The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1933
Page 8
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EH',HT BLYTHEVIM.K. (AKK.V COUtUKU 'Thornhill Overcomes Pai> alysis to Become Rugged •• and Star Tackle. Tiny L'hornhill and And) 7 Kerr" • EDITOR'S NOTE: In tills, (hi- 'r«and of a scries of llirre articles ;'bn tht football career of Claudr E. "Tiny" Thornhill, llir v^)'lni; •days cfSlanford's coach are rc- 'c-cmitrd. • • » BY BIIX nRAl'CHER '" NKA SfrVifC Sjiorls Kililor ' When youthful "Tiny" Thorn-1 hill went from his home at Heaver, Pa., to enter the University of Plttsburnh, -^.itball was forbidden W his parents. They had seen him overcome the effects of paralysis in his Ixiyhond. had heloed him fight his way back • to healthful vigor and did not -want to see him suffer serious Injury on the gridiron. • « But that objection finally was 'bvercome by family pride. A friend •sent Mr. ond Mrs. Thornhill tick- rets to one of Hie games 'in which -"Tiny" was to play. Both became Ardent football fans. It wasn't long before Papa Thornhill was helping the high school conch back at Beaver to drill the team. «,"Tiny" played at Pitt four sr-a- sbns, from 1313 through 1016. mxl ajme of his males on the mighty Panther teams of those days were Jock Sutherland, now coach at Pitt; Pat Hcrron. Bob Peck, George MocLaren and other famous p!:iv- efs. His first coach wns Joe Duff. KJ6 noted "Blind Tiaer of Prlnco- ts>n." In 1915 Pop Warner became coach at Pitt. >.During Tilly's four years at Pitt, the team lost only two games. One of the defeats was administered bv Washington and .leffer- EOh, then a powerful football ma- cftne. The other wns at the hanrts w_--Buckne!l. During Thornlilll's " v 'iut year, In which he had been shifted from fullback to tackle by Pjjp, Pitt went unbeaten, and the o&ly eleven to score on the Panthers was Navy. .Thornhill, along with Peck'and Herron, wns named on Waller Camp's All-America team in 1916. and returned to his alma mater the with the coaching. • Opportunity called 'Tiny" to Messllpln, O.. where some of the greatest professional team 1 ! In history originated. Affcr playing short time at Massillon he transferred to Cleveland where he coached and played on the icam that ,won two league chnmpton- |: ships.- Thornhill played sovrrnl times against Knutc Rockne, who was .an end at Detroit. During the war Thornhill enlisted in the marines, was sent to Quantlco where he suffered a broken foot in a service game. He was discharged nftcr a month In the ccirps. After the war he went tolcie'veland to conch Jim Dunn's Indians, then one of the best football teams, in the country. JTiny had busy seasons -In 1820 rnd'1928-and '21, alternating his Cleveland job with coaching the famous Centre College teams of Danville, Ky. It was at Centre tliat he devised the Sing Sing shift for the Praying Colonels, a lockstcp parade that suddenly ended with the ball being passed. With that shift Centre amazed the football world and upset, a fine Harvard team, 6 to 0. The call of the pro football took "Tiny" to Dallas, and from there tcf.the Pacjfic coast where he mixed his football with playing heavy villain in the movies In 1921 ane" 1922. In Pasadena he was mar- lied to Miss Evelyn Kocnig who was 'then on the way to stardom In the movies as undestudy ti Charlotte Greenwood In "So Loin Letty." When Pop Warner was lurei away from Pill In 1822. he srn Thornhill and Andy