San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on March 27, 1896 · Page 16
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 16

San Francisco, California
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Friday, March 27, 1896
Page 16
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- i - v - - j 0 Wt V Jl 7r SA2f nLOrCISCO CHRONICLE FBIPAYKABCH 37 383i kMl It SEE ill IE I - - An EftRTH SOME DM Electrical Telescope Constructed JL JFOR LONG - DISTANCE VISION f V r I v DISCOVERY or 4 Thlaks He Haa Found the Proper - tlei of tbe X Bay - HIs Apparatus Tested Dr Frank M Close of Oakland has discovered new application for theX rr Roentgen ray byTrtilchlie expects to develop an apparatus for the electrical transmission Of light so that In the future it wilf be possible to see long distances through the inedlum of electric wires Telectroscope is the name DrClose applies to this apparatus which in its present crude state is little more in appearance than iwo cigar boxes connected by ten feet of wire one of which Is called toy its inventor the transmitter the other the receiver In front of the receiver a piece of tourmaline or Iceland spar Is placed and to this the eye o the person testing the apparatus is placed In front of tbe opening In the transmitter is placed a lighted candle and Immediately the eye perceives the flame of the candle though ten feet distant and la an adjoining room For the purposes of the experiment the tourmaline of therecelver is removed and though the lighted candle remains at the transmitter no light is seen The explanation of this phenomenon possibilities and of experiment The Roentgen Vay is denoted JX ray because tts properties axeTintaowxu believe the 3Cxay and the ray lhaWutillsed b the same It seems to me possible to develop this discovery - of mine Into a meansof enabling man Jo see great distances In mr present apparatus rnly about tea feet of wire la used but the result would be the same with ten miles It Is crude but so was the first telephone It was long after sound was first transmitted before articulate sceech could - be heard at area t dis tance It may be years before the perfected telectroscOTe lataWrfect real ization jSutIibeUevVthat whether I succeed in perfectinglt or not some lone - winsolverailhe - dlfacultles that stand In the way and that1 it will be possible some time tostand at an In strument In Ban Francisco and riot only hear but see the man wlthwhom you talk In Oakland That is why I have called It telectroscope By a perfected telectroscope photographs may some day bevmade in San Francisco of a subject at Sacramento cr even farther away and the transmission of photographs around the world In as short a time aaa cable gram Is no w sent becomes a posslblll tyM Dr Close is the Inventor and builder or tne electrical automobile submarine torpedo recently described in the Chronicle The diagram accompany ing this article was drawn by him in illustration of his apparatus - - P 1 - 1 - s - - 4 - JS fflB - flftOO MOEEH SUBSIDY 4 e - T iTermsioJf ilie EminerslAeementWitli the SoutenrTaiafi w - m DEATH OF A PIOXEER Jasper Babeoelc u Earlr Settler of San Jose Passes Away Jasper Babcock a native of Ashf ork Conn well known in mining and political circles throughout this State and Nevada died at his residence In San Jose on Thursday at the age of 74 years He first came out to California in 1850 engaging in business as a contractor in this city He secured a number of big street contracts and gradually amassed a small fortune Unfortunately however he Invested the bulk of his money in the city scrip which was issued by Harry Mefgs who disappeared and lost it all when the bonds were adjudged Illegal Although forced into bank - A N I 1 ML - il rtr 3 nc niy tAK DIAGRAM ILLUSTRATING TELECTROSCOPE Dr Close demonstrates to be very simple and analagous to the transmission of sound by electricity I was first led into these experiments by the discovery some years ago of the thermal ray an hitherto unknown property of light By passing a thermometer back and forth along the solar spectrum it was found that neither of the seven color rays had a perceptible Influence upon the mercury but that at a certain distance beyond the red ray there