shells bursting all around he target, the self-destroying shells that miss going thousands of tioad. To simulate tho -lOO-mlle-aii- liuur plane slreiik (he front, big rockets are fired from one side anil In front of the tiring line. A nore white .streak across the horl- 1011, like n shooting star, Ihey're gone In ler-s -.nan a inlnutu and of course the gunners never know -hcthcr Iliey hit it or not. 13nt s all good practice in this gaudiest of all Roman camlle, skyrocket, lilnwheel, slur shell', flowerpot fireworks plcce.s ever set off for n county, state or worlds fair. All the rattlesnakes and coyotes In the areu imvc long since gone nway from there. yards, miles beyond the target to burn out In futility. A target may be hit in a matter of minutes, or it may take half an hour or more ' '.o bring it down. All such firing i s a t slow tar- !Cl.s, more or less directly over- Soldiers From Post Tread Burning Sand Treading (he burning sands of the desert, Cap!. Millard S. I'arrish, liase materiels officer; cant. Robert 11. Love, provost marshal, and Tech. Sergt. Anthony Costan/a, first ser-i geant of the Hand, were initialed into the .secret rites and realms of Ihe Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, at the Sahara Temple, t'inc Bluff, Ark., one night a week ago. ' , Nobles Parrish, -Love and Cos- tnn/i were guests of a group of UlythcviUs nobles and candidates including Noble Staff Sergt. Forrest R. Comar, Noble Raleigh Sylvester, Noble Cecil Wrolon, Noble Pon Unley, Noble "Dgc" Tom Dean, Dr. ,1. P. Brownson, Dr. \V. A. Grim- meU, D. Simmons and Floyd Thorpe. Jewish Rites Tonight A Jewish service of worship will be held nt the Post Cha|>el tonight at 7 o'clock, The service will be conducted by Rabbi Jerome Hoscn, and all men of Jewish faith are cordially Invited to attend. Fined for Biting VAOAVILLE, Ciil. lUPl-Justice of Peace Sinclair M. Dobbins frowns on the custom of passengers In a public bus biting each oilier He fined Peter p. Lodarska ?50 for biting two women in a bus. Loclar- skaj.aj,..first .&je$ ,,tt>,livke the wheel away from the 'drivel; but when he did not succeed, round an outlet for his playful mood by taking a nip at the two women in question. m.YTJJHVIUJ.;, AliKANSA.S, KJ(|I)AY, MAY 81, MM,')' America's Four-Star Generals *_. MAC ARTHUR < SUBSCRIPTION RATKS'ON REQUEST- P ihc 13 men who have held the title of full general in the u. S. Army, six are on active duty today. • They are Dwlylil D Eisenhower, North Africa; Douglas MacAr- (hur. Southwest Pacific; George 0. Marshall, chief of slnlf; Henry II. Arnold. Army Air I'srccs chief; Muliii Craig, head of War De- Screen dream Irene Manning has been chosen Buddy Poppy Girl for 1043 in connection with V. P. W. flower sale the week preceding Memorial Day. FUNNY BUSINESS .-^,^,. , ReplaCeiiKiils in case lie goes broke before llie, evening's i ""'' •-- - ••' Policing The Grounds "I'm going to t'et away from it all," quipped Sergt. Cornell B. Jako, of Ihe 'J2Clh Sciuadroii, as he prepared to yo home on furlough. The sergeant is a butcher nt one of the mess halls! 1'ortat'cville, Mo., is Ihe most wonderful place in the world, says Ssi-gt. Steven ,J. Pa|ipns. clerk of Consolidated Mess No, 2, and Pfc. William H. Hyatt of the 320lh agrees enthusiastically. They spent a weekend there recently. Why do they like Portngcvillc? You guessed it; they met a couple of girls there. They're wonderful! parlmcnt'j; personnel .sek'dlon bdiird, nnd 82- year-old John J. Pci-shlng, World War I commander, who has never been rcllrcd. Previous four-star yencrals were Washln|;lon, | n Ucvolu- llonary War; ciraiil, Bherman and Sheridan Civil War;. Chiefs of Bind' nilss (19I7-|«/ March (1018-21, nnd Summcrall, (10211-30) Prime Minister Winston Churchill of England conducted the orientation class in the dnyroom of Ihc 702nd Squadron Tho men of Iho 702nd tuned in lo hear him address tlie joint session of Congress the other day. "Now that," said the soldiers, "was a real orientation class." Miitlei of the 32Clh Squadron will be n second lleulcnnnt before the frost Is on the pumpkin in his home stale of Connecticut. lie has received ciders to report at Fort Uclvoir. Va., at the Engineer Officers Candidate School. Sergeant Mattel has been in Ihc Army since March. 