Kerr to set up his system at Sanford, because hi contract at Pitt held him ther unlfl 1924. When Pop reported Kerf went to Washington an Jefferson and later to Colgate Thornhill stayed on with Warne as line coach. NEXT: Thornhill, Head Coach Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher Tiny" Thornhill. Itfl. and Andy Kerr "Pop" Winner sent them to Stanford to set up his sys,tci;i. Chicks, 1933 District Cage Champs, Open Season Deo.19 Uriilly Tiiltlr Mlittr Muck -vill not sell Mister drove 1 unless Misier Cjrove refuses !o ilijn n contiacl ill Mister Mack's tisure—which is low,...Yalc players were lathing during the I gume Ir, which lJ.:injrd trat i thi ID. ,.. svcl], :ir.d wily not and! v.lml of It?.. ..Notre Dame did not Ion 1 :i K''"'e on Its ''home j-iounds liom If'Oo tu 1U1J8... .but ;hls year didn't score a point 1 '™ 1 '-"I 1 ™ lo tnltova 111 his Hist ihi-ic. | <•'•;• l»uv in I':iillv—i-horlly after Ur;li Zuppke has Ilils W |, Ucr v lhat he Iwiijh' Tuiim-y. 'Oreo and nd next wltil-r's work till cm '"I""-*....!!'.*' lx>l>cv is doing n 15 •u au turn in Kaslcrn penitentiary Is known us "Tlit rmlicr of History" MANY KMBI,],Ky created the cliaracler Frankenstein in 1818. Tlii- PJlKrlniB himlod at 1'lyin- nnlli Hock l-'-iCEMBEK 21, Tlic Ulythcvlllc Chlckasaws, 1933Ti:roiip noitlieast! frojn last basketball clKimiilons Arkansas, will open of their season December 19 at Cape Olrartlemi, Mo., playing the Cape high school are the following lellermen srawm: Hrogdon. U. Tlpton, Wilson. I'urllo, Mosley, Blackwell, ninckanl, Burns. Viu-- sily players who graduated from school Inst sprlns were: Jhmiiy With the return of eltUU letter-1 Tipton. Jolin Holland and Jimmy men end (lie lass of three from > Lee Brooks. In addition to the last year's niund urosnccu for n j elfinl, Ictlcrmen returning .seven niccefsful team for the approach- other men are out for the team, j Inu fcnson were termed fair by VV.j Including Saiulcr.s, llylee, Glll.l-.... D. McClurkln, coach of Ilic cliam-; Stacy, Brownlee, Fisher and Keo-1 . „"^ nlonshlp oRijrcgntion, this morn-' """ Inn. u:it for liirn — Ills Illinl will meet .'.'outhmi Ciilityinlii In 1!)K, so lie I'lit scuuLs '. > tliu Tro)im-Irls!i iimi- — btit linn hi: won't have lo devise a w:ty to slop Warlnirlon in 19:(fj tin; )i'i-ky .still! Mulj SITUS Kt. Miiiy's, 'liat little school on I lie coast, will set .sonic kind ol a rccoid this UTIL'.. . .having p!ay- IM'. to moru li'iin 100.000 funs so fur — Urn hlijli ipot hr-lnt' the Trojan Hiinie wh:t-l'. ari.CQO saw Mlchlenn-Olilo btalc Irolds the ic curd wllh UJ.50K jmlil ixir.sons (and n lew llio:is(inds more un- r.'.idl. The Clncl Pi'ds will try out a player namc'i Rollle Halfmau i cxl spring....wliich gives, 'em one Hnlfman. pryway (I just hud 10 say tluitj.. .The Philadelphia Alhletlcs are said to have lin- fchcd Ilic sca.ion uf 103^ in the red to the tunu of $190,000....Gar Davidson. Armv conch, Is one of Ilic youngest of the football men- loi s, but Ills h.xr is nlmost white lie fays it pot thai wny when lie played end, living to guess what Rockne's team would Uo next, ly Hie way. do von remember how strry cveryon. 1 fell for Gar in September when he tackled the West Point coa'j'iiiig job with only three regulars from 1032? Tunney lia. rvllrcd... .Orel> is c.-.