occurred a remarkable effect the raurcury rising rapidly Repeated experiments demonstrated that the effect was the result of a peculiar Invisible heat property of light Afterward lr Vog - el the eminent photographic scientist discovered the existence of the invisible actinic ray Proceeding along this line of experiment I passed a magnetic needle back and forth along the spectrum and discovered at a certain distance beyond tithe Violet ray the existence of an electric ray ot more properly an electric division of the ray Proceeding further With the experiment I found that an ordinary machine needle suspended by a cobweb passed back and forth along the spectrum was at a certain point between the electric and actinic division plainly Influenced by an Invisible force and that therefore light had a magnetic as well as an electric property 7 made do attempt to utilise these ruptcy Babcock subsequently naid his creditors in full He then accepted a position as superintendent of a Gold Hill mine witch he held until 1877 when he was elected as Secretary of State for Nevada an office he filled with credit to himself and party for four years Failing health caused his return to California in 1883 when he settled In San Jose where he continued to reside up to the time of his death He leaves one son S P Babcock of Oakland and two daughters one of whom is the actress Eleanor Barry leading lady In W H Cranes company The Interment will take place this afternoon at Mountain View Cemetery The funeral services win be held at Albert Browns undertaking parlors at 2 PM Rev Dr Wendte will officiate The company is to enjoy immunity from hostility in the columns of the Examiner andis not to - be the victim of mendacious attack or criticism or of misrepresentation that the Examiner will not seek to create hostile sentiment in the minds of the community against the Southern Pacific Company or any of the interests it represents and that while not stipulating as against all criticism it agrees that criticism shall not proceed from any motive of malice or malignity and that such criticism as may be found necessary to keep and maintain the confidence of the public to the extent that any public sentiment may have been created from other sources is to be avoided as much as possible SCHHllilf Sie WasRnnJDowii by the - - SteOens dIshasted by the blow ARRIVAL OF THE AMERICAS IHIP ARYA1L Bf The above is the memorandum of a private agreement between the Examiner and the Southern Pacific Railroad made on July 21 1893 but all mention of which was suppressed in the Examiners alleged explanation The Tog Fearless Tests m Cea trlfngal Pump Late jf ariae Movements MitELVJiirc9fi afl l Tf BBaaBBaHaV V r mvyH - Bp Gladness Comes ANOTHER PARLOR MEETING ELEVESTH AMEDMEST FORMED Miss Anthony Gives Interesting Details ot the Suffrage Work BANKER MURPHYS COMMISSION having - enlisted in Company B Seventh California Infantry He was a native of Kentucky 67 years of age He was drawing a pension of 112 a month and lived at the Branch House 861 Maraet street BUTCHERS PICRIC Suit Against Mrs Colton Depends on a Question of Law The suit of the First National Bank aealnst Mrs Ellen M Colton to recover U2SQ on an alleged overdraft will go to the Jury in Judge Hunts court next Monday The testimony was closed yesterday but Judge Hunt desired time to consider a knotty legal question The overdraft in question was caused through the action ot President Murphy of the bank in deducting from Mrs Col - tonfi account JS250 as a commission for selling - the Colton residence on Nob Hill to C P Huntington There is a question now as to whether Murphy acted tor himsell or lor the bask 11 he acted for himself it is considered that the Tangible results followed the parlor meeting held at the home of Mme Sor - bier 220 Van Ness avenue yesterday irom 3 to 5 oclock in the interest of equal suffrage A new organization was effected called the Eleventh Amendment Club auxiliary tojhe State Suf frage Association Mme Sorbler was elected president Mrs CF Kapp secretary and Mrs H Lewis treasurer The headquarters of the Educational and Industrial Union 7 Van Ness ave - rue has been designated as the place and Thursdays at 3 o clock the time for meetings The addresses