1041. I'fc. Robert II. Miller of the 320th wns relieved of duty as a clerk in the Publications Section ami assigned lo the lighting crew which turns nlyht into day on tho. landing field, for the convenience of cadcLs and pilots who go up among the constellations. Three days Inter he was back on day duty in the Publications Section. Miller is married, his wife lives in town. S;rgt. Donald L. Scrlbncr woke from sound sleep, leaped from bed and slammed Ihe window shut in the belief lhat 11 was mining, although tlie fill! moon shone brightly from a cloudless sky, when Sergl. John Weathers, returning, from town, praiikishly sprinkled water in Sergeant Scribncr's face.' That result was very pleasing lo Sergeant, Wealhers. He almost died laughing. And then, after Sergeant Scribner had carefully tucked lilm- .sflf in again and gone back to .sleep, the quiet, of Barrack f>I was broken by a loud thump. Sergeant Ecrlbhcr had fallen out of bed and onto the floor. Sergeant Wealhers was very happy. .Somehow Ihe net of falling out of bed added a final artistic, touch lo UK rain episode, nut Sergeant Scribner will get even. Some evening when Sergcnnt Weathers is enjoying a dance witli a beautiful Birl, Sergeant Scribner will sound a sour note on Ids electric organ. It is probable that there arc things in the life of Staff Sergt, Edmund J. Smith whlcl-.. would not bear the white light of publicity. He threatens to quit the Noncom Club, declaring he'll n;vcr BO Ihcre any more. And why? Because First Scrgl. Paul Yost, president of Ihc Noncom club, announced Hint he had appointed a press representative. to aid In bringing about publicly for doings of the club. The ap- pointcj is Scrgl, Guy Ladoucenr, of the Public Relations Office staff. ff it goes well Sergt. John A. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Acros from High School Tlicygcl,prankish over In IJOQ. sometimes, loo. Capl. John P. Mend, commanding officer of llic 32Glli. found a six-foot furnace poker in his bed when he retired Ihc other night. It was uncomfortable, so lie threw it out. And Lieut. H. E. P. Bnrtn. an engineering officer, slyly turned off the hot water while Lieut. Robert 'L-. Maclfugh, classification officer, was taking a. shower. Everybody enjoyed thnl—everybody but Lhutennnt iMncHugh. Pig Iron today is generally cast in molds of metal; formerly they were cnst in molds of sand. 'Governor Graduation Speaker Governor Homer M. Adklns, chief executive of the Stale of Arkun- ' sari, will be Ihe distinguished giicil mid .iponker at graduation exercises nt the Illylhevllle Army Air ' Held i.'riilay altcrmxm, May 28 He will be Introduced by Col. Kurt M. Laiuion, commanding officer ft will be the fifth class of aviation (Mulcts to graduate from this field, lo be assigned a.s pilots of bomber aircraft, as Instructors, or for further training In the operation of muUi-ciigliir! ail-planc.s. The present class represents 'II stales. New York heads Ihe with 26, Pennsylvania IK next with IB, there lire la from Texas and flight from Illinois. The MiclHoulh is well'jilcd, W lth three from Arkansas, four from Tennessee, five from Louisiana, three from Alabama, one [rom Kentucky and one from Mississippi. Sued Under Itallim Law HAN FRANCISCO, Cal. <UI>> — Federal authorities have taken action against Mrs. Tliercn linrlm/a, wife of a sailor, for having taken a down rationed Hems from a sloro without rclliKiuisiilng the required number of ration stamps. Tile action, which carries a line up to $18,0(10 and 10 years Imprisonment, is believed to be first taken In I ho United Stales under the new law. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Wlmt ilo you want lo know? In thin roliinm a veteran of yi'iirs «r vxpcrleiuir In nil the noiK-imimlsstuned olllccr ijimlra answers irurslloiiii nil Army customs, pindltr, tradition and I'l'Kiiliilluiis. Comment niid(|i>f.s- lluns mo Invited. Address coni- wiwli'iillons ID llu> I'ubllc Ui- Inllons oiiiccr, Army Air I'Mil. IMylhcvlllr, Ail:. Ki'ml In your ll>' I'liTlill .1. \V,\ll\KSA \\' Oilla-r.Hl NMI1 QUKHT1ON I: no we nel paid on the bush of a ;m or ;tl-dny monlli? Ami how iiboiit ivlirnnry ANSvVKil |: If n soldier I>H)|K|.H on llu> -m\\ ol I'Vbniary he Is entitled lo threw dny.s pay for Hint month. If he imltata on llii! ai>Ih of I'Vliniiuy (diirlnu Leap Year) ho «els two duy.s puy.This rulli]|r Is Ijivsi'il on Ihc- premise! that, a soliller Is paid on n :w-du.v biisls. An offlc'i'r cnll- «d lo ucllvu duly for UHV month or less 1.1 pnid for tliu Ihlrty - fiusi ilny o( tiio month If lie Is on duty on the last day of n :i|.(iny month. .Standard pay for officers and enlisted men on 'i ao-day bnsls. ijiitlon iil- lowimces are paid on the basis of llii! actual number of ra| ions <l" i'. dcpenldni; upon thi! number Mr of clays In the month. QUESTION a: can a Post Coiu- iniiiKUn- declare n whole town 01 city off limits? ANSWKH a: Veil, lie cnn ileclnn. any town or city or any part off Ibull.s until such Hum an Iho objectionable condlllons or circumstances are corrected, The nssliic- lion Is mandatory and applies u, all iicrsoiuiel subject to military auiliorlty. QUESTION 3: A soldier noes AWOI, on the last day of Feb- riiiirj 1 . How much |my docs ho for- rict. AN8WEU :i: Absence wlthoul leave on (\ w 2Bth day <if Pulirunry re.sulls in (ho loss of three dn I'liy. Sucl) absence, on the jj, day of a Leu]) Year February cosls two days ])ny. Every month has 30 clays for payroll purposes. Waacs Showing Versatility! '!iV: At Home, Behind Comhat Lines, A little over thrcp years ago llu> ratio of women workers In Hie aulomoblle field wns under 10 nor cent. The rallo Is expected lo reach ^o per cenl In 194:i. Hold Everything Unrrneks, IIH'.W Imll nnd ud- WlHlstratlVo ..bulldlni; lor two units of Iliu Woiiiens Army Auniilary (Joriw nru bulng com- plelod ut the lllj'llwvlllo Army Air Field, mill (UTlvnl of tho Wnni'H IM i'S|)L'i:U'il In lllllc inn]i' than 11 month. This no- rles of in I Ides pre.sunlii fiiclunl Inforniiillon concwiilng Iho WHIICK, for Um Inforniallon of Ihi' presonl mlllhiry iwrsonnel. I'ourlli ArllrlK iif a Scries Where will Wiuirn aorvp? Tim WuiU'n Ki'i'vis In mills, at home or abroad—iiiiywlicre tho Army h:i,s iion-coinbut Job.-! lo be filled, At oversow iiolnls, ninny sol- illi'M iivo porfovmlng lulinlnlslni- llvu work behind i)n> lines, in n iliorl tlinn. Wants will be arriving In fdlfftclelit 11111111)01'.!, skilled In inch. Jolis, and will take over; al- iiwlnu foldlers to iniivo up Into iifllu' duly. WA'AOS are rcplaclni; Boldlcrs In 1)11! UllitOd HllllcH, In Hit! /vrmy Air I'Virccs, as Army Air J.'orcr.s .Speclallsls. Wanes aru perforinlng nioro than 2I> hinhly ledinlcal Jobs, Ihcludlni! bomlwli;hl rujjalr- hit, wciitliri' obsiffi'liiB, nnd |nirn- chulo rliiiiluit, formerly hantllutl by onllBlod num. Ti».ji imve also proved Invnlunble us radio o]>ernlom and im'cliinili'.'i. Services of Kn[iply—in eiH'll of IIMS Avtnys nlno Kv.\\\m coinn.innds, WAA'O orriciu's an> pcrforinlng Important dullps, atiachecl lo Ihe staff of the UoimuiuidlnK aentiral of Iho respective coiiiiniuiil, mill vlni! In Hie Uceru|l!iiB and In- cllon Blatlons in Iho commands. In Arniy lieutlquarlcrs, Wiuic-s are replacin« soldiers In clerlcnl, lolephone, .iwllcbbonid and radio tlulles, and otllccrs In ndihlnlstra- llve work of \yn\\. rcsponstbllliy wllli Military InlclHiieiice, (iriiinid I'm res Wnnc.s have been assl«nc<l to Ordnance Automotive Schools and have learned (u maintain motor vehicles, and lo operate tliom oven under uinuviiuiicy comllllons, 0>laok- outs, air raid alerts, elo.) WAAO companies oruanUcd as coi(i]ilcle iiiillB arc already on duty at aa posts, climps, and Ktatlons In this country. Efleli week iiddltloiinl coiiipantcs nro moving out of tho training centers (o aolun] field duty and replacement of Army personnel! Ovcrsuuti In England and Africa a number of Wanes — the vanguard of many more to follow, art! alrpady serving n ;uuny capacities with jui Amurlcan Uroq|»s. Nolel