-id. liuit Hliutlon of the PhiLs, coin- nienling on lh" trade that took hi:- star. Ohuc 1 .: Kh-in, to the Cubs, merely mys: llndc-r the clrcmn rlitnce.s we made tile be:it deal j.usitli-" — wlvli IndicaU's the '•nciun^lanct-:; i;n.,st have been pret- t MONDAY, DECKMBER 11, 1933 Canada's N'j.loml Ucl>t Up —— MONTREAL (UP) — Canada's' r.mioiml ck-bt i»cre?.s:d uv $220,i:04.053 Ian ym*. olflclal govern-! r'.em figures ni)-* b;li^ i-iizcllecl' ruc.ll. Of lli'it iiiiiount, $102,273.'i was the tk-ik'k on administrative operating .mount ami $53,,C«1 foi- opoii<llo:i of the Canai) Nalion:i) l!i,il*:iys. Mr LAST TIME TODAY Nitc 5— lOe - Perennial Icr. I Tommy Lo'inhran never was . The game with Cape Oirardeau i fc< ' t(cr t1ln " !lt; is-right, now,... The Chicks opened practice last j will be the only otic for the Chicks j lwclvc >' CRI ' S a " c ' r llc slashed Vln- ; week with the close of the toot-: before Christmas vacation, school bull season. Fifteen men turned! being dismissed on the diiy of the out for the first sessions. In the'game until after Christmas. Cardwell Basket Teams I Knickler and Lawo to Beaten by Hayti Friday CARDWELL. Mo. — Cardwoll High School basket ball teams opened their 1933-:il season by playing Haytl High school at the Cardwell gym Friday. Hiiyti boys tennis, reputed to be one of the strongest In tilts section, defeated the Cardwell boys, 2fi-10. The Cnvdwcll boys learn Is, for (he most part, lade up of inexperienced plavcrs. Hayti girls defeated Cnrdwel! iris. 2C-23. Cardwell plays Hoinersville at -auhvcll. December 12. Head Mat Card Tonight Fred Knlchols will meet Tony [.•nwo^n the feature match on tonight's -wrestling card at the armory. In the preliminary C!:arles Sinkey will meet I,on Clianey. Repeal Saves Stave GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy Foreign Diplomat Quits Smoking in Royal Box Business in Ozarks SPRINGFIELD. Jlo. (UP)—The lave mill industry, which sprang ip in the Ozarks with lecalt/alion if beer. Is providing move flexible han the stout while oak product t turns out.' Overproduction of beer barrel itavcs was threatened In recent nonths. but repeal of the 10th \mcndm?nt stepped In to save the itliiaiion. Today, the demand tor itavcs exceeds the supply. Beer barret staves are made ,hick at the neds. to stand heavy handling, and thin in (he middle, they will bend considerably. They are lui'ued cut on a stave er.shi^ or pinning machine. Whisky barrel slaves, however, are sawed out on cylinder saws. They are of uniform thickness, since they do not travel from con- uimer to consumer like beer barrels. ROME (UP) — King Victor Emnnuers Innmr pu t „ darling . r .tvord-ratlling foreign military attache in Ins plncc without a in;wn the other week. The attach'.- was smoking n clsaret In the rcyal box while he | watched the Italian Armistice Day iiarudc. On seeing tne foreign diplomat's dlsrejar;! for the royal presence the K'ng leaned towards I !m and remarked: "You shouldn't smoke here." "Why?" dared ask the olliccr. "Ueoinsc (he tiand is made of v.-ood," hastily backfired the Kins Mining his head away. Incidentally, the King smokes lialian stogies ROXY Last Time Today MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c Adolpho Menjou and Ik'iiila Ilinnc The Worst Woman in Paris' Conmly - - Novelty Reel KOKOMO, l:>d. (UP) — A post :. rd mailed Jan. 1. 