which led to the forma tion Of this club were given by Miss Susan B Anthony Miss Harriet May Mills and Mrs A A Sargent Miss Anthony said I am hopeful for the best results in the work but I urge upon you all the necessity for work for putting the cause plainly before the voters of Callj fornia Explain qutetlyand patiently when you come across some one with a deep - seated prejudice To fail in this Stale where men are Credited with the greatest liberality would be a cruel backset to the cause of womens advancement It would take many years to rally from the blow So I urge you in the motiths to come to work tor t will be your golden opportunity AH the leaders among the working men who have made an intelligent study ot the underlying principles of equal suffrage favor It for they find that the invasion of women into the fields of labor is equal to the incoming of any degraded class of laborers They aTe not paid the same wages as men and the heads of departments and corporations are not to blame Take Washington tor instance Women have lived and died there on 8M a year women EK l 1 5 LS2T SM rSW UadSSJS than to make the discovery of a means of transmitting light electrically after the manner of sound by the telephone Bound In the telephone Is transformed into electricity in the transmitter and Is fconducted by wire to the receiver where tbe electricity la transformed Into sound So It Is with my apparatus It is 2353ssm3S3e2f tfrJt lziipI 2y 2JJxJrJ12t sss8s yfsssssi3fs rtv sftteb tS2SfiI 2 1ts those Invisible propertlesexcftes a cur rent of electricity which Is transmitted to the other magnet and there recon - veTted Into its original form Br inter defense insists that the bank and not Murphy held the Huntington note and deed in escrow and that therefore the 1 10 t wages raised the men at Wash bank is responsible for permitting Mur phy to withdraw the money This claim li made independent of the direct defense that Murphy volunteered to make the sale without compensation A decision of the law point in favor of Mrs Colton will amount practically ip iiSjst Xf isatxas jsjbzj j trill take ielr tut stabile ppearance la this city at the special service for young men exclusively to be held at the Toung Mens Christian Association Auditorium co - nignc a large accent THE CORONERS LIVELY DAY SEJTDS M COOJfET TO COXTEMPT JAIL FOR who have taught all the men from all resentatlves of a Senator or Congressmans constituency When 1 have tried Arrangements Belnar Made for an Eventtnl Gathering The butchers third annual picnic will be held at Shell Mound Park and the Oakland Trotting Park on Wednesday May 20th At the picnic last year nearly 20000 people were in attendance and the committee expecting as many this ear will secure both the parks mentioned to accommodate the crowd The general committee of arrangements of which Sam C Hammond is chairman has been divided In t - subcommitteessubcommittees as follows Finance 8 Silverberg P Tautphaus and J Schweitzer Grounds J Buttgenbach I Lacher and I Selig Transportation Captain H A Thompson H Moffat and T F Judge Music H C Flageollet F Winters and F Becker Games Shell Mound I H Gold - meyer T Barnett and F E Daver - kosen Printing and Badges K Werthei - mer George Kat2 ahd Henry Levy Programme race track A Decor - tieux 1 Poly L D Stone J Lacoste U M Slater and E G Rodolph Invitation and Reception Captain J H McMenomy H Levy K Werthei - mer J Hall H Moffat R Haas F Becker F Hostetter T F Judge and H Westphal All the markets in San Francisco Oakland Alameda and Berkeley win b clospri on tht Aav nf the nlrnlr tha 1 association having made a rule under which selling meat on that day Is punishable by a fine ot t0 Excursions win be run from San Jose and Stockton There will be five brass bands in attendance The programme at the race track which la to consist ot horse and oicycte racing tncK ncung ana cronco breaking will last from noon to 5 P M There will be an event every fifteen minutes At Shell Mound Park besides dancing at the pavillpns there will be athletic games from 1 to P M Tbe committees are already at work making preparations for the big plcnld HOLY WEEK RETREAT Special Missionary Services at Old St Marys Church Rev Fathers Hedges Clark and Do - herty