Th'o ohh woman present, at tho Casablanca Conference between President Rupsuvull antl prime Minister Churchill and their nillllnry staffs was Cnpt. Ix)i|lse Anderson of Ihc WAAO, attnchecl lo acneinl Elscn- howera North African jiciulquar- lers, wljp (icted a.s offlglnl sccrc- lary. si.ikinu r{ (lllt i •Waacs arc proving thcmselvesl Here [ire sonic recent reports from the field: r\ )r t Sheridan, 111., "We are very jjlnil |p have you with us I e|wrt« conic 1 |i, f, pm cvc ,. y of . fee In which you m-c employed that Uicy don't kno\v how they gob along ivltliout you. Wherever you go, that feeling will be experienced by Ihosc with whoin j, ol( work — Col. Frederick 0. Rogers, command- Tbr Mnilcrn Ice Box C001-KHATOU For Kconorrij and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. nine Hi 01 officer, * OI t Devcni, Ma^ • ,"We';» protid 0111 couplry (list you (i»ve •liosmi lo vpil^ with Ihe Arniy and foi ouisclves llmt jou want' wolk wllh us'— Wit Devehs Dili's t, I'pit lluacliticn, Ariz (Negro iVAAO unit) ' ihcsc joiing women nro showing nii-iked ability and tenlns In tnKlnj»oier essential jilja voin able-bodied men. Yet 'they u™ liceii glvlnii Ihclr brdtjie'r. sol- H'ls keen competition ill military idhcuiKo All of us are glad to lave the Wanes nt Fort Huachuci. llie> aio piovltiB of rcnl value In- ur war effort at their stations^' \'a\ \\W\\ N linidy, ni{ offliei ' Wo nicd women lo do many es- 'lillnl mllllaij lni,ks 'lhLi<H » li i ill liiiiu plnj and v, ojiwn • pow- ' will Imvn an !in|x)itnnt iiart'ln iltloiy"— WaJ Ocn Jamds;A Mlo, the adjutant goneiaP -,'i-f TAME olra l4 Hint well Broomed ...,_,,. u lool: - All<l hislrc. Kcop your UNRULY linlr lying flat. Always us.: • I ik ||% Morolinc Hair Tonic.«o "Milt bolilc 25c. Sold everywhere. Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES . Save 50%. STEWART'S Dru| Sttre Main & I.«ke Phone 2822 Auto Repairs "^^^^^"™~"~™"^^^^^^"^^™^™ t Kxperl Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Traclor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales rh. 51!) Karl Slone, Shop Foreman 307 E. Main Just 4 Miles To The "Tut, tut, my dear—-you doa't louk a day over 2200 ycanJ* FITTED IJY Doctor* J. L and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVJIXF. SINCE 1022 State Line Service Station SAVE en rhlllips Quality Gasoline & OH. I'rompt, Courteous Service. Operated by Mrs. H. L. Reynolds. OPERATING HOURS For A-H-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. lo 9 P.M. ALL WEEK DAYS 9 A.M. to 12 Noon 1 P.M. (o 8 P.M. 8PTICDL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NEED THESE?, Baltcry— S«at Covtrs OlinUcr-IUdlo Fog Lights— Lock GM Cap A complete line ot Folishe* LOY EICH m 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dw«j A Walnut Ph. ISS SMALL LOANS Om AwtUac * Vmiw*. Main Loan Co. The now Muslang U!ve-b6mb«r 'quipped wllh dlvo brakes bbfnb^ acks mid six liliiU-cnllbro'inHbhliie. jinis,. In Hie fnslKil illvc-boiiiber n tli« n'orld. ' > Skirted Tho WAVES weren't the first to !'/' wcur skirts In Iho Nnvy, fpy thli '' has long been the officitl unl- : ' ' form for 0. S. native i " ' '" ' . Samoa. WK FILL ALL PRESCRIPTIONS , AND SAVE TOD HOWIT STEWART'S Drut Store Main Si Lake P!i>M W Your shoes arc lierc— film Icatluia and riut«rUt» ami Iitgliost gratia wotkiiunihlp restore wc.tring, , coiiitort unA *ppeir- , H-flLTCRS QUflLITY SHOC SHOP IZI W. MAIN ST. Flowers For Every Occasion ... Funeral designs, wedding flowers, corsages. THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY ANYWHKU . GI.ENCOE HOTEL BLDO. Phone 491 ROBINSON'S THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" '; There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, novelMfs etc., In Blylheville than at KobUison't Utat IfiigRzlnot--.^!'''" Uln service—jan.dwlche»l Service Men! Meet Yonr Friends at Robuuan'*! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations Prompt, efficient service at reasonable 'e«st! Garrison Caps — Accessories — SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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