1010. by Mrs. vV J. McElwain- to Mrs. Ella Hill. i friend livinx less than a mile! :way. wns not relivcrr-d '.mlil Nov. | II. 1933. No r:2son for the delay i .ins given by postal authorities. MOONLIGHT TAVERNCAFE Next Door (o N'abrrs Grwcry I'LATE LUNCH - 30c Ilonin Mide Paslrlrs Fried Oilrkcn - steak* HKRT DUGAN, Chef Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. Matinee 2:30—lOc • 2. r ic OARING ALL : for LOVE / and LOOT/ . THE tOUTAIitf with Herbert iMarshall, Mary HIV land, Lionel Atwill, May I{ob- son and lilizabeth Allan FOX NEWS JACK HAI KY COMEDY liarbani Stanwyck in 'EVER IN MY - - Paramount News Andy Clyde Comedy Tuesday - Weds. Mat: 2:30, Nite (i:45, IO-2f )C 10-35c —an open neisoge to 'MAN ABOUT TOWN' from wives and sweethearts lokl "You what you wanted u.s us lust week, in no uiia'viain UTMIK, just vviuUcil for CliriKlniiis antl where you to IMI.V it. Now, let us I ell you sninu- U]> l'(ir Christinas—Give yourself n present, of n new Suit nnd oilier ncc?s.-:ary ies tlisil will help your ])erson;d an;;eai'aiicc. \Vo want to see you properly (Iro.-.soJ fur dncv in your life and IhiKhcs' clothes will do the triirk for you." Get Yourself one of these SMART SUITS /or only $19.75 You can gol a. liiKlu-'r pric- «1 Suit if you wiint one— Hughes IIAF them—B u_t these $1^.75 Suits are mighty jrorxl looking, lit woll, and will givu y o ti lilenty of service. DRESS UP FOR CHRISTMAS Good Looking TOPCOATS That will help you, attain that "Personal Appealance" desired . . . New'models MOW r.\\ display and priced most reanonahlv. $1 7.50 'up A ParomounT Pictut* with . CHARIER FURRKL CHARM E"°RUCGLES MSKUtRITt CIUKIIH GREGORY KATOFP WALTIK wooir - - And don't try to wear a new suit with an old pair of shoes - - Hughes shoes are good looking and low priced Ninm-Biish Ankle Fashioned OXFORDS You'll 'always he properly shod in a pair of N'nnn-Bush Ankle Fashioned Oxfords . . . New blacks and tans in several styles. .50 Paramount News Program liroarfcast Daily -.Over K-L-C-N at 12:20 Necktie? SI - $1.50 \ Gloves SI Uj) Scarfs ?1.2S Up Shirts SI. 65 Up TTose o5e Shirts-Shorts Rells SJ Up to FORTUNE OXFORDS $4 and S5 HATS are important too Get under n new Hat on Christinas day . . . It will .idd considerably lo yxuir ;i"rsonal itppcar- aiice. $3.50 R. D. HUGHES & CO. CoiiifuxL SAHARA COAL E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. BIG FREE SHOW AND AUCTION $750 Merchandise Auction — But You Cant Spend a Dime - Ritz Theater Friday, December 22 Get Your Auction Bucks With Each 25c Purchase at These Stores Hubbard Furniture Co. Kirby Drug Stores National Brokerage Co. Hubbard Hardware Co. McMuIlins Cash Grocery Hen Franklin Store Th ' S Srfmip °' St0rcs wi " auctlon ofT to tbe hl * hest '»Ja«r S750 of fine mrrrhanaisc including Groceries, Turkeys, Live Pip, Guns. Tors, Clothlnj, Candies, Toilet Arcrssorics and Other Valuable Items, \'O MONEY WILL BK ACCEPTED FOR ANY ARTICLE AUCTIONED OFF. Fun payment most be nnde with these Auction Certificates. An Auction Certificate, will be given FREE with every 2Se purchase at any oi f-ese storts from December I, 1933 to Decem' er 22, 1953, there- fnre when yon arc the hijhtst bidder you really pet the article FREE OF CHARGE. Yon may use as many of these Auction Ccrtifie.-Ues as you or your friends nwy havo accumulated during this SIW.ODO Sale. You may Rive these Certificates to any person yon desire. This auction of S1SO north of merchandise will be held at the K1T7 THEATRE. Friday, December 22ml, I!W3, in connection with a FRKE SHOW. / 2 GRAND PRIZE AWARDS $200 Bedroom Suite - $35 Bicycle

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