the Paullst missionaries will conduct a retreat at St Marys Church during hat nsAJt kasas A Jsfe Refuses to Approve the Bertha Bryant Verdlet Fonr Inquests FURNITURE ington who realize the Injustice that this arrangement brings to both men and women have said - Miss Anthony if the wages are brought equal to those of men then every woman goes out for every politician would have a man for each olace The same with cahaal it cJSCBCC SseSSS5iSSS5Ss4i - - nsw vr - svm SwifcM yor SSS s itrw trers ac cx tA - kVUl sVXscVaSl s VV wS ei teeviT TStYSEHbYBmbSStJiKEt P2 f Jpate A womn owrole WlMtwtUs AB5 55D2y 7b Tmd Jbay asH FOR 4 ROOMS 75 1 1 t rth a belter miderstaadhur of the w V f transient nature oi tne many pays leal ills which Vanish before proper el forts - gentle eft orts pleasantefforts rtehtlr directed There ia comfort ia this knowledge that many Joraaoi The schooner Helen Merriam was so easc fiiJT CuTX feasant r - jtrfW AtmatrtA Ho - - Illtnw - nr4fc 1 O 9 - -the schooner Christina Steffens that her crew abandoned her and she floats a - viitnrmfrf riUmanJlArl 1V ff Ttk o - TS vmyuJ - - - WrrUr rival crew were rescued by the Steffens who valne good healthr - Its oeneficlai which made an attempt to bring the effects arefdue to the ae that it is the damaged schooner Into port but was one remedy which PromesJnerJvi forced to let go of her Her action ex - cleanliness without dete plains the report received from Collins j organs on which it acta It fer Landing Monday announcing that an I ill important In order to get itsoene - unknown dismasted schooner was seen flcial effects to note hen JJj rr Q MOth chinhuactWfa 8ThrcoUIson occurred during the ffiySffiBgSiS blow Sunday morning The Helen Mer - 1 t ttl - nfenent of ood health rem was bound north to Nehalera and an e system is regular laxatiTes OT tbe Christina Steffens was lying off and other remedies are then not needed If en in the gale about twenty miles to afflicted with any actual disease one sea from Timber Cove The Stevens may be commended to the most skillful which Is said to have had the right of physicians bat if in need of alamtive wa struck the Merriam forward of the one should have the best andwimtne fore rigging which was carried away - TluZlluSJl riams two masts Snapped off and fell over the side The sea was breaking hard and the dismasted schooner was rendered helpless The crew of the Merriam was at once taken aboard the Steffens which beyond losing a bowsprit and martingale was uninjured A line was got to the Merriam and an attempt made to tow her but after proceeding a few miles1 she had to be abandoned The Steffens ran into Timber Cove early Tuesday morning and on the way in met the schooner Bender Brothers bound out for this port Captain Gruggel and two of the men from the Merriam were taken aboard and brought here The Merriam was built here in 1868 and was a seventy - three - ton schooner of the following dimensions Length 80 feet beam 28 feet and depth 5 feet and 6 inches She was owned by W A Beadle The American ship Aryan which arrived here yesterday 131 days from New York has aboard 700 tons of railway Iron for the Santa Clara Valley Railroad which I to run from Alviso to San Jose the right of way for which is now being fought out In the Santa Clara county courts The Iron is consigned to the Piper - Aden - Goodall Company who are the promoters of the line The Aryan had an ordinarr nassas from New York with good luck at the Cape ruiiuing irum au to aom seventeen das out w as several aays on this port The tug Fearless yesterday tested a big centrifugal pump which will in future be used by the Spreckels tugs on work like that at the burning bark Alexandra It is a twelve - inch pump capable of handling 5000 gallons a minute and when tried yesterday worked admirably It can be deposited anywhere and worked wherever the steam can be supplied toML A large crowd watched the trial at Howard 2 The bark Emma Herriman is being overhauled again Captain Jorgenson hT owner having undertaken to put her In a seaworthy condition The cod - fishing venture under the management of Tracy H Bobertson of Seattle win therefore not be given up A force of men were at work on the old bark yes - f ieraay ana as ner needs are thoroughly known It Is very probable that she will be in good condition before the men leave her The steamer Jennie of the Alaska Packers Association fleet has beeni jengtneneo twenty - ave teet and with the improvements made to her 1b now a better vessel than ever She was out for her trial run yesterday and with practically the same power showed a c gooa increase oi speed She is now capable of doing nine knots an hour without being pressed very hard She is preparing to go north at Howard 2 The steamer Massasoit which left Newport News on March 1st for Lon don nas not arrived or been reoacted Parlor sn BrocateUa S - ptec ral ptosa trimmed Bedroom 7 - piece Eejtnt Salt bed btf - rean - vashrand tuo cbsin rocker and ubl pillows worea - wlra and top mat - tresi Dlnlac - Boom 6 - ioot Extension TthU foot 6oUd Oak Chain Kitchen Bangs Patent Kltcnsa Table and two chair EASY PAYMENTS Honte fsrnlahed complete city or country anywhere on the Coast Open ereningL - M FRIEDMAN CO 224 to 230 and 308 Stockton and 237 Post Street f Fre packing and - daltTery across C bay BAD FOR BUGS THIS WEEK position of a - prism the fight I iwpnKg - jf audea mike no Claim for Chis discovery sruoxxsut rapid rallahia printing and beyond the Opening Of A new field Of I Mndln Sfrscti - BoUta Oa Si CUyt near fny hen the women will be ot a much Im portance as men n he polttlci world at s A M on Holy Saturday Noon day services of twenty minutes dura - - r 4 1H FRANK Jt - CLOSS INVENTOR Oil THE TELECTROSCOMft - t J the Influences of which permeates I tion consisting of Dravers and confer everything If a woman must be paid I enees will be held daily beginning the same wages as a man and cannot 1110 oclock There will also be tecl - do the work the man will soon have the tation of the rosary and a mission ser Coroner Hawkins held four Inquests yesterday two of which were attended by lively Incidents As a result M Cooney a witness is behind prison bars on a charge of contempt and an unapproved verdict lies on theOoroners desk Cooney wu subpoenaed as a witness In the case of Angus McDonald who was killed by a Southern Pacific train near the Randall - street crossing on the 2d inst Cooney was an eye - wltnesstp the accident but he cameJttforeThe Coroner with the idea firmly fixed in his head that he had the same right to dmand fees as in a ciil case so when he was asked to raise his right hand and be sworn he shook his head I will not until I get my fees he raid The law does not allow witnesses fees In a Coroners case said the Coroner mildly so be sworn Not till I gel my fees repeated Cooney defiantly Til have to send you to jail for con tempt then shouted the doctor Come now will you hold up your hand But Cooney would not and the clerk was directed to write out a warrant which was served a few minutes later by Policeman Stanley and the stubborn witness was locked up Afterward he J wanted to return to tne juryrooxn ana give hrs testimony tree ot charge but Coroner Hawkins said he had no Tight to withdraw the warrant and - his case would have to be attended to by the Police Court The second unpleasant Incident occurred during the hearing of the facts attending the death of Bertha Ll Bryant the domestic who swallowed carbolic acid at 207 Post street on the 28th Inst and was found dead in bed next morning The evidence showed that the girl committed suicide but the Jwy insisted on a verdict that the deadly drug was administered by parties unknown They refused to reconsider the verdict so they were discharged and Coroner Hawkins refused to approve their findings The death of Angus McDonald wan found to be due to his own carelessness and the railroad employes were exonerated from all blame in the matter McDonald was a native of Scotland 46 A Vtantt t T 5S3 SrEsrtk - ctvfev SSF hrw 5W vat WW - vbta toto - oi Artori wetf toown fa iTSSSZSSSXSSF was found in the the e waters fl ntm Lo vicar tact laatr ea tt n ana rnwm in urgsns m cure XHteura caoMd cUu - at the - WONDER mm STORE Kapthallae Flakes per 30o UothBtAUtetfe 10a Insect Powder per 16 230 Gun Camphor per lb 7Jc Gam Camphor pet cake Q See that your winter clothing is thoroughly - rtotete Irom 7 train onrinx ti TonatT months FLETCHER CO 1028 Market Street DRMQNULTY THIWKtXKOWK AD REUABLT5 SPB rtUt ItnU PRIVATE CHROMIC AND VSXMiVMeWS V VlSSl VSV WBJ field to himself Hiring women at lower wages Is as cruel a competition as Chi - nese labor Miss Anthony gave many interesting facts pertinent to all phases of the work and Miss Mills organised the new club The next parlor meeting will take1 place at the home of Mrs Henry Krebs fill Sutter street to - day at 3 oclock and Judge and Mrs D J Murphy open their house atlW Liberty street this evening for a meeting and social chat on equal suffrage The De Longpre Flower Pictures exeel anything ever offered nnder similar circumstances la this city Gives free to erery person trno bring - a Want Advertisement on Saturday for the Sunday Chronicle SHOT HIMSELF VI THE HEAD Aa Old Veteran Pats m Ballet Through His Templet George M Gray an old veteran - of the war shot himself In the right temple shortly before 1 oclock yesterday while sitting on the Inner steps of Metropolitan Halt The pistol used was an old - fashioned derringer The ban entered the right temple and plowed along - the front of the skull and came out bn the opposite side A passer - by heard the shot and notified Policemen Ward and OMeara who summoned an - ambulance from the Receiving Hospital He was treated by Drs Bunnell and Renne but died soon after his reception The body was sent to the Morgue Cn his person writtenon the letter head of the Veterans HomeAssoda - tion was a letter signed by BobXewls sympathising with him On a card - was a short note saying thathe was a total wreck financially and physically and asking people not to make - any faces at him when be died Gray was a veteran of the Mexican War having been first sergeant of Company E Eastmans Battalion of Missouri lnian try - ne aiso erred la the IVar of the Rebellion mon on every evening except that of Saturday with oendlctian and tae stations ot the Cross A plenary Indulgence win be granted all those who attend the services and receive the sacraments Oearyitreet Temple The fifth annual series of Friday evening lectures will be brought to a close at the Geary - street Temple this evening when Rabbi Levy will lecture on the Aftermath To - morrow evening at sunset the Passover will be ushered In with appropriate services and on Sunday and Monday there will be elaborate services of song Professor Stewart conducting Rabbi Levy will preach on both days of the festival Sundays sermon will be devoted to The Message of the Passover Accuses Her Father Edith R B Gegan brought suit yesterday to have her father Joseph R Brandon removed - from hi position as trustee under the will ot her mother Cecilia Brandon She charges that her father has mismanaged the estate to the great detriment of herself and several other of his ohlldren who are legatees under the wilL The Court is asked to appoint a competent person as trustee in the place of Brandon and to require from the present trustee an accounting of his trust o Ella Barke lo Be Brought Back The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Jiaa received word that Ella Burke who with Florence Glfford Is the principal witness in the case of William - Collins and lily HIIL charged at Vallelo with abduction Is In Los Angeles She will be broughtback to testify at the trial of Collins which takes place May 6th and will be held for tne preliminary examination or tne wu woman which will take place immedi ately thereafter A Thank Offering - Fnad f JohnTWenyon gave a Shakespearean reading last evening In connection with the concert of the thank - offering - fund of the United Presbyterian Churchy ed down with rocks bay on the 17lb Inst THE DIVORCE MILL ainser UartiB Paehe Ulter to Be - enre m Decree Jfartra Paehe the TJvolf tenor snow in a fair way to secure a divorce from 1 his wife Nellie - without a struggle The defendant has not filed an answer and t as a result her default warf entered by Judge Sanderson yesterday The case was referred to court Commissioner Lawler to take testimony The following divorces weregranted yesterday Ermine Austin from John L Austin because of willful neglect Sadie A Comfort from James B Com fort failure to provide with permission to the plaintiff to resume her maiden name of Brit tain Freda King - from C W King willful neglect Annie Freund - schuh from Charles Freundschuh adultery Suits for divorce have been announced by Clara Lorenz against Henry Lo - renz and by Henrietta Heyden against William Heyden Examine the elegant Pictures ex hiblted la the windows of the Chronicle Office aad set one on Satarday free by Inserting a Want Advertisement la the suaday Caronlele Far From Home aad Frleada A letter has been received byjthe S clety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children from Secretary Hartley ot a similar Lonaon society asking tnat a boy named WllHam Porter aged 17 rears he looked alter rorter snipped from Liverpool as an apprentice aboard the ship Senatorv which reached here last October He deserted the ship in December and became the companion of a negro named Robert Lindsay who was a porter In law office Lindsay wrote to Porters mother who Is poor widow asking that she send a month for her sons support and she consulted the London society - u - rriVrrvax xorrn stored packed sad BtaH4atloWTtMferXortsitpeUf JetlTfr SSOMarxtt street TOroaiatkditiacaado Taylor street - - - jytt OskUad office of the Caroalclslis bo at t Broadway tie Australia She had tea daVsot verr severe weather to the neighborhood ot TahltL The renort that the sealer EnDlneer has 1200 skins It discredited The brig Hidalgo is receiving a new fore topmast at Main - street wharf The schooner salamander was sold at auction yesterday to Captain Larsen for J700 Miss Shaw to Preach Next Sunday night ReV Anna H Shaw will preach in the California - street Methodist Episcopal Church at the corner of California and Broderick streets at 745 PM Seats will he free The British baTk Morlaita fnrmi - W wmiana rettore Organs V T - neuiD n um turn ijun the British Consul arrived here yes - curr and whet Folwaoa Dran teroay seventy - six days trom Ne wcas - r f - TBT MISCELLANEOUS ALL OVER THE WORLD The New York Tribune of March 15th reports the rapid and entirely nnez Ewted reeovirjr of the Czarewiteh of ussia from consumption Wnrt may appear to most people as remarkable is the fact that the recor - ery has commenced erer since his physicians became aware of the pernicious influence of wool npon his malady and have done away with it To ns the above I no news Tears of observation and experience have convinced ns that there is no equal to woolen noderwar ia predisposing iha system to throat and lung disease Hie signs of the times indicate that people all over the world are awakening to the fact that the debilitating influence of wool next to the skin U the most fruit - oleonree of disease and degeneration Tie Dimer LinenMesh Underwear Li a porous fabric ot Linen Its re storative influence - upon health is equaled only by the perfect comfort which it gires at all times to all who wear it - - - Forsaleatthsstoreof THEDElkELLINK - KESH 1 SYSTEM COMPANY TllMontgomeryS e Opposite Occidental Hut 8aa rraacMcoi faL Uftc methods ar recalsr andice HaeBl ttmlromstTTdy - iadf preparation bat cam tb dUeantar taoroatu nj ireaiaear nu new rsmpaitt aa ear vaU XHaeac nt Fc is a1 m - ba AecAM ihetc croaM raueacs curea at Hoot Tanas Krar - 9 w s Ctan iwo re 880 eTralnra 8a aajra 10 W 13 onlr CODralUtioa fre aad aa crroiconfideotut Callanorsddreti r UOSCUK McULTT M D tS Kearny 8t San franclico CaL S3 - Beware otatrancerswAOUy to talk toroa aboat year disease eu th atreeta or dsewnera Thtr are ra ppef4 or ateerrra fur mrt alllor doctata fe GHY LUNG C0 - suit tErshiucedissa fyf HL70BTES3A1D DEALEE8 Chinese and Japknese FANG3YGOODSVM Zt ADOallKlaoscf f V CtnonCripeKtbr6llrlWIl fi T jwlaHUkanokrcliletirwn - IV fc gaetnkttB ecreem Vonemr aad Qra Cloth RtorTea Fire erar krssiuu jraacr Matuoa 64 O taersmenta Street Btr Kfearay A Xottfy ft T Cat HOTELBftFAEL 8AN RAFAEL Will Open April 5 7orfiirtaar pantostat ap VtlAS rtiTE - i lalwaaayaXI W eaviKnjtJ - m Wv xus j r CM la iKS lWlaMomast Sis Hill MnTOUoBOU i reandy fer - UosorTbaa - WU Sptrmatorrhota HMwa nunataral tla - chargM or aar laaaaaia - - nos imituoa or auxra - Im a m m w RI4I1A ImETillirJflCCo bruet Son - asuiarent SSold trr - BruaaUtt er srat laata - wratptr Oirealar seat a rwjaaaV OTWI IHaisfe llr - TWITM 1 tAa r JFA m - nt ft 7 m V 1

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